Wenger pulls the ‘you owe me’ card on Theo | Bayern Munich: Things just got tough…

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Morning Grovers, I went out last night and drank the whole bar, so this will be short and fluffed with massive quotes.

First up. Arsene Wenger just showed his cards to Theo Walcott and the fans.

‘It is easier to take a player of 25 and put him in the team. You know what you are getting.

‘If you put them in at 17 or 18, you have to stand up for them. You risk losing games while they are learning their job. Once you have produced them you want to say, ‘Okay, let’s stay together and win together.’

‘Somewhere along the line they need to give back to the club what the club has given to them.

‘When a guy gets to 30, you can understand it is his last contract and if he feels he wants a change.

‘This is a more sensitive age, but basically, it is a reward for our policy.’

‘I am happy to pay Theo the money he deserves, but I feel as well that I bought him at 16 years of age and spent a lot of money on him.

‘I am a big supporter and I believe he is happy here. Theo has always looked to me like he is an Arsenal man.’

Oh dear. This is slightly awkward. Arsene Wenger admitting he takes risks with kids that cost us games… and now he wants those players he’s let serve apprenticeships under us to sign on because they owe us?

Arsene, Arsene, Arsene… this isn’t how football works. You can’t command loyalty by dishing out big contracts at the beginning if you can’t dish them out at the end. Theo Walcott doesn’t give a crap that you gave him 6 seasons of fatherly love at the expense of the club. All he cares about is himself. The above comment sums up how totally out of touch you are with the modern game.

Here’s an idea Arsene, why not start doing things with success in mind? If there is a 25 year old available, and that’s easier, why not bring him in? They’ll give you 6 seasons, 6 of their best seasons, and chances are they won’t lose you as many games. Hey, you never know, if the young kid you’ve got earmarked for great things is good enough, he might push past the 25  year old if he works hard? Isn’t that a interesting notion. Having to prove yourself rather than being plunged in at the deep end until you can swim… even if that takes 5 years.

That comment for me is a perfect summarisation of one of the biggest problems we have with Arsene. Winning isn’t a priority, it’s a hopeful byproduct of a flawed idea that he’s never managed to get working. We’re embarking on the rebranding of that project as we speak. As some of the Grovers coined it yesterday, this is British Project Youth. This one will get more time from the fans because those 4 of those boys will be in the England side. It’ll probably be about as successful as the last one though. We need change at the club, not flash marketing ploys that involve Arsenal not investing for another 7 years.

Anyway, back onto the big talking point from yesterday… we drew Bayern Munich. Last years finalists. Leaders in the Bundasliga. A team loaded with quality and form. Failing to top the group has once again come back to bite us on the back side. Bayern are going to be very, very tough. They feel more beatable than Barcelona for some reason, but the simple fact of the matter is we’ve probably drawn the one of the toughest teams in the competition.

Still, you have to be capable of beating the best if you’re going to win this trophy. If we do beat them, things could get interesting. some big teams are going out early.

Galatasaray vs Schalke 04

Celtic vs Juventus

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich

Shakhtar Donetsk vs Borussia Dortmund

AC Milan vs Barcelona

Real Madrid vs Man Utd

Valencia vs PSG

FC Porto vs Malaga

Anyway, I’ll leave you to chew over our chances! See you in the comments.


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  1. Biggles

    Aww crap, that’s almost a trophy.

    Hmmm, Bayern. I’d have taken them over Dortmund, Barca and PSG (and Man U if it weren’t for that not being possible at this stage). On the other hand, Malaga and Juventus would probably have been easier.

    If only we’d finished 1st. But hey ho, it gave the kids experience, so they’ll owe us in 2018 or so.

  2. Rhj

    So finally we have it directly from the horse’s arse, I mean mouth. This comment says ‘I am not trying to win the Premiership, I’m a trying to do something else’. Some weird, only Arsene knows what type of nonsense. ‘It is easier to take a player of 25 and put him in the team. You know what you are getting’. So why don’t you just do that then?

    Arsene, perhaps you should try and get a job as a footballing professor at some cack university? Then you can discuss your ridulous theories with a bunch of pot-head students who will all think you’re fantastic because they’re so mullered all the time. Leave the real work of running the club to a proper manager. Please sod off Arsene, you are no longer wanted.

  3. dennisdamenace

    Wenger’s whole “you owe us” philophy is totally fucking flawed, as witnessed by our continued demise as a footballing powerhouse. As winessed b y every semi-decent player wanting to fuckoff to a proper football club, that is serious about it’s first team, and doesn’t try to emotionally blackmail it’s player into staying, they stay out of choice to be in a competitive team.

    Yet still the mug persists with this philosophy.

  4. Chris MAITAI

    Does anyone at Arsenal read these blogs? It might change things if they know how we the fans feel. We might not beat Bayern then again we might, Like Pedro said, we have to beat the best if we have to win this competition.

  5. Duc

    I for one support giving youth a chance. Especially English kids. I’d give Academy players the same time to settle as imports currently get. All the time spent on Cygan, Senderos, Squid, Djurou could have been used on the brightest sparks in the reserves. It couldn’t have been any worse! And a gem or two would have emerged. Talent needs an opportunity to shine otherwise it’ll die. There’s only so much time one can be “ready” and chomping at the bit before it starts to unravel with the realisation you’re never going to get a run no matter how hard you try. Look at Yennaris; great little cameo last year and now what?

  6. Ramsey's backpass

    Who cares?we are not going to win the Cl with wonga in charge

    wonga’s latest series of interviews makes me believe he is scared of AU taking over,he knows he would have been sacked if AU were to be in charge
    also i believe wonga is backing silent stan busy telling him we are in a fantastic shape and that 99% of the players has “individual qualities” qualities us fan cant see

  7. BOOZY

    wenger would give theo £100k if that is what is required to keep him.

    The fans have made their opinion known, during our last game, and wenger is terrified of the fans.

    so if theo goes, it won’t be because we didn’t offer enough cash.

  8. dennisdamenace

    DoubleG – How are you fella?

    Long time, and all that.

    I was having a coffee with our mutual friend yesterday, and he stated that at the eleventh hour RvP had a change of heart and wanted to stay, but Wenger told him he was leaving.

    He also told me that Park has been written off as a ‘company asset’ as in written off from the books/accounts.

    And, that fundamentally all coaches (with the exception of Peyton & Colbert who are true brown nosers ) all disagree/offer different advice to Arsene, but he chooses to ignore them almost every time. Thereby, EVERYTHING that happens on the pitch is down to Wenger, no one else.

  9. gambon

    “‘It is easier to take a player of 25 and put him in the team. You know what you are getting”

    So Wenger basically admits he doesnt make decisions based on whats best for Arsenal FC…..he indulges himself in his weird little experiment.


  10. gambon

    Ive said this many times before.

    If you asked Arsene his greatest achievement it wouldnt be the double in 98, wouldnt be the double in 02, or the invincibes.

    He would tell you its the sale of Cesc to Barca…..”I made him”

    Fuck me, if Diaby ever got fit and moved to Madrid Wenger would want to become a fully fledged member of the illuminati.

  11. useroz

    Is wenger really that sick or is dementia??

    Every fucking year, he’s confident so and so will stay, or will not be sold, etc. And pull the loyalty card numerous times.

    Did players give a shit about loyalty or his undivided, eternal fathering love? Hell no.

    What did Cesc say about his training? How about Nasri spilling shit about Wenger? RVP’s infamous statement, even like-his-kid-Song talked about his right move…

    So what did wenger learn? Fuck all.

    Passport or not, the new deals to these 5 kids aren’t right. Not all necessary (some awhile to go anyway); not sure about their new wages but wenger’s record of 50,000 contract renewals suggest they’d be another Arsene-al special Xmas present, and fucked our available budget while giving him excuse not to invest and still compile with the Emirates deal in % reinvestment in players. Real bastard.

    This was a pure a distraction to the embroiling fans’ frustration and a marketing stunt.

    On loyalty, Jack’s been saying he’s happy to commit his long term future blah, blah, blah…who wouldn’t??????? When a stupid 5 year contract is put in front of you at allegedly 80’+ per week????

    Wenger fuck off before pissing away our budget.

  12. Chris MAITAI


    I dont think Arse Wenger is scared of the fans, if he did, alot would have changed a long time ago especially with the goal keeper situation where he kept faith with a useless goalie even though everyone could see Almunia was soo slow he couldn’t even catch a cold.. I think Theo will still leave coz Arsene makes it look like its Theo who doesn’t want to stay.

  13. wenker-wanger

    its so obvious wenger runs the club on the basis of some “loyalty” criterion. As the article suggests wenger does not look for the ingredients of progressive success and thereby building a great team piece by piece, no he haphazardly chooses players of untested ability hoping they will improve and be winners. His french crop of players recently brought into the club shows his flawed judgement. Giroud is no ian wright, henry or bergkamp and is at best a reasonable header of a ball. Gervinho is lightweight and with little end product. SQUID is useless and so it goes on. The total wages of our squad is obscene in comparison to other much more successful teams, so how does that equate to a business orientated manager like wenger?
    As for the bayern challenge; thats all it is a challenge and one that we would do well avoiding a heavy aggregate defeat. Wenger will point out that we have had x No, of continual seasons in the champs league and all will be forgotten in the challenge for the “4th place trophy”. We all know the story that repeats every season and its a dismal one. I cant imagine a more static club than arsenal…….teams fortunes fluctuate, we appear to be permanently hovering around 4th place, perhaps this season it will be 6th as wengers luck finally runs out.

  14. dennisdamenace

    Gambon – Deep down we all new that this was out of choice NOT neccesity. That he doesn’t spend becuase he wants the comfort zone of always developing players rather than the high expectation/risk zone of instant results/rewards.

    He is a bottler, amongst many other things, but above HE is holding Arsenal Football Club back, and the board are happy to indulge him because he makes them richer.

  15. St freak

    Seeing Bayern emerge from that really stupid looking ball, I got that sneaky feeling…the kind most of us are afraid to voice out loud…that arsenal may win the champions league.

    yes, yes i know: i should be led gently but firmly into a lunatic asylum and the key should be swallowed…i totally agree…

    But maybe it is our season of miracles, the like Chelsea had last time round.

  16. useroz

    Rhj. December 21, 2012    09:57:23

    Arsene, perhaps you should try and get a job as a footballing professor at some cack university? Then you can discuss your ridulous theories with a bunch of pot-head students who will all think you’re fantastic because they’re so mullered all the time. Leave the real work of running the club to a proper manager. Please sod off Arsene, you are no longer wanted.


    Trouble is, professors get 140k per year, not per week, and still subject to performance appraisal. Does wenger?

  17. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Anyone else see the piece on Red London about the draw for the CL being fixed?
    I saw his post Wednesday about the practice draw putting us against Bayern and Manure v Real and then the same thing happened in the live draw…. Weird!

  18. Joe Mitchell

    Roll on Feb is all i can say. I might be frustrated at what is happening at our great club but that isn’t going to stop me selling my first born to get a ticket for the game. Nights like Barca and Bayern at the Emirates are what sets us apart from the fucks down the road.
    We can beat them if we all pull in the same direction, make the Grove a hostile noisy place for them to play in and get behind the boys like we did against Barca. I hope this is Wengers last season ONLY if there is someone better to bring in. Pep would be my personal choice yes he had great players but he organised them and they work as a team something we to frequently forget about.


  19. A.k.b nemesis

    Gomez,rob-ery,martinez,shweinsteiger,neaur vs giroud,podolski,carzola,arteta,wilshere,szcsezny! Were in for it guyz.

  20. Bade

    Short but meaningful post Pedro

    Those Arsene comments just summarise the loser’s mindset he’s in

    So Arsene knows what he needs to do, he doesn’t do it & then he comes back moaning about those youngsters that don’t fit to his agenda rather than stepping up, admitting the flaws & doing what he’s supposed to do

    If anyone still thought Arsene is managing Arsenal for the best interest of Arsenal & not his own personal praise, you got your damning evidence the man is after his own glory & justification

    Purely pathetic Arsene. You really have to feel for him that he’s being so poor & submissive, attitude wise

  21. mystic

    Just read a comment on a different blog:

    Wenger quote “If we can add one or two exceptional players, we will do it. What we do not want to do is add players just because people put us under pressure to buy players” What can anybody find to argue with there?

    Comment: A perfectly sensible statement of fact by a perfectly sensible manager.

    Please god tell me that this commenter was taking the piss!

  22. Marko

    Bring in Paulinho, Cavani and Andre Ayew or Muniain and a left back all non cup tied and we’d have a shout against Bayern

  23. Guns of Hackney

    Walnut owes Arsenal nothing except a big thank you for paying him ricky-diculous amounts of money to play absolute shit for 85% of the season.

    As for Bayern…I am looking forward to a successfully run club, with huge European credentials, class players and a fantastic stadium give us a right royal humbling.

    Arsene out! Now and always.

  24. mystic

    ‘When a guy gets to 30, you can understand it is his last contract and if he feels he wants a change, I can understand that. ‘

    For once an almost perfect Wenger statement telling the truth – basically if a player wants to be a winner and leave ‘I can understand that’. To put it simply:

  25. salparadiseNYC

    “Here’s an idea Arsene, why not start doing things with success in mind? If there is a 25 year old available, and that’s easier, why not bring him in? ”

    Fucking TOO right.
    AW put club before ego, its like putting your wife before your mistress. You can have both but the latter should ride in the back seat.
    Now before those grubby mayans have there way with us today get on out into the market and dip your wick on some quality.

  26. mystic

    Guns of Hackney December 21, 2012 10:58:01
    ‘I am looking forward to a successfully run club, with huge European credentials, class players and a fantastic stadium give us a right royal humbling.’

    And if Arsene doesn’t go all you have done is support another team – you really think that is the way forward?

  27. Guns of Hackney


    I’ve gone over this before, but I’ll say it again. I support Arsenal FC, always have and always will – I do not support the current incarnation that includes players, no one can, or wants to, relate to, a board that is out of touch with the modern world and a manager whose luck ran out 8 years ago.

    So tell me, what exactly is there to support? An emptying, souless stadium? A badge? There isn’t anything left of the Arsenal I started supporting in 1982 – so you tell me, what’s left?

    I do not support Bayern, per se…but if every defeat brings the opportunity of change, I’ll back anyone beating the living daylights out of us.

  28. Real Madras

    I shall be at the Wigan game trying to get the fans to sing goodbye to Arsene, if i don’t post here in the next couple of days then it only means one thing i have been stabbed to death by the AKBs

  29. mystic

    If your comment were repeated on another site with AKB doubters they would instantly recharge their enthusiasm for the man as they would consider that becoming anti AKB would mean joining forces with who they considered to be anti Arsenal.

    It makes NO difference as to why you say it, sometimes it is simply WHAT you say that influences others. To get rid of Wenger we need the support of the AKBs, sorry but that would do the opposite.

  30. dennisdamenace

    The Board are happy with Wenger, Wenger’s happy with the board, Gazidis get ‘s his bonus, they all have their snouts in the trough. Of course they are all happ, they are all complicite in this asset stripping of the football club to line their own pockets either directly or indirectly.

  31. Guns of Hackney


    We, as fans, have no say in whether Arsene leaves or not so I fail to see why anyone needs AKB’s on side.

    The AKB’s wont all of a sudden start supporting another club if Arsene leaves, they may mope for a week and forget him – it’s called progress.

    …and frankly, anyone who can’t handle Arsene leaving the club, does not deserve to follow any football team.

    I wan’t Bayern to hammer us because a) it shows us how far we have fallen b) perhaps, just perhaps it will signal the end to our CL qualification and hence, start the proceedings for Arsene to leave.

    All a moot point because we all know how far we have fallen but no one seems to care and we’ll definitely qualify for the CL again because the Premier League is quite simply: FUCKING SHIT! In a four horse race, even the shittest horse finishes forth…know what I mean?

  32. Guns of Hackney

    Real Madras

    Well summed up! Arsenal have let me down, not the other way around. Like they continue to let all of its fans down.

  33. Real Madras

    Its safe to say the lies and excuses for not competing since 2005 are all clear to see when we know it was all due to Wengers fetish experiments with kids.

    Roll on 8 years and we are back where we started with less quality in the side with one of the highest wage bill and the most expensive season tickets.

    How can any sane fan want this to continue?

  34. mystic

    Real Madras
    I didn’t say that Guns was anti Arsenal, I said:
    ‘It makes NO difference as to why you say it, sometimes it is simply WHAT you say that influences others. To get rid of Wenger we need the support of the AKBs, sorry but that would do the opposite.’

    Agree that we are unlikely to have any say, but in acknowledging that:
    ‘We, as fans, have no say in whether Arsene leaves or not so I fail to see why anyone needs AKB’s on side.’
    You are basically saying that you believe:
    a) Wenger will stay regardless of any situation;
    b) That you believe there is no reason to change AKB opinion of Wenger;
    c) That you are hoping that an opposition side beat Arsenal, not because you hope it will gain anything, but because you believe that Arsenal losing is the way forward.

    Sorry Guns but you are saying that all you want is an opportunity to vent your anger on a blob, not actually hoping that in some way there might be a change.

  35. gambon

    Watching Bergkamps testimonial,

    Jesus i loved them guys. Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Bouldy, Keown, Parlour, Vieira, Overmars, Dennis, Wrighty & Henry.

    Outside of Jack we have no-one like that now. True Arsenal men.

  36. Guns of Hackney


    You were right the first time. I do want to vent my anger on a BLOB!

    I get what you are saying, I really do…I understand that Arsenal losing wont get us anywhere if I really do think Arsene will remain, regardless of how many losses we face…but I have to hold out some hope that failure to qualify for his trophy 4th, might just tip the balance in favour of real change.

  37. Samir

    I’m certain every one of those players on that list would happily move over to us…

    We have champions league football to offer…And we could probably offer them a higher wage!

    But yeah, we all know Wenger will only probably bring Henry back on loan…And we’ll lose to Bayern…

    I wish this club had ambition.

  38. mystic

    My point is that in losing Wenger might eventually be forced to go – hopefully through the anger of the fans, but to accentuated the situation we need to get the increasing number of doubters with us, not let them fall back under his spell.

    Mind you this is all academic, after all according to the survivalists we will be dead at some point today, though I imagine even then that prat Wenger will survive!

  39. ST

    “If there is a 25 year old available, and that’s easier, why not bring him in? They’ll give you 6 seasons, 6 of their best seasons, and chances are they won’t lose you as many games”

    He has done that, Arteta, Cazorla, GIroud, Podolski???

  40. Dan T

    @ biggles

    You would rather have Bayern over Dortmund? Are we talking about the same Bayern? Bayern who are 12 points over Dortmund in the league, the ones that have lost only one game this season? And were finalists in the UCL just 7 months ago.

    And, you would rather have Bayern than PSG? PSG, the team that have only just gone top of a much much weaker league on goal difference?

    I would like to hear your reasoning on this? What makes you think Bayern are weaker then these other teams?

  41. midlandgunner

    earth to arsene wenger…stop all this you owe me for giving you a chance bullshit either pay up or shut up there is very little loyalty in football nowadays, get over it, unfortunately its all about the money

  42. bazza

    Guns of Hackney
    “I do not support Bayern, per se…but if every defeat brings the opportunity of change, I’ll back anyone beating the living daylights out of us.” “I wan’t Bayern to hammer us because a) it shows us how far we have fallen b) perhaps, just perhaps it will signal the end to our CL qualification and hence, start the proceedings for Arsene to leave.”

    You’re not the only one to suggest this, others have gone further and want games to be boycotted etc. I suppose the argument is that Arsenal has to sink to the depths before rising like a phoenix from the ashes. In my view, the logic of this argument is deeply flawed. If fans turn on the team, then morale will be reduced even further, players that love the club like Jack & Jenks will start to fall out of love, revenue will fall by failing to qualify for the Champs League which will in turn make it more difficult to attract top players or a new manager etc etc. In short it would start a downward spiral that possibly we would never recover from.

    The one thing that it will not do is to remove Wenger or the CEO or the Board and certainly not the owner. Stan will sell when he can maximise his profit. Do you really think that losing games will encourage him to sell or Wenger to resign?

    I don’t want to be patronising, but try to think it through. I’m not blind to the shortcomings of Arsenal and I also believe it’s time for Wenger to go. But listen m8 I understand your frustration but wanting your own team to lose would be counter-productive and crosses the line.

  43. bergkamp63

    This is what you get when you employ a sentimental old fool like Wenger, can anyone imagine any top class manager in the world adopting this strategy ?

    He spends money like it’s his own, won’t go out and buy or keep world class players and wants to overpay his rent boys in the hope they come good one day so he can say, I did it without spending a fortune.

    A laughing stock if ever I saw one !!

  44. bergkamp63


    That is also a flawed philosophy, to suggest if Arsenal did not qualify for CL we would not be able to attract the right people is absurd.

    We can afford a wage bill of £175m now, have £150 in the bank, if someone like Guardiola came in, players would flock to this club with that kind of Manager, stadium & money available.

  45. bankz

    Dan T.
    Did you see the group Borrusia Dortmund finished tops from?
    Do you know QSG are the club that qualified with the highest number of points from all the groups?
    Bayern munich topping the bundesliga means nothing in the CL.Chelsea & Man city are ahead of us in the EPL table but out of the CL.
    **the EPL this season is shit by the way..
    So yeah,Bayern over BVB & QSG…but don’t get me wrong they’d spank our a*# blue black unless some Chelsea miracle happens in feb’.
    Another thing that might play into our hands is their winter break.they lost the last bundesliga title after the winter break.they were flying till they returned from break in Jan’..that’s how BVB climbed over them on the log.
    But if that miracle is to happen,we have to be on a long winning/undefeated streak before the 1st leg at the emirates.
    As for wenger and trophies, I’ve given up a long time ago.under Arsene,we will not win a single trophy(unless we fluke it like chelsea’s CL trophy).
    He is deluded and how most fans can’t still see that is beyond me.

  46. SDE

    To All

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pedro,despite our run-in’s, in the past,for running a great blog..

    & Geoff also for his candid & passionate views on all things AFC..

    A blog,that I usually log onto first thing in the morning’s & the last thing at night-time permitting..

    A blog,that has captivated me,in a love & hate kind of relationship,that one encounters,as we go through the cycles of the seasons..
    From the dropping of the autumn leaves,through to the torrid winter cold months -through to the evolutionary spring-through to the sought after hot summers….

    One can call it the cycle of change,or the evolution of time..Or the stagnancy,or devolution of Arsene FC..

    Call it what you want..But you get the gist..

    Le-Grove is infectious& all time consuming & one is undoubtedly caught in the web…

    A much entertaining & thought provoking blog,with regards to AFC & football related matters..

    There have been many posters on here,with whom it has been a sheer delight to converse with..

    & similarly a few posters on here,without a shadow of doubt that it has been a nightmare to deal with..

    By the by,as one is approaching the new year..It’s safe to say..That one would like to end the year on a positive note..

    To leave the sadness,ill-will & despondency behind & approach the new year with warmth,verve & a raison d’etre..

    That said..I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for some recent posts ,over the past few days to all concerned,bar the
    well known culprit & his advocate(s)..

    For those I’ve offended,from near & afar, accept my sincere apologies…

    For those,who fail to understand the error of their ways & their motives..One hope’s,one find’s a new lease of life & perspective in the new year..

    That said,I hope with the new year fast approaching us,may I find the strength & scope to deal with AFC& other attendant matters..

    i doubt it..has as many on here,who are able to take a detached & rational view,only know with the current actors in play@AFC..

    The stage is their theatre,to act& re-enact their performance that is fast becoming a parody of themselves..

    With the script,becoming a well-rehearsed,well intentioned & orchestrated one..It’s left to the audience to decipher b/w the lines,how the ending will transpire..

    When one watches a musical show,that was once resplendent in it’s beauty & glory from it’s conception,being replayed a 1000 times on Broadway..

    Why continuously pay a handsome price for the ticket,when you know the ending/outcome..?

    Is it because,you have a romanticised view of the play,& are expecting a different outcome..?

    Or is it because you expect a different outcome,knowing full well..The ending is always the same..

    Actors might come & go..Generations of audience might somehow change..But the ending is usually the same for such a predictable play..!!

    Question is..Who is entertaining who..? & @ what price? & @what cost?

    With that I wish you all,a very happy xmas & a happy new year..

    Thanks for your time & hope the new year will usher in,positive changes at Arsenal FC & in the many lives of others from near & afar…!!

  47. Evan

    One of my favourite football quotes, Celtic’s Jock Stein
    ‘Celtic jerseys are not for second best, they don’t shrink to fit inferior players.’

    Arsenal’s do, thank you lord Wenger, leave NOW you contract honoring mentalist

  48. Alfie

    Guns of HackneyDecember 21, 2012 11:47:45

    Samir Great list. But why would any of those players want to join a tin pot outfit like Arsenal?


    Fellaini – Everton are shit…. we are’nt fairing too well at the moment but still……. Also, I dont think they will be able to offer Champions league football anytime soon….
    Baines – As above
    Llorente/Ba/Cavani – Wages

    I think alot of people underestimate, even though we’re going through a shitty period of time, the respect and legacy that Arsenal have. Also im sure that every pundit will agree that another 3-4 quality players will make arsenal great again. Why cant these players see themselves as that?

  49. lord snotty

    Am I alone in starting to believe some of the rumours about Mr Wenger. He’s not running this football club in order to win trophies. So what exactly is he doing? I think there needs to be an enquiry. ARSENE OUT!

  50. Shoreditch gooner

    How the AAA support Untold Arsenal, and why the financial solution is in peril
    By Tony Attwood

    “Arsene will be larging it bigtime tomorrow on his blog, Untold !”

    So wrote one of the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal tweets after the latest victory for the club.
    Straight from Uncle Tony’s Arsenal Asylum

    Pedders,is that your tweet?

  51. Adam Bucci

    if it comes down to us being knocked out in the first round, i’m happy it’ll be bayern and not barca or real. couldn’t bear the thought of being knpcked out by a cesc or ronaldo goal.

  52. SDE

    December 21, 2012 13:36:08

    I no longer enjoy football…

    If it’s much consolation..I’ve always been a keen sportsman,rather than a spectator..

    Arsene has helped/assisted in killing my love for football..

    How my father,who is still attending games,albeit less over the years,is squandering the family’s inheritance money,as far as I’m concerned beats me..!!

    Apart from my work,I derive much enjoyment from racket sports & training for triathlon comp’s(time permitting)..

    Get’s a bit boring/mundane,when there’s no progression in any activity one indulges in..How one measures progress is open to interpretation..

  53. SDE

    December 21, 2012 13:54:48

    End of year re-evaluation…!

    GOH..Pointed out a few things the other day..!!

    Easier to spread the love,than to be consumed by negative energy,that other’s foster upon you..

    All that said…I wish Arsene well…& hope he finds it within him to do the honourable thing..

    If he can honestly look at himself in the mirror,every morning,drive into work & honestly say at the end of the day..He has done his level best to compete on the playing field to the best of his ability..With all the resources available to him…Then fair enough..

    If he cannot do that..Then time & performance will surely be the measure,or yardstick by which he will be judged over time..& the fans will vote en masse,if they believe he is falling well short of the yardstick ..

    Without question,it will be when & not if ,for the passing of the baton to a more honest,younger & capable individual..

    Patience is indeed a virtue..!!

  54. Lordbergkamp

    Bayern = us out. They will roll over us with their superior tactics and confident Teutonic mindset like a panzer rolling over a cheap French car…

    And like wengers style, he’s always loathed English players, but now he cannot get his foreign mercenaries to stay he’s all about the English youth project. He’s a sneaky, manipulating, lying wanker.

    Time to go. Leave your keys in the pot by the front door and pull the door closed behind you.

  55. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Quite hypocritical of wenger to ask for loyalty from these players when they reach mid 20’s and want to leave to win medals and achieve some sort of success.
    Does he not feel that Southampton, West Ham, Charlton, and other clubs with fantastic youth academies feel hard done by when the young players that they have nurtured from the age of 8 in some cases, then leave for a bigger pay day and the stepping stone to success at Arsenal.

    It is a natural progression for talented players to move onto brighter and better things? When these players left their first club at 15-16 to make the move to Arsenal were they thinking, “I owe the club so much, I really should stay”, no, they were thinking “I can possibly win a medal there”. Now they see that medals and success are not priorities for Arsenal so they want to move and take the next step up in the footballing ladder, they are looking to join bigger clubs with on the pitch ambitions.
    This is why Cesc and Song left for Barca, it is why RVP left for United, it is why Cole left for Chelsea and Clichy left for City. This season could well see all of them winning some type of silverware so it is not surprising that Theo is possibly looking elsewhere to further his career and development.

    It is time for wenger to take his head out of the sand and realise that players are loyal while you are challenging for trophies and offering them some chance of success. When you constantly lose talented individuals you must look to what you personally are doing wrong and not blame the individuals for wanting to better themselves.

  56. Ric

    Just wanted to drop by to wish all and everyone of you a merry christmas!

    And for those of you not entirely convinced by this Christ thingy; I still wish you a happy holiday!

  57. bergkamp63

    The best Managers in the world are ruthless, they couldn’t give a monkey’s how much of the club’s money they spend if they can get away with it, they are interested in one thing only. WINNING !!

    Something Wenger has long since forgotten how to do.

  58. Ric

    Although it has the scary prospect in the future of actually coming true, I just have to say that Leeds taking aim for our fourth spot is should be made part of joke friday.

  59. bergkamp63


    It would be hilarious if Leeds went full circle to pinch our 4th spot having gone to hell and back during which time all we could manage was 1 FA Cup in 2005 and won nothing since !!

  60. Ric

    bergkamp63December 21, 2012 14:43:11

    Yeah it’ll really mute the akb’s; “no without Wenger we’ll go the way of Leeds” argument…. 😉

  61. mystic

    Hi not dead yet – think the Survivalists got it wrong again, still there are a few hours to go.

    Wenger will be happy if the world does end – what better excuse for not spending in January!!

  62. Bac Sag on Crack


    Been reading Le Grove every day for years now but never commented before today.

    I just wanted to say that Arsene has been driving me mental for years with his fucking lies and contradictory statements, but, while I would never have classed myself as an ‘AKB’, i’ve certainly been naively leaning towards thinking that he may turn things around.

    Basically, I was sitting on the fence and waiting for things to improve. Unfortunately the fence is now broken. I fell off, kicked it down and burnt it. I can’t see things improving until he’s gone and a lot of my Arsenal supporting friends, local and international, are all begginning to drift the same way in recent weeks/months.

    Patience is wearing thin and anything other than an outright change of direction is soon gonna result in a much larger scale show of discontent from the funs. Every point dropped is another nail in the coffin. Sadly it’s still a fucking big coffin.

    Having said that I don’t want to see us lose to Wigan on Saturday, or any game for that matter. But what has changed is that, ever since I was about 7 years old, Arsenal losing would ruin my day, my weekend, often my whole week. Now when Arsenal lose I bitch a little bit but then shrug and go about my day, knowing that it’s another nail in the coffin and another step towards getting my passion for Arsenal back.

    Because that’s what upsets me the most about the current set up. I’ve lost some of my passion for the club. I feel detached and almost indifferent. Every time I see that crazy old bastard contradict himself and lie and defend the indefensible or just talk plan bollocks, it makes me embarrassed to be an Arsenal fan. And it amazes me that nobody at the club can see that he stopped making sense a long time ago. I’ve been telling my mates jokingly for years that I think he must have had a minor stroke or something and lost some of his marbles, but now I think it for sure. The man is mentally ill and I can’t wait to see the back of him!

  63. bazza


    So you really think Pep would join Arsenal if we were a mid- table team with a disaffected fan base having lost more of our top players? You argue that all we have to do is offer him lots of dosh?
    When you say that Man C. did it, the analogy is false. Of course City could attract players/managers before they had qualified for Europe, but they had unlimited funds, Arsenal are not in that happy position.
    Hoping your team lose and become a mid-table club because you think it will result in some sort of rebirth is just naive and illogical.

  64. Ric

    Bac Sag on CrackDecember 21, 2012 16:14:04

    And good day to you sir, welcome to the club, the more the merrier.

    … You’ll find yourself in good company amongst this lot.

  65. Jeff

    Mahatma Gandhi said: first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    The same can be said about people who’ve lost or are losing faith in Wenger. The only people left supporting him are the die hard AKBs.

    Wenger is basically telling you to your face: forget trophies, forget titles. They are not interesting. Concentrate on “doing well” with “minimal resources” and “worshipping me as the hero that I am”.

    In a word, Wenger has become obsessed with his own misguided policies on just about every aspect of football which has led directly to his failure season after season to win anything. But relentless and undaunted he continues to agonise in the technical area when his talentless headless chickens run around embarrassing themselves, him and AFC while he continues to snooker himself over and over again knowingly and deliberately. Carry on Arsene. We’ll just have to allow the lunacy to burn out and history will show how much damage has been done and how far he has set us back. Even he can’t go on forever and one day the carpet will be pulled. It is only a question of time before the autocracy comes to an end.

    A very dark cloud descended on Arsenal when Wenger took over and as it goes, for me anyway, all the success of the early years has been wiped off and we are now paying back with interest. He has turned his back on success on the pitch and opted to play mindless politics with all sorts of outrageous ideas that have proved to be deleterious to Arsenal. We can only guess as to the extent of the damage but one day it will all be revealed. Until then, the true AFC fans we’ll just have to carry on taking the pain killers while the AKBs dream of Wenger leading them to the Promised Land.

  66. Phil

    Tiny amount of posts today!
    Everybody on the gas as Christmas nears, or is everybody just jaded dealing with the ineptitude and lies that emanates from the Emirates?

  67. SG_Gooner


    Do you realize that we have this stadium and loads of money in the bank largely due to Wenger? I know it is not fashionable on this site to praise Wenger. Oh such a sentimental fool he is. On one hand, we whine that the club is becoming soulless and a business while on the other hand we bemoan the manager for expecting loyalty from players? Isn’t he such a old geezer? Do you guys see the dichotomy in this?

    Here is a question to you guys. If our season ticket prices were half of the current amount, would all of you be as angry with Wenger? Will our 4th place be more acceptable? Lot of us moan about our wage bill and like to compare it with how Spurs, Everton and Newcastle can challenge us. Well, have you ever considered that we are in CL every year mainly because of that difference. The reason Spurs (despite spending insane amounts of money in the last 5 years) keep finishing below us is because we do have a manager who knows what he is doing. Lot of you I am sure do realize that we could easily have gone the Liverpool way but for him (when was the last time Liverpool won the title? Do we even remember?). We may have gone and won again with another manager of we could have had Rafa who came close but never made it. We could have had Mourinho who may have got us a title and then buggered off to another club to satisfy his ego while we ended up on the wayside if the board didn’t give any money to the new manager.

    Anyway, a lot is made out of our wage structure. Question to people, if in every game our main striker scores 1 goal and our GK makes 3 world class saves, who is more valuable? Both are doing their job. So should we pay our GK more than the striker? I know in real life things are not like that. This was a hypothetical question to illustrate a point that football is a team game and all 11 players should get reasonably similar salaries with additionals decided based on marketability and overall performance. Why is it so wrong to try and make it work in this manner. Every football club is free to choose the best strategy for success. Wenger obviously chose youth during the stadium building stage to try and form a team which played attractive football and came close to winning the EPL. Pity it failed but by golly, at least we tried!

    Of course, he screwed up along the way also and life became much more difficult for him with easy money rolling about in the league. Even I hope he would buy experienced “super quality” players to improve us and but there is no point getting all worked up on issues which we know will never change. Wenger will keep giving these sound bites even though he knows that is not the truth because we as fans just can’t handle the truth that we are a mid table team which over achieve every year. This year more than any other it is clear that Wenger is trying to add good hard working players to a mix of exceptional creative players. He is trying to go back to building his earlier teams. It hasn’t worked out yet because

    1. The league is much more tougher than 15 years ago when most British teams were living in dark ages with some of the most boring football played on the planet. Look how good Swansea play now. Whether we acknowledge it or not, Wenger is a huge reason why English football has progressed.

    2. Wenger is a victim of his own success. In his initial years he unearthed great players and brought them to the league. Suddenly everyone saw the huge potential to tap these markets and decided to follow. Maybe Arsenal should have evolved and done things better. But Wenger decided on the strategy of paying for potential and brought Arsenal close to winning titles even with the kids. In hindsight, maybe he could have gone the other way and added experience to his existing players and perhaps won some more titles but there was never any guarantee of success. Ultimately, Arsenal as a club decided to be conservative in their approach and eschewed title runs in favor of long term stability of CL money with a hope of getting together a team of exciting young players who hopefully will feel pride in playing and winning for the club. What is so wrong with having such aspirations? Yes, it gets me worked up when we lose to 2nd division sides like Bradford but so have Man U in the past.

    3. Easy money has distorted the market. Arsenal are caught in that classic catch 22 situation where they want to win titles but know at the same time that really top class players are out of their reach.

    Generally, I know lot of people here are hardcore fans who want to see their club succeed and I see that passion even when they pour vitriol on Wenger but the kind of revisionism over his legacy and achievements at the club which is being espoused here devalues the authentic debate over the direction of the club.