Arsene wonders why we don’t have Raphael Varane | Thierry seeking move back | Bacary sorry about form

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So Thierry ‘who’ Henry is piping up in the media about unfair criticism of Arsene Wenger. He said it was ‘sad’.

From the headlines poping up all over the web, you’d think that Thierry had really laid into the Arsenal faithful. He didn’t though. Take the headlines away and he’s pretty much saying what any man in his position would.

“When you don’t win, people are always going to question your work, your legacy and what you did before,”

“It is sad, but that is the way the game is.’

‘It is difficult to hear, ­difficult to see, but for me the boss will always be Arsene – he’s always great for me and I know what he has done for the club.

“You are always going to get judged on your last performance or what you are doing at the moment’

Arsene Wenger gave Henry his second crack at the whip when things had gone seriously down the toilet for him. He helped make him one of the greatest players the Premiership has ever seen. He’s hardly going to shank him in the back. Also, remember that Thierry wants a job at Arsenal. He couldn’t be any more desperate and obvious about it. If I wanted to be a real b*tch, perhaps I could say something like…

‘Yeah, it’s sad when a manager has helped make a player one of the greatest on the planet… he just ups and leaves for more money and sunshine.’

‘But, you know, the career of a footballer is short and it’s about winning. When you’re not winning, great players leave, regardless of what you’ve done for them. It’s the way the game is.’

Yeah, I could be bitchy, but I won’t. However, I will say if you are an olive green microwave, don’t call an olive green. You get me? It’s like, totally hypocritical, I heard a kettle said something similar once.

Anyway, the real reason ex players say nice things? The second part of this headline. A.G.E.N.D.A

‘All I know is I’d like to stay involved with football, and, I hope, at Arsenal. It’s the heart that speaks, it’s the team I support. If I can come back to the club, I’d love to do it, but it’s not my decision. It would be a wish, a desire more than something that can be made official, I have two more years to play here, then I’ll see.’

‘But I’d really love to be back with Arsenal.’

Love it…

Mooooving on…

Bacary Sagna has addressed his terrible form of late.

“I’ve not been at my best, I am going to be honest, so I am not very happy with myself,”

Ok Bacary, the first step is admitting there is a problem. Now tell us some more…

“This is a part where I need to get better and work more on my form. It has been a long time I’ve been working on my game as I didn’t really have a pre-season. I need to breathe a bit but, at a high level, you don’t have time to breathe because you have a game every few days and you have to keep going. I am looking forward to coming back to my best.

“If you don’t focus 100% on the pitch, you miss something to push forward. You need somebody else to defend even better. When you are not at your best at this level, you feel it straight away on the pitch.’

Good man. Just improve and sign da ting. Lots of chat around the web about Sagna becoming a centre back for Arsenal. It shows the desperation we’re under at the moment. He did look good against Sunderland. Would he look that good against Bayern Munich? Well, it’s a pretty brutal experiment I’m not sure I’d want to engage it. Having watched Madrid vs United last night, I’m glad we didn’t draw the Spaniards. Bayern are no mugs, they’ll have beautiful movement and clinical players all over the pitch. I hope we’re preparing for them. If we come away from Munich with a 1-1 draw, we’ll have achieved something. On our day, we can beat anyone. We need Jack Wilshere to stand up and be counted next week. Just like he did against Barcelona. We also need stellar performances from the keeper, the centre backs and I’d love to see Theo have a clinical game.

I want too much…

An interesting and slightly baffling comment form Arsene Wenger was penned in his pre-United column for some publication I can’t be arsed with referencing.

‘A quick word on my fellow Frenchman Raphael Varane, the 19-year-old Real Madrid defender who could face United: I’m happy for him because he’s carving out a role at one of the world’s best clubs, which is remarkable.

Yet at the same time, when you are in charge of a club like Arsenal, you have to wonder why this player is not playing for us. He was at Lens, and we might well have caught him there.’

Arsene, you’re running the dictatorship. You can’t wonder why he’s not playing for us. You have to ask your chief scout what the hell Grimantube is doing in France! Compared to the good old days, we miss out on so much obvious talent. I don’t know whether we’re not spotting them or there’s just a lack of passion throughout the set up. Do we maybe need new scouts, or a different approach to how we go about unearthing talent? Seems amazing the manager can flippantly write something like that when the power to make moves like that happen is in his hands?


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  1. shad

    Wenger – what a muppet. Ogling at players he could have bought ages ago. Too bad he has his face buried in the accountants books stuck up Kroenke’s ass. Bayern will make minced meat of our horrible defence..especially since we seem to be hell bent on defending zonally with everyone rooted to the spot instead of attacking the ball or keeping a man out of their space.


  2. the_real_andy

    do we have a chance against bayern? I think so. why? because they are very very good offensively but quite shaky at the back – what we should try to do is scoring as many goals as possible and try to go through with a weird score like 4:3 and 2:2 or something like that. I doubt we have any chance of going through by trying to avoid conceding.

  3. kc

    Why on earth would Wenger make a comment like that? The timing of it would suggest he’s worried about Ferguson’s description of how the RVP deal went down. I guess ripping off the fans will only continue to work if they don’t know who to blame.

  4. JonnyTechno

    Bacary deserves more than a one year renewal, especially if he can slot into a CB role. He has the technical ability, LOVE FOR THE CLUB, dedication to the game and a host of other qualities that are seriously lacking in our team as well as other premiership teams.

    If we want loyalty from players we need to show it to them too.

  5. bennydevito

    Agreed, I’ve been wondering the same thing, our scouting system seems to have gone to the rats.

    Pedro it seems the problem I had posting from my phone has gone away so thanks to you and your team for remedying the problem as its so much more enjoyable being able to join in.

    Good to see quite a big le-grove crew building up on Twitter too. If anyone wants to follow me I’m @bennydevitoben

  6. Guns of Hackney

    Poor little millionaire, Sagna – fuck off, you sniveling hooligan.

    TH14 – nostalgia trip, and as Pedro said, he’s hardly going to turn the knife while Wenger is still in the job…personally I’d wait until the ghastly amphibian has gone.


    “Bayern shaky at the back” – no, just no. We will be beaten roundly.

    As for the comments re Varene – quite simply, the words of a maniac. I am sure that if one was to visit Arsene’s palace, one would be greeted with Saturday’s team selection written on the wall in excrement. Sad, mental and finished.

    Wenger out!

  7. bennydevito


    What were fergie’s comments about the signing of Rvp? Were they the ones about how wenger knew at the start that Rvp wanted to go to united?

    When is our game with bayern?

  8. bennydevito

    Any more on the Twitter rumours of Wenger pre-agreeing a 4 year contract? If it happens I really don’t know how I’ll cope with it.

  9. GEE-ROO

    BAYERN MUNICH 2012/13 : Fewest Goals Conceded in Bundesliga History (after 20 games), Best Goal Difference in Bundesliga History, Most Clean Sheets in Away Matches in Bundesliga History. The real Andy ; are you drunk/ stoned / mentally deficient ?

  10. Buckagh

    When is our game against Blackburn!!!!!!
    Are they in the Premiership!!!!!!!!

    Watched match lastnight don’t think either team will win CL
    RVP could have won game but fluffed the finished
    He works much harder for team than he ever did at Arsenal his defending was a fucking liability with us.
    Our tie with Bayern is an acid test for this team and I live more in hope than confidence that we can go through

  11. dennisdamenace

    Chaps – There’s nothing wrong with our scouting system, or the scouts themselves. It’s the cretin who decides not to act on their advice or recommendations……you remember, the man who’s solely responsible for the average shite that pervades our football club.

  12. Johnny5

    Anyone seen the news!!!!

    I heard the dude who set himself on fire at that airport in Rome is an arsenal fan and had just heard the rumour about wenger getting an extension on his contract.

  13. Zoran

    All until once! The serie cannot last forever! We will break it.
    regarding Varane: as simple as that, we don’t have £5m to invest in him.

  14. Doublegooner

    Matt Scott ( Telegraph journalist & proper Arsenal fan) speaking on radio this morning, did suggest that the relationship between Wenger & Bould could result in the new coach leaving. He also felt the body language between them was not good.

    Pedro stated a while back that Bould was relieved of his specific defensive coaching & I posted a couple of weeks back that one of our ex players had confirmed this to a Radio & TV Presenter very recently.

    Wenger is a control freak . He’s failed to evolve and very much last decade’s man.


  15. Yippee Kai Yay

    ddm, i have to say that the successive comments from Wenger, on things like this, sound more and more like the sort of person who ends up as ‘the bridesmaid but never the bride’.

    The ‘why do good things never happen to me?’ outlook is becoming increasingly sickening to be honest. (and that’s before you consider the other soundbites from Gunner PR HQ).

  16. Honest Bill

    Some of what Henry said has been omitted in this post…

    “When you don’t win people are always going to question your work, your legacy and what you did before. It is sad somehow but that is the way the game is. What are you going to do?” Henry said.
    “You are always going to get judged on your last performance or what you are doing at the moment (but) for me it is kind of hard to criticise Arsene Wenger, knowing what he has done for the club, how he has changed the club and how the team is playing right now compared to how the team was playing before. But if you don’t win people are always going to create a problem.”

    I’d guess the parts where he talks about unspecified people having created the problem, and asks the question ‘What are you going to do?’ were the more contentious parts of his statement that people are taking issue with.

    There is plenty Wenger could do, but refuses, and if he’s not winning, then who created the problem?

  17. Johnny5

    This is just another ‘we tried to sign him’ soundbite. We’d have had a much better team if we landed all the players we ‘tried’ to sign.

    Fuck off you fucking mr burns looking motherfucker!!!

  18. Johnny5

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see bould leave at the end of the season. Wenger quite clearly can’t have anyone else but him recieving credit but him and because of that our defence is shit. Nice one wenger you egotistic cunt. But i feel he’s cutting his nose off to spite his face, he would have got loads of praise for bringing bould in had he let him continue to sort the defensive problems and we’d probably be above Chelsea and spurs too.

  19. Steve

    I’m sure the Grim is well rewarded, but being a scout for Arsenal must be one of the most pointless jobs in football.

  20. Guns of Hackney

    Whether you are of the opinion that Wenger is still the right man for the job or, he is fundamentally flawed and should be removed – the one thing that both sides must surely agree on is that Arsene Wenger is becoming an embarrassment to Arsenal Football Club.

    His relentless soundbites are gratingly bad, obvious and detrimental to his club. I know some of you on here think I am out of control regarding my constant, one sided ‘hatred’ for AW, but those among you who can objectively understand the point I try and make every day will see someone who loves Arsenal deeply and wants what is best for the club I have followed for 30 years.

    Before 2006, I thought AW was amazing. He revolutionised the game in this country, bought renewed success to an Arsenal team that was suffering after GG departure, gave us some of the finest footballers the world had seen and was a true visionary – deservedly given a place in Arsenal’s history. But then Barca happened and it ruined his life – one could forgive the next 1-2 years…but then it became clear to me, and many others that Wenger would never be the same man he once was – this was the time, I started asking questions about his job. This is no knee-jerk reaction to a few defeats/bad performances, this is documented failure at every level of the club – hence my disgust for AW and Arsenal.

    Arsene could and should have walked away a hero 6 years ago – no one would have begrudged the man a graceful exit – he earned it. But like a boxer, he failed to see his own limitations and has ended up shot, bemused and frustrated, a shadow and now a figure of pity, as well as hate. There is an expression “hoist by ones own petard” – essentially it means destroyed by oneself. If ever an analogy was apt, this sums up Arsene perfectly.

    I am an Arsenal fan – not a Wenger fan.

  21. michael

    So wenger was vetoed about a player yet wins nothing for seven yrs and hasnt been sacked
    Someone in the hierarchy pay him up the 7 mil for next season and get rid of him

    Personally I wudnt mind if the club made an appointment like we did with rioch keep him for a year or two n then take in someone better

    Btw thierry sit down n shut up

  22. Chriskatzande

    I believe this poker-faced & fork-tounged clown of a manager is seriously ill and should, as a matter of urgency, be detained in a mental institution, far far away from Arsenal

  23. Guns of brixton

    The day of reckoning.
    we will learn a lot about our sqaud players tonight. faith in carzola,Jw,theo,polds. and the rest of the guys.

  24. andy1886

    J5 – Love the Mr Burns analogy. I can really see it too.

    I just pray that if TH14 returns to coach at the club in two years that it would be under a different manager!!

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d be surprised if Bould left in the summer.

    I’d love to see Henry back at the club. While he’s fairly obviously angling for a job, it’s not as though he needs the money, so his reasons are probably good ones. He’s one of only a few ex-Arsenal players (who are of the right age and experience) that I’d like to come back. Keown being another.

    My only proviso is whether he’d be any good at coaching. Brilliant player ? Yes, brilliant coach ? no idea.

  26. Johnny5


    Me too bud can’t see Thierry being told to sit down and shut up like bouldy and just taking it. Plus wenger would use thierrys popularity amongst the fans to get another couple of season of penny pinching and shit results. Then we’d have an altogether different bunch of radicals much like the akb’s but they’ll be called tkb’s

  27. dennisdamenace

    One year as assistant “manager” at Arsenal will look good on the CV, and could easily secure him a more rewarding and pro-active role elsewhere. Where his vast experience and knowledge could be used for the betterment of the team.

  28. Michael Renzetti

    Wow, I read this blog almost everyday and you’e always bitter, but to attack Henry like that just to dismiss his great point about Wenger and football, just because you don’t agree with the latest moves of our coach, is disgracefull. Have a little more respect.

    That’s exactly what Henry was saying. People forget history and focus on the now. Your whole “diss” at Henry is ridiculous and you end up looking like a blogger that doesn’t know Arsenal’s history. And we all know that’s not true.

    You gotta forget that hate you have over Wenger, ’cause you’re sounding everyday less and less like a fan of The Arsenal.

  29. dennisdamenace

    Q? – How come someone who is so beholden to a particular person be critical of that person?

    TH14 would run the very serious risk of being the uber yes man to Arsene Wenger, AW made TH14, how on earth would he be able to question him….

  30. Nasri's Mouth


    Well, from the sound of things, Henry will be in America for 2 more years, so it’s unlikely Wenger will be around by then.

  31. Keyser

    The Bould stuff is pretty funny, every once in a while people regurgitate the same old tired rubbish, we play 3 games at the start of the year and then suddenly Bould was relieved of his defensive duties after revelutionising our defence.

    We’ve kept two clean sheets in our last two games, have they now been re-instated ?!

  32. Doublegooner

    Fingers X Wenger does not get offered or decides to continue after 2014.

    We’re going to have to put up with him until then at least.

  33. andy1886

    Can’t see that it would do TH14’s reputation much good to be seen to go down with the ship when AW finally loses the plot completely. He’d be better off learning his trade under a new man and adding that experience to the best of Wenger that he experienced before he left us. The Wenger of today is a shadow of the man back then.

  34. marcus

    Wenger has gotten fat and lazy… needs to be replaced at the end of season. Will it happen? No way. None of Kroenke, Gazidis, PHW or Wenger wants to break the status quo. They are all just driven by self-preservation.

  35. mjgooner

    Keyser, I bet you have been “desperately” praying for those two clean sheets so you could come on here with something to defend your Lord Wenger & disprove the Bould rift. Bravo.
    Typical AKB, disappear when the going is bad & emerge as soon as there is the slightest ray of a silver lining to defend their Lord. Watch how he disappears for a few days when Bayern smash us.

  36. Danish Gooner

    Forget about Varane,if Wenger had signed him he would probably play him in attack, or right about now he would be a nervous wreck having been taught how to defend by Squid.

  37. Johnny5

    It’s a shame really when you think about how far wenger has fallen I remember some of the great battles with united where wengers press conferences were aimed at pissing Fergie off and it was clear he got under his skin big time. Now Fergie looks at him like that distant relative you see at the odd family do who’s gone crackers that lives in a home

  38. bankz

    We have far more deep-seated issues in the club & two clean sheet against two low-scorers in the EPL doesnt change that overnight. I was impressed with both clean sheets and “mental strength” displayed by the players but you are among those who use wins like this as justification for the rot AFC has become(@least on the playing field).
    We are 21points behind Utd,our competitors for a slot in Europe are now SPUDs,Everton,WBA & the shitty Liverpool(we finished some 18-20points ahead of them last season so what has happened overtime).
    We are still yet to break into the Top 4 with 12 EPL matches remaining.
    We have a 5% chance of getting past Bayern in the UCL(which I pray daily works out for us).
    We have a truckload of DROSS whom we pay & no club wants.
    We are fast approaching a midtable club than a club who could win the EPL next season.
    This aren’t issues a logical fan sweeps underneath the carpet just because we kept two clean sheets against Sund’land & Stokes.
    We smash Bayern next week while keeping a clean sheet and I will be the 1st on here screaming “we are the champions of Europe” like those deluded chelsea fans.

  39. Keyser

    banks – I don’t really care about the clean sheets or the win, it’s that after 3 games at the start of the season, Bould had suddenly fixed the defence, then he was supposedly undermined by Wenger.

    Now with two consecutive clean sheets, surely the same nutters will be saying Bould’s been re-instated.

  40. Ramsey's backpass


    i love how you always defend your personal lord and saviour wenger.keep it up

    you might be called upon by wenger to access the teams mental strength and exceptional qualities.

    Long live kissy

  41. Honest Bill

    Keyser makes a fair point here.. You see it all the time.. Someone makes up a stupid rumour, backed up with zero evidence beyond the fact that they think it could possibly be true because they imagined it probably was, and then al of a sudden it’s common knowledge.

    Bould wasn’t the manager at the beginning of the season and still isn’t now.. We were only defending well at the start of the season because we played more defensively than usual. after that we started going gung ho again so that we would get more goals, and all of a sudden people make up some crap about Wenger not being able to stand Bould getting some credit with absolutely no validity to it..

    Most of the shit you hear about Wenger on here is made up bollocks,, but assumed to be true just because people want to believe it.

    I’m sure many will miss the point entirely and say i’m an AKB or a Spud now.. But there’s little i can do about that..

  42. Leedsgunner


    Why didn’t we sign Varane?

    1. We scouted him only for 12 months — when we are SERIOUS about a player we dither for at least 18 months. By then other teams catch on we’re looking… then start to look. If we don’t get them — no matter it’s the chase that counts.

    2. Other teams were looking… teams with real ambition. You know you hate competition. After all you have to stay true to your socialist roots. Why grab all the talented players when you can share them out. Where’s the challenge in that?

    3. When the players you missed out come good, (like Ibra, C. Ronaldo, Yaya Toure, Varane) at least you can boast that YOU saw them FIRST. You recognised their super super quality before anyone else did. Other managers are crude men, concerned about titles, trophies — winning.

    You are better than that. You care about being right. You care about proving everybody wrong.

    If the Club has to suffer years and years of NOTHING, then so be it. Priciples demand sacrifices.

    At least you can rest in your exclusive mansion, built by your accumulated millions, safe in the knowledge that you were different. You were right. You may have nothing to show for it, but that’s not your fault. Oh no. Others are to blame. You have shown the world have to play with “strength and mental toughness” in one game, followed by “fragility and the handbrake” in the next.

    You’re not a mere manager. You are ARSENE. How can we doubt you?

  43. lord snotty

    This rumour that Wenger has landed an extension to his contract? If true, this is nothing short of obscene. Reward for failure – you see it everywhere now, from bankers to politicians, the NHS etc and the more they fuck up, the more they are rewarded. Wenger increasingly reminds me of Hitler in his final days in the bunker. Still ranting and raving and believing he was right all along – with his few remaining cronies loyal to the end. Germany in ruins and the Red Army marching down the streets of Berlin. If Hitler hadn’t shot himself, would he have been given another chance or maybe a nice generous pay-off and a mountain retreat somewhere in Paraguay? I think not somehow.

  44. Arse&Nose©

    Myles Palmer is such a cock-sucker. He is obviously one of these Irish Catholics who feel the whole world is against them who think Aiden McGeady was going to be the next George Best, who think Wayne Rooney is the white Pele, who think Thierry Henry single handedly destroyed Ireland’s chances of reaching the world cup, who thinks Juventus cheated to beat Celtic whatever-grow up -stop this neurotic obsession with being the victim one moment and being gods gift to man kind the next.

  45. andy1886

    Nice post Leeds – maybe we can all club together and buy the man a therapist? That said I doubt there’s a therapist out there who could crack this nut(ter).

    LS – something else that AW and AH had in common – an obsessive youth policy! Can’t see our Ivan marching down the street to liberate the gooners from this tyrant though.

  46. andy1886

    I see ManU profits are up 74%, their share price is going great guns, and they are almost certs to win the league this year. Guess you can have on field and off field success at the same time! And there was I thinking that it was well worth sacrificing trophies for a great financial result. D’Oh!!!

  47. Arse&Nose©

    On Oscar Pretorias, interesting character- he had determination bordering on obstinance imo.

    Remember how badly he took his loss last year. Also remember his protracted legal battle to run in the Olympics. I wonder if sometimes people who learn to fight to get their way lose the plot when they don’t get something go their way?

  48. Ash79

    Afternoon all, the sun is back out again!
    The problem with OGL is that the media knowshe spouts drivel and they know it infuriates the fans so they just ask him a tonne of loaded questions too and then focus on his responses.
    AW should shut the fuck up. Completely.

    Anyone else notice Theo being more PR friendly, giving his views more than necessary. Armband next… damn


    Guns of HackneyFebruary 14, 2013 10:50:26
    Bloody Hell..Felt the raw passion in that comment..Truly,rippled through me,like the bondi beach waves….

    Other than you forgot to mention the introduction of the Russian Oligarch & Mourinho..

    Then the Voyeurism began..

    The Curtain twitiching…
    The constant moaning about how much lucre,Chelski have..

    The tapping up of player’s(i.e.Ashely Cole)..The market skew,ect,etc…

    Fucking hell, almost 10 years down the line..

    & he now bleat’s about the Sheik your money bag’s..



    Then tell’s us about his talent spotting in b/w commentating for Castrol,Al-Jazzera & Canal+5 during the summer month’s..
    & pocketing vast huge amounts of money..

    As to who he could have bought..
    Phil Jones

    I mean the fucking list goes on,& on…

    Parkinson’s disease spring’s to mind…

    But the fucking funny thing,is he has the presence of mind to cash in his £7.5 million cheque per year +bonuses & have free reign of the club..

    How do you square that?

  50. the_real_andy


    no I´m not. But just looking at statistics doesn´t work out for me – I´m Austrian and I watch German Bundesliga quite regularly and believe me – they are dominant, they play very good football but they are far from being anywhere near Barcelona used to be. there aren´t many teams capable of matching them in Bundesliga …

    don´t get me wrong. I wouldn´t bet 1 penny on an Arsenal win or us getting into the next round but I doubt we won´t have any chance. I just hope we don´t play too defensive minded because I doubt we have any chance of winning it this way

  51. bankz

    I get your point but I’d still say in a way,we had a better defensive setup at the beginning of the season which any laymen/fan could see was a direct result of defensive training.
    We are in a situation where we know we can’t afford to drop points,if we have plans on making the “Top 4 trophy” especially when such teams aren’t Utd,City or Chelsea.
    So our last two clean sheets may be down to the players “showing mental strengths” to try wrestling that “top 4 trophy” back than they been defensively organized which I think was the case in the first 3 games….
    You don’t honestly sit and watch our display defensively and nod to yourself,that the lads have been coached well as regards defending.

  52. Ash79

    ddm – didnt see it mate, only just managed to look at the post. Mental day. Kudos on beating me to the tasteless inappropriate quip.

  53. Johnny5

    Regarding the Oscar pistorious shooting.

    To women everywhere

    That’s what happens when you don’t suck dick.

    Only joking its actually really sad. Do you think he’ll be banged up for murder or is it ok in SA to shoot intruders etc I’m not too sure on the law.

  54. Ash79

    Johnny5 – lol perfect example of someone making a quick joke and then backtracking quickly with a question the poster doesnt actually give a shit about.


  55. marcus

    Man Utd showing amazing numbers off the pitch. Depressing really to see how far ahead they are of Arsenal at the moment. Both in terms of commercial value and professional performance. FFP will further cement their position as nr 1. We will probably end up in 4th place in england in terms of revenue. by the time that FFP is in fully in play. After United, chelsea and city…


    & anyway…TH14 is a prick!!

    Yep..just remembered my point..

    TH14- our Golden Child,is a right shit bag…

    This is why RVP is a hero…He had no ulterior motives& called the club out..

    TH14..Continues to spout PR rhetoric,so as to endear himself to the fan’s..

    He does not wish to lose that golden image tag…In short..He’s a c**t..

    RVP-Said everything about the club,yet he’s castigated & portrayed as a traitor…yah,yah…

    Why.because he spoke the truth..?

    Whereas,Henry,that buggered off,yet talks in lovingly dear tones,about the club’s history(never the future)& Arsene’s history(never the future),is lauded by a bunch of mentally deficient fans..

    I swear you AKB’s give a new meaning to r-et-a-r-d-a-t-i-o-n..

    It’s soooo embarrassing,it’s unreal…


    I totally respect Pires more..Why,you don’t see him banging on about Arsene…?

    & then angling for a whooping contract for “A let’s step in time to the past -motion”…

    Where the heck is TH14’s Va Va Voom…??!!

    Hey Bobby..shutzz yezz mouthzz.. Arsene is a legendzzz yeah..!!Imagineee Bobby..!!

    Haaa Renault Clio5..!!
    Arseneeeee…is the enginezzzz….
    VaVa Voom…

  58. Josip Skoblar

    Rapahel Varane will be great. I saw him play for Lens a couple of years ago aged 17. He was by far the best performer on the pitch. It takes a lot of talent for Maureen to trust a kid like him.


    On the TH14 issue..

    My viewpoint,is simply this…

    1) TH14 SSTFUP & move’s on from AFC…

    2) He come’s out & directly aligns himself with either Arsene & C0…,OR USMANOV..

    It’s quite simple..One,or the other…?

    We have enough amateur bullshite politicians@the club..

    The last thing we need is a player,masquerading,as a wannabe b/shite politician,on a hefty wage..
    Preaching to the fans,he was once us..!!

    He feels our pain..!!

  60. the holy san

    bayern with Javi Martinez playing only conceded TWO goals this season. the game will definitely be won in midfield, if you let them dominate the midfield, then good night. therefore: the only way to beat bayern is to defend offensively, to attack them early in the build-up…dortmund showed how it functions several times.

  61. Thomas

    the_real_andy @

    “but quite shaky at the back”

    Erm Bayern has conceded 7 goals in 21 league games so that’s just not true at all.

  62. NEEG

    Varane did show a mild interest in joining Arsenal at one stage however RM’s ambassador showed more endeavor and pursueded him to join Real.

  63. Josip Skoblar

    You’re absolutely right here. And who showed more endeavour on the Spanish side?: Zinedine Zidane himself!

  64. Arse&Nose©

    mystic, I hate how he ends his pieces with some rubbish fake Nigella-esque posturing.

    “Rebecca called me the other day she said “two-nill” then hung up the phone. I always trusted Rebecca, she had a knack for forecasting. I first met her in 1976 at a Stones concert. We bumped into Mick, I said sorry. Eustace Xavier my accountant was with us , it was hot that day and Eustace carried an umbrella for me to guard my pale skin against sun burn. John never liked Eustace, he said the man has no soul. Mick was on form that night. John put £40 on the result, John always was an astute man.”

  65. NEEG

    Perhaps the role that ZZ plays for RM would suit TH14 at AFC. A lot of players that were interested in joining in the past were interested in playing alongside TH,PV,DB & RP – who wouldn’t. The next generation had those players as their heroes and would love a TH arm around their shoulder – as long as Wenger was not standing behind them

  66. marcus

    Season – Bundesliga – Champions League
    2012 – 2nd – 2nd
    2011 – 3rd – round of 16
    2010 – 1st – 2nd
    2009 – 2nd – quarter finals
    2008 – 1st – not qualified
    2007 – 4th – quarter finals

    I would say that we are royally fucked…

  67. Keyser

    Bankz – My point was about people making vague assumptions about what’s going on behind the scenes.

    Wenger put Bould in charge of the Youth team, he then promoted him to assistant manager unless people want to go against the control freak thing and say it was forced on him again, hah.

    So unless you’re a nutter why would you think he undermined him after 3 games ?!

    We didn’t defend well especially, we reverted to shape and numbers, we created almost nothing against both Stoke and Sunderland and drew both games.

    We looked good because we’d probably spent pre-season with relatively the same idea of personnel and that fell apart once Diaby got injured and we realised we had to create more efficiently.

    If people had something genuine to back their claims up with I’d listen, but even then how weak would Bould be to give up after 3 games.


    Ahhhh…Nothing like pure,naked ambition all around…

    Defeated before the game has even begun…

    Yep,the brainwashing of the fan’s has finally taken place..

    Let’s just hide behind the bunker’s& hope the Kaiser’s be extremely kind to us…

    Wooo,ooh,,ohhhh…Poor AFC…Do not hurt us,pleaseeee,dooooo not humiliate us..please…I beg you pleaseeee…

    For we are a big club…maybe not as efficient as you..BMUNICH..
    But we are still a big club..Wah,wah,wah,wah,wah…..

    Please make our defeat,sweet & less painful….Wah,wah,wah,wah….

    “Hey Plattini,how fucking long left for FFP??”

  69. mystic


    H 2:2
    A 1:3

    Arsenal lose 5:3 on agg.

    Think Podolski will have 2 good games, but frankly I do not have any confidence in the defence at keeping things tight enough – who the hell is playing LB? (guessing Verm if Kos, Merts and him are all fit).

  70. Johnny5


    Not a bad shout but I can’t see us scoring 2 against their defence. Poldi will be out to make a point but just feel that they’re stronger than us in almost every position on the pitch. Obviously I could be way off as arsenal are always capable of a big performance in the champions league. But I just can’t see past bayern when we struggled to overcome Sunderland.

  71. Nasri's Mouth

    Dunno how people can be predicting scores. We’re so bloody schizo at the moment it could be anything depending on what side turns up.

    I would say if we play as well as we can, we can certainly win it.

  72. Johnny5


    I’d say we need to play twice as good as our best performance this season to get to the next round as bayern are a very strong, organised team.

  73. zeus

    dennisdamenaceFebruary 14, 2013 12:05:32
    sixx – when he goes to court, he won’t have a leg to stand on………………sorry!

    Damn you for making me chuckle at such tragic news.

  74. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d say we need to combine close to our best offensive performance, and close our best defensive performance. It’s going to be really hard, but it is possible
    Being the apparent underdogs might suit us though

  75. JJ

    Maybe Wenger IS taking a shot at his scouting team by making this comment?

    … or maybe I am giving him too much credit. Most likely the latter.

  76. Ric

    Johnny5 February 14, 2013 18:24:42

    Nope this dude… :

    I saw him play U 19 or 17 at some point remember I was mightily Impressed but heard he was getting the boot from PSG so naturally my first thought was Arsene likes’em; One part French, check, one part African, check, still too young, check, naivily assured of his own abilities, check.

    So I’m guessing either Grimantube never bothered to watch the French U 17s or Wenger has long stopped reading his report oh so long ago.

    Now I’ll admit he’s had ups and downs but he was voted young player of the year in france two seasons ago. So when PSG got new owners and he lost the captains armband (WHICH HE ALREADY HAD AT AN AGE OF 21!) and it was rumoured he’d lost his place in the team. I naturally assumed he’d be an Arsenal player for a pittance. But alas…

  77. Johnny5


    It might well suit us mate. Half of me wants us to smash bayern. But I if we did would that mean wenger gets his extension and we have to put up with more financial prudence and excuses.

  78. Ric

    Johnny5February 14, 2013 19:36:17
    RicIf he’s getting the captains armband so young surely means they must have seen some pretty good potential in him.

    Indeed there was, and they did, but as I said they stripped him of the captaincy and they were even flogging him around at 12 mill or something this summer. I think I even said then that if you think Samba was worth a punt at 12 mill, then why the hell would not the best CB in France at the age of 22 be worth a shot for the same price?

    I’m just shaking my head at this point. “No players to be had in this market” my ass!

  79. Johnny5


    That’s exactly the kind of thing journos should be pulling the wanker up on when he comes out with that shit. If I could get into a press conference I’d put some rather awkward questions to him.

    Re sako of wolves

    Only seen him play 3-4 times for wolves. I know they’re shit but he was head and shoulders above almost every player on the pitch can play as a midfield bruiser or striker. I’d take a punt on him.

  80. Charlie Nick

    Not sure TH 14 is the answer to our managerial woes. Seeing his behaviour on the pitch towards lesser mortals (Reyes) doesn’t make me think he can inspire a squad of varying talents. Glenn Hoddle apparently had the same issue as he was still the best player on the training pitch and couldn’t fathom why the players weren’t up to his level. Arsenal isn’t somewhere to cut your managerial teeth. We are (still) one of the top dozen clubs in Europe and we deserve better.

  81. Nasri's Mouth


    Don’t think there’s any truth in the Wenger extension rumour.

    @Charlie Nick

    I can’t imagine Henry would come in as manager. He’d have some minor role.

  82. kwik fit

    I’ve just noticed the similarities between Ronaldo and Bale. What with the long winding runs, the silky skills, the free kick routine and now the heavily gelled hair. Yes indeed, Bale certainly apes Ronaldo alright.

  83. Ric

    Johnny5February 14, 2013 20:08:00

    Well thanks for putting him on my radar then, I’ll take a look at Wolves first chance I have.

  84. Ric

    Charlie NickFebruary 14, 2013 20:19:27

    All I will say on the subject is that unquestionably; compared to Wenger when he was hired, Henry has an enormous advantage with regards to professional experience. Wenger had a career as a sub par midfielder before coaching succesfully for one season with Monaco, and subsequently failing quite horrendous the next before doing “ok” in Japan for a few years pre Arsenal.

    Based on the merrits of both I’d definitely say Henry would be a far more deserving candidate, with regards to Arsenals standing than Wenger was when he started his tenure. But then again I still don’t get what really merits Wengers current tenure.

  85. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I’m glad Bale is not one of our’s, it would break my heart to see him sold for £15-20 million. I reckon he will stay at spurs for another year or two if they get CL football, then they will sell him for about £50+million if he keeps improving.
    The best british player by a country mile.

  86. Aussie Aaron

    hahaha there is some trash being talked on here, did no one understand Keysers first comment? i dont see how you can get being an akb out of that

  87. Pedro

    Sell Bale for £50m? Are you fucking kidding me? £15m more than Cesc for a player with half the stats? £50m for a player with worse stats than theo for goals and assists?

    Get a fucking grip.

  88. Jamal


    We got robbed on the Cesc deal and you know it. He was easily a 50m player back then.

    Didnt Spurs manage to sell Modric for the same price as Cesc?

    So i can’t see Bale leaving for less than 40m

  89. Evan

    Bale would easily fetch 30-40 million. Agree with Jamal ,Arsenal were bent over in a bad way with Cesc fee, we weren’t robbed though, we allowed the buggery