Wenger to stay: The man is a disgrace to elite sport

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So kind of as I suspected, Arsene Wenger, according to the circle of access journalists, is sadly poised to stay on at the club. Not for one year, but for the duration of a proper contract. He’s under the delusional notion that this season is a blip in a glittering 21 year career, versus the culmination of a lot of practice that is far from best.

This isn’t a surprising move. We’ve known the club has been preparing us most of the season through its network of lackeys in the press, combining that with the embarrassing ‘gun to the head’ proclamations of love from grateful players who are being offered too much money to stay on in his hugely flawed project.

It still burns though. The choice has been taken out of the hands of the people at the club who full well know what a disaster Wenger is overseeing at the moment. We know that Arsene Wenger has looked at the wreckage of this season and decided the results don’t matter, he’s chosen to ignore the reason his best players are likely leaving, he’s ignoring the protests in the air and in the sky, and he’s ignoring the cold hard reality of where he’s at in his badly stuttering career.

We’re now entering the indulgence zone.

Phillipe Auclair stated this on Twitter:

‘Wenger is aware of the unrest around the club, but not as a fan would be. He’ll take it as a spur to prove people wrong. Always has done.’

For such a talented writer, the lack of substance in these words is breathtaking. If fans see the unrest as poor results, lacklustre ideas, poor execution of said ideas and a collapse of player faith… what is Wenger seeing? Who really cares about Wenger proving anyone wrong? It’s not his right to have a choice in the matter.

Wenger had the chance to prove us wrong after he wrongly signed for three years after scrapping a cup final he went two goals down in. Three years on, how have we moved our game on? Chelsea fired managers twice and won the league near enough twice and Leicester poured cold water on 10 years of Wenger hiding behind money as a reason we couldn’t compete.

Football is about results, not desperately trying to work out the perfect sign off for a manager who has been stale for ten years.

John Cross disingenuously stated that he doesn’t believe Wenger has lost the dressing room, alluding to the idea this unrest comes from players not knowing what Wenger will do next. Are you f*cking kidding me? Wenger is a poor manager when compared to the elite of Europe, players have known this for years. You only had to read Lukas Podolski mocking Wenger’s ‘you are a wolf’ tactics to imagine what they’re saying now. Wenger isn’t even in the top 20 in Europe these days.

His antiquity isn’t even up for debate these days, he’s a dusty fossil in the Natural History Museum of ‘Past Greats’, he’s old, deeply deluded, and living in a now institutionalised world of mediocrity he designed. He is dead in elite management. He will never come back from the grave. Do not kid yourself it is possible, even with a world class DoF he won’t listen to.

So what next? How do the fans move on from this? It’s a tough question. But I think he’s jumped the shark here. This move is beyond desperate and I don’t think there are many examples of this sort of behaviour at any elite club in the Europe. In fact, I struggle to think of a single example this pathetic since Brian Clough hung on for far too long and landed his team in the division below never to return again.

Arsene Wenger, after this announcement, will suffer total shut down with his players. We could end up finishing 7th or 8th. This summer, he’ll struggle to move on underperforming players because he’s tied them all down to new deals. He’ll struggle to keep the good players because he can’t offer them a better career or a development plan beyond the basics he was preaching in 1998. Next season, he might be thinking that without the CL, he can pull a Leicester or a Chelsea. Trouble with that notion is he doesn’t have the players, he doesn’t have a system good enough, and he has no idea how to beat elite teams.

Next season could be even worse. Once you hit two seasons out of the Champions League, the job of bringing yourself back to the top again, under a great manager, becomes more and more expensive.

By continuing the madness, Stan K is making the recovery ever more difficult.

… and we, the fans, helpless? American sports fans are placid compared to the Brits. I wonder what sort of environment Wenger will find himself in next year when things go south?

A conversation for another day.

Final comment. Fully understand the predicament Ivan has himself in. But his inability to influence his boss really is telling. Begs the question if he’s even trying? I fully expect him to do a good job when he’s given the chance, but my oh my, if I were running the club on that money, I’d have Stan seeing the light, no doubt. The difference between seeing your job as something to preserve at the cost of excitement, versus seeing your job as an opportunity to achieve collective greatness and make history.

Sad everyone at the club is fine mailing it in…

See you in the comments. x

P.S. Here is my earlier story

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  1. DM

    Got my tr4phy somehow. Sorry Arseneisafraud.

    Too depressed about this news. Waiting for confirmation from bbc before i believe anything though.

  2. ArseneisaFraud

    Same here I want to see it with own eyes before I believe it.

    A very bad move by the Arsenal if true.

  3. Thanos

    We have to vote with our feet as I have a half empty stadium will change the owners mind, its costing me £1800 per year to not show up. We all need to do this and protest even if he does sign we protest

  4. WestLondonGoon

    Just imagine how empty the stadium will be for the last game; subject to rearranged game, I can see us losing to City (in the semi), then Spurs, Utd, and Stoke in the preceding weeks; Everton will be above us by then.

    The traditional ‘lap of honour’ will see more people on the pitch than in the stands. Arsenal under Wenger will be finished.

  5. Chrispy

    I had a row with my dad at the weekend. We’re both ST holders. He still goes, i don’t .
    We were debating the current shit show but he was going to write Wenger a letter thanking him and telling him to ignore the detractors. At that point I realised what early senility is.

  6. Confidentgoner

    If he ever signs that contract, that is Monaco all over again. He will not survive it. I think the owner and board may go down as well. He will only energise the Wenger out and Kronke out movement.

    He is a lost soul. No redemption. Sad.

  7. Jim Lahey

    I couldn’t imagine how toxic the environment in the stadium will be next season if he stays on..

    Also looking forward to the “first year in over 20 that we haven’t finished in the top 4″ speech at the end of the season

  8. stuart brown

    Cannot believe this man has not resigned, 2 more yrs. I truly think relegation could be an issue next season,

  9. China

    Pedro why would Ivan be trying?

    He’s paid a few million quid a year to sit on a chair.

    Then if and when he decides to change job he can put on his CV that he oversaw a period of great stability and solid growth in an industry of significant ups and downs.

    He’s literally being handed a better CV and millions of pounds for absolutely no contribution to this club.

    It’s hard to imagine he’s unhappy with this arrangement. The moment wenger goes he’ll actually have to run the club and will be exposed to the possibility of taking the blame if there is poor progress

  10. Daniel

    This season started so promisingly. Wenger splashed out on a new cb and holding midfielder. They both haven’t worked out.

    We still need a towering cb, a left back, a better midfielder and our star striker wants to leave.

    There needs to be a big clear out and wenger is not the guy to do it.

    It was exciting thinking a new manager was a possibility. We will lose games in the future, but wenger doesn’t get it. We fed up of losing the same naive way and having no chance in the big games.

    Depressing summer ahead and the top teams will only get better with their managers into second season.

    Wenger signing on again will stagnate us further and the atmosphere will be toxic.
    Please just walk away before you make this worse for yourself wenger.

  11. Dissenter

    Please stop beating this Gazidis drum.
    Influencing his boss???
    Has it not occurred to you that Gazidis might be a clueless pony who’s just hanging around to get his bonuses.

    Stop with all the misplaced confidence in a man with zero record in club football management before he came to Arsenal. It is tediously boring now the way you keep setting up Gazidis as some noble character. He’s part of the problem.

    That’s is for finding the strength from somewhere to write the article.

  12. Wenker-wanger

    Strange how this sick controller of arsenal has angered me to a point where i want us to get hammered in matches till he goes.
    It’s not arsenal it’s definitely sickarsene FC, and as such has no joy for me.
    Cut the disease out then recover the body.

  13. Dissenter

    I don’t care about the transfers nor anything he does in the summer.
    He’s killing the club he says he loves. For me he’s already destroyed his legacy by staying on when half the fan base wants him out. Too many people stayed quiet out of respect.
    People aren’t just going to fall in line and keep supporting Arsenal. They will gleefully boo every mistake and highlight all his flaws. The media won’t be kind to him anymore because they all know what just happened.

  14. Tippitappi

    Hillwood said some time ago he didn’t want his type at the club and although he sold out with the rest of those greedy grasping cretins on what on reflection must have been a massive payoff the old man was dead right . wenger staying ? I will sell back my two remaining matches I had and just follow them on the screen until the mad Frenchman and his sycophants disappear.I WILL BE BACK

  15. Danish Gooner

    Havnt been to the Emirates since 2013 Will not return ad long AS he is there,havnt bought a Jersey or any other merchandise for years.Have written countless letters to Ivan G about our State of affairs,never received an answer,still sticking by my prediction that he is finished until somerhing Else occurs.

  16. guernsey gun

    We are heading for a real dismal period as this time the players have lost interest, when you look at some of the games to come we are going to be on the wrong end of some hammerings. No Sanchez next year and no one remotely like his quality coming in and we are heading for a season like GGs last when we finished 12th or something….. Chris Kiwomya and all that. What a shambles of a club right now and Wenger is a disgrace, not an ounce of shame or humility in him – he really thinks he can take us onwards and upwards you have to question his mental faculties.

  17. Paul W

    Silver lining?
    If you’re correct and Arsenal sinks next year, would that not increase the pressure on Stan Kroenke? For Arsenal FC to really change, we need both Wenger and K to get the heck out.

  18. Guns of Hackney


    We, as in this current fan base, will probably be the last set of Arsenal supporters. All new fans coming into the game will follow other successful clubs.

    This is truly a watershed moment in the clubs history. I believe that wholeheartedly.

    If you are a genuine Arsenal fan at heart, you must do something about this maniac. BOYCOTT THE CLUB.

  19. Dissenter

    I’m struggling to see how Arsenal announce an extension in th middle of a losing run of games.
    The sponsors can’t be pleased. They thought they were signing on to a top European club.
    We aren’t an elite club no more. Elite clubs strive for excellence.

  20. David Kasule

    I am not going to believe this until I see it on BBC sports,SkySports or the Arsenal website. Keeping my hopes high as much as possible..Praying that I won’t be disappointed.

    Get the hell out of our club Wenger,Kroenke& Gazidis …#WengerOut…#BoardOut

  21. Dissenter

    I don’t agree with all the boycott talk.
    I don’t agree with all the calls to abandon the club. I understand th frustration but people need to stop venting from raw emotion and jus pause for a while.

    Would you still support Arsenal is we were relegated?
    Keep the faith. This storm will passs. We just need to keep fighting together.

    He’s not going to finish the next season. Things aren’t getting better just because he’s decided to stay. It will only get worse. He’ will be gone by December.

    He just wants to burn down his legacy before he’s hounded out.

  22. Steveyg87

    Wenger’s goodwill balance has run in to the negatives. He has no chance of fixing things this season, our once famed businss model is crumbling and Wenger deserves every ounce of it. His holier than thou attitude is coming back to bite him, far too long has he undermined the fans.

  23. Paulinho

    “I’m struggling to see how Arsenal announce an extension in th middle of a losing run of games.”

    Well instead of realising Wenger is a complete fraud of a manager, they probably think this perception of instability around his future – perception because he signed an extension months ago – is leading to the poor results.

    Go ahead I say, sign the contract. Watching him make a complete tit of himself is absolute gold and has been for a while.

  24. Wenker-wanger

    I once worked freelance for an office manager that was thick, bereft of ideas or initiative. He wanted me as his right-hand hand man.
    It dawned on me that he NEEDED me as he couldn’t do the engineering.
    I sorted a lot of the stuff he clearly couldn’t.
    .When the compliments were handed out he was up the front lording it……
    Ive just seen wengers solution after he stays on. He will employ a good up and coming number 2…. improve the football and maybe even compete.
    However Wenger will be the face that claims any scrap of success.
    Wenger will do anything to massage his own ego….I’m sure he will attempt any manipulation of ploy to do that.

  25. Red&White4life

    @David : I hope you got some solid nerves man lol

    This is already done, whether we like it (the akb’s) or not (the true fans).

  26. C A Clark

    The real guilty party are the former shareholders who sold shares to kronke! Arsenal is a failed experiment! The self Sustainability model has put more limitations on Arsenals transfer dealings in the current climate! The so called British core of players is another failure! The club itself was in trouble once David Dein left! It’s time to strip the club to the bones and rebuild and if it means a few years out of the champions league so be it! Think it’s time for a usmanov hostile take over, that brings dein back into the picture! Wenger gone! At least half the squad needs to go! It’s worrying times and things will get worse before they get better!

  27. Wenker-wanger

    Yes i would support the club if relegated…But not with Wengers bony fingers interfering anywhere near this GREAT CLUB of old.

  28. Guns of Hackney


    Boycotting is the only way. Of course I would still support the Arsenal should they get relegated (if Wenger stays, we must just have to prove that). However, I will not sit in my hands while someone ruins something I like. I am loyal to the club, not the players or the manager.

    The best way to support the future of the club is to withdraw support. It’s a paradox but there you go.

  29. Dissenter

    I suspect that all the contacts the club had with other managers was just to pressure Wenger into signing the deal
    It was all an act to hasten his signing the deal.
    He was always the plan A-Z.

  30. Dissenter

    Guns of Hackney/Wenger Wanker
    Sorry guys
    To every home fan boycotting games there are two rich Hong Kong or Dubai fans ready to snap the tickets
    Such is th global nature of the game.

    Keep the faith and stay in the push-back mode.
    Wenger is on the ropes.
    A contract he didn’t earn isn’t going to carry him through two more years. In the end he will be hounded out.
    Don’t stop now.

  31. Howard

    How do we blame Wenger? We should blame the Board. Wenger doesn’t employ himself.

    It’s the Board that continues to offer him contract renewals. It’s a lazy Board.

  32. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    “To every home fan boycotting games there are two rich Hong Kong or Dubai fans ready to snap the tickets”

    I don’t think that is the case for season ticket holders, don’t believe the club can resell your seat if you do not turn up.

    Season tickets make up 45,000 seats of the home support

  33. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Well we all knew deep down that he would wouldn’t he.

    I for one have given up on the club ..
    Will look out for results occasionally, but can anyone ever love the club like before ?
    Surely not while he is still there

    The clubs a disgrace

    Where is our future now with that cunt at the front ?

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Great article Pedro, share you sentiments.

    We always knew deep down it was coming, but it still hurts to have your club officially announce to the world they are a complete spineless joke, not interested in competing and so must now forfeit the title ‘football club’ or any affiliation to being a sporting venture.

    As others have said, stupidly I will hold onto hope that he goes until it is official.

    But can we all just take a moment and realise what a syphilis ridden scum bucket this club is from top to bottom, they have known this is what they were going to do for some time, but they have deliberately played the fans, refusing to announce because they know it is the wrong option and will be greeted with anger and fury. So instead, they have allowed this climate of uncertainty and aggression to build in the fan base, results have gone under the bus all so they can wait for a moment where they do not even need to look the fans in the eyes when they sell the club down the river.

    They have thrown the fans under the bus, an entire season under the bus, and the next two years (at least) under the bus all for a deluded, egotistical, stubborn, shameless old man who refuses to allow the club to develop.

    Make it official so fans can make their choices you fucking cowards.

  35. Danny

    Never felt so depressed as an Arsenal fan as I do now. The gall of the man in even considering signing on is almost as unbelievable as the clubs willingness to upset so much of the supportership by allowing him to be the one to decide.
    Next season will see us lose some good players, and expect mertasaker to be number 1 CB again, and some average players given more huge contracts to get them to stay.
    Another 3 years of status quo would be a gift, but it’s not going to even be that. This ship is going down and Wenger will be the mad cackling captain at the helm steering us into the ice burg.
    Sad times.

  36. Wenker-wanger

    Dissenter, i do take your point, and to add that arsenal shapes up as an international stadium inviting tourists etc.
    I agree it’s a business that will try and get by without a massive local fan base.
    They prefer a sanitised stadium. Bereft of passion, but awash with gate receipts.
    Individual band group protests will carry on….If this 13 headed hydra is to remain, the least we can do is to keep lopping off his heads whenever possible.

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    It will be a 4 year contract to show us who is in charge
    At best a 3 year deal

    What do we the great unwashed know eh ?

  38. Alan

    Ironic how Peter continues to criticise media for being too close to Wenger yet continues to let Ivan off the hook because he met him once. Pathetic really.

  39. Alan

    Ivan is as much the problem as Wenger. He is his boss. If he doesn’t actually use his status well that’s his own weakness. If he’s not allowed too, he should leave and not accept a role in which he offers very little in areas that matter. Anyone who thinks different is the kind of guy who calls himself Pedro when his name is actually Peter. And uses the term regista to describe a footballer.

  40. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Is Usmanov still a Wenger fan? Somebody needs to stick a microphone under his gob.

  41. underrated Coq

    Ishola70, sorry I struggle to comprehend the logic behind your theories. What exactly are you basing the likelihood of those scenarios on?

    ‘Wenger taking upon himself to resign is most likely, fans forcing him out is second most likely, board firing him is least likely. We have to look at the best avenue’

    This is just contrived bullsh!t from you.

    There are very few selfless individuals in the world and the idea that Wenger might be one of them is laughable. Coming to the fans, majority still hesitate to indulge in any act that they deem disrespectful. Finally the board is a collection of old men all of whom are risk averse.

    It is both impossible and stupid to claim one as more likely, to ask to focus on one and ignore the rest.

    What is logical is to hold everyone accountable.

    What is the manager’s job? To get the best out of the resources at his disposal. Wenger is failing so make that be known.
    What is the board’s job? To improve the club at every level, to demand success and keep everyone below them accountable. Our board fail at every level and this should not be taken lightly.

    The idea that we should ignore the clear issues at board level for now and only focus on Wenger’s issues, its illogical and counter intuitive. People who say blaming Kroenke is deflecting from Wenger, no no no, it is YOU who is failing to see the picture for what it is. They are in this together and should be treated as such.

  42. Alan

    Oh and let’s not forget his fetish for the term ‘drop’ in every article. Peter, you do realise you are some white middle class white man and not some rapper from Brooklyn?

  43. Red&White4life

    “A contract he didn’t earn isn’t going to carry him through two more years. In the end he will be hounded out.”
    Considering the weakness and cowardness of the board, are you kidding ??

    @Dissenter, FFS, you still don’t get it ??

  44. gooner63

    Wenger won’t be hounded out, he will only go when the board are too embarrassed to keep the deals going.

    By boycotting, buy your tickets like me, but don’t go to the game, dint allow fake fans to buy them and go, that achieves nothing, empty seats once there’s enough and drop in stadium goods n merchandise sales will force the board to make the change.

    This coming season has to be his last and we all have to do what we can.

  45. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If he has no say/power what is the point of Gazidis. Wenger decides if he stays or goes and for how long. Gazidis is as much use as a chocolate teapot. The demonstrations should be against the club as a whole so everyone can get on board.

  46. Red&White4life

    “Of course, on the sporting front it would be a blow, but financially the Champions League does not have the impact any more that it had five or six years ago because of the influx of the television money (to the Premier League).”

    The old fool has all the qualities required for a human being lol

  47. Thank you and goodnight


    If You hate Pedro so much and this site may I suggest you go elsewhere. As for Wenger I hope he drops down dead today. The man is scum, an utter disgrace a SHOT manager always was always will be

  48. Alan

    ‘El- P’? I mean seriously?

    His name is Peter. He keeps bashing Wenger (which his right) but then let’s Ivan off the hook because he met him and wants to stay in his circle. That’s blindingly obvious. Sorry to ‘drop’ that bomb.

  49. Red&White4life

    By the time he will finally leave, the club will need total reconstruction, it’s only the begining of the nightmare for us.

  50. Louis Almeida

    If the board are offering Wenger a new deal then they’ve really misjudged the situation. To only think that those on social media are the ones that want him gone is very short-sighted and narrow-minded. There have been a lot of fans who want him gone but didn’t want to protest, hoping the manager would take the high road and leave. If he does sign, next season will be even more volatile, making this one look like a walk in the park.

  51. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Peace and love Alan.

    We need to unite against the club. Whether your personal hate is towards Wenger, Kroenke or Gazidis.

  52. Red&White4life

    “because he met him and wants to stay in his circle”
    Interesting… so Pedro has been… “Gazidized” ?? lol

  53. Ishola70

    UC I do hold them all responsible as I said in a later post. Been saying it for years.

    But out of all the unrealistic scenarios for me the board sacking him was the most pie in the sky of them all.

    That’s sounds fvcked up does it not. But that’s what we have here. A truly fvcked up situation.

  54. Alan

    @thank you and goodnight,

    That’s like me saying if you hate Wenger so much, may I suggest you go elsewhere. I don’t hate the guy. I am ‘dropping’ some home truthes on his hypocrisy towards Ivan. It’s clear he’s as bad as the media are towards Wenger. You don’t think the media who support Wenger will argue that they believe he’s doing his best like Peter continues to say about Ivan? Yet they all want the same thing. Access to information.

  55. Red&White4life

    “If the board are offering Wenger a new deal then they’ve really misjudged the situation. ”
    Thanks a lot for the scoop!!

  56. Louis Almeida

    “Peter, you do realise you are some white middle class white man and not some rapper from Brooklyn?”

    So only black people can rap and use slang words?

  57. Dissenter

    Alan has a very good point.
    Why is Pedro always trying to present Gazidis as a noble character in this shit fest?
    Many here have repeatedly called him out for this, Alan is just joining that club.

  58. Tomtom

    Would the owners of the Titanic ask the captain to sign a new contract after he hits an iceberg and the ship is slipping under?
    Similar madness with the Wenger situation

  59. vicky

    Well, Wenger can make the board dance to his tunes but he probably can’t turn our season around. We are going to lose the last 4 league matches if our dismal form continues. We are unlikely to beat City in FA cup. I expect the discontent to reach a crescendo in May. The next season could get worse. For me ,Wenger has let go of the opportunity to bow out gracefully and set himself up for ultimate ignominy. He is backing himself up to turn things around but he is not aware how far behind he has fallen.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    Asked whether it was time for him depart as the bow sunk below the waves and people threw themselves overboard, Captain Smith maintained he was confident he could turn the situation around and arrive in New York on time.

  61. Steveyg87

    As the once great Wenger plunges to new depths of obsurity, additional problems are rearing its head, problems that many on here have forecasted. The board were supposed to step in, or at least pressure Wenger in to making a decision a few months ago. Wenger is not the only one to blame here, the board have now shown that they will blindly follow the man regardless of the results. This to me, is the worst possible scenario we could find ourselves in. I, like Pedro, for a long time believed the shit Gazidas was selling us. Sorry to say it, but we got duped

    The board have it too cozy and are fossils in a young mans game. I don’t think Stan gives a fuck what Josh has to say, that’s if Josh gives a fuck himself. It’s just one big cluster fuck and I’m afraid to say it, but its going to take at least 3 seasons to sort out

  62. AG

    While I appreciate your posts, it is clear that you are the Anti-Wenger brigade and that is perfectly fine. I personally see the Board especially since Stan’s takeover and Dean’s departure who could not apply heat or shake Wenger up or keep him on his toes to get the best out of him. He will land a role easily at Barca, Monaco or PSG because they will know how to get the best out of him. The plague is the Board, I tell you that.

    As for all the fans knowing everything because now we have stats, we see matches, scores and data, data, data..Let me tell you something, there is no more data than the data and experience that Gary Neville and Graeme Souness have had and you know their managerial fairytale. Trust me, you wont last 10 matches in the league as a coach and neither will I perhaps.

    The madness of Anti-Wenger has gone to your head and blinded your rationale and vision,

  63. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger is the punch-drunk boxer, refusing to concede he is no longer even an average contender, taking more hammerings with no compassionate towel-throwing from his corner.
    Believing he can recapture his glory years he adamantly defies his critics and finds reasons for his defeats. More beatings results in more brain damage and more delusional thinking.
    He mutters to himself, i destroyed Lincoln and a top quality opponent in hull and i will rule the world once again.
    Meanwhile the world looks on bewildered and wonders how this can be allowed to continue.

  64. Louis Almeida

    Cesc Appeal, Haha I do find it a bit ridiculous. People are products of their environment/surroundings. Criticising someone for the way they speak when you don’t know the external factors that might’ve influenced that is very silly.

  65. Alan

    if you stand there and continue to publicly criticise the media for having an agenda then you have to be able to stand up to scrutiny.

    Why does he continually let Ivan off the hook? What an earth is all that about? He digs his knife in on all employees at the club yet the man actually in charge of operations (by job title and pay) is totally let off. Why? Because he met and he wants to stay in his circle. That’s it. Yet he criticise journalists for doing exactly the same thing.

  66. Louis Almeida

    “For me ,Wenger has let go of the opportunity to bow out gracefully and set himself up for ultimate ignominy. He is backing himself up to turn things around but he is not aware how far behind he has fallen.”


    For me I definitely don’t think the players are playing for him anymore and that’s the first time I can say that. They are not blind to fan discontent. They probably see it on their social channels too.

  67. Steveyg87

    I think we will see a situation similar to what happened at Chelsea before Mourinho departed, difference is, we will still have a bunch of spineless cowards for a board

  68. Tomtom

    Wenger’s worst habit is to not address the causes of a big defeat, instead he will simply say “important thing now is to focus on the next game”.
    It’s like my wife crashing the family car 50 times and telling me that’s it’s not important how or why she crashed, she must just accept it and focus on the next crash, or something along those lines!!!!

  69. Steveyg87

    “For me I definitely don’t think the players are playing for him anymore and that’s the first time I can say that. They are not blind to fan discontent. They probably see it on their social channels too.”

    The 1st leg against Bayern completely knocked the wind out our sails, theres no coming back now, its pure damage control at the moment, best thing that can happen now is for Wenger to make the retirement announcement and atleast get the players and fans onboard for one last showdown

  70. Dissenter

    Pedro has gone after even the goal keeping coach and the physio but he wil pen caveat paragraphs to excuse Gazidis.

    What was all that about “influencing” his boss?
    Isn’t it possible that Gazidis supported the contract on the table waiting for a signature?

    Preach it Alan. Don’t stop.

  71. Alan

    @ Louis

    Have you ever seen the guy on Arsenal fan tv who continually says fam after every sentence?

    You’re telling me that you don’t find that cringeworthy? Fair play to you if you have time to think about his environment but but I just think he sounds like fool.

  72. Red&White4life

    “So only black people can rap and use slang words?”

    Master Kim Jong Weng is also a big rap&slang fan himself!!

  73. Wenker-wanger

    Your Comment Here@ that…
    Yeah I’m with you on your hatred for Wenger.
    The board are just money-men and always have been, but wenger is the most insidious cancer of the lot…..A so-called football man, turning his soul inside out to cling on to power at the expense of the very thing that made him.
    Wenger is not worthy of ANY respect. A soul composed of rotting pig-shit.

  74. Alan

    I can appreciate my frustrations with criticising his preference to be called Pedro and his hipster like terminology was below the belt but I am just pissed off at his inexplicable love affair with Ivan and how hyproctical it is in the context of his criticisms with the media for doing similar.

    Ivan is a problem. A big one. He’s rank bad at his job in almost every single criteria.

  75. mano'gunner

    Arsenal should just cut with the bullshit and offer him a contract for life. That’s the plan right? Never getting rid of Wenger.

  76. Louis Almeida


    With all due respect, you sound very ignorant. While I don’t speak like that, I have nothing against those who do. I didn’t understand some of the terminology at first but do now.

    There are a lot of people from inner city London, whether white, black or Asian who speak like that. A lot of it stems from the Patois (Jamaican) influence that was prevalent in London during the 80s and 90s. As such, there are loads of kids who use slang like this now. Just because you don’t like it/think it’s silly shouldn’t detract from what they’re saying. To an extent, it actually comes across very discriminatory too.

  77. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Will the club have the balls to call a press conference or will it just be announced on the website?

    Surely we have to have some decent questions from the journalists in any press conference.

  78. Rambo Ramsey

    Two questions

    Why does a 68 year old man choose to put himself through this, torturing not only himself but millions world wide?

    Why does a passionless man like Kroenke choose to invest in sports teams? Go buy real estate or something ffs!

  79. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    “Pedro has gone after even the goal keeping coach and the physio but he wil pen caveat paragraphs to excuse Gazidis.”

    Yeah I can’t see how the rest of the staff are open for ridicule while Gazidis is beyond reproach. If it is Wenger’s fault that Gazidis can’t do his job properly then surely the same argument can be made for the rest of the staff at Arsenal?

  80. Bamford10

    Good post, Pedro. A disgrace is right. Wenger is in 6th place, hasn’t contended for a title in some 10 years, has lost the players and has lost the fans. And yet it sounds like he’s thinking of staying.

    Nothing like it in all of professional sport.

    Such a decision will be terrible for Arsenal. Arsenal at moment are a plane heading down into the ocean, and Wenger is the pilot taking them there. Bad things ahead for the team and club, I think.

    Fans should continue to protest and make their voices heard, but I think events now may overtake them: I see Arsenal missing out on top four and maybe worse.

    While I have always laid blame squarely on Wenger — where it belongs and will always belong — any person in a position of power at Arsenal who thinks a new contract for Wenger is a good idea is a complete and utter incompetent. No reasonable person who knows anything about football could still think at the point that he is the right man to take Arsenal forward.

    Take out your flotation vests, gents; this plane is going down.

  81. Steveyg87

    “Will the club have the balls to call a press conference or will it just be announced on the website?”

    @Park Chu-young’s left testicle

    I’m assuming you have followed the club for a while now. When have they ever not taken the easy route?

  82. Louis Almeida

    “Why does a 68 year old man choose to put himself through this, torturing not only himself but millions world wide?”

    Wenger doesn’t think he’s torturing himself unfortunately. He has an unwavering, albeit deluded confidence, in his ability.

    Things are only going to get worse as well I feel. It’s a shame it’s come to this.

  83. Alan

    @ Louis

    With all due respect, to refer to my distaste of slang as discrimination is just ludricious.

    I don’t come from a privileged upbringing at all. I was raised in a council estate in london and went to a state school like most people. I don’t need a lecture as to where these annoying phrases came from. I just can’t stand it. You get me, fam?

  84. Biggles

    I’ve spent the last few years getting more and more apathetic. In the Bayern games I found myself wanting a masochistic result, something so bad that OFCOM would fine BT Sport for even showing the rest of the game.

    It appears that 5-1, 5-1, 5-1 wasn’t enough. We’re living in Groundhog Day, but they don’t get it.

    I actually want a proper full on riot now. When we see Piers Morgan taking a sledgehammer to the bronze Ken Friar, we might see change.

  85. Park Chu-young's left testicle


    Yes, 40 years.

    Agreed they’re probably waiting for some big news event like a North Korean nuclear strike or a major terrorist attack so they can just gently release it on arsenal.com. They would make great politicians.

  86. Cesc Appeal

    Thinking of sending a sympathy to wreath to Arsenal on the passing of their CEO, because the only reason the CEO of a football club would not be making statements at a time where the club they are overseeing is going through its greatest period of turmoil in recent history must be because he they have died.

  87. Louis Almeida

    Alan, I find referring to someone as cringeworthy because of the way they speak is a little distasteful. We’re all from different walks of life. Just because someone speaks differently to you doesn’t mean their point shouldn’t stand. I can see why someone like Troopz from AFTV can be annoying but all he is doing is reiterating points a lot of other fans feel.

  88. Alan

    I used to think the club’s ambitions were limited to achieve champions league qualification. Yet it appears it goes even lower than that.

    It’s up to Ivan to go to Kroenke and say, listen, I am your man on the ground and I can tell you the natives are restless, the players are demotivated and the commercial contracts I worked hard to obtain are at risk due to poor performance by the team. If he’s not being heard then what does that tell you about the man? Happy to take a job with almost no influence at all.

  89. arsene's used sock

    it’s ignorant to harp on about what type of slang people use

    American sports fans are placid because the franchise model allows them to be, they don’t have to fear relegation and the draft insures a stream of talent to any team that needs it

  90. Vintage Gun

    “Also looking forward to the “first year in over 20 that we haven’t finished in the top 4″ speech at the end of the season”

    Already happend in his post match presser, Something along the lines of “maybe the fans will appreciate being in the CL once we aint in it” which is obviously another sly dig at us fans.

    He really is a nasty piece of work

  91. Wenker-wanger

    Even the TV pundits have become irritated by the idea of wankger staying….And for the Wenger loving BBC that really is big news.

  92. underrated Coq

    Rambo Ramsey, think I’ve found the answer to your first Q.

    Taken from the Independent,

    ‘Wenger still believes he can turn things around and is why he has been more upbeat of late, why he wasn’t so desolate after the latest defeat, this time 3-1 away to West Brom’

    The man needs a straight jacket but the powers that be at the club want to watch it end in tragedy rather than call 911.

  93. Steveyg87

    Wenger hasn’t got shit on Ivan when it comes to spinning, the fact that Gazidas has been so quiet lately tells a story itself

  94. Kwame

    A sad day in my life. What do I do now?Already stopped watching matches involving Arsenal, making my weekends ‘dry’. Truth will triumph over fraud. Just a
    matter of time!

  95. vicky

    Liverpool have also got American owner (John Henry) but he seems to care about his club. We have probably got the worst owner of any club in the PL.

  96. Bamford10

    I’m with Alan that DT’s way of talking is ridiculous, but it’s because he overdoes it, not because there is something fundamentally wrong with this or that slang term. One “fam” here or there can have its charm, but again, DT overdoes it.

    Pedro can use any slang term he likes, Alan; that’s the way of popular culture; it has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin or social class (though how one uses the term does depend a little bit on who / what you are). Pedro is simply having a bit of fun with pop culture slang terms. Not a big deal.

  97. Red&White4life

    #Breaking news : some serious source in Munich says that Bayern has sent a request to UEFA, for play the Europa Ligue instead of the CL next season.

    “No Arsenal, no party!!” they says..

  98. Bamford10


    I love the idea of him thinking he sees how to turn things around, even as the team crashes and burns (against West Brom) right in front of him.

    If he had the solution to the problem, wouldn’t he have introduced it prior to or during that debacle? Perhaps, like word on his future, he is withholding this secret for a later date.

    God, what a fucking moron this guy is.

  99. Arsene's Nurse

    I now want us to lose every game whilst Wenger is in charge. Fuck it, every misfortune and protest needs to occur to get the charlatan out. I shall be cheering Spurs on come 30th April and I hope they smash us 6-0 plus.

    Those that are still turning up to games, paying their money, buying merchandise and food deserve nothing but ridicule and humiliation. Arsenal have the wettest weakest fans in football, no other club’s supporters would tolerate such failure and then sit back for 2 more years of the same. You can guarantee that come next year the mug-punters will still be moaning and wearing the latest shirt whilst the rest will be chanting ‘one Arsene Wenger’.

    As for Wenger then fuck him, I hope it turns really nasty. He now deserves it.

    There’s no way 4th is achievable. This summer is going to be horrendous in the transfer window. The club will announce the war chest and Wenger will dither again. We’ll also find out which players have the bollocks to get out, using a transfer request if need be. We know the likes of Walcott and Ramsey will stay as they know they can’t get away with their shite anywhere else. That’s a big problem because the players have the power to get rid of him. Mass transfer requests please.

    In 2 years time the kit deal and shirt sponsorship will be up for grabs. There’s no way the club will improve on the last deal if we are not competing. Who will want to sponsor a club that is split, whose supporters are fighting one another whilst their increasingly frail manager excuses 7th?

    The whole thing is a clusterfuck from top to bottom. I think we may end up like Liverpool for a few years, just left in the wilderness.

  100. Rambo Ramsey

    Coq, yeah he’s gonna take us to the next level didn’t you hear?

    He has seen Leicester and now Chelsea win the PL without CL exertions. maybe he thinks he’ll win the title next season if he falls out of top four, wouldn’t put it past the deluded old fool.

  101. Dream10

    Louis Almeida

    Don’t think the board are misjudging the situation. They are aware of the climate but they don’t care. Big Ivan Gazidis does their customer service for them, while they sitting in their respective ivory towers. Anytine we go on a losing streak over the last few years, Klopp, Max Allegri, Tuchel, Remi Garde, Simeone are mentioned in articles by those with in the so called “circle of access”. No plan, it’s all on autopilot. Kroenke kept the previous coach of his NFL team, Jeff Fisher, at the helm after several seasons where the club was spitting out 7-9 or 8-8 seasons (50% winning percentage, right in the middle of the pack). AW is comfortably the best manager in his stable.

  102. Louis Almeida

    Dream10, it’s folly of them not to care because when the brand starts to get hurt and sponsors are asking why things are going south, they’ll then be forced to sit up and take note. When I meant misjudged, I was speaking more of Wenger who thinks the majority are still behind him. He’ll happily keep going thinking he can turn it round and the board will do nothing but oblige.

  103. Shaun Wilson

    I think that once Wenger does indeed sign a new 3 or 4 year deal at £10,000,000 + a year ( just count those zeros and weep!) that it will be at the very least, an interesting time for the next year or so. It has become plain that, while ever he can stay ambulatory and breathe unaided, Arsene Wenger will remain at the club. He will never resign.
    What makes this a truly fascinating thing is that, for the first time in his long tenure, Wenger has completely lost the proverbial dressing room and is presiding over a ragtaggle bunch of disparate mercenaries who show no signs of pulling together as an unit. They never will again under Wenger. Just watch the car crash unfold – we are destined to become a mid table team before the next season has finished. Just watching the spectacle of City versus Liverpool, it became brutally apparent that either of these two teams would blow us out if the water to the tune of 3 or 4 nil at least. I can’t honestly see us winning another game this season. The big question is, how long will the money men tolerate Wenger’s Arsenal (no longer MY Arsenal) losing ground and becoming this new, Stoke City or WBA. Will the money still be there in this new paradigm?
    Either way it’s plain that Wenger would still be at this club if he got us relegated – this is no longer such an unthinkable prospect, unfortunately…

  104. Arsene's Nurse

    March 20, 2017 11:49:45


    With you.
    It used to hurt losing to the Mancs, Spuds and Chavs. Always used to love beating them. I’ve now gone through the stage of indifference. That’s what Wenger has done, he’s made me not really care if we win or lose.

    There’s no excitement come match day, I don’t look forward to it. I know it’s going to be the same dreary, insipid, slow and boring football.

    I’ve now got to the point where the only thing I want is to see him gone because there will not be change until he does. The only way that will now happen is if the fans and players force him out. That means losing lots of matches and losing heavily. Wenger has destroyed my love of watching Arsenal to the point where I want them to lose.

    How fucked up is that?

  105. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The only thing more sad than watching the team you love crumble before your eyes is watching a good guy like Pedro place blind faith in a charlatan named Ivan Gazidis.

    In the end Wenger will fall victim to his own genius and his legacy will take decades to be appreciated as he will only ever be remembered for a couple of titles and his Invincibles team, to which I still fully credit the players 100% for. In the end Wenger will have destroyed all that he supposedly built, it’s his destiny.

    As for Dissenter…grow up already! It’s just a bloody team for Petes sake! When you put all things into perspective a boycott is as natural as not having one. Freedom of choice and there can be no wrong in either. Wenger signs and I move on. Other sports, other teams, other life.

    I love Arsenal Football Club. I don’t love Arsene Football Club. Easy to walk away from the latter for as long as he remains. You can always go home again.

  106. Wenker-Wanger

    For all its criticizm about ruthless manager sackings, and play acting to get ahead of the opposition by simulation, there is now a side of football which is far worse.
    What’s being displayed at arsenal is a selfish money- grabbing regime that cares nothing about the sport of winning trophies and giving the fans what they crave, which he is the thrill of competing hard.
    This anti-sport ethos is sickening and arsenal also exists as a refuge for the pathetic has-been egotist that is wenger. Wenger stays as he has nowhere else to go….and that common knowledge will turn virtually everyone in football against him.
    A sick and socially unwanted man is using arsenal to hide his deficient character behind, and the board couldn’t care a damn as Wenger is trusted with generating more profits for them.
    Real football fans throughout the world are as surely disgusted as we are, as we would be if it were happening elsewhere.
    Somehow this utter farce and disgrace at arsenal is becoming more than just an internal issue. The decent and fair-minded football world waits and wants Wenger to go, because we all have innate principles that guide our lives,in football as in other matters. Because we ALL want what’s right, ultimately.

  107. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford –

    “I’m with Alan that DT’s way of talking is ridiculous, but it’s because he overdoes it, not because there is something fundamentally wrong with this or that slang term. One “fam” here or there can have its charm, but again, DT overdoes it.”

    I think its Troopz you’re referring to not DT?

  108. Rainman

    Alan sounds like a low key racist, apparently some slangs are cringe worthy, but others – presumably non black slangs, are okay. All in an effort to manufacture a stick to beat Pedro with.
    You might not be a racist Alan, but you really shouldn’t say shit like that. Cheers.

    As for the horrible news that the Despot is still hanging on to power, please say it ain’t so, what do we have to do to get rid of this man? The next plane must carry more than just a message, if you catch my drift.

  109. Dream10

    Louis Almeida

    With regards to AW, he sees the discontent, but is insulated from it somewhat.
    As Phillippe Auclair tweeted this.morning, he’s probably the most stubborn manager he’s seen. You combine with this the power he has and his doggedness to move us to the “next level” (which many of us feel he won’t) and his football obsession, a multiple yr contract situation is the likeliest outcome