First team coach all but confirms Wenger is staying. How utterly depressing.

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Was just going to let the Saturday post move to a Sunday one, but then I saw ENABLER Boro Primorac drop a beast in the Croatian press.

“Arsenal’s strength in the past 20 years has been Wenger. It is not all about results, but also business part of the club that matters.”

Arsene Wenger and his press lackey’s keep on dropping strawmen arguments and straight up falsehoods into the media.

‘We were the never the worst of the English clubs in the Champions League’

‘Top 4 is like a trophy’

‘Always nothing is good enough’

Now we have Boro marvelling at being a businessman and claiming football isn’t about just results.

Wrong, Boro.

Football is a totally results driven game. The two cannot be spliced. They are the same thing.

We are leaving £100m on the table because our results have not lived up to the standard of Manchester United. Real Madrid always strive to have the best results because they want the best commercial deals. There is literally no elite club in the world that isn’t striving for the best results.

Only an Arsenal coach could come out and talk about business. That is not his job. The fact our commercials trail our rivals is because our brand isn’t strong enough to demand the big dollars. Brand strength in football is usually related to success at a given point in time. It fades when you don’t win, which is why United are throwing bad money at the problem.

The fact this sort of attitude permeates the top management of our club really is a worry. The fact the owner and the management are constantly trying to reframe success to match whatever failure they’ve overseen is incredibly depressing not only for us as fans – but for the players who must also feel deflated at the old boys club Arsene is running.

There is no will to win, there is only a desire to survive. Arsenal are not about glory, they’re about self-preservation. Everyone is fattened up and suckling on the Arsene Wenger milk breast. Journalists writing books about their god. A CEO taking a salary so big, he can’t ever complain. Players feeding on a grossly over the top socialist wage structure. Fans too middle class and drowned in nostalgia to make things difficult. It’s never ending. The whole system is rigged against change and winning.

“Wenger isn’t considering leaving Arsenal,” (Boro)

Now it looks almost certain Wenger is going to sign on again. What’s to stop him doing another three years after that? What is going to force the clubs hand? How many great managers are we going to let pass us by?

Nathan e-mailed this sporting horror story to me a few weeks ago, it’s a big passage, but you need to read about it.

Connie Mack was synonymous with the Philadelphia Athletics. The team’s manager since its inception in 1901, Mack was the “Tall Tactician,” the “Spindly Strategist,” and the “Grand Old Man of Baseball.” In his fifty-year tenure (1901–50) at the helm of the A’s, Mack notched 3,582 victories, a total exceeded only by his 3,814 defeats. As time marched on, the losses mounted faster than the wins. When in 1943 the club experienced a 20-game losing streak, Mack expressed bewilderment and despair. “I can’t understand it,” he observed. “It would seem, under the very law of averages that we would get in a winning game somewhere.”

Fans vented their ire at the continual losing, and much of it was directed at Connie Mack. Letters to the A’s made clear the fans’ preferences. One declared, “Why doesn’t he [Connie] step down and give a younger man a chance?” Another wrote, “He should know the parade has passed him by.” Patrons clearly wanted Mack to go as the Athletics’ manager, and they linked the prospect of his departure to any chance the team would have to turn around its abysmal performance. 

The great drawback in having Connie Mack as both president and manager of the Athletics became increasingly apparent as the years passed. Only he could fire himself as manager, and he lingered on far too long in that unfulfilled quest for one more pennant-contending team.

Any other franchise would have let him go at some point during the seventeen years before 1950, a period during which the club finished in the first division only once. But Mack stubbornly held on, defying the wishes from within and outside the organization that he step aside as manager.

As the years passed, Connie Mack’s encroaching senility grew more pronounced. The deterioration in his mind was apparent by the mid-1940s, and the team suffered from his mental lapses. Poor trades, incorrect signals from the bench (the most obvious of which coaches would override), sudden acts of emotional rage, and lapses into bygone days during gametime (calling out for past players to pinch-hit) all contributed to the team’s woes on the field.

The abysmal 1950 season was the last straw. Sons Roy and Earle pressured Connie, then 87 years old, to give up his managerial role after the season. In the end he agreed, but reluctantly. “I’m not quitting because I’m getting old,” he said. “I’m quitting because I think people want me to.” 

Is this a taste of the future? 

Fan protest won’t move him. Terrible results won’t move him. His friends telling him it’s over won’t move him. A neglected family doesn’t phase him. It’s all about him.

Terrible results won’t move him. His friends telling him it’s over won’t move him. A neglected family doesn’t phase him. It’s all about him.

His friends telling him it’s over won’t move him. A neglected family doesn’t phase him. It’s all about him.

It’s all about him.

He doesn’t love the club as much as he loves himself.  He’s addicted to the power of the job and how that makes him feel. If he truly cared about Arsenal, he’d move on. He won’t though, he’s too wrapped up in his own mortality, status and fear of the next chapter.

So we all sit here and suffer. Elite mediocrity. A rich old man’s play thing.

How thoroughly depressing.

Right, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Block 007 row 18

    As the pressure builds on mr wenger it’s becoming clearer by the day he is a NARCISSIST !

    He loves himself to much and can never be wrong or admit he is wrong . He has no empathy with the real fans or anyone else that gets in his way

    Oh yes he can be charming and fun when he entertains his disciples

  2. Danny

    I still reckon that if we don’t get top 4 then he’ll be off, I mean what would be the point of him signing a new contract if that happens?

  3. Sid

    Wenger is staying. Pep and Klopp are not consistent enough and United will struggle . That makes Wenger’s job of finishing 4th really simple.

  4. ArseneisaFraud

    First 11

    Just incredible…. incredible that a club like The Arsenal has decided that football will take a back seat…. Kim Jong Weng should be ashamed of himself. Oh wait…. it’s all about money of course!!! So who cares about how the money is made! As long as the shit is lapped up and that millions are made on matchday… why stop serving it!! Sickening….

  5. Marc

    If he does sign on I don’t think Elite mediocrity will be something to worry about for too long. When this moves from stagnation to full on fail it’s going to go tit’s up very quickly. Look’s like Sanchez and Ozil will be off in the summer and we’ll struggle to replace them, following them out of the door could easily be the Ox, Gibbs, Szczesny and Wilshere. I know two of those are out on loan but losing what Wenger would judge as first team squad members from next seasons squad would be a major issue – we have a manager who doesn’t like signing more than a couple of players in the summer. We need two top players to replace Sanchez and Ozil, three or four to fill the squad out and that doesn’t even cover strengthening the squad.

    Think we could be looking at a collapse either next season or the season after.

  6. reality check

    Hands up who thought Wenger was going?

    You AKBs have no idea how fucked this situation is. That little Baseball story from Pedro should give you an idea, but it won’t because you still think he’ll leave honorably because he’s an honorable man.

    When you become apart of The WOB, and you will.. trust me! Don’t complain about anything, when you’re looking for someone to blame, Just look in the mirror..

    So here’s to 4 More Years..

    oh you thought he just wanted 2..

    You’re wrong, but we thank you for your interest in our affairs..

  7. Patthegooner

    Havent posted for a long time mainly because I have fallen out of love with Football mainly because I have fallen out of love with Arsenal, but if he (and lets face it, it is not an if, its when) signs a new deal, I am done. I will look for results, but I will not consciously get into following the club through the season, its not worth the pain and disappointment. I am already at a stage where I watch Arsenal but dont really get into the game. A good performance and win and a shocking performance and loss and capitulation tends to generate the same emotional feelings and expressions. I am honestly completely numb to the Arsenal product and that is what we are now, a product not a team.

  8. Thanos

    He will have to go if we cause a lot of disdain from the touchline it’s time to turn up the anti wenger noise even more

  9. Goonerinho

    Only way to bring change is stop renewing STs, buying tickets and merchandise. Only language this board understands is MONEY so let’s do something where it hurts them.

    And yes I know some will say they don’t want to lose STs as others will take it…well maybe time to grow a backbone and mobilise tens of thousands of gooners to do the same?

    Why to keep on paying over £1000for cheapest ST to watch a team whose only ambition is 4th place?!

    About Wenger, only scenario he’ ll go is if we miss on top4.

    Be strong fellow gooners and don’t renew your STs until Wenger is going. You’ll always be able to find tickets afterwards. It’s not the end of the world to give your ST, better to think long term that Arsenalneed change and that’s the way to drive it

  10. shad


    That is the stasis induced by the hierarchy at the club. Many of us are just a comatose state waiting to be awakened by a change in the board and change of manager. Till then it’s a pitiful yawnfest.

  11. peanuts&monkeys

    “Fans too middle class and drowned in nostalgia to make things difficult.”

    Thats the critical point from today’s post, for me. There is no man in this age who can be bigger than a group. Unless the group itself is weak. Arsenal fans are showing their strengths but they are not strong enough yet. Let gfet that plane or an army tank – whatever it takes.

    Good post, Pedro. Any first-timer on here reading that one today could pass you as one of WOBs

  12. peanuts&monkeys

    When Xhaka signed his tackling was perfectly fine. Wenger killed it. Just like he killed Arshavin’s shooting, Rosicky’s guile, Cech’s stopping, vermalaen’s heading etc etc etc

  13. peanuts&monkeys

    @paththegooner completely with you on not following football much. It’s simply not worth the pain. But here is this opportunity to get this guy sacked. That opportunity still exists. I come here and keep reminding the fans to take up this extra responsibility to clear our dear Arsenal of this disease. I still believe we can.

  14. peanuts&monkeys

    I ws sifting through and found 3 or 4 WengerOut petitions gathering dust after 5000/6000. Let’s make one such a more than a 100K. We can. Will anyone among us start another and let everyone else know where it is.

  15. Chiku

    I’ve always held the notion that if we really want our voices heard, we have to hit ’em in the pockets!! What is the point of a person buying a season ticket and then midway through the season, declare that he/she wants to send a message to the hierarchy by bailing on matches? The board won’t care! They’ve eaten your hard earned way back before the season even started, so you really ain’t doing squat! If Wenger signs and we want to be heard, DON’T BUY THEIR NEW KITS, SEASON TICKETS OR ANY OF THE MERCHANDISE THAT THEY SELL…. #WengerInMyCashOut!!

  16. Woody

    Wenger is engendering apathy for most of the fans. Why get passionate when nothing changes.? I’ll follow results and watch but my hearts not in it after 40 years. With a change I would get excited again

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The club is dead to me with wenger still there,
    Could not be arsed to watch the game today ,

    The expectation for next year will be lower than ever ,
    Young supporters ain’t going to follow the Arsenal .

    From starting off in pole postition in 2006 we have ended up in the pit lane, broken down.

    How terribly sad

  18. gonsterous

    I fell out of love with arsenal at just the right time… got my finals in a months time, so I’ll have time to concentrate on that…

  19. Relieable Sauce

    Arsenal fans are mugs and they deserve what they get. The fact that you still have such a bunch of moronic twats still even arguing over the state of things beggars belief…its been fairly clear for a decade ffs.

    I used to think it morally wrong to prey on the stupid/gullible people of this world for the interest of self gain, but watching Wenger and the gang do it to such great effect – and so blatantly – does make you wonder at what could be achieved off the back of such mindless drones.

    WENGER IN !!!

  20. Welbecchio

    All these people, post after post complaining of a love lost and the despair….

    It’s bringing a tear to my eye. If the love has gone…switch off.

    If not you look and sound like a desperate ex that keeps sniffing around hoping they still think you’re relevant.

    95% people on here don’t even go to the games so why does it affect you so much if the love has gone and you don’t feel anything? It’s like a cry for help.

    Switch your laptops off. Problem solved.

  21. ArseneisaFraud

    Reliable Sauce

    Exactly. The “what could have been” with a manager other than AW, with the resources that we have and the kind of players that we should be getting (a mix of WC and young and upcoming (and hungry to win!!) players) is truly a thought to behold. I am sure that we could have at least won one or two League titles on top of the FA Cups we would have won. And football that would be well worth watching.

    But that could have happened only if the club had serious ambitions. Instead of a Pep (I am sure he would have loved to come and manage The Arsenal) we’re still clinging onto an outdated manager.

  22. Adam A. Carbarundum

    EXCUSE ME, but it was I who spoke of comparisons between Connie Mack and Arsene Wenger, only to be told by some on here to stick to football.

    And now you Pedro conveniently decide that it’s relevant because it suits your post? Well excuse my French…Fuck you and those lousy shits who told me to fuck off earlier.

    You get the club you deserve, end of. I’m done with the shit show that continues. Time for me to get back to my life and devote real time back to real people who matter, my family. I’m not going to waste any more time to watching and supporting a team who has no ambition other than to accumulate more and more money and give its supporters a weekly shit sandwich.

  23. Bosscielny

    Honestly, I understand how it feels to fall out of love with Arsenal atm. Welbecchio, because we don’t go to games doesn’t make us any less fans than you. How do I attend a game from Barbados? And it’s not as easy as switching off a laptop.

    I actually can’t understand how people still want Wenger to stay on. Things won’t get better with such a stubborn character. Sad thing is I know he’s gonna stay. I just hope we survive how ever long he stays. Enough is enough. This is a results business.

    Wenger out.

  24. AngeAusArsenal

    I hate to say it Pedro but if he signs on again and doesn’t die of natural causes then I won’t be surprised if he is murdered by a fan in the next contract period.

  25. Stuart

    I’ve said it for years; the man has textbook narcissistic personality disorder. His supporters have Stockholm Syndrome. Someone euthanise or section the lot of them.

  26. S Asoa

    And for the onslaught to give the push a shove to the Old Coot, Peddlers confused mind beans these straight talking guys

  27. The Doctor

    Is that morons WengerEagle and Romfor Pele still here? Morons said Oxshite is better than Griezmann when I said we should sign him

  28. Welbecchio


    You let shit like that populate your blog? Something’s aren’t said and that’s one of them.

  29. The Doctor

    We badly need a loss here so the protest against City will get more numbers. A win would be disastrous to our future.

  30. Danny

    Cech, Hector, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Ramsey, Xhaka, Theo, Ox, Welbeck and Alexis
    Subs: Ospina, Mert, Gabriel, Coq, Iwobi, Giroud, Elneny.

    No LUCAS????????

  31. The Doctor

    Lose here and we will certainly lose to City and Wenger would be under pressure like never before and abused

  32. The Doctor

    Wish the emirates would sing
    Arsene Wanker fuck off you cunt
    fuck off you cunt
    Arsenae Wanker you are cunt
    a disgraceful cunt
    who deserves to die

    and throw shoes at him

  33. The Doctor

    God that was theuraptic released some of my frustration on Wanker and loss today would relive some more. Thank fuck le grove exists or I would go mental with all the akb blogs.

  34. The Doctor


    Only way wanker leaves if he abused so much he can’t take it anymore. So we need to keep up abusing him

  35. The Doctor

    Luis Enrique is available. We can’t miss out on another great coach. We need Wenger to go.

    Enrique in.

  36. Elmo

    “He has overseen the transformation of Arsenal’s training facilities, they’re as good as anyone’s in the world, and the change over from Highbury to the Emirates,” added Pulis.

    “He’s made sure financially they are always in good order, so he’s managed well off the pitch too, and you don’t always get credit for that.

    “He probably sees himself managing in five, six years’ time. So I don’t think he’s going to give up easily. If they finish in the top four and win the FA Cup, most Arsenal supporters will be pleased with that.

    “I get the feeling Arsene most probably wants to get carried out in a box still managing a football club, he’s football nuts.”

    We’ve reached a stage where even someone like Pulis talks about Arsenal in terms of infrastructure and stability off the pitch. Imagine in 2004 being told 13 years from now people would praise Arsenal without a single reference to footballing success, just training centres built and books balanced. A club that has completely lost its way.

  37. Alexanderhenry


    Good article.

    I wouldn’t disagree with any of that. However, you seem to think this ‘business
    first, results second’ malaise comes from Wenger himself.

    Wenger is guilty because he is complicit. He has been a vital part of the process that has seen arsenal stagnate on the one hand but consolidate on the other.

    The arsenal ground hog day scenario is in no small part, his making.

    Maybe he agrees with this business plan or maybe he doesn’t ,but that doesn’t alter the fact that he is still just the manager. He did not devise it.
    Yes, he has more say at arsenal than most other managers have at most other clubs, however overall control lies with Kroenke.

    If you look at arsenal’s position ,business ethos and success rate over the past ten years and then compare it to the The Rams, the Nuggets and the Avalanche and also compare fans’ concerns at all these club, you will notice a rather depressing pattern emerge.

    Arsenal need a new owner.

  38. David Smith

    if they dont finish in the top four,still do not really see how he can realistically stay, though i can see how they will spin it.
    what has Perez done?

  39. Welbecchio

    Speaks volumes about this place that no one has criticised some cretin wishing cancer on another person.


  40. WestLondonGoon

    After milder winds in the midlands this morning, the plane company have had a change of heart apparently and the banner flight is safe to fly! Let’s just hope Sky get their cameras pointing skywards.

    Gotta feel for Perez, wasted a year of his career.

  41. Federer

    David Smith
    It’s good to be optimistic on Wenger out but finishing outside the top 4 is the perfect recipe for him to stay.
    They would argue that he is in the best position to return us back up as he knows the league inside out.
    They may even cite dissent of Sanchez and Ozil as factors that contaminated the dressing room. You gotta fear Arsenal spin doctors

  42. Tipster

    The Hawthrons, the scene of our greatest top four trophy win….3-2. “It was a final you know…” In French accent

  43. Jay

    Kim Jong Weng reminds me of those grubby old Westerners you see in Thailand walking around with a young Thai girl on their arm. Can’t actually get it up any more but loves the attention. Pedro’s comment that our club has become an old man’s plaything is spot-on.

  44. Jay

    Of course it’s wrong to say you hope someone gets cancer. OTOH, it’s also daft to take comments like that seriously. This is one of the few places where people can let off steam about the sorry situation at the club.

  45. DevonGooner

    Pedro, for the sake of common decency block Welbecchio. Joe was a saint by comparison. As for the latest news, no surprise. Wenger is the arch narcissistic personality- what is worse than what he does to the fans is the way he ruins the careers of players he signs. Lucas must be so pissed off having signed for Arsenal. He has real skill and scoring potential and yet finds himself behind Iwobi and arse licking Theo. What a travesty. As for Ozil he clearly doesn’t give a shit any more. The future is very grim indeed. Humiliation today from Pulis …. well you can only hope.

  46. Guns of Hackney

    I fancy WBA rolling over and exposing their tummies today. They’ll make Arsenal look good.

    I’m ashamed that I support…or should i say, supported Arsenal. What an absolute disgrace this club is.

  47. Paddy got bored

    Fuck off welbechio or whatever your called
    No one commented because comments like thst should be ignored
    Your even more disgusting using that as some way of defending and spinning things towards defending the fraud
    One day The Arsenal will be back and thankfully pricks like you will be long gone

  48. Carts

    lol @ Ozil being injured in training yesterday – how convenient.

    let me donated 45 mins of my life to these losers.

  49. Tomtom

    Do you tolerate failure so easily in your personal life?
    Do you really feel that 2 FA cups in the past 13 years in acceptable for the biggest club in the biggest city in Europe?

  50. ArseneisaFraud

    WENGER OUT!!!!!

    @arsenal @pumafootball @emirates @Betfair @Gatorade @CitroenUK @CooperTire @Europcar @IndesitUK @Vitality_UK #NoNewContract #WengerOut

  51. ArseneisaFraud


    Cech, Monreal, Koscielny, Mustafi, Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanchez, Welbeck

    Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Coquelin, Elneny, Iwobi, Giroud

  52. Rainman

    “Speaks volumes about this place that no one has criticised some cretin wishing cancer on another person.”

    That’s fucking rich coming from a troll who makes jokes about people with autism.

  53. WestLondonGoon

    Two planes with opposing messages, if that doesn’t highlight the divide in our club, nothing will.

  54. Relieable Sauce

    Comedy club.

    A simple boycott would quickly and effectively force the clubs hand and could have been done years ago, without any expense at all.

  55. ArseneisaFraud

    It is so sad to see that the AKB’s had to fly a plane in support of Kim Jong Weng…. it goes to show how stupid some of our fan base are. They really felt the need to counter our protest. How childish.

    But interestingly enough this clearly shows the division that there is within our club.

    Not to mention that it also shows that some fans are more than ever willing to be fleeced and lied to by AW …. that banner simply said: keep that shit going, we like it.

  56. Guns of Hackney


    Couldn’t agree more. Vote with feet, not with fucking planes.

    Trouble is, Arsenal supporters are the dumbest bunch of mother fuckers in football.

    We have got the team, manager and club we deserve. It’s our fault Wenger has been allowed to destroy the club.

  57. Thanos

    I can’t believe AKB ‘s paid for a plane to circle the ground continously saying in Wenger we trust. At least they are not showing it that much on the TV. My friend is at the game and he said it’s just circling after the Wenger out one left

  58. Bamford10

    Two planes flying two opposing banners. You wouldn’t believe that in a TV comedy. We’ve become a bad TV comedy.

    Wenger out all the same.

  59. N5

    Good thanks Marc, how are you mate?

    It would be funny if that pro plane was sent up by bookies as a joke. That’s what 5 Live said was the reason for it. I’m sure Wenger’s consistent mediocrity has made them a few pound over the years so of course the trust in him 😀

  60. Arsene's Nurse

    The planes should have a ‘dog-fight’, which ever one wins then that decides whether Wenger stays or goes.