Wenger to stay: The man is a disgrace to elite sport

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So kind of as I suspected, Arsene Wenger, according to the circle of access journalists, is sadly poised to stay on at the club. Not for one year, but for the duration of a proper contract. He’s under the delusional notion that this season is a blip in a glittering 21 year career, versus the culmination of a lot of practice that is far from best.

This isn’t a surprising move. We’ve known the club has been preparing us most of the season through its network of lackeys in the press, combining that with the embarrassing ‘gun to the head’ proclamations of love from grateful players who are being offered too much money to stay on in his hugely flawed project.

It still burns though. The choice has been taken out of the hands of the people at the club who full well know what a disaster Wenger is overseeing at the moment. We know that Arsene Wenger has looked at the wreckage of this season and decided the results don’t matter, he’s chosen to ignore the reason his best players are likely leaving, he’s ignoring the protests in the air and in the sky, and he’s ignoring the cold hard reality of where he’s at in his badly stuttering career.

We’re now entering the indulgence zone.

Phillipe Auclair stated this on Twitter:

‘Wenger is aware of the unrest around the club, but not as a fan would be. He’ll take it as a spur to prove people wrong. Always has done.’

For such a talented writer, the lack of substance in these words is breathtaking. If fans see the unrest as poor results, lacklustre ideas, poor execution of said ideas and a collapse of player faith… what is Wenger seeing? Who really cares about Wenger proving anyone wrong? It’s not his right to have a choice in the matter.

Wenger had the chance to prove us wrong after he wrongly signed for three years after scrapping a cup final he went two goals down in. Three years on, how have we moved our game on? Chelsea fired managers twice and won the league near enough twice and Leicester poured cold water on 10 years of Wenger hiding behind money as a reason we couldn’t compete.

Football is about results, not desperately trying to work out the perfect sign off for a manager who has been stale for ten years.

John Cross disingenuously stated that he doesn’t believe Wenger has lost the dressing room, alluding to the idea this unrest comes from players not knowing what Wenger will do next. Are you f*cking kidding me? Wenger is a poor manager when compared to the elite of Europe, players have known this for years. You only had to read Lukas Podolski mocking Wenger’s ‘you are a wolf’ tactics to imagine what they’re saying now. Wenger isn’t even in the top 20 in Europe these days.

His antiquity isn’t even up for debate these days, he’s a dusty fossil in the Natural History Museum of ‘Past Greats’, he’s old, deeply deluded, and living in a now institutionalised world of mediocrity he designed. He is dead in elite management. He will never come back from the grave. Do not kid yourself it is possible, even with a world class DoF he won’t listen to.

So what next? How do the fans move on from this? It’s a tough question. But I think he’s jumped the shark here. This move is beyond desperate and I don’t think there are many examples of this sort of behaviour at any elite club in the Europe. In fact, I struggle to think of a single example this pathetic since Brian Clough hung on for far too long and landed his team in the division below never to return again.

Arsene Wenger, after this announcement, will suffer total shut down with his players. We could end up finishing 7th or 8th. This summer, he’ll struggle to move on underperforming players because he’s tied them all down to new deals. He’ll struggle to keep the good players because he can’t offer them a better career or a development plan beyond the basics he was preaching in 1998. Next season, he might be thinking that without the CL, he can pull a Leicester or a Chelsea. Trouble with that notion is he doesn’t have the players, he doesn’t have a system good enough, and he has no idea how to beat elite teams.

Next season could be even worse. Once you hit two seasons out of the Champions League, the job of bringing yourself back to the top again, under a great manager, becomes more and more expensive.

By continuing the madness, Stan K is making the recovery ever more difficult.

… and we, the fans, helpless? American sports fans are placid compared to the Brits. I wonder what sort of environment Wenger will find himself in next year when things go south?

A conversation for another day.

Final comment. Fully understand the predicament Ivan has himself in. But his inability to influence his boss really is telling. Begs the question if he’s even trying? I fully expect him to do a good job when he’s given the chance, but my oh my, if I were running the club on that money, I’d have Stan seeing the light, no doubt. The difference between seeing your job as something to preserve at the cost of excitement, versus seeing your job as an opportunity to achieve collective greatness and make history.

Sad everyone at the club is fine mailing it in…

See you in the comments. x

P.S. Here is my earlier story

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  1. jasongms

    So am I reading this right, a new contract, not an extension and it could be up to three years ……….. fucking cowards!

    we are on the verge of losing the club to the football wilderness.. scary, scary times

  2. Matthew Price

    Wenger is a great man and a great manager. We are very lucky to have him. The people criticizing him obviously aren’t Arsenal fans. Most likely Spurs fans on a wind up.

  3. Mick Kartun

    Now its up to the silent majority fans to wake up. But if they remain silent and passive that means they agreed with the board incompetence and go along with it.

  4. Wenker-Wanger

    i find legrove more than just wenger out….which is great for me as i hate the cnut…….the debate on slang is interesting…i am north london but lived in cockney heartland for 20 years……for me danny dyer overdoes it… just obvious and not too plausible.
    yeah i know hes acting…but aint we all ?

  5. Kane

    Taking a look at our remaining fixtures vs those of Everton and United, what’s clear is that based on current form, there is a very real chance we will finish 7th this season.

    Manchester City – H
    West Ham United – H
    Crystal Palace – A
    Middlesbrough – A
    Sunderland – H
    Leicester City – H
    Tottenham Hotspur – A
    Manchester United – H
    Stoke City – A
    Southampton – A
    Everton – H

    We play City, United, Tottenham and Everton – none of whom we have beaten this year.

    We go away to Stoke, Palace, Southampton and Boro – which could well be draws / losses

    We play a resurgant Leicester at home – and then ghave West Ham and Sunderland which should be home wins

    United are improving and Everton are playing the best football of their season….

    If finishing 7th this year is enough to convince Wenger to go – then I am all for it.

  6. Paulinho

    “Arsenal at moment are a plane heading down into the ocean, and Wenger is the pilot taking them there”

    Wrong decision after wrong decision, he’s in graveyard spiral territory.

  7. Bamford10

    It could be “Troopz”. I don’t really watch AFTV, so I probably wrongly assumed the guy I heard way over-using “fam” was DT.

  8. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    This was posted on Untold just yesterday…

    I dont think we should disband the Wenger style of football as it will be too boring for the fans.

    Its better to continue with our style and defy the odds one day.

    Even if we cant win the league with our style lets continue to remain near the top and watch the attractive stuff.
    Unbelievable. He seriously thinks we play attractive football.

  9. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    We shouldn’t care about how people talk – just as long as they want regime change.

  10. Red&White4life

    “Even if we cant win the league with our style lets continue to remain near the top and watch the attractive stuff.”

    Absolutely priceless.
    The “pro-KJW” are as mentaly hill as their master…

  11. WestLondonGoon

    I just can’t see when ‘the right time’ will be to announce a new contract to the fans, whenever they decide to release it, there is no way they can think it will be well received by an ever increasing proportion of the fanbase.

    Up to now the protests have been well behaved but this could very easily take a turn for the worse. No one in football can see the rationale behind giving him further time to take the team to the next level (down), so do they really expect the fans just to shut up, pay the money and be happy with the tripe that is being served up when they are charging us for caviar?

  12. Alan

    @ Rainman

    You may want to look up racism as finding the use of repetitive slang words cringe worthy is not racist. I just the overuse of slang terms in youth culture to be nauseating. You go to the comment section of any video featuring Troopz and you will find people hold the same view. It’s nothing to do with his race. I am same race as he is!

    As for “apparently some slangs are cringe worthy, but others – presumably non black slangs, are okay”, well, you reached that rather bizarre conclusion all by yourself as did not say or imply such a thing. I have no problem with black people at all. You are a wanker for even implying I do.

  13. Biggles


    I think you might be right. I looked at the fixture lists and I see Arsenal ending up with 13 points from now until end of season. Let’s be optimistic and say 15. Unfortunately I think Everton will manage another 18, and I think Man United are also looking at another 18. Liverpool are going to get another 20 or so.

    But it’s cool, because I don’t think West Brom are going to close the gap, I expect them to only pick up another 15 as well.

    Chelsea to win, not sure of the order of 2- 4, but it will be the current top 4 I think. Man U 5th with 70 points, Everton 6th with 68, Arsenal 7th with 65.

  14. Adam A. Carbarundum

    It’s Stans team and if he sees no problems with the current model, then it’s for him to say keep it as is, which it appears he is saying. Winning does not matter to Stan and AFC are just another of his investments.

    Knowing the above to be true, which it is, then the choice is but two – take it or leave it. It’s business and I understand it, don’t like it, but I understand it. All that is left is to watch Wenger fall flat on his face over and over, because as sure as the sun rises and sets, so too will his time.

    Other leagues, other teams, other sports. AFC are not the only game in this mans town.

  15. aaron

    “Begs the question if he’s even trying?” Actually it raises the question. Beg the question means something else entirely. It is a form of logical fallacy wherein one assumes as proved the very thing one is trying to prove. Here is an example from the NY times for the term being used correctly:
    YOU: I can’t understand why the news media give so much coverage to Lindsay Lohan. It’s ridiculous. She’s not that important or newsworthy.

    ME: What? Of course she’s important and newsworthy! Lindsay Lohan is a big deal. Why, just look at the newsstand. People magazine, The Post, you name it. She’s everywhere.

    YOU: That begs the question.

    ME: Huh?

    Your use of the phrase is correct. In arguing that Lindsay is important enough to merit heavy news coverage, I cite as evidence the fact that she gets heavy news coverage. It’s a circular argument that begs the question.

  16. Red&White4life

    “I just can’t see when ‘the right time’ will be to announce a new contract to the fans”
    After our victories against City and Chelsea in the FA Cup ?? lol

  17. Red&White4life

    No need to deny this, as everybody know KJW will stay.
    Another proof of the mess our club has become…

  18. Guns of Hackney

    Red and white

    Don’t joke. City were utter garbage yesterday and Liverpool are still just, Liverpool.

    I don’t want Arsenal to win another game while Wenger is there but I think we’ll beat city.

    The very next win, preferably against a decent team is when the contract bomb is dropped.

    Why do Arsenal even have to announce a contract extension? Can someone elaborate for me.

    “Arsenal. Snatching mediocre from the jaws of greatness since 2009″

  19. Dissenter

    Adam A. Carbarundum
    You’ aren’t moving on to anything else
    You’ll be here moaning like the rest of us in 2018.

    Prove me wrong :-)

  20. Bamford10

    Did someone above say that Wenger may see falling out of the top four as part of the “solution”? As absurd as it sounds, I wouldn’t put it past the man. Not at all. He has been saying and doing absurd things for years now, after all.

    Exhibit 1
    Leicester City win the title while not competing in the CL.

    Exhibit 2
    Chelsea are set to win the title in a season in which they didn’t compete in the CL.

    Exhibit 3
    Wenger has just said that finishing top four “doesn’t matter as much” anymore because of the TV revenues. (Can someone track this quote down?)

    Exhibit 4
    Wenger is not right in the head, is insulated, deluded, irrational, old, out of touch.

    Wenger’s secret plan for Arsenal may be: (i) don’t compete in Europe; (ii) focus on the PL; (iii) win the PL.

    Such a plan is absurd, of course — a club of Arsenal’s stature should be competing in both the CL & the PL, and a club of Arsenal’s stature should be able to win the PL while competing in the CL — but I wouldn’t put it past Wenger to adopt it, nor would I put it past AKBs to accept it and defend it. I can actually already here their arguments.

    In-fucking-credible, if this turns out to be true.

  21. Bamford10

    Park Chu

    I saw something like that on Twitter yesterday. Some dipshit AKB asked, “Is it possible to win the PL playing attractive football?”

    Good dear God. One, we don’t play attractive football anymore. Two, Chelsea do, and they are top. Three, these morons are just as deluded as their fearless leader.

  22. Guns of Hackney


    One problem…even though Arsenal have qualified for the last 1,450 years in the CL…they’ve never actually competed in it. Ergo, it hasn’t exactly been a distraction for the PL.

  23. SpanishDave

    He wants to be the longest serving manager over Fergeson.
    He wants the record of our club going 15 years without winning the league.
    He already has the heaviest defeat records in EPL and CL.
    He thinks the players aren’t performing because he has delayed signing!!!
    Why did he delay ? The results have got worse so now he signs.
    It’s bonkers

  24. Arsenal2174

    I am from Australia and have followed Arsenal passionately since 1996 when I stayed in Shepherds Bush for 6 months as my older brother ran a pub down the road. I purchased tickets 6 months ago for Arsenal V West Ham the tickets for the City game were too expensive. At the time I thought West ham could be challenging for a euro spot and Arsenal should be challenging for the title or there about’s. I am bringing my whole family over and to the game my eldest son is also die hard Arsenal fan and I was also contemplating going next year with the Australian Arsenal supporters club. But I will not do that until Wenger is gone and Honestly I feel like a complete dick at the moment for going on the 5th April. I actually grew up with Mark Bosnich and Our families are still in contact I remember Boz telling me back 2011 he thought Wenger has had he’s day.

  25. Dissenter

    There’s no one in Wenger’s life to hold him by the shoulder and tell him the truth.
    “There’s nothing left at Arsenal for you. You’ve done ALL you can and it’s time to move on.”

    I’ve said this before. There’s a part of my superego that cannot but pity this 67 year old man who’s lost all the balance in his life.
    There’s no one to tell him his glass is 0% full.
    His former players and most pundits just PITY him. All the talk about “blame the players” is borne out of pity. He’s the most pitiful character in football. He also has to be the highest paid pitiful character.

  26. S.Asoa

    Okay guys
    The news is disheartening. We are all devastated. Yes , Wenger is the SCUM CHEAP CHEAT . Definitely not deserving a contract the last 6 years . But given the universal anger, anguish of the genuine fans it is a direct slap on the face that a new Contract, rumoured for 10 million and 4 years being offered to enable this old worn out whore of a manager to glibby say he always honours his contract as if it is a favour.
    Time to pull up your socks. We rely on the London WOB to be brutal. Every damn thing is OK. Don’t get into polemics of the best thing.
    Take posters
    Yell insults
    Throw things
    If you get this Vermin who shat in our face , like at the tube.. may God Give You the Courage.

  27. Marc

    If the club announces now it’s after being beaten by West Brom, do it after the Int break and it’ll be after losing to Man City. Leave it longer and the dissent continues to grow and then you’re looking at defeats to ManU, the Spud’s or god knows who else, then they’ll be looking at season ticket renewals.

    No good time to announce Wenger’s staying.

  28. Elmo

    Kroenke is happy to persist with Wenger because what the manager can still bring him is enough and until the whole thing collapses he knows no better. He bought into the club on the basis that it would be a self-sustaining business and his experience of US sports is of salary caps and revenue sharing meaning external bankrolling isn’t necessary. Until revenues start nosediving he can focus on other projects (i.e the LA Rams stadium).

    Gazidis backs Wenger staying because he knows that the next year is an utter shitshow and if Wenger isn’t there to bring ‘stability’ and draw all the flack, all eyes will be on him. He knows the big problems this summer are the result of accumulated mismanagement and is worried he can only bail himself out alongside someone he knows and trusts like Wenger.
    – Two superstar brand players (Sanchez / Ozil) leaving this summer for reduced fees, who can’t be replaced in the club’s current situation.
    – A long list of talented, financially valuable players that are entering the final year of their contracts and can negotiate Bosmans in January (Sanchez, Ozil, Oxlade, Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs).
    – Falling out of the CL meaning, based on projected earnings for this year, EUR63m / £54m, plus the £12m+ from 4 home games. £66m less in revenue pretty much means our transfer budget is gone (excluding existing large cash balance). Knowing that Arsenal have always been extremely fiscally conservative, the club will be preparing for that revenue loss to be permanent, so will avoid a huge spending splurge or wage bill hike this summer.
    – Antiquated structure at the club where one man holds all power and there are no specialists who can offer continuity during a succession.

    Bearing in mind the situation (not just walking into a poor team performance problem but a wider mismanagement issue), I think there will be managers who will do a little due diligence and then turn their nose up at the job. With Sanchez all but gone, Arsenal just getting back into the CL is looking like a 3 year full rebuilding job. Some managers will be up for that, some won’t.

    If Gazidis actually wants to stop the rot and reshape the club, he has to grow some balls right now and be decisive in informing the owner that the manager must be sacked. He has to realise that he will almost inevitably be FORCED to sack Wenger sometime next winter and in that case it will be another season written off, a caretaker for half a year, and a less attractive prospect to a new manager at the end of it.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    If Wenger does have any form of Fergie comparison in his mind signing this then he’s even more deluded than I thought.

    It is like Walcott staying on at Arsenal and then proclaiming he surpassed Henry in years served, so f*****g what?

    Fergie was a habitual winner, Wenger is a deluded, stubborn, selfish, shameless loser, Fergie would do whatever was necessary to win, change his squad, spend a fortune, change his coaches, bollock people, sell stars and replace them whatever, Wenger will do whatever it takes to maintain his power grip and stay in the spotlight.

    Pathetic individual who has been indulged by our fans and the media for years for no good reason and has cultivated an environment at Arsenal where he is beyond reproach.

    The way things are going these spineless shitstains will wait until the end of the season to announce it so that they don’t have to face the fans.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    You are absolutely correct.

    And yet, knowing this, no one in the club is doing anything different, the very fact you are sat around trying to strategically find a window to announce he is staying should tell you something shouldn’t it?

    Knowing the shameless, egotist though, it would not surprise me to see us beat City purely because he needs a window to announce and serve his own interests, any other day, if it was just for the club or the fans you could expect a cock up.

    I’ve actually reach the stage where I detest this man now there is no logic behind this decision.

  31. S.Asoa


    Do not pity the 67 year old leach.
    He has nothing else in his life except AFC used as his comforter.
    Not that Wenger is destitute. He has earned over 100 million and is a very rich man. There is no other reason for him to hang on. The way Wenger is manipulating ,he is intelligent to know he is past it, is unwanted.
    But then there is the question of 10 million £ he cannot let go like any decent man .
    Wenger is a manipulative cunt and deserves everything he gets and more

  32. Bamford10


    You’re right, but in Wenger’s mind we have been competing in the CL, and bottom line he’ll say is the travel and energy expenditure.

    People have been saying for some time; now Wenger will just apply it to Arsenal. Though I doubt he’d ever come out and say it explicitly — unless it worked and he won the title.

    Which won’t happen, btw. If Wenger stays and we drop out of Europe, he might in fact do a little bit better in the league — hard to say without knowing what the squad will look like — but he still won’t win it. He doesn’t have the tactical acumen, nor does he have the ability to motivate players properly.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    The Telegraph has a great piece, quoting what Wenger said during his last extension that ultimately his ability to get this club competing for the EPL and UCL at the end of the three years and the fans would be the barometer of his success.

    Fast forward, and he’s signing a new deal stating coming in the top four is not important.

    Should we literally change the name of the club, we are a total anomaly.

  34. Marc


    I’d have agreed with you in the past about Wenger pulling off a result to save his skin but this time I think he’s fucked the players just don’t look either interested or bothered if they win or not.

  35. Red&White4life

    “He’s the most pitiful character in football. ”
    And who could have guessed that he would steal this title to Maureen ??
    (great performance by the way lol)

  36. Cesc Appeal


    If you are right that is even more worrying, because then where are the football men in the club stating that essentially giving Wenger a new deal means we need to shift half a squad out and bring half a squad in?

  37. Dissenter

    Any manager would wlak when he sees the lack of fight in the team that he’s hand-picked and overpaid.
    His team wont even fight for him
    Ozil wont play though the “hamstring” injury but still reported to national team call-up.
    Oxlade wont jump to contest for a header.
    Ramsey wont track a runner in the lead up t the header
    Walcott wont be bothered to put in a shift in the same week Southgate dumped his ass.

    What’s Wenger’s plan B?
    These are the same players he’s going to rely on next year.

  38. salparadisenyc

    Not ready to take this Wenger staying info on board as I was certain he was off.
    Really has to go down as one of those incredible WTF are you thinking moments, if comes off.

    This gets worse.

    Nothing more consistent in world sport than Arsenals stagnating decade of result. To think this somehow miraculously changes with state club is in is fucking not even comedic, its just straight up neglectful denial. As blogs said, bringing in a puppet DOF to band aid a faltering dictators abilities will fall on deaf ears.

    And once the champions league goes with same stagnant setup staring potential players in face we will really see what a downturn feels like and talk about the glory days of Wenger and his top four like they were something historic.

    Ivan Gazidis you need to have a word with yourself, put WALL STREET on and go Gordon Gecko on Wenger. This is the moment you’ve spent past decade preparing for. Put this club first and put Wenger out of his misery.

  39. Dissenter

    Wenger has become the favorite subject of pundits worldwide.
    At some poinbts next season the pity will turn into unconcealed anger.
    No one is going to blame fans for being “disrespectful” because they all know he’s past his time.

    Did anyone read Tony Pulis comments. He pretty much said Wenger told him he’s staying.

  40. Red&White4life

    “Put this club first and put Wenger out of his misery.”
    == > “out of OUR misery”

    Pullis is like every other PL manager, HE WANTS KJW TO STAY lol

  41. Guns of Hackney

    Can’t wait for the news outlets to start dropping all the star players we’re going to sign with our £200m war chest.

    By the way, if any of you idiots start saying who we should buy…IT DOESNT MATTTER!!! No player with ambition should sign for Arsenal. Ever!

    Arsenal will be trawling the French fourth division or splashing the cash in some remote African league. Our days at the top table are over.

  42. Dissenter

    Gary Lewin is back to the club though…as lady’s physio.
    We did quite well under him until he left for England.

    It could mean the end of the road for famous Shad Forsythe and the infamous Colbert.

  43. Barney75

    “…son of a gun, son of a bitch, getting paid, getting rich”…..what did white middle class boys ever do for rap, eh?

  44. Bamford10

    This is what I now see happening:

    1. When “opportune” — some sort-of-positive moment in the near future — Wenger announces that he is staying, that he wants to help Arsenal compete for a title and knows how to do it.

    2. Arsenal finish 5th, 6th or 7th, but Wenger accounts for this by saying that competing both in Europe and in the PL has become too difficult.

    3. He further claims that it is now near-impossible to win the PL while competing in Europe — pointing to Leicester & Chelsea as evidence — and that Arsenal will focus next season (2017-18) on winning the PL.

    4. Arsenal will do a little better in the PL in 2017-18 — will finish 7-8 points off the top — and Wenger will claim that he was right, but that it is still very difficult to win the title given the competition.

    5. Wenger stays on another year (2018-19), this time playing in the CL, though, and has a season like this season, i.e., failure in the CL, failure in the league. But at season end, Wenger restates his position that it is very difficult to compete in both the CL & PL.

    6. Wenger is then 70 years old. Whether he continues on is TBD by mutual agreement between him and the board.

    7. AKBs continue to support and defend Wenger all the while, making one absurd argument after another.

    That’s what I see ahead for Arsenal Football Club if Wenger is allowed to stay on.

  45. crazymady

    I’m and overseas fan, I’ve stopped buying Arsenal Merchandise, unfollowed them on twitter and Facebook and every other network, I think everyone should do the same. Also local fans are to blame for Wenger staying you guys are too soft and deserve it. As you keep buying tickets, go to games ect etc, hit Kroenke and Ivan Financially then see the change

  46. Red&White4life

    “if any of you idiots start saying who we should buy”

    Ah ah ah be patient, that will come sooner or later.

  47. Red&White4life

    @Bamford, why do you say “if Wenger is allowed to stay on” ??
    Kim Jong Weng don’t need to be “allowed”, he has the absolute power.

  48. Steveyg87

    Despite the obvious shit show, I have no doubt we could have our pick of an top manager out there.. The bar isn’t very high is it? Without a doubt we would need a complete structural change, starting with the backroom staff and wage structure. I believe the board will only choose a candidate that is not going to ruffle any feathers, so both they, and Wenger can save face. We might be worse off without Wenger, but at least it’s a step in the right direction

  49. Red&White4life

    “I’ve stopped buying Arsenal Merchandise,”
    Good for you pal, I’ve stopped a decade ago – there is no small economies*
    (* ask wenga lol)

  50. Steveyg87

    “Ah ah ah be patient, that will come sooner or later.”

    I don’t think so, things definitely feel different this time. Some AKB’s might be starting to see the light.. Where’s Alex Henry by the way?

  51. Steveyg87

    “Also local fans are to blame for Wenger staying you guys are too soft and deserve it. ”

    Sad, but true

  52. Guns of Hackney

    Red and white

    That’s what I’m afraid of!

    It’ll be the “formation we should be playing” or

    “This forward…that DM…these two wingers”

    Arsene has managed to wreck pretty much every career he’s had over the last 10 years:

    Arshavin. Best player at the euros. Busted.
    Podolski. One of Germany’s top scorers. Busted.
    Ozil. Playmaker extraordinare. Busted.
    Wilshere. Promising home grown. Busted.
    Theo. Promising home grown. Busted.
    Ox. Ditto. Busted.
    Ramsay. Ditto. Busted.
    Sanchez…best player since RVP. Leaving.

    The man is a plague on football careers. Is it any coincidence that to a man, every player with quality who has escaped arsene’s dungeon has gone on to do great things?

  53. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez last summer.

    God only knows what we’re in for this summer.

  54. Adam A. Carbarundum

    No problem there, Dissenter. You take care of yourself. I will see you again when Wenger is gone. I have no problems moving on.

  55. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger will make his unsurprising announcement before 1st April….I reckon Wednesday is his “time”
    It’s ironic to contemplate this pitiful man’s status as a human being when he has earned well over 100 million at this club.
    I suppose his coffin will be a lot more expensive than yours or mine……And that’s his legacy.

  56. kc

    This club has officially lowered the bar too far for me. I’ve got far better things to do with my time and money than watch this train wreck any longer. My only Arsenal news starting next season will be when I check in here at le grove every once in a while. The product simply isn’t good enough anymore.

  57. Louis Almeida

    “Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez last summer.”

    At this stage you need to realise our issues go far beyond personnel. It’s been like that for a long time so picking on individuals at this stage is futile.

  58. Steveyg87

    “At this stage you need to realise our issues go far beyond personnel. It’s been like that for a long time so picking on individuals at this stage is futile.”

    Agreed, but while we on the topic, what has Perez done to be completely blanked out this way? Is it just another case of Wenger not utilizing his players correctly? ie. Arshavin

  59. Bamford10

    I have to run, but would love it if someone tracked down the Wenger quote about top four not mattering as much given the new TV revenue.

  60. Carts


    Wenger should’ve been given his papers when we lost to Birmingham city, coincidentally that, too, Was 2011

  61. salparadisenyc

    Summer with Arsenal.

    No champs league to sell, same stagnant setup for potential signings – Wengers legacy in tatters. A puppet DOF band aid that will be ignored.

    John Cross’s poor attempts at spinning it with the War Chest argument.

  62. kc

    Oh boy if you thought last summer’s lot of players were bad, just wait. No player with an ounce of ambition or self worth would sign up for Wenger now. This will go from bad to worse real quick.

  63. Arse&Nose©

    Perez, like Arshavin before him, has a wider hip to waist ratio than the average top 100 players. The harvard economists hired by Wenger deduce that Perez’s wide hips and plump buttocks impair his ability to run for prolonged periods. This is another case for over analytical data science killing a talented player.

  64. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal’s summer

    Resign: santos, almunia, park, djouru, denilson and chamack.

    £250k for Ramsay, Theo, Ox and Gibbs

    Summer of love 2017.

  65. Elmo


    You seem to misunderstand the situation. Arsenal has a 60,000 seat stadium in a city of 8 million+. There remains the (false) impression that the club play the most stylish football in the country, which resonates with the hundreds of thousands of yuppies in London who think that supporting Arsenal / Wenger is an expression of their creative / purist values. Couple that with the fact that London is a city of immigrants and affiliating yourself to a famous sports team is a surefire way to establish your roots in the city, as well as being the second most visited city on the planet by tourists, and you can see why Arsenal will ALWAYS sell out the stadium, regardless of what the hardcore or legacy fanbase do.

    The season ticket waiting list has been over 40,000 long for longer than a decade. When the small number of tickets to each game go on sale to red members, they sell in literally seconds. A lot of season ticket holders didn’t turn up for the Bayern game and put their seats on the TicketExchange (i.e only available to paid members); if those seats went on general sale they would be snapped up immediately.

    This is WHY Kroenke bought the club. All the fundamentals are there for making money, as long as you have a club culture and manager focused on balancing the books (a situation which is rare in football).

    Kroenke doesn’t care if the stadium is empty (i.e a protest), as long as the tickets are sold. And in Arsenal’s situation, they always will be.

  66. Park Chu-young's left testicle


    Flamini will just pop in from time to time to use the gym and end up signing a four year contract. Wenger will then partner him with Kim Kallstrom for our ‘new look’ midfield.

  67. Arse&Nose©

    Elmo is correct, not only does this ‘London effect’ apply to Arsenal, it applies to most things in the capital. The population is transient and if you’ve had enough of something there is a queue of new people to take your place. Quality is irrelevant.

  68. Bamford10


    “it would not surprise me to see us beat City purely because he needs a window to … ”

    Except that he isn’t playing against City, Cesc, the players are.

    What he needs is a completely different thing from what this team will give him.

  69. Arse&Nose©

    Elmo’s ‘London Effect’ also applies to the food industry, we all know Pret is shit and owned by the immoral McDonalds corp but we still go, there are still queues at Pret every lunchtime. The same goes for Pizza Express in the evening, it’s terrible and half the people who work there wouldn’t pass GCSE English.

  70. Guns of Hackney

    Ticket prices will rise to £1000 per game or £37,000 for a season ticket.

    When asked about the slight price hike, Arsenal had this to say:

    “Some of you pray to a god you’ve never seen…and some of you don’t believe in god…well…we have one and he’s managing the team. For that, you have to pay through the nose”

    Arsenal added “for an extra £5,000 a season, Arsene will look at you once to bless you…not personally we might add, but through the medium of television. He’s a busy mangod, you know”.

  71. Dissenter

    I don’t think Arsenal FC is daft enough to increase ticket prices this season.
    Gazidis would have to come out of witness protection to explain the increase.

  72. Arse&Nose©

    Ticket price rises have effectively been an act of social cleansing by Arsenal. They are removing the working class, vocal, loyal, support for ‘day supporters’ who treat a visit to the Emirates as they do a visit to a West End play.

  73. OleGunner

    For me one of the more perverse things the old man is doing is his constant sly digs at the fans. Wenger has hit a new low taking it out on us.

    Comments like “nothing is good enough anymore”, “asenal will lose games when I’m gone” “there was no European history before I came” or “maybe they will appreciate the Champions League more now” (if we miss out on it) just speaks volumes about the contempt he has for us.

    Sickening. No matter how bad things get you do NOT take it out on the fans when things are going wrong for you as a manager.

  74. Joel

    I have supported Arsenal since 1970 and have never felt so fed up. Some might not describe me as a “true fan”,as I no longer live in London and don’t go to the Emirates to watch the team play.That said like many others I have invested plenty of money,time and emotion into Arsenal Football Club over the years.With the prospect of this deluded old man refusing to bow out gracefully and hell-bent on taking Arsenal downwards ;(to the “next level”) I have,unfortunately, lost all the enjoyment which should be an integral part of supporting a football club.
    Like so many other like-minded Arsenal fans I now feel completely helpless.It is clear that this man has long since run out of ideas.His ability to sign the right players long since diminished.Arsenal don’t even play attractive football anymore.His never ending stream of excuses now get under the skin in a way which is nothing short of sickening.Refereeing decisions cannot be blamed any more than “financial doping” for Arsenal’s playing ineptitude.If you cannot simply defend against a corner or counter-attack;are unable to turn 70% possession into more than one shot on target;constantly pick the wrong players;and are unable to properly motivate your team then you will cease to compete.
    With all this in mind we have to ask what we can possibly do to change matters.Do we support the Club and team. ..no matter what?Whilst I can put my displeasure into writing…as I am now!!..there isn’t a lot more that I can do.I,therefore,have to rely upon the feelings and actions of Season Ticket Holders and to some degree the Media.If enough of the direct paying support make their displeasure known then the Board and Manager might just take notice.If the Media finally get off the fence and state “the bleeding obvious” that Wenger no longer deserves to be the Arsenal Manager then,again,the Board might take note and do what every other top sporting club in the World would have done by now…Ask this man to find alternative employment! !

  75. reality check

    Kroenke doesn’t care if the stadium is empty (i.e a protest), as long as the tickets are sold. And in Arsenal’s situation, they always will be.

    Park Chu-young’s left testicle
    March 20, 2017 14:36:31
    GoH Flamini will just pop in from time to time to use the gym and end up signing a four year contract. Wenger will then partner him with Kim Kallstrom for our ‘new look’ midfield.

    Guns of Hackney March 20, 2017 14:36:36
    Elmo has just summed up why we are doomed.

    Arse&Nose©March 20, 2017 14:48:51
    Elmo’s ‘London Effect’ also applies to the food industry, we all know Pret is shit and owned by the immoral McDonalds corp but we still go, there are still queues at Pret every lunchtime. The same goes for Pizza Express in the evening, it’s terrible and half the people who work there wouldn’t pass GCSE English.

    Some great comments today.

    Yes Elmos ‘London Effect’ is exactly why I wonder if some fans reallygrasp just how fucked the situation is!?

  76. Micheal

    don’t think Arsenal FC is daft enough to increase ticket prices this season.
    Gazidis would have to come out of witness protection to explain the increase.

    I am not sure Gazidis fully realises the state of Arsenal at the moment. He is totally out of touch with what real fans feel or expect – he is just like the fucking owner who does not give a shit about Arsenal. A marriage arranged by an accountant !

  77. Bamford10

    You can’t sell people a poor product forever, even in London. If Wenger stays on, Arsenal will decline in both their football and in their revenues. Home games are not the only source of revenue, obviously, and the club is going to be a lifeless entity until Wenger departs.

  78. Gazzap

    This season feels different because I sense a gap between wenger and the players. In previous seasons I’ve generally felt everyone was together. In previous seasons it felt like we had a weak squad that was punching around it’s weight. Now if feels like we have a stronger squad punching below their weight because the players don’t believe in what wenger is trying to do.

    I just hope this article is wrong and wenger will surprise us all and leave.

    I have no problem with arsenal losing games right now. Not until wenger leaves will I let our results bother me in the slightest.

  79. Dissenter

    I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.
    I really think Flamini at 33 years old is far better than 24 year old Xhaka.

  80. reality check

    Arse&Nose©March 20, 2017 14:56:48

    Ticket price rises have effectively been an act of social cleansing by Arsenal. They are removing the working class, vocal, loyal, support for ‘day supporters’ who treat a visit to the Emirates as they do a visit to a West End play

    Dropping gems on em’!

  81. Carts

    Nowadays, It’s also the London effect as to why we sign certain players, and are absolutely gobsmacked that we pulled off such a coup.

    We got Sanchez over Liverpool based on logical fallacies.

    The missus was in Liverpool over the weekend. When I dropped her to Euston, she was dressed as a reflection of the mild weather. She was even sporting her shades. She got to Liverpool and thought she’d been consumed by a Whale – so terrible the weather was.

    This belief that we play attractive football is nonsense. We USED too. We haven’t done so in at least 6 seasons.

  82. reality check

    Bamford10March 20, 2017 15:00:10

    You can’t sell people a poor product forever, even in London. If Wenger stays on, Arsenal will decline in both their football and in their revenues. Home games are not the only source of revenue, obviously, and the club is going to be a lifeless entity until Wenger departs.

    You can’t sell people a poor product forever, even in London
    Ever owned a Samsung S ‘anything’ my good sir?

  83. Guns of Hackney


    You’re not alone. But, to redirect you to what Elmo said. Arsenal are a business and as long as that business makes money, they don’t care who it comes from. I’ve said it too…lose 60,000 today and another 60,000 step in. Arsenal are like the Hydra…cut a head off and another one grows.

    Unless Kronke leaves, and why would he…Arsenal will remain just as they are with the gate keeper looking after things.

    Wenger, Gazides and Kronke are a trifecter of human suffering.

  84. Red&White4life

    “I just hope this article is wrong and wenger will surprise us all and leave.”
    Kiim Wong Weng is not ready to leave his throne.
    (and now, kneel before ze specialist in nothing, you heretic!!)

  85. Louis Almeida

    “Ticket price rises have effectively been an act of social cleansing by Arsenal. They are removing the working class, vocal, loyal, support for ‘day supporters’ who treat a visit to the Emirates as they do a visit to a West End play.”

    This isn’t exclusive to Arsenal. The same thing happens at all the other big clubs in the country. It’s systematic of what’s happening in English football on the whole.

  86. PhilFil

    Clearly there is only one way out of this downward spiral… and that’s is if Kronke sells the club…. sad days

  87. Paulinho

    “Where is Wallace these days? No mood for writing snidey one liners eh?”

    He is scouring the broadsheets for a ‘balanced’ perspective. And by balanced I mean an article praising Wenger and listing reasons why he should, in fact, stay on.

  88. Arse&Nose©

    Louis Almeida – agree, it is not limited to football. The middle class wan’t what common people have and then they want to make it inaccessible and exclusive so that the working class have nothing left except Nandos and Grime music. In 20 years time, the middle classes will probably go for those things as well.

  89. EdTheRed

    THE only way thing will EVER change is to STOP giving them your money. If board is happy with 60 000 tourists every game, so be it, that only means Arsenal FC is not Arsenal FC anymore, so don’t fall into emotional trap of thinking: I can’t stop going to matches.

    Yes you can, and you should. Otherwise things will never change and Arsene Causescu will lead club from beyond grave.

  90. Ishola70

    “Xhaka is that overweight guy in 5-a-side who refuses to run, takes pot shots from miles out, and fancies himself as a Pirlo.”

    Wenger is not going to ditch him any time soon considering his price and age and being a recent signing.

    Would not be the least surprised to see Wenger try to build his team around Xhaka. To prove one of his points again and it will end up in failure again.

    No-one believes that Wenger can put right anything to any great degree. He will do the opposite.

  91. Whitty

    When Wenger announces his new fat contract……..

    I will be sorting out my new contract.

    Tap tap …….head and chest.


    Wenger out.

  92. NEEG

    AFC will only continue to sell tickets as long as our status remains near to the top of the premiership. However if our status should decline further and we fall below a top 10 position then the ‘tourist’ support will diminish.

    Should we do a first for modern day Arsenal and get relegated (a real possibility should our current manager remain in charge) then attendances will be below 40,000.

    Perhaps then the mighty Alisher will ride in on his trusty steed and save the day and banish the wig wearer.

  93. Louis Almeida

    “The middle class wan’t what common people have and then they want to make it inaccessible and exclusive so that the working class have nothing left except Nandos and Grime music. In 20 years time, the middle classes will probably go for those things as well.”

    20 years time?! It’s already happening now! Look at the gentrificiation that’s happened in places like Camden, Dalston, Shoreditch, Hackney etc which were so run down before. You have loads of middle class kids who have moved into the city (financed by their parents) and they love all od this stuff. You often find them in Nandos or trying to be hip by listening to stuff like Grime.

    I’m not a Grime fan but it’s pretty much the dominant music genre in London now and is getting nationwide and worldwide recognition. I think it’s a lot down to the middle class you are talking about who are infatuated with people like Stormzy.

  94. Arse&Nose©

    Ishola70 – Wenger can not seriously build a team around a Jan Molby-esque Xhaka. Modern football is about the Kante’s of this world, and Xhaka is the exact opposite of him.

  95. Ishola70

    “Wenger can not seriously build a team around a Jan Molby-esque Xhaka. Modern football is about the Kante’s of this world, and Xhaka is the exact opposite of him.”

    Yeah absolutely any sane manager would realise but this is Wenger we are talking about. Anything is possible from him at this time.

  96. Danny

    If he does sign a new contract then Arsenal F.C. is over until he leaves, might as well rename the club Arsene F.C.
    I will stop supporting the moment the announcement is made.
    I’ve been a supporter since 1968.
    Enough is enough.

  97. TitsMcGee

    As predicted he signs on during two week break lol

    Arsene just crossed the line between leaving a legend (even if tarnished ) and leaving a villain.

    He’s got no answers. We all know it. He knows it and Europe knows it so the nose-dive will continue without a doubt. I hope he gets hounded out by the scruff of his neck.

    Does he think that players can’t see the shit show we are? How does he plan on changing our fortunes next season? Players talk. Nobody is gonna come here.

    He’s already lost the training room.

  98. Arsene's Nurse

    Spurs will have a state of the art stadium by Sept 2018 – 18 months away. Tourists will then have more choice. Why go to watch a mid-table side for extortionate prices when you can watch a top 4 side down the road?

  99. Cesc Appeal

    Listening to the Arseblog podcast, it is like finally the realisation that Wenger is staying has hammered some common sense into these flip floppers.

    Both of them stating that everything people fear about instability etc with Wenger leaving we are actually living through now, structural changes can only actually be expediently implemented without him being here, that we’re nearer the bottom of the transition curve than we think already etc

  100. Ian hutcheon

    Watched Man City v Pool yesterday. Pace, power, skill and commitment for the whole game. No posers or slow crablike football the fans have had to endure over past few seasons. Watching Wenger get greyer but then appears to have had a plan to side track fans and media alike. His smirk asides leave me in no doubt he will stay, leave club in absolute mess in two years and blame everyone but himself. He cannot motivate players if he is not motivated. Sorry for all those paying fans who want better but sadly the club is slipping beyond repair until Wenger goes.

  101. TitsMcGee

    . His smirk asides leave me in no doubt he will stay, leave club in absolute mess in two years and blame everyone but himself. He cannot motivate players if he is not motivated. Sorry for all those paying fans who want better but sadly the club is slipping beyond repair until Wenger goes.”

    It’s pretty unbelievable isn’t it.

    Fan unrest.

    Players not playing for him.

    Pundits say he’s done.

    13 season drought for EPL

    20 seasons UCL. 1 finals appearance.

    Gets smoked routinely by anyone with a pulse in UCL.

    Jibes at fans.

    Planes flying overhead.

    Players fighting each other.

    6th place.

    19 points off Chelsea.

    9 points off Spurs.

    Got smoked twice v Liverpool.

    15-3 on aggregate to BM.

    Not only does he not try and leave with dignity and resign. He signs a two year extension with a pay raise.

    Bizzarro world stuff man.

  102. crazymady

    May be Elmo is right with right with London effect, when i was in London Even i wanted to buy Arsenal ticket but never got one, but again main income of football club is media and sponsorship, if no true media money will drop so does the sponsorships but will result in loss fro Kroenke

  103. SpanishDave

    Listen to Beth Hart singing ‘ Going Down’. it hits the spot.
    Good comments today I have supported the club since 1959 for gods sake and this slow death of a manager is killing my desire for the club.
    His is despicable horrible man who is making our club a laughing stock and it will get worse.
    The overpaid Brits won’t say anything or go as they are locked in Wengers loyalty plan.
    Any talented European players will not be attracted to Wenger as the word gets round and being associated with losers is not an option.
    All the top clubs win their leagues and the CL we cannot do either.
    We are stuck in a time warp.

  104. guernsey gun

    @salparadisenyc – quality piece in the Irish Examiner – if only. I would love to see him dishing out some slaps to our over pampered pussies…sadly only in my dreams it seems.

  105. GoonGoonerGone

    Apparently Wenger wishes to deliver the premier league title in the next two years!
    Wenger couldn’t deliver a pizza in an Italian restaurant.

  106. Red&White4life

    “Apparently Wenger wishes to deliver the premier league title in the next two years!”

    He wishes or he promises ?? lol

  107. Majestic gooner

    My fellow gooners the Arsenal football club we knew is gone, finished, kaput. Arsene wenger has ruined the club. Is there really any fan left that cannot see this? He preaches to us about being in football from creation, but at least we Arsenal fans have experienced something he has never experienced in his entire career , we have won in Europe.

  108. Red&White4life

    Kim Jong Weng wishes to deliver something he hasn’t been able to deliver in more than a decade.

    His job is SAFE, he don’t needs to say those kind of stupid things!!
    (like if he wasn’t say enough stupid things already lol)

  109. SpanishDave

    If the deluded prick thinks that by not being in Europe will guarantee wining the EPL. then it confirms his insanity.
    So is he going to throw the results between now and the end of the season to ensure it happens.
    This is the next level then.?
    The whole management is corrupt at our club supporting this stupid old fool.

  110. Louis Almeida

    There’s a strong rumour going round that Ozil fell out with Wenger. Over what, nobody knows but he isn’t injured by all accounts.

  111. PieAFC

    There is one cunt I hate more than Wenger and that’s his fucking fan joy John Cross. That man is a media cretin for. The shithe peddles for him is unreal.

    Does my head in.

    If Wenger stays, fuck Arsenal. Fuck the club. Literally I will not care anymore I will officially turn my back on a club I was raised to follow, my dad would be turning in his grave.

    This is sad times. The man has turned us into a laughing stock to boost his narcissism.

    He has no idea what so ever anymore.

    They will announce it during the break won’t they?

    Hopefully more people are seeing the light and once the news hit, will realise the problem at hand and boycott games….

  112. Majestic gooner

    Excellent show on talk sport, if wenger signs I suggest fans not only demonstrate at the Emirates but also at London Conley and even find out where wenger lives and demonstrate there. We know most of the press is against us cos they want wenger to stay and others like john hum Pte you dumpty cross wants to write his autobiography that’s why he comes up with the crap he does, he does not even look like someone who knew anything about football until about 2 years ago.

  113. reality check


    Im just trying to add up how many of these players have renewed.

    I’m so happy Santi hasn’t been apart of this mess though. Remember when we played 4141 where Jack Ramsey and Arteta played CM CM DM.

    Ozil played LW, Theo RW…. Where did Santi play.

  114. Guns of Hackney

    Ozil is on strike. Fact. His agent is doing the rounds as we speak. I can see Sanchez also going ‘injured’ soon to protect his imminent departure. No way is he risking his transfer out of this shit hole by actually getting injured for that bastard.

    So, with Ozil and Sanchez effectively our only source of creativity and goals going awol, Arsenal are looking a little bit weak in the old WINNING GAMES thingy.

    What a shitty, low rent club we are.

  115. Cayndeh

    I actually wrote to arsenal to protest this. wont make a bit of difference but included my membership no etc to show it was a real fan. If you dont share your opinion in a situation ike this you may as well not have one.

    be funny if we were able to take down the mail server

  116. Jeff

    Looks like the board and owner listen more to other clubs’ fans than they do their own. After all West Brom were shouting “we want Wenger to stay”. Seriously though this contract should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been watching Arsene for 21 years and reading him like a book. He’s actually quite transparent if you know what to look for.

    The reason he’s staying is because there is literally nothing else for him. When you’re not forced into a new situation the human nature is to keep going as you are because it’s comfortable and familiar. It’s been a wonderful journey for him because he gets to play emperor for a bit longer regardless of how restless the natives become.

    He will spend the next 2-4 years taking us down a few more notches. But does that matter? Nope. In that Sky report somebody put up earlier it is clearly stated that CL isn’t as important as it used to be say 5 years ago. These days TV money pours into the PL and teams can benefit without CL.

    The next phase of Wenger madness will probably mean selling off our best and most expensive players and making do with cheap alternatives. That will probably lead to spending more time in the top 10. He won’t fail hard enough because the wage bill will remain high thus ensuring the loyalty of our mediocre players who’ll do their best for him because they can’t believe their luck. In other words, I don’t think they have the balls or the inclination to do what Chelsea did. Most of them are wet fish.

    It is a thoroughly depressing and daunting prospect that awaits us because no matter what happens I don’t believe there will ever be sufficient appetite or numbers for protesting and marching. Staying away from the stadium, I would suggest, is probably the most effective way but that also requires big numbers and I just don’t see there ever being enough fans who can be bothered.

    The bottom line is that we get what we deserve – sorry but what other conclusion is there? Come May they will be queuing up for season tickets preceded by the usual hints, winks and links to world class players and so the story will repeat and repeat and repeat.

  117. Carts

    I’ll never understand the excessive love for watching Arsenal live. The only thing I can attribute it to is our past glory of playing slick football.

    Last game I went to was Reading @ home purely because the missus wanted to watch a live game.

    The demise of Arsenal has always been a deliberate ploy to lower expectations amongst fans in the guise of austerity.

    What AKBs fail to comprehend isn’t so much the results, it is in fact the manner in which we conduct ourselves under Wenger’s tutelage over the last 5-10 years.

    Why anyone should be subjugated to this is beyond belief. The idea of change fills people with pessimism as opposed to optimism. That right there is what one would could ‘conditioning’.

  118. WestLondonGoon

    Good to see that Sanchez has recovered enough to meet up with the Chile squad, probably to return with a season ending (Arsenal career ending) ankle injury that Wenger will blame solely on the mismanagement of the Chilean medical team.