Arsene Wenger position untenable, but suspicions he will shamelessly sign on during break

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I have to say, I really didn’t expect to lose to WBA yesterday. I thought Wenger was going to juice his team up for the usual winning streak that secures our place in the top 4. I was actually hoping for a bit of respite this week, because if I’m totally honest, I’m finding this especially draining, and I’m sure you are too.

I think we’re witnessing more than a ‘unique blip’ in our season, we’re seeing the players down tools and give up on the manager. They don’t care. Not one of them. They are a big chunk of the blame, you can’t ignore performances like that, but you have to look at the root cause, and that’s Arsene Wenger.

If the players don’t care, that’s because the manager hasn’t given them reason to. That means they’re not motivated to succeed. That’s because they’ve lost faith in their leader. How can people not empathise? Wenger offers up the most basic of preparation for games, in a world where players know and have experienced exactly how proper managers operate. He’s struggling to make players better, he can’t fathom a setup that works for the talent he has at his disposal, and there’s nothing surprising about how we play.

I know people love Xhaka, he’s a beautiful passer of the ball, but someone is going to have to work out a way of making the most of his passing skills, whilst covering off for his chronic lack of pace and physicality. You can’t keep on overlooking these issues because teams are exploiting his weaknesses every week. Considering how we play, I really don’t understand how a manager of 21 years experience in the english league didn’t look for a more mobile / powerful regista when scouting.

Danny Welbeck, bless him, really isn’t much of a striker. His goal record over the last 5 years is pretty abysmal and I’m not sure he’s going to blossom into the Thierry Henry figure we hoped he’d become. What is going on with Mustafi? The man’s value is dropping faster than an antisemitic Youtuber on a meltdown. Even Laurent K, our mighty leader at the back, is mailing it in. How many times was he beaten in the air yesterday? He’s a liability at the moment and he’s certainly not showing he’s our best defender.

These issues, in my opinion, stem from a culture of celebrated mediocrity. Sport cannot operate on a socialist model. That’s not how competition works. If you’re paying 75% of the team more than they’re worth and 25% less than they’re worth, what are people working towards? If you tell the media top 4 is a trophy, how do you think that makes elite athletes feel? If there are no consequences to bad performances or poor careers, how can you expect players to have fire in their bellies?

All of these problems have been widely reported on by Le Grove for many years, I just think the consequences are blossoming hard now, like we predicted at the start of the season. Sad part is I, along with many others thought the problem Wenger would have would be the uprising of the new breed of managerial talent. Turns out, the house of cards collapsed without much pressure from anyone else. It looks like a simple case of – if you pump enough shit into the mixer, at some point, you’re going to get shit out – or something like that.

So what to think?

Well, like they tell me at my AA meetings – ‘things have to get worse, before they get better’ – so yesterday’s result, though horrific to watch was kind of what we needed. Wenger is a boxer who’s been knocked through the ropes, he’s on the referee’s count, question is, do you want to see him get up off the floor?

The manager didn’t really give much away after the game, tellingly, Sky nor NBC grilled him on his future. The writers did though, and this is what he said.

“I know what I will do”

“You will soon know”

“Today I do not necessarily worry about that. We are in a unique bad patch we never had in 20 years.”

“We lose game after game at the moment and that for me is much more important than my future.”

It’s very difficult to analyse what he’s saying here. His body language was very calm, almost bordering on arrogant. He didn’t look broken, he looked pretty at ease. You can read that as the mental lift of knowing he’s calling it a day, or you could read it as the arrogance of a man who knows he’s staying because he calls the shots.

The worrying thing is the lack of analysis of the situation. Wenger thinks the annual collapse is unique to the last ten years, when it’s anything but. The fact he’s suggesting it’s a blip sounds like he’s making excuses as to why staying on or the reason he should be a given a second chance (he has cash in the bank with Stan as it were).

However, if he were to stare at this mess in the cold light of day, it’s impossible for him to look at the problems he’s suffering and think he can solve them.

‘Bayern, PSG, Real, Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool and City have all changed managers since Arsenal last won away at a top 8 side in the league.’

Look at that statistic. It’s appalling. Then look at the away fans, the most loyal Wenger lovers of us all, waving banners and chanting songs about moving the manager on. Then look online and the seething rage among Arsenal fans the world over. Read what the pundits are saying. Look at the attitude of the players. Look at who wants to leave the club this summer. What will sponsors think as we negotiate a new deal for our shirt? It is beyond the pale that this decision is in his hands, but it is.

… and look, you need to stop blaming Gazidis for this. I’m pretty sure that the whispers I’d heard about him being cool with Wenger were off the mark, and I shouldn’t be surprised, he was pretty pissed off when I met with him in the Podolski days. He and his commercial team will know that Wenger is a car crash and they’ll no doubt want him gone.

The real problem started with David Dein introducing a horror of an investor to the club without doing his due diligence. Stan K is an embarrassment to sport and the billionaires club. How can his ego deal with the fact all his franchises are tanking? There’s a tweet going around about his hockey team yesterday,

‘Looks like the Avs (Avalanches) have given up’

But here’s the problem, because his clubs are such a mess elsewhere, Arsenal look like a volcano of glory. Our owner has such low standards and such a lack of interest in winning, he actually thinks Wenger is a good investment. So until that bond of love is broken, Wenger calls the shots.

That’s why flying banners, though a bit cringe, are important. Because Wenger needs to see these things, because left to his own devices, he’ll stay on forever.

However, he must know what’s coming. We’re going to get torn apart by City when we return from the break. Then we have a bit of respite in the league. Then things get really salty. City at Wembley, Spurs away, then United at home. We could finish 8th if we’re not careful. Everton just drew level on points with us.

That’s why I’m very worried about Wenger using this two-week break to announce that he’s shamelessly signed on. When the narrative is dead, he can let our season implode with shellshocked fans that are numb because they can’t quite believe what’s happened, versus them hounding him out of the club with more and more aggression building as we do worse and worse.

The only hope I hold out for him quitting is that the cold hard facts are too difficult to ignore. There is no argument for him to stay. He should know that and he should leave with a bit of dignity. Because this isn’t a blip, this is the start of a collapse that is going to get more and more expensive to fix the longer Stan K lets it go on for.

Another sad day for Arsenal, let’s hope next week isn’t a sad start to the next two years.

Right, see you in the comments.


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  1. Ishola70

    “”Stan took over in 2011, i think. We had been doing our rubbish long before that. Accumulating 200m in the process””

    Yeah but some people want to make up their own history of the club to deflect from a certain Frenchman.

  2. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    A one yr deal is unlikely imo. It would be a eight or nine month farewell tour.
    There would be a greater lack of focus. The two year deal is the most likely option

    The worst option for us:
    – AW moving upstairs to become a full DoF (we’re better off him being a manager for another couple of years & chasing CL football). If this happens, it means we’ll higher someone like Eddie Howe & sign players of lower quality. Absolute disaster.

    A clean break is needed

  3. vicky

    If we don’t win FA cup and finish 6th or below in the league , does Arsene’s position become untenable ? I mean will it become impossible for him to justify his signing a new contract ?

  4. TitsMcGee

    Wenger is too arrogant and too greedy not sign a new deal. He has no shame and takes no responsibility so of course he’s going to do what’s best for him and that’s take the money.”

    Unfortunately this is probably true.

    Egomaniacs don’t just walk away on their own accord. Wenger displays personality traits of a dictator. Would a dictator walk away from an easy £20 million?
    All he has to do is attach his signature.

    I’d be gobsmacked if he walked away but let’s all be honest. He’s not going to.

    The only smidgen of hope is that he gets so annoyed by the questions of his genius /diety -like status that he takes his ball and goes home.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    But you cannot apply football logic to Arsenal, its amateur hour at the club, no one has a fucking clue what they are doing, they are just following Wenger around like ducklings behind mother duck.

    How long have fans been saying those same things about the cluster fuck that is this season, the uncertainty, the need for clarity, players checking out etc? They still did it, no one is applying any pressure.

    The bottom line is the club don’t give a shit about the fans or football, they care about money, Wenger delivers that, and all Wenger cares about is himself, power and attention, and the board give him that. They just want to keep this going, so a one year deal with lots of talk about succession planning, and a DoF, and warchests etc and half of our fucking stupid fanbase will lap it up with cries of ‘just get behind the team for his last year’ etc.

    If you are thinking with logic, ambition and with a sporting frame of mind, then come to the opposite position of your original conclusion and you’re in the mind of the regime at Arsenal currently.

  6. TitsMcGee

    I mean will it become impossible for him to justify his signing a new contract ?”

    I fully expect Wenger to announce that he’s signed on in the next few days.

    Enough respite between now and the next game that the boiling anger would have dissipated by then.

  7. Dream10


    Stan become involved ’07, I think. The full takeover was 2011. 07-11 was the roughest period because we had a bette rcollective unit than we had now, but we lost Gilberto, Diarra, Flamini, Hleb, Rosicky (injury), Fabregas & Nasri over a period mostly due to money. We’ve being playing slow football ever since, We’re no fun to watch at all the moment. Struggling with the basics and no verticality in our game

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It ain’t as we know a football club

    It’s an exclusive members only unit trust enhancing group seconf only to the bulindgon club..

    Arsenal FCC have never given a shit about the likes of you an I .

    Winning trophies pales in to insignificance with the true trophy

    Money …

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Exactly, they don’t give a shit, they know fans are flip floppers on the whole and that the nature of football fandom means people cannot abandon their club.

    Arsenal fans will get the club they deserve, if Wenger goes it will be because the fans drove him away, if he stays it is because there are enough fans still politely asking for change if he wouldn’t mind very much, if it is not too much trouble and deflecting blame from him like talking about officiating after a ten-two loss.

  10. vicky

    “Enough respite between now and the next game that the boiling anger would have dissipated by then.”

    Wenger categorically said he wouldn’t extend during the international break but then he is not really a man of his words. If he doesn’t sign in the break, I am reasonably certain he wouldn’t get an opportunity later on. The players have downed tools, they want him to leave. We are only going to get worse from here.

  11. izzo

    Aren’t you all tired of fear mongering with whether or not he signs by claiming he has signed. Until its live and public might as well just find something else to talk about like say how our rivals are pulling away. LOL 😀 There’s better football to watch out there. Football doesn’t revolve around Wengerball. I’m sick and tired of talking about that fucker.

  12. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    You’re right on the logic argument, but I’m providing the viewpoint which I think the management will approach it . They’ll look after Arsene, who in turn meets their goal (CL football every yr) while absorbing the praise and criticism, instead of being shared with management & players (who can hide). It benefits AW, as he can tell IG and Stan what to do w/out any repercussions. Stan and the board are happy collecting their annual commissions w/ little input required.
    Fans are secondary.

  13. Samir

    In my eyes Wenger is 99% leaving and he’ll announce it at a press conference soon, as he’s said..

    Chill out guys! This is our last season of Wenger related stress.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    True sir

    Years ago we were the old Etonian Cub

    I see no different

    It’s an exclusive club for the wealthy
    Funded by the great unwashed .

    Fuck em

    I don’t care we win or lose at moment

  15. TitsMcGee

    The players have downed tools, they want him to leave. We are only going to get worse from here.”

    That’s the hope for me. It’s so obvious that the ship is sailing itself at the moment. We are the Titanic after it has hit the berg with headless chickens running around all over right now. It’s not a matter of if but when.

    Henry, Redknapp, and Shearer all pretty much said that themselves (Shearer and Redknapp literally ) post West Brom.(players downing tools)

    Wenger would have certainly seen it as well and might actually realize that if he stays he might actually get Ranieri-ed in the next two seasons and due to his ego might actually call it quits now. Thats my hope anyway.

  16. tunnygriffboy


    All logiic suggests he should leave (sacked in fact )

    However this is Arsenal. A one year deal. Not as barmy as it sounds. Have another one for luck. First time you finished outside top four, have a chance to make it right.

    Atmosphere is toxic. Trust is/has broken down. It’s like a pressure cooker. At themoment steam is escaping with ever more anger coming to the surface. Atm there are a lot of once pro Wenger fans waiting for him to go so they don’t have to show their anger as they feel he deserves to go with some dignity. If however he stays then they will show their anger and the pressure cooker lid will be blown off.

    Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock boom !!!!!!!!

  17. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Imagine, Wenger goes upstairs as DOF and Captain Dithers goes full force in the transfer market. Cause as we know, he has an incredible list of stars that he “could have” signed on his resume. And as we know, 20 years of dithering certainly qualifies you for the job as Wenger is oft to remind the peons.

    Oh happy days ahead for any fool dumb enough to take the managers role having to report to an even bigger and more inept fool in Wenger.

    Not far fetched if you think about the debacle the club has been this season.

  18. Dissenter

    They will move Wenger upstairs as …club ambassador emeritus.
    He has no business going anywhere around the DoF’s job.
    He will just sabotage a new manager with his indecision.
    Think of all the players he’s developed from infancy
    *Wilshere —fail
    *Walcott- meh weak assed player that cant even put in a shift to prove Southgate wrong.
    *Oxlade—He’s good at clapping for the fans after a bad loss, I grant him that.
    Cesc had to move to Chelsea to win a title
    Van Persia had to move to United to win a title.

    History will record the second decade as a wasted decade.

  19. HillWood

    If Wengers teams were this soft when he first joined the club he wouldn’t have lasted 2 seasons.
    So why are we expected to tolerate it now ?

  20. vicky

    I don’t know whether Wenger will call it a day but I am reasonably certain he won’t be our DoF. For someone who has railed against the idea of DoF all his life, it’ll be very cheap to be one himself. He may work as a youth coach somewhere or go back to doing commentary in France but DoF looks very unlikely to me,

  21. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The Arsenal that we see today would easily capitulate to either of them. It’s in their collective DNA…the Wenger gene.

  22. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I wouldn’t put anything past Wenger, Vicky. Man has absolutely no shame and his sense of things is falling towards uncommon with alarming regularity. I put nothing past him.

  23. reality check

    draw is good result for both city and pool. win their next games that’s 4 points earned ahead of arsenal

    City vs Arsenal – Win
    Pool vs Everton – Tough
    Spur vs Burnley – Win

    Spuds could be far a clear ahead of us by the time we play WEST HAM

    Wenger Out

  24. Ishola70

    “We need someone like Fernnandino to play alongside Xhaka. Great energy, bit of pace, no small football ability and a bite of spite. Ideal really.”

    I’m afraid in this day and age in football especially in a physical league like the EPL you can’t have a passenger in the centre of midfield and that is what Xhaka will continue to be. You might get away with it in more advanced positions but not in the centre.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think they will, anyone who is still a pro-Wenger fan but would like him to leave with some dignity so will not say anything is too much of a pussy to blow up about anything.

    It is that exact type of fan that will be the reason why Wenger stays if he does, the kind who counter anti-Wenger sentiment not because they disagree with the basic logic of change but because they think it is disrespectful, it is that that the shameless Wenger will seize upon to stay, if he does, he will take apathy, he will take detachment, he will take fans quietly wanting change, as long as though vocally calling for him to go vociferously in the ground, outside it, in the sky, on social media, on fan forums are the minority, he will stay, because he is that egotistical and shameless.

  26. Ishola70

    “Aguero is not the same player he once was, plenty of opportunities missed.”

    I think he has been like that for quite a number of years. You watch games he has been in and it’s like he nearly gets on the end of a through ball, he nearly scores a goal. He will still get his share but squanders plenty.

  27. Paulinho

    Having Xhaka in midfield is like sticking Dan Carter, the New Zealand fly-half, into a football team and seeing how he gets on.

    He just looks like he’s constantly trying to get out of his own way. Genuinely like he has some sort of motor deficiency.

  28. reality check

    I think we need to applaud the players for sabotaging the season. They’ve down tools and its obvious., which means…. They agree with The WOB!

    So its;

    Players, Gazidis(Benefit of doubt because of Pedro), WOBs


    Wenger, Board, Media

  29. Rambo Ramsey

    The old fool can’t lose can he

    Suffer a torrid run of results- ‘He deserves a chance to put things right so that he can leave with his legacy blah blah’

    Do the usual top four plus some cup- ‘He’s rediscovered the winning formula so he deserves another season to have a shot at the title’

  30. vicky


    Agreed, he is not as clinical anymore as he was 3-4 years ago. What are your thoughts on KDB ? Most of Le Grovers rate him very highly but somehow I don’t find him to be a world class player. I mean he does many things efficiently but for me he lacks that wow factor that really top top players have.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Unfortunately they are not, remember that Wenger is actively looking for a something, anything, to seize upon to justify staying. Otherwise he would have announced he is leaving by now.

    Any ‘one Wenger’ chants, any opposition to anti-Wenger protests will make him feel he is still welcome, or at least tolerated, and that is all he will need.

    Like I say, remember at the end of the day a lot of these anti-Wenger people now will go back to being ‘maybe he needs to go, not sure’ after one or two good results, and the club know that.

    You cannot just ‘put the club down’ as it were, like a game that has got boring and you refuse to carry on playing, they know all this. He signs, people go mad for a bit, but the stadium is still near full opening game, their social media is rammed, money still comes pouring in, why would they give a f**k? Unless of course, overwhelmingly the fan base turns in very aggressive fashion, and that is why the pro-Wenger rabble are still, unfortunately, relevant and acting as dead weight.

  32. TitsMcGee

    I think we need to applaud the players for sabotaging the season”

    They’ll all be legends if it works. For me anyways.

  33. Ishola70

    ” What are your thoughts on KDB ? Most of Le Grovers rate him very highly but somehow I don’t find him to be a world class player. I mean he does many things efficiently but for me he lacks that wow factor that really top top players have.”

    No I don’t think he is top drawer either. He can do really good things and then look bang average. Silva is still the one that shows genuine quality in that team and Sane looks like he is going to be a really good player.

  34. Mcdaid Paul

    Owned, Managed and run by complete losers, Complete regime change , Nothing less, Were is the ” Fat Russian ” ?

  35. reality check

    TitsMcGeeMarch 19, 2017 18:40:15
    I think we need to applaud the players for sabotaging the season”They’ll all be legends if it works. For me anyways.


    This isn’t about football anymore. This is about Legacy, this is about history. These players, although absolute dogshit (most, not all) will go down in Arsenal folklore, songs will be sung about their heroic effort

  36. SUGA3


    I read an article in Metro or ES this week, where the writer utterly slagged off the protesting fans and played the moral high ground card, chucking in the line of ‘maybe Leyton Orient could do with the money paid for that plane’ or sth like this.

    The self righteousness of the columnist almost made me throw up a little. Shameless stuff.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    No fan from outside Arsenal understand what it is like to live this week in week out for thirteen years. Looking at tables in the abstract it is not so bad, living this everyday of the season for thirteen years and having the same arguments every year and hearing the same shite spewed every year, watching the same mistakes every year, watching the same obstinacy every year, that is slightly different.

    And as for the classic ‘Leyton Orient/West Ham/Portsmouth/Carlisle/Whoeverthefuck would trade with you, what are you protesting about,’ that is, like I said, like a third world individual asking why people are protesting Trump as they have jobs, food, electricity and running water so what is the big deal?

    It is some kind of logic to judge everything by the worst standards possible, at that point your agenda smells as bad as if you had just rolled in dog shit.

    The merit based excuses are gone for Wenger, so now people are moving onto subjective and so incontestable positions. In my opinion, if you are one of those who wants Wenger to go of his own accord, you’re pro-Wenger, if you don’t like banners/protests/chants etc, you are pro-Wenger, if you want change, if you really want it, you should be behind all those things because it is the only way to give us all a fighting chance of change, if you’re not, you’re pro-Wenger and pro-stagnation.

  38. Wenker-wanger

    What cesc says is spot on…Many people in life “sit on the fence”….It’s a soft option and not stressful.
    Wenger likes fence- sitters….He sees them as no opposition to his lifelong continued control of arsenal.
    It’s only the committed, angry protesting WOBs that threaten his comfortable inept existence at this club.
    Turn the heat up and this useless shameless egotist will walk away.
    Fence-sitters just prolong the disease.

  39. SUGA3


    I used to get upset about it, but very much stopped giving a shit after RvP was sold to United. Now I am just bemused at how this fraud can continue with the same unaddressed problems every year for everyone to see.

    Will say it again, I think the summer of 2008 was the breaking point for me, due to certain players who gave a good account of themselves not being kept and reinforcement brought. At the same time, we have put A LOT of ‘maybe’ players on high wages, because they were supposed to be the potential. How many have we managed to sell with any profit again?

  40. SUGA3

    Past the 07/08 season, the teams were mostly awful, just with one including Fabregas, RvP and Nasri coming close to being complete, but still with obvious unaddressed shortcomings. Like no DM or GK. We had a good one in Szczesny (who has the most clean sheets in European leagues at this point, btw), but Wenger is incapable of managing characters.

  41. Wenker-wanger

    Wengers career can be summed up as extraordinarily lucky…..Being in the right place at the right time, being French when French players were super world class and having an obvious connection. Building the Emirates to throw off the spotlight on the football perfirmances.The spuds performing worse than us for 20 years.
    This lucky bastard, could fall in a barrel of shit and come up smelling of roses.

  42. Vince


    19/03/2017 at 10:46 am
    Excellent assessment Tony. I hope Wenger stays and we get to see the things we have enjoyed watching during his reign. Players have let him down this year. Alexis has been the disruptor. The telepathy has gone from all players. Theo is not enjoying playing because there is no unity. Wenger can’t solve this problem midway. He tried disciplining alexis by benching him. Global revolt by anti wenger fans. I love the way we have outplayed our rivals in terms of consistency. I love some of the beautiful goals we have scored. I don’t measure things by the cups alone. Cups are important but cannot be the only measure. Every club secretly envies us for our manager.

  43. Wenker-wanger

    That untold guy really is a hopeless case. Catastrophically wrong, absurdly opinionated and lost in his obsession with a failure that is wenger.
    Whatever he does for a living, rest assured he is not going places.

  44. Tippitappi

    Yes SUGA3 I read that it was that junk paper metro he seemed to believes there’s no supporters over 20 years old in the article , just a lazy journo worried he’s going to lose an easy target to ridicule

  45. Boomslang

    What the fuck is up with these slobbering pro Wenger fanatics? I don’t get it, are these people really Arsenal fans or am I missing something? For fuck sake, what has this club degenerated into?

  46. Ishola70

    “He started off very well, then you can watch him going mad with vanity. He ends up a lunatic.”

    Evelyn Waugh on James Joyce.

  47. PieAFC

    Wow. That untold mug. Honestly, I hope when Wenger goes these anal beads go with him. They talk as if it’s all Wenger and nothing but Wenger.

    Their love for the club is not as big as it is for the manager.

    What a laughing stock.

    I’m glad I’m moving to Canada for a couple of years. I can see him singing on, the collapse continuing into next year. I can chose to ignore it over there that little bit more, unlike here glutton for punishment with twitter, talk sport, five live list goes on.

  48. gnarleygeorge9


    “The spuds performing worse than us for 20 years.”

    I reckon that lot will vent 20 years of frustration onto all that is Arsenal, after Round 38. Prepare yourselves :(

  49. HillWood

    Anyone seen the Oxo beef stock chicken stock and next to the Arsenal badge -laughing stock thing doing the rounds ?

  50. Samir

    Anyone seen the Bild exclusive?

    They say we have offered Tuchel the job.

    I would be very happy with him, he’s done a good job rebuilding Dortmund so far.

  51. Ishola70

    He would be ideal for this current board would Tuchel.

    Tuchel is a development coach.

    We don’t buy stars we make them.

    All comes together.

  52. leftsidesanch

    well the reports are now saying that Wenger will stay on as manager.

    Fully finished with this piece of shit classless club.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Of course he is staying, if he was not he would have announced it by now because let’s face it, it gets no worse than being embarrassed on the European stage ten-two so any worried about destabilisation by announcing you are leaving go out the window.

    That means he is waiting for the right time to announce he’s staying.

    I’m holding on to a tiny shred of hope that for the first time he surprises me outside of stubborn obstinacy and does the right thing, but the second it is official, yeah, that is it. They become a pointless club to follow.

  54. William

    Judging by Wenger’s post-match interview (Beeb I think) it’s safe to say he’s going. He looked absolutely shattered, face completely drained of blood, quiet voice and couldn’t stand still for one second.

    I think he can feel the soil falling over his head.

  55. leftsidesanch

    Of course @cesc

    Tony Pulis who could be fibbing also confirmed that Wenger said to him that he will remain, but most importantly Wenger stating that the Champions League qualification is no longer as vital because of the influx of premier league money show that he’s definately remaining.

    There’s genuinely not much to savour about following Arsenal as a football club nowadays, if the stories regarding the positive plane protests are true then that shows what has been suspected for years…Arsenal doesn’t give a shit about it’s fans.

  56. Ishola70

    Wenger can find his level next season can’t he in the Europa League and his loyal advocates will be cooing as the club goes deep into the competition and even maybe win it.

    For Europa League see FA Cup. Arsenal will be functioning on the second level.

    And with the wins in the Europa League and another serious tilt at the FA Cup next season they will cry you see the old boy has still got it,

  57. Ishola70

    Wenger terms.

    Caviar, then had to do with sausages.

    What’s the next culinary level down from sausages? Left over sausages?

    Wenger and his merry men will be feasting on left-over sausages next season.

  58. TitsMcGee

    Balls of steel for Wenger to stay around knowing full well that his own fans want him gone, his own players want him gone, every pundit agrees he should go and he’s currently in 6th place 19 points off of Chelsea and 9 points off of Spurs.


    (and of course 13 seasons no EPL title, 20 years no UCL title)

    No effing shame whatsoever.

  59. London gunner


    Is certainly world class.

    Brilliant at shooting, amazingly sensational passer, both short or long distance and great on dead balls, great at crossing.

    Superb vision and orchestrates play like a chess player always a few moves ahead.

    If you actually pay attention to City he is the heartbeat of the team. Silva might get more plaudits as he is more flashy but KDB is the one who really pulls the strings. Often anything good that silva has done has been because KDB has set him up with a key pass. Hence why KDB is often the assister of the assister.

    Oh and he has very underrated skills on the ball, he might not be flashy but he get around players with his dribbling. Rarely see him lose the ball despite how much he advances.

  60. Redtruth

    De Bruyne was anonymous against Monaco.

    Balls Of Steal…lol ….not when the majority of fans support you..

    Wenger and his merry men will be feasting on £10m sausages next season…

  61. Paulinho

    As I said a few weeks ago, he will sell the ‘bad apple’ Sanchez, replace him with nice indebted French bloke (Lyon striker) and talk about how much more united we are, and how all the players are holding hands and skipping and hopping on their way to training.

  62. Roaaary

    Wenger will stay 100%. He said he will manage nwxt year and arsenal is his preference. Now hes saying his decision is made…..definitely staying. And im ure a huge chunk of the fanbase will fall out of love with the club ans give up.

    Im shocked he can allow this to happen, but greed and inability to let go of control are 2 characteristics synonymous to arsene.

    Fuck off arsene

  63. Ishola70

    Oh my. He’s signing a new contract on Wednesday according to Ornstein on twitter.

    Was expected I suppose but what utter disdain he has for plenty of the fanbase and an absolute refusal to see that he is responsible for the downturn this season.

    Arsenal continue to live the big lie with Wenger the master weaver, spinner.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Not sure of the validity behind this rumour, but I’ve seen a few people on Twitter taking about that pro-Wenger banner having something to do with Keswick’s brother, the funding was tied to his company or something like that?

    It is only that I saw Gunnerblog post something on Twitter about it that I gave it any real thought.

    If there is any truth behind that, this is seriously scary times because the club is genuinely acting like some despot dictator type regime, telling the world ‘nothing to see here, everything is great.’

  65. Relieable Sauce

    I’m sorry, but it is funny to see suckers getting duped/placated with such ease time and time again.
    One born every minute is possibly an understatement.

    The experience should have taught us all some valuable life lessons at least.

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Getting on to RAF Coningsby, next plane we need is going to be a Eurofighter with a precision guided missile because I think that is the only way we’re getting Wenger out.

    So if we all want to have a whip round, between the pilot’s time, fuel, the jet, and the missile, we are looking at £250 000.

  67. Elmo

    The timeline actually makes sense. Wenger conceded he had not told anybody about his decision at the time of the post-match press conference yesterday. He probably spoke to Gazidis today and communicated his choice. That filtered through to Arsenal PR who have laid the table for the new contract announcement by leaking to the press via the usual channels this afternoon. That explains all the ‘Wenger staying’ reports from the inside access journalists tonight.

    Just as we all assumed.

  68. Dissenter

    People need to stop saying that they will be done with Arsenal if Wenger signs the new contract.
    It’s really puerile to suggest that you can just turn it off because the dictator hasn’t been yet.
    There are worse things that have occurred in life. Just count this as lone of the anomalies of the current times with Brexit, Trump and every thing else.
    Life will continue and we still be here venting.
    I cant walk away no matter what.

  69. Ishola70

    All those years when he said judge me in May and the season you can say yes you have been judged and it is obviously not good enough he predictably moves the goalposts and spouts one failure in 20.

  70. Dissenter

    * It’s really puerile to suggest that you can just turn it off because the dictator been deposed yet.

  71. Dissenter

    It will nice for him to sign the contract and we continue out winless run until the end of the season.
    The mood in the club turns riotous and dark while his legacy burns down to ashes.

  72. London gunner

    Akb’s defence of Wenger will turn to the fact that Chelsea and man united have had years where they missed out on CL football and had to play in the europa, conveniently forgetting they have also won major trophies in the last 10 years.

    I’d rather have the peaks and the troughs of modern day football and a cycle of managers than the consistent mediocrity of being nearly men.

  73. David Smith

    Thing is, I don’t think they care Dissenter….or at least Stan and Wenger don’t, and they run things.
    Wenger is deluded
    Stan is insulated
    Ivan is nothing more than a gimp for those mentioned above
    Has to be unique in so called top level sport

  74. BillikenGooner

    If he stays, there are 2 options:

    He stays and sticks with the team he has (maybe is able to prevent an exodus of players and brings in another player or 2). Result: Failure. This squad is not champion quality.

    He presides over another exodus (we lose Sanchez, Ozil, Bellerin, etc) and he has to rebuild… and knowing his recent talent evaluation and spending… result: Failure. We won’t get enough quality in and he won’t be able to coach them to contender status.

    He really has to walk away. There is no good end for him other than his making millions and getting to be a dictator for his own ego. Of course, that explains itself, so I doubt he will leave.

  75. David Smith

    His good ending….millions for himself, inadequate players, and millions for his mates while a fuckwit American owner is asleep
    Now that’s what I call socialism…..

  76. China

    Only at Arsenal do you see fans in disarray and players downing tools, but you offer the manager a 25% pay rise and give him the choice of signing on or not (regardless of even what happens)

    We talk about Arsenal as a business but it’s a really poorly run business

    Imagine a company where 30+% of his clientele are furious with poor quality service and high prices, the staff can’t be arsed anymore and are turning up 2 hours late and just playing on their phones, so you offer the boss a 25% pay increase

    What is this?

    Wenger is good for business absolute jokers

  77. TonyD

    Adam A

    I was thinking exactly that: Wenger as DoF will make any managers’ position unworkable, which will play into Wenger’s hands of continued power. Probably in the eventual fall out he’ll expect the BoD to get to their knees to plead with the mighty Wenger to come back and save the club!

    There is only ONE solution and that is to see Wenger to leave AFC with a new manager and respected DoF replacing him and at least a £100m rebuilding budget.

    It’s bad enough they’ll erect the obligatory statue of him, but at least it’ll massage his ego a little.

    If we are stuck with Wenger for 2 more years (I can’t call it either way) we all just have to fight on with our voices (continue the Wenger out calls), money (don’t buy merchandise, food & drink etc) and feet (don’t go to matches or watch first half only or only turn up for the 2nd half) or similar.

    Hit the club where it most hurts: money. Show the club without the fans, there is no club!

    Maybe we’ll finally get the respect we deserve – but don’t hold your breath; I’m not!!!!!!!!!

  78. reality check

    There is no way this team can win the Europa League.

    Its not an Ability Vs. Ability thing. Yes our team probably has more ability than most of the teams in the Europa League.

    But do we have the bottle? Do we have the mental strength? Do we have the leaders? Do we stand tall in the face of adversity? Can we grind out results? Can our squad stay injury free during the fixture pile ups?

    F*** No!

    For us to ‘be bothered’ or ‘give a shit’

    To play at some of the most hostile unpleasant stadiums with shit pitches. Oh yeah I’ve been watching the Europa League, it does not. look. pretty.

    Ill jump off the fence right now and state, in my opinion, this is not fact, just opinion, as long as wenger is in charge, we will not win the Europa League. ill go one step further. We will not reach a Europa League Final.


  79. rollen

    No, no, no, no, no, I take a bigger perspective than that,’ Wenger said. ‘It’s not the last result that will decide what I will do. It will not necessarily be linked with the top four because I’ve done that 20 times. It’s more… it’s not that.

  80. TonyD

    Cesc Appeal
    Adam A

    Really enjoy your posts.

    As soon as I saw the pro-Wenger plane I thought that’s probably enough for Wenger & PR to spin the majority of fans are still behind Wenger, and we dissenters are only a small minority faction who know nothing about football or business.

    We’ll hear that Wenger has listened to the masses and signed for the next 2 years.

    Sir Chips will undoubtedly make a statement that the wishes of the true fans has been heard, and the club is in a financially sound position to move forward.

  81. peanuts&monkeys

    In my assessment, the BoD is helplessly insisting Wenger to sign for 2/3 more years. And, Wenger is playing a sacrificial saint from his ivory towers. The BoD is so inept and clueless, that if Wenger doesn’t sign they hav to go running to Kroenke and ask for new directions. Kroenke, on the other hand is completely hands-off from such a situation, and would simply want the promised profits from the CEO, which d CEO knows is nt possible if wenger leaves to avoid more shameless image being thrown at him by fans and some section of media. I’m more than certain this is the scene up there.

  82. steve

    This is what’s so pathetic. Wenger has “decided” that he wants to stay. He shouldn’t be allowed to decide anything regarding a new deal. He should be kicked on his ass out of the club.

  83. Elmo

    For anyone still mentioning the possibility of Wenger staying on as DoF, know that Guy Roux (the bloke who stayed at Auxerre for 53 years) decided to move ‘upstairs’ to the role of general manager at one point during his tenure. He decided after a year that it wasn’t for him, sacked the manager and took that job again himself. You just wouldn’t put that past Wenger if it presented an opportunity to survive.

    Wenger taking another role at the club would be like when Putin completed his first stint as president but immediately became prime minister. As long as he remains at the club in any capacity, all power will remain with him.

  84. rollen

    And with the wins in the Europa League and another serious tilt at the FA Cup next season they will cry you see the old boy has still got it,

    LOL You know nothing Jon Snow.
    Wenger will never win anything again – 100% fact

  85. rollen

    At this point anyone who attends the games for anything other than to protest is the enemy of the club in the long therm.
    Just like I predicted that we will not make top 4 this year. If Wenger is allowed to manage AFC next season we will be in relegation battle make no mistake.

  86. grooveydaddy

    now the d*ckhead’s gone and moved the goal posts again…

    CL qualification is not as important as it once was because of the extra TV money.

    utterly shameless and contemptible…

  87. TonyD

    So we have another year of misery?

    More poor panic transfers

    Will someone teach Wenger the meaning of the word ‘Introspection’

    Basically, the top tier clubs will have another year to progress while AFC slips further down the tables.

    Are the BoD and CEO really this inept in knowing what to do to put the club back on track?

    Guess they must be.

  88. Sid

    This is beyond disgusting. Arsenal is set to drop out from the top 4 and this bastard Wenger gets another contract? Arsenal have become a joke , big joke!!!

  89. Rambo Ramsey

    So ‘Judge me in May’ is no longer applicable, its now about ‘bigger perspective’ whatever the hell that means. Just like that ‘next level’ bs he came out with.

    Lol at all the deluded Muppets on here who thought he would resign if he falls out of top four. I keep telling you that the only way this shameless old fool leaves is if the board tell him to. Unfortunately they are shameless cunts themselves.

  90. Sid

    However, the biggest clue on his future may have come from West Brom manager Tony Pulis, who says Wenger told him he’s staying at the Emirates, according to reports.
    When asked if Pulis thought Wenger would stay, he said, “I’ll be surprised if he goes.”
    The Baggies boss added he knew that, “because he told me.”

    So this clown has already gone around telling everyone he will stay

  91. Jeff

    If it is to be one more year, I really don’t see the point of it. It’s just an excuse so that if things go slightly better next season, he’ll get another year and so on. The club will have been in limbo for 14 years just because of the sensitivities towards one old man. Unbelievable!

    It is clear to me now more than ever that dropping out of top four really doesn’t matter as I suspected all along.

  92. Steveyg87

    If this prick has the audacity to sign on, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my life, sure as fuck not gonna support his team. Keep the protest pressure on English homeys!

  93. underrated Coq

    Wow, just wow. Can’t believe how beyond f*cked up this club is.

    If change was what the hierarchy wanted, they couldn’t have asked for a better set of circumstances.

    Media attacking Wenger like never before, ongoing fan unrest-protests, banners, chants, planes what not, floundering results on the pitch to a degree never seen before, dressing room in shambles with a lot of players appearing to have given up….

    Everything aligned perfectly for the board to step in and put an end Wenger’s reign, if they wanted to. The decision isn’t tough, it doesn’t even require them to get their hands dirty because fans and players are doing it for them.

    Despite all this, if Wenger signs on for more, then what does it tell you about Stan Kroenke, Gazidis and the BoD? You have to fear for the future of this club, with or without Wenger.

    The board and any numpty who makes excuses for them, who deflects blame off them would deserve every bit of abuse that is reserved for the Wenger fans. You are no better than the AKB

  94. Leedsgunner

    Arsenal might not be a good football club anymore but is fast approaching being an absolute peach of a black comedy.

    If Arsene signs a new deal, will the last person leaving the Emirates turn off the lights…?

    What was the utter point of the Emirates if we can’t even compete with the likes of West Brom, Everton and Watford?

  95. Leedsgunner

    Giving Arsene a new deal is worse than not making a decision — it’s the Board being afraid to make one.

    When Tottenham finishes above us this year, you know what they’ll be singing

    “There’s only one Arsene Wenger.”

  96. Guernsey gun

    We are beyond a fucking joke if he signs up for any period. What’s he taking us to Thursday night football against Dynamo shitpit of Kazakhstan or whatever. Next season without Sanchez we are proper fucked mid table dross and If the current bunch of pussies get near the bottom…..

  97. Ishola70

    UC stating reality is not making excuses.

    You can cry yourself blue in the face all you want but both you and me know that this board and Kroenke/Gazidis would never sack Wenger even if the club drop out of the top four as we see now. They would just give the line that Wenger has failed just the once in so many years as Wenger has just done himself. Fans that are not blinded can see that this decline may not be remedied with Wenger staying on.

    The only way Wenger was going to leave was if there was a majority unrest and protest against him in the Emirates not just for one match but prolonged. Not away matches but in his own castle. It has not happened, It is very unlikely to happen on such a scale to see him leave. Gazidis laid down the gauntlet to the fans years ago. It hasn’t been taken up to anywhere near the extent to see him leave.

    Fans are now passing the buck. It’s just as disingenuous as one of Wenger’s post match pressers.

    This is the reality. Not excuse making.

  98. Ishola70

    And it’s naive beyond belief that people think the board didn’t have contingency plans for dropping out of top four with Wenger still in tow. They would have had plans for years for this sort of scenario and it is not even going to kill them in the pocket now with the extra EPL money.

    As someone else said they will just point to Manchester United and Chelsea recently missing out on Champions League and say if it can happen to them it can happen to us and is not the end of the world as we know it.

  99. TitsMcGee

    The only good part of him signing on would be seeing him eventually getting hounded out of the club after more capitulations next season because let’s face it, he’s got no answers.

    Players don’t just down tools on you and then you bring them back.

    You don’t go 13 seasons no EPL and then say “okay I’m motivated to win it now finally” and it actually happens. What has he been doing all these years? Biding his time?

  100. vicky

    Well, the board has provision on our balance sheet to cover for the financial loss should we not make to the CL for two consecutive seasons. Now lord Wenger will embark upon the mission to put us back where we belong to which is top 4 and ‘leave the club in a good position’ for the next manager taking over. The club is a real joke, it really is. While other clubs are trying to move forward, our standards are plummeting season after season. I am sure someone will come up with a pearler or two – ‘Chelsea won the league despite finishing mid table last season’, ‘CL money is not that important anymore now that the league is flush with TV money’ etc.

  101. Ishola70

    I can’t believe some of the pathetic lines I am reading in the press to justify him staying.

    There was one report saying that they noticed Wenger looked buoyant and determined in a recent training session and there and then they decided yes he is still our man.

    lol wtf.

  102. Leedsgunner

    Perhaps if Wenger is getting a new deal, as it now appears, Sir Chips should visit each season ticket holder in person and tell them why… After all it’s only fair, they will be the ones paying for it… NOT HIM.

  103. vicky

    Got to say Wenger is a quite a gutsy (read shameless) fella. It takes balls to show middle finger to not only fans and pundits but also the players he is managing. I don’t recall any manager continuing in the job despite losing the dressing room but Wenger looks like he is indeed untouchable.

  104. Ishola70

    I don’t think he has lost the dressing room Vicky. If he truly had he would be out of the door in an instant. That is how strong player power is at clubs now. Him signing on shows that he hasn’t lost the dressing room completely.

    They may be playing like twats atm but doesn’t mean to say they are in full revolt against Wenger.

  105. Leedsgunner

    Wenger will be getting a new deal — just so that club can boast about how classy we are. How loyal we are… because it’s the Arsenal way. Just to be different for the sake of being different and not because we have a vision or a purpose.

    There’s nothing classy about losing, making excuses and falling asleep every year.

    Why do we owe Wenger a living? What has done to merit a new contract?

  106. underrated Coq

    Ishola70, so what is your point exactly? I read through your essay and couldn’t find one. Then you have the cheek to accuse others of disingenuous.

    You are stating reality, are you? And what do you think the rest of us are writing?

    Wenger will want to stay for another 10 years, there, that’s another reality. You gonna shut up and accept that, are you?

    Nope, you want fans to protest. But you want others to accept our board’s uselessness as ‘reality’?

    Passing the buck, fuck me. Not only do we have to suffer the ineptitude of the worst BoD in football, we have to deal with utter planks like you who blame fans for not doing what is the board’s job.

  107. vicky


    players are not revolting against Wenger but I think there are at least 6-7 players who look discontent and can’t wait to leave. Alexis, Ozil, Perez, Ospina, Ballerin, Ox and possibly Ramsey as well are the ones who will be clamoring to leave in summer. I guess their attitude and behavior has rubbed off on other players leading to possibly deliberate underperformance from a section of our squad. We will see though what happens. If we keep losing over 70 percent of our remaining games, there will be little doubt left that behind the scenes things are not normal.

  108. Bermy boy

    His luck has finally run out this will be his worst finish ever to reflect how far he has fallen from grace.His desire to hang around past his due date to complete the unattainable goals(Champions League/EPL trophy)have been his undoing.Next year is a calamity in the making further chipping away at what once was a mountain of a reputation.This man will deliriously go down with this club “taking the fans with him”all the while proclaiming his undying love for all things Arsenal.

    The bitch part is

  109. TitsMcGee

    According to DT there have been fights and whatnot(apart from the Alexis incident) on the training ground.

  110. Ishola70

    But again UC you are living in a dreamland if you think this board would sack Wenger. There are no pointers at all to suggest that they would.

    He is like Frankenstein’s monster. This is what has been created.

    Of course everyone is massively frustrated but that does not mean to say that you lose reality of what could actually bring him down. And that is not this current board. Again reality.

    Who’s the plank here really? You are hoping against hope and searching for lost rainbows.

  111. Ishola70

    What would be the next step to try to get rid of this current set up?

    Full and complete revolt and protests against Kroenke and only Kroenke at The Emirates?

    The fans as a whole wouldn’t even be able to muster themselves enough to do that at The Emirates by the looks of things at the present time.

    Or perhaps they could. We’ll see.

  112. Rambo Ramsey

    Coq, Ishola outed himself as a Kroenke apologist days ago. You should have read the shit he was writing then.

    apparantely the decision is a footballing one and since Wenger is the only footballing man at Arsenal, he should fire himself.

    So Ishola blames Wenger, he blames the fans, he’ll blame anyone and everyone other than the board. Lmfao

  113. Thank you and goodnight

    I hope the cunt fucking croaks. Loathe the specialist in failure with a passion . Fucking turtle faced shit cunt of a manager. Fuck off do us all a favour and die

  114. Ishola70

    I blame them all RR but I have the sense to realise what avenue is the most realistic to see him gone.

    The most realistic ways to see him gone would have been for himself to realise that he he has no more to offer and call it a day himself. The other would be for the fans to completely revolt against him which hasn’t happened.

    The most unrealistic option would see this current board sack him.

    You can say they are all unrealistic but the board sacking him is to me the bottom of the list in likely scenarios.

  115. Rambo Ramsey

    Ishola, I have nothing to say to you if you truly believed the possibility of Arsene effing Wenga- well documented megalomaniac- firing himself was realistic.