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Welcome to Tuesday best friends, tomorrow we take on Swansea for the 3rd time this year. Can’t wait.

Before writing, what will be my fourth preview (yeah, I wrote one a day early so had to power out another), we’ll run through the rubbish that’s been hitting the newsfeeds since Saturday.

First up, I’ve got to take on some sections of the Arsenal fanbase. Why? Because they’re boring. If you go to the games, you’ll know what I’m about to talk about. Yeah, the moaners. Now, I’m a moaner. I’ll moan to anyone about Arsenal. The club occupies my mind and my life. I love the club though. If I go to the games, my first instinct is to be positive. I know that irks some people who say I don’t have a consistent tone one here… here’s the deal… I’m a fan, not a scientist. If I see some light, as a fan, I’ll hunt that out. I’ve said it’s time for a change for years… but don’t ever expect me to bang the ‘Wenger Out’ drum like a mad man on a day to day basis.

1) It’d get boring very quickly

2) It doesn’t make a difference

We know Wenger is past it, nothing I can do online will speed up the process of getting him out the club. If you want to protest, get off you backside, join a supporters group and rally the troops. I get sick of reading people criticising other groups when they’re doing nothing themselves. Even worse, the people who say they’ll turn up to a march, walk or whatever then don’t show. It’s all well and good being militant online, but if it doesn’t turn into something actionable offline, you’re just a militant moaner online.

Annnnyway. Back to the point about boring Arsenal fans. I’m talking about the guys who give Theo Walcott grief after three minutes. Sure he’s a little over average, sure in most people’s eyes he’s probably not worth £100k a week… but it is what it is. He’s going to sign so we have to support him. What is the point in shouting how terrible he is after 3 minutes? What does that give to the atmosphere? What does that do for the player. It’s so dull and people who partake in it are responsible for killing the vibe at the ground. It’s never young people either… it’s middle aged men who look a touch thuggish mostly leading it. It’s horrible. We saw a fight kick off a few rows in front of us during the City game. I can see how it happens. The negative comments get worse and worse during a game… not even in a constructive way… and people snap.

The fact this is spilling out into video action has spilled out into a fan squaring up to Samir Nasri outside the ground makes it even more worrying. A cowardly act. I mean honestly, how pathetic a person do you have to be to try and attack a footballer on the way to the ground. It’s embarrassing. It’s not funny. It’s utterly shameful. Seeing that video on Youtube made me feel ashamed to be an Arsenal fan. We’re supposed to be a fanbase of class. I just hope if anyone knows that guy, they tell him he shamed the club.

Onto something more amusing. How about Arsene Wenger and his comments on Chelsea and their £80m pursuit of Pep Guardiola?

“Is £80m too much for Chelsea? I don’t know, even for them, but I do see Pep working in this league.

“He started with caviar at Barcelona, having all those world-class player to choose from’

What a funny comment eh? Some publications have pointed to Wenger being part of the push to bring Pep to London. Don’t believe it. Can you honestly imagine that scenario with the current board?

‘Hey Arsene, I know things are going to sh*t at the moment, I just wondered if you’d take this call from Pep? You know, try and convince him he should come to Arsenal should we have the ammo to bomb you out this summer?’

An unlikely conversation. Ivan Gazidis isn’t stupid. The one thing I’m almost sure he’ll want to avoid with a new manager is a power vacuum. So that would immediately rules out the possibilty of 1) Arsene choosing or having any say over his successor 2) Ivan bringing in a manager who is so powerful, he could take the power from the board 3) Arsene becoming a Director of Football.

Once Arsene goes, he’s gone. Why we’d want someone who is no longer a trailblazer in top level football running rule over the future of our club is beyond me. We need a fresh start. We need a young manager with something to prove. We need someone who can help ignite our push to become one of the best in the world.

Another person I don’t want at the club. Niall Quinn. It’s clear to me he’s pushing for a job at the club. Sorry. No thanks. We can do better. Everyone slated Stewart Robson for having an agenda, for me, Quinn has the opposite agenda. He’s not the man for the footballing role at Arsenal. That’s if there’s one available.

As for players? Not too much going on. Newcastle have had their bid for Loic Remy gazumped by QPR. They’ve offered £55k… QPR have offered £80k. Big money for an average player… still, if he bangs in 12 goals and keeps them up, it’s money well spent. I’d like us to take a gamble like that. Why don’t we offer Fellaini £80k a week? Why don’t we offer Capoue £30k a week? Two players more than capable of improving out squad. Two players who look like they’ll be joining clubs alternative to Arsenal.

One player we seem to be double keen on chasing down is Zaha. The Time reported we’d lost out, Sky are reporting we’re back in. I’m not against his signing. We’re trying to replicate the lack of success Villa had way back when… signing up all the English players money could buy in the hope they’d come good! In fact, Leeds did the same thing?  Anyway, I’d be fine with Zaha coming in. Sure there are better players, but if he’s better than Moses was at that age and he’s a Gooner, he’s a punt worth taking.

There’s a story floating around about Arsenal, United, Spurs and Liverpool penning a letter to the Premier League to enforce tough sanctions on clubs that have rich benefactors. Hardly news eh? I think we’re all aware of the stance Arsenal have on this matter.

The final piece of gossip is around Diame and that £3.5m buyout clause. Is he super, super quality? Maybe. Is he cheap? Of course. So there’s a chance!

That’s your lot for today… see you in the comments!

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  1. incescwas

    Was some dumbass fuckwit really saying we should sign shawcross and barton earlier?

    100m in the bank, in the champions league every year, one of the richest clubs in the world

    And your ambition is to sign 2 guys that aren’t even regulars in the worst england team ever? No champions league experience, never won fuck all

    You spend all day moaning about wenger then say shawcross and barton?? Lol

    Barce would really be shitting it in the tunnel when they saw 2 players they’ve never heard of. One of which doing a weird scouse french accent

  2. gambon

    I would never have a go at Nasri,

    He did well for us for 3 years and left for bigger & better things.

    I would shake his hand and that bloke wouldnt have called him a wanker if i was around.

  3. Incesc

    So that Wenger interview, everyone got a boner from, where he says he wants to spent big on 2 players was from December.

    One of those players was probably villa till barce said no.

    The other was probably diaby

  4. kwik fit

    Apparently Nasri and Chamakh appeared at the Emirates on Sunday and mingled with the Arsenal supporters because they had heard on the grapevine that the fans were going to turn up dressed as hookers.
    Massive let down for the boys then!

  5. gambon

    Think a lot of people have misunderstood Arsene Wankers comments

    If you look at what he said, he didnt say “im gonna spend big money now” he said “we will spend money again”

    That could mean now, summer, 2014, 2105.

    Its quite clear he was talking in general there is money available, not “im gonna spend money now”

    Wont stop the sun going with “Arsene to buy fellaini & villa” tomorrow.

  6. gambon







    Thats better.

  7. Ché C Cheriton

    I still Gambon on the exclusion of JW. Despite what you say I feel with better players around him in the middle he can go on to become a very very good player and I don’t want a foreign player stopping that so leave JW in and build around him.

  8. Incesc

    What Barton and shawcross? I did write a post about your love of shite players because you think they are “hard” bobby chArlton but it didn’t appear for some reason

  9. Jeff

    Isn’t everything about what Wenger says just an attempt at buying more time? We all know the team isn’t good enough to win anything and whereas we’re advocating doing something about it, he just wants everyone to shut up and let him get on with. In the meantime he squanders millions every week on a bunch of league 1 players who’ve just become too comfortable and accept that hanging around and banking the money every week is their best option. I’d do the same.

    If you can find a lunatic who’s going to pay you 60k per week to turn up for a couple of training sessions where all you have to do is pretend to be a premier league footballer, why the hell should you look a gift horse in the mouth?

    Arsenal is carrying a huge carcass around and the fans are paying for it week in week out. It won’t do Arsene, it just won’t do. If you truly love the club (which I very much doubt) you would leave now and preserve any semblance of the legend status you once had. If you wait till the bitter end, you will be remembered for destroying the club and all those achievements in the beginning will be dust – very much like our trophy cabinets.

  10. Ché C Cheriton

    Incesc I would take my team with Barton and Shawcross, Baines and Zaha over what we have now any day of the week.

    GK: Chezzer

    LB: Baines
    CB: Per
    CB: Shawcross
    RB: Sagna

    DM: TV5
    CM: JW
    CM: BArton

    LW: Pod/Zaha
    FC: Giroud/Theo
    RW: Cazorla/Ox

    Subs: Arteta, Kos, Rosic,AA, Ramsey etc

    They wouldn’t lack for passion and it would bring out the best of JW.

  11. Thomas

    The problem is that Wenger is a loser. And he instills loser mentality into the players. They’re scared to win. They don’t have the confidence.

  12. Incesc

    Arsenals ambition with the finances available and the stadium, fan base etc should be to compete with the top teams in the champions league

    Barton and shawcross will never be champions league players, they are shit. Just because they look angry doesn’t make them good footballers.

  13. gambon


    I love jack, but he needs competition, he needs to be rotated, and he shouldnt just be gifted 50 games per season cos hes the great white hope.

  14. gambon

    Something that went under the radar today….Man Utd signed 2 new sponsors.

    Now in itself not huge. However that means in the last year they have signed 12 new sponsors….we only have 11 in total.

    Secondly, these were both Chinese companies

    If UTD have cracked China then god help us. They are everything we should be.

  15. El Pige

    So I am still a little perplexed by the stadium being no longer a restriction on our spending. I mean how could it have been in the last few years when all we have done is hoard cash. Another quote that tries to build faith in us coming out of the slump we are in. He will never spend big.

  16. El Pige

    Also agree with Gambon regarding United commercial deals. United capitalised on their success and increased stadium capacity. Then they begin increasing revenue through commercial tie ups. We are constantly having to play catch up because we didn’t act quickly enough in the past. Now if we are less successful we become an even less attractive proposition.

  17. mystic

    The ability to appear to be expressing oneself coherently does not prove a thing, other than showing how easy it is for Wenger to lie through his teeth and still be able to get some schmucks to believe him.

  18. Royal Bludger

    Felliani is exactly who we need. But I repeat Wenger would be too afraid and intimidated by him.

    Same with Yaya, Drogba, Zlatan.

    Wenger can only cope with little boys between 5’2 and 5’8 – look at the CB’s he plays for crissakes.

  19. mystic

    Wenger said: “It has become more difficult for one simple reason: We have a good squad. I know we swim against the stream a bit because people don’t believe that. I say we have a very good squad.”

    Coherently said and quite insane.

  20. leon

    for there are a very few world cb in the prem may be kompany if you think about it how many clean sheets to you see in the prem and its because of that it most populer the best techical legue seria A in italy they have best defences most games are either 0-0 or 1-0 but its not the most exciting in fact it can be quite boring at times.
    this post seems imply that wenger has lost it now i am now wenger fan at all but wenger is tight fisted he stubborn he is extremly set in ways but one thing wenger is not is a fool he knows what he is doing he always has, he knows that most of the arsenal players that are in the squad are good but not top class and how much it will cost to get thoses type of players.

    i may wrong but i think at manu but i think only 2-3 players are on over 150k but the rest of the players are on around 40 k-50 k and of course at arsenal everyone is on similer money 50-60k with 1-2 exceptions.

    its clear that arsenal have set tranfer policy inmy opinion there are only realy 1-2 realy poor players at arsenal santos sculachi ect but rest are good average not best but not the worst and they wont players who better than just good that have x factor then they will have scrap thier tranfer policy

  21. MuddyGooner

    Don’t know if it’s been mentioned here before but Wenger hasn’t won any silverware without the players he inherited. His last trophy, the 2005 FA cup, he was lucky enough to have Bergkamp in the team, who of course, was from the previous regime.
    Wenger’s won sod all since.
    Problem was about the time Dennis retired, most of Wenger’s best buys were heading towards the exit door too. He replaced tall, powerful mentally strong leaders with spoilt toddlers that cracked under pressure.
    Sad, really really sad to what he’s done to our Arsenal.

  22. Royal Bludger

    Incest – Mert is on the bench these days, you blind dick.

    He only gets on when Little Laurent gets a red card for rugby tacking Little Dzeko.


  23. Royal Bludger

    Muddy – exactly.

    The Wanker has never won a single trophy with a team consisting entirely of players of his own choosing.

    What the fuck more does anyone need to know?

  24. Royal Bludger

    Diaby doesn’t actually play if you haven’t noticed – they split his payments 50:50.

    Wenger’s dream forward line is: Shaun Wright-Phillips, Arsharvin, and that midget guy in the comedy film

    … and playing Walcott as a CB to prove what a genuis he is …

    Plus David Silva as backup keeper

  25. Incesc

    He never plays arshavin.

    Getting pretty strong vibes here that you don’t know much about arsenal, or watch us much.

    That’s ok though, it takes all types of fans…

  26. MuddyGooner

    I don’t think we’re ever going to witness goals like that again at Arsenal.
    What a legend Dennis is.
    Missing him badly.

  27. Relieable sauce

    Its got to the point where I just want to punch him in the face.

    Ivan Gazidis do your job ffs & sack him or force him to announce his impending departure at the end of the season, then get on the blower asap to Pep or Mo & ask who ‘s on their wish list for next season & sign them.
    If you can’t/won’t do that then you should resign, or at the very least change your title & pay grade & lay off the fucking bonuses.

  28. Relieable sauce

    The now classic “We didn’t know he was on the transfer list” reply to the “You could’ve had Berbatov” claim from the post match interviewer.
    No wonder he finds it hard to sign players if he thinks they have to be on the transfer list to be available.

  29. Kroenke+footballlolol

    Wenger doesn’t have a penny, it’s all going to Stan Kroenke’s pursuit of every square inch of the planet he can buy. We’ll most probably have more funds when he sells our next best asset. I really couldn’t say who that is now, Wilshere?

  30. Dan Ahern

    You’ve got The Dictators’ lineup horribly wrong! Here it is:

    Hitler – Lead guitar
    Stalin – Lead guitar
    Hussein – Lead guitar
    Wenger – Lead guitar

    It’s actually a cleaner sound than you’d think: Hitler and Stalin have a pact not to play solos at the same time, and Wenger broke all his strings six years ago but refuses to buy new ones.

  31. Zacharse

    I don’t understand how Gazidis could have any future at the arsenal after Wenger goes, but that’s just me and lord knows i’d be doing things differently