Arsenal need to make some big signings off as well as on the pitch

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Back to back guest posts from Le Grove this week. Today, we have the pleasure of a @timpayton piece. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it as much as I did. 

Most of the focus on Arsenal this summer has understandably been about how the Club performs in the transfer market and whether a transfer pot of almost £100m is well spent.

But it’s not just on the pitch where the club desperately needs to recruit some top talent. There is a pressing need for fresh blood in the Boardroom.

Over the past five years Arsenal’s Board has lost talent and drive the equivalent in governance terms to the loss on the field of Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie.

Danny Fiszman, David Dein and Richard Carr are the three most missed. These former Arsenal Board members had enormous drive and passion for the club. They were Arsenal supporters who went home and away with the team and they applied their various skill-sets to driving Arsenal forward.

David Dein focused on the football side of the club acting as a mentor to, and supporting, the manager strengthen the team as well as networking at the top table of World football.

Danny Fiszman masterminded the Emirates stadium project, kept the finances in good shape and had a much closer relationship to Arsene Wenger than most people realise.

Richard Carr was the Director with responsibility for the club’s football infrastructure including building the new training ground at Colney and he took a special interest in the Academy and development of players from the youth team.

Re-writing history is of course easy to do but I do not believe these three men would have allowed Arsenal to settle as comfortably as they have into accepting life as the country’s fourth best in recent years.

With Arsenal now owned by an overseas investor who chooses not to attend matches and has a hands-off approach it is even more important that some senior appointments are made to the Board to help drive the Club forward and keep effective oversight and control on the performance of the executive team and manager.

The departure of Peter Hill-Wood as Chairman this summer should be the stimulus to further change. Peter and his family were wonderful custodians of Arsenal. But it is time to build a new Boardroom that reflects modern football and also modern society.

Besides owner Stan Kroenke and Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis, the three other Board members at Arsenal are; Sir Chips Keswick (Chairman), Ken Friar, and Lord Harris. Their average age is 74.

Sir Chips attended Eton College and had a career in banking being a Director at Hambros Bank and a Director of the Bank of England. Ken Friar has served Arsenal in different capacities for over 60 years.  He was Company Secretary from 1973 and became Managing Director from 1983 to 2000. Lord Harris of Peckham is Chairman of Carpetright giving him retailing experience. He is a well known philanthropist and is co-owner of a gold medal winning GB show jumper at London 2012.

They are all of course distinguished people with track records in business and football that can, and have, assisted Arsenal. But it is time to review the skill-sets needed on the Board of a modern football club.

It is also time for more diversity. An all-white, all-male, elderly Boardroom does not represent our club on the pitch or in the stands.

So what change is needed in the Boardroom?

Arsenal need Directors who once again take responsibility for setting the ambition and direction of the Club and who can give greater support to the manager, but then also hold him to greater account.

In recent years too much authority and responsibility has been delegated to Arsene Wenger. This is wrong. It is both too much of a burden to expect him to carry and it allows unfettered power to lie in just one person’s hands. No-one individual should be expected to take all the training sessions, manage and pick the team, decide on all the senior footballing appointments and act as chief negotiator in the transfer market. It is time to broaden the personnel contributing to the Club’s footballing expertise within the Club.

It’s not hard to think of some of the areas where Arsenal’s football performance deserves scrutiny.

  1. There have been no significant external appointments to the football coaching set-up since 1996 when Arsene Wenger was appointed.

  2. The Club has had considerable finance resources for each of the last four transfer windows that have not been spent.

  3. Expenditure that has been made on both players and player salaries has far from always delivered anything like value for money.

  4. Weakened teams have been played in the FA and Football League Cups with

  5. A ‘socialist’ wage structure has been consistently pursued by the manager.


These are just an initial list of the types of issue a strong Board would at least challenge on, and demand improvement. Yet careful study of the Club’s annual reports and reporting shows a lack of standard practice for scrutiny and the setting out of strategy one would expect for a PLC the size of Arsenal.

This would normally be done through a statement of Delegated Authorities to the manager and executives and a formal schedule of Matters Reserved for the Board, respectively. While it is not common for companies to disclose the latter, is it a Code Requirement for the Annual Report to contain at least a high level description of which types of decisions are to be taken by the board and which are to be delegated to management.

Perhaps the lack of clarity and control is because no member of the Arsenal Board has experience as a professional football coach, player or manager, despite this being the Club’s main business and none feel comfortable challenging a man who in the past has achieved as much as Arsene Wenger.

The time has come to consider appointing to the Board a distinguished former player who can provide independent challenge on issues relating to the playing side of the Club.  It is, for example, a role that is played with distinction by Sir Bobby Charlton at Manchester United and is widespread in Europe, particularly in Germany where for example Bayern Munich has several distinguished former players on its Board and the most distinguished Franz Beckenbauer as its President.

Should Arsenal not feel this is the right way to go, then how about creating some form of football advisory sub-committee to the Board to make sure its decisions on footballing matters have input from those with experience from the coal-face.

With people of the calibre of Bob Wilson, Frank Mclintock, Pat Rice, Martin Keown, Patrick Vieira and Alan Smith to name just a few of the prominent candidates out there it should not be too difficult to fill the roles.

Other areas where the Boardroom needs strengthening are in the business expertise and communication skills represented around the table

The Boardroom, and the Club, would be stronger if there was a Director with the specific responsibility of engaging with supporters and wider stakeholders ensuring that fans felt more of a sense of involvement with the Club and that their views were being considered.

Football is changing quickly. It’s modern day business model is driven by three main revenue streams; broadcasting, ticketing and sponsorship, especially in the leisurewear and FMCG sectors. Stan Kroenke should be looking to people with business skills in these subject areas, and the professional sports sector, to add strength to the Board.

How about Arsenal executive box-holder Paul Deighton, formerly of Goldman Sachs and more recently  responsible as Chief Executive for delivering £2bn of sponsorship and ticketing revenue for the London 2012 Olympics and then staging them admirably?

Or big Arsenal fan Tidjane Thiam, the chief executive of Prudential who in 2009 became the first black person to lead a FTSE 100 company?

So let’s hope that in the weeks ahead as well as some top signings to strengthen the squad that we also see some appointments that will help move Arsenal back to the top of the English game.

A strong and effective Board does make a difference: Arsenal’s Board once signed an unknown Frenchmen to manage Arsenal which was bold and risky but took the Club forward. Arsenal’s Board moved to the Emirates stadium which was bold and risky but took the club forward. Arsenal’s new owner Stan Kroenke now needs to put some new blood in the Boardroom who will return the Arsenal Board to the days when it was bold and had people who woke up every day determined to take decisions to move Arsenal forward.

Tim Payton @timpayton is a Board member of the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust. The AST recently commissioned two independent reviews into the Boardroom Governance at Arsenal (

P.P.S – This article deliberately didn’t covering the issue of Red and White holdings involvement (Usmanov) on the Board as that is a different, albeit important debate, that deserves an article of its own on the subject of ownership and accountability.

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  1. Keyser

    Seriously imagine if we’d sold Henry now a couple of seasons after we’d bought him, he’d probably be worth a billion or something. We could have bought Tottenham 3 times over.

  2. Marko

    I’ll be honest and I don’t usually go for knee jerk reactions but if the reason we’ve signed no one is Wenger then maybe it’s time to cut our loses. In saying that why not just sign the players and fuck him

  3. Phallusaurus

    @Pathgooner – ”
    FFS it is your marquee self-hosted Tournament and you have zero fucking signings.”

    And that just about sums this rabble of shit up nicely! Unthinkable anywhere else.

  4. patthegooner

    Given it is nearly August and our warchest, there is something clearly wrong at Arsenal with regards to signing players.

    I don’t know whether it is the Board, Gazidis, Law or Wenger, but it is getting beyond a fucking joke.

    This was our chance to settle a squad and take advantage of new Managers at all our rivals. Instead the fan base will remain split and we will once again start a season with zero chance of winning the PL

  5. Keyser

    Isn’t Tim Payton head of the AST.

    Imagine how stupid that would be Kwik, seriously mate for once think it through.

    We sell Van Persie to United, and a year on Ivan/Kroenke are now trying to force Wenger to spend.

  6. kwik fit

    Don’t think anyone wants it to be true cos , if true, it prove’s that we have a dictator in charge . A greedy fucking one who will only spend big on his own fucking contact.

  7. LeMassiveCoq

    @Pathgooner – ”
    FFS it is your marquee self-hosted Tournament and you have zero fucking signings.”

    I’m not even going to watch it on the tv.


    so pissed off with it all.

  8. Relieable sauce


    Fuck me your right…Wenger’s a bigger cunt than i thought.
    If we owned the spuds we could have let Wonga carry out his wacky experiments at shite hart lane knowing they’d be fucked for the duration.
    GENIUS : /

  9. Keyser

    CA – Not you aswell, why wouldn’t it show that ?

    Van Persie sits down with Wenger and Gazidis, they can’t show him enough ambition.

    12 months on they’re forcing Wenger to spend ? It’d be fucking mental.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    It is not often we agree.

    But I have been making that RVP point for weeks now!

    Sell the best striker in Europe for £24 Million after refusing to spend to back his ambition or give him wages, then spend £50 Million on Suarez 12 months later!

  11. Radio Raheem

    Amy Lawrence is an Arsenal fan and she probably used to have some inside info. However, I’ve listened to her on podcats and read a lot of her articles, quite frankly she doesn’t strike as one more knowledgeable than any other journo!

  12. Arsenalone

    I find it all hard to believe we are at the end of July (almost) and no signings.
    You would think after the booing and pressure directed at AW he would do some thing about it.even the AKBs started to turn last season.

    I’ve been fooled again by the manager.

    Perhaps it’s all gonna happen for us in the next couple of days.
    But if it don’t and the manager thinks he’s seen enough quality in the squad that was in Asia,then he’s digging he’s own grave,hopefully the cunt will fall in it if he don’t sign any players.

    Have you all noticed that none of our players are trying to be signed by the top euorpean sides like times gone by

    All our stars have gone.

    He’s digging he’s own grave people

  13. kwik fit

    See your point Keyser. There are a lot of false stories out there. Amy also goes on to say that Pool and Arsenal will agree on a 45m deal for Suarez.

  14. leon

    Well one arsenals biggest mistakes as selling rvp no dought about that i dont blame liverpool at all they are fighting to keep there top players for arsenal to surez is going to be a real fight and the huge question marks on weather wenger is willing to that extra mile bring in top players

  15. sam

    Now you just have to sit back and read disgraceful comments from these hateful spuds.
    so what if Santi cazorla is leaving?
    no he’s not leaving and we will beat Villa and collect 3 points on the first day
    we don’t need suarez for that, he won’t even be available to play you losers.

  16. Radio Raheem

    Scratch all that. I’ll go with Wenger resisting the Board/Gazidis/Kroenke to spend money that is not his. Yeah Wenger refuses to spend money he is paid to spend. Wenger has a stand off to protect his employers’ wealth against their wishes. Amy actually used the word ‘tension’ yeah I was listening too.

    You know what I have new found respect for Wenger now. I was this close to calling him a cunt but I might have to retreat a few yards back. His got balls if true.

  17. GoonerDave

    Hard to know what sources to trust.
    When you think about it, we bid twice for Suarez and once for Bender, yet absolute scores of players have been linked to us.
    3 concrete bids, yet dozens of stories each week.

    On the BBC website that Bale wants out

  18. Keyser

    I don’t mind Amy Lawrence, sometimes the little things are interesting that Journo’s hear or see from players because they get quite close to them.

    But year on year selling player after player and now they decide to say to Wenger ‘Spend some money’, ‘Yeah but why didn’t we just keep those cheaper, far more talented players ?’ ‘Umm, well, Ivan ?.

    Gazidis’s comments have basically given the media a whole summer to torture Arsenal fans, what’d be even worse is that he started leaking shit like that to the media.

  19. Radio Raheem

    Funny thing is on the same BBC show they talked about how English clubs had started to mirror European clubs in their use of the media as mouthpieces. Kerching!

  20. Keyser

    Same here actually, could be true, football is truly fucked, Bale, Suarez, Cavani, Falcao, Titi truly pissed on them from a great height, and he didn’t even win World footballer of the year because of Ronaldinho.

    Wenger’s probably thinking ‘You mentalist’s, Suarez 50 million, fuck off’

    50 million is probably what Suarez will end up paying in reparations before his career is over, he’ll be playing football as a part of his community service deal.

  21. incesc

    arsenal arent gonna up our bid apparently

    relying on lawyers.

    money is what buys you players arsene, money.

    it cant always be a sneaky deal


  22. Phallusaurus

    I think she’s probably right in saying we’ll get Suarez for £45M, a little too high but it’s market rate and necessary. Compared to the figures being banded around for Bale it’s value and he’s certainly worth the extra few £Mill Napoli paid for the Higster.

    If that’s what it takes then, as JL Picard would’ve said, “make it so motherfucker!”.

  23. Phallusaurus

    Maybe they could raffle Chamack & Bendtner off at the Emirates this weekend. Can’t seem to get rid of the fuckers any other way!

  24. HerveDeNerve

    Listening to John Cross (whose been on tour with the team) on Talksport tonight confirms that the bid for Suarez will not be increased (£40M +£1). They are relying on the wording within Suarez’s contract to see the deal over the line. There is confusion between Suarez, his agent and Liverpool as to what the “clause” implies.

    If this is the case, then Arsenal will be guilty of an offence which Liverpool were themselves fined over on a previous purchase. Which is, the copy of Suarez’s contract, which his agent must have a copy of, must have been shown to Arsenal. Apparently, this is not allowed.

  25. Paulinho

    Amy Lawrence backing up what I’ve been saying for years. Another journo, Duncan Wallace I think, believes Wenger is the one who doesn’t want to spend.

    Of course the Arsene apologists will come out and say “why haven’t they sacked him then?” but that’s typical black and white talk. In reality they want to spend some money but they also know he’s far more knowledgeable about football so they’re hardly going to push it.

    It will come to head soon and become even clearer that Wenger is the one messing these deals up.

  26. Paulinho

    Just how it became clear last season that Wenger was the one behind the wage structure after years of everyone blaming the board.

  27. follow the money

    Wenger probably knew of the confusion around Suarez’ contract. He probably counted on Liverpool taking a few weeks to get clarification on it and by then the season would have started and he will withdraw the bid, and say they tried. Too bad Rodgers doesn’t have the stones to call his bluff.

  28. HerveDeNerve

    Same Story July 29, 2013 23:09:57

    The bid of £40M +£1 and no other increase to that bid will be the proof that Arsenal have seen the actual contract and probably have had their lawyers look at it.

    I think it will be down to Suarez, his agent and his lawyer to argue the case with Liverpool for his release. What I find hard to believe is that the club are willing to gamble just by waiting, they need to identify other targets because this could blow up in their face.

    Liverpool stance to demand £50M is understandable, especially with the money being quoted for Bale at £90M to £100M.

  29. HerveDeNerve

    It is definitely Wenger that does not want to spend, it is not the board. You only need to listen to the soundbites over the past summers to work that out for yourselves. Read his latest quotes from an interview in Japan and he talks of giving unknown players a chance and that these types of players work harder, turn up to training on time, etc, etc.

    He criticises star players and players from Europe in general. What he fails to realise is that star players win things, the troublesome players win things. He seems just happy to have a group that do not question him, his methods or his tactics.

    It smacks of some David Koresh happy camp over at London Colney.

  30. arsenal-flavour

    reliable sauce

    Nile ranger went to my school! He was an absolute cunt always getting into fights and being a menace BUT he was so amazing at football!

    He used to score volleys from the half way line… and dribble past eveyone! Very athletic as well.

    When we found out he had got a contract for Newcastle everyone who knew him thought it couldn’t of happened to a more worse nasty person, he was such a cunt!

    Anways his stupid enough to ruin his career before his 22.

  31. El Tel

    So much fucking whinging and you think it is just the Club embarassing us.

    We are all pissed that Wenger hasn’t signed anyone of note yet but this constant fucking moaning is truly depressing and loading any rival fan willing to look in at us to laugh.

    Has nobody noticed that there are still big names who are still at their Clubs. I rad on here about Fellaini like He is some Superstar yet He is still at Everton. Either He knows Arsenal want Him and is prepared to wait it out or nobody else rates Him.

    Rooney is still at Mancscum even though the Chavs who He has been linked too usually do thier business rapidly. Maybe He could be coming to us too.

    Suarez is obviously a complicated issue but still this looks like the big signing we will land.

    I totally agree that we need a Keeper and at least three decent back up players but the way Guys on here are talking is bullshit. Arsenal fans my arse.

    Many on here do not know the meaning of the word. Many on here think football is as easy as the computer games they play.

    Others on here are just causing a divide between the fans as they are not Arsenal fans at all, they are just trolling.

    Wenger,Gazidis and others running the Club are not seen to be doing the best they can for the Club but in the real world they probably are.

    I want us to have the best players in the world, I want us to win the League and CL for years to come. I live in the real world and see that becoming more and more difficult as the small lottery winning Clubs are hoovering up all the top players.

    I am not happy with Wenger and in my opinion He should be given this one lat season and nothing more even if we did win something.

    I am angry with things at the moment but I can never desert the Club. All this protest bollocks and those saying stay away is mainly said by those who never attend anyway and probably have fake shirts.

    For sure get angry but please stop whinging like little spoilt children and support the Club. If you don’t really support them anyway or want out then fuck off and let us suffer in peace.

    We will sign players. They might not be what some of you want but we will sign players to boost the squad.

    Even the so called stupid Management can see this and as said before by them. They are working hard behind the scenes.

    Up the Gunners.

  32. HerveDeNerve

    Amazing what some people post on here, just random stuff out of the blue, makes you wonder if they were confused as to what forum they were on.

    Probably too many windows open at the same time.

  33. Guns of the brixton

    suraez to hold ‘crunch’ talks with brendan soon apparently. . . whether he wants out or to stick on should be clear soon if brendan r gets it out of him.
    in other developments, liverpool are demanding 50m+ for suraez

  34. Radio Raheem

    Why is it so hard for people to add 1 and 1 together? I think most people on here either want Wenger to go or are indifferent on whether he goes or stays.
    Posters on here point out all of Wenger’ s flaws. But the fact is there is only one person who has the power to sack Wenger.
    If you were this person would Wenger still be in a job?
    It isn’t a trick question.

  35. Samir

    I’ve met Nile Ranger a few times on night out.
    He is a complete arsehole. Drinks himself silly.
    He was also very aggressive when I asked him if it was actually him…
    ‘I’m Tommy, don’t know who Nile is’
    Cunt 😉

  36. salparadisenyc

    Apparently Levy has met w/ Bale today and made him aware that they won’t accept €98m bid from Real Madrid.
    Which would be highest ever transfer fee.

    I find that hard to believe.

  37. arsenal-flavour


    yeah he went to alexandra park school, was a menace and a criminal I don’t know if he personally mugged anyone but he hung out with the people who mugged people and sold drugs! he was a violent wannabe gangster type.

    Footballers are usually quite cunty when there is a nice one they seem that much nicer. The footballers who are just straight family men are the only nice ones.

  38. Guns of the brixton

    totteham have dug their own grave, every signing he made has been promised bale would stay. . . as paulihno gracefully revealed. if he goes massively unsetteled sqaud. unlike us who live with losing a top player regularly and get the top 4 trophy.

  39. Samir

    Pepe Reina “It’s only nautral I’m dissapointed that the Liverpool management agreed to loan me to Napoli without telling me first”

  40. Cesc Appeal

    If Spurs sign Soldado AND turn down a £90 Million offer from Madrid, I don’t care what fucking team you support you have to have mad respect for that!

    Considering what our lot did with Fabregas, Nasri, Van Perise, Song etc

  41. arsenal-flavour

    Spurs most have a secret cash supply that’s the only answer for it, if we go on public knowledge of their wealth/revenue ect there a paupers club they must hiding their real worth.

    They must have a secret war chest, fact is their building a new stadium whilst spending over 45 million… There has to be a source I doubt they would or could buy players on mass debt like barcelona real madrid do.

  42. arsenal-flavour

    Bale is a great player and all, but I swear his no way near the level of christiano ronaldo , I know time has passed since Ronaldo was sold but surely Bale can not be worth more than Ronaldo.

    If cavani and Falcao are going around 50 M Bale at most 60 Mill at a stretch. I just don’t get why they want him that badly they must think his going to be the next greatest thing their answer to Neymar

  43. arsenal-flavour


    Frimpong does have the badboy attitude but his actually a nice guy he went to my friends school in tottenham lol, apparently majority of the school was spurs fans and he didn’t give a shit lol.

    He was more of a harmless prankster class clown then a wannabe gangster/cunt

  44. arsenal-flavour

    I dunno he seemed like he had abit of potential before, he was rash brash and abit stupid whilst playing but he was athletic strong and his technical ability was better than most people give him credit.

    At this point I presume his done for, he went out on loan and needed some good game time but he got injured, worse timing for him really, his form before his injury wasn’t that bad he just couldn’t get game time as fulham where in involved in that hairy time in the league where every one mid table was potential in the relegation zone if they lost a match, I think fulham just went with experience and as soon as he got game time when Fulham knew they were safe at the end of the season he did his knee in.

  45. arsenal-flavour

    Yh football is becoming a joke

    I think it will take a major club collapsing before the prices get abit more realistic and sensible!

    One of the big clubs will do a rangers at some point, You know realize there foundations are completely rotted and there wealth is generated by clever accounting,

  46. follow the money

    Herve you’re right, it sounds like cult of Moonies over at Wenger changed after 2004. He became determined not to have players like PV4 who spoke their minds and challenged his ideas/religion. It’s no coincidence we haven’t won anything since. You need stars/big egos/troublemakers to win things. It has always been thus. Mourinho SAF and the other big managers know how to handle them. Wenger does not

  47. Marko

    Anything over 50-60 million for Bale is a joke. Anything close to a 100 million or more and football would wanna just stop you can save a lot of peoples lives with that sort of money. Still not sure how world class he is yet cause he’s only hit double figures in goals twice. And how marketable can he be he’s from Wales ffs and he looks weird. Up till his leg break Sagna always had him in his pocket always

  48. arsenal-flavour

    Bale is not that skillful really, as in using skills to pass defenders.

    he uses pace to beat defenders and his also got pace stamina like he can run the whole of the pitch at the same speed without tiring.

    Also his not very good as assisting Players.

    His assets pace and shooting but what else?

  49. sam


    I don’t know where you get your arsenal news from but Frimpong is fit now and already started training. Footballer’s career doesn’t end at the age of 21.

  50. salparadisenyc

    €145m the footie worlds gone mad, Marca on a Levy windup.
    Just curious would Bale get his name on the stadium they build with £75 million Levy tucks away for the down.

    From Shite Hart Lane to what, Planet of the Apes?

  51. Marko

    Yeah you think they know who the fuck he is in New York. Also that Inter side he beat you could walk faster than some of their defenders. Maicon was never the best right back too. Good going forward shite defending which is why sometimes they played Zannetti to cover him

  52. HerveDeNerve

    The Arsenal TEAM destroyed Inter Milan, he did it on his own, twice.

    Young Player of The Year
    Players Player of The Year
    Football Writers Player of The Year

    Nominated for this years Ballon D’or

    And always scores against Arsenal

  53. HerveDeNerve

    Decisive goals won 25 points in the Premier League, many of which were when they ‘needed” a goal, last minute.

    Free kick specialist, finishes with both feet and good in the air, pace, power, without and with the ball, no difference.

  54. Keyser

    dialsquare – Bit disappointed in you.

    Bale Destroyed Inter.

    It was amazing to be fair, a misty night at San Siro, the smoky residue of flares and fireworks filled the air, Gomez got sent off, and by half-time Tottenham were 4 goals down.

    The Arsenal fans in fits of rapture watched turned to shock and awe as Bale tunred it on, destroying Inter in 45 minutes, on their haunches, mud spattered faces, a look of bewilderment as the Tottenham fans and the teams players celebrated with young Gareth hoisted high upon their shoulders..

  55. HerveDeNerve

    Nearly as amusing as your “cock in a toaster post” at 20:39 tonight.

    Whats the matter, you forget to renew your postcard ad at your local newsagent?

    Withdrawal symptoms eh?

  56. Same Story

    Doesn’t Ronaldo fit into your definition of a world class player?

    He drank, he ate too much,he partied,chased prostitutes and put out no effort in training, but come match day he was always played well and scored goals.

    Imagine if he had actually tried…

  57. Pistol Pete

    As an arsenal fan i find it so frustrating to be held ransom by Arsene Wenger every transfer window. Just why is it hard to complete a transfer? who is the person that makes buying a player so difficult. We publicly stated that we are now in a position to “compete financially” so what has happened. The season starts in a few weeks. After many years of hearing the same old sayings, we seems to have now become so use to wengers, rather obscure behavior, and I for one is totally perplexed once he has made a statement, so many if’s or butts. Basically I have had enough!!!!! The biggest weakness at the club is Wenger. He is the one person who is bringing the club to its knees, the one obstacle that is preventing the club moving forward. I said this before and I say it again.
    WE WILL WIN NOTHING WITH WENGER IN CHAGRE AGAIN. Only till he leaves , (because he won’t get sacked) that we will realises what has been happening over the last 8-9 years. His power is so great at Arsenal that no one from inside the club has had the bottle to come out and tell us muggings fans what is going on behind the scenes. 71 days since season finished and still no big signings. But don’t worry we can win the league without new signings – WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON INSIDE THAT HEAD – Can someone please explain?

  58. dialsquare

    That’s the problem with Ronaldo everything looked mechanical and unnatural you can tell he really worked hard in training on his technique and skill.

  59. sam

    Sebastian perez started his trial and will only cost 5M if we sign him.
    I guess Fellaini is going to man utd and we won’t spend big as Gazidis bragged.

    Welcome to arsenal Sebastian!

  60. ikon

    Anything over 60 million for Bale is nuts.

    Although he might be of great use in Spanish league than in English since the defending there is awful.

    Still, Spurs can get whoever they want for that kind of money. There is talk of them getting Javier Pastore, and I have to say if we were worried about the gulf in class reducing, he is the kind of player that will reduce the difference between Arsenal and Spurs. Amazing player, and a play maker they did not have till now.

  61. ikon

    And as far as Suarez goes, Wenger really needs to get out his comfort zone if we are to challenge for the title again. His policies, beliefs, philosophies have helped us out in a difficult phase no doubt about that. But he is intelligent enough to know, a year where there have been so many managerial changes, we will have a good chance of challenging at least with 2 proper squad additions.

    After so many years the expectations of everyone has dropped to the extent that we will be ecstatic if we stay in title challenge at least till February.

  62. Gregg

    Have to say, I’d piss myself if Spurs sold Bale and then give Liverpool £50m for Suarez.

    I read this Columbian U-20 kid Perez is with us on trial. Would he even get a work permit ? I know you can appeal citing exceptional talent at young age but Given that we’ve hoodwinked them in the past with Denilson, Vela, etc. I doubt they’d take us seriously. Who does these days ?

  63. midlandgunner on twitter which players are you most looking forward to seeing at the emirates cup this weekend?,i bet wenger was laughing his bollocks off when they wrote that out

  64. portogirl

    BREAKING – Bernard signs for Porto. He arrives on Friday. Club representatives in Brazil. Porto bought 50%, remaining 50% for BMG [Antena1]

  65. goonerboy

    Wenger’s statement that the club is not close to buying anyone with a month of the transfer window left, is not just a statement of fact, it is a statement of intent.

    Wenger’s interest in the purchase of top players, has always been half hearted-yes he will be interested if they are free, or have a ridiculously cheap buyout clause-but when it comes to spending-his track record speaks for itself-he only buys players in a depressed transfer market and always for less than 15m.

    Wenger is a risk taker- who now gets found out every year-but because he underspends on players he does not receive the criticism his inability to attract and work with top players deserves.

    Wenger says he will buy super quality top players- but when has this ever happened?? Never.

    It doesn’t matter whether the club has money or not- Wenger behaves the same way-he uses the transfer market to sell top players not to buy them.

    Maybe real fans like El Tel are impressed by that- well I am not and I would like this club to compete..

  66. Nigel

    I relish, result in I discovered exactly what I used to be having a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  67. Gary C

    Once a miser, always a miser. He’d rather put the £100 mil in a bank, get £2 mil interest and divi it up between him and his mates.Anyone read Arseblog this morn? WTF is that all about?

  68. Larae

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