Is Arsene Wenger about to drop the mic?

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There’s a smell in the air, and I think it’s change. Journalists deeply entrenched in all things Arsenal are raising little white flags all over the internet, leading many of us to assume the curtain is coming down on the great man’s long career in the blue and red zipper jacket of The Arsenal.

I don’t want to jump the gun here, because there’s every chance at 9am Wenger will come out swinging, but something feels very different this time.

Wenger is a sensitive man. He can feel the pressure of the fans who don’t sing his name anymore. He can hear the upset andoverspills of passion. He’ll understand the aggressive tone in the questioning he’s been facing. He will read the negative press. I’d also imagine a man of his intelligence knows that he no longer has what it takes to cut it at the highest level.

Bayern Munich wasn’t just a lesson, it was a decapitation for the crime of accepting the status quo. It was one of the most brutal spankings I can remember over the last few years, and look, we’ve all seen a few. Carlo Ancelotti showed how it was done. He pulled Wenger’s trousers down and whipped his legs with a bamboo cane in front of all his friends.

The ashen-faced Wenger in the post-match press conference had nothing. All the excuses he’s hidden behind over the past decade were exposed as mouldy red herring. He had the transfer budget, he had the wage bill, he had the stadium ticking over and he had a clean run of not losing any of his best players. Yet he still came up short. Exactly what many of us had predicted through the money doping years.

08 the same as 10, the same as 13, the same as 16 the same as last night.

The story is that many of his close aides don’t think he’ll carry on. Apparently, there were heated exchanges in the dressing room after the game, some calling it a revolt. The worst thing about this particular schooling are the videos flying around after of players walking as Bayern pressed on, stomping their feet like they’re school children and shouting at teammates instead of tracking runs. The players are done with Wenger, they saw the noose tightening around his neck and they dropped a performance they knew would hoist him so his toes barely touched the ground.

It’s strange. Everything I’ve been pushing for over the last 9 years looks like it could be coming to a head. Do I feel pleased? Absolutely not. As I always said, I’d love to have been proven wrong. Wenger loves Arsenal as much as I do and you do. If anything, he loves the club too much. He doesn’t deserve to be ducking out under a cloud. He deserves the most beautiful send-off. Open top bus, hundreds of thousands singing his name, a guest appearance from Justin Bieber with Mr Eboue in a tigers outfit singing happy birthday. He should have it all for his incredible service to Arsenal.

However, we have some monster games coming up which based on current form could very well see us put out of the top 4. A prediction I feared at the start of the year. He can’t let that happen, he needs to control the story. He has the chance to switch up the narrative. Don’t make desperate fans wait to know the deal. Don’t selfishly sit on a decision that could impact next season. Do the right thing. Call a press conference, announce it’s over and graciously allow the club to move on.

That achieves three things. Firstly, it brings the fans back onside. If they know he’s going, they have the chance to say goodbye. Secondly, it puts the onus back on the players. They can’t not play for him, because the fans will destroy them. Thirdly, it allows the club to hire a manager early and let the succession take place at a good pace.

Fans need to be positive about what the club can do. Don’t listen to the fear brigade, who have for years pretended this debacle wasn’t going on, now play the ‘I’m the rational voice’ card. Do not allow them to convince you that the club hasn’t given a thought to Wenger going.

There’s no way that’s the case, it’s a stupid thought and I’ve been reliably informed it’s a nonsense concocted by people who haven’t been paying attention. Ivan Gazidis has access to some of the finest footballing minds in the world. There is no way a guy in his position hasn’t been thinking this over for at least 3-4 years. Secondly, understand that the new manager will likely take over a club outside the top 4 without a major trophy in 13 years. That is perfect. The exact thing anyone wants. No pressure, low expectations and a sandbox to play in. No CL is pretty much the perfect kickstarter for a new manager these days.

Of course there are going to be teething problems. There would be at any club. Of course it’s going to be difficult teaching a team that receives zero instruction how to think critically and do things properly. But look, nothing is going to be more painful than being stocking filler in the Champions League. Nothing is going to more embarrassing than watching a man 10 years past his sell by date lose out to Leicester. Nothing is going to be as bland as 2 years under a man who has been failing for 10.

Also worth noting that the club had never moved to a 60,000 seater stadium before The Emirates and got the job done on time and on budget, despite many naysayers saying it wasn’t possible. They ended up delivering one of the smartest moves in football construction history right in the mix of the most cataclysmic recession of all time. Not just that, the stadium became the second most profitable in the world and the club also worked out a way to become property moguls. Did anyone see that coming? No. I didn’t think so.

I reckon they can pick out a decent manager with £8m in hand. I reckon they can look at what the smart clubs do and copy it. I reckon they’ve been laying the groundwork for a better Arsenal for many years.

They’ll clear out the old school deadwood coaches. Priromac, Banfield, Peyton and Colbert will be gone. I reckon they’ll attack our f*cking awful scouting network. I reckon they’ll upgrade all the bits Wenger has been controlling with his iron fist. They might bring in a DoF of sorts who can help set the vision for the club and manage the bullshit politics. I hope they retire the board who sit there hoovering up money for their silence. They should replace them with a blend of business and football smarts.

I really don’t think it’s as complicated as certain sections of the media, who have zero business experience, make out. It’ll be a shock to the system, but there are people out there sending rockets to space and curing disease. This is not a real world problem. Put the challenge in perspective.

So just remember, change is a good thing. This freshener is long overdue. The club will not only survive, it will thrive. It might not bring success right away. It might not bring it the season after. But rest assured, we’ll scale heights like you’ve never seen before and it’s going to be a truly exciting rollercoaster ride of promise.

One thing we must be sure never to forget, Arsene Wenger helped make this all a possibility. For that, I’ll always be grateful.

See you in the comments.


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730 Responses to “Is Arsene Wenger about to drop the mic?”

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  1. Leedsgunner


    I’m not asking him to quit because I know he won’t do that… he has it too good on the AFC gravy train. He needs to be fired.

    Gazidas is no one especial, there are literally thousands of other equivalent Oxbridge trained lawyers in the City who are better negotiators than him.

    Compared to Man United for instance, our commercial sponsorship deals are pathetic even though we are in the Champion’s League and they are not… why is that?

    We’ve had an up to date state of the art stadium since 2006. What have we done with all that extra match day revenue that we’ve had for the past 10 years?

    Once 2020 comes and Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham come on stream with new stadiums where will be then?

    We had a massive window from 2006 to 2020 to put clear water between us and the other London clubs with trophies and titles but we chose in Wenger and Gazidas to sit on our hands and do nothing — hoping Financial Fair Play would kick in.

    Strategically Gazidas along with Wenger got it completely wrong.

    On that record alone, he should have been sacked when FFP was dead in the water.

  2. GoonerInNY


    I am saying we as supporters don’t have any idea if Gadzidis would be great or terrible after Wenger left because, as currently set up, he has a narrow portfolio.

    Pedro thinks he would make good decisions. I hope he is right.

    But I don’t think we can have any kind of evidence-based opinion of Gadzidis’ abilities to run a football club based on what he’s done so far since Kroenke and Wenger are the only ones who have any power.

    Since we have to accept Kroenke isn’t leaving anytime soon, I am happy to see what the next DoF/manager do and judge then. I just want Wenger gone ASAP so we can find out.

  3. Pedro

    WIG, I have no idea where you’re getting the contract thing from. That’ll come from Stan. How many times do I have to repeat. STAN. That is the issue.

    Dissenter, you can keep sniping at me, but I assure you, I do not get my information from journalists, I’m fiercely independent of the club and the privilege crew and I am Arsenal all the way. If I have a view on the club and it’s future, rest assured it’s well researched via people I trust.

    Pick away at that by all means, but please don’t pick holes in the veracity of my comments or my ability to make an informed decision on information I have.

  4. Moray

    It’s been an odd season. I haven’t watched a game of football yet. Arsenal or otherwise. I Just lost my passion for football entirely, some time towards the end of last season.

    I believe there are a number of factors at play. I’m not in the uk for one, so it’s always a bit of an effort to see a game on to with the time zone difference. Secondly, the money in the game means I feel disengaged with the players, and the sheer number of games means I’m sick of football only a few months in to the season normally. Lastly, it’s Wenger of course. Even when we were second in the league it’s painful to watch Arsenal, knowing where we will end up…where we always end up.

    As for the Bayern game. By the sound of it it was bad, he’s had worse and survived. This time I think it is an escape too far for him and he will be gone. Pedro, your post is soon on – so much about the club that needs cleaned out, but equally so much potential, and we are a huge draw for an excellent and ambitious manager. Just a shame for this wasn’t last year as I’m convinced Guardiola would have come.

    Hope the change gets me my passion back as I miss it!

  5. WrightIsGod


    Let’s have it right.. You are saying that Kronke has either drawn up a contract personally or got a PA to draw up a contract for Wenger and has completely bypassed the CEO Gazidis and not even asked for his opinion on the matter.

    Is that what you are saying? Again if so, what is the point of Gazidis?

  6. S.Asoa

    Your post was wishy washy and emotional. Get out of your Valentine Day hangover and come into the light to see that :
    1-Wenger not assuming any blame for Bayern spanking . On the fly he puts his performance on par with Real and Bayern
    2- Wenger looking shaken does not translate into Wenger going. Wenger was a lucky fraud from Japan club, kicked out from 2 previous positions . But the conman has fooled AKB to stay indefinitely.
    3- Wenger has been pocketing 8.2 million , less in earlier contracts,for Total Failure for 13 years. You think such a scoundrel has the honour to walk away.
    4 – Deja Vue .Wenger has managed to fool everyone and shamelessly sign on .He will try to do it again after a couple of wins. Wenger is the Cause of the Rot.

    Wenger Out should be the relentless shout.
    As for the niceties keep them for the dead man’s funeral orations.

    Tomatoes and pies
    And all things nice
    Wenger we give you
    For your legacy of 13 years


  7. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘your preternatural calm during trying times is a gift from God, WengerEagle. don’t think less of others who don’t possess it.’

    This is really lame, Wallace. Most of the shit things Mourinho has done have been during trying times as well, you gonna excuse him then?

    Heat of the moment, Lmao. and you get baffled when I compare Wenger and you AKBs to Trump and his fans.

    The US politics has become a circus act, source of comedy to the rest of the World but you have the Donald claiming that its running like a fine-tuned machine. Also saying he inherited a mess and he’s done more in four weeks than his predecessors managed through all their tenure.

    Arsenal meanwhile are the butt of all jokes in European football but you have Wenger pretending it ain’t the case and placing Arsenal amongst the true greats like Madrid and Bayern. Also saying he’s given more European football than all his predecessors combined.

    And just like the Trumpsters who say irrational things to defend their man, there’s you AKB lot who are seemingly completely okay coming across as low IQ buffoons if it means you can somehow defend the old fool.

  8. Pedro

    WiG, one more time.

    Stan owns the club
    Stan and Wenger have a direct relationship
    Stan’s decision to keep Wenger

    Ivan has no power.

    What is the point of him? Well, a CEO does more than one thing over the course of a year. So there are lots of points to his existence.

  9. Bamford10

    This anti-Gazidis sentiment is somewhat amusing to me. I suspect some of it is grounded in anti-American sentiment, actually.

    One, Gazidis makes no football decisions, nor did/does he make the decision about Wenger’s contract. So he cannot be blamed for any of the former or the latter.

    Two, have our commercials been underwhelming? Sure, but so too has our play on the field. It’s pretty simple: mediocre squad, mediocre football = mediocre brand and mediocre commercials.

    Three, did someone above really ask how United continue to get better commercials despite no CL football? Holy fucking shit that’s ignorant. Their brand is way, way better established — with more cache globally — than Arsenal.

    Four, has Gazidis said things publicly that were clearly marketing / PR bullshit? Yes. Sadly, this has been his job. To put lipstick on a pig, for lack of a better phrase.

    Five, if Wenger leaves and we hire a smart, ambitious manager, I have no doubt you’ll see Gazidis negotiate smart agreements re this or that. If we get such a manager and have a fantastic product on the field, but Gazidis continues to see Arsenal treated like a third-class club, I will be the first to criticize him.

    The rest is noise from people who are a little out of their depth, I think.

  10. Pedro

    Bamford, perfectly put and way more succinct than I could have been.

    Gazidis is South African I think.

    However, you are right. Wenger runs the show. Stan decides the contract and the chat about our commercials being poor is super subjective and generally comes from people who look at numbers without understanding the broader context of how you get to them

  11. WrightIsGod


    Repeating yourself on what is your opinion and not fact isn’t the same as fact.

    So you can 100% say that Gazidis has no say in whether he wants Wenger to stay or not and that Kronke operates exclusively in matterS regarding Wenger and does not use his CEO Gazidis, the one man tied to him when making decisions on the club.

    You do realise that you are absolving Gazidis of any board related decisions here, which just doesn’t make any sense considering he is CEO. My opinion is that Gazidis is just as involved as ever in the decision to table a contract extension. I do not see that Kronke makes and implements that decision on his own.

  12. The Doctor

    As for Wenger he is not leaving. I actually don’t blame Wenger. The real problem is Kroenke for me. Unless some one else buys us we are stuck in this mediocrity forever.

  13. PessimisticPat

    The biggest classic out there at the moment is journos’ and AKBs’ saying
    “Look at Man United after Ferguson”.
    Ferguson won 5 out of the 9 league titles available between our last one in 2004 and his retirement in 2013. 5 out of 9. We have 0 in 13 after this year.

    Not to mention a European cup, and 2 further European Cup finals. So between 06 when we got in the final and 13 when Fergie retired he got to 3 finals, 1 semi, 1 quarter, 1 round of 16 and once went out of the group stage.

    But we get to the knockout stages every year and won 2 fa cups in 12 years so of course it’s exactly the same as when Fergie left United.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    A Chilean fan has created an event, a protest march to get Sanchez out of Arsenal, 7 000 signatures already.

    Arsenal are a global embarrassment right now.

  15. Red&White4life

    “Sanchez does not want to stay if Wenger leaves the club.”

    Is this true ??
    If it is, then I’m completely lost…

  16. OleGunner

    Ha! I agree with Rambo Ramsey.
    The parallels between Trump and his fanatics with Wenger and his legions of AKB supporters is eerily similar.

  17. Bamford10

    As for Pedro’s critics this morning, he has been writing a daily blog post for years now, a task which requires not only a great deal of energy but which requires him to balance a number of competing desires / factors. Has he sometimes been too optimistic? Sure. Has he sometimes swung between extremes? Sure.

    It’s a difficult task, though, and he is pulled in many directions at once as he sits to compose a post.

    Cut him some slack. Relax.

    (Wenger is the problem. Focus on that.)

  18. TitsMcGee

    I’ll believe Wenger falling on his sword when I see it. If it wasn’t for Munich /Watford/Chelsea I think they’d have announced his extension already.

  19. The Doctor

    HIlarious all this Wenger to Barca talk as if they would touch the fraud. THey see the fraud for who he is a mile away. People are so deluded if you think Barca are going to appoint Wenger. Imagine Messi and co hearing Wenger’s name they will be laughing their throught out.

  20. WrightIsGod

    Bamford and Pedro

    “This anti-Gazidis sentiment is somewhat amusing to me. I suspect some of it is grounded in anti-American sentiment, actually.”

    He is not even American ha. So already Bamford’s base of argument flawed.

    To which Pedro replies:

    “Bamford, perfectly put and way more succinct than I could have been. Gazidis is South African I think.However, you are right. Wenger runs the show. Stan decides the contract and the chat about our commercials being poor is super subjective and generally comes from people who look at numbers without understanding the broader context of how you get to them”

    Although that was more a dig at Dissenter than me I will say that you agree and back someones opinion, because it mirrors yours, despite the fact Bamford believes the genesis of the debate comes from the fact Gazidis is a nationality he actually isn’t.

    Quite funny.

  21. Red&White4life

    Anyone already read Henry Winter ‘s (from Times) comments ??

    ” Did the evening of Munich mark, in your opinion, a changeover in the Wenger era?
    HW : Yes, the atmosphere has completely changed around him. We can feel it by listening to the old players, by watching the body language of the current players, following the reactions of the fans on the social networks. They felt the defeat of Munich as a mourning. It’s gone too far now. It is obvious that he could not change anything during the match. This Bayern, which does not make a great season, completely swept Arsenal. It was an absolute tempest.
    – You think he should have left already. Why ?
    HW : That’s true, I think. But he earns eight million pounds a year, and the owners of the club are happy, financially, to be in C 1 every year. Arsene is an honorable man, and I am sure he will announce his departure himself within a month or two, because he always thought of the club first. I also believe that he will have no choice, because otherwise the atmosphere in the Emirates will be a civil war, and the fans will turn against him in a Shakespearean cruelty. In order for the club to continue in good conditions, united, it must start on its own, not to remain a director.

    – Yes, but what would Arsenal be without Wenger? Would not we see the same chaos as Manchester United after Alex Ferguson?
    HW : It is possible, it will be inevitable. It will be like after a divorce in a long marriage. It is so central to the life of the club … Wherever you go, at the stadium or training center, and in whatever area you approach, everything is gone. He built everything up to the decor in the press room. He had a fantastic influence. But he should have agreed to join old players with strong character, to benefit from other influences. I still think he was wrong not to welcome Patrick Vieira at his side. Without Arsene, Arsenal will survive, inevitably. He himself will be a revered and celebrated manager, obviously.

    – And what would Arsene Wenger be without Arsenal?
    HW : He has other interests, but he will be very sad, we all know, because he has a deep addiction to football and Arsenal. Ferguson had a different life, he had wine and horses. Arsène only thinks about football. I hope the people around him will be good advice. I think he will continue in football. That’s what we want him to do, because we all love him. And I do not want to give lessons to the French in matters of love, but we also know when comes the end of a love story. “

  22. TitsMcGee

    Wenger is in a job where he earns millions without any pressure and with total freedom… where he even got to hire his own line manager?!?He made this mess completely.The AKBs condemn us for having a sense of entitlement for titles and trophies.”

    He has nobody to blame but himself.

    Change your tactics. If something doesn’t work for the 99th time in a row don’t keep beating a dead horse.

    Accept criticism rather than scoff at the “stupidity ” of people that haven’t made “10,000” substitutions. Those “stupid” people are proven right every season.

    Accept that nothing lasts forever. There’s a reason people retire when they get older.

  23. The Doctor

    Wenger won’t leave Arsenal until he is 75 for sure. Even then he will probably continue, I think we are stuck with him until he dies.

  24. PessimisticPat

    Would anyone really give 2 shits if we sold half our squad.

    Ozil, Walcott, Coquelin, Gabriel, Ramsey, I would have no qualms if they all left.

    I think Sanchez will definitely leave.

    Listening to podcast at work now Pedro.

    Here is what I am wishing for next season.

    Allegri in.
    Monchi in.
    New coaches.
    New scouting system.
    Sell off half the squad and raise a load of cash (added to the millions in the bank) and bring in young hungry players.
    2-3 years down the line if its not working rinse, repeat.

    I don’t think that the club is in too bad a state bar our JOKE of a manager.

  25. Ishola70

    Wenger to Barca? Who said that? Never seen or heard that recently.

    It’s been that Spurs manager to Barca which has been mentioned not the old dinosaur.

  26. WrightIsGod

    Bamford allow getting on Peds ‘podbean’ so much. I have a great respect for Peds and even you, I find your comments entertaining and I agree with you on most cases.

    However, this is a blog, this is a comments section, the readers can disagree with the author if they wish to and they have a right to communicate that.

    But Dissenter is right, Peds is hitting us over the head with ITK fairy dust but the reality is track record and what we actually see before us doesn’t shower Gazidis in any light. As one commentator said we won’t now until Wenger is gone.

    There is no Gazidis hate, simply put, we don’t understand the Gazidis love…

  27. Pedro

    WiG, I back Bamford, because bar the nationality, he’s right.

    Your argument doesn’t hold up… not in theory, or reality. Bamford has a stronger grasp on what’s going on. That’s not an opinion.

  28. Bergkamp63

    Diego Simeone for me,

    Someone who looks like he won’t take any slacking from any player regardless of his price tag.

  29. Wallace


    “Heat of the moment, Lmao. and you get baffled when I compare Wenger and you AKBs to Trump and his fans. ”

    le grove’s always been the Tea Party of Arsenal blogs.

    “there’s you AKB lot who are seemingly completely okay coming across as low IQ buffoons if it means you can somehow defend the old fool.”

    c’mon man, you spend your life on here attacking anybody who has a pop at our worst player.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Monchi is on the move as well, potentially to Roma, Arsenal need to get in their now, right now, regardless of the fact Wenger is yet to make up his mind, f**k him if he does not want to work with a DoF, the club needs a DoF, the club needs infrastructure, the club is not Wenger.

    Get off your arse Gazidis and put an offer to Monchi.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    It amazes me the pro-Wenger rabble still have the front to come on here and try and attack a site that has proved them wrong on essentially every point to do with Wenger.

    Even as as isolated example this season, I said around November time that we cannot progress with this 4-2-3-1 and Ozil at CAM, we need three bodies in the middle, pro-Wenger fans described that as ‘laughable,’ now most Arsenal fans are signing the same song. I don’t know why the do it to themselves, their thoughts are born of sentimentality and fear, not reason.

  32. WrightIsGod

    Cesc Appeal

    “Get off your arse Gazidis and put an offer to Monchi.”

    or Sampaoli.

    but……we’ve been in touch with Howe

    Apparently Gazidis a top CEO with a grasp on what’s going on. sigh.

  33. china

    so he’s had his press conference and said nothing of note

    ‘i might stay or go’

    ‘i won’t retire next year’

    thanks for the clarification arsene, very insightful you twat

    he also made time to make a sly ‘be careful what you wish for dig’ saying how we didn’t win the cl before he came and aren’t likely to start winning it soon after he leaves

    thanks for your thoughtful remarks arsene now fuck off

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, any club that has a smart set up, you can imagine that sort of DoF with a massive increase in resources and pulling power.

    But Monchi is one many, including yourself, have been eyeing for a while, very highly regarded DoF and highly regarded in the football world in general, and he’s on the move (most likely), so he is, to borrow a Wenger phrase, ‘available.’

    Could be yet another example of Wenger holding us back in an indirect way, if the club are waiting for him to make up his mind, they won’t make serious overtures to a DoF knowing Wenger simply will not work with one.

    What do you say, ‘Monchi, there might be a job for you, ignore the concrete Roma offers, we might have this great offer, maybe, possibly, depends.’

    If you are on the texts with Gazidis, tell him to pull his finger out, the club needs this DoF, regardless of whether stays or goes (I actually shuddered sat here).

  35. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    ‘Even if I go, Arsenal will not win every single game in the future, that is part of it, you have to accept that as much as it hurts to lose games’

    It’s as much about the manner in which we lose games you twonk.

  36. Pedro

    CA, only thing with Monchi is he seems to like the good life… Sevilla to Rome makes sense… wonder if he’d feel that way about London?

    Guy is really fucking smart though. His interviews are so pragmatic and interesting.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    But we need that DoF, desperately, if he came in now he could start planning for the future of the club, actually helping Gazidis, could start talking to the new manager, Allegri for example, and start working on the system he wants at the club, drawing up a list of players and beginning to sound them out.

    So sick of the archaic, Wenger-centric structure at Arsenal.

  38. Jay

    Usually with agree with the general line of most posts by Pedro but found this one deeply weird…
    i) Not convinced Wenger will go. The comparison to Trump is telling. Tony Blair suffers from a similar disconnect with reality. £8million a year for playing with his toys? Why would he walk away?
    ii) Where does this nonsense about Wenger being “an honourable man” come from? IMHO whatever he once was, he’s become an arrogant, self-absorbed fraud.
    iii) Why the constant free pass to Gazidis? Genuinely ODD!
    iv) In the unlikely event that Wenger does go, I’ll be so happy that how he goes really won’t bother me. On a cloud of glory or in a box, ca m’est egal. Just fucking go. Now.
    Incidentally, the point about Mark Anthony’s ‘honourable man’ speech is that it is IRONIC, FFS…!

  39. china

    i like how in arsene and his worshippers’ minds, the WOB are outraged ‘because we lost *a* game’

    how dare they be unhappy that we lost! everyone loses sometimes don’t forget! barca lost badly the other day!

    never mind the piss poor points tallies or the battering we take semi regularly. no noe. we’re angry because arsenal lost a single game

    we’re so entitled aren’t we!

  40. Cesc Appeal


    London has massive pull, and I would imagine we can blow Roma out of the water with the wages we would offer, and the spending power, London, plus massive wages, plus massive resources to become a really renowned figure, we should be able to tempt him.

    But again, it is no good if we’re dangling a ‘maybe’ in front of him, we need to sack up and just state Wenger is gone, you will be responsible for helping the new manager shape the future of this club.

  41. WrightIsGod

    Cesc Appeal

    And this is the point if Gazidis wants a DoF, go get one regardless of Wenger. You can’t sack him but you can try and improve the set up at the club. if Wenger doesn’t want to do it let him go.

    This is the point Pedro. Gazidis isn’t even really trying to win this power struggle.

  42. Rambo Ramsey

    Wallace, your schitck is becoming familiar to me. Defend Wenger at all costs, sometimes talking utter bs in this process. when someone calls you out on it, either ignore it entirely and make some irrelevant post to deflect.

    Me: Wenger is egotistical
    Wallace: No, he isn’t. Name me someone from the footballing world who says so.
    Me: By that logic, Mourinho should be a class act too.
    Wallace: ————————-
    WE/Paulinho give some names and instances
    Wallace: okay..but but but…HEAT OF THE MOMENT
    Me: All shit stuff happen in heat of moment, that doesn’t excuse them
    Wallace: erm..Le grove’s a joke?

  43. Spanishdave

    Wenger is a fraud, he conveniently forgets that we won European titles before he arrived. He may have managed more but he’s won nothing in Europe.
    Taking part to him is success.
    Top managers win the Champions League.

  44. Wallace


    okay, when I have more time I’ll round up a bunch of examples of Mourinho’s displays of utter classlessness. and I wasn’t calling le grove a joke, I was just saying it’s home to the more fevered fringe of the Arsenal fanbase.

  45. Rambo Ramsey

    Wallace, Mourinho’s classlessness has nothing do to with Wenger’s own issues. How does Mourinho being a C*nt make Wenger non-egotistical ( is that the correct word? )

    Once again you attempt a deflection tactic and make yourself look like a complete dumbass.

  46. Wenker-wanger

    I think Wenger is going at the end of the season and it ain’t wishful thinking only.
    He honours contracts and although he has one on the table I really don’t think he could stomach more. He has lost the dressing room, he knows half the fans want him gone, the other half probably think he only deserves to stay because of the past ( distant past) glories.
    A new manager needs to assert himself. Point to the door and strongly say ” if you don’t want to sweat blood for this club there is the door”.
    It doesn’t matter who that manager is,initially, it’s the assertion that’s key from day one.
    This great club will regenerate into something awesome if we get a strong manager that understands what this club is about.
    Kroenke is no fool, and will see the. ££££ value in a great manager bringing success, sponsorship deals etc. He has already released transfer money for Sanchez ozil xhaka,mustafi, Perez….So there appears to be no worries funding new quality players.
    I may be getting ahead of myself here, but I’m convinced we will improve dramatically the moment he goes and his successor starts.
    I’m getting my ARSENAL back soon

  47. Red&White4life

    “We do not want him to play in Madrid, not to return to Barcelona, the truth is that we do not give a damn what team to play, we just want to see him fight along with ten others to get results. No more alone.”

    lol so true

  48. Wenker-wanger

    Someone slap me awake!
    Imagine him in the dressing room!
    The ox wouldn’t have to berate the shirkers, he could quietly nod.

  49. Ishola70

    lol it is true then that the Chileans are going to march in their capital for the wish to see Sanchez leave Arsenal. 1 March it is scheduled for with an estimated 4,000 people expected to attend so far. Apparently they are very upset that Sanchez is playing for such a loser in Wenger and the humiliation in Munich was the last straw for them. They saw Sanchez crouching on the floor at the end of that drubbing and they don’t want to see their national hero suffer any more under Wenger.

    It’s hilarious really but embarrassing for Arsenal.

    I think it is pretty safe to assume that Sanchez will not be playing for Arsenal next season and will be sold in the summer.

    FU Arsene.

  50. Leedsgunner


    “Three, did someone above really ask how United continue to get better commercials despite no CL football? Holy fucking shit that’s ignorant. Their brand is way, way better established — with more cache globally — than Arsenal.”

    That “ignoramous” was me. :)

    You’re missing the thrust of my argument actually.

    The point of the new stadium was to put us on par with the likes of Man United was it not? Was it not what we were promised.

    My point is this.

    What has Gazidas done to push us forward in our commercials even though we’ve had over a decade with a super stadium? Shouldn’t we be up there with Man United in terms of commercials? FFS, even their training top deal eclipses us.

    Being the first London club with a super stadium we had a golden opportunity to get a massive head start on our rivals to build a premier global brand — but Gazidas decided to back a manager that valued stability over success therefore completely negating the advantage we’ve had by destroying the good reputation of our brand.

    Man United despite the lack of Champion’s League football is still linked with the biggest stars like Grizemann.

    Wenger spends his time trying to impress us with the players he almost signed.

    Gazidas must have very sore hands because he’s been very happy sitting on it for the last decade… happily taking his paycheck doing as he is told.

    Anyone can take the easy way, and do as he is told. A true leader, makes the most of what he is given. Gazidas is not a leader.

    PS: I care not a monkeys whether he’s American by the way… it’s a bit of a cheap shot bringing that up.

    Thanks for the debate in any case.

    Wishing you the best.

  51. Lebgooner

    Anyone who believes that Wenger will leave at the end of the season is a naive, deluded fool.
    His presser today said it all.

    He smartly deflected the issue from bad performance to him staying in management – making it a certainty.

    He prides himself as a man who meets his contractual obligations, which in essence means a man of his word. His word at the moment is that he will stay in management. This will take precedence over everything else – performance, results – team spirit etc..

    Next step will be, that as a man of his word, ge will remain at the helm of, you guessed it, thr Arsenal as it is the club of his life.

    Enjoy the next 2 years

  52. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘lol it is true then that the Chileans are going to march in their capital for the wish to see Sanchez leave Arsenal. 1 March it is scheduled for with an estimated 4,000 people expected to attend so far.’

    and the similarities to Trump/Wenger leadership just continue to add, people from other parts of the World protesting against their bs.

    Has anything like this ever happened with a player plying trade in a top club?

  53. Elmo

    As predicted, Wenger is going nowhere.

    Are these the words of someone who plans to walk of his own volition?
    “No matter what happens, I will manage next season.”

    Those are the words of someone who intends to carry on in situ unless he is kicked out.

    Seeing as the board are happy with him, there will be no managerial change.

    We can put this to bed for the year. He’s not going to walk.

  54. Red&White4life

    “Some saying Gazidis has been pictured with a manager and advisors in Spain…”
    He’s in vacations ??

    “‘The Sun’ will release the pictures on Sunday.”
    What a super source!! lol

    “The Sanchez facebook page exists”
    Of course, and the whole world is laughing about us.

  55. Rambo Ramsey

    Apparently Cazorla’s agents are trying to push through a move away from Arsenal. So next season we may be looking at three of our talented players-Sanchez, Cazorla, Ozil-all gone.

    What a sad state of affairs

  56. Ishola70

    Rambo Ramsey:
    “Has anything like this ever happened with a player plying trade in a top club?”

    Can’t recall no.

    We need those Chileans over here. They would run Wenger out of town in 5 minutes.

  57. WDF

    WrightIsGod I think you are missing the point and failing to read between the lines and understand business relationships.

    If Wenger and Stan have direct relationship it really does make Gazidis irrelevant with regards to a new contract. The Key word is DIRECT RELATIONSHIP you are getting bogged down in 100% facts whats the official process does Stan fax it to Wenger directly or does Gazidis have to sign an approve.

    It doesn’t matter who does the paper work the agreement is done over a phone call or drink (DIRECT RELATIONSHIP)!

    Also read between the lines when Pedro is trying to tell us something he cant obviously reveal sources and specific information but get he gist of things.

    My opinion only no offence or malice towards you…

  58. Jim Lahey

    “pparently Cazorla’s agents are trying to push through a move away from Arsenal. So next season we may be looking at three of our talented players-Sanchez, Cazorla, Ozil-all gone.”

    Would hate to lose Santi :(

  59. Leedsgunner

    ““Has anything like this ever happened with a player plying trade in a top club?”

    Farcical… is this what we moved to Emirates for?

    Nothing from the Board or Gazidas. I guess they are still baffled at our anger.

  60. Rainman

    Meanwhile,some one “copy-pasted”almost the entire contents of today’s legrove post in the comments section of untold. Lol.

  61. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    John O’Connor hoisted his beer and said, “Here’s to spending the rest of me life between the legs of me wife!” That won him the top prize at the pub for the best toast of the night!

    He went home and told his wife, Mary, “I won the prize for the Best Toast of the Night” She said, “Aye, did ye now. And what was your toast?”

    John said, “Here’s to spending the rest of me life, sitting in church beside me wife.”

    “Oh, that is very nice indeed, John,” Mary said.

    The next day, Mary ran into one of John’s drinking buddies on the street corner. The man chuckled leeringly and said, “John won the prize the other night at the pub with a toast about you, Mary.”

    She said, “Aye, he told me, and I was a bit surprised myself. You know, he’s only been there twice in the last four years. Once he fell asleep, and the other time I had to pull him by the ears to make him come.”

  62. Andy

    Wenger has called the board out, sack me and I will go somewhere else, and they will be shitting it, he is staying unless sacked because he is a stubborn dinosaur.

  63. Wenker-wanger

    @ labgooner…
    Listen mate, no-one more cynical than me.
    Yes I take your point and I believe what’s keeping him on is that this is his life…He has nothing else…. Sad fcker.
    But I’m reading between a lot of lines…..The counterbalance to his need for arsenal is the fact he knows fully that we don’t need him.
    He is going…. The momentum has now pushed the balance over to him going.
    No way back….Even when we beat sutton5-0.

  64. Dissenter

    We pay these players too much money for them to leave on a whim.
    The Santi Cazorla story is 100% a lie.
    No one else will extend his contract after two failed Achilles tendon injuries.

    That was a bad contract, similar to the last the Rosicky extensions.
    Cazorla isn’t going to walk away from the groovy train that is Wenger’s Arsenal.

  65. Lebgooner

    I pray to God you are right and there is no way back.
    However the way I see it is that he has a 2 years contract on the table for him to sign. If my understanding is correct, the decision is with him not the club – the owner wants him to stay.
    My analysis is that he was persuaded (his arrogance) he will do well enough to justify signing the extension – it was never the case he will not.
    With the latest run of results and fans unrest, media pressure he found himself cornered.
    He is now actively looking for that justification to stay, starting with the bizarre claim that he will stay in management next season.
    Again hope I am wrong.

  66. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger gave a petulant press release about his future.
    Seems to me Wenger feels he is not wanted and perhaps fans are not thinking he has done a marvellous job. This is the real Wenger….Arrogant and egotistical. But now his reign is up, he can’t handle it and resorts to defending his tenure and arrogantly assuming the next manager won’t do better.
    Fcking arrogant despot…..Bitter and twisted like all about to be deposed tyrants.
    That’s all more reason to speculate he is going. If he was staying the charm offensive would be evident.
    Fck off Wenger…You can’t even resign with any humility.

  67. GG


    Man u’s net spend is about the same as wenger’s 90m spent or does the net spend only work when talking and defending wenegr?

    Man U are two points behind us


    I’ll bet you Man U finish above us.

    Loser is banned from le grove for life

  68. GG

    I really don’t know what to say after that presser

    The man is so far removed from reality and believes his own and akbs hype so much that it’s not mentally healthy

    He has completely lost the plot.

    We need to keep the pressure on. Hopefully Liverpool will smash us at the kop. Sutton will be long shot to beat us but please do.

    The arrogance of that presser made my skin crawl.


    And yet Pedro and others want us to feel sorry for him

    Not a fucking chance. He deserves nothing

  69. Vince

    Jim Lahey and Pedro.
    I’ll take either of the. actually. I just think it’s easier to force Sevilla’s hand to get Sampaoli rather than Evertons for Korean. Remember we are the football nice guys. We, epitomized by Wenger, don’t reach out for anything except it’s a castaway.

  70. Wenker-wanger

    I know what you’re saying and I’m trying to keep in the optimistic zone…….
    No-one knows…..Our opinions are both speculative…..if wrong you stand to be only elated and surprised whilst if I’m wrong I will hit the floor like a concrete panel. Guess I can’t wait to be happy!

  71. GG

    A defeated man trying to defend himself by bringing up what he’s done and it’s all

    How pathetic.

    Trying to garner sympathy. You just know people like Wallace will eat it up.

  72. GG


    You take koeman over Diego or allegri?

    I think he needs another year at Everton and let’s see what he does. New owners who seem to be invested and will
    Give him money to spend

    He seems destined for barcA

  73. Chigooner

    Sad, yes. But let’s not forget for one second that this man brought all of this on himself with his insistence on being the sole voice and final say on everything Arsenal. He surrounded himself with yes men and fought even the most incremental change (Bould defense coaching, video tech) every step of the way. He persisted with multiple players who were clearly not good enough because he would rather see Sanogo up front against Bayern then admit that he made a mistake. It’s the behavior of a dictator. I have no doubt he loves the club but he loves the image he built up of himself even more.

    When he finally leaves the next appointment will be telling. There’s no way Allegri is coming to win a top 4 trophy and protect Stan and the board from the fans the way that Wenger does. If we get a high profile name I’ll be happily surprised.

  74. Chigooner

    “Don’t listen to the fear brigade, who have for years pretended this debacle wasn’t going on, now play the ‘I’m the rational voice’ card. ”

    Absolutely spot on Pedro. Drives me mad.

  75. BillikenGooner

    ESPN: “Arsene Wenger said there has been no change to his plan to decide his future in March or April but that he will still be a manager next season, “whether it is here or somewhere else.”

    It looks like Wenger is putting out feelers to see if he can go to another club. It might be the best out for everyone, he feels like he is making a career move and the Club doesn’t look like they are axing a “legend”.

  76. china

    i don’t have a problem as such with common because he might do a good job and be just the ticket – but why are we considering replacing someone so intrinsic to the structure and makeup of our entire club with a manager who’s not been there done that at the top level before at all?

    like why take the gamble on someone who hasn’t conclusively demonstrated they can do it repeatedly at this level?

    i’ll support him well if common is the next guy, but i really don’t see it’s a good enough to handle the post wenger transition period by going for another unproven project manager

    go big. get a winner. after that we can see and look at these promising alternatives but right not promising and unproven shouldn’t but words we’re contemplating for our next manager

  77. Elmo

    Haha. Imagine if he DID join another club, we drew them next year in the CL R16 and thumped them 5-1 in the first leg, with his team looking tactically clueless.

    AFTV would explode!

  78. Vince

    Sincerely speaking I’m not a fan of Diego’s fiery personality. Also because of his links to Inter and the fact that the board have gotten so used to Winger I don’t envisage them getting someone not in his mould – a gentleman, calm mien and someone who won’t go against the grain. As a result of the above I think Simeone, as good as he is, won’t get their nod.
    If I’m to guess I’ll say their shortlist will be something like:
    – Allegri
    -Maybe Howe.

    If it’s left to me I’ll go in order of preference:
    – Jardim
    – Koeman
    – Tuchel

    And my choice is based exclusively on how much of the teams by the above coaches that I’ve watched and fell in love with.
    I don’t get to watch Serie A so my opinion on Allegri may be considered null and void.

  79. Jacko

    I am not so sure that Wenger will get his usual late season run to Champions League safety this time around.

    Yes we will beat Sutton but then we face Southampton away, Pool away and the Bayern return game. We could conceivably lose all 3 of these in our current form.

    We then have winnable games against the champions at home, with WBA away.

    Then after we play City at home looks like the best/only opportunity to get up any real head of steam with WHU, Palace, Boro and Sunderland on the spin.

    After that it is Spurs away, United Away, the Orc’s away and Everton Home (Gulp)!!

    There just doesn’t appear to be an extended period, where we can expect to go on an unbeaten run.

    This really does look like the year that we drop out of the top 4.

    I think Wenger will need another FA Cup win to save face, although I doubt Kroenke gives a shit either way.

  80. Chigooner

    Hard to see us making top 4 which is probably for the best.

    Listening to another pod with people talking about how his legacy isn’t tarnished.

    This is the definition of tarnished legacy! You’d have to forget the last 10 years.

    Never been able to figure out why it’s so hard for people to criticize Wenger. He’s run it all the way down until there are literally zero excuses left and people are like “well, if there’s one thing I might criticize about Wenger…”

    Give me a break.

  81. Sid

    This pussy Ozil has asked his agent to bark in the media . He should be kicked out along with Wenger . Thank god we didnt give this cunt 300k per week that he was demanding

  82. GG


    Diego is exactly what we need.

    We need passion. Fire. Heart

    We’ve had a dead man walking zombie guy on our sidelines who only moves when he has to fight to do up his zipper.

    We need a Diego. Not only for his football skills but for his personalality.

    Our players need it

  83. jwl

    Todays joke was repeat, my mistake, dont want to be stale like Wenger. Here some one liners from Steven Wright, one of my fav comedians.


    – “It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to have to paint it.”

    – “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”

    – “Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now.”

    – “I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.
    So I said, “Got any shoes you’re not using?”

    – “I bought a million lottery tickets. I won a dollar.”

  84. GG


    I was telling China a couple days ago

    Wenger doesn’t have his easy run out to save him this time

    The max I see us getting out of the last 4 matches is 4 points and kiss top 4 good bye. And hopefully wenger fucks off

  85. Chigooner


    Rather see somebody bring back the free flowing football Arsenal used to be known for. Diego isn’t that guy. Good manager no doubt, but we have a squad that’s ready made for someone like Sampaoli, Tuchel…

  86. Red&White4life

    I stopped buying merchandise long ago, thank god, I don’t want to be seen these days with a scarf or some hat from arsenal, thanks alot arsène for the shame.

  87. Jacko


    It will definitely be a struggle looking at the way the fixtures breakdown. That 4 points looks like a good prediction at this moment in time.

    I think Diego would accept the position, if only to call Grimandi back from his scouting assignment somewhere in the Ligue 2, in order to exact revenge for that sucker punch against Lazio.

  88. GG


    I’m sorry but “bring back free flowing” football doesn’t work in today’s footballing world

    You need different ways to play against all types of tactics. You need a manager to be able to adjust on the go

    The days of free flow football are over. Managers are too smart and will find a way to counter it. Well except wenger.

    Diego teams have played better football than anything wenger has produced in over 6-8 years. That Diego is borinb is a
    Myth perpetrated by akbs

    Go watch the two CL finals he was in. Atletico were the better teams and deserved to win

    Free flowing football all the time isn’t possible anymore

  89. CechRedHanded

    I’m not 100% sold on Diego being the best man for the job, but could you imagine him on the touchline at home games. The Vincente Calderon erupts on his command, what would it be like if he could transfer that to the Emirates. It would surely put a rocket up a lot of the currents squads arses

    Sampaoli for me combines this enthusiasm (maybe not to the same extent) with a better brand of football. He gets the nod from me

  90. Elmo


    That’s why I was saying since the turn of the year that we have to be winning every game.

    We were playing all our easiest games of the back half while several of our opponents have played many of their games against other top 6. Our final four games look atrocious. I can imagine getting to the end and needing 9 points from Spurs, United, Stoke and Everton just for the 4th place trophy.

  91. Chigooner


    Tell that to Klopp or Pep or Ancelotti or Tuchel or Sampaoli

    I understand your point though. I guess Atletico have opened up a bit this year, but Diego is boring and I’m no AKB.
    Part of Wenger’s legacy is beautiful football. I’d hate to see that go out the window. Yes the game has changed but plenty of managers are playing tactically astute attacking football.

  92. Chigooner

    Also those CL finals were boring. Watching Griezmann trying to make something happen all by himself. The first one was especially awful on the eyes.

    Not saying it isn’t effective and his teams seem to be willing to die for the guy but he wouldn’t be my first pick.

  93. Red&White4life

    As much as I respect diego, I must admit that to see him standing, and barking all the time is a bit… boring ??

    Whatever, he wants to coach Inter anyway.

  94. Leedsgunner

    “Also those CL finals were boring. Watching Griezmann trying to make something happen all by himself. The first one was especially awful on the eyes.”

    At least it’s in a final… after all, we should be used to it by now — it’s like Sanchez trying to make something happen all by himself… but getting knocked out in the round of 16!


  95. Chigooner


    Ya that’s the best part. We’re all getting excited for what comes next but chances are he’s not going anywhere. Board already said contract is still on table. And Wenger said he’ll make a decision in the summer.

    Completely selfish putting himself before the club but you wouldn’t know it listening to these people who struggle to come up with one criticism of the guy bc “he loves the club”