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Hey guys and girls… guess what we’re talking about today?

The Hig.

Or the lack of a Hig.

Madrid haven’t appointed a new manager yet so they’ve so far failed to release their striker. Quite absurd that a club the size of Madrid haven’t a new manager lined up. Anyway, I think that’s the issue. It does however seem like Juventus are out of the running for his name and unless Jose is feeling spiteful, that leaves us in pole position for his signature. That’d be a record breaking transfer leaving us with a cool amount of cash to spend elsewhere.

I took part in a podcast with the Steve Bald Collective last night and I was on there with Rapha Honigstein. It’s a shame the pod failed to record, but one of the conversations we had last week was around the allure of Arsenal around Europe. Arsene Wenger isn’t seen as the draw he once was and the club isn’t the proposition it was back in the day. This was In relation to me saying the Hig should join us over Juve. My point was along the lines of… ‘Turin is a bit of a dump compared to London, the League is weak and tarred by corruption and it’s boring’… the counter argument was ‘you’re guaranteed trophies with Juventus’.

The conclusion of the conversation sat around the project. If Arsene is selling Higuain a dream of a new Arsenal… with him being the first piece in a 5 man jigsaw, then the sell is easy. The draw of our league is stronger than that of Juventus. However, if Wenger is leaving his one big signing at the Juve man… well, he’s better off going to Italy for trophies.

Money is appealing… but as I’ve said many times before, being part of something special is more appealing. No one invites you on the after dinner circuit to talk about that time you scrapped 4th. It’s not a compelling tale. Bacary Sagna doesn’t have any stories to share about his time at Arsenal. Nor do any of them. That’s what Arsene has to bring back to the club. Amazing stories. Because at the end of the day, that’s all any of the big clubs are. That’s what prestige is built on. That’s why Chelsea don’t really have much of it over a long period, but they’ve built it over the last 10 years.

Anyway, there’s some absurd nonsense in the Daily Mail… again… that suggests we’re going after Rooney and Higuain (I spell this guys name wrong all the time. It’s a stupid name. Which is why he’ll be known as the Hig moving forward). It’s just too ridiculous to take on. People have been saying… well, you need competition. Yeah, sure you do… but you don’t need competition at that level. You’re wasting money and talent. We need a great first team striker and a great midfielder and a great keeper and a a good defender etc… spunking half your budget on 2 strikers would be stupid.

Anyway, tomorrow’s post might be late, it’s my 29th today. I have to accept the damn realities of life. I’m entering my prime year as a striker, I’m Robin Van Persie from last year, I’ve just upset a load of people, but I had to do something I didn’t want to do to make the pounds while I could. That’s why I’m moving over to They’re absorbing the site and putting me on a retainer. Sorry people, but I’m done… I need a site and a community with more ambition. Goal can help me realise this.

Just jokes.

Thanks for tuning in for another year. It’s been great fun as always. Here’s to another 365 posts. Any Peroni shaped gifts can be posted to my work address.

Have a great day people and remember to keep it offensively real.

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  1. sixx pac

    Wanyama to South Hampton. No other big club in for him then lol. Couldn’t care less after his comments about using Arsenal as a springboard to Utd.

  2. kwik fit

    Six pac

    He’s not bad but not our class. Fellani I’m really warming to. The guy could be everything we’ve been missing . Big, quick ( yes he’s quick) and strong .

  3. karaul

    im not saying this is the guy we are all waiting for this summer.. but if reports are true we are after him.. and i would be very happy to get him. he could be our 4cb right now. better than djorou and other shit. at age of 17.

    tin jedvaj

  4. AA23

    he’s a 17 year old Croatian that looks about 49 years old
    if he’s less that 10 million notes buy the cunt.
    that’s 3 season tickets so well worth a punt

  5. kwik fit

    Listen karaul

    Anyone better than a 28 yr old average centre back is all right with me. If Verm stays then a promising young CB is fine with me.

  6. AA23

    I just got off the phone with mourinho , he was laughing at us for signing Higuain.
    How the fuck does Arsenal get out of this fix Sam?

  7. kwik fit

    As Arsenal fans the excitment at the moment is great. What with the Puma deal and the requirement to realise bog name signings.. really big name!……..I’m feeling for a bit of Whitesnake!

  8. Mental Strength

    I find this too funny…

    Despite widely being considered as the best footballer on the planet right now, Messi’s record-breaking antics fall on deaf ears at home with his wife Antonella, and the Blaugrana star admitted that he does not watch much of the sport he excels at.

    He added: “I never watch football on television. Antonella gets bored with it. I come home and tell her I scored two or three goals, and she doesn’t even hear me!”

  9. kwik fit

    So Ped’s on the fucking tile’s tonight. 29 Again! Thats about the fifth time. He’s right you know . When the girls believe and when your on TV like Pedro your fucking landed! :)

  10. kwik fit

    Here this ‘old’ gezzer a few months ago. Was ‘dragged’ along . Can I say though , I have seen a few artist’s over the past 32 year’s but this guy is up there with the best. Listen an enjoy. An older day paulo nuitni.

  11. kwik fit

    Hope you don’t mind but I feel impelled to play another REM song.
    In my opinion i could name 10 Groups over the years. Think just Ten. REM are one of the TEN!

  12. kwik fit

    I’m Sorry!!!

    But I just can’t hold this back anymore. This song was written about our host. El ‘Cas’ Pedro! Listen and enjoy!


  13. goonerboy

    Rooney is a good player in the EPL- occasionally a great one-but world class- no?

    Every world cup Rooney has played in he’s looked a donkey alongside real worldclass players. If he’s so world class how come all of Europes top clubs are not interested when his agent leaks out he might be interested in a move? Its not just that he’s not world class but he’s massively overpaid now- for what he has delivered in the past 2 years for his club.
    Name one player who United have sold to a rival English club with his best years in front of him?
    Its all bollocks driven by his agent and United friendly media- aimed at improving his existing contract.
    If he goes anywhere it will be to a wannabe club like PSG who are happy to risk wasting millions to buy a name.

  14. El Tel

    If Looney is after the wad he will end up at Chavski playing for the Moron. If he sees himself as a future leg end then he will play for us, if we are after him that is.

    I can see him fitting right in with our English/Brit pack. We have a better team than Utd now their dodgy Boss has packed in.

    Just look at their early fixtures for starters. A true indicator that the mafioso fucked off before getting caught bending the rules.

    English football might end up being all the better for this.

    How many of us would be ecsatic if we signed the fat Looney.

    I personally detest the fat pikey but see him playing for us as a statement of intent. My worry is that we will play with ten men far more often with him in our team as he wont be allowed to et away with the heavy stuff in an Arsenal shirt.

    I heard tossers on Talkshit already slagging Looney off this morning. A sure sign that he might be coming to the Arsenal.

    They fucking hate us. He will very quickly go from hero to villain.

  15. Phallusaurus

    Kwik fit…!?!

    Like I wasn’t already concerned enough about the man’s mental state, he lays done this shit ” All most the best song that was ever written”. About a fucking R.E.M tune no less, quite possibly the most nauseating band ever to sully the airwaves! Suicide music!

    Kwik, whatever it is you’ve been indulging in lately, might I suggest you ease up a little.

    God I fucking hate REM, no honestly, I’d very happily have them shot!

  16. andy1886

    Yeah, Mourinho is a moron, winning all those stupid trophies (even in johnney foreigner land – wtf??). Good job we have our glorious leader to win the ‘I developed the most kids for the championship’ and ‘4th place’ trophies!! As for Rooney wtf has he ever won eh?? ManU, rubbish the lot of ’em, will probably get relegated, RvP? OG is superior in every department LOL.

  17. Relieable sauce

    Welcome to the 30’s Pedro & 2 day hangovers 😉

  18. Kiyoshi Ito

    “El Tel is completely mentally ill.”

    I think posters stating every year,give Wenger another year,he will change,are mentally ill!!

  19. Emiratesstroller

    First class post.

    This season has to be last chance saloon for Wenger. A manager who cannot deliver trophies after 9 years at a club like Arsenal should call it a day. Part of the problem has been that the hierarchy at club including major shareholder are equally lacking in ambition.

    Higuain is a good player for Arsenal to buy because he is at right age, experience and has played at highest level. Fellaini will offer the team physicality which has been lacking since the departure of Vieira an essential ingredient
    in any club who want to win titles and trophies.

    It will be measure of Wenger’s ability to change and attract better players if he
    can secure their signature. Goalkeeper is the third component of experienced
    players needed in the squad. Apart from these positions Wenger is welcome
    to speculate with his recruitment.

    What every supporter and season ticket holder now want to see in the club is
    genuine ambition and ability to resume our role at top table as the ‘Premier’
    club in London.

  20. gats

    Chelsea have just signed the biggest deal in world football and sports I think with addidas as their kit supplier. £300 million!!!! over 10 years.

  21. gats

    ours is over 5 years, who even knows if we can arange another deal like we have without winning anything. Chleseas is guranteed for the best part of a decade, ours is not.

  22. Kiyoshi Ito

    Have we signed Higuain yet??

    Or will this deal,or no deal roll into August?

    RMadrid says No deal!!

  23. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Gats – yup. So looks like FFP for Chelsea is sorted.

    Lol – so they can spend gazillions on players, pull a rabbit out of the hat and meet FFP!

    Makes our constant bleating over not spending coz of FFP a lot like we’ve no fucking idea what we’re doing, as we’ve sold all our best players, renegotiated our financial deals and still can’t compete for players!

    Crappiest run team in prem!

  24. Cesc Appeal

    We really need to sign someone now, Higuain or Fellaini we just need an announcement.

    Transfer fatigue is starting to set in already and you can sense everyone getting tired.

    Arsenal fans, wisely, never count their chickens. Even if a deal appears to be nailed on i.e Higuain we all know if there’s one club in the world that can fuck it up and deliver a swift kick to its supporters nuts it’s Arsenal.

    Being able to say to Fellaini/Rooney as well ‘look we’ve already signed Higuain we’re bloody serious this year’ is a great negotiating tool.

    I don’t get Spurs spending £15 Million on Paulinho? They’re gagging for a finisher, Damiao’s club want £20 Million, they’re haggling at £17 Million but they’ll spunk £15 Million for a defensive middle player?

    Unless they’re waiting to see what happens with Bale, if they sell him they may look more up market with the £40-50 Million they’ll get.

    The £80 Million quoted is utter shite. He’s done nothing, had a stellar season but saying he’s worth as much as Ronaldo who’d won the Ballon D’or, UCL, Premiership, FA Cup, League Cups etc etc is rubbish.

    £50 Million is more than fair, buying from a team in Europa, not a commercial powerhouse, not a powerhouse of football.

    But Spurs will spend whatever they get on one or two class players me feels.

  25. Kiyoshi Ito

    Cesc Appeal

    Transfer fatigue..?!!Understatement..

    AFC& Wenger are a joke..

    Wenger spends 3 years tracking an injury prone player in Sanogo..

    Courts him,wines & dines him..& pretty much signs him up within 2 weeks of the EPL season being done..

    Now we have Higuain,a WC Player,with a fantastic track record,that everyman & his dog knows about,playing for a top club in RM..

    & the deal rumbles on,for another day,another week,some more weeks..

    I just don’t get why they prevaricate..

    Talk,talk,& more talk..

    The whole manager issue with RM is hogwash..

    The RM President,bar Mourinho always oversees transfer deals,irrespective of any manager in place,or not..

    Let’s wait & see,for the club to superbly shoot themselves in both feet,with this Higuain transfer deal..

    If this deal falls through,will be interesting to hear IG,or Wenger’s take on this deal..

    Or will Wenger’s response be similar to the Mata deal..

    “I don’t have to explain anything to you”

    Top clubs,sign the best players& talk after..

    IG comes out,spouting,”there has been an escalation in our financial power& we can compete with the top clubs..”

    So what is the fornicating hold up..?

  26. Kiyoshi Ito

    azedJune 22, 2013 12:21:57
    Chavs just pissed on FFP. Wenger and Gazadis must be screaming blue murder.
    Don’t think they will be,just gives them a convenient excuse,not to target top class players..

    Anyone that thought,FFP will rein in the top clubs with cash to spend,was & is naive..

    The Monaco case,is a rather interesting situation..

    With a ground capacity of 18,000+ & their Russian Billionaire,spraying money around like it’s confetti..

    Wonder if they spending that more than outweighs their revenue,will be a source of discomfort for Plattini?

    Or will he simply turn a blind eye?

    AFC& Wenger are a joke..

  27. vicky

    FFP is just a tool to help continue the hegemony of top money rich clubs.

    Huge TV rights money and this commercial deal has ensured that Chelski will continue to pour in 100m every transfer window for many summers ahead.

  28. Kiyoshi Ito


    Good point,don’t think they have..

    I think Azed,got a bit carried away with Chelski’s new deal..

    With the new sponsorship deal,just means they stay ahead of the curve..

    Able to spend comfortably,whilst still being within the FFP regulations..

    Didn’t Chelski,post a profit end of the season?

    The stick in the mud,will be with Monaco!!

  29. azed

    They just proved that you can spend money on top players and still be FFP compliant.
    Complete opposite of what Wenger has been preaching to his followers.

  30. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickyJune 22, 2013 12:53:54

    We need a GK..

    Can’t see Wenger altering the composition of the GK dept..

    Mignolet signed..

    Lloris signed last season by Spurs..


    I think the GK position will remain the same…

  31. vicky


    Yup,I also don’t think we are pursuing any GK.

    If at all we sign anyone, that player won’t be a young player imo.

    P.S : I do not want error prone Reina or Valdes. People mocked me yesterday when I said they are not a massive upgrade on Cheezer If we keep their current form in mind.