Wenger fuels fake news | Josh Kroenke has wrists slapped in media

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I remember the days when being an Arsenal fan consisted of spending a whole summer tapping F5 on Newsnow in the hope one of the many swirling transfer rumours would come off. We used to go through the big hope, that was Wenger saying he was going to address the lack of top players… into the steady slide of, ‘I do not want to kill anyone’s career.’

Nowadays, I’m tapping F5 and going on the hunt to piece together a story that might suit the vision I have for the club. It’s ultimately a far more boring endeavour – but hold up, I may have found something.

So a few publications are stating that Arsene Wenger has shunned a suggestion that Thierry Henry join the backroom team this summer. The shun has come as Josh Kroenke – Thierry fanboy #1 – made a case that his presence could bring back a bit of sparkle to the club.

This sort of suggestion doesn’t really do it for me, I’m not sure how much stardust Thierry can bring. However, what I like is this… no one tells a trust fund kid no. Ditching a carefully crafted plan of a thirtysomethingwouldbebillionaire – who has probably spent all of 15minutes devising a plan – is a pretty big slap on the wrists for someone who isn’t used to that sort of dressing down. Also in these situations, it tends to be a slap for Stan Kroenke who might view this sort of senseless attack as an attack on himself.

Think Steve Bannon >>> Donald Trump here.

There’s a board meeting at the end of the month to discuss the future of Wenger, so I just want to help craft an agenda.


  • Fan violence beaming around the world
  • 7th position in the league
  • Humiliated in the CL for the 7th year in a row
  • World class players indicating they might not stay
  • Manager dissenting against CEO in press
  • Manager unwilling to change ways to advance knowledge and team performance
  • Spurs advancing past us on half our wage bill, with new stadium being built
  • Amusing internet meme poking fun at Arsene Wenger and his iron grip
  • Arsene was mean to Josh

With Stan present in the room, I’d love to hear how that meeting pans out. Is it actually a discussion, or do the board find out what Stan is thinking before the meeting before deciding whether to speak up? I mean, looking at the table now… weighing up that United, City, Leicester, and Spurs are all in great form… this really could be a horror show end to the season. Wenger has literally no get out of jail card. Let’s be fair here, the chances of Arsenal turning in a semi-final performance are slim to none.

Onto the game tonight, Arsene Wenger already kicked off Monday on a weak tone, stating his displeasure at Arsenal fan jeering Bellerin.

“Was the fans turning on Bellerín unfair? I think yes, as he is a guy who is genuinely Arsenal and wants to do well,”

“He is ready to play with pain and I think it is [unfair], yes.”

Someone needs to have a word with the journo who asked that question, because the jeering was totally debunked. That Arsene would start to make it about Bellerin is a massive joke in itself. He should take responsibility for the jeering himself. Always deflecting.

Wenger also went on a fan unity ramble, totally ignoring the reason the fans are upset and actually fairly united on the front of wanting him out of the club.

This evening’s game is going to be interesting. Boro’ are in full blown relegation form. Their defensive record is pretty impressive this season, they’ve actually conceded less goals than Arsenal. However, their major problem has been going forward. They’re so contrained by defensive duties, they have no ability to break moving forward. There haven’t been many upsets of late, United and City have both beaten them with relative ease, even Hull routed them.

However, this is Arsenal, it’s a Monday night up north, and the players have downed tools.

Anything is possible.

Right, I’ll see you a bit later on. Have a marvelous day!

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  1. Jamie

    Predictable win tonight by at least a two goal margin so Wenger can pull out all his usual platitudes post-match.

    “Unity, bouncebackability, togetherness, desire, confidence-building, …”

    He’s just waiting for a big win to justify his contract renewal announcement.

  2. Bankz

    The only solution to the crisis at Arsenal is for Wenger to leave.
    We can spin this any way we want. The board can do same but the solution is one and only one.
    If he gets a new contract, things will be toxic next season

  3. Bergkamp63

    I was a Bellerin fan early on but he has fallen off a cliff, poor defending & offers little going forward.

    Ship him out along with the entire squad and start again.

    Under a new manager of course !

  4. Jay

    Kim Jong Weng on the fight for fourth place:
    “We might get there, we might not get there, but the only thing to get there is to believe we can do it and that’s what we have to focus on. It’s not the fear to fail, it’s the desire to make it and that’s the only chance we have to make it.”
    WTF – does that MEAN anything?!?

  5. Bamford10

    “Arsene Wenger calls on Arsenal stars to ‘unite the fans’ with big performance at Middlesbrough.” – @MirrorFootball

    Could this man be any more clueless? The fans will not be “united” until he is gone. Everyone on the planet knows this, save Wenger.

    “The fans want to be behind the team and the way we respond on the football pitch will decide the attitude of the fans. The fans love the club.

    It’s a good period to be united and not divided. Historically Arsenal has been about that.”

    Meanwhile he has said nothing about his future and seems oblivious to the fact that HE is the source of the anger and that HE is the problem.

    Fucking incredible.

  6. Bamford10


    Re: “We might get there (top 4) or we might not get there. The only way to get there is to believe we can do it.” – Wenger on Friday AM

    This is a truism followed by a platitude — and a really lame platitude at that. “If we believe we can do it”? FFS, could this guy say anything more empty?

    And the “we might not” is Wenger saying, “we’re not going to get there, I don’t really care all that much, and the fans will simply have to accept all of this because I’m here to stay”.

  7. Jay

    Bamford: Thanks for the translation ;o)
    You could be part of the new regime at the Emirates, translating the old fool’s nostrums into comprehensible English!

  8. Guns of Hackney

    Easy win tonight. I can’t wait to see that puppet faced old buzzard, gurning his way through the press conference.

    My prediction. Arsenal player scores, bangs the badge and runs open armed and pointing to Wenger.


  9. Dissenter

    I really hope Wenger persist with the Welbeck up top approach cos it’s utter rubbish. All he does is run like an impala all game.

  10. Jamie

    You’ll see, Wenger will talk up every 3 points as another trophy.

    “Beating Boro, who are fighting for survival, shows how important this performance was. It’s like winning a cup final. The fans should be happy because we can win a few more trophies like this one before the end of the season. Then you can judge me.”

  11. Dissenter

    I really think we lose this game.
    Boro ought to have beaten us at the Emirates. They ran rings around and defended easily.
    Playing Arsenal is a chance to salvage their season and I believe they will “want it more”

  12. Steveyg87

    No doubt in my mind that there is major unrest at board level. Wild card josh kroenke getting in on the mix. Who wouldve thought? Gazidas has a small time frame to make a move, lets hope he has some aces

  13. Jim Lahey

    Just wondering if anyone can remember Wenger taking the blame for a defeat in his 21 years at the club? Not saying he hasn’t but I can’t recall it ever happening…

  14. david boyle

    good evening le grove i am a former season ticket hoider i been livinc in perth wa for 16 years so i havent been to a game for a long time .everything you say on this blog is spot on .arsenal fans need to step up the protests even it means disrupting a game. i dont think wenger is going anywere and will be there for a least another 2 years ,i would appreciate it if you would let me on 1 of your podcasts because ive got so much to say and i aint best on computers .cheers mate

  15. Kane

    Morning – unfortunately I can’t see a Boro win tonight, with any luck they park the bus and it’s a 0-0 – a result that would keep the pressure on Wenger and be a real confidence sapping result going into the FA Cup Semi against City – especially if they beat United in their game.

    I can’t imagine Kroenke Snr cares much about our sporting results so long as the $ keep rolling in.

  16. Guns of Hackney

    The whole rigmarole surrounding Arsenal for the last few months is so damaging to the club, long term.

    How Wenger has been allowed to play out his personal story, is incomprehensible in any walk of life.

    If the board have had second thoughts, what are they waiting for?

    If Ivan has a plan…ummm…when will he spring his masterpiece on us?

    Apart from being the owners son, what is Josh Kronke’s roll in this debacle and why does it matter?

    Bizarre club.

  17. David Smith

    They’ve got to get rid of him. Failing, yet without the humility to change anything. If Ivan does not succeed, it will be the same tired old coaches and methods for the next 4 years, and ultimately, that will hit Stan in the pocket, not that he does much about failing US teams though
    Perhaps an announcement one way or another after we go out of the semi?

  18. Jim Lahey

    Also the Bellerin situation has got ridiculous at this point.. was (foolishly) just reading an article over at Untold where they imply that the booing he received against Palace could sway him to leave.

    First of all, he was a victim of circumstance, if the fans had of been on the other side of the pitch it would have been Monreal that got it. Wrong place, wrong time. Hector is nowhere near the worst player at the club at the moment, even though he is playing poorly.

    After it happened I saw people on Twitter saying things like “This is why players leave us!” ……. The stupidity of this statement is beyond comprehension, I am saddened that there are actually humans that are this so out of touch with reality that they believe this to be the case. How often does this occur??! In all my life of supporting Arsenal I can only remember the song of “you’re not fit to wear the shirt” being chanted at the players one other time before last week.. Players aren’t leaving en masse because of the fans, they are leaving because they want success…

    And on people thinking this would be a catalyst for Hector to leave.. Do they or even the player himself believe that it is going to be all sunshine and rainbows in Barca???! They got booed off the field at half time against Real Sociedad for conceding a goal just before half time.. they were still winning 3-2 and were booed none the less!

    Could you imagine what the Barca fans would do if they were in our situation? Do you think Hector would get to put in awful performances for so long and have the Barca fans sing his name?? Fabregas found out the hard way that that isn’t the case.

    We as fans have been beyond patient with the players for so long, what happened last week was bound to happen eventually.

  19. Dissenter

    A forward thinking manager would have sold Jack last summer and replaced him with Tielemans. Instead we are negotiating a new contract, with a raise with Wheelchair.

  20. HillWood

    I wouldn’t bank on our team beating a school under 16 side at the moment
    Plus they probably aren’t too happy about wasting a bank holiday on a coach to Middlesbrough
    It’s all a bit inconvenient bless em

  21. Dissenter

    I find the notion that footballers are damaged by booing. In fact if any highly paid sportsman is so affected by being booed then he needs to find a new line of work.
    The fans were 100% right to boo Bellerin and the other 10 players on the pitch.
    Arsenal fans are really part of the problem. There’s a reason Kroenke picked Arsenal to buy. I bet they told him that the fan base is a she-mouse’s belly.

  22. TR7

    Isn’t Jack injured again? I have long been an ardent supporter of the guy here but I have given up on him now. Looks like another Diaby in the making who just can’t stay fit.

  23. Danish Gooner

    Lets give Wilshire 200 grand a week because he deserves it afterall he is loyal to Wenger ,forget the fact that he is at best a very,very average player and while we are t it How about that amazing talent Yaya lets raise his salary to 100 grand a week afterall he is stupendeous talent makes KYlian Lottin look like David Hillier and while we are at it lets have another years of Carl Jenkinson and lets triple his wages because he deserves it sitting there alone warming the bench and finally why dont we bring in Abou Diaby again on 500 grand a week and the wonderfully talented Aramury Bischoff lets have him on 250 grand a week and Deckchair Denilson should return and be the first player on a 700 thousands pound a week.

  24. Guns of Hackney


    What do you mean ‘like’ diaby. Wilshere doesn’t and didn’t have the potential diaby had. Wilshere is basically David Batty. Just there but doing nothing one notices.

    Pointless player.

  25. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    As I said its happened twice (the chanting) in my time as a supporter that I can recall. People need to stop with the hysterics. You’re right if getting booed affects him so much he is in the wrong profession.

    Just look at Barca and Madrid how often are those players booed a year?!

  26. Joe


    Wellbeck is useless. A striker who can’t score. Been saying for years that all
    He does is run around and “puts in a shift” and that’s why people liked him

    I’m sorry. Give me a striker who fucking puts the ball in the net.

    Don’t know who it was maybe alex Henry saying that now that wellbeck is back watch out season change haha yeah it want from bad to terrible.

  27. Dissenter

    Welbeck is the first striker that I will ditch if I had a say. He will still fetch a good fee but is never going to be productive enough.
    Wenger needed to get rid of on of the strikers to make room for Perez. Instead he kept all three and never gave the lad a chance

  28. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    To be honest I totally forgot about that Eboue incident! I was more referring to specifically the “You’re not fit to wear the shirt” chant.

  29. Joe

    Jim, dissenter

    It’s all diversion tactics by ArSenal and fans who still suppport wenger and will
    Find anyway to make excuses for him

    This is just another and idiots like those untold muppets fall for it

    Wenger knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s hoping the fans sing for bellerin Tonight instead of focussing on Wenger out.

    If boro can keep it scoreless or sneak an early one , the away fans will become very toxic. Which will be great. The pressure needs to stay on.

    I really think people are buying in to wenger’s bollocks anymore. The fan base has changed and aren’t hanging on his every word.

  30. Joe

    Wenger thinks it’s a couple bad results that have split the fans and thinks a win tonight will unite us

    He really has lost the plot and thinks the last 13 seasons have been a success.

    Someone really needs to sit down with the Cunt. And slap him into reality.

  31. Relieable Sauce

    Perhaps a Teddy Bear and security blanket protest would be more to their liking. Shouldn’t traumatise the little princes too much.

  32. HillWood

    I remember years ago during another shit Arsenal performance The North Bank chanting ” Do You Want To Win The League” at the team and manager
    It’s nothing new

  33. TR7


    May will you will disagree but I think before his career was wrecked by injuries Wilshere was a very good player in the making. He could run past players, had decent touch and stamina and could link up well. Of course now he looks an ordinary player from whatever I have seen of him at Bournemouth.

  34. Joe

    Darren‏ @DarrenArsenal1
    So in their own bubble that they believe the jeering was aimed at one player rather than all. Abdication of responsibility right there
    Arsenal FC‏ @Arsenal
    “We know that fans are angry, we know that people want results because we’re Arsenal and that’s what’s expected”

    (link: http://arsn.al/7X2ZkE) arsn.al/7X2ZkE

    Darren‏ @DarrenArsenal1
    Replying to @BlackScarfAFC
    All about distraction

    Highbury Harold‏ @BlackScarfAFC
    Do they not realise nobody is falling for it any more? So detached from reality it’s shocking.

    Highbury Harold‏ @BlackScarfAFC
    “Benzema being considered as a replacement for Sanchez”. Oh fuck off. Surely the Arsenal PR team can do better than wheel out that old shit.

    SHE WORE Retweeted

    John Williamson‏ @willow1886
    I ask fans not to vent their anger at the players especially the younger ones, it’s not down to them; the buck stops with the manager.

  35. Bob

    As for the contract talking points:

    It’s absolutely vital to stress, not merely this season’s lack of achievement, but THE PAST 13 YEARS’ LACK OF ACHIEVEMENT.

    Wenger will routinely deflect from this longer historical trajectory by discussing the most recent game, or half, or some other partial, contingent period or aspect that will serve the delusion in which he traffics. (Paradoxically, when it suits his purposes he will also refer to the longer haul, notably, the 10 (?) years of CL qualification.) At any rate, the key point is:

    *NO SERIOUS TITLE CHALLENGE FOR 13 YEARS, BUT FINISHING ON AVERAGE 13,6 POINTS OFF THE LEAGUE WINNER DURING THIS PERIOD, with no discernible positive trend the past few years post-financial constraints.

    This is the performance against which he should be evaluated, while bearing in mind that:
    a) the club has roughly the same wage bill as Chelsea and City and half that of Spurs’,
    b) Wenger has had season after season after season to build and finesse his team to make it increasingly competitive (yet this has not happened),
    c) he has even brought in world-class players, such as notably Sanchez, Özil and Cech, with no tangible improvement being made.

  36. Guernsey gun

    Guys for those not directly protesting don’t forget chris butlers page on just giving. For the sake of a few beers the protests can be kept visible, might not be everyone’s bag but worth remembering. Cheers

  37. jwl

    Does Josh Kroenke watch matches every week or does he live in America like his father? When we first heard Kroenke was putting his son on Board, I was hoping Kroenke jr would live in London, watch our idjit manager, get frustrated and start making changes with daddy’s approval.

    What does Kroenke’s mini me think of the situation at Arsenal and can he affect change?

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Just get the cretin, creep , fraud, cunt out the club

    Couldn’t care less about the game tonight ….

  39. peanuts&monkeys

    May the force be with Boro tonight. May Arsene FC lose again tonight. May the odd non-english arsenal fan walk up to Wenger and bury him alive.

    Middlesborough 2 : 0 Arsene FC

  40. Boomslang

    “May the force be with Boro tonight. May Arsene FC lose again tonight. May the odd non-english arsenal fan walk up to Wenger and bury him alive.

    Middlesborough 2 : 0 Arsene FC”

    Amen to that brother.

  41. peanuts&monkeys

    The fun will begin once Boro scores their first goal. I wil otherwise go to bed before the match starts.but am working on a app which could sound an alarm as soon as arsenal concedes first goal. Wanna watch the match from then on. Good luck Arsenal away fans. Tear the devil apart tonight; even if he wins.

  42. China

    Wengy is spot on the booing was outrageous. A more suitable protest would be to deny the players access to their rollerblades, yo-yos and twister mats

  43. ArseneisaFraud

    Arsenal is the most uncompetitive football club in the world.

    Spot on.

    And this is is what grates me the most. AW has no aspirations whatsoever. AW has misled the BoD into thinking that it would be a walk in the park to be finishing 4th. The players that he has bought, more often than the not, are for finishing 4th not to compete. Furthermore they were counting on FPP to keep the lie of “competing” going… until the rich clubs have done their all to kill it off (lol) and then they did not see coming that the new TV money in the league would start levelling things a bit more (cf Everton) (lol). AW has literally nothing left to hide his mediocrity behind… so the BoD, once in their lives should make the decision to not renew AW contract. But will they?

  44. Follow the money

    Think about the enormous wave of joy that is going to sweep the Earth when this Turd finally leaves. It’s probably going to knock Earth off its axis

  45. Rhys Jaggar

    I was looking for news bscking my vision for the club seven years ago. I could not find it, so I moved on, shared my vision with Myles Palmer in 2012 and forwarded it to Mr Wood in 2014.

    It was predicated on the settled belief that Arsenal had gone as far as it could with a benevolent dictator and needed revamping with an empowering delegating manager, held accountable against sporting targets including winning the EPL and Champions League by 2020 (that was an 8 year run, after all). It included international level/Champions League experience in the Board room (as NED, but could have been Sporting Director) to hold the manager to critical account. It included clear commercial targets and a global expansion of Arsenal In the Community.

    Whilst I have my own personal view on club culture/vision, I have long been of the implacable position that only fans en masse can define club culture and Arsenal FC is not a club if it sees fans solely as customers. It would then solely be a sporting business selling products.

    I saw no evidence that any significant fan base would crowd fund to buy the club and hold their share like stewards, like Barcelona fans do. I enunciated a version of that in 2002 and shared it. You get the ownership you deserve if you are not prepared to be owners no matter what….

    The ultimate question is whether there are enough shoppers on a match day trip to Emirates Stadium to render irrelevant traditional season ticket holders. The club could then abolish traditional fans and focus on customers. At that point, all connection between me and the club would be over.

    I do not think Wenger would stay being Josh Kroenke’s lapdog. Nor would any serious manager come in to do that either. The man simply does not have credibility or gravitas. But Kroenke Jnr has the right to put proposals to the Board…..and let them stand or fall according to merit.

  46. Micheal

    Kroenke does not give a fuck about results. He has no interest in what happens on the field. He probably thinks Tottenham Hotspur is something picked up from lavatory seats.

    The only time Kroenke will get concerned is in 12 months time when the spreadsheets start showing falling revenue because no European footy, fewer games on TV, empty seats at home games, etc.

  47. JJ

    “They showed more desire, more ambition, more motivation. In this case the fault is of the coach.”

    Interesting that Conte admits blame when his side does not match the desire of the opponent.

    Wenger never accepts blame for anything.

  48. SpanishDave

    If we loose on Sunday then there’s nothing left to play for so the players will just drift away.
    Good Wenger deserves total shit

  49. peanuts&monkeys

    enormous wave of joy

    Waiting for that moment will not bring it any closer. Got to earn it, mates. Everyone here shd do something aggressive, outrageous, however absurd that may ve to ensure Wenger leaves the next minute.

  50. Marc


    It won’t take 12 months – the lack of CL football will have been noticed already. Season ticket renewals will be up for the 1st June, so a drop out of existing ST holders will be noticed in 6 weeks and a failure of those on the waiting list to take up the offer will be noticed 2 – 4 weeks after that.

    We are heading into a shot storm.

  51. peanuts&monkeys

    This blog is far too much loaded with theory. No actions emanate from this blog site. Stale, indecisive, unambitious…just like Arsene FC.

    Another blog would have run survey after survey, poll after poll to prove that arsenal’s fans are 99.9999% against Arsene FC.

    But no! Le-grove.co.uk will continue with its stale and docile tactics which betrays it’s false talk on Wenger out! I wonder what could be pedro’s hidden interest in letting Arsene Wenger keep screwing arsenal fans’ happiness!

  52. Dissenter

    I don’t agree with this idea of adding Thierry to the back room staff.
    For what exactly?
    Can he organize a defense?
    Is he going to quit his sky sports punditry gig?
    People talk as if coaching is a circus.
    He needs to make up his mind: pundit or manager
    I don’t recall Zidane or Makalele doing the pundit nonsense.

  53. TR7

    Yes, I am with Dissenter on Henry. He has done nothing to earn a job at Arsenal. Spends all his time doing punditry than learning his craft as a manager. His role as an assistant manager of Belgium is a waste of time.

  54. SpanishDave

    Nice one Marc
    We have good dialog here but there’s always some dick around.
    Interesting night ahead

  55. Alexanderhenry

    Josh Kroenke is a chip off the old block I’m afraid.

    It’s a joke he’s even on the arsenal board. He’s already running the nuggets and the avalanche and making a mess of those teams.

    How the fuck did we end up with the Kroenkes? What a shame it is.

  56. Do one gambon

    You know what’s going to happen don’t you… We’re going to carry on our current shit trajectory all the while spurs are gonna sneak the league.

    Well somehow find a way to win next Sunday, probably a bravo own goal or something because city can be just as self destructive as us and well get beat by fucking spurs in the final, and comprehensively too.

    They win the double and Wenger still signs on.

    You can just see it.

    Chelsea, pain in our arse for years. The one time we actually need them to win and their gonna fuck it up.

  57. Elmo

    “Arsenal have changed formation for the first time since about 1998!

    It’s three at the back for Arsene Wenger as Rob Holding comes in alongside Laurent Koscielny and Gabriel.

    There are six changes in all – Petr Cech is in goal. “

  58. Rambo Ramsey

    Last month it was reported that Arsenal director Josh Kroenke – son of majority shareholder Stan Kroenke – suggested club legend Thierry Henry would be his preferred candidate to replace Arsene Wenger if the long-serving manager is to leave the club at the end of the season.

    Fans may have their doubts over whether an inexperienced coach is the right man to replace someone as ingrained in the DNA of the club as Wenger, even if that inexperience might be balanced out with a level of popularity that can only come with the status Henry enjoyed during his playing days, but the idea of Stan Kroenke replacing a manager of 20 years with a relative novice is not as far-fetched as it seems.

    Read more at http://www.football.london/arsenal-fc/news/what-stan-kroenkes-mls-team-12904420

  59. Vince

    Was thinking of skipping the game. If Holding is playing right back I might just go and watch. I’ve been routing for him or Mustafi as right back since. They’re too mobile and too adventurous to be center backs ffs.

  60. Rambo Ramsey

    Yeah, sure, a Chelsea team filled with title winning staff- from the players to the manager- are gonna capitulate not once but twice ( FA cup and PL ) and Tottenfucking Spuds- the Kings of capitulation- are gonna do the double.

    The next morning, pigs will fly.

  61. TR7

    I don’t know how this formation will play out but I would have Rob Holding in my starting line up over Mustafi in any formation. Mustafi is a one trick defender, goes down to the ground with his one leg stretched wide.

  62. Do one gambon


    There’s something different about this spuds side though and they have us and Chelsea to play. Its unlikely I’ll happen I agree but it could and that scares me.

  63. Boomslang

    Watch how the players will look clueless, disjointed and disorganized in this new system.

    Boro for the win.

  64. Arsene's Nurse

    Just seen the line-up. 3-5-2? Against Boro (away) who are fighting relegation? Looks like Wenger is trying to prove something. Smoke and mirrors.

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    This is a sure sign that the cunt is staying ….

    why else would he change team ….

    We are doomed
    This twat will only leave in a box ….

  66. Relieable Sauce

    Boro should switch to 442, with Ramsey and Elneny screening the back 3 and AOC at RWB Boro might not have to create that many chances themselves.
    CM looks very weak.

  67. izzo

    LOL new formation and two crap players dropped. Hahaha! Won’t make a difference as Wenger will still wait until the 70th min to make a sub. We still have the same crap midfielders and a butter hand Cech in goal. They will run circles around and stifle the lot. That Barca reject Adama Traore for Boro who s a headless chicken and cant score. Watch him score. Negredo who flopped at City watch him score as well. We always help teams and average players break their duct.

  68. Arnold Wagner

    If wenger shot down kroenke then his gone like when the bald guy forgor his name ancelloti number 2 at Chelsea told abrahmovic to leave the dressing room and he was sacked a week later.

  69. Joe


    Smoke and mirrors as Montreal will drop back to left back anyway.

    It’s only different on the score sheet

    Come on boro.put another dagger in

  70. London gunner

    The fact wenger is changing the formation after our season is ruined shows how pathetic and embarrassing wenger is.

    Where were the tactical changes before now?

    Little to late arsene

  71. Joe




    Like he is ready to take us to the next level next season

    Why hasn’t he done that the last 13.

    Why was he waiting until his legacy is done and job is on the line

    It’s all bollcoks

    He’s finished. No matter what he does. Who he buys. The luck has ran out.

  72. Frankie T

    Just seen the lineup. Seeing Ramsey in there is giving me shivers down my spine. Changing formation doesn’t matter when you have average players on the pitch

  73. Arnold Wagner

    Wenger is your typical con man who will try any thing to keep his money and power a formation change against a relegation side get a win and create a smoke screen for change.

    A conman always chances it they can’t resist they think there smarter than everyone else but they are not and wenger we see through your pathetic schemes

  74. DaveB666

    The desperation the senile French fossil is showing is quite incredible. A first formation change in 20 years – maybe he needs that £8million+ Per annum more than we realised! Come on Boro!

  75. Guns of Hackney

    Boro look okay for now. Playing nice stuff.

    By the way, I’d love to smack chamberlain in the teeth. His face insists upon me.

  76. Ishola70

    lol the silly old fossil has finally caught on with some tactic with 3 at the back.

    Holding should have been playing in a back 3 ages ago.

    If the team win tonight without conceding then he will be vindicated because the back 3 is about shoring up your defence.

    Too late for this season though you silly old fool.

  77. SpanishDave

    First. Time for twenty years has Wenger tried this formation.
    So if he wins tonight he will claim he has reinvented himself
    Desperate man , maybe short of cash!!!

  78. Joe

    If the team win tonight without conceding then he will be vindicated because the back 3 is about shoring up your defence.


    Playing against a relegation battling team that can’t score hahaha

  79. useroz

    Looks good so far 20 mins.
    Def found the next level
    Very competitive against a relegation team
    Ffs Boro looks more dangerous.
    Lucky great Fabio went off…

  80. TR7

    Is it me or Ramsey is hiding? Isn’t dropping deep to pick the ball up from defenders nor is he combining with other players up top. Wandering around the opposition third even when the ball is in Arsenal half or there about.

  81. Guns of Hackney

    A back three is a trend that will come and go. It’s not new.

    Any formation needs the players to carry it through. And Arsenal don’t have the players.

    One of my all time favourite formations was the
    532. It annoys me no one utilises a sweeper anymore.