Chambo playing contract games? | Wenger desperation about to ramp for the better

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Well, an exciting night in the Champions League. Bayern took Madrid into extra time, but were steam rollered after Vidal earned a red card. Interesting that the decision didn’t go the way of Bayern, and could have been sussed with video evidence. Carlo said something like that lack of video is ‘unbecoming at this level’… agree. Purists need to move on.

Leicester dropped out of the quarter-finals heads held high. An epic achievement for a small club living the dream.

Arsenal? Well, we can kiss goodbye to #TOP4GLORY this year if the ThirtyFiveThirty have anything to do with it… the stats site has downgraded our chances to a dismal 5%. I’d have to agree with them despite having no statistical basis other than looking at our fixture list and a team of deflated players.

Chamberlain had some nice things to say in the press about playing for The Arsenal.

“It’s a massive honour to play for a team like Arsenal,”

“You’ve got to give it 100 percent week in, week out, and maybe that had been slipping in the last few weeks.”

Damn straight it’s an honour. I’m struggling with the Ox. He should definitely stay, I think he has a lot to offer at 23. But I can’t work out if he’s moving to Liverpool for real, or his dad is just a savvy media operator who is working speculation to land a ridiculous deal for his son.

That said, it’s amazing how many players have openly come out and admitted they have given zero fucks of late. It’s really unacceptable, and I don’t understand how the manager can still have a contract on the table when all this is happening. But look, he does, we have The Mirror leaking our unambitious plans, that include Fulham’s Sessegnon, a return of a Bournemouth second stringer (sorry to hear he’s suffered another fracture), and Celtic’s Tiernay. I’m sure they both have much potential, but taking punts on maybe’s seems to be something we’re not exactly flourishing at. Wenger is no longer a developmental manager, so the thought of a half-baked player rolling into the club does not fill me with the joy it once did.

Still, I am taking some pleasure in watching Arsene drop a back 3 to prove he can change. All of the squealers in the comment section saying there’s no correlation to Gazidis calling for change and Wenger backtracking on his midweek hissy fit of stated superficiality in the idea of change – when the manager is explicitly say ‘I CAN CHANGE’ after making a pointless tactical switch, well, you’re deluded.

Wenger knows what’s about to come and it’s going to test the hardon Stan K has for his boy, because our ranch collector of an owner is about to be locked naked in a shed of dark internet unpleasantness… then he’ll be asked to give over £20m for two years of losing £40m a year. We are going to see a more and more desperate Wenger over the coming weeks, because he’ll start to feel the insecurity of having nothing penned, and I tell you what, he’ll be throwing anyone and everyone under the bus to sign that new deal. So I’m starting to grow in confidence that we’re going to see more than just superficial change… because now Wenger is costing Stan money. Not what the silent one needs as he’s facing a billion dollar lawsuit from the good people of St. Louis for allegedly lying to them about his intentions.

Right, that’s all I have for you. Tune into our podcast if you haven’t and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Pedro

    Joe, stop provoking a fight. You spent 2 months trying to get back on and you’re already slipping back to the behaviour that gets you banned.

  2. £8,000,000

    I think Mr wenger is a worried man, I was shocked to see him join the tv pundits for a pitch side interview after the boro game, I may be wrong but I can’t remember him doing that very often , is it wenger saying look at me I can change, I am accessible to my fans , that and the switch to 3 at back.i think he will sign a new contract unfortunately but I think somebody has ‘advised’ him to show that he can change.

  3. Alex Cutter

    ” I was shocked to see him join the tv pundits for a pitch side interview after the boro game, I may be wrong but I can’t remember him doing that very often”

    Very good observation. I was thinking the same thing myself when I saw that.

  4. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    ”Could a better owner have fired Wenger’s arse a lot sooner and helped make your dream a reality?”

    At what point would you have wanted Wenger sacked? What time period would you have expected the club to dump Wenger?

    Of course within the bounds of realism without going into make believe world.

  5. Follow the money

    Kante is exactly the type of player we used to get when Dein was doing deals. Since Wenger has been doing deals those players like Kante and Xabi Alonso go elsewhere and we end up with Denilson and Xhaka. I’m loving that Wenger is being exposed as the narcissistic and cowardly fraud he is

  6. Ishola70

    Wenger signs players like Xhaka because the fans give him carte blanche to sign these type of players. Pretty aethestic players. Arsenal fans have encouraged this sort of thinking.

    Wenger is only doing what he thinks the fans want. To win pretty.

  7. hal

    Follow the money,

    Your point is spot on about a Dein type character is missing and the reason we have gone from Kante’s to Denilson’s, but to put Xhaka in the same as Denilson is too much.

    Yes he hasn’t been amazing but he hasn’t been incapable of passing more than 4 yards like Denilson either.

    A manager who actually knew the type of player he was buying (wenger thought he was a box to box?????) would make better use of him (just like the rest of our squad)

  8. Ishola70

    Wenger knew what type of player Xhaka was before he signed him. Seems a bit far-fetched to give out the idea that Wenger didn’t know what sort of player he was.

    He is an absolute Wenger signing.

    He knew he was a luxury midfielder.

    But he doesn’t give a fvck about the consequences of throwing a luxury midfielder into a role that is not suitable to him or a player that is not really needed when you already have luxury player such as Ozil in the team. As long as the player looks pretty when Arsenal are on the ball. That is his main concern.

  9. hal

    Yeah, he has not signed what we needed (Kante) but as you said what looks good, but Wenger did say that Xhaka is a box to box midfielder and he isn’t.

    So either Wenger knew he wasn’t and lied by saying he was or he just didn’t know. Whichever it is, it’s not good

  10. Wenker-wanger

    Alex, you seem like a nice guy.
    This kroenke obsession is totally irrelevant.
    Like Joe has so accurately stated…his fault is not sacking that pile of crap Wenger.
    Even with kroenke as owner, we could of won so much with a proper manager.
    Wenger is like a totally has-been washed-up punchdrunk boxer that kroenke has failed to throw the towel in the ring.
    We, the fans have to watch this shitfest and hope thet kroenke somehow throws that towel in.

  11. Vince

    Fuck Kolasinac, Mendy is the left back i really want.
    of course i would love Mbappe too, but Wenger has dragged this club so far down Tottenham have a better chance of buying him.

  12. Vince

    And there’s no shadow of doubt that this Monaco team can actually win everything this year. This is football made easy.

  13. Ishola70

    “Yeah, he has not signed what we needed (Kante) but as you said what looks good, but Wenger did say that Xhaka is a box to box midfielder and he isn’t. So either Wenger knew he wasn’t and lied by saying he was or he just didn’t know. Whichever it is, it’s not good”

    Yeah Wenger is just misleading again. It’s because he wants these pretty players in the team and is happy to misled to slip them into the side.

    Xhaka came from a team Moechengladbach that were not defensively sound, They conceded lots of goals. At the start of last season they had a terrible start. Lost six on the spin conceding 15 goals in the process. Xhaka started in the middle of many of those opening matches on that bad run, Then a certain Mahmoud Dahoud came into the team and partnered Xhaka in the middle. Moechengladbach’s results almost instantly improved markedly. They still conceded plenty of goals though for the rest of the season but their results were better and nothing like the goal ratio against them in that early part of the season when Dahoud was not in the side.

    When Xhaka plays for Switzerland he has either Fernandes or Behrami do the dirty work for him in midfield.

    Xhaka is a luxury midfielder that needs others around him to do the real dirty effective work off the ball.

  14. Joe


    Please tell me how I am
    Starting anything

    I ask alex simple questions and he refuses to Answer them as they totally blow his agenda out the water.

    If he’s going to throw out his theories on here he has to be able to answer when questioned on them.

  15. ArseneisaFraud

    The fact that AW had to join the pundits post match just reeks of total desperation… he clearly wants that contract…. this man is really going to ruin this club through his selfish deluded arrogance. The BoD must not go down this easy route of signing him on as, unlike Manure (in terms of post-Fergie), the damage will be far greater if he stays than if we show some ambition and go for a new manager with new ideas.

  16. Jeff

    Juventus with another defensive master class. They really are a joy to watch against a side like Barcelona who keep running into solid granite.

  17. Joe

    Could a better owner have fired Wenger’s arse a lot sooner and helped make your dream a reality?

    I’ve said all along kronkes only fault right now at the moment is not sacking wenger.

    Do you agree Rambo? If not why?

  18. Carts

    “Wenger knew what type of player Xhaka was before he signed him. Seems a bit far-fetched to give out the idea that Wenger didn’t know what sort of player he was”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Wenger describe Xhaka as a b2b MF?

    Xhaka can’t cover shit!

    Kante was the player we needed. Coquelin and Wilshere were two of the MF’s we had to get rid of immediately.

    From the sale of Coquelin and Wilshere it would’ve covered Kante and his salary for the first year.

  19. Joe


    He’s hands off. Gives wenger total control.

    Gives wenger the resources to be successful

    What else do you want from an owner.

    His only issue is giving wenger too much power and not sacking him

  20. karim

    M’Bappe has scored 5 goals in his last 4 CL games ( he’s 18 ! ) while Falcao has 27 goals in the 27 games he’s started this year.

  21. Joe


    Give Diego. Klopp. Poch. Pep. Jose conte what wenger has been given the last decade , Are you telling me they wouldn’t be more successful ??

  22. Joe

    Hopefully we find out next season under a new manager how “lousy” Kronke is.

    Think the likes of alex Won’t be seen around here much then.

  23. Carts


    Barcelona/their past and current manager’s have been quite negligible in not preparing a heir to Iniesta.

    I know they went big for Gomes – and whom ever sanctioned that purchase, at that price, needs to be castrated.

    Can’t believe Samper hasn’t been given a taste. Roberto looked good when he forst landed but now he’s some kind of utility player like Nicholas Alexandersson on Championship manager 97/98

  24. Ishola70

    ”Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Wenger describe Xhaka as a b2b MF?Xhaka can’t cover shit!”

    Wenger bullshit and lies again isn’t it.

    Until Arsenal get in a proper box to boxer with a defensive head on Arsenal will continue to ship goals back three or not.

    That’s the really worry for next season.

    But still many Arsenal fans don’t want to see it re: Xhaka. They would rather discuss Xhaka’s pass completion shown on a heat map.

  25. Carts


    There’s no denying that Stan has given Wenger carte blanche. This is obviously obvious.

    Anyone who disagrees is being disingenuous and have allowed sentimentality of Wenger to cloud their judgement.

    I maintain that the issue is two-fold. Stan, based on the history of his other franchises and his admittance – doesn’t consider silverware as being essential.

    Wenger bought into this notion and systematically reduced expectation. Clever stuff from Wenger. But what been his undoing is the fact that our finances are made public.

  26. izzo

    Pedro and his ITK fear mongering posts. Wenger is gone at the end of the season. You can stop repeating yourself.
    Anyways onto actual football played by actual football clubs, how fucking good are Monaco. Fucking hell! If they win the CL that would jaw dropping. But the pessimist in me says they’ll find it hard to get past the semi because their midfield to defense isn’t experienced or solid enough defending.
    Lol as I was typing that Reus scores…

  27. TR7

    Neymar does not have the precision and vision that Messi had, becoming increasingly clear with every great run Neymar makes. With Messi you felt he almost knew how defenders would react and how he would handle their response.

  28. karim


    He was injured last week, I guess that’s the reason.
    Unless it’s a fashion thing lol

    Careful Monaco, Dortmund look more and more dangerous now.

  29. Vince

    Another pair of addition to our almost signed 11:
    ‘The Sun quote ‘French football expert’ Gilles Favard, who reveals that Arsenal could have made two astute additions two years ago – but Wenger blocked the moves: “Two years ago he had a deal for Thomas Lemar and N’Golo Kante for €15m.”’

  30. Carts


    Tell Mr Favard to shut his whore mouth.

    So we sign Lemar and Kante and kill the careers of Walcott, Ox, Coquelin and Ramsey, simultaneously?

  31. Carts

    Would love for Monaco to do the unthinkable.

    Not a massive betting man, but if I had to put money on someone it would be Ref’al Madrid

  32. TR7

    Vultures of football will ruin this Monaco team in summer, I hope they achieve something special before their inevitable demise.

  33. Carts


    All due respect to Monaco, but their a team with a stadium built on top of a car park with the capacity of a Tesco mega store.

    Simply don’t have the clout to hold on to any good player for more than 2-3 seasons

  34. karim

    I genuinely think only Bakayoko and Falcao will leave, M’ bappe already said he ” wasn’t ready for the likes of Madrid ” and frankly, I doubt his value will drop if he stays one more year.

    Now of course, if they win the CL, it’d be a different story.

  35. ArseneisaFraud

    Amazing from Juve!!!! Absolutely astounding defending from the team to keep it 0-0 at Camp Nou! We are never going to see this at The Arsenal with AW as manager. Allegri is amazing!! Why aren’t we seriously considering him as our next manager?


  36. David Smith

    Wenger blocked those two players two years ago!
    That was the summer when he refused to sign any outfield players

  37. karim


    I know, but there’s noise of a mega cheque from China which was rejected last winter.
    I agree it would be a shame as he’s found his mojo back.

    My point was that the team might not be dismantled after all.

  38. Boomslang

    “Allegri is amazing!! Why aren’t we seriously considering him as our next manager?”


    He doesn’t play pretty, fluid football. You know, the Arsene way.

  39. Joe




    All with substantially less resources than wenger has always had and are headed to the semi finals.

    But yeah. It’s kronkes fault.

  40. karim

    No Real Madrid please, its the only side against whom I can’t see them going through even if it would be huge to beat Juve or Atletico.

  41. WengerEagle

    Expect a major rebuild in the summer for Barcelona, new manager and you would expect him to burn off the deadwood clogging up the side with Enrique’s bizarre purchases being a good start as NONE of them are Barcelona quality.

    You’d worry for them as they seem to have reached a screeching halt in terms of their La Masia youth players development.

    Also Messi and Suarez are now 30, Iniesta is 33, Mascherano 33.

  42. WengerEagle


    Yeah it would take an mental offer from China IMO.

    As good as he’s been this season, cannot see any elite club taking such a risk on him given his age (31) and injury history.

  43. WengerEagle

    Falcao has been remarkable this season though, I honestly thought this time last year that he was done at this level and he’d gone the way of Fernando Torres.

    He’s had a phenomenal season, scoring all different types of goals and in all competitions too.

  44. WengerEagle

    Have a feeling we’ll see the Madrid derby and Monaco-Juventus though which I’d be fine with tbh.

    Didin’t particularly enjoy either of the 2014 or 2016 Finals.

  45. David Smith

    Wenger also had chances to get Khedira and Falcao……but no way Wenger plus Tony Colbert could have kept them fit

  46. ArseneisaFraud


    Damn I forgot… of course. Only top 4 matters and he’s going to overachieve and dwarf AW legacy (or what’s left of it now). Oh well… Eddie Howe it is then. *sigh*

  47. salparadisenyc

    Back to back clean sheets vs Barca, pretty boss stuff from Allegri’s men.
    Has to be said Messi looking more human than ever, the click isn’t happening.

    Semis are going to be great, a Monaco vs Atletico tie would be very tasty.
    Along with the epic Madrid vs Juve.

  48. TR7

    What do you guys reckon – is the jury still out on who is more talented between Mbappe and Martial or the debate is settled once and for all in Mbappe’s favor?

  49. Dream10

    Massive performances from Higuain over the two legs and Khedira. Higuain led the line with aplomb and ran the km
    To do the dirty work. He’s been labelled as a man who doesn’t score when it counts, but he is technically superior to Suarez, two footed as well. Khedira rarely let’s you down. Great decade for him. Won a league title as a 20year old with Stuttgart, captained the U21 side that won in ’09, starred in multiple Germany nat’l sides, Real Madrid and now Juventus.

    He had a injury record like Wilshere (not as bad obviously), but was worth the wages for us in 2014. Leader of men and an underrated player

    Tears in my eyes for son Tommy Lemar.
    Terrific player and very consistent. Still only 21.

  50. karim

    Favard was also adamant Mahrez was on his way to Arsenal last summer.
    He’s a funny man, I like him but he’s not really reliable I’m afraid.

  51. Carts

    “Not sure there was a single yellow card tonight at the Tesco stadium tonight”

    I heard it was double club card point on half-time prosecco and lobster rolls. lol

  52. WengerEagle


    Different players but yes, M’Bappe you have to say looks the more spectacular talent.

    His return this season blows anything out of the water we’ve seen from any 18 year old striker in a long, long time.

    Martial plays like more of a supporting striker role whereas M’Bappe looks a real no.9.

  53. Relieable Sauce

    Mighty Don Hutchinson said M’Bappe has the world at his feet, thought that summed it up pretty well. He could improve any team right now and Real Madrid do look a perfect fit…maybe Arsenal, once upon a time, back when most were still AKBs. Ain’t happening now though.

    Near faultless game I thought from him tonight. Plays with a smile on his face and looks like a real team player, confident but not arrogant.

    Tough gig for Dortmund but Tuchel made a few odd decisions tonight and didn’t do his stock much good short term.
    Thought his statement last week was bang on though, after UEFA showed where their priorities lie.

  54. WengerEagle

    In other news, are we all now coming around to the fact that Tuchel is overrated?

    Been saying it for a year now, he hasn’t replicated the heights that Klopp took that club to or even come remotely close for that matter.

    They’ve actually gone backwards this season.

  55. Carts


    Don’t you remember Mourinho comments about Falcao…something about if he can’t get Falcao back to his undeniable level, then no one can.

    Falcao has found a new lease of life. Happy for the guy.

    He lost 3 good years of football from the eve of his knee injury to his underwhelming spells at Utd and Chelsea.

    I agree that staying at Monaco and doing an ‘Aduriz’ is the way for him

  56. Bamford10

    Mbappe is a better talent than Martial. No question. More pace, more mobile, more athletic, more dynamic. Great player.

  57. WengerEagle

    Haha I like that Carts, Aduriz is such a don. 36 and still making grown men cry with his goals.

    But yeah, Falcao’s story is bittersweet, it’s why I would love Monaco to go all the way because he’ll never get a better chance in his career to win the UCL. I’m still sad that Morientes retired a UCL runner up.

    Having said that, my tears would soon dry if Gigi hoisted Big Ears in June.

  58. TR7

    Agreed WE,

    I remember recommending Tuchel for Arsenal job and you said he had done nothing really to be a contender for the job. Tuchel hasn’t really been able to bring anything new to Dortmund in terms of style, they are less intense and lethal now and results are there for everyone to see.

  59. Redtruth

    “Been saying it for a year now, he hasn’t replicated the heights that Klopp took that club to or even come remotely close for that matter”

    Neither have/had Guardiola and Ancelotti with Bayern

  60. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Tuchel struggled in the league, but he did lose three top players last summer.
    The bus attack was unfortunate. Team needs two decent GKs (they have a couple of calamities wearing gloves) and a few defenders. If Dembélé and Pulisic started both matches, they would have created enough chances to win the tie. Monaco are really good at scoring during their five to ten minute spells when they are on top. Real Madrid are similar. It’s the sign of an elite attacking team imo

  61. Carts


    Martial still edges it for me. However, I think his confidence is pretty much shot, under Mourinho and cos of that I can see why Mbappe now looks the better player.

    I think it’s important to look at the context in which we compare Martial and Mbappe, also.

    Martial plays in a far more rigid system under Mourinho, where as Mbappe plays in an expansive set up with performing attackers in Lemar and Silva aiding him.

  62. salparadisenyc

    Pretty harsh to judge Tuchel based on this tie and events leading up to it.
    Had they scored another in that final push towards the death in round one with Aubumyang missing the header we may of been looking at another situation tonight.

    But cannot deny Monaco punished them tonight, odd choice not starting Dembele with scoreline needed. Once he subbed on they looked far more fluid from what I saw.

    As for Tuchel taking over from Wenger, i’d hope for more. Allegri or Simeone, which seems a bridge too far at the moment with Wenger clinging to the decks.

  63. karim


    Monaco always start strong in Europe and have always struggled in the 2nd half, Tottenham, City and now Dortmund come to mind.

    And yeah, Lemar is the unsung hero in that team.

  64. WengerEagle


    Not sure about that, agree that the bus attack had a definite impact on their side and contributed to them losing the 1st leg but IMO Monaco are the better team and regardless would have edged it over the 2 legs.

    This Dortmund side are quite average, their position in the Bundesliga doesn’t lie and they don’t carry a significant goal threat outside of Aubameyang, Reus is far too brittle to rely on.

    And defensively they are very ordinary.

  65. Dream10

    The funny thing is I can see us signing Tony Martial this summer or next and AW will try to help him fulfill his potential. He’s an attacker who shares traits with Alexis. Neither have the instinct to get in the six yard box. Mbappee has it and I think Rashford has in it him as well.

  66. WengerEagle

    Ain’t just this tie Sal, I’ve watched them a few times this season and have never been overly impressed, they are struggling to make a mark in the league and are consistently inconsistent, basically the Liverpool of the Bundesliga atm.

    He spent quite a few quid on Schurrle and Gotze and they haven’t worked out, the latter was a gamble worth taking though tbf.

  67. grooveydaddy


    To be fair, he lost his best defender, most experienced CM, and one the best players in the Bundesliga last year. (Hummels, Gundogan, and Mhyki)

    Sure they replaced them with some talented youngsters, but some inconsistency was to be expected.

    Also, I think it’s fair to cut BVB a bit of slack over this CL tie because of the bombing.

  68. salparadisenyc

    In the league Tuchel has looked decidedly Wenger esque yo-yoing around.
    Something i’d hope we steer well clear of!

  69. Thanos

    I would love alegri all day long. Jardim is doing amazingly at Monaco. It’s all a pipe dream until wenger goes though. I feel he will go though the sign’s are there. Trying new formations going back on things he said weeks ago. He is not in as strong a position as he thought

  70. TR7

    Karim, WE, Bamford, Carts

    So it’s 3-1 in Mbappe’s favor for now. I am with Carts on this one. I have seen Mbappe play 8-10 times and he has been a live wire in almost all of those games but Martial looks absolutely elite to me. His touch and control is mind-boggling although he is less explosive than Mbappe. Unfortunate that he is playing for a dianasour of a manager who ruins every young talent playing under him.

  71. WengerEagle


    Not disagreeing with you on that but doesn’t THAT sound eerily familiar?

    Not to different to us in past years is it? And Wenger never got a pass, so why should Tuchel?

  72. salparadisenyc

    Going to be a hard charge from many for M’bappe, I’d imagine ZZ is going in the largest with most to offer as King Benz replacement.

    Wenger can finally get his man, when the legs are waning and he’s got the taste for London nightlife. God help the Russian call girls in Soho.

  73. Dream10

    No doubt Mbappé is more of a heavyweight. The kid looks so assured on and off the field.

    I know Martial has talent, but I’m not a fan of his style.

    Mbappé, Ousmane, Lemar and Bernardo Silva are elite talents though

  74. Carts

    Right now I’d take Chris Houghton over Wenger.

    Wenger’s problem is his lack of pragmatism and invention.

    It doesn’t take a member of mensa to see that Wenger doesn’t adequately prepare for games.

  75. Relieable Sauce

    The Dortmund players and staff were kept waiting on the bus for 22 mins apparently, not really conducive to good preparation, especially after your team bus was targeted with three bombs the previous week.

    Tuchel could probably do with a change of scenery, he should probably hurry if he wants to come to the prem though, it’s close to saturation point with good coaches. Excluding the AFC position obviously, and the top 6 are all well set.

    West Ham…???

  76. Carts

    “Wenger can finally get his man, when the legs are waning and he’s got the taste for London nightlife. God help the Russian call girls in Soho”


    Benzema, that blackmailing deviant.

  77. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    All these stories about wenger had the chance to sign kante an some other dude for 12m but turned it down….
    He would rather got for the 15 year old Krystal beliek

    It’s a no from me mr wenger

  78. TR7

    I would take even Red over Wenger. Hopefully he will get rid of everyone bar Alexis, Santi and Ospina and bring in Romario, Maradona and Tony Adams on free transfers.

  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger is a brand new manager now….
    He has shown he can change his style ….

    He is working bloody hard to, he nsure he keeps his 10m job…..

  80. pires87

    ‘That said, it’s amazing how many players have openly come out and admitted they have given zero fucks of late. It’s really unacceptable, and I don’t understand how the manager can still have a contract on the table when all this is happening’

    so players admit theyve been slacking and insteadof telling them to pull a finger out and get serious and professional ….you blame the manager?

    very logical…

    and that is why you will fail for the 8th or 9th year running or however long youve been runiing your wenger hate campaign.

    insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting….

  81. salparadisenyc

    Red would be the ultimate Arsenal manager, we’d be littered with talent.

    A world where Messi’s peak isn’t up to standard, one things for certain our back four would be Dixon, Adams, Keown and Winterburn with Kahn in goal.

  82. pires87

    as i remember…3 people made all your wenger out wankfest run away a feww weeks ago

    will you be at the ground pedro with your banner then? heheh… manipulator..go make your money son ….you have plenty of fish here i see…

  83. Joe

    Clubs all over Europe showing money isn’t the only answer to competing.

    That a smart progressive manager is most important

    Yet people still back wenger and use money and the owner as an excuse.

    Yeah a DoF is going to
    Make wenger a better manager. Please.

    No no no to wenger. No matter what the changes behind the scenes are. He can’t change a game mid way through. He can’t prepare for different tactics being employed during a game. Or even prepare for tactics before a match. Subs. Man management. Motivation. Recruitment. Tactics. All Of it is beyond him.

    And players saying they haven’t been giving it their all. That again falls on the manager.

    What a joke we have become.