Chambo playing contract games? | Wenger desperation about to ramp for the better

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Well, an exciting night in the Champions League. Bayern took Madrid into extra time, but were steam rollered after Vidal earned a red card. Interesting that the decision didn’t go the way of Bayern, and could have been sussed with video evidence. Carlo said something like that lack of video is ‘unbecoming at this level’… agree. Purists need to move on.

Leicester dropped out of the quarter-finals heads held high. An epic achievement for a small club living the dream.

Arsenal? Well, we can kiss goodbye to #TOP4GLORY this year if the ThirtyFiveThirty have anything to do with it… the stats site has downgraded our chances to a dismal 5%. I’d have to agree with them despite having no statistical basis other than looking at our fixture list and a team of deflated players.

Chamberlain had some nice things to say in the press about playing for The Arsenal.

“It’s a massive honour to play for a team like Arsenal,”

“You’ve got to give it 100 percent week in, week out, and maybe that had been slipping in the last few weeks.”

Damn straight it’s an honour. I’m struggling with the Ox. He should definitely stay, I think he has a lot to offer at 23. But I can’t work out if he’s moving to Liverpool for real, or his dad is just a savvy media operator who is working speculation to land a ridiculous deal for his son.

That said, it’s amazing how many players have openly come out and admitted they have given zero fucks of late. It’s really unacceptable, and I don’t understand how the manager can still have a contract on the table when all this is happening. But look, he does, we have The Mirror leaking our unambitious plans, that include Fulham’s Sessegnon, a return of a Bournemouth second stringer (sorry to hear he’s suffered another fracture), and Celtic’s Tiernay. I’m sure they both have much potential, but taking punts on maybe’s seems to be something we’re not exactly flourishing at. Wenger is no longer a developmental manager, so the thought of a half-baked player rolling into the club does not fill me with the joy it once did.

Still, I am taking some pleasure in watching Arsene drop a back 3 to prove he can change. All of the squealers in the comment section saying there’s no correlation to Gazidis calling for change and Wenger backtracking on his midweek hissy fit of stated superficiality in the idea of change – when the manager is explicitly say ‘I CAN CHANGE’ after making a pointless tactical switch, well, you’re deluded.

Wenger knows what’s about to come and it’s going to test the hardon Stan K has for his boy, because our ranch collector of an owner is about to be locked naked in a shed of dark internet unpleasantness… then he’ll be asked to give over £20m for two years of losing £40m a year. We are going to see a more and more desperate Wenger over the coming weeks, because he’ll start to feel the insecurity of having nothing penned, and I tell you what, he’ll be throwing anyone and everyone under the bus to sign that new deal. So I’m starting to grow in confidence that we’re going to see more than just superficial change… because now Wenger is costing Stan money. Not what the silent one needs as he’s facing a billion dollar lawsuit from the good people of St. Louis for allegedly lying to them about his intentions.

Right, that’s all I have for you. Tune into our podcast if you haven’t and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Bamford10

    Every team deals with bad refereeing decisions; Arsenal are not special in this regard, nor do we have more calls go against us than anyone else. Yes, occasionally a game turns on a bad call, but that is the nature of the game and every single team must contend with this. Only morons attribute their team’s results to refereeing decisions. Go to Untold if you want to hear that kind of nonsense.

  2. Bamford10

    Looks like it will Juventus, Monaco, Atletico and Madrid in the semis. Will depend a little on the draw, but my money is on Atletico or Juventus to win it all.

  3. Red&White4life

    “It’s a massive honour to play for a team like Arsenal,”

    It’s clearly not a massive honor for the fans to have average players like you playing with our shirt.
    (oooohhhh the “english core” lol)

  4. Alexanderhenry


    That’s what I’ve been saying.
    Kroenke may withdraw the offer of a new contract.

    It’s the neatest way of tying things up. Arsenal part company with wenger without having to fire him.
    Wenger leaves arsenal without quitting.

    Also, Wenger still hasn’t committed to arsenal. He hasn’t even said he wants to or intends to stay.

    Money is kroenke’s only concern. I think we all agree with that now.
    As soon as he sees wenger as a money loser, he’ll get rid of him.

  5. Bamford10

    Wenger was clearly alluding to Gazidis’s “catalyst for change” remarks in his post-game comment about his being capable of change. This is obvious.

    No need to battle with the anti-Gazidis crowd in your posts, though, Pedro.

  6. Bamford10


    Aside from newspaper rumors, there is no evidence a contract is already on the table, and Gazidis explicitly told the AST that that would have to wait until season end.

    Further, Wenger has made it very clear that he wants nothing more than to continue at Arsenal.

  7. TR7

    Time for video technology in football. That referees decisions even themselves out over a course of a season is one of the biggest lies/myths in football. Yesterday referees cost Bayern Munich possibly another UCL, how can that even out over the course of a season? Even in EPL refereeing standards have plummeted to a new low.

  8. Ishola70

    France Football reporting that Laurent Blanc is looking to get back into management after taking a year off. Arsenal have been mentioned along with Barcelona.

    Also reports saying Wenger could go to PSG as a sporting director.

  9. DM

    Lol Bankz, you really should check you’ve won it before you crazy with your BOOOOOM 😀 Hope you enjoyed your free reign on here for a while, even if you don’t seem to be winning it all that much

  10. peanuts&monkeys

    “It’s a massive honour to play for a team like Arsenal,”

    obviously. because you are the most average player who has ever worn that no 15 of Arsenal in its last 130 years history. no body wants you, Chambo. If wenger FC sells you, you won’t find teams higher than boros and baggies who will go for you. bloody 4th place specialist.

  11. Alexanderhenry


    You’re probably right about the contract.

    However. . I’m sure the club were at least preparing to offer him one before things went pear shaped this season.

    Wenger’s been coy about his future. He’s spent most of the time defending his record.

  12. Ishola70

    I don’t know why Blanc hasn’t been mentioned too much as a possible replacement. Is it a case that Arsenal fans are just fed up with the Frenchies?

    He was a national team manager and really he didn’t do too badly at PSG. He was looking tired though in his last year at PSG but the break he has had from football could see him back fresh.

  13. DM


    Tbh, I can’t even understand how one could make a coherent argument against video technology for referees. In this day and age, there’s no way that they can’t figure out a way to do it that doesn’t disrupt the flow of the game too much. I mean, seriously, a game should be won or lost by players and teams, not refereeing decisions. The whole “even themselves out over the course of the season” (other than probably not being true) may have been acceptable when we had no real alternative; not today.

  14. TR7


    I personally feel smaller teams are more often at the receiving end of bad refereeing decisions especially when they play away against big teams . I am not sure everything really evens out at the end.

    Besides, even if it did in terms of count (say x no of bad decisions in favor against x no of bad decision against), the impact of all bad decisions are not the same. For example – if you are 3-0 up and get a wrong decision, it doesn’t matter much but in a tight game like the one yesterday 1 bad decision can kill the chances of one team altogether. Also, 1 bad decision going against doesn’t justify another bad decision even if it goes in your favor. The overall mistake count is always going up. Using video technology doesn’t take much time and if we take a cue from tennis and cricket, it doesn’t destroy the flow of a game either.

  15. peanuts&monkeys

    Bellerin is otherwise a sharp kid. biut wenger has wasted him. now that wengermaggot is asking fans to stay off from booing bellerin, fans shd actually bioo him more. shd skin bellerin out in public. that is protest.

  16. Wenker-wanger

    I like your comments….But only disagree with the ox assessment.
    I really rate him…..I do quality that with its more about glimpses of real talent rather than a full vote of confidence for him.
    Anyway it’s just a small diff of opinion.
    I hope with a proper manager, he can play to his potential.
    Also, I’d rather have him than the master of camouflage : ozil.

  17. Bamford10


    Sure, before things went “pear-shaped” and before the protests began. If it were just that we were in 6th (without protest), they’d probably still be thinking of extending.

  18. Bankz

    DM you’re back from your Passover?
    Anyways I technically won it today seeing the person who got 4th didn’t post anything.

    Wenger could decide to play 2 at the back and I’d still want him out. He’s an expired product and no amount of change or forced change on him changes that.
    Arsenal are monumentally fucked under him and if he continues, the rot will only grow worse.

  19. Bamford10

    Ox has potential. Definitely. He has polish, athleticism, dribbling, pace and confidence. Problem is he hasn’t been developed in a single position and he has been allowed to make any old decision with the ball rather than receiving proper instruction re decision-making. Like many others here, he is one of the only “British core” players I’d hold onto.

  20. TR7


    Agreed, Alexis, Santi and Ox are the only 3 attacking players I have time for. Have been an admirer of Ox from the very beginning, it’s a shame he is not doing proper justice with his great talent. This season he has done well, hoping he gets better next season.

  21. DM


    “I technically won it…” HA talk about excuses!! 😀

    I am indeed back. To be honest, if the posts keep going up at around the same time as today then I’m not gonna be able to compete much, I’m usually unable to be near my computer between around 9 and 1030ish. But I’ll try!

  22. peanuts&monkeys

    rate Oxlade vs Lingaard
    rate Oxlade vs Rashford
    rate Oxlade vs Alli
    rate Oxlade vs Martial
    rate Oxlade vs Isco
    rate Oxalde vs Cuadrado
    rate Oxlade vs Vela

    please…volunteers please..

  23. Jay

    Pedro – where’s your evidence that Ivan’s comments have anything to do with Wenger making a formation change? As far as I can see, there isn’t any. Name calling doesn’t change that – in fact it makes your case for supporting Ivan weaker rather than stronger as it smacks of desperation.
    Yours etc,
    Deluded Squealer ;op

  24. Alexanderhenry


    Regarding your comment, Pedro may well be right. He also might be wrong.
    No one can prove it either way and if nothing else, Gazidis’ statements are about as clear as a foggy, damp, grey day in North London.
    Who knows how much say he actually has.

    Also, the contract situation and wenger’s intentions are still unknown.

    In fact the whole situation at arsenal remains a mystery.

    The club needs leadership.

  25. Jay

    Agreed, Alex. Pedro either has an inside track he’s not prepared to openly divulge, or else he’s simply building a narrative. I suspect it’s the second of those. If I’m wrong, I think Pedro should fess up instead of having hissy fits!

  26. Chairman Gallant

    Watching Bayern bean beating by Madrid last night really made my day, offside or no offside goal, red card or no red card. That is called payback time. ..As for the Ox, he has the talent and potentials to become a great player. The only problem is he is not been used properly, no thanks to that old man in charge. Top four is still archievable by Arsenal this season, but only if all the players perform at optimum level.

  27. karim

    Bamford10April 19, 2017 09:15:54
    Looks like it will Juventus, Monaco, Atletico and Madrid in the semis. Will depend a little on the draw, but my money is on Atletico or Juventus to win it all.

    Didn’t you say Monaco would win it all just last week ?

  28. David Smith

    looks like the back 3 was a one off, Wenger is incapable of change

    Still think there is a very good chance Wenger is off, or the board will get rid of him….just cannot see why he would delay announcing it if he was staying, as it is clearly harming the team and ultimately,costing the club money. If Wenger was going, and there are still things for the team to aim for, the manager and club would happily resort to deceiving journalists. is there really anything pointing to him staying …except media stories? The man looks ill, can he really take two more seasons, when soon, the stadium fans will turn? Does Kroenke really want to risk paying him off when it is clear he is finished, and he can lose him now for nothing. Not as if results and performances merit a new contract. Do not assume these journalists know anything, the players clearly dont seem to.
    If he is going, surely they would wait at least until we are out of the Cup and cannot make the top four before indicating anything?
    Could all be a smokescreen in the forlorn hope of stopping an implosion of the team.
    Or, I hope so at least!
    I will be at the Leicester game , hope that is the last time i see this fraud , or anyone like him in charge of Arsenal.

  29. Bankz


    There is no set time for Legrove’s posts. He puts them up as the “spirit” leads.
    Anyways glad you’re back, time to whoop your ass consecutively for the next couple of days.

  30. Bankz

    My not so popular opinion on the Ox.
    I think he’s highly overrated by Arsenal fans and has a relatively low IQ.
    I won’t miss a minute sleep if he left for Liverpool

  31. Up 4 grabs now

    I don’t know what’s more deluded people thinking we can still finish in the top four or that Chamberlain is a good player!

  32. Up 4 grabs now

    Before the WBA game I forecasted us to finish on between 64-66 points. We’re still on course for that.
    No one’s finished fourth with less than 70 points.

    To make 70 points we need to beat the spuds and manure and to make sure, probably stoke away, it ain’t happening.

  33. WengerEagle

    Na definitely do not fancy Atletico Madrid to win it all, least well equipped personnel wise for me, far too reliant on Griezmann up top and lack creativity in the midfield. Also seem to suffer a mental block against Real Madrid in the UCL so my money would be on Real Madrid were they to meet.

    Honestly think that Juventus will go all the way now should they avoid getting butchered tonight like PSG were at Camp Nou.

    Monaco will also have too much for Dortmund once again but it promises to be a barn-burner and raining goals.

  34. WestLondongGoon

    The Wenger now costing Stan money argument was onethat I made months ago but it was dismissed by many on here. Millionaires don’t stay rich by just throwing good money after bad, so I believe that it is still very valid.

    As for refereeing disgraces, we haven’t had the second leg of Barca Juve yet, so we could yet see new lows hit tonight; expect falling, rolling and diving to be high on the tactics list tonight from the ‘more than a club’ superheros backed by a severely partizan crowd. We could be playing till midnight to ensure the ‘correct result’.

  35. TR7

    Watching Atletico under Simeone is soporific. Would love to see Monaco create history but I think Real and Juventus are the favorites now.

  36. WestLondonGoon

    The Wenger now costing Stan money argument was onethat I made months ago but it was dismissed by many on here. Millionaires don’t stay rich by just throwing good money after bad, so I believe that it is still very valid.

    As for refereeing disgraces, we haven’t had the second leg of Barca Juve yet, so we could yet see new lows hit tonight; expect falling, rolling and diving to be high on the tactics list tonight from the ‘more than a club’ superheros backed by a severely partizan crowd. We could be playing till midnight to ensure the ‘correct result’.

  37. karim

    Oh, and Fabinho misses it too ( too many yellow cards ).
    Think it should be alright but Reus kind of makes me nervous though.

  38. WengerEagle


    Just read that Fabinho is suspended, huge loss in CM.

    Moutinho slots in but he lacks Fabinho’s dynamism.

    Reus back is vital for Dortmund, on his day their best player and lynchpin.

  39. karim


    Agree, Monaco have no bench and it will probably be too hard in the next round.
    They can’t even really rotate in the week-end as the league title’s still not in the pocket.

  40. Redtruth

    Up 4 grabs now
    “Before the WBA game I forecasted us to finish on between 64-66 points. We’re still on course for that.
    No one’s finished fourth with less than 70 points.”

    Arsenal finished last season second on 71 points.

  41. Bankz

    Chairman gallant

    Not sure what you meant by “payback” but from a totally unbiased angle last night, all I saw was an officiating blunder that probably cost Bayern and the fact such is allowed in a game of high importance like a UCL quarterfinal in the year 2017(this age of technology) is beyond me.

    As for Arsenal, they’re still shit under Wenger and no amount of favours would have changed the outcome vs Bayern over 2 legs.
    There was no way in hell, Arsenal were going to knock Bayern out after losing 5-1 in the first leg.
    Other the other hand, Bayern looked on course to knock Madrid out before the dubious red card to Vidal and the two offside goals that was wrongly given.

  42. London gunner

    Vidal never should have been sent off last night and casmerio should have really spoils the match for me.

    Bayern may have won that match

  43. Alex James

    Don’t forget that one of Bayern’s goals was a dubious penalty, following a supposed foul on the old actor Robben. After their snotty comments about us, I am glad they are out. Hopefully tonight Juve will put out that other side of cheats.

  44. Redtruth

    Arsenal have had plenty of opportunities against Bayern to remedy any perceived injustices.
    Facts are Arsenal are out of their depth against the top sides.

  45. Do one gambon

    Fuck Bayern

    Ruin their league by buying competitors best players all the time. Have one of best squads in the world and still roll around and cheat with the best of them.

    Not that madrid , farca and the like are any better.
    In fact the whole upper level of Europe is just the top teams trying to out cheat each other really.

  46. London gunner

    It was a clear stonewall penalty for robben though. Player clearly
    Missed the ball and stamped on his foot.

    Saying they robben was theatrical but by the letter of
    The law of the game it was a pen

  47. London gunner

    I’ve been a fan of Bayern ever since they humiliated us 10-2

    Anyone that shows wenger up I applaud

  48. WestLondonGoon

    On the recommendation of Steveyg87, I trooped over to Untold and found Alexander Henry being schooled in the comments section by what I presume is one of their regulars. My, my, they are a sensitive lot over there.

    Well done Pedro, can I suggest that 19 April is forever known as St Welbechio’s Day.

  49. Dissenter

    You win
    Wenger changed formation because Gazidis put him under pressure with the “catalyst for change” mantra.
    We are all supposed to fall in line even though there’s zero evidence to back it up.
    From someone who thinks you’ve been right about Arsenal 95% of the time, your assertion about the formation is utter bollocks. It’s a lazy attempt at tasseography at best.
    Lord Wenger does what Lord Wenger wants. Maybe his balls had an itch on Monday morning and he decided to switch formation, who knows but it doesn’t always have to do with you man Gazidis.
    From an avid reader of your blog for the past five years, lay off the Gazidis hype and return back to reality mate.

  50. Rambo Ramsey

    Despite all the shenanigans, vitriol, setbacks and disappointments of this season, to those of you who have chosen to remain faithful and understanding in the face of such malfeasance and malpractices – I thank you, guys. You really rock ! Such faith and fraternity will always be appreciated. And in due time, I believe, be rewarded.

    ‘The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.’

    This is of course because most of us AKBs have the added advantage of education, experience as well as great moral and work ethics. I do believe that most of us have achieved a lot in life and it being mostly by our own noble efforts. Most of us have attained a very heightened and well honed sense of Karmic, Cosmic and enlightened Zen-like state . The Force is truly strong in us. We have always fought the good fight , and long may it continue.

    A snippet from Untold. You gotta marvel at these chaps

  51. Rambo Ramsey

    Pedro, if Wenger reverts back to his trusted formation in the very next game, what are you gonna say then?

  52. Alexanderhenry

    David smith

    Agreed on the likelihood of Wenger leaving.

    The idea that it will be wenger himself that decides when he leaves is ridiculous. I’ve never believed that.
    Kroenke will decide.

  53. Pedro

    Rambo, you think the point of what I’m saying is that Ivan G has forced him into changing his formation for the rest of the season?


    There is a direct relation to the catalyst for change comment and the ‘I can change’ comment in the press conference.

    You’ve all gone from, ‘there’s no way he has any influence’ to now saying the first back three in 20 years was not influenced by all the wranglings in the press.


  54. Kane

    Pedro – what a way to alienate your readers… call them deluded for not agreeing with you… how about you practice what you preach brah and allow a little bit of free thinking to occur without the going all KJW on us!

    Like most powerful people at big organisations, I am sure there is a battle for control between CEOzil Ivan and KJW that has been ongoing for a while.

    Major change is needed at the club – way more than a slight change in tactics for a game against inferior opposition once we have zero chance of achieving anything.

    Time will tell whose side Gazidas is on and who Stans favourite is, for now all we can do is watch and wait.

  55. RJM

    Squealing or not…. the idea Ivan can make Wenger change seems far fetched to me.
    Wenger won’t change for anyone…
    He might leave though. So hope Ivan is on his case.

  56. Jordan

    Fuck Laurent Blanc not only did he only achieve the bare minimum you’d expect but he also sat in on meetings where the French FA talked about ways to reduce the number of black and Arab players in the French national team.

  57. Pedro

    Kane, how about your practice what you’re trying to preach… and accept criticism from me. I’m letting you and the others comment here and poke holes at me, if you can’t take a bit back, then YOU have the problem.

  58. Kane

    Lets all laugh at Bayern – hahahahhahaha suckers! What a bunch of losers!!!

    Wait what… in the last 6 years they have won the league 5 times, their domestic cup 4 times, the ECL once, done the treble, made it to 2 ECL finals and have a team full of world class players?.

    Yeah… yeah… losersssss….

  59. Rambo Ramsey

    Pedro, as far as I can see, there’s two possibilities

    1) Wenger has gone into desperation mode and is uncharacteristically bending over backwards to please the higher management and the fans. This is what you are insinuating. However if this is the case, we should see more of this formation over the remaining weeks.

    2) The change in formation was a one-off and his comment ‘See, Even a man of my age can change’ was satirical. If this is the case, its likely we won’t see this formation ever again.

    Lets see what he does.

  60. Kane

    Pedro – happy to accept criticism from you or anyone – however, have come to expect better of you than to call your readers deluded for not agreeing with you. That’s my point brah, it’s dismissive of your audience and a very Wengerlike thing to do.

    Speaking of Wengerisms – you are not helping your case by following that up with “I’m letting you and the others comment here”. Straight out the Wenger playbook! lol

    ps. please don’t ban me!

  61. Jay

    I don’t have a major problem with you hurling insults at me or other commenters Pedro, it’s your blog after all. I’d be slightly peeved if you banned me but it wouldn’t be the end of the world either.

    So – to repeat my question – you got any evidence to back your claims about Ivan’s influence?

    Or can we agree that what you’ve expressed is simply your considered opinion?


  62. Joe

    If wenger does the back 3 v city we will get smashed.

    He played a back 3 v boro, the worst offensive team in the league by a mile and they still managed to score and create numerous chances.

    Means nothing. That he has people talking about how he’s changed means he’s accomplished what he wants to do. Take a heat off for a minute


    I actually hope he plays the back 3 v city. The “changed” wenger will get his ass handed to him

    Well he will with a back 4 too.

    All This talk
    A lot pay back for
    Bayern etc. They have beaten us 15-3 or whatever it is the last 3 matches we’ve played them.

    Yeah it’s all down to the ref

    And the most funny and hilarious bs deluded comment of the day goes to:

    .. I can’t quite work out if the officials are anti arsenal or anti Wenger, probably the latter…..

    Akbs in hiding …

  63. Kane

    Wenger told Arsenal’s official website of his decision to switch to a back three.

    “I just felt that sometimes the team needs to believe in something new, something different, just to find a bit of confidence back.

    “We had practiced on it before at some stage, (but) we like offensive football so this was a bit more defensive-minded for us.

    “I feel overall it is not a long-term plan, but punctually it can work,” Wenger insisted.

    – – – –

    Or in other words – The board are mugs who don’t understand my brilliance – they shit the bed so I gave them a win to calm them down. Playing this way is beneath me and I will force Ivan out and go back to doing what I want – giving Arsenal fans and the watching world my own brand of football purism. I am KJW muthafuckers!

  64. Rambo Ramsey

    Lol at all the gushing over Oxlade Chambo. The lad has set and maintained such diabolical standards for so long that an average performance here and there looks better than it should. Also how much of this ‘improvement’ is down to the looming contract talks? Maybe he’s had a word or two with his best mate Theo

  65. Chigooner

    Re: Ox

    We won’t know how good he can be until Wenger leaves. I have no problem selling him. But he can’t go for cheap and we shouldn’t sell unless we have a backup plan.

    We don’t even have a plan, let alone a backup plan.

    Bellerin hate needs to stop. Completely destroyed by Wenger. We have Debuchy and Jenks on the bench making how much? With like six appearances between them? Meanwhile we just run one of our best players into the ground. Classic Wenger. Completely shambolic.

  66. Do one gambon

    Not laughing at Bayern

    Just don’t and never have liked them.
    Have a real dislike towards clubs who are clearly head and shoulders above most yet still employ the dark arts. Complete lack of sportsmanship and honour. Man united of the bundesliga.

    Farcelona can fuck off too.

  67. TR7

    Rambo, your Ox criticism is always way over the top. At least he puts in a few good performances once in a while unlike Ramsey who is as useful to the squad as Yaya Sanogo.

  68. TitsMcGee

    The Mirror leaking our unambitious plans, that include Fulham’s Sessegnon, a return of a Bournemouth second stringer (sorry to hear he’s suffered another fracture), and Celtic’s Tiernay. I’m sure they both have much potential, but taking punts on maybe’s seems to be something we’re not exactly flourishing at. ‘


  69. Up 4 grabs now

    How many years has Chamberlain had to show us his class.
    5 years is it.
    You can’t even say he’s ever been outstanding, or had a purple patch.
    Cesc was quality, even at 18-19 he had played enough games to show it, Chamberlain more interested in his pop star girlfriend and social media.

    And red if your out there, I should have said early, until last season no one had qualified for the champions league without at least 70 points. My bad, to be honest I’ll doubt you’ll ever see a league again so bad, when it will happen.

  70. Steveyg87


    When he referred to them as having a better education, I stopped reading

    Cut from the same cloth as Wenger


  71. BillikenGooner

    My take on Stan and Wenger is that Stan bought the club (majority) with the idea that Wenger is part of it.

    Lots of owners buy and want to be the boss and stamp their authority or play like they are a GM or what not…. Stan bought knowing, accepting, and planning on Wenger being there to run the show.

    It’s like Wenger was the same as the stadium or the buses. He was part of the package Stan bought and I’m guessing he never sat down (or had someone else sit down) and make a plan for Arsenal without Wenger.

    Actually, he probably had Wenger plan for Arsenal without Wenger, and Wenger can’t think of that, because it would mean some other manager that might take us from “the Arsenal way” (the Wenger way), which explains why Wenger says he built the club.

  72. Rambo Ramsey

    Vicky, mention Ramsey all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that Ox Chambo has been championship standard for the majority of his career at Arsenal. Even Aron ‘as useful as Sanogo’ Ramsey has given better returns to the club.

  73. Rambo Ramsey

    Alex Oxo Chamberlain: 158 appearances. 13 goals, 16 assists.

    I’m willing to bet his errors( that have led to opposition goals) is higher than his goal tally.

  74. WengerEagle

    Ox and Ramsey have both been shit for a good while for the club, there’s no debate to even be had.

    All of our midfield this season have been largely dreadful and that includes Xhaka, Elneny, Ox, Ramsey, Coquelin, Iwobi and Ozil.

  75. Joe


    Have to agree. He’s had 5 years. Albeit under the guidance of wenger so has been

    Look at Jesus at city. He has shown more in 3-4 games than ox has in 5 years.

    I would give him a year under a new manager to see where he progresses too

    Walcott over bale
    Denilson over Alonso
    Xhaka over kante.

    Just those quick off the top of my head show you how big a farce wenger is. Let him go to PSG as DOF. What a laugh

  76. Carts

    Kane and Pedro, be easy, bruvs!

    Imho, I don’t believe Wenger opting for 3-4-3 was a direct result of Gazidis implicating Wenger,, merely weeks prior.

    However, I do think Wenger ‘bit’ by changing formation. Little doubt in my mind that it was a middle finger to Gazidis though.

    As fate would have it, it had to be Boro’ that we were facing! Any of the top 6 would’ve had us reverting back to 4-mess-1 with in 20 mins.

  77. Joe

    As fate would have it, it had to be Boro’ that we were facing! Any of the top 6 would’ve had us reverting back to 4-mess-1 with in 20

    Yep after we were down 2 goals in 10 minutes. As what will happen v city with the new tactical wizards of wenger

    Scraping by boro and people are talking about wenger’s tactics. It’s made no difference. We were lucky to win. And it wasn’t like we were any more solid defensively.

    We should beat boro with 7 fucking men

  78. Bamford10


    I did say that, and I’m definitely pulling for them, but that was more my enthusiasm for them talking than my rational, calculating self. Now I’m beginning to wonder if they could really do it. Will they have all of their starters in the semis?

  79. China

    Ok you win Pedro, Ivan is a wonderful CEO as can be seen by his grand dominating of wenger, which consists of getting wenger to change formation after a decade of shite

    LOL. If you’re sure.

  80. TR7

    Rambo ,I concede Ox was dire for a couple of seasons but I think this season he has done reasonably well given how pathetic our midfield has been since Cazorla got injured. He doesn’t score or assist that much but I can recall 5-6 good performances from him in last 3-4 months. Again not saying he’s been terrific but hardly shambolic/pathetic as you put it.

  81. WengerEagle

    Might be a season or two too early for this Monaco side, still quite green and despite wowing they do ship a lot of goals as showcased against City and in the 1st leg against Dortmund where they were a little fortunate to only concede twice.

    Going forward though they are a match for anyone in Europe and given their youth, are fearless.

  82. Joe

    Would love to see atletico win it.

    Just to shut up the akbs about Diego. Even though he has proved to be top
    Top manager and able to do things wenger can’t

  83. David Smith

    that formation clearly was not drilled or practiced whoever instigated it…very half hearted, repeat that against City and we will get exactly the same as if the normal defensive formation is played – ie anhilation
    Pep will be up for this much more than Wenger….just look at the man, like hes given up almost.

  84. China

    On Ox his start to the season was disgracefully poor. Like eboue in his final Arsenal days poor

    Running straight out of play multiple times per game. Awful passing. Not tracking players who ran straight past him. Not making runs off the ball and walking around with a stupid swagger for no obvious reason

    He’s been less crap recently, but as well a 7/10 performance in or current team makes you look world class considering the rest of our midfield is putting in 5/10 and worse performances on a weekly basis

    Of the British core I guess he’s the best we have and under a new manager who doesn’t tolerate his piss poor passing and pushes him to improve at a particular position I think he could be a squad player

    But I’m not convinced he’s good enough to be more than that. Maybe, but I’m not sold yet. If we’re investing hope in this game staying and being a big part of our team I think we’re aiming really low.

    On the list of sick midfielders in the world he’s so far down he doesn’t even feature. But alas. Arsenal…

  85. Dissenter

    Why are we still offering a deal to Gibbs?
    I don’t understand this freaking club. A player on a hefty salary that never plays. Why renew his deal.

    I would think Mr “catalyst for change” Gazidis would intervene and do his work.
    Why renew Wilshere’s too
    Where’s the change?

  86. jwl

    If Ox is serious about his career, developing as a player, than he has to leave Arsenal and go to team where players have defined roles and manager does tactics. Players don’t have to play games to get increased salaries when contract is renewed, Wenger is ever so generous when doling out contracts.

    If Chambo is off to Liverpool or wherever, good luck to him, I wouldn’t enjoy being stagnate at Arsenal either.

  87. TR7

    Sorry Pedro, if it’s Stan who will decide Arsene’s fate why would Wenger bother to please/impress Ivan as you have been suggesting for a while. As I have said earlier, Wenger knows Stan wants him to continue and he would not change his formation just to give any signals to Ivan. To impress gullible fans ? May be but can’t understand how Ivan has a role in all this.

  88. Relieable Sauce

    Ivan should be doing more to convince Stan that Wenger is “undesirable” as Arsenal coach. ie – 78% of fans don’t want to see a contract offered at all.

  89. Joe



    Ceos job to inform owners specially absentee one who lets manager do as he wants, spend what he wants. Etc, that things aren’t working and Change is needed.

  90. China

    Arsenal are literally a laughing stock of world club football

    But the guy who’s job is to run this company for the best part of the last decade has been doing a great job apparently


    But don’t mind that the house has been slowly burning down for years now because the housekeeper chucked a bucket of water at it. Cheers big Ive!

  91. Pedro

    TR7, because clearly Stan isn’t impressed his football club is about to lose 40m a year… and maybe Josh is getting in his ear… and maybe the new conditions put on the table for Arsene are looking far more likely than ever before.

  92. Alexanderhenry


    Pedro agrees with me that Stan is a lousy owner, but then is there anyone anywhere who thinks he is a good owner of any of his teams?

    Agreeing on Kroenke being a bad owner is a bit like agreeing that the sky is blue or that there are two patties in a double whopper.

    Thinking that Kroenke is a good owner is like believing the moon is in fact made of cheese or that Chernobyl would be a lovely holiday destination.

  93. Samesong

    “We are focused on the game on the field. But our business model will not drive our success. The game on the field will.”



  94. Joe

    Lousy owner doesn’t give his manager over 350m pounds to buy players

    Lousy owner doesn’t excuse wenger for not spending up to allowable limit. Eg 10m two summers ago.

    Lousy owner doesn’t make up for wenger being a lousy useless manager

    Peddle your bollcoks on untold alex.

  95. Joe

    Alex has been proven wrong again and again and Again.

    He just doesn’t get it

    Saying it over and over doesn’t make you right.

    Just makes you look a fool.

    Only thing that makes Stan a lousy owner is that he hasn’t sacked wenger yet

    Klopp. Pep. Sampaoli. Jargon. Diego would have done way way way way more with what wenger has been given in the last 10 seasons. To name just a few

    You have no clue whatsoever.

  96. karim


    Alright , fair enough, hard to argue with that.
    So what do people think will happen later on ?
    I’ll go for :

    Barça 1
    Juve 1

    Monaco 2
    Dortmund 2

  97. Alexanderhenry


    ‘TR7, because clearly Stan isn’t impressed his football club is about to lose 40m a year.’

    Yep again.

    Not to mention the initial bump in interest a new manager would bring.

    Josh is already on the case and Henry as coach would not be beyond the realms of possibility.
    It would actually be quite in keeping with KSE managerial appointments.

    I fully expect a not big time coach to succeed wenger:

  98. Alexanderhenry

    The really sad thing thing is that in KSE arsenal are the stand out success story.

    Since taking over the Rams in 2010 they have an average ranking of 27th out of 32 teams

  99. Rambo Ramsey

    Speaking of dumps, I see that you’ve managed to crawl out the bin Joey.

    Back for five minutes and already starting to be an annoyance. Can’t polish a turd.

  100. Rambo Ramsey

    “Could a better manager than wenger done a lot more with the resources available to wenger the last 10 season?”

    Could a better owner have fired Wenger’s arse a lot sooner and helped make your dream a reality?

  101. Carts

    I think Ox will leave.

    A player with the slightest bit of ambition should leave Arsenal, as us slipping out of the top 4 under Wenger will render forthcoming seasons as an uphill battle.

    Red and white colours, flashy stadium, London based and a low bar of expectation- that is all Arsenal have!


  102. Alexanderhenry

    Would someone please respond to Joe.

    He wants to get into an argument as usual, but I have absolutely no interest in indulging him.

  103. Carts


    Ok we get it, Stan is ambitious by any stretch of the word.

    But for Wenger to sit there and talk about his so call “loyalty” and “love ” for a club “he built” is he too not complicit in the gradual demise of Arsenal.

    From league contender to 4th spot specialists with average > poor players??