First team coach all but confirms Wenger is staying. How utterly depressing.

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Was just going to let the Saturday post move to a Sunday one, but then I saw ENABLER Boro Primorac drop a beast in the Croatian press.

“Arsenal’s strength in the past 20 years has been Wenger. It is not all about results, but also business part of the club that matters.”

Arsene Wenger and his press lackey’s keep on dropping strawmen arguments and straight up falsehoods into the media.

‘We were the never the worst of the English clubs in the Champions League’

‘Top 4 is like a trophy’

‘Always nothing is good enough’

Now we have Boro marvelling at being a businessman and claiming football isn’t about just results.

Wrong, Boro.

Football is a totally results driven game. The two cannot be spliced. They are the same thing.

We are leaving £100m on the table because our results have not lived up to the standard of Manchester United. Real Madrid always strive to have the best results because they want the best commercial deals. There is literally no elite club in the world that isn’t striving for the best results.

Only an Arsenal coach could come out and talk about business. That is not his job. The fact our commercials trail our rivals is because our brand isn’t strong enough to demand the big dollars. Brand strength in football is usually related to success at a given point in time. It fades when you don’t win, which is why United are throwing bad money at the problem.

The fact this sort of attitude permeates the top management of our club really is a worry. The fact the owner and the management are constantly trying to reframe success to match whatever failure they’ve overseen is incredibly depressing not only for us as fans – but for the players who must also feel deflated at the old boys club Arsene is running.

There is no will to win, there is only a desire to survive. Arsenal are not about glory, they’re about self-preservation. Everyone is fattened up and suckling on the Arsene Wenger milk breast. Journalists writing books about their god. A CEO taking a salary so big, he can’t ever complain. Players feeding on a grossly over the top socialist wage structure. Fans too middle class and drowned in nostalgia to make things difficult. It’s never ending. The whole system is rigged against change and winning.

“Wenger isn’t considering leaving Arsenal,” (Boro)

Now it looks almost certain Wenger is going to sign on again. What’s to stop him doing another three years after that? What is going to force the clubs hand? How many great managers are we going to let pass us by?

Nathan e-mailed this sporting horror story to me a few weeks ago, it’s a big passage, but you need to read about it.

Connie Mack was synonymous with the Philadelphia Athletics. The team’s manager since its inception in 1901, Mack was the “Tall Tactician,” the “Spindly Strategist,” and the “Grand Old Man of Baseball.” In his fifty-year tenure (1901–50) at the helm of the A’s, Mack notched 3,582 victories, a total exceeded only by his 3,814 defeats. As time marched on, the losses mounted faster than the wins. When in 1943 the club experienced a 20-game losing streak, Mack expressed bewilderment and despair. “I can’t understand it,” he observed. “It would seem, under the very law of averages that we would get in a winning game somewhere.”

Fans vented their ire at the continual losing, and much of it was directed at Connie Mack. Letters to the A’s made clear the fans’ preferences. One declared, “Why doesn’t he [Connie] step down and give a younger man a chance?” Another wrote, “He should know the parade has passed him by.” Patrons clearly wanted Mack to go as the Athletics’ manager, and they linked the prospect of his departure to any chance the team would have to turn around its abysmal performance. 

The great drawback in having Connie Mack as both president and manager of the Athletics became increasingly apparent as the years passed. Only he could fire himself as manager, and he lingered on far too long in that unfulfilled quest for one more pennant-contending team.

Any other franchise would have let him go at some point during the seventeen years before 1950, a period during which the club finished in the first division only once. But Mack stubbornly held on, defying the wishes from within and outside the organization that he step aside as manager.

As the years passed, Connie Mack’s encroaching senility grew more pronounced. The deterioration in his mind was apparent by the mid-1940s, and the team suffered from his mental lapses. Poor trades, incorrect signals from the bench (the most obvious of which coaches would override), sudden acts of emotional rage, and lapses into bygone days during gametime (calling out for past players to pinch-hit) all contributed to the team’s woes on the field.

The abysmal 1950 season was the last straw. Sons Roy and Earle pressured Connie, then 87 years old, to give up his managerial role after the season. In the end he agreed, but reluctantly. “I’m not quitting because I’m getting old,” he said. “I’m quitting because I think people want me to.” 

Is this a taste of the future? 

Fan protest won’t move him. Terrible results won’t move him. His friends telling him it’s over won’t move him. A neglected family doesn’t phase him. It’s all about him.

Terrible results won’t move him. His friends telling him it’s over won’t move him. A neglected family doesn’t phase him. It’s all about him.

His friends telling him it’s over won’t move him. A neglected family doesn’t phase him. It’s all about him.

It’s all about him.

He doesn’t love the club as much as he loves himself.  He’s addicted to the power of the job and how that makes him feel. If he truly cared about Arsenal, he’d move on. He won’t though, he’s too wrapped up in his own mortality, status and fear of the next chapter.

So we all sit here and suffer. Elite mediocrity. A rich old man’s play thing.

How thoroughly depressing.

Right, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Mick Kartun

    Breaking news

    Arsene has made up his mind to continue with 2 more years.

    He will take the unbearable pressure and protests as a sign to prove to the eorld that his MENTAL STRENGTH motto is not bollocks and will fight to prove he has that and ready to take any kind resentment in forms of to duck flying shors or flying tomatoes.

    Thats the real challenge to me.

    Fuck you all WOBs, my Akbs the sons of my limp dicks are still the majority.

    See you next season.

  2. Lebgooner

    Have to agree with Loyika and Adam looks like he has signed, with results against him to announce. Was exepected all along.
    Dictators will never leave on their own free will, he is no exception.
    I predict he will stay on, have difficulty recruiting self respecting quality players, with terrible results following through well into next season as we know he will not change his methods.
    He will finally be sacked somewhere around Christmas, when Arsenal are fighting a relegation battle…

  3. Tomtom

    I feel sorry for the pro Wenger brigade, they must lead miserable mundane life’s if Wenger is seen as the future for this club.

  4. Tomtom

    What self respecting top player would join now?
    Surely the experience of Sanchez must send signals around the world that the club is a shambles

  5. BillikenGooner

    I expect a 3rd exodus of players this summer. That Cesc, RvP, Nasri team is looking better and better with each passing season.

  6. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @G…any other manager would have quietly signed on and business as usual. Not at Arsenal where Wenger is the show and his ego requires soothing at every opportunity. Oh well….

    Used to be that I would put on my Arsenal jacket when taking the dog out for a walk. Nowadays I go with a less warmer jacket and suffer the cold because trust me, nothing is worse than the cold comments I get for revealing myself of a supporter of a shitshow farce of a team that Wenger has made it.

  7. SpanishDave

    Looking at that corner our players just stood still and watched.
    They have had enough of him and loosing 5 out of 7 with Lincoln being one of the wins assays it all.
    Any self respecting manager would go , but Wenger has no respect, his little plan has gone tits up.
    Meanwhile the board get his contract ready .
    Our club is at an all time low

  8. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Mind you, I have no problems whatsoever declaring Wenger Out and the why to anyone. It’s too easy and obvious as to why. Whenever I encounter an AKB I just give them the “Really? Really?? Really???”.

  9. SpanishDave

    19 points behind Chelsea and he’s still the manager.
    He’s making himself a laughing stock and the club and supporters likewise.

  10. jwl

    Maybe Wenger delayed signing his new contract because Ozil and Sanchez are refusing to sign new contracts. How does it look to world class players out there, the type of player we need to buy to turn things around, if Arsenal renew Wenger contract while selling our two best known players?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger intended to sign new contract along with Ozil and Sanchez but now that our two best offensive players are refusing to renew, Arsenal are delaying announcement on Wenger because it is pretty embarrassing. Club need time to come up with new strategy to mollify fans.

  11. Adam A. Carbarundum

    You would love to believe that Arsenal are playing a charade where Wenger will leave and they already have a replacement signed and the future plan is already laid out and underway.

    You would love to believe….sigh

  12. Mick Kartun

    So my prediction at the start of season, 6th place.

    But by the current look of everton with same total points and man yoo will topple us tomorrow, no surprise we ended up 7th at end season with the upcoming matches of citeh, leicester, soton, stoke, man yoo, everton, and spuds away.

  13. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @JWL…there is likely truth in what you describe. Wenger does love the PR side of things, especíally his own sel-promotion.

    Say it a thousand times….Arsene Wenge has no shame whatsoever.

  14. Guns of Hackney

    If anyone here thinks Arsenal could do a Chelsea next year if Wenger does call it a day…relax. Chelsea were a much better side than us to begin with. We will 100% need to sit quiet for a year or two while the new chap cuts out the rot.

    There is another thing we should be wary of…if Arsene does leave, the board won’t. We’re all hoping for a tuchel or alegri or a Simone, but look at our board…geriatric old geezers who would have absolutely no idea who these manages are. No doubt they’ll be scouting Bobby Robson or Alf Ramsay…

    Wenger out. Now!!!

  15. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Curious as to Wenger’s excuse for Leicester reaching the CL quarters and his squad being humiliated? I’m sure it contains something on luck of the draw.

    This coming from the same manager who got schooled by Monaco a couple of years ago.

    It’s all about the spin!

  16. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger is the fulcrum of their ‘money is the success factor’ model. With wenger gone, that model will be gone too. The club will change to a results-driven one for good.

  17. Boomslang

    Next plane should be an F-15 going Sonic Boom over the Emirates. That should cause a heart attack, if you catch my drift.

  18. David Smith

    I know it’s a very long shot…..but is it possible Pedro may be partially right about Gazidis…..maybe Wenger in his arrogance will ask to stay, but the board may have seen enough at this stage to say no. We know he would have left if hull had won the cup, Wenger has said as much, things are a lot worse now.
    Stan may know nothing about football, but money is a different matter, why give an expensive contract to a man so steeped in decline, they may have to pay him off if they do keep him. Makes no sense at all.
    Especially as many of the players are not playing for him, and Stan will not sanction the money to replace too many.

  19. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Says a lot that supporters (pro and con Wenger) are going at each other. That doesn’t happen with teams who have few problems. The fact that this has become so visible now says plenty. There are serious problems at Arsenal. Wenger signing on is not going to change this at all, but rather will only magnify things towards pure toxicity.

  20. Adam A. Carbarundum

    You give Pedro far too much credit, David. He’s been smoked and mirrored by Gazidis’ ineptitude on the sole basis that Gazidis actually gave him a moment of his time once….once! For all that he espouses you will find Pedro to be a glamour king who seeks the spotlight every bit as much as Gazidis and Wenger. Loves his mirror would be an accurate reflection…not much different than 98% of people, truth be told.

  21. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Saying the above, I’m still appreciative that Pedro has provided an avenue to vent for normal stiffs like me. But he’s still a prima dona just the same.

  22. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I’m sure that if Pedro reads my last two posts he will consider banning me, but ask yourself this….If Wenger gave you 5 minutes of his time you’d say no? No, you would take it and come back saying “you know, he’s not a bad guy at all – perhaps I have to rethink things”. That’s you in a nutshell…hmmm, an opportunity to get ahead. Tell me I’m wrong?

    In the end you are a sellout like 98% of those before, during and after you. Tell me I’m wrong. Everything about you says it’s so.

  23. Guns of Hackney


    You seem to be having a one way argument with Peter.

    I was banned from here a couple of years ago…I can’t remember if I got a reason, but I suspect it was because I was 100% anti Wenger. Ironic now, but perhaps I didn’t contribute more.

    Anyway, just relax. Peter does a blog and writes about Arsenal. Something I can’t do, or you…or we’d both have blogs. Yes, Peter is pro Ivan (lord knows why) but let’s calm down and enjoy the blog.

    Hopefully we’re on the cusp of a new Arsenal era. Let’s see it in together.

  24. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So I ask….what if Spurs turn us over? What if Spurs finish above us for the first time in a What seems like a lifetime?

    Does it actually matter? Will it change anything? To me, if that is not incentive enough to get things going, then I guess they are destined for outright failure this season. Question is, what do the boys have, pride wise, left in them?

  25. izzo

    No chance of putting any run together. the whole team have downed tools. I can’t see them winning any games left. Most of the homes games are against tougher sides and the away games against bottom sides fighting to stay up and wouldn’t want to lose at home. I don’t understand some of you still talking about runs and beating City. Like are you ignoring the upcoming fixtures? Sheesh!This season has been the worst and it’s not suddenly going to get better. Stop being in denial. The season is over and they’re not playing to win games anymore because they don’t have it in them to put out a performance over 90 mins. Wenger better be announcing he’s done and fuck off back to France.

  26. Adam A. Carbarundum

    True true, GOH. Suppose I’m puzzled as to why he’s pro-Gazidis when everything the guy does shows nothing constructive, but rather submissive.

  27. Samir

    Let’s get Koeman in with Henry his assistant and Pires our director of football.

    Koeman can bring Lukaku with him and sort this shower of shit out tactically wise.

  28. Adam A. Carbarundum

    How much do we love AFC? Enough to in-fight each other I’d say. For those who believe this site is anti-AFC, I’d say total opposite. Those on this site care more than the AKBs. We want AFC to be the best and will settle for nothing else. End of….

  29. Samir

    Our remaining fixtures:
    Man City – Lose
    West Ham – Lose
    Crystal Palace – Win
    Middlesbrough – Draw
    Man. City (FA Cup) – Lose
    Tottenham – Lose
    Man United – Lose
    Stoke City – Lose
    Everton – Lose

  30. Dissenter

    Oxlade: “In the second half they came out with a different attitude and they pressed us higher and made it a lot harder for us. The second goal was a bit scrappy, and then again we’ve let ourselves down on a set-piece”
    “They defended well and made it difficult for us from then on.”

    They started the second half with 12 men and a specific plan.

  31. Adam A. Carbarundum

    From Boro’s statements it’s obvious that the current regime is living in the past and the future is anything but assured. Tough times ahead when you live in the past.

  32. Marko

    A respect Wenger plane? Is that really fucking necessary. Absolute joke of a fan base when you think about it. The manager gets a tiny bit of justified pressure and some twats take it upon themselves to hire a plane asking he be respected more. Honestly we fucking deserve everything that happens just like the people who voted for Trump you get what you deserve

  33. HillWood

    Le Cunt has never been under scrutiny like this before.
    I am fully expecting a full blown tantrum from him shortly

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The true fact of running the club like a bank is coming home to,roost ,
    The whole ethos about being a football club has been ignored by Arsenal FC

    Winning games means winning trophies .

    Let’s get back to basics sir chips

  35. ArseneisaFraud

    Adam A Carborundum

    We want AFC to be the best and will settle for nothing else. End of….

    Here! Here!

    That’s all we want. For the club to actually act like the elite club it purports to be.

  36. PieAFC

    The players are going through the motions. Some, if not all of them have seen the rollercoaster isn’t going to end.

    They must have lost faith in Wenger, the dressing room is all but split. Some must want change.

    Looked at Chelsea last year, payer power is at clubs. Especially with Leicester. Perhaps it’s the only way to even try force his hand. The club are never going to sack Wenger. Just hopefully force his hand and say this is his last season.

  37. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Watched Everton dismantle a pretender in Hull. Listened to the little smack of an analyst talk about a harsh Red Card and realized, hey these guys are but a goal down on Arsenal in the standings. Realizing this is little Everton taking it to Arsenal. And we are talking about a renewal of contract for the manager? WOW!

  38. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Delusional behaviour is what best describes Wenger. Regardless of decision, Wenger has achieved an untenable status.

  39. PieAFC

    Looking at our remaining fixtures. Wow, if something doesn’t happen soon we could be in real big trouble.

  40. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Will say this much, Ramsay has been playing like a wet sack of shit for far too long. As puzzling as it appears with not playing Perez, it’s more so why Wenger persists with Ramsay??? I’d rather go with a 7 year old who’s willing to run up and down the pitch than with Ramsay, who shows more often than not a total lack of desire and football acumen. Disgraceful!

  41. ArseneisaFraud

    If the BoD decide to allow AW to resign this will show the total disconnect that the club have with the reality of the situation. If this does happen, then The Arsenal is in real trouble.

  42. Wenker-wanger

    Surely this complete tosser and slimey fraud has not got the audacity to continue????
    What a monumental cnut he is.
    He is like the shit on your shoes that lingers even after you’ve cleaned them.
    More defeats and this weasel still hasn’t the decency to quit.
    Arsenal are a joke. West broms fans chanting wenger-in !.
    When he signs, you know without doubt that arsenal tc is arsenal financial company…its not a football club.
    Its a fckin disgrace

  43. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The fact that the majority of programs are featuring Arsenal tells you the dire situation at hand. The fact that some so-called pundits actually feel sorry for Wenger shows the apathy in an otherwise untenable situation. Anything other than Wenger declaring he is finished will result in an outright revolt. Wenger staying send a joke of a message to the football world.

    Only an outright moron and dreamer wants Wenger to stay. I should say only Gary Neville, an outright moron and dreamer wants Wenger to say. And I’m being kind to the moron.

  44. Ces1ne

    SamirMarch 18, 2017
    “Let’s get Koeman in with Henry his assistant and Pires our director of football.Koeman can bring Lukaku with him and sort this shower of shit out tactically wise.”

    Not a bad idea but I’d use Koemans “Dutchness”(?) to get Bergkamp the god back at our club……..if it’s in a DOF or training/specialist type role he/we wouldn’t have to worry about his flying issues bc most of his work would be done “in house”.
    Unfortunately I’m just not convinced Pires hasn’t been wengerized by now……spends a lot of time with the old geezer. Shame bc he’s 1 of my favorite players of all-time…….but then again, who didn’t love Pires??

  45. Wenker-wanger

    Adam, Neville, like rival fans want him to stay.
    Because the board is powerless with Wenger, its up to the fans, pundits and anyone else with an opinion.

  46. WestLondonGoon

    I thought something similar earlier this week, but a DoF would also be expected to fly round the world to secure transfer targets……step up Marc Overmars, DoF at Ajax.

    Bergkamp should definitely be involved on the football side.

  47. Majestic gooner

    To think he let Joel Campbell go out on loan after he put in a shift for us last season, wenger comes with a health warning for both players and fans, he destroys players careers, none of the player have improved in the past 5 seasons and I think the players want him gone because they know he is holding them back.

  48. Thank you and goodnight

    I reckon it was Sir Chips Keswick flying the ‘in Arsene we trust’ plane with gazidis as his navigator

  49. Wenker-wanger

    One of the worst arsenal performances Jamie redknapp has ever seen…..but he blamed the players!!!!!
    He said they let Wenger down.
    Take it deeper Jamie and analyse why they played poorly. And why they play poorly so often.
    More confirmation that some ex-players fail to see the fckin obvious.
    If you’re reading Jamie….the answer is that the players are clearly frustrated and have no belief in the as whole that is directing them on the pitch…..OR.. In football terms Wenger has lost the dressing room.

  50. reality check

    The players know whats up.

    Any uptick in form, the club will pounce at the chance to announce his renewal.

    The players saw what Chavs did last year with Jose. They have downed tools. Collectively, whether speaking about it directly or not, they have sabotaged the season and will continue to do so.

    They will remain whatever happens. You can’t fire a whole team, but you can suffocate the manager with Bad Results.

    Unfortunately though.. its not enough. I’ve been seeing rumours he’s got a couple transfer targets in mind.

    Remember Pedro told us last summer, A Madness! could be coming..

    Don’t be surprised if you see those kinds of storys again.. Griezmann Auba even Mbappe, who would be our MARTIAL type signing ect.

    No shade at Pedro, he just got fed the same lies alot of ITKs get fed with regards to Arsenal. I don’t know if he’s accepted that yes, rich old men lie. Probably thinks, nah they wouldn’t brazenly lie about things like this (the info given), that would be pathetic.

    Yes.. it would.

  51. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Let’s be clear….the players are not letting Wenger down. More truth in Wenger letting the players down, for several years now. He has often stated that he brings in players who know how to play with little direction. In other words, I’d rather not really be bothered than to actually pay them above standard wage. That should be enough….after all, they are professionals. Tell me I’m wrong?

  52. Adam A. Carbarundum

    What a great loss it will be to lose Sanchez. And no mistake, it will happen because of a manager who could not match a players ambition. Imagine that! All too true, sadly.

  53. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger staying now just demonstrates what this club is all about. The most important thing about arsenal fc is wenger….nothing matters except him.
    I hope the players demonstrate their disapproval further.
    If this cnut stays I hope we lose heavily every game.
    ultimately then this cnut will be hounded out.

  54. Ces1ne


    Agree 100%……knew Overmars was over there but didn’t realize he was in that role for them. If our ancient board could snatch him up it would be ideal & keep Bergkamp in an offensive coaching role at the club…….so many of the Dutch I would love to see at the club. From Bergkamp & to Overmars to Koeman & the de Boer brothers. A lot of potential coming from that nation at the moment & im not even Dutch ffs (Polish/German)

    Thoughts on Henry & what role????

  55. WestLondonGoon


    I had that conversation with someone earlier, we then went through the fixtures and decided that we could possibly end up with less than 60 points at the end of the season.

    We are on the fast train to shitsville.

    He is gone, finished as a manager, being beatwn by managers and teams that shouldn’t be anywhere near us. His position in the game now is that of an irrevelance; teams he puts out aren’t feared, instead they are routinely taken apart.

    He’s going to change is he? Change, how exactly? He’s already given contract extensions to players don’t deserve them, so how is he going to move forward when these players are clearly going to be holding the club back?

    The thought of him signing for further years could take us years to recover from. But we will.

  56. WestLondonGoon

    If anything, Henry should have a position coaching the forwards; stick to what he knows best.

    He should be nowhere near the manager’s job, whatever Josh Kroenke thinks.

  57. Ishola70

    That original cause of that second goal conceded was on Mustafi. He horribly misjudged a header and from there Arsenal were on the back foot defensively with panic ensuing.

    Another point must be made about Xhaka here. He had a decent game today and looked nice on the ball and the statto geeks will point to his pass completion rate in the match. But there is another problem here to add onto the already well documented problems he has off the ball. His style of play on the ball is slow. Not surprising as he is an all round slow player. He likes to ponder on the ball. The last thing Arsenal need is a player that slows down attacking play even more as teams already knew before the arrival of Xhaka is all you have to do against Arsenal is drop deep and let Arsenal pass the ball to death and you have half a chance. These long raking passes that was mentioned re: Xhaka and he is well capable of them will only occur as a small percentage wise in comparison to him passing the ball sideways, backwards and non-threatening short forward passes. That will be the ratio.

    Wenger did not think at all about this Xhaka signing. He went for the aesthetics of the player. Arsenal do not need any more pretty players. They need the opposite if anything. It’s just typical Wenger this signing of Xhaka.

  58. Wenker-wanger

    The champagne was hurriedly chilled tonight after hearing of the imminent announcement of Wenger.
    It would appear that I’ve misinterpreted the likely message in this announcement…….that’s according to what I’ve read here.
    The guys posting on here are usually astute and clued-up, so I will keep the bubbly on ice.
    Make no mistake, that bubbly will be consumed in 5 minutes when this sick dictator departs from THE ARSENAL.

  59. WrightIsGod

    I pride myself on body language and reading between the lines.

    Wenger is going to announce he’s leaving.

    It’s over.

  60. Ishola70

    Also it has to be said that Koscielny gets done over on an awful lot of headed aerial challenges for a named top class centre back.

    He is better as a moping up centre back around a more aerially dominant centre back partner.

    The partnership of Koscielny and Mustafi has unravelled as the season has gone on as not convincing at all. That is because neither of them dominate in one aspect of defending over another. What Wenger has now at the back are two footballing centre backs. Both Koscielny and Mustafi are comfortable on the ball. The partnership of Mertesacker in his first season at Arsenal with Koscielny was a better balance and overall better than the one we see now with Koscielny and Mustafi.

  61. WestLondonGoon

    Overmars has been DoF at Ajax for over 5 years now, before that he was youth coaching there whilst also on the supervising board of a smaller Dutch club.

    With his experience of the Ajax set up, plus spells at Barca and obviously for us, he would have the knowledge, contacts and experience to be perfect for the DoF role.

    I’m sure that he would jump at the chance to build something new at the Arsenal if offered.

    This is the kind of appointment that would bring me confidence that the club is trying to move forward with some prupose.

  62. Ishola70

    If Wenger set up as Chelsea or Spurs do defensively then the team would tighten up but Wenger flatly refuses such a notion. Goes against his footballing principles.

    What his footballing principles are continuing to produce are teams that will continually leak too many goals and and offensively very predictable in their play.

  63. Majestic gooner

    Why was mertersacker on the bench? Any manager worth his salt would have known what to expect from a tony pullis side, balls coming in the box and what does he do? He leaves a 6ft 7 defender on the bench.

  64. steve

    SamirMarch 18, 2017 19:04:33
    Our remaining fixtures:
    Man City – Lose
    West Ham – Lose
    Crystal Palace – Win
    Middlesbrough – Draw
    Man. City (FA Cup) – Lose
    Tottenham – Lose
    Man United – Lose
    Stoke City – Lose
    Everton – Lose


    You’re missing three league games in your fixture list.

  65. Tomtom

    I feel it’s a bad idea to have any ex players take over after Wenger leaves.
    Wenger has pretty much shit the bed at this stage and we need a whole new approach.
    It wouldn’t be fair to bring an ex player in.

  66. Wenker-wanger

    Too harsh on Wenger?
    Its so sad for Wenger earning 8.5 m a year.
    Get fckin real… He can retire tomorrow and do 100 things you can only dream of doing.
    The way some pathetic Wenger supporters regard him is nothing short of a god.
    When he goes the abuse will stop…..meaning its abuse thats only linked to his selfish demeanour and slow suffocation of THE ARSENAL

  67. Thank you and goodnight

    The wanker is clever. If the season really does go tits up he’ll blame the fact he didn’t sign earlier unsettling the players, so him signing again will be make him out to be some saviour coming to our rescue. And the akbs will lap it up pointing to season fergie announced his retirement only to backtrack as they struggled that year, and then say ‘then look what happened to utd they won everything’…….in short we’re fucked

  68. Tomtom

    If the second plane crashed I would walk over and wish the pilot a slow and painful death as I take a quick selfie to preserve the memory of the happy moment.

  69. ArseneisaFraud

    Phew Reliable Sauce… you had me wondering.

    Of course it’s NO.

    For one he won’t change he is stuck in his old ways and he is getting to an age where more often than not one stays entrenched in their views.

    And for seconds, if we give him another chance he won’t know what to do for the above reasons. He is finished as a top flight manager.

  70. BillikenGooner

    The whole world sees the reality… and yet there is still a contingent of fans that don’t see it.

    Delusion is a heck of a thing.

  71. Marko

    Not sure Overmars’s work at Ajax necessarily means that he’s a decent shout for DOF. I mean it’s their youth set up and scouting of young players that makes up the bulk of their squad. Obviously first we need a new manager but second someone like Monchi at Sevilla or the Juve lad we were linked with before would be a better shout. Zorc at Dortmund again another good shout. The lad at Villarreal and Leverkusen again another decent shout

  72. ArseneisaFraud

    And brainwashing. The club’s PR have been very good at spinning yarns. That’s why some AKB’s have been ‘conditioned’ and are so afraid of change.

  73. BillikenGooner

    All I can say is Bergkamp part of the club = success of the Wenger era. Bergkamp left = we are mediocre.

    Whether he played or was on the bench, I still say Wenger’s greatests successes are due to one man, and it’s not him. It’s Bergkamp.

  74. Marko

    Worth pointing out all well and good pointing out all these DOF’s at other clubs but as long as the manager is afraid of signings and dithers then it’s pointless. The buck stops at Wenger. It’s how he wanted it all these years and now it’s coming back to bite him in the arse

  75. BillikenGooner

    One more season?

    If he didn’t want to leave on a sour note, he should have left a few years ago after an FA Cup win. One more year will be ugly, because I see another exodus of players this summer and if we don’t make top 4 (hard to see us doing that), then we won’t get top quality replacements. He could leave as a mid table team by next summer. His reputation will be completely destroyed, if one doesn’t think it already… and the press and general public has buried him, it’s only a portion of the fanbase that still reveres him.

  76. ArseneisaFraud

    If that’s even remotely true, then the BoD have no clue what they are doing. That could make us miss out on Allegri for a start. Just pull the entire thing from under him as the longer he stays the worse it will become. Changes need to take place now otherwise this will just show how much lack of ambition the BoD really has.

  77. Ishola70

    Wenger better hope that Xhaka picks up some more bans if he even wants to even consider top four this season and he has no option but to play Mustafi as he only has a kiddie and a geriatric German as other options.

    Looking bleak for him.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m not saying he is a god
    I’m just saying does he deserve a chance to change ?
    Clear out his back room team regularly ?
    Personally to much water under bridge but we need to be fair here .

  79. ArseneisaFraud

    RSPC Arsenal

    Once again NO. You’re being too sentimental towards AW. It’s too late. He won’t understand the sheer amount of change that is needed and required for this to happen. It’s starts with the training methods… they need to be completely revamped to replace the compmetely outdated training methods that AW currently serves to the players (cf Jens lehmann story (a good while back now) of how he was looking surprised to see the same training that he had back in the days).

  80. Follow the money

    If Wenger really cared about Arsenal’s future he would have built an infrastructure like Chelsea’s who can swap managers like mad and remain competitive. What he did was the opposite, no DOF, no competent infrastructure, no assistant manager with another voice, he did this so the club would be entirely dependent on him so he could be mediocre and keep his job. I don’t care if he’s suffering he needs to go.

  81. reality check

    R.S.P.C. ArsenalMarch 18, 2017 23:07:23

    I’m not saying he is a god
    I’m just saying does he deserve a chance to change ?
    Clear out his back room team regularly ?
    Personally to much water under bridge but we need to be fair here.

    20years not long enough. 13 years not long enough. How long does it take to turn a relegation team into Champions?

  82. Dev.Gooner

    another disapointing weekend of Arsenal Football..

    Thank fuck, F1 is starting next weekend and I will be occupied by that. Hopefully, it’ll be a great season and not the Mercedes Borefest I have had to endure for the last three years.
    3-1 to West Brom. and it all happened within a mile from my house. Ahhhh 😀

    Can I start to imagine a life without Wenger or is that still a distant dream?

    I thought I should start to do my bit for #WengerOUT and I am writing my opinion as a personal blog. I’ve not enabled comments, simply because I won’t tolerate some idiot bashing me on my opinion. Its called Freedom of Speech, If they can have an opinion, I can have mine too. No need to bully others on their opinion because its different to your view.

    Anyway, if you agree, feel free to share. If you don’t agree, who the fuck cares.

    #NoNewContract #WengerOUT

  83. Follow the money

    This found on Untold LOL
    “Great performance from the lads and Mr Lord Wenger, couldn’t have asked for more. We would have won 10-0 if it hadn’t been for the corrupt officials, the media, Satan, and of course Elvis. Because for anyone who doesn’t already know, Elvis isn’t really dead, he’s still alive and heading up a massive secret underground anti-arsenal agenda.” Hahahaaaa

  84. Elmo

    In the unlikely case that he walks, he really is leaving behind a mess. Admittedly, first world problems compared to many other clubs and it’s a plum job (London based, high salary, money to spend, low expectations), but the two ‘global brand’ superstar players are going to leave for reduced fees (Sanchez, Ozil), the players the club spunked big on last summer as the intended future core of the team look to be busts (Xhaka, Mustafi), there are a large number of players entering the final year of their contract who can negotiate a Bosman in January (Sanchez, Ozil, Oxlade, Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs) and talented players are pushing to exit the club (Perez, Bellerin). In terms of managing the playing staff and contracts, it’s terrible.

    Every manager who is potentially interested will be asking, ‘Are Sanchez and Ozil staying?’ If the answer is no then Arsenal is a full rebuilding project rather than possibly being a quick turnaround candidate, and that will affect which managers are interested.

    Whatever happens, it will be better than what we have now and a first step towards fixing the club.

  85. ArseneisaFraud

    Follow the money

    Spot on!

    My feeling is that Nina Bracewell-Smith and Danny Fiszman both got swindled by AW by promising them that it was the best course of action to have a hands off owner than have Usmanov. Of course he was speaking for himself. Put himself in a position to do as he wishes as he is the only one with “footballing kowledge”.

  86. China

    The players were awful, but as well they haven’t been given any instructions at all

    Xhaka said 3 months after joining Arsenal that wenger had only briefly spoken to him twice

    So as poor as he is, it’s safe to say he would like a little more help than express yourself

    Good luck finding that at Arsenal

  87. steve

    “Xhaka said 3 months after joining Arsenal that wenger had only briefly spoken to him twice”


    Shocking stuff if true.

  88. China

    A small reminder that ox and welbeck have been getting bogged up as players to save or season recently

    Neither of these players looked like they’d walk into the starting lineup for west brown yesterday

    How the fuck are they good enough for Arsenal

  89. Bamford10

    One, absolutely “no” to another year of Wenger. Not in the least bit acceptable. He must go this summer, and the plane should fly at every game going forward until he has agreed to leave. As I mentioned earlier, fans should begin throwing shoes onto the field, shoes at Wenger. Drive the plague out.

    Two, RSPC, let’s just forget that you asked if Wenger might be able to change. Good dear God.

  90. TheBayingMob

    What was that cryptic shit he came out with?

    You might know in a while? Shows the arrogance and delusion of the man again, playing hide and seek with his decision. What an utter cunt.

    We all know he’s signed the extension, what a fucking silly old cunt. I’m not sure anyone really has the appetite for another two years of this shambles …

  91. David Smith

    I know he was a bit maligned as assistant coach……but get the impression Pat Rice was allowed much more of a voice than Steve Bould
    Don’t think those players hate him, but they certainly are not playing for him. The England rugby team didn’t hate Stuart Lancaster, but …yesterday aside, they play much better for Eddie Jones.
    Arsenals players need an Eddie Jones

  92. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Alexis ankle was banged up in the first half, yet he continued to play into the second half and Wenger knew his ankle was in a bad way. What kind of manager allows that to happen? Clearly one who has no control over his players. He’s totally lost the room if this story is true,

  93. David Smith

    It seems he gave into Alexis demands to carry on playing. Yes, that world renowned medic and sports science and medicine guru Alexis Sanchez
    If he has damaged a ligament, that is him done for the season. Ok McLean may have damaged a ligament….but….
    Shocking… wonder we have the worst injury record going. A manager out of control
    Wengers players injury record….and its cost is another reason why not only is he a busted flush, he is an expensive busted flush…..surely Stan understands that?

  94. Red&White4life

    “Xhaka said 3 months after joining Arsenal that wenger had only briefly spoken to him twice”

    Ah ah ah ah, of course it’s true!!
    2 more years of failure to come, stay tuned!!

  95. Red&White4life

    “RSPC, let’s just forget that you asked if Wenger might be able to change. Good dear God.”

    You mean “Good dear Arsène” ?? (lol)

  96. Dissenter

    If you believe Xhaka (and sincerely there’s no need to believe him because he’s daft) Wenger has only spoken to him a handful to times since he moved.

    That will mean Wenger has been communicating with him via media interviews because Wenger has had a lot of public commentary about Xhaka.

    I expect the Arsenal PR team to release still photographs of Wenger talking to Xhaka during Monday’s training session.

  97. Dissenter

    Managers are sacked when their players stop playing for them.
    I don’t believe Wenger can “lose” his dressing room because the players aren’t sophisticated enough to down tools.

    It’s just the monotony and repetition of doing the same failed training techniques as well as hearing the same tactical approaches that slowly drain enthusiasm.
    Successful managers find ways to break the drudgery by bringing in new assistant managers to inject freshness.
    Not Arsene, he’s surrounded himself with the same yes men for the past two decades.

  98. Ces1ne

    March 18, 2017 21:17:17
    “I had that conversation with someone earlier, we then went through the fixtures and decided that we could possibly end up with less than 60 points at the end of the season. We are on the fast train to shitsville. He is gone, finished as a manager, being beatwn by managers and teams that shouldn’t be anywhere near us. His position in the game now is that of an irrevelance; teams he puts out aren’t feared, instead they are routinely taken apart. He’s going to change is he? Change, how exactly? He’s already given contract extensions to players don’t deserve them, so how is he going to move forward when these players are clearly going to be holding the club back?The thought of him signing for further years could take us years to recover from. But we will.”

    Um, I think u mixed up reactions or posters there homie…….no need to tell me about any of the above bc it’s obvious. Ffs, I talk about more non Arsenal players/managers than I do about our own club on here at this point unfortunately. Everything about us is the definition of “stale” …………….no hope until wengers gone.
    Only thing I was talking about was getting some of these impressive younger Dutch cats involved at our club, not wenger staying or “changing”. I don’t really know how that got misconstrued in my reply to u bc I’ve always said that old geezers gotta go ASAP.

  99. Ces1ne

    Someone mentioned it a few days ago…….talking about other clubs/players has become more exciting & interesting than our own. If it was possible to make a subforum on LeGrove to chat about non-Arsenal b.s. until grandpa leaves it would be amazing. There are quite a few posters on here with insight outside of not only the wenger bullshit but also outside of English football. While I’ve always been a bit of a football addict,these last 5-6 seasons has made me pay attention to other leagues/teams/players way more than before bc of how stale it is at our club. The love for Arsenal is still there but the passion has dwindled thanks to wenger & our “Groundhog Years” (wengers sequel to the Bill Murray classic “Groundhog Day”)

  100. Emiratesstroller

    Yet another shocking performance. The odds of our qualifying for Champions League is now almost zero and there is a growing likelihood that we could
    finish the season mid table the way we are playing.

    Our defence is shocking. There is no discipline, a lack of concentration and a
    concern that at almost every corner and set piece we are going to be beaten in the air. Yet we persist with the same zonal marking that we have adopted and been criticised over many years.

    Messrs Mustafi,Bellerin and Monreal spent far too much of the game upfield
    and also left us exposed to counterattack.

    As I pointed out before Christmas the midfield in absence of Cazorla is also as
    weak as I have seen in the past 20 years. For me playing there is a lack of quality and craft in the squad.

    You can also factor in that it is now clear that both Sanchez and Ozil will be on
    their way out of the club at the end of season. The chances of them signing a
    new contract is zero.

    We have a club in CRISIS, because it is patently obvious that the owner, board and CEO are collectively unwilling to do anything to resolve the situation.

    The club needs to make what is a difficult but necessary decision and get rid of the Manager and Coaching staff. I don’t think that there is another club in EPL or another major league in Europe who would not be now considering sacking them or at least planning for their departure in the summer.

    Failure to react before the 1st June will result in wholesale departures of season ticket holders. There is already clear evidence that many regulars are no
    longer turning up to games at least in seats around me.

  101. Chris

    Hey Guys…my first time here.

    The problem I see is Wenger will give you an analysis of a lost game that’s not in anyway connected to the fact that the form of the team stinks. If we win against City, he will forget all this and sing about how the team is putting up a fight. I find it so absurd that we can have 78% possession and shoot twice at goal the entire match, u wonder…what do they do in training?? I pray for a day when…all the arsenal supporters agree to boycott watching the games and let them play without a single supporter….then they will realise serious the issue is. but waiting to flash out a few placards saying the same old Wenger out stuff, a few hundred people matching, a plane flying over saying no new contract…sounds familiar, no? we’ve been here before people, we need that stadium empty!!

  102. Emiratesstroller

    When you watch Arsenal there is no leadership or passion [apart from Sanchez] both on and off the field. The club is rudderless.

    I don’t see also much communication between Wenger and the players.

  103. Leedsgunner

    At the rate the only set of fans who want him to go will be us. Everyone else wants him to stay!

    The final humiliation of that will be if Spurs fans start singing that to him…

    It’s not going to be pretty.

  104. Jeff

    One of the problems that Wenger has is that he doesn’t want to go out on a miserable low. He doesn’t want to leave a “failure” because that will imply he’s running away which he prides himself he can never do. So in my view, even if it looks like we might drop out of top four, strange as it might seem, that will give him even more incentive to stay so he can “put it right”. We might see confirmation that he will stay on before it becomes too obvious that we’re not going to make top four and they will use the dire situation as an excuse to announce it on the pretext that it will settle the players down and make them play with more heart etc. etc.

    As for his post match interviews, I wouldn’t read too much into those because his demeanour immediately after a damaging loss like yesterday is always one of forlorn hopelessness. But after a few days he’s there in the press conference with the usual smiles and smirks as though nothing had happened. He calls that “mental strength”. I call it “mental breakdown” but there we are.

  105. underrated Coq

    The end is nigh for Arsene. Its clear as day that the players are following the same blueprint that we saw at Chelsea last season and Leicester this.

    The BoD and Wenger himself can ignore the protests of the fans, they can ignore the dissenting voices of the media, but it is impossible to ignore the feelings of the playing staff.

    Our manager thinks he’s untouchable because the board back him. He’s in for a surprise when they make their decision on who they’d rather lose: 8-10 of the players or one manager.

  106. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The board are afraid of change, underrated. In the end it’s about money and Wenger has proven time and again to be a money maker. This is new territory for them, not bringing in money via usual methods as it appears more and more likely that they will miss out on Top 4 and perhaps Top 6. This day was inevitable, but the board never planned for it and it shows in their behaviour. Looks good on them.

  107. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Rumours making the rounds that Wenger will sign a one year deal. Like that’s going to somehow improve anything?

  108. peanuts&monkeys

    Gazidis has be sacked along with the manager. Coz, Kroenke ultimately ha to get someone who can manage the money part of his business, assuming no football manager except Wenger knows or likes to do that.

    That way, gazidis is under great pressure too. His faking-as-a-ceo days are almost over.