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Arsene Wenger said in the press that Sanchez was jaded both mentally and physically. Maybe he wasn’t throwing shade at the Bournemouth performance, maybe he was throwing… JADE? No?

Anyway, quotes…

‘What is surprising there? You want to see that kind of passion. You don’t come down from 3-0 down from 70 minutes without that passion. We wanted to win the game and we didn’t and we’re all frustrated. Mentally and physically Sánchez is a bit jaded. You could see that he is tired. He can have sometimes emotional reactions but face to face he is always very respectful.’

Wenger is right, you want to see players upset. I’m not on board with him being the only one who cares in the squad, but I am absolutely on board with him being one of the players that cares the most about winning and having that DNA running through his make-up.

“The other players care as much as he does, don’t worry,”

“Everybody has his way. There was no celebration in the dressing room; everybody was disappointed that they didn’t win the game. There is no hierarchy of intensity of desire to win at that level. Everybody wants to win.”

I think with the right manager, that mentality can be beaten into players. You have to have a certain level of give a fuck to make it to the top in any sport, but when the trappings of money and fame land, it must be tough to maintain focus. You don’t really need to answer to anyone and you don’t need to fight for survival.

That’s where the best managers come into play, they make millionaires feel like they’re poor, fighting their way out of poverty again. I’m not sure our players have that hunger, or the fear that they need to perform. Top four mediocrity celebrated, socialist wage structure implemented and total stagnation of ideas and vision from a manager not chained to ambitous targets.

We witnessed the collective weak mentality during the second half of last season when the league was ours to blow. We’ve seen it countless times in seasons past. Just in this latest iteration of Wengerball, we don’t have the fight Adams and his boys had, that was then passed onto the 02 and 04 teams. The winning formula isn’t there. When you had Sol Campbell yelling at Paddy for falling asleep, that’s gone. Where’s the 1997 dressing room inquest after a 1-3 loss at home to Blackburn? We’re not talking about a reaction, we’re talking about whether Sanchez sulked with people. Rather than apologizing to the fans, shouldn’t they be coming up with a plan of attack?

It does worry me that Sanchez is jaded physically and mentally and we’re a week into January. I don’t understand why we need to bury our players before we rest them? A few days off against Preston isn’t going to boost the batteries up to normal levels. If we’d managed his fitness better in November and December, maybe we’d have a fitter, more mentally sharp player who could contribute with even more gusto. Also worth noting that we’re rushing Mustafi back into action, Koscielny has played all the games, Monreal has looked off the pace and Bellerin had his worst game in an Arsenal shirt (another perma starter).

Our injury list is pretty bad at the moment. Per, Ozil, Theo, Gibbs, Cazorla, Coq, Perez, Welbz (unavailable) and Debuchy all out. Lucky we’re having these problems in a relatively easy month before the Chelsea game early Feb.

Wenger made mention of the Ozil and Sanchez contract talks. He seems very confident.

“Alexis Sanchez is a committed player who wants to stay. I’m convinced we’ll find an agreement. It has to be in our potential”

“We are not scared to spend the money and we are not scared to show the players we love them, and we want them to earn big money but we have to have a line of conduct.”

Would LOVE to know what the line of conduct is. What’s the cut off? Well, the AST have an answer of sorts. It’s £97m. We have that sitting in the bank for Sanchez and his new deal, or maybe it’s for Wenger and this summer? Or… whisper it, it’s for Wenger’s successor this summer.

That number is chump change, but you could probably find £90m for Chambo, Ramsey and Wilshere alone. Whoever comes in is no doubt going to tear up the squad… and make some much needed changes to the psyche, £100m with the right manager would be a good figure to work with.

In other news, Arsenal have signed Cohen Bramall from Hednesford Town for a whopping £40k. Wenger says he reminds him of a young Ashley Cole. Certainly has the pace and mobility Cole had, big shout from the scouting crew if he has the talent! Looks a bit like a youtube vlogger to me…

I eat ham sandwiches with jam, I'm BONKERS

‘I eat ham sandwiches with jam, I’m BONKERS’ said Youtuber Bramall

I’m glad we’re finally making these sort of signings. We spent too many years snobbishly ignoring what homegrown players can offer if given the chance. A sign that coaching is getting much better in the lower reaches of the football league and a sign that our scouting department is starting to mature and branch out of its one league policy of the post 2004 era.

Right, that’s all I have today, enjoy life and know that I’m back in America on Saturday. Time to switch back into a sterile work persona, time to realise banter is not a mitigating circumstance for everything and time to realise the gut I’ve developed over the last 3 weeks is no longer a sign of masculinity… and that in New York, masculinity is a relic of the past and actually I need to cry more and talk about my feelings to strangers because health insurance gives me access to shrinks, xanax and regular prostate checks.

P.S. PLEASE SHARE YOUR ARTY ARSENAL PICTURES WITH ME WHEN I AM AWAY. It makes me happy to see fan pictures and I don’t have to keep reusing my old ones. Will give FULL credit to anyone who sends them.

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  1. Thank you and goodnight


    Yep another shite youth player who won’t make the grade. So much for wenger and his eye for young talent.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The board are rubbing their hands ….

    Another game at the emirates…..
    Season tickets over the seven clip ties more money it rains…

  3. Wallace

    “Preston look a bit shocked by the purpose and basic competence of Arsenal’s start to the second half.”

    – Guardian’s min by min coverage

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    He can’t spot young talent ….
    All the ones he looked at an said no , turn out good

    Funny that I it ?

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    “Rambo Ramsey on to make comments about the Ramsey hate in 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1″

    I have grown tired of questioning this fixation some posters have re Ramsey. Can’t imagine how they continue the same bashing, every minute of every game he plays.

    Anyhow that was a superb finish.

  6. DaleDaGooner

    Missed the goal. So Ramsey will continue to make it difficult to get in a better midfielder in the future

  7. InsideRight

    Celebrate a rare goal, Rambo. Knock yourself out. Savour it. But then think back to the dozens and dozens of wasted chances since the last goal, the go-it-alones where he should play in a team mate, and the feigned surprise that his brilliance falls flat time and again.

  8. Bishop

    Rambo RamseyJanuary 7, 2017    18:49:32
    “Rambo Ramsey on to make comments about the Ramsey hate in 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1″I have grown tired of questioning this fixation some posters have re Ramsey. Can’t imagine how they continue the same bashing, every minute of every game he plays.Anyhow that was a superb finish.

    Go and look at the mirror..

    You will find a reason to laugh at yourself.

  9. Paulinho

    Nice to see Ramsey get a goal.

    More time for him than most players. Actually makes off the ball runs rather than the mannequin challenge, which most of our players do when times get tough.

  10. Federer

    Hold on guys, here comes Wenger’s next roll of the dice, ’67!! Next ball out and Welbz comes in, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

  11. WrightIsGod

    If ever you needed an indication or example of a team who can’t or isn’t playing for the manager just watch our performances in the last 3 weeks.

    If ever you needed an indication or example of a manager who is half the manager he once was just look at Wenger in his last 10 years.

    I ask AKBs worldwide honestly, is Wenger a better or worse manager than before. Is he progressing or regressing?

    If the answer the latter to one of those questions there is no grounds for keeping him.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    Some of you are fixated with bashing other fans, the akbs don’t keep Wenger in his job, it’s Stan and the board. Does my head in when some of you throw around labels. I want Wenger out, but I won’t resort to name calling other fans Akbs, pathetic fans

  13. peanuts&monkeys

    Oxlade chamberlain’s every move reeks of complacency and comfort zone and his upstartness in a team of donkeys. He is so fucking poor as a footballer, cant even tell he is erratic. He is simply not fit to be anywhere around the pitch.

  14. Goona

    Off of the ball every player is static. No dummy runs, runs, movement….nothing…we are utterly utterly shit.

  15. DaleDaGooner

    Mainland-Niles not bad as a second choice right back…… Ramsey dribbles into the box, first instinct is to cut backwards

  16. InsideRight

    Goona, that’s a point I’ve kept making on here for a long time. It becomes boring repeatedly pointing out the obvious. Because we do the mannequin challenge around both boxes every game we are easy to close down and easy to get past. So we end up playing frustrating and one dimensional crab football.

  17. Spanishdave

    Goona I have been watching our movement off the ball fir some time it is atrocious.
    Look at any top team in Europe the difference is incredible.
    Wenger is not a coach he’s a chancer

  18. Thank you and goodnight

    Don’t know if it’s true but psg have been on the blower during this game begging Arsene to sign for them

  19. Bishop

    Why you don’t need Giroud playing 90mins…

    He does whatever in does in 90 mins for a brilliant moment of 10 – 20 minutes.

    What I mean is what he will do coming in 75 mins is same as playing 90 mins.

    He shouldn’t be starting games at all aside games like this.

  20. nanadarfour

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal January 7, 2017 18:46:18

    The board are rubbing their hands ….

    Another game at the emirates…..
    Season tickets over the seven clip ties more money it rains…



  21. Bishop


    Lol @ throwing Oxlade and Wenger off the train..

    Wenger is like Gaddafi ..if h dies some would celebrate, it’s that bad.

  22. InsideRight

    If we don’t win, what odds that “mental strength” will be heard during the presser and Wenger will praise PNE’s determination and say they “raised their game”?

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    Bollocks bollocks bollocks bollocks bollocks bollocks bollocks bollocks Teflon wenger gets away with it again. Fuck

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Alright, Giroud then, nice back heel by Perez.

    Out of jail with that one.

    Simply not good enough again from Arsenal, lazy, rudderless, disorganised mess.

  25. steve

    Meh another papering over the cracks win to mask the pathetic first half. More time for the specialist in failure.

  26. Bishop

    God bless you Perez…
    Am loving this guy big time.

    As for Giroud..i told you.

    All he does playing 90mins can be done within 5 mins.

    85 mins been an idiot

    5 mins of glory.

  27. WrightIsGod

    Perez should not be dropped just for the last two games alone.

    Giroud and his purple patches. Guarantees you double digits every season.

  28. DaleDaGooner

    Deflected goal. If PNE had taken their chances they would have been 3-0 up by half time.

    Looool can we pretend we are Arsenal fans just one day?

  29. InsideRight

    Like I said earlier, I always want the win. But playing like this will see us come a cropper against mediocre sides and I dread to think what will happen if Bayern click. Flattering to deceive against the galacticos of Bournemouth and Preston might make Wenger feel like a football genius, but the club is a laughing stock with other Premier League fans.

  30. Thank you and goodnight


    You seem a nice guy but please do me a favour and please have faith in your convictions. Your 100 % akb so stop making out your not. Yes I’m a WOB 100% and want him out not at the end of the season but right now. One thing that irritates me is AKB’S who come on here and make out they want him out and that they’re WOBS then furiously defend him.

  31. DaleDaGooner

    Only way to compete is if we consign players like Ox,, Ramsey to the bench! We are boring as fuck when Ramsey is in…..thoroughly enjoyed some of the games we played while he was out.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Very unconvincing.

    Giroud is in his purple patch period though, which is a positive.

    Defensively we were poor, Monreal is a shadow of his former self at LB, Xhaka and Ramsey were poor for most of the game, Oxlade was again ineffectual, Iwobi okay in flashes, Perez decent enough, he really has to start from now on.

    Nice to have Welbeck back though.

  33. Federer

    I’m happy that we’ve won this game, especially considering that 5 other prems got knocked out today but this win takes nothing away from our dreadful and lethargic performance.
    Wenger needs to stand naked in front of the mirror and look at the banter he has become among top flight managers.

  34. DaleDaGooner

    TYAGN – you seem a nice guy too, but one thing I hate in all the bs that is Arsenal right now, are some fans always looking to label others. I want Wenger out now, but please ! Don’t label me WOB or whatever! Corny as fuck! And only makes other clubs laugh at you lot

  35. WrightIsGod


    AKBs are absolutely keeping Wenger in the job.

    Every other club would have chased out their manager by now but the issue with us is we are totally split. The outs and ins both as zealot as the other.

  36. Dream10

    We were terrible in 1st half. Radio commentators singled out Gabriel and Chamberlain. They said they’re not Arsenal caliber.

    Well done Giroud. Yet again. The two most polarising players in our squad get the goals. Saves us from the over the top praise for Alexis.

  37. DaleDaGooner

    There are a lot of fans out there who want Wenger out but want the team to win regardless……the factions that is akb and wob seem to feel extremely entitled. Guys like Troopz want him out but you see them happy when we win and players play well. Guys like Steve and Thank you want us to lose every freaking game, how miserable is that???

  38. rollen

    L’Oreal could be way better under real manager, good second plan/super sub/some starts against slow physical defenses.

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    Clubs only laugh at us because our fans are so deluded, not because of the WOBS. Look at United under either moyes or van gaal, how long did their fans last before turning on the manager? They weren’t a laughing stock. Yet we’ve had 12 years of shite and under achievement from wenger yet we’re told to tow the party line. Opposing fans laugh because we are delusional thinking we’re one of the big boys. We’re a top 10 team at best now…..the Everton of the south

  40. ArseneisaFraud

    Another victory which papers huge cracks…. how many get out of jail cards does Arsene have up his sleeve???

  41. DaleDaGooner

    Wrightisgod fair enough if you think akbs have the power to keep Wenger in the job and not the cunt 60% owner. But that means people who support him are in the majority and any and all abuse and aggression towards them will sway them over, right? Kinda like what happened with Brexit and America politics

  42. Dream10

    I was wrong to write off Pérez. His movement in a crowded penalty box is quality. Walcott relies on out to in movement while Lucas can make save in a smaller space

  43. DaleDaGooner

    Thank you, United has an aggressive ownership. That club is built on success from owners down. They splash the cash regardless. What type of ownership do we have? The type that willl ask Wenger how much he wants in his new contract or who should be his successor. You’re moaning about the wrong detail. Wenger gone and Bob Bradley in and you’re gonna be miserable without Wenger anyway

  44. ArseneisaFraud

    Ramsey and Giroud both said during the post-match interview that they were surprised by Preston’s commitment during the first half…. a clear example of how they thought they could just walk the ball into the net…. what terrible mentality AW has instilled in the players.

  45. Wenker-wanger

    Pure and simple”Wenger out”…
    He is so fcking useless he only just gets by on beating really inferior opposition with international players. Once again he has got out of jail. I’m pleased for Ramsey and the players, but tinged with a regret that this vastly overpaid charlatan has escaped the criticism he would have got had he failed here.

  46. Thank you and goodnight


    See your making excuses for wenger again. Kroenke doesn’t pick the team, train them, buy the players

  47. DaleDaGooner

    If Ramsey were in my Sunday league team, I doubt he’d make a difference. Passing is not top shelf, blind shots, dances around, slows game down, doesn’t make great decision and lacks defensive discipline

  48. Dream10

    We’re terrible against the press. Opposing teams press our fullbacks and two CMs & we don’t know what to do.

  49. kc

    Dale whether you want to be or not you’re an AKB. You defend Wenger at almost every chance then attack the WOBs. Time to be honest with yourself mate. And yes, AKB fans like you are absolutely one of the reasons Wenger is still here. Scared of change like little bitches. Enjoy another fourth place trophy, it’s what you lot deserve. The true Arsenal fans deserve So much more.

  50. DaleDaGooner

    Thank you, you see it as that, I see the bigger picture. I’m worried who the next manager the cunt board will bring on. And I am worried they’ve tabled a deal for Wenger to continue on…’re worried about now. Wenger is done, we know. I just want Kroenke to sell his shares to Usmanov or more ambitious owner who will sack Wenger

  51. EN1AFC

    That interview with Giroud and Ramsey just sums it all up for me.
    “They surprised us with their level of commitment”
    Surprised?! Fucking what?
    No fucking wonder we see these appalling starts in games, what the fuck is going on behind the scenes?

    Thank fuck we managed to turn it around, Perez has more quality than the ox and is delivering now which the ox has never done. Giroud in those situations really is a handful but we look so static going forward with him leading the line.

  52. steve

    “Guys like Steve and Thank you want us to lose every freaking game, how miserable is that???”


    Because winning just keeps Wenger in a job so the club continue to suffer in the long run.

  53. DaleDaGooner

    Thank You…..look at the cunt kc for example….rabid dog barking all around looking for a fight. When you have idiots like that who just hang around looking for akbs to fight, why won’t Chelsea, united fans laugh? Weak ass manager, weak ass ownership and most of all the most disfunctional disgrace of a fandom

  54. Cesc Appeal



    The start of that match was like Bournemouth all over again, the second a team uses high tempo pressing tactics against us it is literally like our players catch on fire, go into panic mode and forget they are playing football.

  55. kc

    Other teams are laughing at us because we can’t compete at the highest level, not because our fans are labeling other fans. What a stupid thing to say. Wenger has made us a joke. Deflecting the truth won’t help this club.

  56. Rambo Ramsey

    “If Ramsey were in my Sunday league team, I doubt he’d make a difference.”

    He made the Euros’ Team of the Tournament, but sure he’d struggle in a Sunday league.

  57. kc

    AKB through and through. Doesn’t like what others have to say so he calls them a CUNT. Grow up and realize you are a part of the problem.

  58. DaleDaGooner

    lol how do fans keep Wenger on ffs? Are you writing up his contract? Jose wasn’t sacked by Chelsea fans, they loved him, but Abramovich wasn’t sentimental and shit

  59. Arsene's Nurse

    January 7, 2017 19:37:49

    Ramsey and Giroud both said during the post-match interview that they were surprised by Preston’s commitment during the first half…. a clear example of how they thought they could just walk the ball into the net…. what terrible mentality AW has instilled in the players.

    Arsenal don’t investigate the opposition and brief the players about what to expect. They just go out and play the tippy tappy stuff because Wenger believes his football philosophy will win out.

    The first half performance was dismal, truly dire. We robbed PNE of that result. It should have been over by half-time, but we got away with it.

    We’ll get smashed by Bayern and Chelsea in February if we don’t get a grip.

  60. DaleDaGooner

    Rambo, Ramsey was garbage as far as I’m concerned. Robson-Kanu looked like Nwankwo Kanu for Wales. Lol. Portugal won the whole thing ffs, and they were boring as toast

  61. WrightIsGod


    I don’t know if you ever go Emirates but the majority of fans are afraid to sing let alone sing against Arsene Wenger. If you do sing against Arsene you’re likely to be kicked out or beaten up. It’s absolutely 50/50 (though I would say quietly 70/30 out but in the stadium it feels like 70/30 in).

    There are fans so obsessed with Wenger it does not allow us as a fanbase the chance to hound him out. If the majority of fans actually nailed their colours to the mast and said we are WOB lets sing to get him out, he wouldn’t last a month. He’s have to say he was resigning.

    We’ve seen it at a lot of clubs so don’t act like fan power can’t make it happen. It’s the lassaiz-faire tourists, oldies and AKBs keeping Wenger around.

  62. DaleDaGooner

    I’m so happy for Wenger! He pulled that one out of the bag in the end! Great display of mental strength there.

  63. kc

    We true Arsenal fans are tired of the nonsense year in year out. “Fans” like DaledaGooner are the problem right behind Wenger. Hopefully these AKB fucktards follow Wenger out the door.

  64. loyika

    @ Dale

    I feel you mate. Don’t get why folks want the team they support to lose!? As in what!? They think Arsene will resign or be sacked the next day!?

    Laughing stock of the league!? My God do we Arsenal fans feel so fucking priviedged… Memo to you all… Other Prem Leagues fans couldn’t really give a toss how we feel as fans.. Ask West Ham fans if they give a shyte about our worries? Or Everton fans? Fans from Citeh, United, Spurs, Chelsea and Pool only laugh at us because we fucking laugh at ourselves and give each other funny labels like “Akbs” and “Wobs” besides that they couldn’t really give a flying fcuk how we feel until they play us.

    Was Highbury always never called the “Library” (now the same atmostsphere is at the Emirates) Is that Arsene’s fault as well.

    Focus on the game, we played shyte and came through in the end (as happens with cup games) Nothingelse to see here. Everything doesn’t need to be of CNN/Sky News dooms day proportions all the time we play a game, you would think pre-1996 we always strolled cup games the way most of you are going. I have been priviledged to have watched some fucking boring Arsenal cup games under GG and before AW and i have witnessed some shyte games under both managers so what gives?

    Critique the game and players and leave it as that. The Akbs and Wobs labelling isn’t really called for all the time.

  65. DaleDaGooner

    My weekend will be ok, not because Wenger won. But because regardless of who the manager is, Arsenal won a game. I know I’d be miserable if we lost that or drew. Don’t care what the label is for that. But carry on with the bs fellas!

  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Went out to walk the dog last 15 ….not out of nerves like the old days but out just feeling sick of this gutless half hearted team ….
    Whoopee we nicked a last min winner …

    This ain’t an arsenal football club I first supported an fell in love with …

    This is a true reflection of a team with no charachter going around aimlessly basically winging it ….

    A true mirror image of the joker of a manager …

    Love less Arsenal

    Fuck em

  67. Rambo Ramsey

    “Rambo, Ramsey was garbage as far as I’m concerned.”

    Ofcourse he was.

    I noticed you say you didn’t see Ramsey’s goal, couldn’t even bring yourself to watch it huh? I hope you’ll be able to sleep tonight, mate. All this repressed anger can’t be good for you.

  68. vicky

    Not a big fan of Metersacker but if I had to choose between him and Gabriel, I would choose the former. Gabriel needs to be sold – he’s TV5 without the goals. Makes everyone around him look bad.

    Good to see Perez getting a few goals/assists and some recognition. Was always impressed by his technical ability and understanding of the game but now he’s consistently putting in good performances. Welbeck-Alexis-Perez would a good front three.

  69. DaleDaGooner

    Redtool Benitez was a stop gap……who are you kidding? Abramovich wasn’t keeping him around long term you tool his contract was for 6 months dummy

  70. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I agree bout name calling …

    Years ago I would booted dog, if we had one, didn’t go out Saturday nights, didn’t get Sunday papers if we lost be miserable at work …

    Now I don’t care…want to win but every loss hopefully is a nailmin his Arsenal coffin.

    It’s best for both club an manager to spilt .