Theo Walcott deal held up due to injury? | Gustavo, Ba, Diame and Huntelaar | Thierry back for 6 months?

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So the roll begins and things went pretty well for us this weekend!

We beat WBA, who still sit above us in the league, Spurs dropped points late in the game against Everton and Manchester City slumped against United. That last result doesn’t really matter too much to us in the grand scheme of things. It’s just nice to see the team that has purchased most of our explayers lose. Even more hilarious that Nasri and Clichy both had a role to play in the final result. What wasn’t nice to see was the disgusting crowd violence that marred the afternoon. Throwing coins at players is as cowardly as it gets, running onto the pitch to confront a player is as moronic as it gets and this continued racial abuse thing really is about as boring as it gets.

What is going on with football fans at the moment? Why would you do something that almost guarantees you a lifetime ban and a criminal record? It’s really sad to see how far we’ve come over the past 20 years as a sport, only to see it all disintegrate in a couple of seasons. I can’t put my finger on what’s going wrong. Maybe it’s hardship in society?  It’s a Monday morning, so my brain can’t quite kick into gear on this one. Regardless, what’s apparent is we now have a full blown crisis with crowd behaviour in the UK. That’s not what the game is about and something has to be done to stem the tide because it’s getting worse.

Back to football. As it stands, we’re 5 points off 3rd. I mean seriously, only 5 points off third. Which considering the start we’ve had is a disgraceful indictment on the Premier League and also a massive opportunity lost on the part of Arsenal. All the squad needed was a bit of TLC this summer. With a bit more ambition, we’d be flying high with United. A team, who after finishing second on goal difference, went out and spunked £40million on Kagawa and Robin…

That’s the difference there people. Wenger says splashing the cash isn’t the solution. Fergie spends the cash and Robin has already won them 12 points!

Anyway, it looks as though 3rd is there for the taking this year. Jack Wilshere is coming into form, Thomas Rosicky will clearly play a big role for us if he can stay fit and elsewhere there are promising signs that we might start finding some form. I’m clutching at straws a bit, but we did look relatively solid throughout the side at the weekend. The age old question of Arsene Wenger post 2004 teams is whether we can hold onto form for longer than 5 games.

Transfer rumours are starting to hot up. Huntelaar appears to be the man most likely to make a move over to Arsenal. He can score goals, I just worry about his total lack of pace. Are we just opening ourselves up to more of the same? Not just that, he’s coming to a league with more intensity than anywhere else he’s played. Podolski has struggled so far and he’s more physically capable than the Dutchman. I have no idea why we’re not activating the release clause on Demba Ba’s contract. His fitness seems to be fine, he’s acclimatised and he’ll be a snip at the price we could land him for.

One player who has already signed is Thierry Henry (apparently). The manager has landed him for the 6 or 7 games he managed to bag him for last time, according to The Mirror, we might be looking to land him for the remainder of the season. That gives the signing a little more sense. It doesn’t give us many options in the way of pace in our forward line. It does give us one very good striker in the air and two who can finish from anywhere. The balance doesn’t quite seem right, however, at least we have people who can change a game.

Allardyce has admitted there’s nothing he can do about Diame moving on this January. Seems a bit of a unambitious oversight to set any Premiership players release clause at £3.5million. It doesn’t really say much for the faith a club has in a player? Still, if we’re interested and he’s not injured, that’s a pretty good deal for someone who has been a bit of a revelation this season. Like it or lump it, the chances of Newcastle or Everton selling their gems at this point of the season are very slim.

In the contract rebellion stakes, Theo Walcott is having a stand off with the club over money and clauses. Patrick Barclay, an esteemed writer who for me is more off than on these days, pointed out his market value is no more than £75k. Many Arsenal fans, who seem to have the worst perception of value in the UK jumped on this statement with much relish… followed by the usual ‘greedy ba*tard’ vitriol that is part and parcel with us these days. Let me explain something to those people and Patrick Barclay about what market value is… the value of which an asset would trade in a competitive auction. The asset is Theo Walcott’s contract. What would the market pay? Over £75k. Therefore, his market value is defined by what the market would pay. Not what Arsenal fans think he’s worth. So for me, with my business hat on, I’d probably pay him what he’s worth then decide at a later date if I wanted to sell him.

A couple of things you can guarantee with Theo. Chances are, at 23, he’s not going to get any worse. Secondly, his pace is there to stay for at least 5 more years. Pace and finishing are always going to command a high price in the transfer market. You won’t lose giving Theo what he wants. Forgetting the pace and the goals, look at his personal life. His idea of a debauched night out is hitting the town for a Nando’s and chips… hold the spice though, he has a sensitive stomach. He’s a marketing mans dreams.

The alternative is to sell him, lose out on a fee and watch 7 years worth of facepalm action sale up the M1 to pastures new. I’m not quite sure why some papers are saying his injury has held up talks? What exactly does that mean?

In other news, we’re tracking out of favour Bayern Munich DM Gustavo for £10million. That’s the sort of player we should be going for if we’re insistent on doing things on a budget. A top player who is out of favour at a top club. Kind of like Thierry and Paddy from back in the day. I know it’s a total long shot, but another player who is up for grabs this January is Wesley Sneijder of Inter Milan. He earns £170k a week at the moment, but I’m sure he’s bored of earning big. We all get like that sometimes. He’s only 28 years old, he could still do a job and he’d certainly spice up the creativity in the squad. We could do a swap deal… Sneijder for Chamakh and Squillaci?

Talking of Chamakh, the structural prowess of that hair cut at the weekend was quite incredible. More shockwaves than hair… a masterful interpretation of modern day style.

Right, that’s all I have today. Tomorrow, I’ll preview the Bradford game.

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  1. Keyser

    Pires used to dive, there’s a classic Vieira dive, who cares they were generally good enough players not to have to.

  2. salparadisenyc

    Always a good read but I’m not feeling your optimism, one victory in five not a goal scored in open play against a West Brom who were really poor. Throw in a shocking dive, more spurned chances than whore at the confessional . All feels a little desperate.
    Agree we need a little luck to rite the ship but the only plus I can take from the weekend is Wilshire whom is coming good in a very positive manner. Otherwise were looking at two very poor strike options in Gervinho and Gitanes and were getting excited about signing Huntelaar? Whom the Dutch throw on to give Van Persie a rest.. the guy we sold to the top team in the league. “Footballing reasons” dictates we should be in for a younger brighter talent.

    We beat this dead yesterday but I’ll say it again.. Fellaini!

    Messi vs Maradona hehehehe

  3. Spectrum

    We were the better team against West Brom, and we earned the win, ( not deserved it ), but it was a hollow victory to me. Both goals should not have been, because they weren’t legitimate in the first place. One from a refereeing mistake, the other from cheating. Perhaps we should have the video replay system like they do in cricket, where each side is given three appeals to be used when there’s doubt over a controversial decision. I don’t think it would interrupt the flow of the game all that much. And it would be worth it if injustices can be avoided. We all want a fair result. Definitely we should have them for disputed goals at least.

    I think West Brom took the wrong approach against us. The formation that was shown before the match had them playing 442, but I don’t think that’s how it worked out. Albion were too cautious, they’d rarely get a better opportunity to take advantage of our vulnerability after Swansea.

    What pisses me off is that Wenger used his “We played with spirit” line AGAIN. He trots this out after virtually EVERY match, whether we win, draw or lose. Take note of what he says post match from here on, and notice how often he says this. The man is like a verbal photocopier – the SAME SHIT every time. Senile ? You bet !

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  4. Ric

    KeyserDecember 10, 2012 14:36:14

    Hey man for once I’ll agree with you even I think it hears overly conspiratorial…
    But are you going to argue with me about it being well documented how Wenger sometimes chastises his own players for diving, yet this time, and this season particularily have chosen not to do so… Because that leads to one of two conclusions. 1) He hates it but sees it as a necesary evil becuase his team sucks so he has chosen to ignore it. Or 2) He did not see any “incidents” and genuinely thinks Cazorla and Gervinho are free from the same flaws he criticized Denilson, and Eboue for having?

    Its stupid I know, but it does feel like ” whatever, as long as its a win” kind of response from the manager.

  5. salparadisenyc


    In Maradona’s wildest dreams never could he envision a Messi coming along, let alone a fellow Argie.
    86 in a calendar year?
    For Barca: 192 out of 229 matches.
    Messi at a light cantor.

  6. Keyser

    “But are you going to argue with me about it being well documented how Wenger sometimes chastises his own players for diving, yet this time, and this season particularily have chosen not to do so”

    Mate, right after the game, he said if Cazorla has dived I’ll have a word with him. think you’re looking far too hard for something that simply isn’t there.

    Dunno about your Gervinho example either, Jenkinson took a blatant dive against Man City he won a free-kick, no-one said anything really.

    Against Tottenham before Cazorla set up Giroud for 3-1 he was almost hacked down and I think was on his knees for a second before getting back into stride.

    Maybe you’re just noticing it more because those players aren’t as good.

  7. Ric

    KeyserDecember 10, 2012 15:02:04

    Nobody is saying Cazorla was cheating when he got sent flying for a triple back flip with a twist. And if I did I’d be holding up a scorecard reading “10” while doing so. I know what Wenger said, the reason its annoying me is simply because that is very much an understatement when compared to previous statements on said subject.

    And I for one cannot agree with your reasoning that Eboue for example was somehow better than Cazorla. That doesn’t jive with me…
    Is Cazorla and Gervinho being given a longer leash than Eboue? That on the other hand seems assured, even though I for one don’t like it.

  8. Spectrum

    ” The Dutchman defies the current idea that a fox in the box poacher is no longer relevant in the modern game. In the year’s Champion’s League alone, he remains the only player this season to score in every match of the group stages.

    He knows what his job is and he revels in it. Ruud Van Nistlerooy in an interview used to say that he became addicted to the sound of the ball in the back of the net. In an interview with it was something that Huntelaar agreed with –

    “When you hear it you spend the whole of the next week longing to hear it again,” he said. “It’s like the elixir of life.”

    The signing of Huntelaar would give Arsenal a player who is in the form of his career. In 2011/2012 he had 44 goals in all competitions (Bundesliga, Europa Cup, and German Cup). This season he already has 10 goals in all competitions ”

    – from

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  9. Keyser

    Ric – “the reason its annoying me is simply because that is very much an understatement when compared to previous statements on said subject. ”

    You’d have to compare the statements and the context.

    Fabregas, Hleb, Van Persie all had their moments, why did Ebway stand out in comparison ? Cazorla’s spent a few months here and that’s really the only real moment when he’s been caught out, he generally stays on his feet even under consistent pressure.

  10. Joppa Road

    That dumb ass over at Heart In Highbury. I put your comment up Gambon about the spending and the dick has deleted it. Amazing having a blog and censoring comments. Coward.

  11. Ric

    With regards to January being the saviour for AFC fans, its worth noticing all the players the media is downright saying is available to the highest bidder yet have chosen not to link iwth us. In years past they would be linking us with every talent on both sides of the equator, no matter cost or pedigree. This year they wouldn’t put odds on us signing on of our own players.

    Ha Ha it seems AFC fans are not the only ones that have caught onto Wengers and Arsenals PR department’s antics.

  12. N21 Tone

    I also think we earned the result on Saturday. The ref was appalling the whole game and if you only watched MOTD you would not have seen how bad he was. However, the player that make a swipe at Santi deserved all he got because if he had connected with that so called tackle we could have had another Ramsey, Eddie, Diaby moment! I have been to every home game this season and they are by far the worst team we have played this season (and yes I do include Southampton in that) We are probably 5/6 players short of being a top team. I think this league has gone down so badly it is not true! The shame of it is we have / had the money to make these purchases and we could have been right in there competing for the title cos there isn’t many good teams in the PL.

  13. Spectrum

    Ric – 42 goals in 70 appearances and counting for Schalke suggests he knows where the goal is. The Bundesliga is a quality league, too.

    And you can’t deny his overall record – 34 goals in 59 appearances for Holland, and 258 goals in 398 appearances in club football overall.

    Can’t be any worse than Chamakh or Park, surely ?

    ” In Arsene we rust. “

  14. Dan Ahern

    Walcott — Said it before and I’ll say it again: we already fucked up. The only way to recover is to overpay so we have the power to sell. This is the only real way out of a botched situation. Just give him 90-100 and promise him the world. Then ship him. In fact, start calling clubs and offering him.

    (Quick aside: They do a similar thing in the NBA called a sign-and-trade, where instead of letting a player become a free agent, the player and his destination team agree to a deal; then his current team gives him a new contract and trades him to the destination team. In the NBA half the point is that the player can get more money/a longer contract than he normally could under the salary cap rules. But the other half is that his current team get value for the player instead of letting him become a FA and getting nothing.)

    Henry– Thought we sold this guy 6 years ago because he was losing a step? That’s okay, he’ll be a nice compliment to the lightning-fast Giroud and Chamakh tandem.

    Again, everybody loves Henry. But being linked for another loan when we desperately need freshening up is not the right move. If you wanna make him a coach, make him a coach. If you want to admit Shamakh is garbage, admit he’s garbage and move him. Don’t bring in a 35-year-old and pretend you’re bolstering against Gervinho being at the ACN.

  15. Dannyboy Does anyone else here not even feel the least bit surprised that the Daily Fail chose to start their article with ‘Cheating Cazorla insists…’ Try as I might, I don’t remember them going with that in any of the 4 weekends Gareth Bale has been booked for diving, or even for Rooney and Youngs ‘clever’ double acts over at United, but as you’d expect, as soon as it’s an Arsenal player ‘diving’ it’s an absolute fucking outrage? Ridiculous double standards, and of course, just like Match of The Day, they didn’t even show Rosenberg’s theatrical performance in the exact same game!

  16. Ric

    KeyserDecember 10, 2012 15:32:32

    Okay then Keyser how about we agree to monitor the situation and see at the end of the season if maybe I had a point or not huh?

    In any case I don’t feel thats the first time Cazorla has been angling for something he didn’t deserve this season. I’ve witnessed a few attempts at cheekyness so far, but then again as I have said, I don’t really mind as long as it gets us points, in fact throughout Wengers tenure there’s more than one season we might actually have been crowned champions had we acted a bit more cynical. Not that long ago we ended the season five points off the top, I wouldn’t have minded a Cazorla in the team that time around and neither do I now. But I do mind the hypocracy.


    Because Solskjærs players at Molde FK do it too, (exact same way as manure, I swear to God) and he apologises for it exactly the same way as Fergie does too. Thhey both have that cheeky halfsmile as they wholeheartedly guarantee that in the future their players will not be doing these things. You know the same halfsmile thats still there the next week when they explain similar circumstances involving another player.

    Chelsea under Mourinho was the same. Benitez the same, almost all the bottomfeeders in the PL does it, and to suggest we don’t was initially a point of contention with me against Wenger, but I will give him that, it did feel better winning knowing we didn’t resort to those tactics, but then again its been so long since that I really can’t be sure if I remember right.

    So what I mean Keyser is just that if indeed Arsene has turned a corner and has suddenly decided to accept the value of cynical margin play then why now? Its not that I mind but why now as opposed to when we were in it to win it? And is it not extremely hypocritical? I mean thats why the media is blowing this up, we are supposedly the team that’s to good for this behavior.

  17. Dannyboy

    Ric – ‘And is it not extremely hypocritical? I mean thats why the media is blowing this up, we are supposedly the team that’s to good for this behavior.’ – have we not had ‘same old Arsenal, always cheating’ sang at us for years? so it’s hardly a new thing for media to stick the knife in at any given opportunity.

  18. Ché C Cheriton

    I am not a fan of Wenger spending any more money until the dross has left but can you imagine the buzz a Fellani, Cavani and Baines January would bring. The mad thing is that it’s completely possible with the resources we have.

    “RVP was sold for footballing reasons”. Please explain Pedro.

  19. Keyser

    Ric – You think there’s a situation, I don’t.

    “I mean thats why the media is blowing this up..”

    No, the media will give attention to anything they think sells, Bale, Young, Rooney have been doing it for years, it could be because it’s a big club player gaining advantage over a smaller one, it could be a slow news day, most of it’s forgotten because of the Manchester derby, maybe they’ll move onto crowd trouble, it could be because Cazorla’s simply the last in a long list of players to do it that it’s the final straw, it could be because he’s Spanish and not English/Welsh.

    It isn’t something new, even for us, it was just a more blatant example, like I said if you found the Jenkinson example you’d be just as surprised, but it was given no attention. We generally don’t dive, why does Cazorla ? That’s the most significant example, and Wenger said he’ll have a word.

    If you’re a manager watching your players, Cazorla’s small, he’s got very good feet, and he gets kicked a lot, would you actively tell him never to feign injury, or would you accept he’s playing in a physical league where players aren’t as strictly governed. He needs to protect himself.

    Even the Adebayor challenge, Cazorla saw it coming, but still made sure he got the ball first, he could’ve let Adebayor win it, he could’ve just hopped a bit and continued with the game, there’s no acceptable line between right and wrong, there’s a pretty big grey area, Cazorla dived, Reid took a massive swipe to begin with, Wenger said I’ll have a word with him.

    You could’ve sat there and criticised Wenger for admitting in public when he usually backs his players right to the end in front of the camera’s.

  20. Dan Ahern

    I’m going to post this replay again, watch VERY closely. Watch the foot going past Cazorla’s leg. You ever seen a foot wobble in midair for no good reason?

    You could still class this as simulation, but there’s at least a case for Cazorla here. And Pedro, it’s not so much that we’re trying to clear him by pointing fingers at others. It’s that the media goes into witch hunt mode after one incident (in which there was very likely actually a bit of contact) while Ashley Young and Gareth Bale haven’t been called out nearly as badly despite doing it habitually, blatantly, and without players being close to them.

    Cazorla went down way too easy. Young/Bale go down expressly to cheat when it’s advantageous. Who should draw ire?

  21. Keyser

    It wouldn’t be great anything, it’s like Walcott, people are pointing out he’s scored 10 goals in 17, 5 of those were in the Carling Cup, he’s just about doing what he’s done for the last couple of seasons.

  22. gambon


    Hes really exposed himself as a non Arsenal fan hasnt he.

    Its embarassing. I know loads of UTD fans and NONE of them put the manager above the club. They rate Fergie, but he is a means to an end.

  23. Keyser

    “Its embarassing. I know loads of UTD fans and NONE of them put the manager above the club. They rate Fergie, but he is a means to an end.”

    That’s funny because you put Fergus above everything.

  24. gambon

    Haha Keyser

    The fact is you would say no to every player in the world, then if we sign them say how great they are.

    Cavani is a monster, perfect age, perfect experience. Until we start bringing players like him in we will get nowhere.

    Baines is the best LB in the PL by a large margin. He is a vast step up from our 2.

    Fellaini is unplayable this season, still young, and the player Wenger keeps telling us Diaby will be. He adds an element thats almost impossible to defend against.

    So opinionless one, which 3 players would you want?

  25. Guns of Hackney


    Why is there this crazy hatred towards Maradona? Seriously, the guy was the greatest footballer of all time. Coke head or not, the guy was simply amazing. Did you lose a bet in 1986 or something? Or perhaps more sinisterly…the Falklands? The hatred is unjustified.

  26. gambon


    I would go with


    And probably a DM.

    Obv not gonna happen but i cant help it if i know quality footballers better than Wenger the wanker with wonga.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    I like Gustavo, would welcome him. Huntelaar for £4 Million is a steal.

    But I agree we need a big power signing up top, more than anything it sends a message to the fans, the players and other teams.

    It worried me to hear Wenger say yet again that he ‘has earmarked a more prominent role for Diaby in the middle.’

    On the surface of it, nice, Diaby was very very good.

    But he is busted, he hurt himself kicking a ball.

    This malaise the club is in, this sinking mediocrity like we have some kind of giant stone attached to us and we’re plummeting into the depths, knife in hand we could cut the rope binding us to it but decide to hope nature intervenes and snaps it for us or that the sea is kind and batters us loose….instead of taking our own fate in our hands.

    That seems to be whats wrong with Arsenal, we put our fate in the hands of 18 year olds, or the morally corrupt UEFA/FA or other teams

  28. gambon


    Im doing it to wind you up.

    I didnt lose a bet at the age of 4 no, and i wasnt in the Falklands at the age of 1, and as far as im aware Maradona wasnt either so that would be irrelevant.

    I just dont see the issue as being close.

    Maradona even pre-Messi wasnt considered the best half of the time, Pele would win it usually in random polls.

    Maradona was a great player, and would certainly be in my top 10 ever. Hes just nowhere near the level of Messi.

  29. Pedro

    Che, why don’t you dig out the actual post where I said footballing reasons and show the context?

    That’s if the quote exists.

  30. Ash79

    Danny boy, the headline is SO MISLEADING but you expect nothing less from the DM. You do wonder what expertise you need to be a football writer sometimes.

    It really is poor journalism once again from the DM. The quotes by Santi are from TWO MONTHS AGO. When you consider the headline, it almost implies that Santi should have apologised for something he was going to do 2 months later.

  31. Dannyboy

    Don’t know how anyone can even compare Maradona and Messi. It’s ridiculous to be honest. Messi has all the records already and is only a few goals behind Maradona’s career record and is only 24/25! So he’s got another 10 years at the top level. No contest for me.

    The only man Messi is envious of at the moment is the great Marouane Chamakh, 1. for that glorious slick haircut of his (Messi could only dream of being able to apply that much hair product to his head, and still perform on the pitch) and 2. His consecutive goals scored in the Champions League! I mean seriously, how on earth did he get that record? I think the majority of them were in the knockout stages aswell, amazing how badly his career has turned out since he hit the shisha pipe.

  32. Keyser

    gambon – The fat is you..

    Imo we need a mobile midfield player that can pass and another wide attacker that can score, but unlike Walcott can also retain the ball, sound familiar ? You’ve mentioned it before you div.

    Fellaini’s neither really, he’s a good player, but we’ve seen far better sold. I can’t get that image of him trying to chase down Fabregas, who was never the quickest and giving up after 5 yards. Not to mention Denilson doing something in that game I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed from him.

    But he’s a tank, you can wheel him around and he’s hard to play against, not unplayable. He’ll never be the sort of player we want Diaby to be or vice versa.

    Baines ? We’ve had extremely quick, agile left-backs over the years, not especially versatile attacking wise but got the job done, I don’t think he’s as quick or as agile, but then he’s smart like Lauren used to be for us. Like Diaby Gibbs biggest problem seems to be his injury record.

    I’ve said Cavani ? Monster ? No, he’s a very hard working striker, but if you add that to Giroud and Podolski, I don’t think there’s enough talent or versatility to get the best out of each other unless given a lot of time.

    Van Persie after 7 years was that player.

  33. Dannyboy

    Ash, they love nothing more than dragging up old quotes then saying ‘Ah, you’ve changed your tune!’ Look at them all now saying Wenger thinks Cazorla should get a 3 game ban because he commented on diving 6 months ago…

  34. salparadisenyc

    Cavani miles ahead of Huntelaar, twice the money = twice to potentially 3 times the output.. he has pace which for whatever reason we have little of.
    Fellaini !!
    LB needed, not sure its Baines i’d take that character from Athletico Madrid first that way we can poach Diego Simeone and slot him into Wengers job.
    Trifecta would of course be Falcao.

  35. Guns of Hackney


    You’re 30!!! Jesus, you sound like a cratchety old geezer whining on and on. No wonder you think anything later than 1995 is old and redundant…you’re a pup. So, essentially, Messi is the best you have seen in your short life…I’m pretty sure there are posters on here who have seen Best, Pele, Cruff and I know I have seen Maradona…

    Is the Golf GTi the best car ever? LOL

    Pele isn’t that great. 1000 goals in, what was playground football (Brazil) – by that reckoning, I have scored upwards of 20,000 goals in my life.

  36. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    Heres the thing with Huntelaar…

    Stop looking at the price tag!!! Its like saying “Right ive got to beat a Ferrari round Silverstone….ooh that Vauxhall Zafira is only £3000 brand new, what a bargain”

    Yeah its a bargain, but it means nothing as you will never beat the Ferrari.

    What Wenger needs is someone like Dein, that used to say “Arsene who do you want”

    And when Arsene said “Well the prices are so much these days” He would say “Just tell me who you want”

    Everyone here knows that if we sign Huntelaar we will just carry on competing for scraping a CL place.

    Huntelaar had one fantastic season last year….where A LOT of his goals were in the Europa League, who else scored shit loads in that competition?? Ex Arsenal player Nacer Barazite.

    If you sat Arsene down and said “right Arsene, no bullshit, who do we need to overhaul the manchester clubs”

    The conversation would go something like:

    Arsene Wenger: “Well, we have internal solutions, Diaby will be back in 2021″

    The Mighty Gambon: “No Arsene, shut the fuck up, who do we need?”

    AW: “Well, Huntelaar is a bargain”

    MG: “Arsene im going to waterboard Abou until you tell me” (Begins waterboarding

    AW: “Leave my Abou alone, its Cavani or Falcao, please…ITS CAVANI OR FALCAO…..Just let him go, i’ll give my life…JUST LET HIM GO”

    MG “So why did it take that for you to admit it”

    AW: “Cos im a cheap mentally ill dickhead, im terrified of spending”

  37. Dannyboy

    Come on guys you can hardly say no to Huntelaar, the man might lack pace but his goalscoring record shits all over van Persies at International and Club level, And he hates the cunt as much as we do so at the reported £4 million it would be a great buy.

    That being said though, we’d all love a player in the mould of a Cavani/Falcao, but is it really realistic to even hope for these players under the current regime?

  38. Pedro

    I’m with Gambon, we could get Bent for £5m and he’s the 3rd highest scorer in the Prem.

    Doesn’t mean he’s good enough for Arsenal.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I wasn’t saying sign Huntelaar and then that’ll do. But for £4 Million that is one of those Van Der Vaart style bargains we should have snapped up and didn’t – that’s good money.

    If ever Wenger was likely to make a massive purchase it would be for a striker i feel – but our chances are next to none that he”ll actually do it.

    I think Falcao is such a magnificent striker he’d be top of my list to sign.

    But we will be shopping bargain basement again. Nothing for it.

    Wenger always does, that’s why i can believe the Gustavo story, if he can get him for £10 Million then Wenger will do it. Look at Cazorla, supposedly tried to sign him last year but the price was too high.

    It’s self inflicted tightness, no financial need on our part to be this frugal.

  40. Dannyboy

    Gamborini, hilarious as always with the disturbing imagination of yours, but again you tend to be a bit wobbly with your views, you can’t say ‘Oh most of Huntelaars goals were in the Europa League.. so he’s not good enough’ When Falcao scored about 20 in that competition last year. Don’t get me wrong i’m not for one second doubting Falcao’s abilities, but He’s not got his side to a Champions League semi like Huntelaar did a couple years back has he?

    Pedders, I agree with that, seen many people in the past saying we should sign Bent, but he’s never been a top level player, and rarely gets in the England squad. But then again could you not say similar about Demba Ba, is he good enough for us?

  41. gambon


    Totally agree with everything youve said we need.

    Mobile MF – Yep, Cabaye. Direct Ramsey replacement, covers as much ground as anyone in the PL (probably top 5%), great passer (Del Bosque called him the French Xavi), scores goals and is aggressive/spiky.

    Wide player – Yep, with Podolski playing left we need the right side occupied by a MF rather than another striker that loses possession. Isco for me. Him and Cazorla could switch between the 2 positions.

    However none of that means we shouldnt sign Fellaini, or similar. Diaby is literally dead to Arsenal. How many significant injuries will it take before he is told to fuck off. Fellaini could do a similar job but has more to his game and is younger. He is also exceptional at winning the ball back when he plays deeper, so would give us a tough element.

    As for cavani, well i think hes a beast of a player. Fast, absolutely excellent on the break, scores all kind of goals from anywhere. proper all action CF like Shearer when he was at Blackburn pre leg break. He has 85 goals in 114 games for Napoli, an exceptional record for a team that play heavily on the break.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    You’re CEO of Arsenal, you see Huntelaar come up for £4 Million.

    Now let me be clear in no way, shape or form am I saying Huntelaar and that’ll do…not at all. I think I’ve made it quite clear where I stand on spending and my general hatred of Gazidis and Kroenke and apathy toward Wenger.


    If that kind of deal comes up you should take it. When Van Der Vaart was going for £8 Million, why on Earth did we not sign him? Bargain!

    Some times, you just get bargains who are good enough.

    Sanit Cazorla was £12 Million – you’re talking a £25 Million sort of player there.

    I want to see Falcao, Cavani, Gotze etc more than anyone, but it doesn’t detract from that to sign someone like Huntelaar for £4 Million.

  43. Keyser

    gambon – “Mobile MF – Yep, Cabaye”

    We’ve had this conversation, like a younger Arteta, we need someone who’s physically dominant, we had Song there who was stronger and more dominant, but needed to be quicker, and mobile.

    “Fellaini could do a similar job but has more to his game and is younger. He is also exceptional at winning the ball back when he plays deeper,”

    Don’t agree that he as more to his game, unless you mean he literally just plays more games, and he’s only good at winning the ball back if he’s close enough to the player to begin with. Even then we used to criticise Song for giving away loads of fouls.

  44. gambon


    Heres the problem….

    If we sign Huntelaar….Cavani or Falcao will NEVER play for Arsenal.

    Man utd wouldnt sign huntelaar to be their no 1 striker
    Man City wouldnt sign Huntelaar to be their no 1 striker
    Chelsea wouldnt sign Huntelaar to be their no 1 striker

    So why the hell should we?

    We need to buy players as good as our rivals have.

    Until we have 3 or 4 of the PLs best players in our first XI we will never win a trophy again.

    last time we won the PL we had the best CB, CM, AM, LB and CF in the PL.

    Why are we thinking so low now? Our standards have dropped to a stupid level.

    Huntelaar would be a great squad player, but we need lost of first XI players.

  45. Ric

    I have a lot of contantion with what has been said while I was away;

    First of all Keyser I really don’t care whether we cheat or not as long as it gets us the point at the end of the day, I do however take offence with Arsene having it both ways, saying we don’t do that, yet we seem to do it more now than ever.

    Secondly Keyser et al Gambon is right Cavani is immense, twice the player of Huntelaar no question. Saw him play as late as last night. And he is Giroud with speed, power and technique.

    3) @ Dannyboy; RVP is still prefered ahead of huntelaar at Arsenal, he always will be.

  46. sam


    schalke are giving you their topscorer for 4 millions
    and you just sold your for 24 millions. arsenal fans are just like their arrogant manager. thinking everyone else is stupid.
    the whole world know who we are now, buncha stingy motherfuckers.
    surely they will tell us to pay up the right price or fuck off

  47. Ric

    I’m going to say something that will blow some heads though;

    Although it is clear for all to see that the number one player we need this January is Fellaini, I still say I’d prefered to have A. Song. There I said it.

  48. Keyser

    Ric – “I do however take offence with Arsene having it both ways, saying we don’t do that, yet we seem to do it more now than ever.”

    The point is it’s all in your head, I’m not trying to be rude there, but what have you backed it up with ? You mentioned that cheeky smile, how many times did Wenger say ‘I didn’t see it’.

    I don’t see any difference between players in the past and the players we have now, they all have had to be ‘smart’ to get decisions, they just didn’t take the piss with it, which Cazorla did, and Wenger’s said he’ll have a word.

    Are you confusing Wenger’s views on diving, with that of the way we used to get kicked all over the place ? He’s always been far more vocal about that, or banning players for as long as the players they’ve injured.

  49. Dannyboy

    Ric I took all your comments on board and thought about coming back with a reasoned argument… and then your comment at 17:46 basically overruled everything and made you look a little foolish saying you’d rather have what is effectively a midfield version of Gervinho, but without pace, instead of arguably the best midfielder in the league at the moment. Unless you were actually talking about having an actual song there, like literally a piece of paper with song lyrics written on it, then at least that would be more useful than our recently departed Pineapple headed Cameroonian.

  50. IvoryGoonz

    Luis Gustavo would be a brilliant addition for under 10m.
    Can probably get him for 6m.
    But that would mean no M’Vila or better/younger player in that position this winter.

    Still, M’Vila will probably not be available mid-season anyway, and for DM, we won’t get much better than Gustavo at this time or ever with Wenger, so, for a winter signing, I’d be quite happy for that position.

    In that case, also, I’d hope for Wenger to sign Jadson to learn from Gustavo too and have a decent Brazilian with him, sellingl Frimpong (should have picked the English team, Dench!) and Coquelin (not tall enough, sorry Coq.) will also make room for them.

    Huntelaar, personally, I wouldn’t take him. Not at 29. 5 years ago, yes.

    Diame. I don’t think he’s good enough.

    Ba. Yes.

  51. Ric

    KeyserDecember 10, 2012 17:51:17

    Well that Keyser is just not true, I remember Wenger taking the mickey out of Henry the season he ultimately left for what was a “perceived” dive, Eboue didn’t play for half a year after getting a yellow for a dive I’m still not sure was a dive. So I guess I must have been watching another Arsenal than you. Because believe me this “acceptance” of cheating is very much a new thing.

    PS. The cheeky smile was Fergies/Solskjærs, Wenger used to be pissed at the mere hint of cheating.

  52. Dannyboy

    Ivory correct me if I’m wrong, but are you not the fella that seems to have quite a good knowledge of good Brazilian talent? Cos from what I’ve seen Gustavo looks to me like he would be a brilliant signing! Just the right type of player we should be looking at, mid 20’s and not getting a game at his club cos they’ve just spunked 40 million on a player who plays the same position. Much better option than M’Vila in my opinion, if he’s big black and French, and Wenger doesn’t rate him, then you have to question him don’t you?

    Gustavo looked pretty decent on Bayerns run to the Champions League final, but other than that I’ve not seen much of him as there isn’t really much German Football on tv.

    Diame looks a talent but think he’s out for 3 months so that’s a no until summer at least.

  53. Ric

    DannyboyDecember 10, 2012 17:52:03

    I think this season is a fine example of what A. Song brought to this team.
    But in any case it was not just about size although he had some we are sorely lacking, the main probem as I see it is that we have noone to fill in his passing, he got way too little credit for the way he sprayed the ball forwards, especially to the wings. Our counters are at half the speed they where last year simply because now they tend to rely on another link up. Besides you can say what you want about Song, but he’s twice the player Diaby is fit. And he actually tends to be fit, a fact his 50 + games for us last year is a good testiment to.

  54. Ric

    My point was just that whatever we could get out of Fellaini in the future, he won’t be as good for us this season as Song could have been had he stayed.

    And its very much a case of; all the things Song does well, Fellaini barely manages, and all the things Fellaini does well Song barely manages.

    They don’t really play alike at all, and I believe Song would have suited our needs better this season.

    Would I prefer to have Fellaini in the side over Song? Honestly I’d have them both with Arteta/ Wilshire filling the CAM and Cazorla out on the Wings in his natural position.

  55. Dannyboy

    Ric, last season he was consistently pumping up long balls to the best striker in Europe, and at this point last season I believe we were near the 30 goals conceded mark. And you were half right there, he does actually tend to be fit most of the time, but Diaby on one leg is better than Song, No idea how we conned the best team in Europe to give us 15 million for him… maybe they felt guilty for conning us with Fabregas.

    And apparently Fat Sam was wrong, Diame is only out for 3 weeks so could see him back just in time to pull on an Arsenal shirt if he passes our intensive medical tests, as I believe he’s got a dodgy ticker? Mind you, could just forget about the medical like we did with Arteta!

  56. Dannyboy

    I can’t think of one thing that Song excels at over Fellaini, except for being lazy in tracking back and the hollywood passes…

  57. home and away

    Tampon seriously Messi is a quality player but even a fatty like you would score about 20 a season in that barca side

    Maradona can do everything messi can and then double that with the other leg plus as you stupidly point out he did it whilst being a drug addict !!!!

    No further questions your honour

  58. Ric

    I think you all highly underrate Song, he was sloppy at times, infuriatingly carefree at times, but when on form he was one of the few players that actually man marked players like Fellaini out of contention. I think you partly underrate him because of him never really being the center of attention for the right reasons, but then again when he was doing his job noone was ever actually supposed to notice him in the role he played. We noticed him because of his tendency to drift upfield where he sometimes got caught out. But to his defence, he often did that with great success and bravely so. He wasn’t really supposed to, but then again he is a Wenger product isn’t he?
    For me his man marking in midfield has been sorely missed this season, and if anyone remembers we were never really talking about getting rid of him until the AFC spin machine kicked in when it neared summertime. (They probably already had the 15 mill offer from Barca by then, and come on who’s gonna pass up that?) We were just talking about complimenting him with a better attacking midfielder before he suddenly was out, don’t let the spin machine make you forget.

  59. Dan Ahern

    Let’s look at some stats!

    12/13 Bundesliga: 16 games, 5 goals, 2 assists, 45 shots

    12/13 Serie A: 13 games, 11 goals, 1 assist, 54 shots

  60. Ric

    KeyserDecember 10, 2012 18:42:52

    Not ban, he just didn’t get picked, but then again he had Sagna and Clichy in front, but I seem to remember Gibbs and Traore got alot of playtime ahead of him as well. I think it was about two or three seasons ago, it was sometime after we booed him and he came back in full force. It always seemed strange to me the way he exited, not that I had a mind against back then, but now with hindsight I can appreciate his contribution with another perspective.

  61. Keyser

    “but then again he had Sagna and Clichy in front, but I seem to remember Gibbs and Traore got alot of playtime ahead of him as well”

    Sagna was easily the better player and the other 3 are left-backs.

    Mate, come on ?

  62. gambon

    There are so many strikers I would want ahead of Huntelaar. For me Huntelaar is a plan B striker, and we already have one of those. If Wenger wants to sell Giroud and buy Huntelaar then great but having them both is a bit silly. He will also be 30 at the start of next season, so by the time we see the best of him he will be on the decline.

    I would rather:


  63. Hunter

    Your Comment HereLets just stop all the talk about Falcao,he’s earmarked for Real Madrid,probably as Ronaldo’s replacement in the summer,wev’e got NO chance of signing him.Cavani too is happy at his current team and I don’t believe he has the slightest desire to play in the PL even if the money is right.I would go for Huntelar or Dzecko,as they would both move from their current clubs for the right money and reason.Both would suit our style of play and more importantly both would score the goals!However regardless who we buy upfront they will need a good supply and for that reason I would go after a decent winger who can actually cross a decent ball,from both our flanks we don’t have anyone who can cross a ball,on the right Sagna,wallnut and the Ox are hopeless,jenkinson does his best,on the left Gibbs and the Pod are the same.Now if we signed a Baines that would be immense,but a really decent winger who can dribble and cross would be great!

  64. gambon

    “Lets just stop all the talk about Falcao,he’s earmarked for Real Madrid,probably as Ronaldo’s replacement in the summer,wev’e got NO chance of signing him.Cavani too is happy at his current team and I don’t believe he has the slightest desire to play in the PL even if the money is right.”

    This is the biggest load of bullshit ive ever read.

  65. Ric

    KeyserDecember 10, 2012 19:05:33

    Keyser Eboue played both sides, he was very versatile, hence his usefullness.

    But he was the better player compared to Gibbs and Traore, and there was a brief spell Sagna was out along Clichy yet Eboue didn’t play.

  66. Keyser

    Ebway rarely if ever played left-back, I think the game he got booed we might’ve brought him on to play left side.

    If Sagna was out it was more than likely we’d have played Ebway, I simply don’t remember it. If you’ve got an idea of what games, we could go back and look at it.

  67. kwik fit

    Sky have just revealed a survey of the most players who have been booked as a result of simulation. The order was as follows;


    Isn’t it funny how they start such a survey after Cazorla’s dive.
    Coincidence ? Is it fuck!!

  68. Ric

    KeyserDecember 10, 2012 19:41:52

    No sorry I don’t, but it stuck in mind seeing Eboue on the sidelines, not being used in a game we should have won but ended up drawing I think. With some random dude (really think it must’ve been Djorrou and Traore)totally effing up at both sides of the pitch. however I do believe it was not long after he was gone.

  69. bazza

    Most of us agree that Arsenal have messed up our wage structure in a variety of ways but mainly by overpaying fringe players. But this latest talk about reducing players wages if we don’t qualify for Europe is just insane for the following reasons:
    1. Existing player contracts can’t be retrospectively changed, so it will only effect new and renegotiated contracts. It will create friction by having a two tier system.
    2. If we don’t qualify whose to say it would be down to individual players? It might be because of poor tactical decisions or injuries.
    3. Any manager worth his salt would realise that attempting to punish players by clawing back money at the end of the year is totally mad.
    4. If we don’t qualify surely the main blame would attach to the manager. I wonder if he would agree to giving back a big chunk of his salary? I think not.

  70. SDE

    Question I ask is,why fast-track in Henry on a loan deal for the 2nd time?
    At an age,where he is past his peak..


    If it’s experience that OGL wants..Why did he not go out & buy in the summer,a proven experienced striker?

    If he sold RVP-why not ask for Berbatov/Fernandez in exchange +cash..

    Strikers that he could have bought from other clubs outright:-

    Papa Cisse(who admittedly is off the pace this season)

    Failing that..
    A DM in the mould of Fellaini,who can add quite a bit of steel,physicality & goals..

    If you ask me,it’s more than taking the proverbial piss..
    For the 2nd season in a row…!!

    I’m not a fan of Theo,nor do I rate him highly..
    But how do you think he feels,wanting a striker’s role(if reports are true-though I doubt it)..

    Only to be slapped in the face,& witness a veteran given 1st option to fulfill that role..

    It’s reminiscent of the RVP role..He asks for the club,to show ambition in the summer..
    & what do the club do?Go out & buy Podolski & Giroud as a way of sticking two fingers up @ RVP..

    Personally speaking I would have called Theo’s bluff.

    Played him in the striker’s role,but in a 4-4-2 formation..
    From the start of the season.

    See how he fared..Whether hit,or miss & he still stalled on the £75k contract..
    Bombed him out,regardless..

    4-4-2 formation would be..



    Carzola—Arteta—Wilshere/ Coquelin(b4 JW C’back)-Podolski/Chambo/AA


    If he were to still struggle & stalled on the contract..

    You have your answer..!!

  71. SDE

    4-4-2 formation would be..


    Carzola—Arteta—Wilshere/ Coquelin(b4 JW C’back)–Pod’ski/Ox/AA


  72. SDE


    You asked me about our game on Saturday against West Brom..

    Quite frankly I was underwhelmed to put it politely..

    Watching Arsenal is not the same anymore..

    It’s like watching a once pretty woman,on top of a game,articulate,ambitious,has people fawning over her.

    She,having people eating out of the palm of her hand…

    Fellow women,want too be like her,men who want too marry her..

    Now she’s become a drug ridden addict,incoherent,directionless.
    Her looks fading over the years,stumbling from pillar to post & a bona-fide street walker who hawks her precious assets to the highest bidder..!!

    You can only shake your head,in sadness & disappointment..

    What became of her& What became of our club..!!

    Sad,but true…

  73. bazza

    “Now she’s become a drug ridden addict,incoherent,directionless.
    Her looks fading over the years,stumbling from pillar to post & a bona-fide street walker who hawks her precious assets to the highest bidder..!!”

    Whilst very poetic, it’s ever so slightly over the top.

    In my view we have the basis of a good team – Corzola, Jack, Arteta, Ox, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Mertesaker, Sagna, Theo Rosicky & Woj.

    If you’re so negative now what would you have made of Arsenal for much of the 70s and 80s.

    You’re like the rest – immediate gratification, with no real appreciation of the game of football. What pisses me off much more than the performance of the team is serial moaners like you that use football as a way of venting your frustrations.

    How on earth can you enjoy watching the team when for you the glass is constantly half full.

    Come on grow up. Realistically we will be fighting for 3rd or 4th place until the Sheik and Abramovitch get bored and piss off.

  74. SUGA3


    this team has been in a need of a midfield terrier since 07/08 when AW would not pay Flamini what he wanted and would not buy someone to rotate with Hleb (e.g. Nasri) instead of running him into the ground…

  75. SUGA3

    and the thing about Sheikhs and Russian Tsars is not exactly correct, you don’t have to beat them all each and every time to win stuff, you know, like winning a cup final against relegation fodder 😉

  76. bazza

    I completely agree. One of Wenger’s failings is his blind faith in certain players and as he gets older his obstinacy has increased.
    The point I was making to SDE is that I get bored with listening to the constant negative views about everything concerning Arsenal.
    Clearly we did not hit top form against WBA but at least the team gave their all and there were signs that we are coming back to decent form. The players are short on confidence and this is the time that we need to get behind them. I hate it when I hear boos at matches and vitriolic abuse directed at our own players. We all pay a fortune for watching games and have a perfect right to criticise management and the team, but wanting your own team to lose or not attending games as a protest or booing is pathetic.

  77. bazza


    No team has a god given right to win anything. Yes it would be nice to win a cup, but do you really think this would stop the serial moaners?

  78. SUGA3


    I am old school, and more than anything else I appreciate someone giving a fuck, they came to the final wearing trackies as if they came for a kickabout at Colney, if suits are good enough for Fergus they should be good enough for Wenger, Mickey Mouse Cup or not…

    I just don’t like how the club appears to have the misplaced sense of superiority, someone once said that before you keep it real, you have to make it real 😉

    the only place where success comes before work is fucking dictionary, simple as that…

  79. Windy City Arse

    I’ve come to realize that it’s really hard comparing players from different generations to each other…
    Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo Mc Donaldo or Messi… They were a cut above their peers & the best of their generation. Considering the way football has evolved over time (training methods, sport science, tackling, rules, education for players etc)…. not sure it’s a fair comparison.
    The only one from the list I haven’t watched playing live is Pele… Yes, I’m an old fart….

  80. SUGA3

    to put it simply, it’s a matter of culture within the club and what culture can you have, let alone maintain if you sell pretty much half of the first XI within the space of two years?

    if the loyal servants are ‘rewarded’ with pathetic one year extensions whereas Wenger signs Silvestre for two years and Squillaci for three?

  81. SDE


    The CC 2011 would have been a great start..A great platform to build from..
    All around..Winner’s mentality…

    At least it would have showed that OGL cares about winning,at the very least..The bare minimum..Even given that platform,he failed too accomplish..

    He treated that cup,against relegation fodder with disdain/contempt..

    Yet people harp on about FFP/Finances /Stadium Debt & the Oligarchs..


    If the CAC was good enough for Fergie in 2005 & Mourinho..Why is OGL,an exception to the rule..?

    I have mentioned this repeatedly in some of my arguments,over the coming years..

    Take a step outside of the arena for a fair bit..& look at the club,from an objective point of view…

  82. SUGA3

    not to mention that if you remind yourself the road to final draws, the final was served to us on a massive silver plate with a mountain of gak 😆

  83. Dan Ahern

    Papers linking us to Nani. Now THAT would be a signing. He’s a bit of cunt to be sure, but truly talented. If we got him we should offer Palace a swap deal: Theo for Zaha. Hahaha…

  84. SDE

    You’re like the rest – immediate gratification, with no real appreciation of the game of football. What pisses me off much more than the performance of the team is serial moaners like you that use football as a way of venting your frustrations.How on earth can you enjoy watching the team when for you the glass is constantly half full.

    Contrast this with GG’s team & not the last year he was in charge?

    Passion,desire,a will to win,a solid back 4 defense & trophies to show..
    Even a UEFA Cup won by GG, that OGL could not even fathom in a penalty shoot-out in 2000/1!!

    Now tell me,if I still require instant gratification,with no appreciation of the game of football..

    Since when did the “Art of Defense” under GG,become a missing link in the appreciation of football..?

    It’s not all about total football,you know..!!

    Me thinks,you are a late entry to the AFC family circle..

    A la Anfield for the Championship 2-1,with the odds stacked against us..
    The Michael Thomas Winner…

    & I’m a Johnny come lately..That’s just one example mate..

    You’re a twat..!!

  85. SDE


    What pisses me off much more than the performance of the team is serial moaners like you that use football as a way of venting your frustrations.How on earth can you enjoy watching the team when for you the glass is constantly half full.

    Name one positive,OGL & the Club has done in 2-3 seasons at the very least..?

    For you to moan about the negative tripe,us so-called fans spout every day…

    Where is the glass full,or half full..?

    Silent Stan”I wish I had invested in this club’s years ago-“(i.e.bought shares at a cheaper price),to maximise his risk free investment…

    – PHW”Mindless idiots-who wanted OGL out..There’s a contract waiting for him as we speak”

    -IG”We make superstar’s,we don’t buy them”

    -OGL”4th is a trophy”…

    -THW14-“Pay me £100K & a Striker’s role,or I’m off..”

    -AFC”We sold RVP for footballing reasons”..

    OGL”Selling Cesc & Nasri,implies we are not a big club”

    OGL”I’m confident RVP will stay”

    IG 2011″We have budgeted for falling out of a top 4 place.Europa is fine”

    Bazza-What planet are you on?

  86. SDE


    December 11, 2012 04:07:56
    Don’t bother bazza. Sde has an athletes mentality, worships Mourinho and hates arsenal.

    You are right there mate…Sort of…Let’s clarify..

    I do like Mourinho(A winner,with ambition),but dislike Arsene.(A loser,with no ambition)……Big difference..

  87. AndyB

    I’ve not been this season because I’m not paying £83 to watch a team that’s only ambition is to line the pockets of the already rich.
    If you want to keep going that’s up to you.
    Just bare in mind that while people like you think 4th is ok, it will never get any better.
    That’s why we moan