Only one more trophy left… 4th place | Arsene Wenger fails 8th season

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So our sad decline took another sharp dip yesterday as Arsenal shamefully dropped out of the FA Cup against a Blackburn side who barely stepped out of the starting blocks. We weren’t beaten by a heroic one off, we were beaten by ourselves.

The story of yesterday was that Arsene Wenger rested the key triplet of Wilshere, Theo and Cazorla. Why shouldn’t he? Jack suffered a knock last week and is well known for faking recovery to get back into the side. Cazorla has been over played all season. Theo Walcott shouldn’t be needed as he’s also played an extreme amount of football this season. The issue for me isn’t the resting of players for a Champions League tie. No, the issue is that Arsene Wenger can field a pretty strong second team and not motivate them to the necessary levels to turn over a team sitting 7th in the Championship.

The game felt like the sort I’ve been watching all season at home. Even when we win we tend to play in this one geared sluggish way that isn’t beffiting of a club that under Wenger have prided themselves in quick pass and move football with elements of serious power play.

We have a number of problems when Theo, Jack and Santi don’t play.

Firstly the pace of the passing slows down tremendously. Moving the ball up the pitch takes far longer than the 6 seconds of yesteryear. It’s all very casual. Secondly, the movement of the front three is easy to track. We’ve struggled with this even when we have the first teamers in, but yesterday it was painful to watch. An Arsenal team that was often totally flat footed. If you don’t move for the midfield, then the midfield can’t make space for you. The third thing that’s desperately missing from our side is personality. One of my abiding Arsenal memories is Patric Vieira driving our team forward when the chips were down. Geeing the fans up and getting them onside. This Arsenal side are introverted, there’s a real lack of inspiration, a lack of noise. Now, I know it’s uncouth to think that shouty players can drive a side, but when confidence is down, and you’re tired, you need someone who can pull that extra 10% out of you.

We don’t have it… We have great technique, we lack world class personality. The players don’t look like they go home devastated about a loss. No one out on that pitch yesterday was bleeding for the cause. Now, I know that these player can bleed for the cause… trouble is, to bleed for a cause, you have to believe in it. Don’t tell me Arteta isn’t a fighter, because he is. Why does he look so passive?

We also suffer from inconsistency on a massive scale. Abou Diaby looked a monster at the start of the season. He’d had a full preseason and looked like he could really move his game to the next level. He picked up a couple of injuries and now he looks incredibly average. I think there have always been question marks over his attitude, if yesterday was anything to go by, those questions are fully merited.

Arsenal really created very little, our one spark was Thomas Rosicky. He laid Gervinho through the middle in the first half, the Ivorian, or to you and me, Africas best player, managed to drag the shot wide. It was harder to do that than stick it in. The man has no composure whatsoever. If he does come good in 2 seasons time, what is that worth to Arsenal fans now? Why are we always buying projects rather than finished articles? Anyway, in the second half, Rosicky rifled a shot that rattled the bar and nearly snapped it. He’s always trouble when he comes on, I’m surprised he’s had so little game time this year.

The second half didn’t improve. Instead of Wenger recognising this early on and trying to make the tie safe, he opted to wait until 70minutes, like he always does, before making the three big changes we all wanted to see earlier. The boys changed things up, Theo’s movement was causing Blackburn problems, he had a powerful header well saved by their keeper and he got in behind once or twice. However, it was to be Blackburn who took the lead before that happened.

Grant Hanley played a hoofed ball out to Jordan Rhodes who beat Coquelin in the air. The ball fell to Martin Olsson who powered a shot at Szczesny, he palmed it straight back into the danger zone, Kazim Richards fired his shot into the ground and it bounced into the net. A horrible goal to concede because it was an individual error from a keeper who has been poor all season. People mentioned I was scapegoating yesterday, I’m not scapegoating… I’m calling out a bad mistake against a player I’ve called average all year. He makes too many individual errors even when he keeps clean sheets, he’s not enough of a barrier when it comes to keeping shots out and he’s pretty scary from crosses. Someone else made the point that it’s not Szczesny’s fault we haven’t won a trophy in 8 years… for me, it’s the managers fault for not addressing our goalkeeping issue for that amount of time.

I can’t remember what world cup it was, but Manual Neuer had a stormer, everyone raved about him at the time, we should have snapped him up there and then. Instead we’ve persisted with cheaper options and it’s not paid off. You need a great keeper if you want to do great things. Even if we signed top competition. Why were we not in for Begovic when he was at cash strapped Pompey? We should certainly be looking at him this summer. He’s a top talent.

Anyway, there was very little that could be done after that goal. The team were shell shocked, the super subs didn’t have enough time to make an impact… we whimpered out of the FA Cup in tragic fashion. Not that we didn’t deserve to go out… our performance against Brighton was equally tepid.

So what now for Arsene Wenger?

The excuses have now fully dried up for manager. He has the three ingredients you need to succeed at the highest levels of football. He has power. It’s now mainstream news that he controls every aspect of the club, even some areas he shouldn’t be involved in. The best managers have absolute control, look at Fergie and United. Arsene Wenger has money. He has a wage bill in the region of £150m to play with, the same size bill City reported a couple of seasons ago (with countless players on over £150k a week). He also has the capability to spend up to £70m+ on strengthening the squad. Again, this is irrefutable as we’ve access to club accounts and the expert eyes of many top analysts. Then finally, he has infrastructure. We have training facilities that are amongst the best in the world, the envy of the globe. Arsene Wenger has access to the best people if he wants them and we have a stadium to die for.

There are no excuses now.

Wenger is responsible for every single player in that squad. He made a quip  yesterday that the players who are playing now haven’t been here for the full 8 years of the trophy drought. It’s a strange thing to say, obviously he’s intimating that there’s been huge instability at the club, and there has been. What he consistently fails to recognise is that most of the instability comes from his inaction.

Inaction on many levels. The major struggle we have in keeping great players stems from the fact we don’t compete. The reason we don’t compete is a few fold.

1) We have wage distribution that’s not in keeping with the market. Now, note that I say wage distribution, not wage bill. Our wage bill can more than accomodate some players earning top, top dollar. Wenger is the highest earner by £40k a week. There’s something very wrong with a club that operates like that.

2) We don’t compete on technology. Football is a game drive by data nowadays. I told you that Mourinho basically took American sport techniques and applied them to football. He was the first to market with that concept and he’s now been followed by everyone. Manchester United, Manchester City and nearly every smaller club now operate data driven models. Arsenal are still in the dark ages. Division two clubs are taking video analysts to game, Arsenal aren’t. Some Premiership clubs have three in the dressing room at half time. Arsenal have none. Our preparation comes from the dark ages… this quote from Arsene sums up what I’ve been telling you for years.

“It is very disappointing that the two defeats have happened in the same season but I prepared these two in the same way that I did in the 16 years before.”

3) Players. Arsenal don’t invest in top quality players. The rule seems to be… we’ll only bid for a player no one else is in for. That’s meant we’ve missed out on some super players over the year. Sometimes we miss out, other times we just don’t enter the mucky market at all. Now, if there’s one thing that’s apparent throughout history, investing in players is a major factor in achieving success. If you’re not investing in great player’s, you’d best pray to god your youth system is churning out gold. Ours isn’t, our scouts are presenting poor players back to the manager and we’re missing out on steals we’d have been all over years ago.

Great clubs don’t move to the next level by letting a once great manager survive on sentiment. They look at the facts, they look at what others are doing and they make bold decisions. Arsene Wenger hasn’t won a trophy in 8 years. Our team is being dismanteled quality wise year after year and our defence has become progressively worse over that period. The only thing the manager has to cling to is consistent Champions League football.

What do we want here people? To watch the same project year after year when we know it has no chance of ever succeeding… or would we like to see a new era at the club? Some true passion for getting things back on track. Fresh ideas, a new approach… the big issues addressed with bold signings and sharp managerial acumen.

I know what I want at the club and it’s change. It doesn’t mean I’ll ever forget what Arsene has done for Arsneal. He’ll always be a legend… but the game has moved on and Arsenal need someone new to take on the baton and lead the charge for the next ten years. The aim of the club is to become the greatest on the planet, we’ll never do that under Arsene, that much I can tell you is fact…

… question is, how bad does it have to get before action is taken? For the first time in five years, the vocal minority is now the majority…

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  1. kwik fit

    Final verse

    These people round here
    Wear beaten down eyes sunk
    In smoke dried faces
    They’re so resigned to what their fate is
    But not us (no not ever)
    But not us (not ever)
    We are far too young and clever
    Too-ra-loo-ra, too-ra-loo-rye, aye
    And you’ll hum this tune forever

  2. jlp

    The dust has settled and revealed a sad truth.
    We had as much chance winning the FA cup as we do the CL.
    We could have gone farther but in all likeliness we would to have had to face 2 of the 3 United,Chavs or Citeh and those clubs pretty much stack up, challenge wise as Barca,Bayern and Real.
    Reality is gents we had very little chance winning either.
    Can’t believe this but fucking BBK was right 6 years ago when he was adamant we were never going to win under Wenger again.
    That dopey fucking cunt took a lot of heat during those days for that view.
    Fucking BBK…

  3. Paddy got up

    Time for action yet fellas?
    Anything planned count me in. We can get this lot out if we get off our asses.
    That Tom idiot was giving it on here saying we won’t do anything. Are we going to prove him wright?? He even I noticed said we would all get a slap…
    Yeah right!!
    Come on fellas, we must get it together now

  4. Northern Gooner

    Lets face it Wenger has over acheived this year !!! He usually like to be out of all cup competions and the League by the end of January so he can concentrate on winning 4th place !!! Bayern will smash this team and this overated over the hil French CUNT will still be in a job picking up the largest manergerial salary in the EPL plus a bonus for making a profut for that American Leech and Golum Gazidis !!

  5. Doublegooner

    Try & answer this.

    From all the signings since january 2006, what player still at the club or on loan has actually improved under Wenger ?

    Possibly with the exception of Walcott , none.

  6. Jeff

    I know what you mean Kwik. I know what you mean.

    By the way, you have some talent for verse. Nice remix on the lyrics by the old song “Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners. Now we’re both showing our ages.

  7. Incesc

    Tom he chooses to not spend the money he has available.

    The fact arsenal overachieve for our spend is frustrating considering if we spent what we do have available which is 70 million right now, we could be a side with proper trophies ambitions.

    So what if Wenger overachievers on his spend if he purposely shackles himself by keeping the spend low.

  8. kwik fit


    You’ll find that if the stats were over the past 8 eights the results would be very different. Stats can be manipulated to achieve an answer. (working from the answer back)
    Judge the guy on what we see and hear from him and how he uses the resources he has available.

  9. tom

    He has spent quite a lot recently you have to admit.
    And quite well to.
    You are disappointed that he has bought a huge super star, but thats not  really realistic is it?
    The top top players wont join Arsenal and seldom, if ever have.
    We are financially and status wise a little less powerful than our rivals, when it comes to attracting the very biggest.

  10. Incesc


    The only recognised striker we have is Giroud

    The only recognised keeper we have is Chesney

    We don’t have a left back for bayern

    We don’t have a proper dm

    This isn’t asking for superstars, this is basic mismanagement

  11. reality check


    Like the comments show in your link. Spend more means win more on average. Now, wenger has spent the same amount of money on 7-8 players that don’t contribute to our success, that chelsea have spent on say 2-3 players. What our question for any wenger supporter is.

    What’s the difference between 300k per week on 4 terrible players, and 300k per week on 2 great players?

    We understand he had less money than the rest but for what he has bought, is criminal.

    Bendtner – on our books
    Squillachi – on our books
    Arshavin – on our books
    10 games a season diaby – on our books.

    Not contributing to the team effort

  12. tom

    Kwikfit those stats are broken down for the last 8 years or at least since RA arrived at CFC in the second table.

    The data speaks for itself.

  13. Jeff


    Wenger knew very well that Monreal was cup tied for CL. Therefore, it’s no skin off his nose if we have no left back for Bayern because winning the CL is not a target. It is only being in it that we care about and that is because we get a lot of money which we then throw away on bad players but that doesn’t matter either.

    The only reason Monreal was bought is because without a left back in the league he felt our chances of fourth would be significantly diminished and so he panic-bought Monreal. But Monreal is not a bad player though he’s not world class. The underlying policy has not changed: i.e. “so far but no farther” which means top four and nothing else is the target.

    The reason you see Wenger sweating it on the touchline and looking like he’s about to explode is because even fourth place is now looking very dicey. Tottenham don’t look they’re going to drop many points in the last furlong and they certainly will try their absolute best to beat us at White Hart Lane. With all trophies now gone and we don’t make fourth either, that will be a new milestone and the lowest Wenger has ever dropped. Will he survive it should it happen? In my opinion; yes he will. The man will not be sacked but his pride will take a pounding and that’s the thing that terrifies him the most. Pride is a horrible thing when you cling to it like a madman which is why it always goes before a fall.

  14. tom

    Another thing ,

    People here rant that because Arsenal are a huge club they deserve better.
    They fail to mention that Arsenal are a huge club thanks largly to AW.
    Before AW we were a huge club in England only.
    Our world class infrustructure is down to him and our ability to attract the Cescs and RVP and then nurture them is down to him.

    Perhaps his time is up. But whatever, he deserves nothing but respect.

  15. kwik fit


    There is no denying that Wenger was once a top manager. I accept that he has been part of the best of times at Arsenal. However because of his egotism , stubbornness and down rite untruths he is now part of the worst of times at Arsenal. No amount of statistics will camouflage the naked truth.

  16. tom

    Transfers are hit and miss. 
    Arsenal have been gazzumped  by richer clubs when they competed head to head.
    This compels AFC to try to fly under the radar and look for imaginative alternatives. That means either youngsters with potential or top pros of a slightly lower profile.
    With youngsters you hope they fulfill potential, with the others you hope they adapt.
    It doesnt always work out.

  17. kwik fit


    You assert the Wenger made us a global product.
    The world was a different place in 1996. Football was insular inthat clubs were not a global phenomenon. Since 1996 football has become global and Arsenal have benefited from this change.
    To say that wenger was instrumental in this change is incorrect.
    He was in the right place at the right time.

  18. tom

    However because of his egotism

    …..Hes french and world famous of course he has an ego.Show me a successful man who doesnt.

    , stubbornness

    …..stubborness has its benefits. Sticking by RVP for instance.

    and down rite untruths

    …….Name me one significant lie you KNOW him to have told.

    he is now part of the worst of times at Arsenal.

    Its far from the worst of times….it simply isnt.

  19. reality check

    Ok he deserves respect.

    Like kenny dagleish at liverpool.

    He still had to leave.

    ‘Be careful what you wish for’

    This statement makes no sence within any area where there’s a time limit

    He works for arsenal, one day he’ll be to old to carry on. At some point even if he wanted to stay the rest of his life. His body will not be physically capable. Who ever heard of a 90 year old football manager?

    Tom. Why is it ok to sell Patrick Vieira because he’s getting old, need to blood the youngsters?

    Why is it ok to sell Thierry fucking henry because he’s getting old.

    Wenger used to have a policy where he would look to sell players approaching/were 30. Wtf?

    Well wenger is getting old, and stale.
    He needs a new challenge.

  20. kwik fit

    A George Graham of the 1986/1991 vintage could easily have made Arsenal a global product from 1996 onwards. Football as an industry has boomed and the leading clubs in each country have benefited from the Boom.
    Tom the problem is that Wenger also thinks that he was responsible for the football boom. Totally Fucking Deluded!

  21. kwik fit

    and down rite untruths …….Name me one significant lie you KNOW him to have told.

    Tom are you for real?
    He’s a pathological liar, a role that he has grown into when is myth started to evaporate.

  22. tom

    Blackburn won the premiership. How come they arent a global brand?
    Arsenals success and style under Wenger has catapulted them into the elite.

  23. Jude Obuninta

    What is it about our Keepers?same elementary mistake all the time,always parrying shots into their DANGER zone,and it’s always been there,year in,year out since Lehmann left.Will it ever get worse for Arsenal?Bradford, then Blackburn at the Emirates,A team that didn’t even play any worthwhile football yesterday.These are trying times for Us and our beloved club.Who will cry for Us?

  24. tom

    Football was different in GGs day and he never had the exposure.
    That doesnt diminish Arsenes achievements.

  25. kwik fit


    That was 1994 before football became global. Before the Boom.
    FFS the team we had in 2002 to 2004 should have one the CL three years on the trot but for the fundamental weakness in the manager.

  26. tom

    Im not going to try to convince you AW is the right man for the job (though I happen to believe he is) just that he deserves respect and even love from all gooners and hes not nearly as bad as you think.

  27. Incesc

    Really don’t care about Blackburn

    I want arsenal to be better than they are right now

    Wenger was a great manager, did a great job for us, did improve our brand.

    Now he’s destroying what good he did do and has to go. He sai himself the fans shouldn’t be happy when we do badly.

  28. El Tel

    We were on of the biggest Club in the world in the thirties.

    Was that down to Wenger too?

    If you dont believe it check out our history. Mancunster and Liverfool were not big Clubs when we had seven England players play against Italy at Highbury.

    We have a long old history and have always been one of the top three Clubsnin England.

    We also played in the States under Georgie Boy before any other English side had ventured there.
    Not having the bollocks that Wenger made our Club famous.

  29. tom

    Tom are you for real?
    He’s a pathological liar, a role that he has grown into when is myth started to evaporate.

    name me a significant lie or shut up

  30. Doublegooner


    You can argue or debate supporting Wenger.

    Bottom line is many 000’s have had enough of him and that includes people who supported him up until the beginning of this season.

    Wenger’s relationship with Bould has been tarnished.

    You can argue til you’re blue in the face. The tide has turned on him and his days will be numbered.

  31. tom

    FFS the team we had in 2002 to 2004 should have one the CL three years on the trot but for the fundamental weakness in the manager.

    Why was the team so good if the manager is so bad?

    Winning and losing in football is measured in fractions. To be up there amongst it is proof of quality.

  32. El Tel


    I agree Wenger deserves respect. It is a disgrace the way so called Arsenal fans are shitting on him.

    The thing is He is making a lot of Arsenal fans very unhappy and if he wants to keep the respect he earned then he should do the decent thing and resign.

    He might have got us noticed in Africa but He hasnt won a Euro pot and never will at the Arsenal.

  33. Doublegooner

    EL Tel:

    100% agree.

    If Sky had been showing the old 1st Division around the world does anyone disagree for a moment we’d not have been massive overseas after watching the 89 & 91 titles.

  34. Arsene's Nurse

    I’ve worked it out – tom is Tom Fox, the “winning isn’t everything” chief commercial officer. No-one else could be so deluded.

    Wenger will be gone this season. Bayern and Spurs will see to that.

  35. El Tel


    The CL winning team and the Invincibles were a great team built by Wenger and should have won at least one CL pot.

    He fucked up the final though in all honesty because of his biggest weakness which is loyalty to certain players.

    We were doing ok in that final and just needed to hold onto the ball. What did he do?

    He took Cesc off. Cesc was playing really well and was probably the best player we had for keeping the ball.

    He also had a back up keeper (Alminia) who in truth wouldnt have got a game for Barnet. This is unacceptable Management.

    He has carried on with these same traits these past six years which means we have deteriorated even further.

    So for me it is thanks Arsene and Goodbye.

  36. tom

    Tom I agree Wenger deserves respect. It is a disgrace the way so called Arsenal fans are shitting on him. The thing is He is making a lot of Arsenal fans very unhappy and if he wants to keep the respect he earned then he should do the decent thing and resign.

    I think if he believes the majority want him gone he will offer his resignation.
    That hasnt been the case up till now.

  37. Alex James

    Not looking for superstars. What I wish to see is a squad made up of quality players, rather than the Bentners of this word, and a proper degree of defensive coaching. In all my years of supporting the club, I have never looked away until ow when the ball goes anywhere near our defence. I could bet my savings that one of our players will mess up at some point and undo all the good work done in a match. We have seen the keepers failing to hold the ball, defenders falling over and chaps miskicking. Even Gus Ceasar would be a safer bet than Kos, who is right up with the worse bunch of defenders I have ever seen at the club. Blackburn’s goal ranked with the debacle against Birmingham and the Ceasar farce when we lost to Luton in the League Cup final years ago. Talk about slow motion torture! The fault undoubtedly lies with Wenger, as he recruited the dross and dictates the tactics.

  38. Relieable sauce

    tom February 17, 2013 21:07:34

    He has spent quite a lot recently you have to admit.
    And quite well to.
    You are disappointed that he has bought a huge super star, but thats not really realistic is it?
    The top top players wont join Arsenal and seldom, if ever have.
    We are financially and status wise a little less powerful than our rivals, when it comes to attracting the very biggest.

    tom February 17, 2013 21:51:08

    Blackburn won the premiership. How come they arent a global brand?
    Arsenals success and style under Wenger has catapulted them into the elite.

    Can you just clear up where you think we are please Tom. Have we been catapulted into the elite or are we a little less powerful than them, financially & status wise. I’m not sure it can be both as you seem to be claiming.

  39. tom

    Wenger said: “We won’t sell Cesc Fabregas even for £135million.”

    Did he say that the season Cesc was sold or previously?

    Either way I easily see him spitting that at a reporter after the 150th question on our captains future.  Perhaps he was sending a message to other clubs? Ferguson does that sometimes.

    I forgive him that.

  40. El Tel


    I have seen Wenger spending the past few summers working for French TV when He should have been working for Arsenal.

    What is His problem? Do we not pay him enough?

    He lies every year Mate. There are too many to name but if you think He is honest and doesnt lie then you must be switching off.

    How a out the last transfer window.

    He started by saying there will be three coming in and ended with nobody will be coming in even though he signed Nacho a day later.

    He knew RVP was going months before it happened but lied to us about that too.

    Come on mate. I dont hate the fella at all but please dont go the total opposite to the haters and invent false statements about him.

  41. tom

    I was talking about CL knock outs. Pedro.

    Happy to concede United are miles better at present.
    Or at least miles more consistant.

  42. El Tel


    Do you attend any of the matches.

    In all my forty years of going to Arsenal I have never seen so much booing ad the past couple of seasons.

    The majority booed on Saturday Mate.

    I know as I work there and I heard it loud and clear.

    He has no intention of resigning.

  43. tom

    Even Gus Ceasar would be a safer bet than Kos, who is right up with the worse bunch of defenders I have ever seen at the club.

    Get a grip, mate.

  44. tom

    We are considered elite by many people on here and in the world at large.
    Truthfully we are slightly below based on resources and achievment.

  45. kwik fit


    I was reading through your posts over the past few days to see if your consistent. I still think your a wind up.
    Anyway …..Lies ok aug 11 Wenger ‘we will not sell Cesc or Narsi’
    Now will you shut to fuck up!

  46. Incesc


    March 2012

    Arsene Wenger On Robin Van Persie

    Robin van Persie will not be sold if Lukas Podolski joins – Wenger

    Wenger said: “Our plan is to keep Robin van Persie even if we buy any player.”

    “Robin is the leader of our club. He is under contract until 2013. You do your job, which he does very well, and enjoy your games.”

  47. Incesc


    July 2011

    Arsene Wenger On Samir Nasri

    “I’m willing to keep him for another year, even if it means we risk losing him for nothing in a year’s time,” said Wenger, whose side are in Malaysia.

    He added: “Our goal is to win the championship and we need good players to do that.”

  48. Alex James

    El Tel. . Fully agree. There are streets named after the club in all the ex Empire countries. If it weren’t for the war, the team would have been even bigger. The war allowed other clubs to catch up. When I started to watch football in the fifties, Liverpool were in the second division and Spurs, Everton, Chelsea and Man City also rans. What other football club has had Edward the Eighth open a stand and the Queen( albeit ill on the day) open its new stadium? Sorry Tom, it is tosh to say Wenger is responsible.

  49. kwik fit


    The team between 02 and 4 was the best collection in Europe at the time. A team assembled from aas you say from transfers that can be ‘hit and miss’
    Wenger couldn’t even get close to winning the CL with them at the time. Q/e final against Chavs was the closest At the time.

  50. tom

    I think we have better players than Utd yet we are way behind them.

    Now Ive heard it all. I thought Arsenals players were shit?

    United are much bigger and have Red Nose who is better than AW (but not available).

  51. tom

    Chelsea and City are ringers.

    That makes Arsenal 2nd only to United.
    No, a couple of seasons threat does not let Spurs ahead.

  52. goonerkitt

    I spent ages last night explaining to my seven year old son that it will not always be this bad and that one day Wenger will be gone and we will have a proper manager that plays players in the right position and that does not think that 4th is a trophy. He also learnt a new word which I’m truly very sorry for.

  53. tom


    You know he did all he could to persuade RVP to stay.
    Though RVP openly questioning Arsenals ambition must have made that hard.

    I see those quotes as lies. Rather statements of intent.
    Intentions that were thwarted.

  54. kwik fit

    Tom Cesc was sold within a matter of hours so why say we will not sell when he plainly knew he was going to be sold….Lies
    Tom stop tryng to defend the indefensible

  55. kwik fit

    He has treated us the supporters with disdain and I’m sure he treats the likes of Bould just the same. WEnger is right and everyone else is wrong. In fact he reminds me a bit like you 😉

  56. Relieable sauce


    tom February 17, 2013 22:29:46

    aug 11 Wenger ‘we will not sell Cesc or Narsi’

    That means we dont want to sell them which is true.

    So you agree AW hasn’t propelled AFC into footballs elite! You should now officially retract your previous statement when you claimed he had, as to protect your credibility.

  57. tom


    Once a player decides they want to leave,what can you really do thats productive other than get the best money you can for him?
    You may posture a bit to show you have control but you quickly settle on expediancy.
    Arsenal have fine players because AW recruits them. They are so good that they get poached by elite clubs (our rivals) regularly.
    Its fucking sad but a fact.
    Arsenal signing slightly unproven players to good contracts is a measure to prevent this but can lead to situations like Bentner. Dead wood.

  58. Doublegooner

    Wenger has regressed so much over the last few seasons and drags his players down too.

    Wilshire is now far more important than Wenger & in order to keep him we must start with a new manager, a change of wage policy & bring in ready made top quality players, which is what this stadium was built for.

  59. kwik fit

    Arsenal signing slightly unproven players to good contracts is a measure to prevent this but can lead to situations like Bentner. Dead wood.

    Such as Squid/Santos/Chamakh/gervinho

  60. tom

    reliable sauce you must have missed this post…

    We are considered elite by many people on here and in the world at large.
    Truthfully we are slightly below based on resources and achievment.

  61. ChamakhMyPitchUp

    I read a lot about how Wenger was blessed with a legacy of defense from Graham, but The Invincibles were all signed by Wenger right? I’m young so go easy!

  62. tom


    Wenger did inherit GGs defense but he also rejuvinated them.
    The Invincible defense was entirely his own creation.

  63. ChamakhMyPitchUp

    Maybe it wasnt all down to defense, we had an imperial midfield then which probably helped, I’m just trying to get a handle on a bit of history and make sense of where it’s going now.

  64. Doublegooner


    JW is a wonderful player, but he has no one to compare Wenger with.

    He’ll want to win silverware. He won’t as long as Wenger stays.

    Anyone with any sense will want JW to stay over Wenger.

  65. El Tel

    Alex James

    Those who know their history will recognise that name. We were THE Club in his days.


    I have never said all our players are shit. You are getting beat up by so many people you just bunch us all together.

    I defend our Club against many who you are arguing with but I will not defend the indefensible.

    I believe we have better technical players than Utd Not just now but almost all the seasons under Wenger.

    They have a Manager who wind hands down though. Because He works hard at the basics of the matches.

    Arsene is the worst Manager there is in matchplay time. He rarely makes subs that change matches. How many times are we going to see defensive type players subbed on when holding a goal lead.

    Fucking comical if you ask me because if the other team score we are fucked. He also teaches possesion football then goes against his own principles by inviting teams onto us. This was ok when we had pace throughout the team but useless when Diaby is your out ball.

    The Manager has been caught up and over taken.

  66. El Tel


    So Wenger worked on common sense re RVP.

    Then why did he let his contract run down and then sell to them?

    That is the common sense of a lunatic Mate.

    If He didnt know the traitor was going then who the hell did?

    This was the most humiliating thing I have ever witnessed as an Arsenal fan.

    I have shot my mouth off for years at those Man cunts. They laugh at my silence now.

  67. El Tel

    Is putting one year contracts out to great players like DB10 and Bobby P common sense?

    We then read he is reportedly after Fat Frank and David Villa.

    Those reports could be fiction as the world of Wenger is a mystery to everyone including himself.

  68. Arsene's Nurse

    They are so predictable, do they think we are going to fall for that crap again? The fans have turned against Wenger now. Tuesday is crunch time. If the display is poor then they’ll be carnage at the Emirates.

  69. Thomas

    lol we’ve had 70m to spend for years now and the cunt still spending fuck all. He’s really dragging this club down.

  70. Harry Redknapp

    well it might just be a sun article but its likely to be true and we all know it. despite it being the sun, and as for 70 mill, even if they did go blow it ,it would be safe in the knowledge they will get 50 for jack the minute they ask about and another 20 for pod & santi.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    And here comes the transfer rubbish!!!

    If any Arsenal fan believes this crap then they deserve to be parted with a whole stack of cash for their ST.

    He’ll spend all summer getting Flavian Thauvin and then say we tried to sign Gotze and Cavani.

    The bloke is washed up as is the entire Arsenal board. They had a big club, but like a faggot allowing his girl to be taken away from him by the bigger, better looking guy at the party have decided not competing his safer and easier than trying to rock with the big boys

  72. eric

    Wenger is the highest pay ], lowest achievement manager. 7 years of trophyless seasons are hard truths, he is mediocre & simply unable to bring us to next level.
    We need a manager with the same level as Alex Ferguson to bring the best out of our beloved Arsenal team

  73. LJB

    They are fucking morons to offer Wanker a new deal.Well,the team will be playing in a half empty stadium soon.Fans have GOT to make their feelings known at the Emirates before its too late. It must be made crystal clear to the fraud that he is NOT wanted. I heard that he will earn 9 mill a yr taking him above Fergie again. This club is seriously taking the fucking piss out of the fans.

  74. Relieable sauce

    I can see it now, we get valdes (not good enough) & Villa (sadly far later than we should have) for 25 mil & barca get 1st option on ljw. We sign a has been or two & a few never will be’s & we’re set for another season, YEAAHHH!

    I can’t actually, i don’t think he’ll get the chance. We could be out of the running for the forth place trophy by mid march & that will surely be enough for him to go one way or another, even if that is at the end of the season.

    Our next 6 fixtures

    spuds (a)
    BM (a)
    swansea (a)

  75. Ste Schofield

    The last time we lost to a pathetic Blackburn team in the cup Billy Wright was sacked. But in those days we had a board that gave a toss! Message to the board….please please please do not give WEnger any money to spend in the summer…he’ll only waste it on players like Denilson, Gervinhio and Santos!

  76. Clive Hill

    Just want to get a couple of things of my chest.

    1) Why am I still here, watching that shower of s… and reading this. (Why can’t I just go and get a life?)

    2) Osvaldo missed a penalty (after insisting on taking it over Romulus…sorry, Totti) against Sampdoria. The ultras revolted and wrecked his car at a following training session and forcing an apology from the player (who for most of the season has been outstanding). Now, I’m not proposing trashing cars or anything like that. But what passion! What recognition that these players are accountable. What will Arsenal fans do…buy more shirts!? With Gervinho on the back at how much is it now a letter?

    3) many will have read this, but for those that haven’t… …this is ambition. This is about winners. Exhibit #2: Ferguson lost the EPL last season because United didn’t score enough goals. He now has four strikers that are individually better than our two (read that…we are going through a season with two recognized strikers!!!) by a long chalk. And just to ice the cake, we sold the one to him that put us in the CL this season.

    4) Great comments bazza, you are spot on. People, nothing will change at our once great club until Kroenke sells. Nothing!. His sports franchises in the US consistently underperform (based on where they were at before he bought them). He has as much interest in AFC aspiring as Spurs fans do. This is not his business model, this isn’t how he makes money. It is nothing more than a butterfly that a rich (mega-rich) man collects because he’s bored. I witnessed his total disinterest at the last AGM. Puzzled that anyone without a dollar in the pot cares and bewildered that supporters think the club that he just paid top dollar for belongs to them. (“Stupid English fucks” is what I read in his mind.)

    this club is a trinket for Kroenke. It is a handy cash cow should he need it and a parking spot in North London for one of his sons, when they need to cut their teeth on business manangement. Oh, how we can laugh at that. This is what we are. This is our Arsenal. A rich, American’s status symbol. Who did this to us? There is a long list. It starts with us and ends with PHW and his like, who are now very, very wealthy men.

    5) Just to reiterate. Nothing will change until someone makes Kroenke an offer too good to refuse. And then what…we’re at the mercy of the whim of another wealthy patron. Welcome to modern football.

    6) I have to throw this in because…awh fuck, because…the professor lined up a team of internationals against a Blackburn side that are the epitome of modern day football madness. How many managers in the past year!!! Yet they played with more heart and more organization than we’ve mustered all fucking season. The chance to nail them fell to one of the most disappointing excuses for a player to ever stretch an Arsenal shirt: Gervinho. Now, I totally agree with the ethos that says players need time to settle, adjust and so on. But a striker’s job (and please correct me if I’m wrong) is to put the ball in the back of the net. What period of adjustment, settling, getting used to the English game, did it require for said striker to do his job when put through and asked to deliver the most basic mechanics of the art of striking!?

    Bedding a member of the team, letting them grow and learn is what is done any profession. Thats totally acceptable. And what a manager does while that individual is being seeded is go out and pay top money for and to professionals who demand top money because they will deliver…anywhere, anytime. Gervinho falls in to the latter category. How much does he get paid/ How MUCH does he get PAID!!

    OK…time out. The question is, who bought him, who can’t get anything out of him, who sanctioned the purchase, the wages, so on and so forth. And who seems oblivious to this mess? Its not Gervinho’s fault, he’s just a symptom. Or more precisely (for the first time in this post) he is indicative of what has become the acceptance of second or third rate at Arsenal Football Club.

    More than a couple of things.

  77. Spectrum

    InteryourGran – ” Wenger, like it or not, is still regarded as one of the best managers in world football.

    Take your blinkers off and talk sense “.

    Why is he regarded as one of the best managers in world football ? Because that reputation was gained BEFORE 2005. And he is still trading off that to this very day. Have you not noticed that things have changed for the worse since those heady days ? The reason other clubs want him, is because ( like the A.K.B.’s ), they still think he has what it takes. We Gunners know better. Wenger wouldn’t last half a season at Real Madrid. No, I’m being too generous – make that three months !

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  78. Jeff

    Not withstanding the rumours about Wenger going, unfortunately all the signs and noises being made at board level are saying the complete opposite. I am so sorry but (to me at any rate) it seems extremely unlikely that Wenger will go of his own accord and neither will he be dismissed. What if we drop out of top four you say? Even if that happens, Wenger will still be at Arsenal.

    Why do I say that? Well it’s not difficult. You have to understand that these people aren’t interested in trophies. Not because they’re stupid but because they have a different set of targets and priorities from the fans. Their primary desire is to remain above water (and they are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve it like selling valuable players) in order to see out the next two years. They have already told us this in the AST. After 24 months, in their deluded eyes, the FFP rules will kick in and Arsenal will start to compete again by default and of course adding all the other commercials which will make the company pretty liquid.

    By their calculations, the primary target is to reduce costs not increase them by buying expensive players and paying them high wages. This is why we see certain players going out on loan. A mere increase of a couple of millions per annum on Wenger’s wages once he signs a new contract is nothing compared to the cost of buying world class players and paying them. The board really only have one problem. Will Wenger stay the distance? Will he last another two years of abuse and anger from the every increasing discontent among the fans as more and more of them realise the game these people are playing. Champions League football just makes it easier to balance the books and make a bit of profit but it isn’t a matter of life and death. We can go on without CL football for another two years quite easily.

    It’s all very depressing I know but I’m always in favour of living in the real world rather than a fantasy one. The question I’ve been asking myself is this. Is there any way out of this mess? Is there anything that can change this? The only answer is Usmanov but that is also very, very unlikely. He’s not going to bid 20k per share just to save our bacon. He’s going to wait in the wings in case the board and owner eventually hang themselves by the balls and come crying to him. We’re a long way off that.

    Basically, be prepared for another two years (minimum) of seeing our best players sold and us winning nothing. I still support Arsenal; I will go on supporting Arsenal but not financially. I don’t know when I will attend the Emirates again, I don’t have a season ticket and I won’t be applying for one.

    Sorry to be so depressing so early in the morning but I am prepared for the worst; are you?

  79. Bade

    Let’s say, we won’t be in best shape against Bayern

    This is the expected line-up




    It won’e be enough I’m afraid

    Vermaelen as LB gives me diarrhea

    Janko there also isn’t my cup of tea, nor Diaby or OG at their current form

  80. Ali

    anyone who sticks up for wenger is as big a cunt as he is and just as guilty as the child snatcher for the demise of this great club. mr wenger you are a cheese eating garlic munching french surrender monkey…FUCK OFF. thats the respect he deserves

  81. Cesc Appeal

    The Sun:

    Wenger to be offered new two year deal.

    This better be as much bollocks as the usual ‘Arsenal to sign Cavani’ guff.

    The club really has lost touch if they choose this moment to start offering him a new deal.

    The end of his current contract in 2014 is till too long, he needs to be gone at the end of this season but when you earn £7.5 Million a year and have absolutely NO pressure to do anything I suppose ‘why would you leave?’

  82. Johnty79

    Stop going to the stadium people…or even better boo not wenger but gazidas and kronke..this is the most likely way to get wenger out.. They will then turn on wenger.

  83. Johnny5

    You’d be amazed by the level of censorship that goes on on other blogs. If you view things in even the most slightly critical way many blogs don’t allow comments through moderation. No wonder some are still blind.

  84. Evan

    Tom showing himself up again, Wenger in later interviews denies ever saying this, even when the reporter said “Arsene I was their in the room”

    Wenger warns: Arsenal can’t claim to be a big club if Fabregas and Nasri are sold. Arsene Wenger last night admitted Arsenal “can no longer be called a big club” if they sell Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

    “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri – you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that,” he said.

    “And even if you lose Nasri, to find the same quality player, you have to spend again the same amount of money. Because you cannot say, you lose the player and you do not replace him.

  85. gazzap

    We would have faced Millwall away had we beaten blackburn with one of chavs or man utd being knocked out by the other. That would have given a good chance to at least reach the final.

  86. Doublegooner

    Who is going tomorrow night ???

    Who is going saturday ??

    If you are how about a few of us meeting up at the Armoury roundabout.


  87. The Blaster

    Funnily enough, there is a new piece on ACLF that pretty much echoes what Jeff just said:

    Right now, all I can think is that we all make some noise like we’re Arsenal and make Emirates an intimidating place for Bayern to play. We want to beat them. We are the 12th man. Wenger might not be up to the job of motivating the team any more, so we have to do our bit and hope for the best. Arsene might be turning into the Diaby of managers , all promise and no results, but cheering against the team is a stab in the back any way you slice it. Maybe the one thing that could make this all end gracefully is if Arsene won the CL. If we dare to believe then maybe the team will, and maybe that last cup will see Arsene feel that he had done his job and can go.

  88. Wole

    We can’t let things go much worse…..much longer! Thank you AW but it’s time to go. The board r muppets but its quicker to change manager. NO ONE is bigger than AFC. Nobody! PSG sign Wenger & free us pls…..change needed urgently!

  89. DUIFG

    Im thinking we need to match up against bayern shape tonight, reallly need to protect our filthy back 4. they will be playing 2 sitting men in javi and shwein. I would play rambo and artet and ask jack to play total free role, when he is driving he can commit those 2 on his own. only other question mark is do you play caz or poldi out wide, I would actually play poldi as i think he will want to show bayern what he is about after not really making the grade there, when his service is on its lethal, tidy service is only thing that brings giroud into play as well. This option at least gives us the option to shake it up with caz off the bench if they open us ap anyway with 2 dm’s (lets face it likely).