Merry Christmas from Le Grove

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Jeez people, this is simply too much… Mila Kunis under one arm, a crate of Peroni under the other… Chicken Cottage Special Edition Turkey Special under the other.

Hold on?

Anyway, there’s no news today. I just want to tell you all how much we’ve appreciated you dropping by this year. Blogging daily is a ball ache, but you all make it worth it, even when you bitch about the post not being online in time for your morning…

…yep, that’s a pretty common complaint.

Have a fantastic day, make sure you drink too much / gorge like Lampard after a week of fasting and please do ensure Arsenal dominate the conversation at the dinner table.

Much love, from Geoff & Pedro…


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  1. Clearview

    And a huge merry Christmas from aus. They all complain about the posts being late there, I have to wait until 7:30 pm! Well the days is still young and back to the pool. Cheers for all the posts and arguments over the year

  2. Moray

    Happy Xmas all, back in the UK; it’s pissing down and our boxing day game has been cancelled because of strike action. Plus ca change…let’s hope we see some real activity in the upcoming transfer window as Wenger is well and truly in the last chance saloon. Happy drinking!

  3. kwik fit

    Mila Kunis Pedro…….. you can do better than her 😉

    To Pedro and Geoff thanks for all those daily posts especially the ones when you were hanging. That takes guts and you guys have plenty.
    Happy Christmas all you Groovers and Grovettes where ever you are.

  4. PDizzle

    As a newcomer to the blog this season, I think it’s great. I read it everyday and it’s much appreciated. Thanks and Happy Christmas

  5. Northbank Lew

    Pedro and Geoff – MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!! Thanks for always being there…and never being content ! I hope you are this festive season. Cheers.

  6. GoonerHart

    Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy it stuff yourselves get tipsy and let’s hope our clubs has a merry Christmas a month long next week!

  7. GoonerHart

    Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy it stuff yourselves get tipsy and let’s hope our clubs has a merry Christmas a month long next week!

  8. GoonerHart

    Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy it stuff yourselves get tipsy and let’s hope our clubs has a merry Christmas a month long next week!

  9. patthegooner

    Merry Christmas Pedro and Geoff, and all Arsenal fans.

    I dont get to post as much as I used to, but I still read everyday without fail.

    Awesome effort to keep this site going.

  10. SpanishDave

    Merry Christmas from Spain it was pissing down here earlier but now its sunny.
    My wife was going to record Free Willy but now shes not interested when I told her it was a film about Whales

  11. Goke

    Merry Xmas to Pedro,Geoff, Legrovers, Arsenal fans through out d world,Arsenal fc.May this Xmas be d beginnin of winning trophy(ies)

  12. Bade

    Merry Christmas Grovers

    Love you all

    Let’s hope Pedro’s girlfriend do see this post. She will be happy to be compared to Mila Kunis …. 😆

  13. Thorough

    First to say Merry Christmas from Nigeria. Almost cant put off the urge to bitch even on Christmas. Hope we get some ‘super super qualidee’ to make our celebration fuller.

  14. Bade

    Wesley Sneijder to the Sp*rs is a done deal apparently

    How has he gambled his career on a team that doesn’t play CL football? He’s going to so much miss that

  15. Aj

    After pardew rules out ameobi for nigeria squad 4 the afcon 2013 due to reasons he will mention just yet….iam starting to believe Ba is definatly leaving 4….arsenal!!! Merry Christmas!

  16. ANU Gunner

    Guys, I’ve enjoyed your articles all year from Antigua and looking forward to much more as far as that is concerned. Like you both, I live in hope of better things to come, sooner rattan than later.
    Gunner to the Core

  17. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Merry Xmas LG.

    A massive achievement to put a daily post up there, and to keep it interesting. Top marks Pedro. It takes time and dedication. I recognise that and give you nothing but praise and best wishes for a really happy Xmas and a great new year.


  18. Dream10

    According to Tancredi Palmeri, Italian Journalist. Sneijder to Spurs.

    Things have changed for Sneijder and he Spurs as a rising team. It was said in the summer that Arsenal could not afford his wages.

    Will take significant pay to join Spurs. Only way deal can work.

  19. gambon

    Merry Christmas to one and all…

    I know i have my run ins with people but i respect all opinions on here (except Royal Todger). So Keyser, Nasris Mouth et al, keep up the good work.

    Finally well done to the 2 most prominent voices in the Arsenal blogosphere…..Gambon & Joppa!

    I guess Pedro and Geoff do OK as well!

  20. gambon

    …& special mention to my favourite posters DDM, Suga, Thomas Its up for grabs, Thorough, Azed & surprisingly these days Mystic!

    Also hope the old school Franchise, Odub and the legend Master P are all good!

  21. Bouldy's Left Testicle

    Ho Ho Ho

    Give us Isco and Wanyama,
    maybe a Holtby to please my mama,
    a Belhanda, not a panda,
    or Mbiwa to cure my feeva,

    I really wouldn’t mind,
    Theo Walcott to re-sign,
    But whos the guy from TP Mazembe,
    I’d rather have Mokèlé-mbèmbé!

    Merry X-Mas to all you hustlers 😀

  22. Confidentgoner

    To all groves who blog here, merry xtmas and a prosperous new year. To Geoff and Pedro, who give a lot to give us the daily posts or should I say daily fix, merry xtmas and happy holidays.

    My new year wish


  23. leon

    afternoon all hope you have very nice christmas. it looks like there will be at least 2-3 players leaving in jan i think chamakh schulachi and aa will be leaving. some may disagree but think the team defends pretty well and have good midfielders not world class but good,however in the final third they lack cutting edge and real quality. i think this team needs better wingers and most defenatly at least 1 more striker

  24. GUNNER786


    Wenger has had a massive row with his wife because he didn’t buy her or his daughter a christmas present.

  25. Santos

    Merry Xmas grovers. Thanks Pedro and Geoff for making this place a family. Warm wishes everybody. Victoria Concordia Crescit.

  26. Santos

    Why don’t we try to get Kaka? Way better than Sneijder. Wages might be a problem, but we can do it. He’s stagnated under Maureen

  27. jon_tron

    My day isn’t a day without reading this blog first. I really enjoy it, and the banter, insight, and all around atmosphere on this blog are top notch. Thanks for a good 3 years (how long I’ve been reading) and here’s to the new year and up the Gunners.

  28. Gunner2301

    Merry Xmas to all at Le-Grove. Pedro and Geoff respect for all the interesting posts over the year come rain or shine.
    Now after a haughty Xmas dinner I’m going back to sleep 😆

  29. MuddyGooner

    Let’s hope the ghost of Christmas past can get Wenger & the Board ( Scrooge & his stooges ) to see just how horrible they have been to the long suffering Arsenal fans.
    Then to suddenly become generous and present us with Falcao, Fellainie, Baines and a goalie, for starters !
    Merry Xmas fellow Gooners, one day a similar dream may come true!

  30. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    The sceptics are trying to get enough signatures to force piers Morgan out of the states… If your on twitter give a fellow goon support. All because he voices his opinion on Americas gun law, they have sold three years worth of bullets in three days ! Man that’s a freaked up land,

  31. Gunner2301


    The media look after themselves so I don’t think he’ll have a problem. Not that anything the English say in support would make a jot of difference anyway. If his ratings are still good he’ll survive.

  32. Ché C Cheriton

    “Finally well done to the 2 most prominent voices in the Arsenal blogosphere…..Gambon & Joppa!”

    I guess Pedro and Geoff do OK as well!

    I second that. Merry Christmas Gambon, Pedro and ‘King’ Geoff as well as every one else: SDE, Gunner2301, Kush, Keyser, Hitman, DDM and anyone I may have forgotten.

    Much Love

  33. ed atom

    Merry christmas to all the good people of Le-Grove, especially Geoff and Pedro, who’s hard work keeps us going throughout the hard times.

    Have yourselves a wonderous christmas and a prosperous new year.

  34. Bennydevito

    Merry Christmas Muthafunglas!

    Lurch, gnarley, DDM, Franchise, Gambon, El Tel, Sabeel, Suga, QOS, Kwik, Keyser, Joppaaaaaa, Kavit, Kush, Radio Raheem, Royal budgie, doublegooner, finest cuts, Ric, Geoff and Pedro… and all you other Grovers I’ve forgotten.. Jagyouare!

    I’m still recovering from an obscene ammount of Christmas dinner and am nursing my daughter who’s ill next to me watching tv. I hope Santa brings to us a demba ba and fellaini and an isco and a Rudolf the rednose Reina!

    Ho ho ho grovers, right where’s my cider? I am from Bristol after all!

  35. Doublegooner


    Even with a tube strike there are already 000’s who’ve made it to Oxford St & shopping centres yet our club decide to cancel the game. even though there are no limits on parking in Islington.

    Why couldn’t we have played ??

    The club shop will be open today !

  36. bankz

    So we are not playing today? I just hope there are other fixtures worth watching.
    Only positive from this postponed game is that we have no excuse not to whoop newcastle in our next game.
    No “jaded” talk or “they were overfed from the xmas celebrations so they were physically heavy” talk either.
    Happy boxing day Gambon’s mum.
    Easy with the boxing okay.