London Colney leaking like a sieve: Ospina + Ozil upsetting players and staff

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St. Louis, to Atlanta, to JFK. Such bad times yesterday. The most healthy thing I could eat looked like the sort of thing you find sliding down the back of a supermarket bin when you’re hungry but they’re closed so you go rummaging. Not good.

Arsenal news ahead of the BIG GAME was kind of interesting. A lot of leaks and dissent if the journalists reporting are to be believed. First up, king of bafflement, John Cross, reckons a new strain of the disease has seeped through the walls of London Colney. The suspected perpetrator, David Ospina.

‘We understand the controversial decision has surprised other senior players in the squad, because Cech is one of the biggest and most experienced characters in the dressing room.’

‘With the Londoners struggling in the title race, Wenger is now putting his whole season in the buttery hands of their No2 keeper as Arsenal head to Germany for the first leg of their last-16 tie.’

I mean, it’s hardly a shocker, right? Wenger will always put perceived personal values or habits over the success of the team. We see that in the way he subs players, we see that in the way he prepares his side, we see it in the way he rotates. David Ospina is an ok keeper, but he’s too small, his technique is far from orthodox and regularly makes bad decisions.

I think it’s very risky that we’d play him and I think it’s telling there are multiple leaks in the press. When you’re going into a nightmare game, why would you even risk a rusty keeper? Maybe because Petr Cech is desperately out of form? Or maybe it’s because you’re the king and you know that no one has the right to question you. For me, the latter for sure, Wenger is complacent as f*ck. Ospina is a poor option at the best of times. Against Bayern? He’s a disaster in wait and a risk you don’t need to take. Petr Cech is the only player at our club who has won the CL. He should play.

The second person to break rank is Jens Lehmann. Now there’s a name who gives zero f*cks about upsetting the apple cart.

Arsenal should be favourites against Bayern simply on the law of averages”

“When two good sides play each another repeatedly it is very unlikely for one to win all the time”

“But when I look at the way Arsenal are playing right now, they are to my mind the outsiders once again.

“There is a big discrepancy between money and know how in the Premier League. The clubs don’t use their potential properly.

Preeeeeeach. Arsenal have been knocked out of the CL in the last 16 for 6 years in a row. We should have sneaked a lucky win at some point, but we just don’t have the tactical nous to make something happen. That’s Wenger’s stubbornness and the clubs weakness when it comes to the club forcing change on him. We’ll likely see the same happen again.

At best tomorrow, we’ll see an interesting starting 11. We won’t see a tactical masterclass, we’ll see a good shift of bodies playing the same way they always do. You’ll have to hope for us to rise up from the ashes and hope for them to have a stinker. Trouble is, you have to do that over two legs. A big ask.

Arsenal Comms Director, Sean ‘YOUR WORDS’ Spicer reckons low estimates of attendance were ‘way out’… The AST fired back in a modern way calling this ‘FAKE NEWS.’

“It’s obviously guess work using the naked eye but I could tell it was around 50,000 [against Hull] because I know what was recorded for previous games and could work out the equivalent. The club ought to stop hiding behind a fake attendance and start addressing the real reasons.”

Hopefully, it was just a bit of fan rotation. Barry and his pals from Barnet hit the redzone, rotating in new fans has been tough because of poor tech and the ball-ache of giving spoilt mates your plastic card, we had gaps as a result. My usual gauge for guessing attendance is around how many gaps you can seen in the front rows which is about as scientific as guessing the number of red skittles in a fishbowl at a really sh*t party. However you chop it, there were clearly a lot of gaps. Another shocking black mark on Wenger’s name. Still, doesn’t matter how hard to the dishonest PR department lie, Stan will be seeing those figures… shame the tickets will all be paid for. So it won’t matter.

Wenger continued the bafflement theme, this time on Ozil.

“I felt he was not completely confident technically,” “I completely agree with you. That’s a problem because you think he can deliver something special. It’s true that technically he did things [against Hull] that he is not used to doing. I don’t know. It can happen. I can’t think of a specific reason.”

I don’t think it’s surprising. I’ve consistently written about him being a half season wonder of a player.  Like clockwork, he falls away second stretch because he just isn’t a natural athlete, that’s backed up by stats if you looks at how his sprints per game decline as the season wears on, not just that, watch him. Here’s some VERIFIED NEWS, including the summer internationals, he’s played almost 38 times, clocking up nearly 3000 minutes. His form is dipping right on cue because this is the pattern of a man Jose M used to yank on 60mins.

The Daily Mail is running a story that reads like ANOTHER leak suggesting players are not happy at the German playing all the games.

‘Mesut Ozil finds himself under growing pressure after it emerged that factions in the Arsenal dressing room feel the German has received preferential treatment from manager Arsene Wenger.’

‘Some team-mates are also believed to be disappointed by Ozil’s level of application, particularly by his failure to challenge Ashley Williams at a defensive set-piece when Arsenal conceded late to lose at Everton in December.’

Miguel Delaney also had the same story.

‘That has fostered a few minor issues off the pitch, too, if nothing serious. There are some Arsenal players, and some staff members, who feel he too often “gets away” with sub-par performances.’

Even more damning for me is the following.

‘During Robin van Persie’s time as captain, players were encouraged to join friends and family in the players’ lounge after games and shake hands with all in the room.

‘This ritual has slowly fallen away and at times, Ozil has been seen at the door, clicking his fingers or signalling his entourage to shuffle out behind him.’

No Arteta at the club to uphold traditions this season? You can’t pin the blame of the above all on the German, you can on Wenger. Only average managers think the importance of a proper captain is overblown. Only average managers believe culture is something that happens by accident.  It’s not, it’s something you have to craft carefully. If Ozil is poncing around with an entourage, that’s something you can nip in the bud. If the team aren’t bonding, you nominate someone who can bring people together, or you buy in someone who can do that.

Anyway, that’s a sideline. Players think Ozil is undroppable and that’s what a lot of fans have suspected for a long time. It’d be a big statement for Wenger to drop him vs Bayern. I think it’d be called for and tactically astued (and surprising), but I have my suspicions Wenger won’t because he can’t do anything strategic. He likes his big names and that’s the way it is.

Thing you have to understand about leaks is they happen when the manager looks weak. These are purposeful, to let the fans know the backroom team and the players are aligned with fan frustrations. People at the club can’t stand the Wenger /  Stan love in too the same levels as you and I despair.These leaks are the most damning at the earliest point in a season I can remember.

Wenger should be a dead man walking and I think he might be. Blood has been spilt and the sharks are on alert. He looks ashen faced and I think he could quit.

Only thing saving Wenger could be a very good win in Munich. My question is this, do the players have it in them to save the boss? Or will they go all Chelsea for the run in?

We’ll see. More on Bayern tomorrow. x

P.S. Did you see the way Wilshere looked at Pep yesterday? Vom inducing, I was worried for a minute those ‘kiss me sweetly’ eyes would make their way up north in summer, but then he picked up an injury. Shocker. City move into 2nd.

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  1. Welbecchio


    Hopefully Coq is disciplined and gives enough cover to the full backs rather than roaming around their half hunting the ball. Need to keep our shape and not be dragged all over.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    Welbecchio, first of all, I was more talking about the bigger signings, you know players who become part of the first team squads.

    It is there where Chelsea are making smart signings and in the cases where it doesn’t quite work out, they are quick to sell at a good price. Its not just Chelsea, other top sides are ruthless as well. At Arsenal, even if it becomes obvious that a player is not good enough, we persist with him up until the point he becomes a dead wood that we can’t sell.

    Second, your point about their ‘loan farming’ doesn’t destroy my argument you complete dumbass, it actually gives more evidence of their smart business strategies. As you yourself admit, they are running it at a profit.

  3. Welbecchio


    ‘Second, your point about their ‘loan farming’ doesn’t destroy my argument you complete dumbass, it actually gives more evidence of their smart business strategies. As you yourself admit, they are running it at a profit.’

    You do know they’re trying to ban clubs from loan farming?
    Profit? Of course there will be profit idiot thats the strategy buy low sell high, fuck me it’s not that difficult to understand.

    The issue is this multi million pound operation is very costly to set up and maintain. They buy they brightest young talents at a premium and pay them premium salaries. That Christensen who is on loan in Germany was a reserve player who had got nowhere near the 1st team as was on £20k a week.

    Mulitply that sort of outlay for 38 players and you should get the idea but I wont hold my breath.

  4. Wallace


    “So Wallace, on one hand you claim Arsenal have not under performed but in the next post admit the last three seasons have been disappointments. ”

    there’s always room for improvement. don’t think I’m contradicting myself there.

  5. Red&White4life

    Mesut said : “Bayern is less stronger this season”

    And of course, we, Arsenal, are stronger, right Mesut ?? lol

  6. Rambo Ramsey

    Welbecchio, what the eff is the point you are trying to make? You admit that the strategy is profitable overall but moan about the initial investment? huh?

    Which is better? Investing a premium for a talented kid knowing you’ll get the return. Or buying a donkey, no-hoper like Sanogo for free, paying a weekly salary for him for years, not getting a return both on the pitch and off it later during resale?

  7. Sir Chips

    Hello Red&White4life (lol)
    Anyone here do the bet365 in-play bet offer? They have it on again for the game tonight.
    Stake £50 pre-game for a risk free £50 in-play (money back if it doesn’t come in).
    A fool-proof method is to put £50 on over 0.5 goals before the game (cover it with a 0-0 with another bookie). You then have a free swing of £50 during the game.
    Currently looking at Robben first goal (returns £300) or Giroud last goal (returns £500)

  8. Welbecchio


    It was obvious you didn’t know what you were on about.

    You were there defending Chelsea and you said you think they are financially efficient and doing really well these days compared to Arsenal? Yes.

    You chose not to mention the fact they run a highly controversial loan farming system that is very costly? Yes

    The strategy is to make a profit by buying top youngsters low and selling high? Yes.

    Is this system profitable? Who fucking knows. They have some success stories ‘Patrick Bamford’ is one off the top of my head but there will be more players that will fizzle out and disappear into obscurity will slip under the radar as there’s too many to keep track of, that make a loss. Do I have to explain profit and loss to you?

    But paying the salaries of 38 players that don’t or won’t ever play for you is the best example to use to show how financially inefficient Chelsea still are.

    You cite Sanogo as an example of how badly we do things. One player. He cost fuck all and still didn’t get paid as much as Christensen (a chelsea fucking youth player) 3/4 years ago.

  9. Wallace

    also, the salaries Chelsea pay these 30+ loaned out kids doesn’t show up on Chelsea’s accounts, but on the accounts of the club they’re loaned to. don’t ask me why.

  10. Welbecchio

    Even if they’re only paying 12 of the 38 players full salary they’re still hemorrhaging money. Its a farm system not just one or two players here or there.

    Its just adding far more money to their operating costs than say an Arsenal or Man Utd. You just don’t seem to be grasping it.

  11. GG

    Highly controversial because wenger said so?

    It’s a brilliant business plan

    We can’t even get rid of Jenkinson or debuchy

    Pissed because chelsea is doinb something wenger can’t figure out.


    also, the salaries Chelsea pay these 30+ loaned out kids doesn’t show up on Chelsea’s accounts, but on the accounts of the club they’re loaned to. don’t ask me why.

    Chelsea just can’t forge numbers. Business do get audited you know? You do know accounting principles work? You can’t just move figures around as you wish.


    Even if they’re only paying 12 of the 38 players full salary they’re still hemorrhaging money. Its a farm system not just one or two players here or there.

    You’re making shit up. You have no idea whatsoever what chelsea is doing. Unless you have facts shut the fuck up about a topic you have no clue about

  12. GG

    They are talking of banning it

    Well it’s not banned. And Chelsea are smart to make it work for them

    we could do it to, but wenger isn’t smart enough to spend the over 200m in the bank and make it work for Arsenal.

    And wenger buys players like sanago…

  13. Sir Chips


    I don’t know if I could stomach losing £50 on the draw (or even an Arsenal win!).
    I guess you are covering that though by going BTTS as I don’t see Bayern not scoring.
    I’ve been on a bit of lucky streak picking scorers recently though with the 365 offer. Picked up £150 profit with Messi scoring during the group stages and then £425 profit with Mkhitaryan scoring for UTD before Christmas.
    I think there’s good value with Robben first goal at 5/1.

  14. gonsterous

    so out of another competition tonight, right ??
    don’t bother being optimistic as there’s just gonna be more heartbreak !

  15. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, seems a recurring problem at Arsenal that some players just sort of do what they want, their mistakes never get ironed out and they have a total lack of positional instruction, likely stems from Wenger’s hands off style of management.

    But my gripe with Ozil is that all players run into patches of poor form, that does not, however, excuse a poor attitude, saying that would be remedied if Wenger had the balls to drop him is valid, but again, I don’t think that can excuse a grown man, a professional footballer earning £140 000 a week, supposedly a world class talent from performing the way Ozil has in terms of application.

    If he turns up tonight, if he actually looks interested, if the criticisms have stung him, then great, the danger though is in a tough away game where we’re going to need every player doing duties on both sides of possession, if Ozil is Ozil, that is a big problem for us from the first whistle to the last.

    Also, no Giroud tonight, the BvB fan on ArsenalFanTV made a good point, Hummels and Martinez will play the strong man, aerial game all night long, put pace in there with them and you can trouble them because they move at a crawl, he also highlighted Oxlade as a player who can potentially break through the lines when Vidal goes up the pitch leaving Alonso who has the pace of Xhaka alone in the middle of the field.

    That should be the tactic, Oxlade, Sanchez, Welbeck and Walcott (unfortunately no Perez) as the attacking threat, very blunt, very physical, very direct, very pacey, then Xhaka and Elneny just to hold down the fort, with Oxlade required to do so as well, Bellerin and Gibbs to lock down Robben and Costa (or whichever pace option they go with).

    The objective tonight is not to be out of the UCL by the final whistle, but I do think we can cause Munich some issues if we’re smart and disciplined.

  16. Welbecchio


    I feel you. No way would you not be wanting us to get a result just for a bit of coin.

    Was thinking Just doing over 0.5 or 1.5 to qualify shit odds but them go balls out on the inplay with a correct score or F/g.

    Need some of your luck I’ve been shite recently. The one team fuck up and its normally the banker lol

  17. GG

    For the lineup tonight , I think wenger will
    Be thinking whether he wants to risk xhaka and possibly getting a red card.

    He wasn’t very happy after the last red.

    May a coq/Elneny, Ozil MF?