5 points of Arsenal interest vs Bayern Munich

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Late post today, but I AM EXCITED.

Sometimes you have to put all your pessimism to one side because that’s what football fandom requires.

Things that are of interest tonight.

Away Goals

The advantage of playing the first leg away is you can land that away goal and come back to an extra 10% boost from the crowd in London and see off the game with a dirty double pivot. That’s where the strategy comes into play. Are we going to Bayern to nick a goal and defend like heroes? If so, how are we planning to achieve that?


PSG absolutely blew it out of the park last night with an incredible showing of aggression and hard work. Their pressing game was a sight to behold, watching players you wouldn’t normally associate with beast mode all working together to make Barcelona look like a team of old men being taught a lesson. Bayern can press like that, we know they’ll have that up their sleeves tonight, so what is the plan?

I’d set up with finesse in mind and power play counter attacking football. Coquelin is a mistake in my opinion, especially under pressure of aggressive teams who will give you zero seconds on the ball. My midfield would blend hardwork with great on the ball skills. My attack would likely not include Mesut Ozil, who is off form and a bit of a waste in big games like these. I’d have a front three that boasted pace and intelligence. I’d go for Welbeck, Sanchez… struggling with who hits the right because we have no Ramsey, who did a great job pressing from the front against United last season, and we don’t have Perez who is injured. Not quite sure Iwobi has done enough to merit a place?

My midfield would be Xhaka, Elneney and Chamberlain. I really hope he doesn’t put Chambo on the right, The guy has been electric in the middle and he has a range of attributes that could be of use if he has a good game this evening.

The Press

Do Arsenal have a plan for the aggressive press? Will Bayern set up to allow us possession so they can steal and break at pace. What is our plan? Can we play over the press? Will we set up with players who can deal with aggression? Will we counter press and fu*k up their rhythm? This is not Swansea, Watford or Bournemouth. What are we going to do here?


Going to be very interesting to see if Wenger drops him. Rumblings in the media that the team aren’t impressed with him, his form has dipped massively and he plays badly in big games. At the very most, I’d have him playing on the left. But if my season was reliant on him, I’d not have him in the side. He’s not been worthy of a start and it sends the wrong message to the players if you can play like an arsehole and still start. Not to mention it seems tactically weak to start him.


Rumours from Ornstein, the god of correct information, is that Theo will not be starting. So what does that mean? Could Wenger sh*t the bed here and roll with Giroud as the ‘lob it to the big man’ go to guy? That would be really upsetting. I really hope we have something different up our sleeves because our form has not been good enough to go there and slog it out.

We’ll see though. It would not surprise me to see us win here, but I am very concerned it could be a mauling.

Covering all bases…

Recording a podcast after, so you’ll hear how I’m feeling in the morning.

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  1. DM

    The most annoying part of being an Arsenal fan is that you still get excited before big games like this. I can’t help it, I’m looking forward to the match. Just makes it that much worse if we embarrass ourselves.

  2. DM

    Just saw that Perez is injured. Hm, when did that happen? V annoying – he would’ve been a v useful addition, even if just coming off the bench

  3. forverinourshadows

    Wenger will di his best to ruin the game, if flakey Iwobi starts then we will be in trouble, he simply isn’t an Arsenal player, Coquelin another lightweight,Ozil what does he bring to the game, nothing, I would stick with Gibbs, Giroud to come on in the last fifteen mins, Let the Ox loose and let him play ninety mins, Wellbeck should start unlike average Walcott he will track back and defend, byt we all know the clown and tactless Wenger will have no idea how to play against BM, EVEN IF WE SNATCH AN AWAY GOAL OR WIN THEY WILL PROBABLY DO US IN THE SECOND LEG, LAST 16 TROPHY AGAIN.

  4. WestLondonGoon

    Alright, I’m gonna mug myself off here, but 8/1 is a pretty good price when we are so superbly inconsistent. We’ve won there before; no Ribery or more importantly, no Boateng; on our day, we can actually play quite well ourselves; and let’s face it, this bunch owe our travelling fans a big performance after the bridge.

    8/1, tasty?

  5. Dissenter

    If Ozil was really the “best number 10 in the world” as espoused by his devotees, then why shuffle him to the left.
    I’ve never seen a player buoyed by hype more that reality. It doesn’t matter how technical he is so long as he’s not willing to out in the graft.

  6. Golikethis

    We´ll be blown away no matter who og how is in the team tonight. My money is om Bayern winning with at least 3 goals. We have no – absolutely no stamina, fighting spirit,…
    Wenger Out!!!!
    Leave the man i Munich

  7. Spanishdave

    Press ?
    Wenger thinks its reporters
    We will to rot out or normal style Wenger thinks tactics are small mints.
    He goes out each week the same and hopes for the best.

  8. MuddyGooner

    Someone on TalkSport suggested Arsene Wenger should win the ‘Manager of the Season’ for again being immune to sacking !

  9. GG

    If wenger decides to press , ancelotti will
    Adjust to it.

    If wenger decides to sit back , ancelotti will

    That’s what good managers do

    Whoever wenger starts , ancelotti will have a plan for it.

    That’s what good managers do

  10. Federer

    Xhaka-Elneny is a disaster waiting to happen.
    Wenger would play Coq in a high press midfield while Xhaka sits deep to recycle the ball and distribute passes between the lines .
    Hate him or love him, among our DMs, Coq would be the first on the team sheet for a game like this.

  11. Federer

    Again, this is hopefully the game where Wenger gets soo emembarrassed, he’d announce his contract non-renewal at the post match conference.
    Buh what better humiliation could we face than what we suffered in the hands of Fergie’s ManU?

  12. Redtruth

    The one constant throughout Wenger’s career has been his poor European record.
    Which begs the question is oil money or Wenger’s tactical ineptness to blame for Arsenal not challenging for the Premier league title.

  13. T

    I would start with bellerin, Mustafi, kozzer, monreal and Gibbs in a Bäck 5. Put xhaka, ox and iwobi into the middle and finally up top Alexis and wellbz. That should give a stable defence, decent capability to move the ball around and a good threat level on counters and inside the box. No way wenger would come up with anything smart like that thou.. 😀

  14. WestLondonGoon

    Here it is:

    13 David Ospina (GK)
    3 Kieran Gibbs
    6 Laurent Koscielny (C)
    7 Alexis Sánchez
    11 Mesut Özil
    15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    17 Alex Iwobi
    20 Shkodran Mustafi
    24 Héctor Bellerín
    29 Granit Xhaka
    34 Francis Coquelin

  15. Danny

    Ospina, Gibbs, Koscielny, Mustafi, Bellerin, Xhaka, Coq, Ozil, Oxlade, Iwobi and of course Alexis.
    Subs:Welbeck, Theo, Monreal, Gabriel, Elneny, Cech and Ollie

  16. WestLondonGoon

    And this is what they are facing:

    1 Manuel Neuer (GK)
    5 Mats Hummels
    6 Thiago Alcántara
    8 Javi Martínez
    9 Robert Lewandowski
    10 Arjen Robben
    11 Douglas Costa
    14 Xabi Alonso
    21 Philipp Lahm (C)
    23 Arturo Vidal
    27 David Alaba

  17. Mark

    It’s difficult to talk about the team and not mention the manager.. As it’s the manager who buys the players,picks the team and (in most other cases) sets out the tactics. !

  18. WestLondonGoon

    If Sanchez can move Hummels andMartinez a bit, by the time Giroud comes on he could definitely have some joy against them. Will need a strong ref though because you know that with every header they lose, there will be appeals for a foul.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Have to see how the team lines up, right now I’m struggling a bit with it, if Oxlade is CM still in a three man middle, that leaves us with very little pace out wide, if Oxlade is out wide that means Ozil centrally which is obviously worrying.

    Massive game for Ozil tonight, he has to show up or forever be seen as a big game bottler.

  20. GG


    I think
    Sanchez will be nullified today. Bayern will be too smart in their play vs him.

    Ox on the wing is non starter.

  21. Wallace

    the Ox has been our best player recently. would fancy him breaking from the middle of the midfield. out wide up against Alaba would be a lot harder.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Would be strange to take him out of the CM role, Oxlade is clearly a confidence player and he was playing with swagger at times against Hull, obviously this is a step up in opposition, but pointless to move him.

    Iwobi, Sanchez, Ozil, is that the front line then?

    Just think that pure pace is the way to get at Munich, Hummels and Martinez are slow, a very simple counter game with pace down their throat is what I would have gone for.

    We will see though, Wenger has made his decision.

  23. WestLondonGoon

    Oh and the ref, he received over 79% of the votes as he won the ‘world’s worst ref’ title last year, so obviously he’s quality. He was the ref who sent off Pepe for Portugal against Germany in the last world cup.

  24. Joel

    I would like to describe tonight’s team selection as “unbelievable”…but we all saw it coming.Welbeck remains on the bench and Iwobi,Coquelin and Ozil find themselves selected.The injury to Lucas Perez might have something to do with tonight’s choices although “Manager Favourites” without any change of team strategy or tactics is probably the greatest reason.Munich might not currently be at the height of their powers but selecting the headless chicken to protect the back four will undoubtedly fail in the same way that it did against Chelsea.Selecting Ozil who’s chronically out of form will in some ways handicap Arsenal in the sense they will effectively be a “man down” before they start.Im not the biggest fan of Iwobi and again fear that he will be found wanting as the game passes him by…
    Once again the Manager is deluded in the belief that doing the same thing year in year out will have the desired result…fingers crossed!!

  25. vicky


    Yes, he has got everything in his locker. Good passing range, ability to build from deep and handle opposition press, can tackle/intercept, great engine and yes so very elegant. Certainly on a different level to Xhaka.

  26. Arsene's Nurse

    Well, here we go again. I have no expectations whatsoever. How sad is that? I’ve been reduced to having no excitement when Arsenal play in the CL.

  27. Federer

    @seg @GG I don’t know if Sanogo was more ready for the Bayern game then Iwobi is. Just saying though.
    But I’d rather have Iwobi than Ozil in this team

  28. GG

    So is kante. Who cost less and is only on 20 more a week than xhaka

    But we couldn’t afford him according to wenger

    More spin

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Ozil and Sanchez are going to need to do a job on the two CB’s of Munich tonight, Sanchez moving past them, Ozil finding him.

  30. Jim Lahey

    @Vicky –

    Would still like for us to put in a serious effort to bring him to Arsenal, would play Rabiot and Xhaka (the guy has to get better..) together in the centre, big, powerful, good distribution. Exactly what our midfield needs, some grit with the ability to play football.

  31. Dissenter

    ‘”Ozil and Sanchez are going to need to do a job on the two CB’s of Munich tonight, Sanchez moving past them, Ozil finding him.”

    First Ozil has to find himself. He’s lost at the moment.

  32. izzo

    Get excited for nothing because they are going to get beat. This isnt like someone said earlier Southampton reserves. This is one of the top sides in league football. Law of averages doesn’t come into play in a game like this. Wenger and his band of selfie whores will bottle it. Fuck the champions league!!! Elimination tonight!!!!

  33. Jim Lahey

    @WestLondon –

    I’ve been as tough on him as anyone, but I am willing to give him a fair go, maybe under a better manager and new system he could shine at the club.

  34. WestLondonGoon

    @ Jim

    Granted he is being played out of position at the moment, seriously needs a proper ball winning midfielder operating alongside him to take that responsibility away from him. That said, I still think he is below the quality that we should be aspiring to.

    Someone needs to sit on Lahm otherwise he’ll be hitting balls in Costa’s direction all night.

  35. underrated Coq

    Wenger is a joker man. Already ruined Ramsey by playing him in different positions every week, now its Chamberlain’s turn.

  36. useroz

    WTF shot by robben. That’s quick.

    Fucking Coq again. Just let a 33 yo robben shot with his left no pressure whatsoever. .

    Just 2 minutes after. Coq let vidal shot. Complete rubbish. Total liability. .

  37. Jeff

    We survived all of 12 minutes. There’s just no mitigation at all. The first thing you tell your defenders is NEVER LET ROBBEN go onto his left foot. What do we do?

  38. EN1AFC

    Absolutely fucking pathetic. Our attempts at pressing and closing opposition players down is disgraceful. We are miles short at this level in modern football and yet people still back the cunt in charge.

  39. WrightIsGod

    I absolutely hate Gibbs, no bottle in that boy. Don’t get the hate against Monreal he’s a better defender than Bellerin and Gibbs all day.

    But Gibbs, in terms of biggest pussbags in teams…. Def in the top three with Walcott and Ozil.

  40. raptora

    Wenger dumbass keeps playing that joke of a league 2 player that Coquelin is. Also LOL at playing Iwobi ahead of Welbeck. The boy is still a joker. Alexis’ dogs know what Robben does but not our players.

  41. useroz

    Our MF make the 35 yo Alonso, Lahm et al look like teens with pace.

    Always second to the ball. The so called marking an pressing is poor.

  42. WrightIsGod

    Yeah the Vidal that Wenger didn’t even bother getting even though a team with him and Sanchez in would be absolute beast.

  43. Arsene's Nurse

    February 15, 2017 19:57:40

    Everyone and his dog knows Robben goes to his left except the Arsenal players.
    a) They won’t be briefed.
    b) None of them have the desire to find out for themselves.
    c) They can’t remember the last time he did it against us.

    A cricket score would be good. I’d take a 5-0 thrashing if it got rid of Wenger.

  44. BillikenGooner

    We are so packed in and our outlet passers are Coq and Xhaka, who immediately pass it back to Bayern. This is going to be a looong match.