Nasri: Who really cares what he has to say?

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All the talk yesterday was about the comments made by dearly departed Samir Nasri. A player more obsessed with Arsenal than Adebayor and the full legion of Junior Gunners. His comments weren’t really that interesting. They were used a wet kipper to batter the side of Mancini’s face and they were also put out there to alert Arsenal to his summer intentions.

The comments that seems to have grabbed the most attentions is the one about Stan Kroenke wanting to sell him for the ‘money’.

“(Stan) Kronke told him not to sit on a transfer fee. I still had a year contract (the lease ran until June 2012, ed), I had many proposals from big clubs I had discussed it with anyone because it was not done vis-à-vis Arsenal. It has always been very clear between us. “

Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m sure this was covered off that summer. It’s not news that Stan Kroenke wanted to take the fee for Nasri. What was the alternative option? Say no to £25million for a player who had bombed out the second half of the season costing us any chance of a winning a trophy? Keep a player who wanted the money of City? If he couldn’t motivate himself when playing for a contract, how did people expect him to play when he was winding down one?

As I’ve said many times on here before, it’s not the selling of quality players that gets me, it’s the lack of interest we have in replacing them with top quality that is the issue. If we’d reinvested that cash, we wouldn’t have missed Nasri at all…

Samir then goes onto say moving to City wasn’t a financial decision even though he earns more than he’s ever earned in his life. He also calls Arsene Wenger the best coach who has ever managed him and he says that Mancini was wrong to say he’d like to slap the young Frenchman.

Why anyone would want another bottler at Arsenal is beyond me. We need winners. I’m talking players that want to win wherever they’re playing under whatever circumstances are thrown at them. We want more Jack Wilshere’s in the side, not petulant bottle jobs who throw the towel in at the first sniff of money. Samir Nasri will never be a great because he doesn’t have the ingredients in the head that make you world class.

Marco Reus of Dortmund had some solid words to say about Rosicky…

“My idol was always Tomas Rosicky. He used to be phenomenal. He had such a good eye for an opening and knew where his team-mates were, and he was so quick. Rosicky had great technique…was so intelligent and mature. I copied everything about him,”

It’s a shame Rosicky has always been beset by injury. He never really filled the void he was supposed to fill when we shipped off Robert Pires. A great shame. I still think he’s a handy player. You have to say though, when Dortmund players are openly flirting with him, the chances are, they really are in for him this summer.

Right, that’s me done, enjoy you Tuesday and I’ll catch you in the comments later!

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  1. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Don’t be sucked in by the comments coming from the club, last week wenger telling players it’s last chance saloon. Source leaking stories that we will raid the German league, all posting there wish list of player . Un screw yourselves it won’t hapen.

  2. Thorough

    So that we dont spend another year praying Ramsey breaks a leg, Poldi plays instead of the Donkey Giroud or that we cough out the 899,021dollars needed to buy Ceasar, let’s just pray Wenger contacts Ebola or gets a definitive heart attack.

  3. Thorough

    TOM. What’s asinine about that mate? I am tired of every human with half a brain (not paid a dime it must be noted) identify and solve our problems yet the idiot at the helm paid 7.5milion+ not only decide to be blind to it but actually lies to fans that he will solve it, next year…tell it to the crows. Arsene is not just a bad manager (whether by arrogantly refusing to spend hoping his high-horse idiotic stance proves right or by being complicit to the board) he is an awful human being too.

  4. tom

    Nonsense, Bermy.

    There will be signings in the summer. I reckon 4 players minimum.
    1 x ‘A’ category star.
    2 x ‘B’ player.
    1 x Prospect.

    That’s the least we will do. Could be we sign 2 ‘names’.
    Plus, perhaps, a promotion for a kid.

  5. tom

    …let’s just pray Wenger contacts Ebola or gets a definitive heart attack.

    That was the asinine part of your remark.

    …he is an awful human being too.

    is equally dumb.

  6. tom

    This year won’t be much different, as we will be recruiting quality additions to the squad, as we did last year and the year before and the year before that etc.
    What might make it a little different is the fact we look like we will not suffer any asset-stripping – an issue that has put a serious dent in our aspirations in the recent past.
    Add to that the new stated intent of Wenger’s shorter-term project,
    a guess-timated 70 million in the bank,
    the expiration of contracts of at least 5 players and the freeing of their squad numbers,
    the loss of Diaby
    and the introduction of the first phase of FFP.

    These factors all point to major business in the summer.

  7. tom


    I think we could get a few bob for Wilshere, Cazorla too. Cheeky bid for the OX? Certainly possible.
    Rosicky is being courted by a german team I’ve heard.

    I think we’ll be safe. The feeling is our current group are committed to the cause.

  8. Thorough

    TOM. ‘He’s an awful human being too’….you think that aint right? Ask all the players that dared to have a voice against the moron you support, once you question him, you are a goner. Which leader in his/her right senses won’t condone some level of criticism? …’Believe me we are working very hard in the transfer market,’ the idiot said 3days to the end of a transfer window within which poor Newcastle but 5players, 3 of which could walk straight into our team. Guess what burst your ‘Lord’s’ bubble? Gibbs got injured on the night of 30th and in a few hours we had bought arguably the second best left back in Spain. What hardwork was this moron doing in the 29days before that? Sending ‘call me back’ texts to SAF? And btw, if I have to convince you that Wenger is an awful human then there’s no basis to argue with you. Its like teaching diphtongs to a pupil who doesn’t know the alphabets. And btw, the Ebola part meant I, amongst many others, dont bloody care how the scallywag gets removed. I have to squeeze that in so you dont bother your lopsided ken. Wanker Out….Wholeheartedly.


    Two 10 mil players tops.
    One 8 mil player ,because i should have taken Ba, a 2 mil young english 2nd tier player,plus 10 mil on horse feed for Stans new ranch.

    One 18 mil player, and 2 mil go back to the whorechest.

    One 19 mil imaginary player,and the other mil towards paying someone to decieve us about not spending the other 19 mil.

    Zero players ,and 20 mil in Stans pocket kissing his hard on.

    TAKE YA PICK…………History speaks volumes.

  10. tom

    We will see what happens.

    Thorough, you really need to get a sense of proportion. Even if anything you said was true, which it isn’t, it would still not justify the schoolgirl-like hysteria you exhibit here regularly.

    6th-is a-trophy, king of the second hand opinion. Hearing you parrot gambon’s tired and flawed rhetoric is so fucking dull.

  11. Johnny5

    Sad thing is everyone knows that what the likes of bermy and thorough etc are saying is true. Even Tom probably has a feeling in the back of his mind somewhere that we will all be disappointed come the end of the summer.

  12. tom

    Hey Johnny5,
    You know me. I like to be optimistic. This year it feels easier to be so.
    I feel we have a solid base and some prospects already. If Wenger decides to seize the moment and spend the dough it will be an exciting season to look forward to. If he doesn’t, he will most likely retire when his contract expires, and the funds will be there for his successor. Either way, I feel it’s going to be ok.

  13. Johnny5


    Wouldn’t you rather he made one last go of it though. One last push for glory so that he will be remembered as a winner and not for being the man who won a couple of trophies then decided he was cleverer than everyone else and accepted mediocrity but hey he got us 4th so it’s not all bad!

    I’d much prefer he really went for it if for no other reason than to restore some pride and repair his rep among many fans.

  14. Johnny5

    I do think your right though when you say we have a good base to build upon. Jenks nacho santi jack merts and arguably koz. The rest are somewhat average in many respects.

  15. Johnny5

    Also I’d be prepared for some players leaving as the books will need balancing because the 70m warchest if spent wont count towards next years profits. I expect sagna and maybe verm to be sold possibly rosiky too.

  16. tom

    I would love Arsene to win something before he leaves. I think it is sad that his tenure as lost some of it’s shine in the the eyes of younger supporters, to whom eight years is forever, and some older fools who should know better.
    Whether he manages to confound his critics with one more trophy or not, I know that history will see him as one of Arsenal’s greatest managers and he, knowing this too, will leave with his head held high.

  17. Arsene nose best

    How could he really go for it when we will be playing in the europa league, what top class players will that attract?, wenger has ruined his legacy years ago, he’s a washed old cunt, who thinks he knows better then everybody else, his ego has turned us into just another team who makes up the numbers.

  18. tom

    Thanks Bermy,
    I’m happy to be the odd one out around here.
    As for my devotion, make no mistake, it is for Arsenal Football Club, not Wenger.
    It’s where I’m from and what I love.

  19. Johnny5


    I don’t really think he can hold his head high though unless it comes out that the last 8 years have been the boards doing and not his which I don’t believe to be the case. But I feel that if he was to be ambitious for his last season and buy quality and really go for it on all fronts he will gain a lot of respect back from the fans even if he fails. As long as he actually tries (which I don’t think he has for a few years) I think a lot of fans will be won back over.

  20. tom

    Is it really a cardinal sin to have worked so hard, won so much , expanded so effectively and left the club in better shape than you found it?
    Also, do you not allow any of the powerful forces outside the club to mitigate AFC’s performance in the years since they last won?
    A what about finals and semi finals (benchmarks of some success) that AFC have participated in during recent campaigns?
    You seem to think Arsenal exist in some magical space, where all players are affordable and available, where injury can be predicted and prevented, where a couple of clever words in the ear of a player can instill the graft of Parlour, the skill of Bergkamp and the loyalty of Adams.
    A place where the assets of your rivals are irrellevant and the goals flow at the pull of a tap.

    i support Wenger as I believe he has done a commendable job steering AFC through turbulent times , while expanding the club in size and name. He gave us a name for playing football as well as winning.
    On top of that I think he really loves Arsenal. That makes him a gooner, and alright with me.

  21. tom

    Losing 8-2 to United was a humiliation of historic proportions. A horrible experience for anyone who cares about Arsenal.
    Still, it happened. We learn, move on with resolve, do better next time.
    That’s the Arsenal way.
    Not the lip-quivering, quit at first hint of trouble, self-hating loser mentality demonstrated by half the so-called gooners here.

    Germans would be running Britain if most Englishman had your attitude, Arsene nose best


    This blog has been infiltrated by Arsene loyalist’s ..

    Tom,in the beginning I found you quite amusing..

    I’m sorry to say,I find you quite dull…
    In fact, stupendously boring..

    You sir,with no great offense,are a massive piss take.

    How you can imagine Arsene will sign off with a trophy,in his last year,is just really mind boggling..!!

    Tom,NM& Keyser…

    Wow,great bedfellow’s to have in your camp,when going to war on the pitch!!

    Tom:Right Keyser you hit the front line,tackle the opposition head on…

    No retreat,no surrender…!!

    Keyser:Hmmmm..Why should I go,when clearly,we have reinforcements,being brought in..?
    I mean we have our Royal Air Force,that’s due in soon,to obliterate the opposition..It’s just a question of time..?
    (2weeks overdue,Keyser still bleating on about the RAF,coming to save the day)

    Tom:Not getting much change out of Keyser here…What about you NM?

    NM:Well maybe,we might win..?
    Then again,maybe we might lose?
    We must understand at this point in time,it is easy to cherry pick,what is deemed to be the best army soldiers to front the line…
    But that does not mean, we will win the war..

    I think,we should sit & wait& see what the opposition do..

    Tom:Right lad’s..I hear you..
    We sit & wait, & get bombed to smithereens & then we attack,with what’s left of our squad..!!

    Righty Ho..!That’s our Plan A,B&C

    Absolute tosser’s..

  23. tom

    I give half the posters here the benefit of the doubt as I assume they are very young – school kids or college age at most – and am happy to share my opinion and argue the toss with anyone who’s up for it. But some of the loudest and most abnoxious voices belong to trolls like Arsene nose best, 6th-is-trophy, and the terminally stupid Thorough, and those type just deserve a bollocking and then to be ignored.

  24. tom

    Ha ha. Vix .
    Calling me a boring tosser as you post that steaming pile of time-waste.
    And for the record, I never said
    .. Arsene will sign off with a trophy,in his last year,..

    I said I’d be happy if he did.
    Of course you wouldn’t agree as you are too stupid to see clear of your ignorant bias.

  25. Johnny5


    Sorry bud was driving home from work

    First up I don’t think he’s done that good a job in progressing the club to the extent that you think. The prem has come on leaps and bound in the last 10 years and is now global the money that has brought has propelled teams further than many imagined. I feel that because of the decision taken by wenger and the board in recent years we’ve not capitalised and taken afc as far as they could have. We could have been on a par with united I feel. And the emergence of city and Chelsea would have been moot if we’d been more successful and I feel a few signings could have got us there but wenger decided to go cheap

  26. tom

    Keyser and NM are sensible lads. I don’t agree with all they post but certainly it makes more sense than anything you’ve ever uttered, Vix.
    You’d prefer a forum where everyone was in accord and there was no banter?
    Sadly, that’s probably the case.


    Maybe,you are just in,over your head..

    Like your are stuck in some time machine..Time,has surely past you..

    In the modern day,sentiment count’s for little..

    I think it’s called advancement,or progression-Tom!!

    No disrespect to the veteran’s..

    But if my father can see what is clearly wrong with Arsenal,with him in his 60’s& being a season ticket holder for almost 35 year’s.

    What make’s you think,your opinion is valid for your generation,or is equally shared?

    Tom,roll with the times mate..

    Forget about sentiment for now..

    That is what the club is trading on!!

    Sentiment & Loyalty!!

  28. tom

    Now you are playing the “ifs and buts” game I’m so often accused of.
    I’m not saying it isn’t possible for Arsenal to have achieved more, perhaps it could have been under a different regime or different circumstances, but that what Arsenal has achieved in recent times should not be dismissed as abject failure.
    True football has moved on in leaps and bounds and all teams have benefited, to a greater or lesser extent, from the TV money and high profile of PL (not the ringer money from Russia and Arabia) but what other clubs have been able to build a brand new stadium and fill it, whilst continuing to occupy and position amongst the PL elite and financing it with their own money?
    It’s a big fucking deal. But doesn’t seem to penetrate the thinking at LeGrove.

  29. tom

    In the modern day,sentiment count’s for little..I think it’s called advancement

    I wouldn’t call it that.

    Also, Vix
    I’ve been watching Arsenal as long as your dad. I am more intelligent than your father – if you, as offspring, are an indicator that is clearly true -and so my opinion is more valid. Simple.

  30. Johnny5


    I get what your saying but it wasn’t funded with our own money. We borrowed to pay for the stadium. We’re still paying for it but I don’t think it’s ifs and buts I truly believe that instead of gervinho he’d got hazard if he had got mata if he got cahill if he had kept nasri and RVP happy and maybe got one more year out of fabregas we’d be a lot closer to united in the league and would probably have a couple of FA cups in the cabinet. And don’t say Chelsea out bid us for mata and hazard because we were in for them a whole season before either was being looked at by Chelsea we didn’t get them purely because the boss is a cheapskate


    For the record,re-read my statement..

    “How you can imagine Arsene will sign off with a trophy,in his last year,is just really mind boggling..!!”

    as opposed to your statement:
    tomApril 2, 2013 21:52:27
    I would love Arsene to win something before he leaves.

    tomApril 2, 2013 22:44:46

    And for the record, I never said
    .. Arsene will sign off with a trophy,in his last year,..I said I’d be happy if he did.
    Now,what’s so different tom,b/w what I implied you said& what you stated?

    I said how could you imagine AW winning a trophy?
    You stating, you would love AW to win a trophy..

    Are you arguing semantic’s here..

    Or trying to weasel your way out..
    You wind-up merchant!!


    I’ve been watching Arsenal as long as your dad. I am more intelligent than your father – if you, as offspring, are an indicator that is clearly true -and so my opinion is more valid. Simple.

    Low blow,very low blow..

    You insult my father…

    The gloves are off mate..!!

  33. tom

    Sentiment is ingrained in football and what supporting a team is all about.
    It’s also a virtue when associated with ethics as it connotes compassion and humanity. Good things, not bad.

    Loyalty is also a virtue. Also intergral to the idea of what it means to support a club.

    The fact you think both these concepts obsolete gives evidence that you really don’t have a clue, or the the character to support Arsenal.
    Go to the Bridge, you will be with your own there.


    Bermy Boy/CA/Gambon/Joppa/Azed/Bade/Samir/Pedro/Geoff/Jeff/Ric/Kwik Fit,etc,etc..

    Right people..You heard it hear..

    Tom insulted my father..

    So,when I get down & dirty with Tommy,you will all understand..!!


    You insult my father..

    You fucking cunnus,I hope you have a slow painful existence..

    If you are married,I hope your wife,get’s shagged by the whole AFC squad & the village combined..

    & come’s home to you& regales you with her escapades…

    Let me guess,your wife left you,because you are a sad loser.

    Impotent,incompetent & a complete cunnus..

    What a sad,old pitiful man you are.

    I hope she lock’s you in the basement of your house,shoveling dog food to you every 6 hour’s..Like the dog that you are..

    I hope Pedro,ban’s you for life,you sad prick..

  36. tom

    When I say self-funded I mean without a sugar daddy, Johnny5.

    I don’t doubt that making the signings you talk about could have helped but it’s very easy to make judgements in hindsight.
    I remember people on this board vaunting Hazard three years ago but being shot down with the “kids won’t win you anything ” argument.
    Arsenal may have looked at those players or maybe it was just paper talk. Either way they weren’t signed because Wenger and the club decided against it. Nobody knows what they know, or knew, at the time so it’s harsh to make too much out of it.
    There are great players at many other teams that I wish played for Arsenal but we can’t get them all, and personally I’m happy to let the guy that brought the likes of Veira, Henry, Pires, Fabregas to the club continue to use his best judgment to make the call.
    I think you’d agree that Cazorla and Monreal have been good buys even if you dont agree with Mert, Poldi, The Ox, Giroud et al.
    Just saying credit where it’s due and extreme hatred is undeserved and wrong-headed.

  37. tom

    Not only did I insult your dad, in a rather mild way it should be said, but I’d give him the beating, that you deserve but the law prohibits me from administering on account of you being a minor, if I ever came across him.

  38. tom

    Well Geoff isn’t here and even if he was I doubt he’d have a problem with my behaviour in this forum.

    Really you sound like the class clown…if Teacher was here….

    Poor show but no more than I expect from a plank like you.

  39. tom

    Vix is a 6 year old and now I’m starting to feel a bit guilty.
    This place is twisted. It’s turned me into the bully I detest.

  40. Johnny5


    Ill give them credit for nacho ( despite being a panic buy) merts and santi. But the list of reject and players we’ve wasted good money on who were never good enough and didn’t look like they ever would be. You must look at the squad we’ve got now and get angry when you think how weak it actually is. Like we said earlier we now have a good base to build on but only because he panic bought last season and Gibbs got injured this season otherwise who knows the state we would be in. My point isn’t that I want this player that player like some it’s more the case of there were more reasons to sign some of the great players we’ve been offered than to not sign them. It’s the constant watering down, the getting by spending as little as possible buying average players not good enough to win you anything but merely to attain 4th that gets my goat. Then there’s the lying and that lies solely with wenger if he lived the club if he respected the fans he wouldn’t lie to make the board a few quid.



    For a man of your age,to insult my father,say’s a lot about you mate..

    & that’s not taking into account the gibberish you spout on here,on a daily basis..

    You might think in your head,you are the voice of reason.

    Safe to say,you are a laughing stock..

    How your wife,or ex-wife & children,must be proud of you..

    If you have any offspring’s,how sheltered& shallow they must be..

    I bet you & your wife thought,Neville Chamberlin,was the greatest thing for this country,during the Second World War..
    With his peace accord with Hitler!!

    Only for Hitler,to turn around, rip up the peace agreement & initiate a war..!!

    You probably thought Winston Churchhill,was to aggressive,a madman..!!



    No..Granted I make a few comment’s here at certain commentator’s.
    At them directly..

    But I never ever insult their parent’s,or offspring’s..

    The worst I said about tom,is that he was stupendously boring(which he is)..

    & he proceed’s to insult my father..

    Fuck him…!!

    NM-I take back,all that I said..
    Keyser-You’re cool..You know the limit line..

    Tom is now my focus…

  43. tom

    By all accounts Nacho was lined up for summer and his signing crashed forward because of Gibbs.
    The big signing spree after the united debacle did have a hint of panic to it but still brought some real quality to the squad which in a way makes it more slick if it really was done in 48 hours. Personally I believe we had plans for some, if not all, those players before we signed them.
    In any event you acknowledge we has some kind of a base now. That’s good.
    The watering down you mention has some truth to it. We have lost players that are not easy to replace. But two things are worth considering: the great players we lost were brought has less well known players that developed into WC stars at Arsenal and having a little slack in the team has allowed for the emergence of Wilshere, Gibbs and Schezney. Whenever you can bring through home grown talent of a standard to do well in the PL, you should, as hopefully they are going to show more passion and commitment.
    It seems forgotten by many that team work and spirit is just as important as skill and nothing can be achieved with out it.



    So Tom,can you remember the first match you ever attended?

    When was it?
    & against which team?

    I know simpleton questions?


    I see Tom,has lost his verve a bit..

    No paragraphs in his post,shaken,but maybe stirred..


    What was it, that shook him?
    The wife comments,or the Neville Chamberlin bit?

    Not so cocky now,are you..?

  46. Johnny5


    Dude seriously!!! So what. Shit like that’s water off a ducks back and like I said it wasn’t even all that harsh. You wanna try pissing gambon off he’d likely come out with a lot worse generally involving the word kiddie fiddler or jimmy Seville and believe it or not he’s a lot tamer than he used to be.

  47. Johnny5


    But we just throw the young lads into the first team. We drop them right in the shit these days. We don’t slowly bring them in and let them develop anymore that could be one reason as to why there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of player progression at arsenal these days.

  48. tom

    Thanks for stepping in but you really don’t have too. Vix has got himself all rabid for nothing. No big deal to me.

  49. Johnny5


    It’s not that I’m defending you I would imagine your capable of that yourself it’s just that he really shouldn’t be getting that upset over what I deem to be a pretty tame comment in term of LeGrove slanging matches that’s all. Shit used to go way further last year.



    Oh well Tom,I think if you want to go into the history of football…

    My father,woopee doo,played as a reserve goalkeeper in the 70’s for a well known London team..

    Going forward,since he know’s nothing according to you,& I know nothing,being his offspring..

    Safe to say,his opinion’s about Arsene & the direction of the club,is diametrically opposed to your’s..

    Is he still foolish,according to you?
    Despite being a player & a fan over 30+ years..

    Are your views representative of the masses?

    Or are you a slave to the Arsenal propaganda machine?

    I noticed you talked about team spirit& work ethic.Your comment was:-

    “It seems forgotten by many that team work and spirit is just as important as skill and nothing can be achieved with out it.”

    Please tell me over the last 5 years,where that has been in abundance& on a consistent level,within this team?Especially in major games/KO Comp’s?

  51. Johnny5

    Right I’m off to bed. Vix Tom keep it clean. I don’t wanna see no low blows no rabbit punches just a good clean fight lol. See y’all tomorro peace out bitches!!!

  52. tom

    I’ll bite one last time.
    There has been a lack of team spirit around Arsenal for some time though lately I’m seeing a glimmer.
    The main reason it’s been lacking is because of players leaving and the condition of perpetual rebuilding that has caused.
    I’ve argued before that AW has had little choice in the loss of those key players. Their exits from AFC being forced one way or other, in most cases.
    That aside, Arsenal have done a lot to promote and restore team spirit.
    Players that harmed the it like Denilson and AA are ruthlessly dropped, proving AW has two sides to his game, whilst players that suffer injury or loss of form are nurtured.
    By working hard to develop home-grown first teamers AFC do more than most to foster spirit at the club. The tiered wage structure is also said to be in place to strengthen it.
    Wenger rarely slams his players in public, a show of loyalty also designed to strengthen togetherness.


    The main reason it’s been lacking is because of players leaving and the condition of perpetual rebuilding that has caused.
    Sorry,don’t buy that argument..
    Player’s within Arsene’s remit,where he could have either supplemented the player’s that eventually opted to leave,or he could have replaced per year,within budget..

    Demba Ba

    The list goes on..

    A player per year..

    Call it a top-up,to replenish,to freshen the squad.To keep,or maintain the squad competitive,challenging on all front’s..

    Sorry,AW & the men behind him,decided in there infinite wisdom to pursue the
    ££’s,rather than trophies..

    Dumb down the standard’s,& make the club,a training academy,a recruiting ground for the like’s of the Manc’s,Barca’s& whoever was & is willing to pay top $$..

    Pure & simple..

    Our lack of silverware over almost a decade is testament to that..

    £150 million bank say’s it all..



    By working hard to develop home-grown first teamers AFC do more than most to foster spirit at the club
    Which homegrown player’s do you talk about..?

    Gibbs-whose been a perpetual crock since 2008..?

    The so-called youth academy ,that the press have been lauding over the year’s,is but a mere mirage!!

  55. tom

    No idea how what you have written above relates to team spirit which was the point you raised and I answered.



    I had a modicum of respect for you,until you insulted my father..

    Retract your statement..

    Otherwise,I hope you have a slow,painful existence..


  57. tom

    I’ve been having second thoughts. I realize I haven’t been fair to make assumptions about your father’s intelligence. It’s quite possible that he is not a stupid man, even if his son blatantly is.
    So I apologize.
    Your father has never done a thing to me (other than sire an irritating prat like you) and doesn’t deserved my scorn.