5 points of Arsenal interest vs Bayern Munich

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Late post today, but I AM EXCITED.

Sometimes you have to put all your pessimism to one side because that’s what football fandom requires.

Things that are of interest tonight.

Away Goals

The advantage of playing the first leg away is you can land that away goal and come back to an extra 10% boost from the crowd in London and see off the game with a dirty double pivot. That’s where the strategy comes into play. Are we going to Bayern to nick a goal and defend like heroes? If so, how are we planning to achieve that?


PSG absolutely blew it out of the park last night with an incredible showing of aggression and hard work. Their pressing game was a sight to behold, watching players you wouldn’t normally associate with beast mode all working together to make Barcelona look like a team of old men being taught a lesson. Bayern can press like that, we know they’ll have that up their sleeves tonight, so what is the plan?

I’d set up with finesse in mind and power play counter attacking football. Coquelin is a mistake in my opinion, especially under pressure of aggressive teams who will give you zero seconds on the ball. My midfield would blend hardwork with great on the ball skills. My attack would likely not include Mesut Ozil, who is off form and a bit of a waste in big games like these. I’d have a front three that boasted pace and intelligence. I’d go for Welbeck, Sanchez… struggling with who hits the right because we have no Ramsey, who did a great job pressing from the front against United last season, and we don’t have Perez who is injured. Not quite sure Iwobi has done enough to merit a place?

My midfield would be Xhaka, Elneney and Chamberlain. I really hope he doesn’t put Chambo on the right, The guy has been electric in the middle and he has a range of attributes that could be of use if he has a good game this evening.

The Press

Do Arsenal have a plan for the aggressive press? Will Bayern set up to allow us possession so they can steal and break at pace. What is our plan? Can we play over the press? Will we set up with players who can deal with aggression? Will we counter press and fu*k up their rhythm? This is not Swansea, Watford or Bournemouth. What are we going to do here?


Going to be very interesting to see if Wenger drops him. Rumblings in the media that the team aren’t impressed with him, his form has dipped massively and he plays badly in big games. At the very most, I’d have him playing on the left. But if my season was reliant on him, I’d not have him in the side. He’s not been worthy of a start and it sends the wrong message to the players if you can play like an arsehole and still start. Not to mention it seems tactically weak to start him.


Rumours from Ornstein, the god of correct information, is that Theo will not be starting. So what does that mean? Could Wenger sh*t the bed here and roll with Giroud as the ‘lob it to the big man’ go to guy? That would be really upsetting. I really hope we have something different up our sleeves because our form has not been good enough to go there and slog it out.

We’ll see though. It would not surprise me to see us win here, but I am very concerned it could be a mauling.

Covering all bases…

Recording a podcast after, so you’ll hear how I’m feeling in the morning.

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  1. Dissenter

    Iwobi is one of the few bright points of our season.
    I repeat he is one the teeny weeny positive s of our season.
    He’s played too many minutes for a twenty year old.

  2. GG


    You’re right he’s not the biggest issue.

    But he shouldn’t have started. But that’s on the cunt wenger. Not iwobi.

    I think the occasion is just too big to start iwobi. He is not in the cesc , messi, Jesus , Neymar class where he is 20
    And WC.

  3. Jim Lahey

    @GG –

    “Have you not been saying he deserves respect?”

    I haven’t said anything about respecting or not respecting him, thats up for each individual to decide upon themselves.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    It would take Allegri coming in and selling a new vision to Sanchez, promises of new players, a new set of principles at the club, new coaches etc.

    If I was Sanchez I would be checking out now, Arsenal are just stuck in the same season over and over and over.

    Beyond embarrassing our fan base still has people defending Wenger, really shows us up, despite that rabbles assertions that it is people calling for Wenger gone who show us up, no, they are behaving like supporters of any other top club, the pro-Wenger rabble are the ones behaving anomalously in the world of football, another humiliation for Arsenal, throw the club under the bus to stick with our totally past it manager.

  5. Tomtom

    The sad thing is that Wenger doesn’t even have a wife to tell him that the game is up and to resign for his families sake.

  6. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford –

    I am willing to give Iwobi time to develop, but not at the expense of the team. At the moment, he isn’t bringing enough to the team (like many others).

    “Coquelin completed just 6 passes in 77 minutes tonight. 6 passes.”

    Our midfield was shocking tonight, 35 year old Xabi Alonso made bits of them, disgraceful.

  7. Bamford10

    Alright, I cannot think about this sh*t-show any more today. Here’s to Wenger resigning in the morning. Here’s to Arsenal being great again at some point in the future — under a new manager. Cheers, all.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Dein is Wenger’s good friend, and a massive supporter of his, but would it take someone like him to come in and save him from himself?

    I don’t see anyone at the club who is going to be cruel to be kind.

  9. leftsidesanch

    There’s so many problems at Arsenal, these results are re-occuring yearly and not one of the “higher ups” will take any notice of it. You have to hope that Wenger himself decides he’s no longer up to task. Last season he got away with it – we had a kind end of fixture list where we could go on a mini run and the Spurs implosion boosted that.

    Arsenal won’t get away with it this time, it’s going to be horrific from now till the end of the season in my view.

  10. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    “Beyond embarrassing our fan base still has people defending Wenger”

    Yeah there is no defending the indefensible anymore, the game has just passed him by. These embarrassing nights are becoming all too regular.

    I would love to see someone like Allegri come in, inject some hope back into both the players and the fans.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    Our performance against Chelsea was bad enough, but the game tonight was pure comedy by a team who are possibly the poorest side to have represented
    the club for a very long time.

    They are gutless, lacking in basic intelligence, poor discipline and above all the quality to compete at top level.

    What is disturbing me most is how some players who looked promising when
    they came into team are now showing such poor performance levels

    The bottom line is that Wenger is a busted flush. Any idea that he will be allowed to sign a new contract would be obscene.

    The club needs urgent overhaul.

  12. Leedsgunner

    “I do not look for excuses. It is a shock of course to lose at that level. We made everything wrong, the fifth goal shows that.”

    Wenger, BBC

    Why did you talk about “bad luck” so much then?

    He’s all about excuses… when he loses trophies and titles
    “I almost signed …. ” when he loses out on players.

    If you mean what you say Arsene, I challenge you to walk tonight.

  13. Leedsgunner

    “Our performance against Chelsea was bad enough, but the game tonight was pure comedy by a team who are possibly the poorest side to have represented
    the club for a very long time.”

    Emirates, but but but what do you mean, Wenger said a few weeks ago, he had an offensive unit better than the Invincibles! LOL!!!!

    Shows doesn’t it!?!?

  14. InsideRight

    It was only weeks ago Wenger was hailing our mental strength.

    Now almost every game he is saying the players are not up for it mentally.

    Is Wenger paid to fix these things and improve the team?
    Or does he get £8m a year to point out the fucking obvious after every game?

  15. leftsidesanch

    If your familiar with boxing you will know that Wenger is suffering with the same thing that Roy Jones Jr and Bernard Hopkins suffered from. They’ve all continued far too long, and it took a 52 year old Hopkins to be physically punched out of the ring for him to realise that the game is up and call it a day. Wenger, at this point has created a legacy of two halves, and has to call it a day. Somebody in his corner, please throw in the towel.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    The game was actually very similar to Chelsea.

    Outplayed in the first half, but decent enough, created some chances (actually took one tonight with a bit of luck in there), but went in at half-time with something to be optimistic about.

    Then the second half arrived, and clearly the Arsenal players had not been told there are actually two 45 minute halves to play, because they absolutely collapsed, just like they did at Chelsea, Ospina pulled off a fair few great saves as well, otherwise we really would be contemplating an utter embarrassment of enormous proportions.

    Munich were not even that great, I’ve seen them a lot, lot better than that, Thiago, Robben and Lahm were great, but they were nowhere near the side they use to be, we just gave them the midfield, again, when average fans all week long talk about the middle being crucial, locking that down, dropping Ozil and then going at them with blistering pace, Wenger chooses not to, and you then watch Munich totally dictate play in the middle and Arsenal only hurt Munich with a few blistering counters, you really have to call the manager into question.

  17. InsideRight

    Roy Keane says the team isn’t up to it. We’ve only got a couple of good players.

    Well that’s because the I-know-best manager spent year after year ignoring talent to get in makeweight players from the fucking pound shop.

    Only when the pressure’s on does he go out and spend big – every time on a player in a position that doesn’t need to be filled. This is ALL Wenger’s fault. Completely.

  18. ArseneisaFraud

    RSPC Arsenal

    No one with their right mind who loves pure football will….. but deluded brainwashed fans who still cling on to AW will still harp on about the supposed great stability that finishing 4th brings to the club.

    For the AKB’s: are we supposed to be an elite team fighting for top honors or a mid table team glad to be finishing 4th?

  19. Dissenter

    I believe Wenger will leave at the end of the season.
    He has to know that he’s outlives his usefulness. He’s too intelligent n to know that the tide has turned and the game has passed him by.
    He just can’t admit is so early.

  20. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    This year more than any other previously it does seem possible that he could go but.. I’m still not so sure, its power above all else he loves.

    If he does go this summer, it has to be completely out of the club, he can’t be given a place on the board or a DoF role.

  21. TitsMcGee

    They’ve all continued far too long, and it took a 52 year old Hopkins to be physically punched out of the ring for him to realise that the game is up and call it a day. Wenger, at this point has created a legacy of two halves, and has to call it a day. Somebody in his corner, please throw in the towel.”

    That’s it basically.

    It’s going to take someone in his corner (who this could be I have no idea) or he’s going to need to be humiliated a 3-4 times a season (punched out of the ring).

    I know Ozil isn’t a fan favorite at the moment but imagine how envious he must be of his countrymen on the pitch today.

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The Aussies have a saying

    Gutless winders …

    The club is lying on a slab dead under wenger we need an Elton shot to breath live into us ….

    Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to pay our last respects to Arsenal football club who passed away recently ….

  23. ArseneisaFraud


    Absolutely. To give AW power to preside over the future of the club would be suicide. He is a decade behind any other modern manager as he’s failed to progress.

    That’s how Fergie managed to do it, why can’t AW?… as you said: power has driven him completely mad to the point that he has refused any outside input.

  24. Spanishdave

    All the media are saying that Wengers time is up.
    They know it the players know it, but. dickhead Wenger is too egoistic to let the club move on.
    He is lost without the club he’s institutionalised.

  25. Dissenter

    Wenger has to keep mute to give the club enough time to properly get a replacement. He wont want to unsettle the squad of babies as well.
    He’s leaving.’
    He’s too proud to not see that the game has passed him by.

  26. InsideRight

    Assuming Wenger is thinking of staying on, I’m just curious how he thinks he is going to attract top talent to the club in the summer when we don’t compete on any meaningful level.

    If you want cash and an easy life, perhaps you would sign for Wenger’s Wobblers. If you want to win things, your agent would deserve shooting if he spoke with Arsenal. There is no way this gets turned around.

    I notice Roy Keane bottled it when asked if Wenger shouldn’t be offered a new deal on football terms. He made that stupid “Wenger’s had a brilliant 20 years at Arsenal” line. No he hasn’t. He had 7 good years and since then has been overtaken, out-thought, and out performed by a succession of rival managers.

  27. kelvin


    Jim feels Iwobi is mediocre, crap, shit etc but doesn`t want legrovers to get on his back hence always trying to criticise his performance instead.

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Throw the towel in
    The fans should be cheering on Sutton

    Booing arsenal,passes
    Chanting wenger out

    Mentally fuck up the team

  29. Leedsgunner

    “It was only weeks ago Wenger was hailing our mental strength.Now almost every game he is saying the players are not up for it mentally.Is Wenger paid to fix these things and improve the team?
    Or does he get £8m a year to point out the fucking obvious after every game?”

    what does that tell you about Wenger’s judgement?

  30. GG

    Dixon keown. Henry. Lehman And any other player who has stuck up for wenger and said crap about it’s his choice when to leave. He should stay etc. Should be barred from ever working for the club once wenger leaves. And any pundit and jounro like cross should be barred from the club.

    They are Lemmings and weak just like wenger and don’t deserve to be at the club.

    I don’t care who they are. If they are still defending wenger like Henry did last week , they should never be allowed to work at the club

    Be told they don’t have the right mentality. Weak Like wenger

    We need to break clean of all that is wenger and that includes the ex players and journos who suck his dick at every chance

    I don’t care why they do it. No
    Time for it. Be a man. Think for yourself. And even more so. Think of
    Arsenal before you think of wenger and your career.

    Fuck all wenger -ites.

  31. Mr.J

    @Inside Right

    “I notice Roy Keane bottled it when asked if Wenger shouldn’t be offered a new deal on football terms”

    Yeah I noticed that too… it was almost too good to be true wasn’t it!

    I had hoped after he ‘re-raised’ by mentioning Gibbs with the arm band, that he’d go ‘all in’ on wenger


  32. GG

    Throw the towel in
    The fans should be cheering on SuttonBooing arsenal,passes
    Chanting wenger out Mentally fuck up the team

    Yes. But not booing the team.

    Just wenger. 90m of wenger out chants. Booing him at every chance. Loud and vicious.

  33. Ashley

    You’re all reacting like you didn’t know that was going to happen !! I didn’t even bother watching …. to be honest I didn’t even bother watching match of the day and we won … probably won’t watch again until he’s gone … there’s just no point , I can pretty much go to most home games If I want but I haven’t the desire to put that kind of effort in for this team …. more important things in life quite frankly

  34. Jim Lahey

    @TitsMcGee –

    Could really have been any score in the end, Ospina pulled off a couple decent saves, felt he was very suspect for the second? ..

    Also felt Bayern were pretty shaky at the back, not that it actually mattered to them in the end, but another team could have put a few passed them.

  35. InsideRight

    @ MrJ

    The look on Keane’s face was almost “I’ve crucified him but if I go all the way he might actually leave and Arsenal could get someone decent in”.

    Even Pougatch gave it to Wenger tonight. He just asked if the Board is scared to make a decision because this Board has never had to sack and hire a manager.

  36. InsideRight

    Lee Dixon is sending a clear message to anyone who is listening…

    If you want Wenger out then it’s up to the fans to make his position untenable. It is only pressure from the fans that will force him or the Board to act.

    I think a bunch more AKBs will quietly slink away from Team Arsene and hope the Wenger Out side can make it happen.

  37. ArseneisaFraud

    What are Dixon and Keown getting to keep licking AW arse??? What do they think of themselves when they come up with the shite they say to keep defending the Fraud that AW actually is??

  38. Mr.J

    Come on man…

    Ospina was not suspect for that goal, or any for that matter.

    2nd goal was all on Mustafi and everybody on the left side…

    (Including the second ballvon the pitch!!)

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Amazing, John Cross trying to imply that the negativity around the club right now is the cause of the poor results. I think you will find it is over a decade of these sort of results and the same season annually that has caused the negativity.

    The defence of Wenger is really quite astounding, how is there anyone left who cannot see what a problem he is?

    Get rid of him, then if Kroenke f**ks it up, go after him next season but this time with a fully united fan base, no sentimentality to cause infighting that deflects from the club’s performance.

  40. Jim Lahey


    I felt he decided to come out for the second then changed his mind, giving him a poor starting position to attempt the save. Although it was a pretty good header to be fair.

    Thought he played well overall.

    Its Gabriel we should be taking about… Kos goes off, 4 goals conceded.

  41. TitsMcGee

    Also felt Bayern were pretty shaky at the back, not that it actually mattered to them in the end, but another team could have put a few passed them.”

    This isn’t a great Bayern squad. I’d actually say this squad is the weakest Bayern team going back quite a few years.

    The Bayern team that won UCL a few years ago would have beaten this pathetic bunch 8-0

  42. Leedsgunner

    Amazing, John Cross trying to imply that the negativity around the club right now is the cause of the poor results. I think you will find it is over a decade of these sort of results and the same season annually that has caused the negativity.

    Poor results cause negativity not the other way around. We owe Wenget nothing– he’s been getting paid for doing nothing for years… for Chapman’s sake — let him go!!!

  43. Emiratesstroller

    What summed up the game best was Coquelin’s mis kick, which resulted in fourth goal and then to cap it all Ox falling over and Bayern scoring their fifth.

    As I said it is pure comedy. We were outplayed in all departments of the game.

  44. Mr.J


    Under the circumstances, i can see how you might feel that way…

    But when you watch it again, you’ll change your mind… that cross was not one you’d expect a keeper to get near too.

    From it touched his head, it was a goal

  45. TitsMcGee

    John Cross must be getting some nice kickbacks to keep spouting so much drivel…. as always: money blinds.”

    Of course. It’s quite obvious.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger needs to announce he’s going now, all this ‘it will destabilize the team,’ completely moot point, this club is completely broken now, half the fan base have checked out and no longer are interested in emotionally investing in this team, Wenger needs to come out and say he’s going, and that we need one last push to get to the end of the season.

    Then the club need to start making noises about a new manager, a DoF etc.

  47. Jim Lahey


    At the moment I don’t think he is at the required standard to be starting for a team like Arsenal, he has played a lot of games this season and his output has not been to the level expected for a team pushing for a title, I would like to see my wide players contribute about 15 goals and 10 assists during a season (so 25 goals combined), at the moment he has 4 goals and 3 assists.

    I’d like to see him go on loan for a season.

  48. luke

    @ Leeds re: John Cross

    It’s pathetic trying to blame the fans for losses. Wenger used that narrative too recently. Why the hell do Cross/Wenger think there is negativity at the club!?

  49. Jim Lahey

    I think John Cross is so intrenched in the narrative that he has been pushing for the last number of years that he feels he can do nothing but double down on his lunacy.

  50. GG

    Wenger coming out now and say he’s leaving could derail our season.

    Who cares. What would happen? Miss out on top 4? Who cares.

    Being out of the CL really has messed up Chelsea’s season this year.

    United really had trouble signing players.

    Be good for the manager coming in. No CL first season. Focus on winning the league.

    Even being out of the CL, the new manager would have better odds if winning it than
    We would with wenger

  51. TitsMcGee

    MUNICH, Germany — Two of the most predictable things in football happened in the Allianz Arena on Wednesday evening. Arjen Robben cut inside on his left foot and scored a trademark goal that nestled in the top corner, and Arsenal lost a Champions League knock-out tie.


  52. Dissenter

    I disagree with you about the impact of Wenger announcing that he’s leaving now.
    Mid-April will be the best time to make the announcement. These group of players will literally wilt and check-out immediately they know he’s leaving.
    You think the results are bad? Wait until they really drop their heads.
    This is not just another manager leaving. It’s a manager who’s dominated every aspect of the club for 21 years.

  53. TitsMcGee

    This was Groundhog Day and the sequel rolled into one, but what about the next most predictable thing in football? Don’t forget the part where the Arsenal hierarchy look back on another season of under-achievement with Arsene Wenger as manager and then sign off on another year in charge for the Frenchman.

    Only Wenger knows how that one will play out because all of the noises emanating from the Emirates in recent months revolve around the 67-year-old deciding if, and when, he will call it a day as manager. But it is nights like these, when defeat is accompanied by humiliation with Bayern Munich running out 5-1 winners, that the farcical reality of Wenger’s situation becomes exposed for what it is”

  54. Spanishdave

    Wengers legacy is gone if he hangs on.
    He is so far behind the top teams we can never win a major title.
    It’s over for him now

  55. TitsMcGee

    “Wenger’s problem, however, is that his post-match remarks could have been from any of the round of 16 defeats his team has experienced since 2011. It’s a case of simply dusting off the excuses and using them again, but the supporters are growing exasperated by the lack of progress and judging by the downcast demeanour of Alexis Sanchez as he trudged off the pitch, so are some of the players.”

  56. TitsMcGee

    There should be no more indulgence of a man who last won the Premier League in 2004, no more passing the buck in the boardroom and leaving it to the manager. Chelsea, City and United do not leave it to the manager; neither do Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern and if Arsenal truly want to be regarded as an elite club, they must show the ruthless streak that neither Wenger nor his players have displayed in recent years.

    It has all become too comfortable at the Emirates, too easy for second best to be accepted and too common for the “prize” of Champions League qualification to be regarded as positively as an actual trophy. The only way to change that is to find a new man to shake the club out of its comfort zone. “”

    Man what a spot on article.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    No, needs to do it now in my opinion, I think it will have the exact reverse effect, you think their heads are up now, that they’re playing for him?

    This lot know that his future is in the balance and they drop a performance like that, and the same against Chelsea, at home to Watford etc, maybe some of them being scared that ‘s**t, a new manager who will actually hold us accountable and play based on merit and application in-game might come in’ might lead to better performances.

    It would certainly calm the atmosphere among the fans, the great anger of the fans who want change is not the results, but the thought he could yet stay on and we will be doing this for another two years at least.

  58. Spanishdave

    Tits good comments the board and Wenger are done. But they are all in denial.
    The club under Stan are reflective of easy street life at Arsenal.
    Wenger knows 4 th is within his level of management winning major trophies is now out of his capabilities.
    They are all in la la land

  59. Cesc Appeal

    Ask yourself, if another manager of a top flight club had just capitulated the league and then lost by that margin away in the first leg of the UCL, what would be being said, what would be likely to happen?

    Then think about the fact that story has been the same for most of the last decade, shameful.

    Time for Arsenal to decide what they want to be, vital time for our club coming up.

  60. ArseneisaFraud


    Can you add the link to this article so that we can all read this extremely sound assessment of what has to happen next for The Arsenal to move on from this dictatorship?

  61. Spanishdave

    I am in America and they said throughout the game how the result would damage Wenger .
    They all said he should go.
    The media are all on to him now, his only luck is he’s got an easy FA cup game as the next game.

  62. Thank you and goodnight

    Wenger’s only legacy was getting a group of mostly WC players together in his early years massively helped by the fact that at that time France had a core of WC young players coming through and being under used at their previous clubs e.g Viera at Milan, Henry at juventus. The trophies were won in spite of wenger not because of him, he was never a WC manager.

  63. ArseneisaFraud

    Read the article. Agree with you Red (and thanks Tits for the link!), it’s all that has been said before, but now (more than ever?) it is getting written in black and white for the fence sitters to turn their head and accept that AW has to go.

  64. GG

    Thank you and goodnightFebruary 16, 2017 00:27:52
    Wenger’s only legacy was getting a group of mostly WC players together in his early years massively helped by the fact that at that time France had a core of WC young players coming through and being under used at their previous clubs e.g Viera at Milan, Henry at juventus. The trophies were won in spite of wenger not because of him, he was never a WC manager.


    GGs back 5 and DB10.

    Any of the other managers we were looking at would have done just as well

    Ancelotti. Rikkard.

    And it’s not like we hadn’t won anything recently. We had won the euro trophy 2 years before and 6 trophies in 8 years with GG

  65. Ishola70

    I thought I’d take a peep at Untold to see what nonsense was being spouted there and thought that I could guarantee that someone on there would mention Barca losing heavily to PSG as if this is some sort of consolation even before looking at it.

    And what do you think is the first comment I see at the top of the page? This shit.
    “That said, Barca had the same fate but didn’t even get a goal as consolation”

    Where do these complete mongs come from?

    Absolute fvcking monkeys.

  66. Mick Kartun

    Joe GG

    Good to have you back. Shame that your old moniker probably banned permanent after you”re always taken the bait from untold akb wankers.

    I think you shouldask Pedro to get your Joe moniker back.

    Cheers mate.

  67. Ishola70

    Zedsaunt from Untold can see the pluses about the result.

    ” great goalkeeping from Ospina, glaring holes in the team visible to anyone (he means Bayern), an away goal, Lahm out for the next game.”

    Why are Arsenal lumbered with these sort of fans. They are as embarrassing as the performance we saw in Munich.

    Just complete denial and delusion.

  68. PaddyV91

    How stupid do the deludedWenger loving fan base look now…embarrassing really how anyone can be as thick to support the way this joke of a ‘club’ is being run

  69. ArseneisaFraud

    Burley has 100% nailed it. Why the f*ck can’t the AKB’S see this…. it is so embarrassing to be hearing any of this in the first place. The board needs to get their heads out of their arses (and the money trough) and start thinking ahead otherwise we will be, well and truly, be left behind.

  70. Samir

    Let’s take at both squads from tonight:

    Neuer – £28M
    Lahm – Youth
    Hummels – £30M
    Martinez – £31M
    Alaba – Youth
    Xabi Alonso – £8M
    Vidal – £31M
    Robben – £20M
    Thiago – £20M
    Costa – £21M
    Lewandowski – £30M

    TOTAL: £219M (Approx)

    Ospina – £3M
    Bellerin – Youth
    Mustafi – £35M
    Koss – £9M
    Gibbs – Youth
    Coq – Youth
    Xhaka – £30M
    Ox – £12M
    Ozil – £42M
    Iwobi – Youth
    Sanchez = £35M

    TOTAL: £166M (APPROX)

    Bayern have made such smart buys over the years while we have wasted money on dross.

  71. GG

    Thanks Mick

    I do get carried away at times. But it’s because I want best for Arsenal and I can’t believe there are still people stupid enough to back the wanker.

    I am militant sometimes but it’s what Arsenal needs. Look what’s happened because people Want to respect Wenger. Fuck that. It’s led to us having him for a decade too long.

    Enough is enough.

    I knew this season was going this way but posters on here kept saying enjoy it. This year is different. Blah. Blah. Blah. That mentality keeps/kept wenger in the job

    Fuck it

    It’s every fans fault who gave wenger a chance this season. Who celebrates wins over Sunderland etc. Instead of looking at the big picture that wenger is a fucking loser manager.

    I never wanted Arsenal to lose but I was willing to accept it if it meant the end of wenger. In that regard I am happy we got smashed today because 1) it’s meaning the end of wenger 2) it embarrassed the cunt.

    I will be hoping we lose to
    Sutton and to Liverpool.

    Wenger out at all costs.

  72. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The bigger question is why should anyone here give a shit about what the morons on Untold are saying? The loss us humiliating and no amount of make believe can hide it.

    Times up and no matter what Wenger has to say, it’s over. Keep applying the pressure and soon the obvious will be the obvious to to even Wenger…times up!

    Keep applying the pressure.

  73. Relieable Sauce

    S’up deplorables!?

    Not really been paying much attention but I see my pre-season tips – Chelsea – look good for the title.
    Amazing what can be achieved with some tactics…

    Q – How do you solve a problem, when you dont accept that there is a problem?

  74. ArseneisaFraud


    Here here GG!. It is becoming more and more embarrassing as each game goes by to see this shitfest unfold. Unless AW goes we will become a mid-table team at best.

  75. Spanishdave

    It’s easy to understand the dumbshit fans
    Most of them were attracted to us when we were playing fab football and winning things.
    They have not supported the club in the G G years or before.
    They are scared of change and think the good old days of early Wenger will come back.
    They are deluded as he is that’s the problem.

  76. Ishola70


    “It has, therefore, become almost impossible to justify the offer of a new two-year contract to the Frenchman after the now seemingly annual collapse in continental competition.”

    “In truth, the whole game was a nightmare, a recurring one that Arsenal seem unlikely to awake from while Wenger remains at the helm. The end of his tenure, thus, looks more likely than ever before.”

  77. Samir

    Sanchez and Ozil can leave.

    We need to rebuild, new philosophy, new ideas, new everything.

    Trouble is, we have a very poor set of spine of players.

    If you were a new manager, who would you realistically want to keep to build the squad around?

    GK? NEW
    Rb – Bellerin
    CB – Mustafi
    CB – Koss
    LB – NEW

    CM – NEW
    DM – NEW

    RW – NEW
    CAM – NEW
    LW – NEW

    CF – NEW

    I think Wenger will leave us in a worse position than Man Utd when Ferguson left…At least they had massive revenue to go out and buy a new spine. We’re in a terrible position.

  78. TitsMcGee

    I remember saying that Mustafi wold be an “okay not great” signing and that we overpaid for him and getting accused of being negative.

    Wonder where those posters are tonight.

  79. China

    Welbechio? Wallace?

    Aren’t you going to tell us how good we were?

    Or how unlucky we were?

    Or how wenger shouldn’t get heavily criticized?

    You guys are happy to make this bed so please lie in it

  80. China

    Don’t forget guys, as long as we steal a 1-0 win at the Emirates then we’ll have restored all pride and dignity and wenger deserves great respect

    I half wonder if Bayern might beat us at home as well though lol…

  81. Ishola70


    “Arsene Wenger wore a black suit and looked for all the world like a bank manager who’d wandered into the wrong building when he briefly ventured out from his seat during the difficult early knockings of another torrid night in Munich. He slapped his hips at some indiscretion or other on his players’ part. This man did not seem to belong to the febrile space where Champions League trophies are claimed.”

    “It’s about 18 months since Arsenal lost 5-1 on their last visit here. A very basic statistical extrapolation tells us the team are flatlining in failure.”

    “Being “efficient defensively” is what Wenger had spoken of. He will surely never now recover a side who are irretrievably lost in Europe, bereft of any vocabulary.”

  82. Spanishdave

    Wenger is Stans bank manager so he needs to look the part.
    Last time Sanogoal played this time the incredible Gibbs was captain.
    Says it all about Willy Wonga Wenger

  83. GG

    I would be happy with 10th place for 5 years under the new manager just as long as I don’t have to see wenger on our sidelines or hold another interview as manager of Arsenal.

    When we are in the CL at least we know we won’t be embarrassed like wenger has embarrassed in Europe. We are a joke because of him.

  84. GG

    No way George Graham led Arsenal
    Allows 5 goals tonight.

    Oh also where was this beautiful wenger ball Wallace and co keep talking about? The stuff that’s so much more beautiful and exciting. Especially more so
    Than that Drab boring Diego .

    It’s this one of those magical European nights Wellbechio was talking about as to
    Why it’s important for us to be in the CL???

  85. GG

    Let’s not forget wenger spent 90m this summer.

    To lose 5-1 to Bayern Munich.

    A manager who spends 90m and gets worse

    Only Arsenal. Only under wenger

  86. GG

    ‘I feel for Wenger now… it’s embarrassing. They’ve been outclassed and outplayed and they did at a canter,’ the Sportsmail columnist said on BT Sport.

    ‘It’s 20 years and, seriously, Wenger now must be considering his future because that was embarrassing.

    ‘I can’t ever say I’d like to see him go, he’s almost my football father. But he’s an intelligent man and this is his lowest point ever.’

    Listen to this shit from keown. Making it sound like it’s not wenger’s fault and he’s above having to be embarrassed like this.

    It’s 100% his fault and should be 100% not his choice whether he stays on or not.

    This is all on wenger. No one else.

    Fuck i would love to have the ear of keown. Dixon. Cross and any other of these so called experts who are as thick as shit

  87. TheBayingMob

    The sad thing is that Wenger doesn’t even have a wife to tell him that the game is up and to resign for his families sake.”

    Wengers wife, the original and only living WOB

  88. China

    To be fair to keown and some of the other ex players, as he said wenger is like a footballing father to them.

    It’s true they should speak honestly about how shit wenger is now, but don’t forget wenger is a good friend to them and is associated with some of the best years of those guys’ lives

    Some people might be happy to lambast their own friends and family if they fuck up in this way, but others find it hard to do it directly and you can tell that in how they imply he should go without paying into him

    Keown described it as embarrassing and say wenger will need to make a decision etc. he’s clearly implying he should go because it’s not good enough but he doesn’t want to come on live TV and tell the world his father figure/mentor/friend is an absolute fraud.

    You can’t blame him too much for that, so long as he puts out the broad message that he’s doing a bad job and embarrassing the club and should be thinking of leavingwhich he did

  89. GG


    It’s just more in his deliver. Trying to put the blame on the players instead of wenger. That’s it’s not his failure and it’s below him to be embarrassed by the players. That he shouldn’t have to put up with it so he’ll retire. Blah blah blah.

    You’re paid to be an unbiased pundit. Be a man. Grow some balls and tell the truth.

    I’ll say it again. I hope guys like
    Keown, Dixon and even Henry are told they are not welcome at the club once wenger goes.

    I ain’t buying it. But you know the akbs will.

  90. China

    I know what you mean and think the ex players aren’t smart enough to communicate the message of wanting wenger out without sounding disloyal so the way they’ve been doing it has come across poorly

    That’s on them. They’re not educated guys so maybe it’s not surprising they’re not good at communicating something like this effectively (which isn’t entirely easy)

    But I don’t think on this time keown made it about the players. He seemed to say the result as an embarrassment without specifying why. He wasn’t explicit unless I missed it but he was critical of the performance and direction of the club in general rather than saying it’s exclusively this or that persons fault

    Again we’d like him to be there waving a Wenger Out banner but to lambast and talk negatively of the club in general is one way of putting negativity around wenger without having to say his name and feel like he’s being disloyal to someone he understandably cares a lot for

  91. GG

    I’m sick
    And tired of the “I feel
    For wenger” “poor old
    Wenger”. “Frail
    Old man”

    Too fucking bad. He isn’t good enough. Not even close enough to being good enough.

    And he’s made over 100m
    Off Arsenal. Pounds. Fuck if I feel
    Sorry for him

  92. China

    This is the same trick the wenger supporters use on here sometimes after poor results. Acknowledging things aren’t perfect but not wanting to pin the blame clearly on wenger

    The difference is at least I understand these players have a personal friendship and history with wenger. In some cases wenger was the major reasons why their careers went as long far and successfully as they did – so of course it’s really hard for them to come out firing shots at the guy

    The fans who can’t bare to do it I’ve no idea why. They’ve never even met him but act as if calling out his failures will end their imaginary friendship with him or something lol

  93. GG


    Guys like cross saying it’s the fans fault. That wenger had no chance because of the negativity.

    Are you kidding me?

  94. China

    I’m not even entirely sure keown and co are AKB

    More that they feel unable to lambast a guy they care a lot about so are in this weird kind of limbo