First team coach all but confirms Wenger is staying. How utterly depressing.

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Was just going to let the Saturday post move to a Sunday one, but then I saw ENABLER Boro Primorac drop a beast in the Croatian press.

“Arsenal’s strength in the past 20 years has been Wenger. It is not all about results, but also business part of the club that matters.”

Arsene Wenger and his press lackey’s keep on dropping strawmen arguments and straight up falsehoods into the media.

‘We were the never the worst of the English clubs in the Champions League’

‘Top 4 is like a trophy’

‘Always nothing is good enough’

Now we have Boro marvelling at being a businessman and claiming football isn’t about just results.

Wrong, Boro.

Football is a totally results driven game. The two cannot be spliced. They are the same thing.

We are leaving £100m on the table because our results have not lived up to the standard of Manchester United. Real Madrid always strive to have the best results because they want the best commercial deals. There is literally no elite club in the world that isn’t striving for the best results.

Only an Arsenal coach could come out and talk about business. That is not his job. The fact our commercials trail our rivals is because our brand isn’t strong enough to demand the big dollars. Brand strength in football is usually related to success at a given point in time. It fades when you don’t win, which is why United are throwing bad money at the problem.

The fact this sort of attitude permeates the top management of our club really is a worry. The fact the owner and the management are constantly trying to reframe success to match whatever failure they’ve overseen is incredibly depressing not only for us as fans – but for the players who must also feel deflated at the old boys club Arsene is running.

There is no will to win, there is only a desire to survive. Arsenal are not about glory, they’re about self-preservation. Everyone is fattened up and suckling on the Arsene Wenger milk breast. Journalists writing books about their god. A CEO taking a salary so big, he can’t ever complain. Players feeding on a grossly over the top socialist wage structure. Fans too middle class and drowned in nostalgia to make things difficult. It’s never ending. The whole system is rigged against change and winning.

“Wenger isn’t considering leaving Arsenal,” (Boro)

Now it looks almost certain Wenger is going to sign on again. What’s to stop him doing another three years after that? What is going to force the clubs hand? How many great managers are we going to let pass us by?

Nathan e-mailed this sporting horror story to me a few weeks ago, it’s a big passage, but you need to read about it.

Connie Mack was synonymous with the Philadelphia Athletics. The team’s manager since its inception in 1901, Mack was the “Tall Tactician,” the “Spindly Strategist,” and the “Grand Old Man of Baseball.” In his fifty-year tenure (1901–50) at the helm of the A’s, Mack notched 3,582 victories, a total exceeded only by his 3,814 defeats. As time marched on, the losses mounted faster than the wins. When in 1943 the club experienced a 20-game losing streak, Mack expressed bewilderment and despair. “I can’t understand it,” he observed. “It would seem, under the very law of averages that we would get in a winning game somewhere.”

Fans vented their ire at the continual losing, and much of it was directed at Connie Mack. Letters to the A’s made clear the fans’ preferences. One declared, “Why doesn’t he [Connie] step down and give a younger man a chance?” Another wrote, “He should know the parade has passed him by.” Patrons clearly wanted Mack to go as the Athletics’ manager, and they linked the prospect of his departure to any chance the team would have to turn around its abysmal performance. 

The great drawback in having Connie Mack as both president and manager of the Athletics became increasingly apparent as the years passed. Only he could fire himself as manager, and he lingered on far too long in that unfulfilled quest for one more pennant-contending team.

Any other franchise would have let him go at some point during the seventeen years before 1950, a period during which the club finished in the first division only once. But Mack stubbornly held on, defying the wishes from within and outside the organization that he step aside as manager.

As the years passed, Connie Mack’s encroaching senility grew more pronounced. The deterioration in his mind was apparent by the mid-1940s, and the team suffered from his mental lapses. Poor trades, incorrect signals from the bench (the most obvious of which coaches would override), sudden acts of emotional rage, and lapses into bygone days during gametime (calling out for past players to pinch-hit) all contributed to the team’s woes on the field.

The abysmal 1950 season was the last straw. Sons Roy and Earle pressured Connie, then 87 years old, to give up his managerial role after the season. In the end he agreed, but reluctantly. “I’m not quitting because I’m getting old,” he said. “I’m quitting because I think people want me to.” 

Is this a taste of the future? 

Fan protest won’t move him. Terrible results won’t move him. His friends telling him it’s over won’t move him. A neglected family doesn’t phase him. It’s all about him.

Terrible results won’t move him. His friends telling him it’s over won’t move him. A neglected family doesn’t phase him. It’s all about him.

His friends telling him it’s over won’t move him. A neglected family doesn’t phase him. It’s all about him.

It’s all about him.

He doesn’t love the club as much as he loves himself.  He’s addicted to the power of the job and how that makes him feel. If he truly cared about Arsenal, he’d move on. He won’t though, he’s too wrapped up in his own mortality, status and fear of the next chapter.

So we all sit here and suffer. Elite mediocrity. A rich old man’s play thing.

How thoroughly depressing.

Right, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Bamford10

    Wenger has just said: “4 defeats in 5 is very worrying. We have a hell of a task now to fight back.”

    As I said above, he has no idea what is going on right in front of him, no idea what he is seeing.

    He’ll have to be led away by security and men in white coats.

  2. InsideRight

    Fuck’s sake.

    Look at that corner set piece. Ball watching all over the shop. No one looking at the WBA players who get a free run.

  3. ArseneisaFraud

    Re AW post match interview: I’ve never seen AW waffle so much and sounds really uncomfortable. It’s as if he doesn’t know what to say…

  4. Bamford10

    “West Brom fully deserve this fine victory. They did a number on Arsenal, with Craig Dawson scoring two identical goals from corners. There was more to it than that, though, with the usual organised defending and some high-class counter-attacking prompted by the left foot of Chris Brunt. Arsenal’s performance aped that of Alexis Sanchez: lively in the first half, empty in the second.” – Guardian Live Blog

  5. Alan

    Wow. The picture for the final set piece goal is shocking. 3 WBA players attacking the ball while Arsenal players ALL watch. Ox looks like he’s just walking his dog.

  6. LeMassiveCoq

    I think this post match analysis makes it quite clear the players have given up. He’s lost the dressing room.

  7. Dissenter

    I’m astounded that some clowns here keep giving Oxlade a free pass because he has a shell-shocked look after the game or because he went to applaud the fans.
    He was dismal today.

  8. WestLondonGoon

    If he signs now, there will be a queue of players slapping in transfer requests; so clear he’s lost them.

  9. Thank you and goodnight

    Hahahahaha Wenger humiliated by pulis hahahahaha still the cretins back him. I said here a couple of weeks ago and I was told it wouldn’t happen. But with wenger staying on for another 2 years and half our team wanting out, we will be relegated without a doubt.

  10. Paulinho

    Bamford – There was absolutely nothing about the post-match that indicated any more apathy from the players that wasn’t there six years ago.

  11. Bamford10

    Also, those saying that Wenger will find a way to finish fourth just like he does every season, did that look like a team today in the second that will find a way to get results? Did that look like the Arsenal team that always manages? I don’t think so. I think something has changed, something has broken within the camp.

  12. Dissenter

    We have been dismal for most of the season
    The two games against Burnley
    The home game against Southampton
    The lucky draw at Old Trawford
    We’ve had this coming for a while.

  13. Bamford10


    What about the second half performance? Level of effort, etc.? I think you’re working really hard to hold to the idea that nothing is at all different from previous seasons.

    You may be right that he’ll survive or that we’ll survive, but I think you’re being a little blinkered re the situation.

  14. Hitman

    Make no mistake. This club is in decline.

    Repeat in decline. No point denying it any longer.
    Aim for mediocrity, get underperformance.
    Wont finish higher than 6th or 7th. But long term its going to get worse.

  15. InsideRight

    Redknapp uses the “who are you going to replace him with?” line.

    But finally admits that having “been Wenger’s biggest fan” that Arsenal needs a change.

    The worm that couldn’t turn is starting to give way.

  16. Bamford10

    Leicester up 2-0 seven minutes in. Mahrez has scored more goals in last few games than he did in the first 22 under Ranieri.

    Be careful about changing managers. 😉

  17. WestLondonGoon


    Looks more of a ‘I’m staing so fuck you.’ This is going to get vicious. He signs and we carry on the season like this, there is going to be carnage.

  18. Bamford10

    “Just days ago AW insisted his mind was not made up. Now he says he knows what he will do. It’s surely over.” – @gunnerblog

  19. Dissenter

    Ospina didn’t stand a chance.
    I just saw that third headed goal again.
    There were five Westbrom players, three went for the ball with no Arsenal player defending it and one was taking Ospina out. “The fifth was carrying a Wenger-in banner”

  20. Evan

    “Redknapp uses the “who are you going to replace him with?” line.”

    Hopefully not your dad you stupid cunt (aimed at Jamie not InsideRight :-)

  21. WestLondonGoon

    1 point above Utd having played a game more, equal with Evertonwho have played 2 more than us.

    Is there a 7th place trophy?

  22. MrT

    Arsenal fans are being held hostage! Westbrom out played and out defended against us. Their attacks were so assured and while we kept sending in ineffective crosses. What a joke. Wenger should just go!

  23. InsideRight

    Thierry Herry talks about Wenger’s brilliant legacy. Yet only the first third of Wenger’s Arsenal career was good. The last two thirds have been managed decline as he runs out of ideas, refuses to change from an approach he had 20 years ago and has recruited sub standard players to build an unbalanced side that is set up to fail.

    13 years of mediocre going through the motions. 4th place being seen as a success while not being in touching distance of the title winners. That’s not a brilliant legacy. That’s getting paid a bigger and bigger salary for doing less and less relative to our rivals.

  24. Dissenter

    Every manager will praise Wenger then casually best him in the football game.

    They are all laughing at us now.
    I can’t se this squad beating anybody easily.
    We are in a relegation form at the moment. The silly board of septuagenarians don’t have a clue.

  25. Paulinho

    Bamford – There was nothing any different than usual when we play a decent side. We get exposed quality wise and mentality-wise. We lost at West Brom last season as well.

    I’ve always maintained that we would get worse with every passing year that Wenger is in charge – regardless of money spent – because he’s a cancer on the club, so the cracks are getting larger, however I simply believe Wenger is far too arrogant and deluded to ever do the honourable thing.

    If he does step down, then I will admit he has more honour than I thought and will gladly hold my hands up. What I think will happen is we will finish between fourth-sixth, announce a few pre-signed players, and he will fool everyone – once again – that he has a plan for the future by hinting at clear outs and a revamp.

  26. Arsene's Nurse

    March 18, 2017 15:12:23

    “Redknapp uses the “who are you going to replace him with?” line.”

    Hopefully not your dad you stupid cunt (aimed at Jamie not InsideRight :-)
    InsideRight’s old man couldn’t do a worse job than Wenger at the moment. Get him in for the rest of the season!

  27. Berg

    That conference is fuck you im staying. It will be announced before our next game as he knows things will get worse

  28. izzo

    Who is that clown saying Leicester would still go down? Hate Vardy all you want but they are champions and they are back in that mode and will climb up the table while beating Arsenal in the process.

  29. InsideRight

    @ Evan

    “Hopefully not your dad you stupid cunt (aimed at Jamie not InsideRight :-)”

    My old man is dead mate, but would still do a better job than Wenger. A passionate Gunner all his life he will be turning in his grave at this shit show.

  30. Paulinho

    Wenger will change his mind again in the next conference and the definition of what ‘soon’ actually means in regards to his future.

    People give that idiot’s words far more credibility than they should. Post-match you get more definite answers from Wenger because he is chastened and ego is dented, but when the dust has settled he goes back to being vague and ambiguous, and more annoyingly, arrogant.

  31. Rambo Ramsey

    No other club, forget top club, would tolerate this. Fuck you Stan Kroenke and the rest of the donkeys in the boardroom. How much worse does it have to get before you do your job? Pieces of shit!

  32. Evan

    @InsideRight, thank goodness I was talking about Harry.

    Regarding the YouTube interview, Arsene is not leaving not a chance in hell.

    How can i be more excited about Arsenal fan TV reaction, than the actual game? These are sad days

  33. WestLondonGoon

    If ever Gazidis needed to find any credibility as a CEO, now would be the time to withdraw the contract on offer because giving him another 2 years would be announcing that we are basically giving up as a club.

    Would love to see what Usmanov thinks of all this, surely if he doesn’t agree with the direction the club are heading, even if he can’t influence the decision directly, he could be asking some vital questions of the board.

  34. WrightIsGod

    Wenger’s post match press conference was interesting. Said he knows what he is going to do and we will all know very soon.


  35. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Ramsey put on a master class of set piece defending on the third goal. Either Wenger has failed miserably to get the most out of Ramsey or Ramsey truly is as clueless and useless as he convincingly shows. I’m more of the belief that with a better manager, a real manager, Ramsey is a better player despite his shortcomings.

  36. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The only area that Wenger now truly outdoes other managers is in making excuses for pitiful performances. No one else is even close, let alone in the same league!

    Only Wenger can escape the chains of abject failure over and over. Makes Houdini look like a 5 year old trying out a magic trick for the first time.

  37. Globalgunner

    @Adam a
    Even Goonersaurus would be a better mascot under a different manager. We are just wallowing in Wenger`s ineptitude

  38. Vote leave

    God you lot are loving it aren’t you?

    Call yourself fans yet drooling with glee at another loss
    If we do change manager and still lose will you be so fucking disgustingly gleeful?
    You cannot truly enjoy this if you are an arsenal fan

  39. gonsterous

    jaime careagher and Gary nedville have lived to regret their words.. lol.. they really r the dogs bollocks

  40. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The biggest problem is that we all know Wenger will stay on. We know it and he knows it. The most pathetic part of this is that he will drag it out to punish those who oppose him as a revenge. Can’t say I feel sorry for anyone…you get the team you deserve and manager you deserve.

    It’s always been in the supporters hands. Stop spending money on the team and stop going to games. It really is that easy, yet it remains the most difficult thing to do.

    In the end you have no one to blame but yourselves, me included.

  41. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @vote leave…I think you are looking for Untold Arsenal. You appear to be on the wrong side. Gluttons for punishment, otherwise known as Lemmings, reside there.

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    Vote leave

    Yep I’m loving the fact the specialist in failure is showing just how clueless and average he’s been all along and making akbs like you look like mugs. In fact I’m loving it so much I have to confess that I came a little in my pants. Fuck you and all the akbs. Sooner he goes sooner you know nothing twats fuck off with him

  43. Carts

    Sky should drag Roy Keane into the studio sometimes.

    He’s about as straight talking as they come. No beaten around the bush, just straight to the point.

    When this come to a crescendo I fully expect the blame to be focuses solely at Wenger’s feet.

    We can aportion blame to Kroneke and Gaz’ by that hasn’t nothing to do with the team, more their lack of asshole at not indicting Wenger

  44. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal are like a drunken husband who hates his life…goes to the pub, gets drunk and comes home and kicks the pet/wife about.

    We as fans have a duty to protect Arsenal. That means we all have to do out bit for the future of the club.

    We will all be here after Wenger. Remember that.

  45. gonsterous

    at least some of the akbs will clear out of this blog for a day or two now.. goodbye welbeciio (or how it’s spelt)

  46. Jeff

    I think that they would have announced the new contract sometime ago if we were 2nd or 3rd in the league. However with 11 games still to go, if they announce it now there would be the most outrageous acrimony at every game. Post match interviews would ask him the most awkward questions and it would descend into a circus. To avoid or lessen that, the later they leave it the better it is for Arsene. That, I believe, is the main reason for the delay.

    On a different note and even though all my logic and reading of the situation tells me he’s staying, if a miracle did happen and he left, it would be the biggest and the sweetest humble pie I’d happily consume and queue up for seconds. But alas, it’s nothing more than wishful thinking.

  47. Leedsgunner

    Am I enjoying Arsenal losing? No!

    Am I looking forward to Wenger leaving? Yes!


  48. WrightIsGod

    Don’t worry people Wenger is a goner.

    That post game press conference looks like Wenger knows the game is done for him.

    He will announce he is leaving .

    I would have preferred he did a Kevin Keegan and just announced it into camera after game but whatever…

  49. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I take zero pleasure in Arsenal losing. Fact is though that if it means that Wenger looks the pillock of mediocrity then that is how it must be.

    No mistake, Wenger is going to punish the naysayers by simply being himself. May as well heap humiliation on the sorry looking bastard as often as possible. In the end it’s his legacy and his that he continues to destroy.

    Damn moron is so smart that he’s plumb stupid!

  50. Vote leave

    The man went a season Unbeaten
    Hardly knows nothing
    Only parlour and keown and bergkamp were inherited. The rest was his team under his instructions

    Now he’s about to announce a new contract so chew on that for a moment.
    No true arsenal fan wants arsenal to lose like this.
    What a childish thing to say
    Fuck off to untold
    What is this? Your pissy little bitch club where you piss and bitch like little anus lickers.

    Must have real interesting lives

  51. Vote leave


    He went a season unbeaten
    He put together the best side the league has ever had.
    Hardly mediocre
    I agree it’s time for a change but fuck me, you lot are actually seriously enjoying our loss today
    Then calling anyone who wants us to win “cunts”

  52. Thank you and goodnight

    Funny thing is those cunts who paid for the in Arsene we trust were made to look even bigger clueless cunts than normal. 17 points off top after 100 million spent and the cocks trust him hshshahshshaha

  53. Vote leave


    Big mouth on your laptop aren’t you? Bet you’re living in your mums basement, masturbating all day aren’t ya?
    Got a job yet?

    Either way wenger has signed on for another two years and you fucking know it.
    Suck my balls and deal with that

  54. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Stop living in the past @voteleave! Is that the best you can come up with?

    You are very much part of the problem. You reference things that happened over a decade ago. Players from then have children that are playing today for crying out loud. How old are you? Only a child or feeble minded adult would resort to the nonsense you spout.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger has said he will reveal his plans soon, but not during the international break.

    That means he is staying then, without doubt. If he was leaving, the international break would probably be the best time to announce it, let it settle in, regroup, be away from the spotlight for a while and then come back with the mood having changed.

    ‘Very soon’ literally means after the next good result, or couple of results. If we beat City at home, you can expect it to be announced.

  56. Relieable Sauce

    Apparently Wenger has said – he has made a decision – and that he has – not yet informed the club.

    Sounds fairly genuine – though I’ve not heard it myself.

    Chips and co must be really nervous….Wenger says he’ll let us all know very sooon!…
    So Excited!!!…

  57. kc

    Every loss is another nail in the coffin. Love watching Wenger’s empire crumble to the ground, but watching the Akb’s lose their shit is even better. Referring to WOBs as bad fans is all they’ve got left now that the excuses for Wenger have run out.

  58. Thank you and goodnight

    @Vote Leave

    Bigger And harder than any akb will ever be. As for masturbating everyday, id be lying if I denied it. And yes I have a real job unlike you holding wenger’s balls so they don’t swing. 2 more years deal with it.. …..i will, cheering against us until the day that French cunt fucks off and takes you lot with him and Arsenal becomes Arsenal FC again as opposed to arsene fc

  59. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Imagine how difficult it will be for Wenger to announce he is staying if the team continue their malaise. What Wenger is hoping for is a run of good results so that the announcement will be more welcomed.

    Problem right now for Wenger is that apparently his players have not been given the script.

    As with the AKBs, I’m all for the status quo. Would you like me to explain that for you, voteleave? Being as feeble minded as you come off surely poses a continued challenge.

  60. Carts


    Do you reckon he’ll announce it when we pull a 4 game- flat track bully- run together or end of season regardless of where we finish?

  61. £8,000,000

    I suppose when you earn £8,000,000 + a year , paying for a plane to trail your own ‘respect aw’ banner over the hawthorns is absolute peanuts.

  62. Andy

    Which Arsenal player would get into the Chelsea team? Kos maybe, keep hearing we have the best team/squad, do we?

  63. Vote leave

    Yeah course he’s staying

    Cheering for your team to lose and for what? He stays on anyway…..
    All you lot do is piss us real fans off

    Like I said, I think he should go but I don’t agree with the abuse he’s getting, cheering for your own team to lose or calling anyone who points that out “cunts”.
    Thing is, if he won the league you’d all be fucking fuming.
    That’s not really a supporter

  64. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Wenger is a smart enough guy…and a shameless one at that. I don’t put anything past him when it comes to insane excusery and truth manipulation.

  65. S Asoa

    No let up folks

    F. O. Wenger
    Sticky Leach
    Prostitute for 8.5 million

    Get ready for next week .
    Test your aim

    whoever gets a hit. ( tomatoes, eggs, pies, shoes ,all qualify )

  66. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @vote leave…Ever hear of What Have You Done For Me Lately? Claudio Ranieri certainly has. Wenger has been given the the freest of rides and in my estimation, goodwill afforded is up. He is owed no such kindness any longer, not with his behaviour and attitude towards supporters.

  67. BigLee

    Maybe I’m grasping at straws, by I thought that the “….You will see.” comment was interesting. Does it mean, “you will see how good you had it”, “you will see how difficult it is to manage Arsenal”, “you will see how good I was”, etc.? Could this be the clue that he is, in fact, leaving?

  68. London gunner

    Wallace how’s master wenger’s arsenal fairing?

    Still think there aren’t any managers in the entire globe who could have down a better job against West Brom, who cousins have prepared the team any better?

    What’s pretty daming was wenger’s own words “we play the same system every single time”. Glorious use of tactics there.

  69. Ashley

    Scary thing is , we’re shit ,our best player is leaving , we’re going to drop out of the top 4 , won’t be able to attract the players we need and that mad man is going to stay for another 2 years …. what is going on at Arsenal , it’s the craziest shit , what modern day club keeps someone who wins them fuck all and pays them 8 mill a year then offers them even more to stay !!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Vote leave


    Course you do…..serving up burgers and stacking shelves.
    Time to get a real job boy
    Get your big boy clothes on and get out of mummy’s basement.

    No sane adult cheers against their own team. I don’t care what your reasons are
    It’s fucking juvenile
    For that reason I can only deduce that you are a silly, petulant little boy.

  71. S Asoa

    Forget the high fallutin justification.
    Wenger shits on the Club and fans.
    Must be resenting it is not called Arsene Club ,the neurotic twat.
    Let him know what he is going to get if he signs .
    If we don’t get him out now, it is 5 years of hell .

  72. Cesc Appeal


    He is pretty shameless, I would expect it after a decent result, like I say City at home would be great for him, there would be a wave of good feeling after it and he will exploit it.

    Outside of Arsenal he’s an irrelevance at the top level in terms of working in football, no doubt he would get a big fat contract from Sky or the like if he wanted, but in terms of management, these stories about Barcelona, or PSG etc are ridiculous.

    A near seventy year old man, finished double digits behind the title winners, has a terrible record against the top six domestic sides, has not made it past the last sixteen in seven years in the UCL, has not won a leg of a last sixteen tie in two years now, regularly gets walloped, not just beaten in those ties and demands total dominance at a club.

    Arsenal is it for him, he will not have it this good anywhere else, and look, he still has fans fighting for him.

    All that power, all that admiration for average at best results on a £10 Million a year contract, he is staying, and I expect the announcement after the first good result.

  73. China

    Vote Leave ‘only parlour keown and bergkamp were inherited’

    Excuse me you fucking what?

    Like you actual what mate???

    I know you wanna defend wenger but now we’re grasping at straws…

    Wenger wasn’t clueless 13 years ago. You can’t say the man still knows what he’s doing because of something he did 13 years ago. 13 years ago my grandma loved walking everywhere and was a really independent person. Now she’s chair ridden and needs a zimmerframe to move. Shit changes. It’s a fact of life.

    If you watched this game and spent the match thinking the man knows what he’s doing as well as he did in 04 then I question what you just watched

  74. Adam A. Carbarundum

    All things aside, what a demoralizing performance again. This is a squad who clearly can’t be coached or a manager who can’t coach. Either way, it’s obvious the players have stopped playing for the manager. Any other team and the solution is obvious, and that in itself is what continues to hamper AFC. They are as hesitant at the board level as they are in transfer market as they are on the pitch. Plenty of room available to hit rock bottom it appears. What a shambles.

  75. Bamford10

    The plane needs to fly again at the next match. It must be a complete shit-show until he agrees to go. Shoes should be thrown onto the pitch as well.

  76. Vote leave


    I agree. He should be fired. I can’t make that any clearer
    But cheering against your own team is fucking pathetic.
    If you care for arsenal then you aren’t enjoying this
    Don’t convince yourself that we can compete with united city and Chelsea.
    They will out gun us no matter who we bring in because or owner will not put money in but take money out
    We don’t go on £200 spending sprees and we can’t attract the best young players let alone best coaches. Even when the best coaches do come and get given more money to spend they still don’t seem to go very far, see Manchester clubs this season.
    Getting rid of wenger is only part of the problem being resolved.

  77. Bamford10

    Vote Leave

    That was more than a decade ago, guy. We’ve been mediocre for some ten years now. Just give up with the false and lame apologias.

  78. Leftsidesanch

    I’m not sure conclusions can be made regarding what Wenger said. He rarely speaks with any sense or clarity directly after a game.

    There also won’t be an almighty run where a contract will be sandwiched in. Most games could prove problematic, the players have checked out and I’m sure all the people i.e Boro know as much as you and I regarding if the fraud stays.

  79. London gunner

    Vote leave

    You think he should

    If that’s the case, what if the only
    Way to make him leave is to increase the level of dissent and protest.

    After all it’s democratic to protest. These Arsenal fans have the right to as they are spending their hard earned money and time to watch this shower of shit. They have every right to voice their complaints. This is football, not some dystopian totalitarian regime. Wenger isn’t god he is a football manager who should be criticised for his failings.

    You can say the fans are being disrespectful to Wenger, but what about wenger’s disrespect to the fans and the club by holding us back for selfish reasons.

    If Arsene loves and respects the club should he not realise it’s time to move on and put the club in more able hands.

  80. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @VoteLeave….Definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Reference: See Arsene Wenger. Is that clear enough for you?

  81. Bamford10

    Hard to read his face and tone in that moment there, but I’d say there’s more resignation than fight there. The smirk he does give seems more “I’ll be rich and happy wherever I go next while my critics will still be beneath me” than it does” I’m going to stay on regardless, fuck them,” but it’s hard to say.

  82. China

    Vote leave you want him to stay but are an enabler

    He wants to stay. The club wants him to stay since they’ve offered him the contract

    So I ask you, how the fuck will you get your wish of him leaving if you don’t provide negativity?

    You’re living in a fantasy world where you can cheer for him and simultaneously he’s going to leave

    You’re like one of those people who has a bed-ridden family member from morbid obesity and you want them to lose weight but you don’t wanna be mean, so you keep bringing them food. Good luck with that

  83. Bamford10

    Whether he loves the club or thinks he can help the club is totally and completely irrelevant. He is not good enough. End of. And it looks like now he has lost the players. We’re in 5th place and if we play like we did today going forward, we’ll be in 6th. He should have left YEARS AGO. It’s over. Get over it, FFS. Jesus Christ.

  84. London gunner

    If we come fifth so no CL or euro

    If Wenger leaves

    If we bring in a new manager and three players that can make an instant impact

    We could win the league next season.

    However, Wenger won’t leave and therefore even if the two other points transpire we won’t win the league

  85. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @VoteLeave….Already said it, I take absolutely no pleasure in watching AFC lose any game. But this no longer is about AFC, it’s become about Arsene Football Club. I do not see any future for our club with Wenger continuing on. The same results display each year with slight variations.

    To strive for 4th Place is Like a Trophy is senseless of smacks of excusery. You and I both know it, it’s time for Wenger to go. He can do nothing more and with each passing year his ways will fall further into irrelevance. Who wants that? Certainly not I. I will always support AFC to my dying day, but even I know that nothing lasts forever. It’s time for Wenger to go.

  86. Bamford10


    One more game like today — planes flying overhead with banners, fans with banners, fans singing “we want Wenger out,” losing in pathetic fashion — and the club won’t want him to stay either.

    Turn up the volume, all. Make it impossible PR-wise for him to stay.

  87. Bamford10


    Nah, that’t not even right. It has nothing to do with the team. I wish the team the best, even the players I criticize. My issue is with Wenger and Wenger alone.

  88. Red&White4life

    Lol I just saw the result, a defeat + plane + protest = what a beautiful day!!


  89. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I can tolerate many things in life, but I cannot abide the behaviour, attitude and arrogance that Wenger carries towards supporters. Everything he says smacks of it and insults. Just because you have been at the same job for 20 years does not make you great or gives you oermission to be arrogant about it. It’s called humility and of late Wenger shows absolutely none. Defiant, he most certainly is. He has been paid handsomely for his work, but in all honesty he has not even come close to earning it and likely never will again.

    Wenger was a man of his time, but that time has long since passed. Sad, sad days at AFC.

  90. WestLondonGoon

    We will finish the season with 10 or more losses in the league. For a club of our size and stature, the finger has to be pointed at the manager.

  91. Red&White4life

    He said he has already made his choice…

    He said he didnt see the protest today, cant wait to see what hes gonna do next season, without CL and without our best players, fighting for the top 10 or even worst lol

  92. Red&White4life

    He will not sign the new contract for the love of his job, even less for the love of the club, but just for the pleasure to piss off the fans who protest and want him gone.
    Pathetic cunt of a dictator.

  93. Adam A. Carbarundum

    “Judge my performance at the end of the season”, stated Arsene Wenger. What for? You will declare it to be a success for a myriad of implausible reasons. Only at Arsenal can such utter foolishness be permitted to exist.

  94. steve

    ThanosMarch 18, 2017 13:47:04
    You are not reAl supporters if you want us to lose


    I think you meant to say “you are not real Arsene supporters of you want us to lose”.

  95. BillikenGooner

    Vote Leave… it’s human nature. Who gets the worse vitriol thrown at them, the short term relationship or the spouse that does you wrong?

    Of course there are bad feelings towards a man who led us to some great heights and now is living off those results while we flounder in mediocrity (which, by his own standard, is embarrassing) all while being smug, arrogant, dismissive, and insulting to the fans of his own club.

  96. Thank you and goodnight

    @Adam A

    Hahahaha what have you done for me lately… apt. Also your comment was spot on. Wenger thinks the fans are lower than shit on a shoe yet akbs still worship him. Fucking madness

  97. Duncan99

    How thick can Ramsey be. Stand open mouthed and not track Dawson for the head goal in the first half and then do exactly the same thing in the second half!
    I though Wenger had the team practising set pieces all week.

  98. Dissenter

    The players can’t be half-arsed to fight for the manager who’s overpaid and shielded them from pressure.

  99. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sky saying he has made a decision annwe will know soon…

    In Lynette words he has bleed us dry an he’s been rumbled so I’m off …

  100. BillikenGooner

    I will try to be positive… I hope we win the FA Cup and he leaves on a good note.

    There. I am a proper fan.

  101. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Wenger will stay and will cite a myriad of implausible excuses for doing so, ranging from he’s the best manager for turning things around to this result is not what it seems.

    I expect nothing less from someone who somehow managed to justify finishing behind Leicester last season as a victory because his team best them twice – so therefore that makes us winners.

    Honestly, only Wenger can convince anyone into believing that 7 X 0 = 7 !!!

  102. Alan

    At the end of his press conference, Wenger was asked if he will use the international break to announce his decision and he said “no, no, no”

    So he either announces this weekend or just before the City game.

    I think he will do it tonight or tomorrow and he will go. Something clicked in that game and if he really loves Arsenal, which I believe he does, he will do it to save the club’s season.

  103. loyika

    Now now lads.. Ease up on the in-fighting.

    Things will pan out how they will pan out eventually.

    Frankly i believe he has signed the contract (believed he had agreed to stay a long time ago) just that the string of results have been horrible for him and the club to announce it (which they would have loved to do to pour cold water on the protest for this season)

    I think regardless of results his mind is made up. The BoD would not have let him stay this far into the season without knowing what his intentions were. Doubt SK would have let it drag on this long.

    Eitherways, lets see how the cookie crumbles eventually.

    As for the result and team. Shyte performance all round. So much possesion but doing fuck all with it as usual. Can’t actually see where we will get a win now to be honest.

    Why doesn’t he ever give Lucas a run in the team (not saying he would do better) at least the guy looks like a fighter (a la Alexis)

    Fuck United, even Everton are slowly creeping up on us. At this rate we would be fortunate to make top 6 if we continue this form.

    Pathetic really!! Nothing more to say.

  104. jwl

    What the story with Ozil – Is he really injured or being punished for playing like shit and not signing new contract?

  105. Leedsgunner

    If Wenger is hounded out, it will be very sad but it’s an end he brought upon himself. Everyone and their dog knows the change we need at the club but Wenger refuses to make them.

    He tells us week after week he has this secret knowledge or magic philosophy but when it counts on the field of play he is found out and exposed.

    For those of you feeling sorry for him, do you normally feel sorry for incompetent millionaires who give excuses for failure every week?

  106. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Alan….actually quite the opposite, Wenger’s ego is such that he truly believes he’s the only manager that can turn it around. In the end he will fault distractions through certain players attitudes as reason for decline in performance. And of course, let us not forget…a certain faction of supporters brought negativity to the players – you know, the mental strength he brags about so often.

    He will sign. He has no shame nor humility. Ownership are made up of enablers and a core of ignorant and apathetic supporters who can’t be bothered to care will ensure he stays on happily.

  107. GoonGoonerGone

    Goals went in because our players were busy admiring all the Wenger Out banners.
    On a serious note: The Board has been waiting for this lull in football during this international period that is why Wenger will declare, while there is no club football, that he is signing a new two year contract.
    Wenger said he will give his answer soon as he has made up his mind and said it with his usual smirk to all the suffering Arsenal serfs. Don’t forget that in his words HE has BUILT this club.
    He said the Board will decide his fate and the Board already, under the instruction of Kroenke, has decided to give him a 10 million pound deal for each of the two years with an option to renew.
    Forget about all this all this ‘he will or he won’t’. He has already signed it.
    What do you think the IN ARSENE WE TRUST banner flown today and possibly sanctioned by the Board was all about?
    Wenger is already planning for life without Sanchez next season. Hence all the noise about the players he is looking to sign.
    Get ready for more Arsene Wenger handbrakes next season me hearties.

  108. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Sadly GGG, Wenger won’t sign any replacement for Sanchez. In his mind he already has a plethora of capable players who can cover the gap. Sad that in his estimation that it will take three players to replace Sanchez somehow justifies itself.

    A very heavy sigh.