Wenger fuels fake news | Josh Kroenke has wrists slapped in media

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I remember the days when being an Arsenal fan consisted of spending a whole summer tapping F5 on Newsnow in the hope one of the many swirling transfer rumours would come off. We used to go through the big hope, that was Wenger saying he was going to address the lack of top players… into the steady slide of, ‘I do not want to kill anyone’s career.’

Nowadays, I’m tapping F5 and going on the hunt to piece together a story that might suit the vision I have for the club. It’s ultimately a far more boring endeavour – but hold up, I may have found something.

So a few publications are stating that Arsene Wenger has shunned a suggestion that Thierry Henry join the backroom team this summer. The shun has come as Josh Kroenke – Thierry fanboy #1 – made a case that his presence could bring back a bit of sparkle to the club.

This sort of suggestion doesn’t really do it for me, I’m not sure how much stardust Thierry can bring. However, what I like is this… no one tells a trust fund kid no. Ditching a carefully crafted plan of a thirtysomethingwouldbebillionaire – who has probably spent all of 15minutes devising a plan – is a pretty big slap on the wrists for someone who isn’t used to that sort of dressing down. Also in these situations, it tends to be a slap for Stan Kroenke who might view this sort of senseless attack as an attack on himself.

Think Steve Bannon >>> Donald Trump here.

There’s a board meeting at the end of the month to discuss the future of Wenger, so I just want to help craft an agenda.


  • Fan violence beaming around the world
  • 7th position in the league
  • Humiliated in the CL for the 7th year in a row
  • World class players indicating they might not stay
  • Manager dissenting against CEO in press
  • Manager unwilling to change ways to advance knowledge and team performance
  • Spurs advancing past us on half our wage bill, with new stadium being built
  • Amusing internet meme poking fun at Arsene Wenger and his iron grip
  • Arsene was mean to Josh

With Stan present in the room, I’d love to hear how that meeting pans out. Is it actually a discussion, or do the board find out what Stan is thinking before the meeting before deciding whether to speak up? I mean, looking at the table now… weighing up that United, City, Leicester, and Spurs are all in great form… this really could be a horror show end to the season. Wenger has literally no get out of jail card. Let’s be fair here, the chances of Arsenal turning in a semi-final performance are slim to none.

Onto the game tonight, Arsene Wenger already kicked off Monday on a weak tone, stating his displeasure at Arsenal fan jeering Bellerin.

“Was the fans turning on Bellerín unfair? I think yes, as he is a guy who is genuinely Arsenal and wants to do well,”

“He is ready to play with pain and I think it is [unfair], yes.”

Someone needs to have a word with the journo who asked that question, because the jeering was totally debunked. That Arsene would start to make it about Bellerin is a massive joke in itself. He should take responsibility for the jeering himself. Always deflecting.

Wenger also went on a fan unity ramble, totally ignoring the reason the fans are upset and actually fairly united on the front of wanting him out of the club.

This evening’s game is going to be interesting. Boro’ are in full blown relegation form. Their defensive record is pretty impressive this season, they’ve actually conceded less goals than Arsenal. However, their major problem has been going forward. They’re so contrained by defensive duties, they have no ability to break moving forward. There haven’t been many upsets of late, United and City have both beaten them with relative ease, even Hull routed them.

However, this is Arsenal, it’s a Monday night up north, and the players have downed tools.

Anything is possible.

Right, I’ll see you a bit later on. Have a marvelous day!

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362 Responses to “Wenger fuels fake news | Josh Kroenke has wrists slapped in media”

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  1. BillikenGooner

    I remember the days of being the big name club when playing matches like this. Now, when we play Palace or Boro, there is no fear from them, the quality level isn’t pronounced, and we play as their equal.

  2. Joe

    Boro and Sunderland only teams in 20s for goals scored. 22 for boro. Next closest is 37

    Keeping them
    Off the score sheet with any formation means nothing

    Vindicated haha

  3. SpanishDave

    Why is our capitan Wally Walcott not playing?
    Surely he’s our best player and an inspiration to the side!

  4. useroz

    Martin T. saying so far :

    Can’t tell which is at 7 and which is at the bottom…

    Fucking hilarious. Arsenal sunk so low

  5. Ishola70

    Joe don’t get obsessed with the vindicated word.

    What was meant to be relayed was that the silly old fool should have been playing Holding in a back 3 a long time ago.

    Still it won’t be good enough in the long run this system because Wenger hasn’t got a top box to boxer in there and don’t expect him to carry on with this system anyway. He is desperate atm and will revert back to what he usually does soon enough. He can’t help himself.

  6. Rambo Ramsey

    Pass, pass, pass…more passing. Xhaka and Ramsey have made over 50 passes but have they created one chance? Unfit to tie the laces of previous midfielders like Cazorla and Fabregas.

  7. Guns of Hackney

    Did we pay £42m for a corner kick taker? And one that can’t get pass the near post…

    I don’t get out team at all…seriously. Not one bit of it.

  8. Ishola70

    “Ox is better at right back than Bellerin!”

    Ox would be good as a wingback with three at the back.

    Shame the midfield is so shit though isn’t it.

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Yep. Boro do not have a goal threat.

    God damn it…

    When Giroud runs it look like he’s pulling a truck with four flat tires.

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    Criminal that people question Sanchez making the PFA POTY shortlist. If he were at Chelsea, he’d be one of the favorites to win. No wonder he wants to quit the shithole he is in now.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Take away Sanchez and we’re playing Boro to be staying in the premiership.

    This is a weak team. I hope Sanchez does leave. At 28 he can’t waste his talent here. It’s RVP all over again.

  12. izzo

    basically standing still. this game makes no difference to the table as we’re still level on points with Everton and with the games coming up we’ll be back to 7th in no time.

  13. Samir

    This has to be the poorest centre midfield we’ve ever had under Wenger. Would like to see them all sold in the summer.

  14. Dissenter

    I would get rid of the current British core except for Oxlade. He’s the only one playing with aggression and intensity.
    I would just promote kids from the U-21 to make up the numbers for the quota.

  15. Ishola70

    lol will Wenger Poos use three at the back against Man City?

    Still an uphill task to beat them because of the shitty midfield Arsenal have but for me better chance to beat them using this system than the usual kamikaze two centre backs exposed with the two fullbacks bombing forward.

    And this thought not based on tonight’s match. Just overall.

  16. Dissenter

    That wasn’t Brad Guzan’s fault.
    The free kick was central so he wouldn’t have had anytime to react because of the wall. An excellent FK was going to be impossible to catch.
    Alexis got that ball up and down very very quickly.

  17. Danish Gooner

    The entire English core is rotten Oxlade is a joke footballer,Feo 10 years of nothing,Wilshire 8 years of underperforming and getting silly injuries,Ramsey a 30 million pound David Hillier and Wellbeck the worst attacker since The other rubbish englisman Francis Jeffers and finally the invincible man and not very good other the. At raising his wages Kieran Gibbs,combined they Spell rubbish .

  18. Guns of Hackney

    Yeah…if Ox is okay, it’s because he’s being measured against complete bollocks.

    Already ask yourself, would he get into the top six sides? Definitely not.

    He’s good by Arsenal standards but we’re not really cutting it.

  19. Relieable Sauce

    Why not play 2 upfront if we’re going to a back 3, it is Boro after all. Ozil and Sanchez would be better suited to a 352 imo.


  20. Guns of Hackney

    Mental strength

    Going up north

    This is the next level.

    I’m starting to believe…give Wenger another 5 years. Go on.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    Paying 16 million to acquire the ‘services’ of Danny Welbeck has to the biggest piece of comedy though. As if we didn’t have enough failed local players to deal with, we import one from Manchester to add to the number.

  22. TR7

    How could you expect a player to perform when he is played on left wing, right wing, no 10,central midfielder in a span of 2 months. Now he is being played as a wing back. Wenger has ruined Ox so far.


  23. BillikenGooner

    51 games where Boro hasn’t come back to win after going down.

    Watch us be the ones to break that streak for them.

  24. Rambo Ramsey

    “Oxlade looks like he could become a very decent player under good management.”

    Bullshit. He’d struggle to make the first 11 of a midtable team ala Wilshere.

  25. Arsene's Nurse

    Giving the ball away so cheaply in the middle of the pitch kills us so often. Do these players bother talking to one another? They just never seem to pick up the threat and deal with it effectively.

  26. Goona

    Lol 1-1….all this talk of deadwood…..other than sanchez, who the fuck should we keep? Are there any players that spurs 1st xi have that would not get in our “team”…..the clubs currently FUCKED.

  27. Dissenter

    “Oxlade looks like he could become a very decent player under good management.”Bullshit. He’d struggle to make the first 11 of a midtable team ala Wilshere.”
    We’ll have to wait and see. There’s talk Liverpool want him this summer.

  28. Guns of Hackney

    Watching Arsenal is like watching a chimp with a hand grenade…you know that something might happen, you just don’t know when.

  29. Up 4 grabs now

    I posted this two days ago

    Up 4 grabs nowApril 15, 2017 10:29:14

    I’ve been banging the drum on here for 4 years about changing the formation.
    This rubbish that we have to play the same system all the time to accommodate ozil is bollocks.Playing at home is different from playing away, playing Chelsea is different from playing stoke, which is different from playing Liverpool.You have to adapt your game sometimes, not Wenger it’s just go out there and play.We could play 352, 442, 541.you adapt to who your playing.
    My preference is 352 like this.
    Holding, Mustafi, koz,
    Bellerin, coquelin, Elmo, Gibbs.
    Giroud Sanchez
    This is with the players we have, obviously we need to drastically strengthen.Playing 352 means we have width with the wingbacks and if we do get caught out we have three centrebacks that can move across to cover.
    We have five in midfield so we don’t get overwhelmed and have two strikers, which split the opposition centre halves.You can play this away or at home. Or switch to a 442 if your at home against a side that sits back so won’t need two CDM.There’s no limit to the changes we could do but Wenger plays the same way, same formation every time.And go back to man marking, not zonal!!!

    Was Wenger listening?
    I called the formation change and bringing holding in. A few midfielders were wrong but I don’t get paid 8million a year.
    If we could just nail that zonal marking!!!!!!

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Times running out for the club looking for a good time to hide bad news …

    Even fate telling the club to rid us of this excorist….

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’ve said it before

    Xhara is the worse midfielder we have ever played, he makes David price look like ronaldo

  32. gonsterous

    we’ll never win anything with giroud up top.. nor with welbeck. sadly too many people here was putting their hopes on dat guy.. but Wenger knew he was shit xD

  33. Dlamzozo

    All those who still believe Wenger will turn things next season or season after next, shame on you. I doubt you support Arsenal,you supporting Manure and Spurs disguising as Gunners fans

  34. Guns of Hackney

    When Arsenal moved to the soul bowl, did they burry 1,000 black cats under the stand???

    Is there some sort of curse on this team…and Wenger is the harbinger?

  35. Up 4 grabs now

    R.S.P.C.ArsenalApril 17, 2017 20:17:50
    We choke more than thevstockwell strangler ….Shit team


  36. Dlamzozo

    @ gonsterous it wasevident from his 1st season that Giroud is what we call it in South Africa a cow, bt Wenger forced him to us likehe did with Sanogo,Parker,Chamack claiming they are new Thierry Henry and that headless cow Walcott

  37. useroz

    That Ayala miss was shocking fr 3 or 4 yards straight towards Cech…

    Boro have Downing and Traore running at us now…

  38. Alex Cutter

    “Boro have scored 4.3% of their seasons goals against us.”

    If you’re trying to suggest that they score more against us than the average club, I don’t think you know how math works.

  39. Guns of Hackney

    This has turned into a game. Two shit teams throwing punches, wildly.

    Make no mistake, a good team take Boro apart 5-0.

  40. Rambo Ramsey

    I can’t think of a top club where such a messy situation is allowed to go on and on. We could finish seventh and still not fire the manager,its incredible. How there continue to be dimwits who defend Kroenke and co, I’ll never know.

  41. Guns of Hackney

    This might be the moment the deal is annouced.

    Ozil scores winner
    We win away to stop the rot

    20 mins for Boro to save our club.

  42. Dissenter

    I can’t think of a top club where such a messy situation is allowed to go on and on. We could finish seventh and still not fire the manager,its incredible. How there continue to be dimwits who defend Kroenke and co, I’ll never know.”

    Don’t speak so loudly [whispering]
    Haven’t you heard of operation “catalyst for change”?
    surround Wenger with a nurse to change his nappies and a social worker to get him new nappies. That’s the new plan with a SD and DoF for a manager who’s sworn to never allow such nonsense.
    This saith Lord Gazidis.

  43. Dlamzozo

    Post match will be we showed ze mental strength to back from Crystal Palace defeat, our main aim is to win every game

  44. simonlevert

    Ever wonder why with one of the best defenders this country ever produced in management that our defence looks shaky against the worst team in the premier league?

  45. Dlamzozo

    @Dissenter Citycan also be shity when they want to, so come Sunday we don’t know which City will show up,the 1st 6 ganes City or the now City. So we can be lucky a d beat them

  46. simonlevert

    I can predict the same old bollocks post match interview “we looked a bit nervous at times” – yeah that’s because the manager looks a bit clueless.

  47. Kenyangunner

    Watching Arsenal is like watching a chimp with a hand grenade…you know that something might happen, you just don’t know when. …Lolz

  48. Dissenter

    These are really silly subs
    It’s already 88 minutes. Just let them finish the damn game.
    The subs won’t relive pressure. They will just invite uncertainty.

  49. Guns of Hackney

    Both teams have stunk the place out.

    Boro relegated.

    If you’ve paid to watch this garbage, get a refund.

  50. Dissenter

    Operation charm away fans begins.
    That’s why fans have to boo all the time. Who said booing doesn’t work?