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Arsene Wenger said in the press that Sanchez was jaded both mentally and physically. Maybe he wasn’t throwing shade at the Bournemouth performance, maybe he was throwing… JADE? No?

Anyway, quotes…

‘What is surprising there? You want to see that kind of passion. You don’t come down from 3-0 down from 70 minutes without that passion. We wanted to win the game and we didn’t and we’re all frustrated. Mentally and physically Sánchez is a bit jaded. You could see that he is tired. He can have sometimes emotional reactions but face to face he is always very respectful.’

Wenger is right, you want to see players upset. I’m not on board with him being the only one who cares in the squad, but I am absolutely on board with him being one of the players that cares the most about winning and having that DNA running through his make-up.

“The other players care as much as he does, don’t worry,”

“Everybody has his way. There was no celebration in the dressing room; everybody was disappointed that they didn’t win the game. There is no hierarchy of intensity of desire to win at that level. Everybody wants to win.”

I think with the right manager, that mentality can be beaten into players. You have to have a certain level of give a fuck to make it to the top in any sport, but when the trappings of money and fame land, it must be tough to maintain focus. You don’t really need to answer to anyone and you don’t need to fight for survival.

That’s where the best managers come into play, they make millionaires feel like they’re poor, fighting their way out of poverty again. I’m not sure our players have that hunger, or the fear that they need to perform. Top four mediocrity celebrated, socialist wage structure implemented and total stagnation of ideas and vision from a manager not chained to ambitous targets.

We witnessed the collective weak mentality during the second half of last season when the league was ours to blow. We’ve seen it countless times in seasons past. Just in this latest iteration of Wengerball, we don’t have the fight Adams and his boys had, that was then passed onto the 02 and 04 teams. The winning formula isn’t there. When you had Sol Campbell yelling at Paddy for falling asleep, that’s gone. Where’s the 1997 dressing room inquest after a 1-3 loss at home to Blackburn? We’re not talking about a reaction, we’re talking about whether Sanchez sulked with people. Rather than apologizing to the fans, shouldn’t they be coming up with a plan of attack?

It does worry me that Sanchez is jaded physically and mentally and we’re a week into January. I don’t understand why we need to bury our players before we rest them? A few days off against Preston isn’t going to boost the batteries up to normal levels. If we’d managed his fitness better in November and December, maybe we’d have a fitter, more mentally sharp player who could contribute with even more gusto. Also worth noting that we’re rushing Mustafi back into action, Koscielny has played all the games, Monreal has looked off the pace and Bellerin had his worst game in an Arsenal shirt (another perma starter).

Our injury list is pretty bad at the moment. Per, Ozil, Theo, Gibbs, Cazorla, Coq, Perez, Welbz (unavailable) and Debuchy all out. Lucky we’re having these problems in a relatively easy month before the Chelsea game early Feb.

Wenger made mention of the Ozil and Sanchez contract talks. He seems very confident.

“Alexis Sanchez is a committed player who wants to stay. I’m convinced we’ll find an agreement. It has to be in our potential”

“We are not scared to spend the money and we are not scared to show the players we love them, and we want them to earn big money but we have to have a line of conduct.”

Would LOVE to know what the line of conduct is. What’s the cut off? Well, the AST have an answer of sorts. It’s £97m. We have that sitting in the bank for Sanchez and his new deal, or maybe it’s for Wenger and this summer? Or… whisper it, it’s for Wenger’s successor this summer.

That number is chump change, but you could probably find £90m for Chambo, Ramsey and Wilshere alone. Whoever comes in is no doubt going to tear up the squad… and make some much needed changes to the psyche, £100m with the right manager would be a good figure to work with.

In other news, Arsenal have signed Cohen Bramall from Hednesford Town for a whopping £40k. Wenger says he reminds him of a young Ashley Cole. Certainly has the pace and mobility Cole had, big shout from the scouting crew if he has the talent! Looks a bit like a youtube vlogger to me…

I eat ham sandwiches with jam, I'm BONKERS

‘I eat ham sandwiches with jam, I’m BONKERS’ said Youtuber Bramall

I’m glad we’re finally making these sort of signings. We spent too many years snobbishly ignoring what homegrown players can offer if given the chance. A sign that coaching is getting much better in the lower reaches of the football league and a sign that our scouting department is starting to mature and branch out of its one league policy of the post 2004 era.

Right, that’s all I have today, enjoy life and know that I’m back in America on Saturday. Time to switch back into a sterile work persona, time to realise banter is not a mitigating circumstance for everything and time to realise the gut I’ve developed over the last 3 weeks is no longer a sign of masculinity… and that in New York, masculinity is a relic of the past and actually I need to cry more and talk about my feelings to strangers because health insurance gives me access to shrinks, xanax and regular prostate checks.

P.S. PLEASE SHARE YOUR ARTY ARSENAL PICTURES WITH ME WHEN I AM AWAY. It makes me happy to see fan pictures and I don’t have to keep reusing my old ones. Will give FULL credit to anyone who sends them.

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  1. The Godfather

    You guys slating Iwobi clearly know nothing about the game. Iwobi is a playmaker who thrives on movement and quick touches … playing him with ball stoppers and. Slugs like Giroud, Ramshyt and Xhaka is simply not gonna work for him. It’s like asking a sleek sports car to do the work of a tractor or Land Rover.

    Again I have said it, unless we are ready to start playing old fashioned ball and playing to the corners and whipping in crossed then things are always gonna look labored with Giroud leading the line.

    I liked the pace and energy Welbeck injected into the game though….anyway the result was never in doubt but against a better team we would have been dead and buried.

  2. Wenker-wanger

    @wrightisgod. Very well summed up about the Emirates fans. It’s true that the anti-wenger feelings are suppressed. Also with the support of the team, it makes the feelings for Wenger disappear when we get a win or even a draw. And we get enough of those to dilute this anti-wenger feeling to a very tame and isolated effect.

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    That front three
    With the odd sprinkling off Wally …

    Could nick goals

    With Akron as back up

  4. DaleDaGooner

    R.S.P.C. Fans like you are the realistic ones. Thanks

    I know for a fact that we are laughed at by other fans because of the whole dysfunctional behavior exhibited… the banner at the end of last season…lmao Arsenal has a unique type of fandom

  5. loyika

    Arsene Nurse

    True right mate. Play like this against Chelsea and Bayern and there will be no need to come out for the second half.

    I really don’t like the fact that Giroud starts, like someone mentioned; “what the fuck does he do for 70 mins that he can’t do as a sub for 20 mins till the end of the game?)

    We need to get back the pacy footie we started seeing with Theo and Sanchez up top. I think Alexis and Ozil would prefer playing with DatGuy? Also Lucas needs a run in the team and Iwobi needs a run on the bench.

    Rambo needs to just keep his game simple and i am still not impressed by Xhaka… too fcuking slow in some of his passing. Gabriel has become a liability and Mustafi needs to get his act back together. Basically the whole team needs a kick up the backside.

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Always had been …

    Years ago in the west stand lower you could hear the moans even before the game kicked off mumbling in thousand about certain players , Steve Williams springs to mind…

    New social media makes their off springs take it to another level …

  7. WrightIsGod


    I went Highbury and it was quiet but not like the Emirates.

    If Highbury was the library then The Emirates is the morgue.

  8. WrightIsGod


    We are laughed at because we are not united as one we are easy to get at and those fame clowns on Arsenal FanTv don’t make it better.

    But with Wenger gone that split would be less and perhaps the we will see the real supporters then.

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Red the closet wrestling fan won’t be watching Saturday afternoon soon once the wrestling starts again on itv soon …

  10. loyika

    @ Wrightisgod.. Lol!

    @ Red

    Rafa was disliked by the Chavs because of his ties to Liverpool and not because he was a bad coach. If you want to use Rafa in a better example use his time at Real Madrid.

  11. Mustafi Magic


    ‘We true Arsenal fans are tired of the nonsense year in year out. ‘

    Haha kc the true fan from Texas, that complains about ticket prices and has never even stepped foot inside the fucking stadium.

    Unlucky cunt, true Arsenal fans are happy when they win.

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Don’t believe you

    You will be back to coat the new man ….

    You know it

    I know it

    We all know it

    It’s like a drug to you coating an getting the response you do …

    You luv it

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Not sure it could …
    Would love it to but

    Only money stopping rolling in would do that

    Their fan base to big at the mo

  14. seg

    “He made the Euros’ Team of the Tournament
    Is that a trophy?”

    Yes, ‘the one of our players made the Euro’s team of the tournament trophy’

  15. salparadisenyc

    We pull that shit against a decent side and there no route back in.
    Zero game plan, it’s almost as if Wenger is trolling the fanbase.

    And would somebody please tell me what it is that Oxlade offers?
    As a genius on twitter said, with Welbeck fit and Perez fit, Ox will have a very difficult time finding minutes.

    Wenger will probably slot him in ahead just to mind fuck me.

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    His transfer signings have been shocking last 7 years …

    Should have been taken out of his hands then …..

    Just shows no bottle in thebclub to stand up to him

    He rubs the club like gadaffi

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Big loss for Bournemouth is Ake is heading back to Chelsea, but Conte has allegedly followed his development closely and likes him a lot. Very athletic defender, so could work well in a back three.

  18. Danny

    Well as I said at half time, it was fun, a good old fashioned FA Cup match.
    Of course we were complete shit but that’s what made it all the more enjoyable!

  19. The Godfather

    R.S.P.C.ArsenalJanuary 7, 2017 20:49:28
    “Conte done more in six months than wenger in six years”

    You’re so right because I can’t remember the last time an arsenal team smacked down Chelshyt 3-0…

  20. loyika

    I also think we need another defender? Fonte or the dutch guy, Van Dick or is that Dyke!? However his name is fucking spelt.

    As for MF!? Not really convinced by the Xhaka and Rambo combo one bit.

  21. seg

    B’mouth shld be alright. After all, they played us without Wilshere. I don’t think the result would be better for them had he played.

  22. loyika

    @ RSPC

    You make it seem as if that Chelsea team were shyte!? They were league champions 2 seasons back.

    Most of the key players fell out of love with Maureen, all Conte did was give them their mojo back (well to be fair he has done a bit more than that, but it’s not as if they have a shyte squad that he is performing miracles with)

    It’s like saying Pep is doing more than what Pelligrino has done!? Joe Hart would laugh his socks off at the thought of that.

  23. DaleDaGooner

    Hard to criticize the £90m spent. A lot of us hailed Mustafi and Xhaka. Wenger just don’t do organization and tactics properly

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    G F

    Our victory was superb over them …

    But he had shown he ain’t afraid to change it up if it goes balls up , like our victory over them shows …

    Our board should have targeted hi or someone of similar ilk …

    Pity we didn’t follow up that time win against them eh , but that’s wrnfpgers arsenal

  25. DaleDaGooner

    After we spanked the Chavs they went to the 3-4-3 formation which set them on their winning run.

    Till the Spuds shat on them lol

  26. Chika

    “It’s so apparent these are great players with zero direction or leadership from the manager.”

    Hahaaha what great players?

  27. DaleDaGooner

    In their run up, City was pathetic and should have finished them with a lot of missed chances. They won a few 1-0 against teams that weren’t great. Had a few last minute wins too. Hope the slip continues. I’d rather Liverpool win the lot if Wenger can’t.

  28. Bishop

    DaleDaGoonerJanuary 7, 2017    21:09:14
    Hard to criticize the £90m spent. A lot of us hailed Mustafi and Xhaka. Wenger just don’t do organization and tactics properly


  29. Bishop

    Although I thought Xhaka is better than he is..

    I can’t stand slow and cumbersome players. Xhaka’s slowness is just too obvious. People just pass him like he doesn’t exist.

    Seems that slow one in Chelsea,Alonso is the one Conte is replacing with Ake.

  30. loyika

    @ RSPC

    One thing you will/can say about Conte over Arsene is that he isn’t scared of mixing it up tactics wise. Arsene is too stuck in his ways.

    I mean if we are to be sincere that 1st half tonight was painful viewing (worst than against Howe’s team, only thing lacking were the goals, and i very much doubt if they had taken their chances we would have rescued this one like against Bournemouth)

    It’s as if we think we are Usain Bolt!? Give a team a head start and then begin to play catch up and over take? Can’t work all the time (and won’t work with better teams)

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We are a club running in the wrong direction with wenger
    Transfers, loans, youth is all wrong under him.

    In fact the only area we grow is in the money league, mind not as well as we should cos our sales team are closing on all the wrong deals ,,
    So we get out muscled on an off the pitch

    But yet he stays .

    Just don’t care bout the club with him…

  32. HillWood

    Only Wenger and his feeble team would be constantly unprepared for determined opposition.
    They seem surprised the opposition have the audacity to try to beat them.

  33. rollen

    Focus on the game, we played shyte and came through in the end (as happens with cup games) Nothingelse to see here. Everything doesn’t need to be of CNN/Sky News dooms day proportions all the time we play a game, you would think pre-1996 we always strolled cup games the way most of you are going. I have been priviledged to have watched some fucking boring Arsenal cup games under GG and before AW and i have witnessed some shyte games under both managers so what gives?

    this is stupid
    Football has evolved since. Name any top team in Europe which is boring to watch?

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I think that is right, Wenger has a player-centric way of viewing football, just play the same loose layout every match and rely on the players to find themselves in it.

    Modern managers, modern successful managers now have a balance between players and systems, a player can be maximised in a good system that plays to their strengths and limits their weaknesses, managers like Conte and Simeone also instil work ethic and collective spirit in their sides, Wenger’s sides now are so individualistic, very dated way of doing things.

  35. loyika

    @ CA

    It’s quite appalling really.

    Most times you either want to smash your phone, Remote or Telly just watching our players coast a game as if they really couldn’t give 2 fucks (Xhaka for example needs to speed up his game and stop being caught with the ball)

    I do feel for those that do go to the matches on the regular. I know i would provably have a heart attack screaming at some players.

    It’s as if one should skip 60 mins of any match we play and then watch the team in the last 30 mins (cause that’s usually when they pick up the pace)

  36. LeMassiveCoq

    Glad we got the win, always nice to see your team in the draw.

    Ramsay found his level today. Middle of the Championship

  37. Redtruth

    “It’s as if one should skip 60 mins of any match we play and then watch the team in the last 30 mins (cause that’s usually when they pick up the pace”

    Depends on the.level of opposition

  38. Leedsgunner

    Rambo finally scored. I’m sure that he was playing against PNE had absolutely nothing to do with it. Lol.

    Yes a win is a win but this was almost a full strength team. Laughable that we had to rely on a last gasp goal again to save our blushes… Lol.

    Can you imagine how this lot are going to fare against Bayern if they struggled against Bournemouth and Preston North End?

    Yep… We look like true champions don’t we? Lol.

    Underwhelmed to say the very least. PNE were unlucky to lose considering the chances they created.

    The circus roll on, and the charade continues for another week.

  39. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Giroud is such a DickSmack! Surprised “Rock you like a Hurricane” didn’t play when he scored.

    Arsenal are as undeserving as they come for the ShitShow they put on today. I’m sure the FA Gods will smile upon them with yet another gift match (as if).

  40. Emiratesstroller

    Shoddy performance in first half.

    Too many changes in our starting X1. Our defence in particular looks brittle, but there has to be also concern about our midfield as well.

    As usual Arsenal seem to be having an injury crisis. You have to ask once again why so many players at the club are so injury prone.

    Looking at our personnel I have to say that Oxlade-Chamberlain looks a
    shadow of the player that we bought and I do think that the time has come to offload him. The only concern is that if he goes elsewhere he will become a much better player than he is with us.

  41. mysticleaves

    matter of fact, we are average London scum. ha ha ha.

    “It’s as if we think we are Usain Bolt!? Give a team a head start and then begin to play catch up and over take?”

    Arsenal dont normally give teams head start though. this is only the second time we have gone in to the break losing to a team, the forst was against Bournemouth

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    Arsenal have become a joke under wenger and with his 2 year contract extension it will get worse. Prepare yourselves for Thursday night football and the Europe league because we won’t get top 4 this year

  43. underrated Coq

    I didn’t watch the game so am not qualified to comment…but just saw Whoscored have Ramsey as their MotM with an 8.3 rating. Meanwhile Xhaka is on a 6.3–worst rated player on the entire pitch, not just for Arsenal–and no other player managed an above 8 rating.

    Reading the comments here, you’d think Ramsey was gutter level. Well, reading the comments anytime the chap plays, you’d think he’s the worst player to ever put on the Arsenal jersey.

    The witch hunt is frankly disgraceful.

  44. Wallace

    re Xhaka – that was his 3rd game in 6 days, and 9th in 35 days since the beginning of December. Ramsey was also his 3rd partner in the last 4 games.

  45. underrated Coq

    “re Xhaka – that was his 3rd game in 6 days, and 9th in 35 days since the beginning of December. ”

    True, there is that. I have Xhaka and Giroud next in line to get injured, the latter barely played early stages of the season but is now suddenly being heavily used.

  46. Wallace


    “Reading the comments here, you’d think Ramsey was gutter level.”

    if i miss a game and what to know how certain players performed le grove is not my first port of call.

  47. Thank you and goodnight

    Apart from his goal Ramsey was shocking like the whole team. But he wasn’t the worst player by a long stretch of the imagination.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    What should be of concern at the moment is our limited resources in both defence and midfield.

    Ballerin is apparently injured once again. This time in training on Friday. Mustafi is clearly struggling since his return and both Gabriel and Monreal
    played poorly.

    In midfield we are down to just two established players in Xhaka and Ramsey. We have been compelled to switch Iwobi from wing to AMF in absence of Ozil.

    There are those on Le Grove who advocate rotation. That is fine when you are
    making one or two changes with players of comparable ability to those they
    replace. Sadly what has been apparent over the last six weeks that many of our
    squad players are just not good enough.

    I am pretty certain that if Sanchez had been watching yesterday’s game he would be tearing his hair out in sheer frustration at how the team is playing particularly in first half.

  49. Thank you and goodnight


    Don’t worry mate Sanchez is PSG bound so he probably doesn’t give a shit how we play. A lot of our squad is not good enough but according to Daledagooner and loyika it’s all kroenkes fault.

  50. Emiratesstroller

    Thank you and goodnight

    I doubt that Sanchez will be going to PSG. For all the rhetoric about wages that
    other clubs are willing to pay I think that Sanchez is motivated to play for a
    decent team in a top league than money.

    He is one of very few players in our current team/squad who has real ambition,hunger and passion.

  51. Thank you and goodnight


    I agree he wants to win things. But either way he’s out of here and I’m gutted as he’s our only genuine WC player. Sorry but I don’t class Ozil as WC , nowhere near WC

  52. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Sanchez is not going to PSG. Why? The league is a one trick pony with little real competition. If he’s going anywhere outside of EPL it’s Germany. As it stands, he’s likely to wait and see what happens in the summer transfer window before deciding to stay or go. If Wenger dithers as he usually does, Alexis is gone. Let’s see if Arsenal are as ambitious as Alexis.

  53. mysticleaves

    Everybody is jumping on the “Sanchez is gutted” bandwagon. its fast becoming a cliche.

    You think Ramsey, Chambo, Ozil, Giroud, Kos arent gutted too? These boys want Wenger gone. That will be the only reason they play pantsy football.

  54. Emiratesstroller

    Thank you and goodnight

    Ozil is a very good player and in the right team one of the best players in his position.

    The real problem at the moment is that Arsenal’s serial weaknesses are being
    worked out by most other Managers and Teams even at Championship level.

    For me the last two games highlight the weaknesses in Manager and Coaching
    at the club.

    Our defence were all over the place. It should not be too difficult for Arsenal
    to put together a solid defence even with the players at our disposal, but not
    if they cannot read the game and are persistently out of position.

    Similarly it is clear that we are woefully short in the midfield department. If
    you are going to play Ozil you need better players in central midfield than we
    have got at moment.

    I will reserve judgment about Xhaka, because I think that he is a better player
    than we have seen sofar this season. However, his lack of pace means that we
    need better options than Ramsey, Elneny and Coquelin to play alongside him.

  55. mysticleaves

    the problem with Wenger is that he is too consistent. Give him a bunch of 14 year olds he will still make top4.

    He doesnt even need Sanchez and Kos and all these worldies we talk about. He knows this, the board know these and are quite happy to allow him remain.

    this is football hell for the fans

  56. Mustafi Magic


    ‘Sanchez is not going to PSG. Why? The league is a one trick pony with little real competition. If he’s going anywhere outside of EPL it’s Germany. ‘

    Yeah makes total sense that one. Go to another one team league with no competition. Have you heard of Bayern Munich? Probably not.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s current problems are down to ownership and management. There is
    a lack of leadership at club. It is utterly rudderless. I am sick and tired reading
    that we are “financial minnows”. Realistically the club can compete financially
    with almost every other club if they and owner choose to do so.

    We are in top six or seven earners and Mr Kroenke is wealthy enough to match or outperform financially most other owners. The simple fact is that he chooses not to invest in the club or team.

    Most owners and Boards of Directors would have offloaded Wenger by now if
    they had serious ambition for the club. You don’t need to be a genius to see that he lacks the ability or competence to build a title winning team.

    Winning the League is not a divine right, but it should be within the compas
    of Arsenal to do so at least once in every decade. With Wenger at helm it is
    not going to happen.

  58. Batistuta

    Ramsey was horrible yesterday goal or not and don’t need no stat site to tell me otherwise, the number of times he had a free man but would rather do a 180 turn and give a pass to a man in a tight corner is really irritating now.

    Iwobi is miles ahead of Ramsey in that no 10role its not even close

  59. Samesong

    Coq maybe you should watch the match instead of talking crap. Ramsey was poor as most of the team. He should of scored two goals but he bottled in front of goal.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    If you knew for a fact a new manager was coming in this summer, would you want to see any of the players sold before that?

    Do you think there are players in the team right now under performing, like Ramsey, Oxlade etc, who would benefit from better coaching, better tactical instructions and positional coaching?

  61. Batistuta

    No amount of coaching sadly can turn players like Ox and Ramsey into anything other than the horrible footballers they are.

  62. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So I ask…where has the Magic in Mustaffi’s game gone? He’s played worse than shit since his return. Any thoughts there Magic man? Or is that too much of a stretch for your one dimensional way of thinking?

  63. Cesc Appeal


    I’m not so sure about that, Ramsey needs to be taught positional discipline and to move the ball quicker, he would be a far better player with those two things.

    Oxlade is a bit of a conundrum, you can have brief flashes of brilliance breaking up what is then just weeks and weeks of nothingness. Again though, a big, strong, fast player, decent feet (when he wants to) and quite direct, a manager could find a niche for him in a good system, I’m immediately thinking of Simeone here, not necessarily a starter, but a wrecking ball type of player coming on, grow his confidence, teach him the details of one, one single area whether RM, LM, CAM whatever you choose, and then see how he grows.

    Same could be said for Wilshere, if manages to stay injury free, needs coaching on a particular position.

    The problem right now is we just play a loose formation and then drop players into it and just expect them to find themselves, it has always been Wenger’s way, whilst it has benefits, for a lot of players it also leads to stagnation or regression.

  64. Emiratesstroller


    Overall the problem at Arsenal is not the players, but the manager and coaching staff.

    Yes there are players in our squad and out on loan that I would choose to offload, but that has more to do with too much duplication in certain positions and shortages elsewhere.

    We have on our books 4 goalkeepers including Szczesny who is still under contract. Personally I feel that Cech needs replacing at end of season and on
    his wages too expensive to stay as a squad player. Messrs Ospina, Szczesny and
    Martinez are competing for second and third string positions in squad.

    Koscielny is a top class centre back. Mustafi needs to improve if he is going to
    play in starting X1. Holding has excellent potential.

    Mertesacker, Gabriel and Chambers are not good enough to play in our first


    Bellerin is most definitely first team material. I would hold onto Monreal as a
    squad player.

    Messrs Jenkinson, Debuchy and Gibbs are either too injury prone or not good


    I think that Xhaka is better than he has played so far this season. He lacks pace, but with right player alongside him can improve.

    Coquelin is a decent squad player, but not good enough to play regularly in first team. I would retain both Wilshire and Cazorla on books provided that an
    independent medical assessment confirms that they are good enough to play
    regularly in team.

    Elneny and Ramsey are in my opinion not good enough for our team or squad.


    Ozil is an excellent player in the RIGHT TEAM. I think that Iwobi has good potential as initially a squad player, but ultimately replacement.


    Walcott has played well this season when on form, but is injury prone. I would
    keep him. Welbeck is good enough to play on the wing and as third string striker option when required. Sanchez can also play on wing.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain and Campbell are not good enough and need to be replaced.


    Sanchez would be my first string striker with Giroud as back-up.

    Lucas is a decent player, but do we need four strikers on books? Sanogo and
    Akpom are not good enough for first team/squad.


    We need by next season:
    A new Manager and Coaching Team.
    First choice Goalkeeper, Left Back, Central Midfield and Left Wing.
    Squad player Right Back and Centre Back

  65. seg

    This is Wenger’s last season, yet he’s buying players for the future? Heard bout the new left back we just signed?

    Buying even, a new football shirt should be put on hold till Wenger leaves. But, at this rate nothing short of the Inception crew can make him leave. So get on the blower with DiCaprio’s agent if you know him.

  66. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, basically, I think before we can even look at squad composition we need a new manager who brings in new, modern coaches, but also has an idea of the system he wants to play, whether that is a 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-5-1 sort of shape but he knows he wants a high tempo press, counter team, possession team etc, whether it is something really different like a 3-5-2, or 3-4-3 etc, we need a system, and we need to mould the players we’ve got an add the players we need to that.

    Right now it feels like players just play in a rough area of the pitch, and some of them do not even do that, this sort of non-interventionist approach to football manager, coupled with Wenger’s comments about the definition of success and ambition means we should not be surprised that a lot of the time are players come across as sporadic, bottling messes.

  67. Mustafi Magic


    It’s not that difficult to see what’s happened if you had any understanding of the game whatsoever.

    He’s played poorly the last two games. Players don’t come back from injury playing at their optimal and can still be a bit rusty, it takes time and a couple of games before they return to their best. Not surprising that you don’t get it.

    Two different full backs and two different CBs hasn’t helped.

    We’re still unbeaten with him in the side he must be doing something right.

    Do you need me to explain the composition of the top European leagues and what generally happens in them, as that seems its too much of a stretch for your limited football knowledge?

    Budesliga competitive lol

  68. Emiratesstroller


    I have listed 11 players that we should be offloading and 4 first team and 2 squad players needed.

    Messrs Szczesny, Gibbs, Gabriel and Oxlade- Chamberlain have a resale value
    and should probably realise between them around £50 million.

    The other players that I listed have minimal resale value, but would reduce substantially our current wage bill.

  69. Emiratesstroller


    I omitted from my list of departures Ramsey and he would realise £25 million.

    Therefore the departures would fetch probably around £75-80 Million. That
    should cover at least two decent players. The other players would be covered
    by our transfer budget.

  70. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I see, so it’s all down to Mustafi for their being unbeaten when he’s played? That’s about as dumb as it gets, but coming from you it’s more typical one dimensional thinking from the greatest mind that ever was, in your humble estimation of course!

    If Alexis does not stay in the EPL he’s going to Germany…count on it smart arse!

  71. qna

    EmiratesStroller. I agree more or less with your assessment of the playing squad. But I think there is another aspect that needs fixing.

    Arsenal have this deficient squad and have a wage bill that is similar to City and Chelsea. Yet both of these clubs have much more quality. Yet we still are unable to meet the wage demands of our only 2 world class talents in our squad.

    The reason for this is the most basic mathematics. If you pay Walcott £140k/wk, Giroud £130k/wk, Ramsey, Oxlaide, and so on, then you are not able to pay the going rates for the absolute best players.

    So while I more or less agree with your assessment, many of these players are significantly overpaid and that imbalance will cost us the chance to bring in the quality players that we desperately lack (let alone allow us to keep the two that we have).

  72. Cesc Appeal


    Any new manager certainly has some serious funds at their disposal, the AST estimates Arsenal have £80-100 Million to spend each summer, and as you say, with players like Wilshere, Ramsey, Oxlade, Walcott, Gibbs, Gabriel, Debuchy, Elneny, Campbell, all of who you could make a good case for chopping, fetching decent sums cumulatively, you could almost double your budget I think.

    The thing is getting the right man in, top pick is Simeone, but I cannot see the club going in that direction, so you’ve got Tuchel, I’m trying to keep an eye on Nagelsmann as well, Hasenhuttl etc, we need a manager with a clear idea of what he wants the team to be and do.

    Also need Gazidis to strap on a pair and start adding some football infrastructure in the club, poaching a top level DoF or the equivalent would be a start.

  73. Wallace

    Adam A. Carbarundum

    “So I ask…where has the Magic in Mustaffi’s game gone? He’s played worse than shit since his return.”

    who’s your gold standard here, Baresi, Cannavaro? you looking for a CB that never has a dodgy game? good luck in your search.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    I agree with your point on overpaying and this ridiculous socialist wage structure, but again, that is where I think a top rate DoF would come in handy, had we had one all these years I’m sure he would have collided with Wenger on wage issues (likely that is the sort of reason Wenger won’t entertain one).

    We’re a club of very rudimentary design in a way, Wenger sort of declares what is to happen on the football side of things and Gazidis gets it done, or tries to, we need far more structure, more experts, more voices and a decentralising of power.

  75. Dissenter

    I agree with that post about where we stand except for Welbeck

    I do think it’s an bit sentimental to even consider Welbeck for a third spot.
    He’s not shown that he has the fitness required to be in that squad. I would keep Perez and get rid of Welbeck.
    He’s not a goal-scoring center forward and he’s certainly no winger.

  76. Bamford10


    That’s obviously because of how much weight WhoScored gives to scoring a goal.

    It doesn’t mean that he actually had a good game.

  77. Thank you and goodnight

    Sanchez might move to City. Not saying he will but they’re the only English club he’d join if he wants to remain in the EPL.

  78. Cesc Appeal

    Playing squad wise, other than the central midfield which still for the umptillion time needs addressing, we desperately need a wide playmaker.

  79. Bamford10

    People need to relax in their Mustafi criticism. He’s a good player. Not a perfect player, but a good one. And he will improve. Mustafi is NOT one of the problems at Arsenal. Sorry.

  80. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, Mustafi is a good player, I think he’s a bit rash sometimes and over commitments, but a good player, remember he’s coming back from injury, eh’s in a new league as well that is very physical and high tempo, and also, remember Squillaci’s comments, CB’s at Arsenal do not get much shielding a lot of the time.

  81. Bamford10

    “Sanchez is not going to PSG. Why? The league is a one trick pony with little real competition.”

    True, but he may see the CL as the stage that really matters, the stage upon which he really wants to shine.

    Also, he wants to play with an XI of top class players. And for a club with European ambitions. He’d get that at PSG. He doesn’t get that at Arsenal.

  82. Thank you and goodnight


    You could see they don’t get much shielding yesterday. I lost count of the amount of times xhaka and ramsey were 10 yards from Preston’s box. Not a problem if both or one of them are lightning quick, but most overweight 40 yr olds could beat those 2 in a 100m race 😀

  83. Rambo Ramsey

    Xhaka is the most overrated player on this blog, a one-trick pony who isn’t fit to wipe Cazorla’s boots. Consider his ill discipline as well and you have a ticking bomb whose upside isn’t really worth the risk.

    Lets look at the hype he came with and how well he’s held up to them
    1) A hard man who would add bite and bring solidity to our midfield- FAIL
    2) An accomplished technician who would help Arsenal to finally control the flow of the game-FAIL
    3) A leader who would get his teammates in line and not tolerate mistakes- EPIC FAIL, he should consider himself lucky that he’s not been shouted at for his frequent moments of stupidity.

  84. Mustafi Magic


    ‘I see, so it’s all down to Mustafi for their being unbeaten when he’s played?’

    No one has said that. I know you have trouble understanding European football, English football and arsenal but a simple sentence?

    He is a contributing factor when he plays why we haven’t lost. Can’t believe that had to be spelt out for you. Well I can actually.

    But make no mistake when he’s firing and fully fit Mustafi is Magic.

  85. Cesc Appeal


    It was shocking in the first half, really was, and then to hear Giroud and Ramsey say they were surprised by Preston’s commitment, give me a break.

  86. Thank you and goodnight


    This time because he’s EPL proven quality and knows the English game pep might think differently of him. That would be a frightening quartet. De Bruyne, Gabriel jesus, aguero and Sanchez…

  87. Adam A. Carbarundum

    True Bamford, but he will get even more of a compliment team at Bayern. They have a few guys getting along in age. Sanchez would fit in very nicely there…it’s a better than good fit.

    Staying at Arsenal as they stand will only further frustrate him. Right now he is the show. He has some nice complimentary teammates, but no equal and it’s not even close.

  88. qna

    CA. Yeah, I mean we are talking about a billion pound company that doesnt have the best practice in place on how to invest in its business. It would be one thing to go against the trend of other big clubs if our model was successful but we are the least successful of all wealthy clubs in the world.

    Its incredible the amount of waste that we have. I mean we could list off how many poor transfer decisions of the past 10-12 years. Thats just the terrible talent scouting that has us now with substandard players like Gabriel, Elneny and Perez.

    But the fact that we can implement a wage structure that actually overpays players to the extent that we cannot even sell them or even easily loan them is just basic incompetence. After stuffing up the basics they then have the nerve to say to its fans we cant pay Ozil and Sanchez what Aguero, Hazard etc earn because we dont have enougj money and it would be irresponsible.

  89. Thank you and goodnight


    Exactly. If that doesn’t prove to anyone we don’t prepare for games I don’t know what will. Proves just how thick our players and management are

  90. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @QNA…the thought that Wenger would even consider extending Mert only further solidifies your argument. It’s a very peculiar setup at Arsenal. Diaby the Charitable often comes to mind as an great example of the dysfunctional environment that Wenger fosters.

  91. Dissenter

    People forget Mustafi had an earlier failed stint at Everton. It’s not as if he’s starting new in England.
    I really think our summer business was underwhelming to say the least.

    We keep seeking fool’s gold when there was better value in England. We should have bought Van Dijk and competed with spuds for Wanyama but we had to do it differently.

  92. Rambo Ramsey

    Draxler scores on debut for PSG it seems. The best we have to look forward to is return of Danny fucking Welbeck, a player who can’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

  93. qna

    AdamAC. Yeah. Mert is Rosicky-Flamini-Arteta’s last seasons all over again. Funny how many countless players are good enough for AFC one season and then drop of the known face of the footballing earth the very next season.

  94. Bamford10


    I wouldn’t say Xhaka is currently overrated here. People still rate him, yes, as these things are relative, but many here see that we may have over-estimated what we were getting in Xhaka.

    He gets less stick than Ramsey for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that he makes fewer mistakes. Go back to the comments here, though, from a moment when he did make a mistake: he gets excoriated. Trust me.

  95. Dissenter

    We don’t have money top keep Sanchez but we have money for Mertasacker for one more season?
    It’s no wonder our wage bill is higher than Chelsea and is soon to surpass City’s.

  96. Bamford10


    Wasn’t that when he was like 19 or 20? Players mature, develop. I don’t get this Mustafi-isn’t-good-enough thing. He’s a solid, quality player.

  97. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Bamford….Ramsey gets the stick because he often deserves it. Xhaka hasn’t been around long enough to incur the wrath of the tired faithful. Given enough time, coupled with his penchant for dumb fouls – he’ll be up there soon enough.

  98. Thank you and goodnight

    @Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Draxler scores on debut for PSG it seems. The best we have to look forward to is return of Danny fucking Welbeck, a player who can’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.’

    That comment gave me a giggle….hahahahaha. Worse thing is the way we’re expected to get excited by it as though he’s the missing link….the new goal machine. A guy who’s struggled to hit 10 goals a fucking season