Arsenal are disrespecting the Champions League! – Arsene Wenger and B player mentality

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Last night was not quite the carnage I predicted. I thought we’d have a weaker side on show in Greece. That’s what made defeat slightly worse in my eyes. We didn’t field a Carling Cup team of children eager to impress the first team coaches, we fielded a team of 8 internationals who helped contribute to a game of alarmingly poor quality. Sure, it was slightly more entertaining than watching us choke against teams like Swansea and Norwich, but it was still average on a technical level. It was still tactically naive. The result was still the same.

Defeat against a team who I’d place well and truly in the garbage category.

Arsene Wenger stated as he arrived in Athens that the only thing he was sure of is that ‘he knew nothing’. He’s become quite unbearable over the last few weeks, the whole focus seems to be around him and his feelings, not what’s actually happening on the pitch. What was apparent from the team is that the quality of the squad is an absolute shambles. Thomas Rosicky was by far out best performer and his return to the starting line up can’t come at a better time. His energy and aggression in the middle of the park is something we’ve lacked of late. He opened the scoring after Gervinho managed to stay on his feet in the box and cut a pass back for the Czech to curl into the bottom corner.

Holding onto a lead isn’t something the first team relish, so hanging onto the hope a B team could do any better was churlish. 18 odd minutes into the second half, a ball was looped into our box, the 5ft4 new boy Meade was left to challenge, he was barged out the way with absolute ease, the Greeks won the header,  Aaron Ramsey chested it down into the path of the Giannis Maniatis who didn’t need a second invite to slip the ball past Chezzer. Another error by a Aaron Ramsey who just can’t break out of the ‘below average’ rut he’s found himself in for the most of the past few seasons.

Things went from bad to worse ten minutes later when Mitroglu made some space for himself on the edge of the box, curled a low shot at our goal and watched it slip under Chezzer with ease. An absolute joke of a goal to concede. Another long distance shot any keeper worth his salt would save. I’m fast coming to the conclusion he’s not good enough. The superb performances of a few years ago have been lost in a sea of arrogance. I can only put it down to this, because generally your ability only degrades if you don’t work hard as a youngster. We need a great keeper last season.

The game coughed and spluttered to an unsatisfactory end, we didn’t top our group and now we face the prospect of playing a form team in the next round of the competition. That’s not good when you’re this Arsenal squad.

On a reality level. We can’t complain. The state of the squad and the fatigue Wenger has placed on it dictated we needed to rest first team players. Our season starts on Saturday against West Brom. Wenger has a big December ahead. He needs to buy himself time with the fans. A last roll of the dice in January as it were. Make no mistake, Wenger’s loyalty to his contract is not a gift to the fans, it’s loyalty to a massive amount of money and power he would unlikely get elsewhere.

The debacle of the Champions League needs perspective in one sense. We did qualify, even if it was in second. That’s more than can be said of Chelsea and Manchester City. However, you don’t gauge your own bad performance by talking about others who also did badly. One manager lost his job off the back of his early exit, the other, well, you never know. It’s not looking good. We should have topped our group to give ourselves a better chance of qualification. The joke of our situation is that we don’t even have a squad that can manage the first half of the season in the Champions League.

We’re disrespecting the Champions League!

There was quite a lot of noise around the Stewart Robson interview yesterday through Talksport. Now, I know many are brushing it aside because he was sacked by Arsenal for not towing the company line. He’s bitter apparently. Well, I’m not sure I buy into that. If you listen to the interview, how can you disagree with most of it? Over-training players. I’ve told you that for years. Wenger doesn’t listen to the experts Arsenal employ. Tactics… Cesc knew nothing about them until he went to Barcelona. Steve Bould not having a say in matters. Not too dissimilar to what I heard. How much has the defence been worked on since the start of the season? Not much I’ve been told. Is that apparent? Pretty much so. Arsene Wenger was pretty spiteful about Steve Bould and his impact on the back four in the build up to Chelsea, then he inexplicably dropped his best defender, we were a shambles at the back and things haven’t improved since.

Wenger wont’ be told. As you can see by the attitude of superiority he takes when talking to the press. Thinking you know best all the time is an ugly counter productive trait. Well, unless of course you do know best. I know I’ve referenced Steve Jobs on a number of occasions but his self awareness with regards to greatness was quite refreshing in his book. He knew most great men didn’t continue to innovate and stay great the whole way through their careers. People become stuck in a rut and struggle to reinvent themselves (business leaders, artists, song writers, inventers). One of his mantras was to only employ A players…

‘It’s too easy, as a team grows, to put up with a few B players, and they then attract a few more B players, and soon you will even have some C players.  The Microsoft experience taught me that A players like to work only with other A players, which means you can’t indulge B players.’

Arsene had a team of A players, but failed to recognise when they became B players. I’m talking staff here. He didn’t want to challenge himself. Which in the end, has given him a squad of B players. The A players don’t want to play with the B players, which is exactly why they leave for pastures new. If you fail to recognise your greatness in sport (and business) is generally supported by the people below you, you’re on a one track road to failure.

That’s where Wenger is now… and this attitude to the modern game might splutter us into 4th, but it won’t ever bring us back to the glory days. That’s a fact people.

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  1. Ric

    Guns of Hackney December 5, 2012 14:50:57

    Messi is great but Maradona was the best.

    Although you just know he’d give it his all (pumped up on coke its no wonder) but honestly speaking his heart would literally give up before half time trying to get the ball of these fitness machines we have running around these days.

    It reminds me of an arguemnt I saw on tv the other day where an old has been Norway legend “Rune Bratseth” (Big in Germany) said the Norway team of today was alot worse than his generation on the basis that his generation actually made the final 32 of the WC and this current crop didn’t.

    The fact that this current u21 crop we have is even better than that generation at pretty much everything was completely lost on him. I mean they run faster and further, they actually have technique even though they are Norwegian, they are all proffesionals even though a bunch of our old first teamers back then were still amateurs, just didn’t enter his equation.

    So no, I’d say its a fairly safe bet going with Messi in that one.

  2. Spectrum

    Kushagra India –

    ” Huntelaar will be another avg player on the books who won’t make much of a difference” . Based on his prolific scoring record for club and country, and his movement and positioning, that’s unlikely.

    But I’d prefer him to play for us under a different manager. Wenger will likely play him on the wing, as he does Podolski. So we’d not get the best out of him. I ‘ll never forget that Wenger could have bought him in on loan a few seasons ago, when we had RVP out injured, but the senile skinflint played Arshavin up front instead ! And we needed goals THEN, too. Great decision making.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  3. gambon

    ” the latter league when it was considered the best in the world against the hardest and best defenders with a team (Napoli) that wasn’t regarded as the best. He changed the way football was played in Italy and literally had 3 man to man markers on him.”

    Lol, yeah and he actually used to save kids froim drowning at half time as well.

    Typical attitude, what happened in the past is always more impressive than the present, and people can only be considered the best ever once they are retired.

  4. Spectrum

    Dublin Gunner – “Hey did anyone see that silent Stan bought a ranch worth 80mil, looks like the cheque s for rvp an song have cleared “.

    Yes, I feel the same way. I and someone else raised the subject on here a couple of times, but no-one seems interested enough to discuss it. I think it tells you where his priorities lie.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  5. Guns of Hackney

    But, Ric

    Messi probably wouldn’t last 5 mins in the Maradona era where the defenders could cut you in half…think George Best – the man could dance around tackles that players now get destroyed trying to avoid.

    Different era, different game.

    Anyway, we have Messi or Maradona’s equal: Aaron Ramsey

  6. Arsenal1886-2006

    Guillem Balague.

    “Spanish football about to implode
    For many people Spanish football is the epitome of how the game should be played. Many experts are citing Barcelona as the greatest team in the history of the game and talking about the Spanish national side in the same breath and with the same reverence as that shown to the Brazilian 1970 World Cup winners. Today there are no fewer than 45 players plying their trade on British pitches, 30 of them in the Premiership. But that doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story.

    The fact is that Spanish football is on the very edge of imploding. There are three reasons for this. Money, money and money. At the moment there are no fewer that 16 La Liga first division clubs that are on the verge of bankrupcy now that the Government wants back the 700 millione euros they owe the tax man!

    Players, managers, coaches and suppliers are not being paid on time. With Spain in the deepest recession it has ever been in, something’s got to give. Until such time as La Liga realise that allowing the clubs to negotiate their own television rights is unacceptable then the inevitable conclusion is that the domestic competition, as we know it, will die.

    Last year Manchester City received £60,602,289 from television when they won the Premiership. Wolves who finished bottom got £39,084,461 a ratio of 1.55 to 1. Of the £640 million in the kitty for La Liga, Barca and Real scooped up 50 % while Valencia who finished third got £40 million and the rest of the league had to battle for what crumbs were left on the table. The ratio there amounted to 14 to 1. Shameful!

    But you know what, the big fishes don’t want to help the domestic league survive because they are already planning for a new Champions League competition with 64 teams. Things will change dramatically in the next few years”

    A few bargains to be had then, expect wenger to sign a few more Almunias and Suillacis.

  7. gazzap

    Spectrum, I was referring to the invincibles when I said players used to perform to their potential, not the 2005 side, which I admit was already on the slide. Sorry my maths are a bit up the spout today. That would be 8 years ago. Though 2005 and 2006 was a damn site better than this 2012 shite!
    However there is a massive difference between having shit players, and the players that you do have playing below their potential. We currently have a problem with both.

  8. SDE

    Whilst we are all venting…I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane..

    & highlight some Pedro Pearler’s from recent times:

    Sit back & Enjoy…


    gambonMay 8, 2012 10:26:23
    “Vertonghen is almost a cert for Spurs”

    PedroMay 8, 2012 10:33:52
    Gambon, he’s absolutely not a cert for Spurs. They want him, but there’s a massive stumbling block there… they can’t afford him.

    PedroMay 8, 2012 10:36:59
    Gambon… neither can afford what he wants… but more so Spurs.
    Especially if they don’t make top 4.

    WengersSweetiesMay 8, 2012 10:43:37
    Jan Vertonghen is off to Spurs!!!What happened there then? what’s the point in scouting the living daylights out of a player you’re not going to attempt to sign?Our defence has been shocking!! SHOCKING!! we needed Vertonghen to tighten it up at the back.Geoff, where is Samba at the moment?

    PedroMay 8, 2012 10:46:53
    WS… he’s not off to Spurs.



    & on the appointment of Steve Bould…

    Pedro May 7,2012
    Steve Bould is our biggest summer signing

    Pedro May 8, 2012 10:22:35

    Now he’s in at assistant, he can make an impact.

    Pedro May 8, 2012 10:21:10
    So far… Podolski, Bould and M’Vila. Things are looking good.Not sure on Vertonghen… think he might end up somewhere that will pay him more than us.

    Pedro May 10, 2012 23:05:32
    Cesc2301 and Cesc Appeal… nothing is going to change?
    Podolski in the bag.
    Pat Rice gone…
    Steve Bould in.Give it a rest.
    Things are changing massively already.

    Another priceless gem….Could not make this up..

    On Major Signings in the Summer

    PedroMay 8, 2012 13:40:52
    You said this about Podolski… M’Vila is as good as done… there is another major player they’re looking at as well.
    On the end of the season(well days towards the end of the season)..

    PedroMay 10, 2012 14:55:30
    Joppa, it really is boring when you try and downgrade Arsenal as a club… everyday…
    We are a major player in Europe. 60,000 a week… a great brand… the best player in the country on our books… a revered style of play.
    We’re a big club going through tough times.
    Still third in the league… making positive changes.


    On RVP’s replacement…

    Pedro May 5th, 2012
    If Robin is planning on moving next year, we need his replacement this summer… and that isn’t Podolski for me. We should be looking at Giroud or someone like that for this summer so there isn’t a long bedding in period next year.

    On our start to the season 2012/13

    PedroOctober 18, 2012 08:44:15
    SDE, you do bitch and moan… you spent all summer complaining about how shit it would be this year… it’s actually turned out ok… we’re a far better team playing far better football… and you’re still bitching.


    Another corker…

    & today we have…..

    Pedro Dec 5th 2012

    “What was apparent from the team is that the quality of the squad is an absolute shambles….”(Re:Oct 18th 2012 08:44:15 comments:we’re a far better team,playing far better football)

    “The joke of our situation is that we don’t even have a squad that can manage the first half of the season in the Champions League.”
    (re:according to you,we have a far better team,playing far better football)

    “Over-training players. I’ve told you that for years. Wenger doesn’t listen to the experts Arsenal employ. Tactics… Cesc knew nothing about them until he went to Barcelona.
    Steve Bould not having a say in matters. Not too dissimilar to what I heard. ”

    (Re fair enough..But you loudly proclaimed on May 7th/8th,Steve Bould was the sign of many positive changes at Arsenal)

    “Arsene had a team of A players, but failed to recognise when they became B players. I’m talking staff here. He didn’t want to challenge himself. Which in the end, has given him a squad of B players. The A players don’t want to play with the B players, which is exactly why they leave for pastures new. If you fail to recognise your greatness in sport (and business) is generally supported by the people below you, you’re on a one track road to failure.
    That’s where Wenger is now…”

    (Again,I thought we had a far better team,playing far better football..according to you..)

    Some gems in there indeed…Need I say any more….

    Have a good day everyone..

  9. Guns of Hackney


    I provided you with facts that can be backed up regarding Maradona’s ability. I think you’ll find that Maradona was considered the best player in the world while he was still playing. Was he also not voted the best player of the last 100 years by his peers?

    I am not living in the past, merely providing you with a counterpoint to a discussion.

    Don’t even get me started on Marco Van Basten who I think was the most amazing player ever…cue the abuse.

    Anyway, I suppose you think that a Renualt Clio 16v is a better car than a 1965 Aston Martin DB5 because it’s newer??? I thought not. Don’t be silly.

  10. Ric

    Guns of Hackney December 5, 2012 15:14:51

    Oh so true… It certaintly takes a special sort of talent to tip toe around defenders in three feet deep mud whilst people try to two foot tackle you in hip height.

  11. Ric

    “Haha SDE, you my friend are a genius!”

    He he he he, I think even Pedro has to hand it to the man, thats a man that really drives his point home once proven right, the sheer stamina on that guy. Respect SDE. Much Respect.

  12. gambon


    You didnt give me any facts, you just said

    – Maradonna played in the best league in the world (opinion)
    – Maradona single handedly won the world cup (opinion)

    Maradonas career is very average. Average goals scored, hardly any titles. All this is a time when he was running about 5km per game, lazy fat cunt.

    As for the “they were hacked to death” bullshit, lol, its very funny but a bit stupid.

  13. Ric

    Another fun debate today guys, but I’ll be signing off for the day, (Or at least until I get home) Have a good’un!

  14. Ric

    zeus December 5, 2012 15:34:53


    Why do you have it in for Pedro?

    Read all the comment from the week prior to RVP leaving, it was total warfare on here, it got ugly, nasty, we lost some people, and the others where never really the same….

  15. Guns of Hackney

    Oh, Gambon

    I think most people would agree that the Italian league was considered the best, most successful and hardest league to play in during the 1980’s and 1990’s. It had without a doubt the best goal keepers and defenders in the world during that period and Maradona took a Napoli team to two league titles, a European type cup and Italian cup. This was at a time when Juventus, and Milan had some of the best teams ever in the history of football. That Sir, is fact.

    The man scored over 300 career goals in said leagues (not and out and out striker) scorer of some of the greatest free kicks ever seen, scored the greatest goal of all time (voted) one of the most skillful players ever in a time where I think you’ll agree that defenders were a lot less compromising.

    1986 – Argentine came into the world cup in not great shape and only had Maradona as a talisman – scored some amazing goals (the best ever) and took that team to the world cup – followed it up in 1990 getting them there again. Messi, playing in a far superior Argentina team failed big style, I think you’ll agree.

    They are facts.

  16. jay

    Its hard to compare maradona vs Messi..but Maradona did a lot more..he took an average looking napoli team and won the seria A with them breaking the power in the North of italy with them Milan teams and Juve..he also won the Uefa Maradona didn’t have the sort of protection that Messi gets today, back then the players targeted him and literally broke his ankle(barca vs bilboa)..messi is good but i’m sure we all know Maradona is king

  17. gambon

    As for Spanish bargains, we should take advantage.

    – Adil Rami
    – Martin Demechelis
    – Filipe Luis

    – Arda Turan
    – Isco
    – Benat
    – Toulalan

    – Negredo
    – Falcao

    Take one from each section and we are instantly a much stronger team.

    But no Wenger knows best. You dont make a good team by buying good players, oh no its far more complicated than that.

  18. jay

    Tony Cascarino on Wenger..

    Arsène Wenger is one of the game’s greats. He changed the face of English football when he took over at Arsenal in 1996, but we should be discussing him in terms of being a former Arsenal manager.
    Big clubs sack managers, and Arsenal are a big club. They have the best stadium in the division and a fine history, but cannot call themselves a big club if they are prepared to hang on to Wenger out of sentiment.
    A great many Arsenal fans cannot bring themselves to say that Wenger must go. Instead, they say let’s keep him, but insist or hope that he changes his philosophy. But I just cannot see him changing.
    When I look at him, I see a guy who believes in a philosophy based on simplicity. He won’t change. He was an incredible manager and gave us entertainment of the highest order. He was a genius, but that genius has had its day. Football has caught up with him and he remains in the job because of sentiment— but the biggest clubs have no sentiment. If Sir Alex Ferguson fails, he won’t be allowed to hang around

  19. bergkamp63

    I do hope these rumours about Fat Cuntelaar are not true, although it sounds like a perfect cheap Wenger buy so it probably is !!

    Why shop in Waitrose when Lidl are just round the corner.

  20. gambon

    “Argentine came into the world cup in not great shape and only had Maradona as a talisman”

    So by your logic Angelos Charisteas must be one of the all time greats?

  21. Guns of Hackney


    I don’t know who that is but I get the impression that my superior intellect has rendered you helpless.

    Score one for the Guns of Hackney “often imitated, never bettered”

  22. Relieable sauce


    I think the smart money is on him going to BM, i do hope they’re right.

    Not sure Lidl is even where we shop now, more like the clinical waste bin at a hospital.

  23. amjalice

    haha nice one SDE.

    I haven’t been liking Pedro’s posts and comments this season. A lot of contradictions with himself and shit. Sounds more like Geoffe everyday.

  24. gambon

    Guns of Crackney

    Your argument pretty much rests solely on Maradonner winning the WC with Argentina.

    Well, Champs League is of a higher level than World Cup.

    In fact Euro Champs is of a higher level, and Charisteas won Euro 2004 for Greece.

    Now…….and heres the key point.

    Greece winning Euro 2004 is much much much more surprising than Argentina winning WC86.

    This makes Charisteas better than Maradonner, and the second best player ever behind Lionel Messi.

    Quick reminder… many Ballon D’ors has Maradonner got?

  25. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    I ‘m waiting for the Pedro comment :

    I’ve written 50,000 posts i don’t need to answer to you

  26. Guns of Hackney


    Balloons De Oars were harder to win back then. Now they hand them out like peanuts…

    Messi is a very, very good player but Maradona was better.

    And so Denis Bergkamp was better than Henry

  27. SDE

    gambonDecember 5, 2012 15:22:06
    Haha SDE, you my friend are a genius!


    You Sir,should run your blog,if your job permits..

    You are the go too guy..

    Only critic,I have of you is your sometimes below comments to other posters on here..That said,you call every turn,w.r.t. all AFC & football related matters correctly 95% of the time..

    Would not expect anything less for an Options trader!! ..):-


    Hope you are good….

    Take it easy..Keep up with your worthwhile& stimulating comments.
    They are refreshing& insightful..& believe me,they give me much comfort..
    I hear you,all the way…

  28. salparadisenyc

    “Messi is a very, very good player but Maradona was better”

    Messi is like the Highlander, there can be only one. He’d chop Diego’s head off at a cantor before slotting home under the coke fueled fire of Maradona’s dismembered body.

  29. gambon


    I may start a blog as Pedros gonna ban me sooner or later.

    I wouldnt be able to post everyday though.

    It would be an outstanding blog though!

  30. Ric

    gambonDecember 5, 2012 15:46:04
    “Argentine came into the world cup in not great shape and only had Maradona as a talisman”So by your logic Angelos Charisteas must be one of the all time greats?

    Mwuahahhaha ha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Instant classic Gambon!

    Charisteas ho ho ha ha he he! Still laughing here man…

    Oh and SDE

    Right back at you brother, right back at you… You are much appreciated here bro. But I’ll stop hurling superlatives your way and get back to work now, before we fully consummate this bromance aiight?

  31. SDE


    It certainly would be a mind blowing blog..Just don’t go below the belt..

    Other than that,I’d be the first to subscribe to it..

    I can’t take the running with the hares & hunting with the hounds malarky,by a commentator/host.
    Then proceed to trash commentators on here that see the situation for what it is & be underhand about it..Because they might have vested interests to protect..

    I’m of the belief..Let’s be consistent..Call a spade,a spade..

    If you do,let me know..Would also be an interesting take from your perspective on options trading as an aside from football talk..

  32. Wonderboy

    Someone needs to get a life, and when i say someone i mean SDE. What the fuck? How many hours of scanning back over old blog posts did you waste?
    You fucking sad man.

  33. Relieable sauce

    Fucking boo hoo! Man shitty fans crying over not ripping up the CL in their 2nd season.
    Come back when you’ve got something to fucking moan about, like 13+ plus years of trying with no success.
    Mancini must be looking at Wonga & thinking WTF! How do i get myself a cushy number like that cunts got?
    Fucking bulletproof, teflon, BS spouting, sleeping bag wearing, helicopter dancing, excuse bleating despot.

  34. gambon

    Tomas Rosicky looks like an undernourished lesbian, he can fuck right off.

    3 good performances since 2008 and he thinks he can come out with bollocks like that.

  35. gambon

    “The performances we produced against Tottenham & AC Milan”

    What the only 2 good games youve played since you got injured in late 2007?

    Fucking idiot.

  36. Relieable sauce

    Players that play 10 games a season aren’t that useful either, dickhead.

    Perhaps with that pearl of wisdom from him, he might inspire Wonga to give us a few statements of the bleeding obvious of his own, rather than all the lies we usually here from him.

    Did anyone hear the comment about Wenger using post match interviews to communicate to his players, that sounds too bizarre even for him but you never know with OGL.

  37. SDE


    Do you know what SDE stands for..?

    I’m sure you know..I’ll give you a clue..& you can work out that rest..Stoc…..?

  38. Relieable sauce

    Bloody hammers! Didn’t they get the memo that the next 2 years is for us to catch up with the big boys.
    Lets hope they don’t move in until 2014 so we can still be a top 3 london clubs at least.

    Wonga & IG must have been the battlefield vulture types in a previous life. Wait until the danger of combat to pass, then scour the devastation for some easy pickings.
    Its a living i guess & you can’t say parasites aren’t successful, the tapeworms been around since before the time of man.

  39. Arsene's Nurse

    gambon December 5, 2012 16:43:32

    Tomas Rosicky looks like an undernourished lesbian, he can fuck right off.

    I think I will have to rename the “Rockin’ around the Treatment Table” Arsenal Christmas song to “Hoppin’ around the Treatment Table.”

    First line of the song sung by Colin Lewin is

    Hoppin’ around, the treatment table,
    with Diaby, Rosicky and Me.

  40. Relieable sauce

    Wonga wanted “come oh ye faithful” for all the gooners but then remembered the 2nd line & thought better of it.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Read in the Daily Mail today ‘as increasingly heavyweight figures at Arsenal expect Alisher Usmanov to take over the London club.’

    Sent my heart a’fluttering.

    I hope so. Arsenal has become probably the most insulting, grotesque club I can remember. For Arsene’s sarcastic, ego stroking ‘quips’, the the blatant bullshit of Ivan Gazidis as he lines his own, Arsene’s and Stan’s pockets, the ridiculous price of…well everything to do with the Emirates stadium and Arsenal, to our total lack of footballing know how on and off the field.

    We’re pathetic, Wilfired Zaha took the piss out of us on Twitter last night, everyone is having a right giggle.

  42. SDE

    Bergkamp63May 7, 2012 13:41:27

    Anyone who thinks for 1 minute that Wenger will relinquish any of his power to his No2 knows nothing about Wenger.

    Bouldy under a new manager would be a different prospect entirely however.
    Don’t expect a single thing to change

    Bergkamp63May 7, 2012 14:04:44

    Same old bullshit !!

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has warned the club’s supporters to be patient before he resumes his summer spending spree.

    Wenger has already snapped up Germany striker Lukas Podolski and is looking to further strengthen his side.

    But he told fans at the weekend that he is still weighing up his options.The Frenchman said:

    “We wanted to get at least one of our transfer targets sorted out early and we are pleased to have achieved it [with Podolksi].“

    “The next phase of our ‘signings’ will be to take care of our injured players and make sure they are back for the start of next season.“I am thinking of players like Jack Wilshere, Abou Diaby and Per Mertesacker – when these guys are fit we have quite a big squad and before we can buy again we have to assess how many players we have.”

    Don’t expect too much action in the transfer market this year,
    Diaby will be like a new signing !!

    You call it so well…..Would not expect less from a retired CA..!!

  43. Relieable sauce


    What did Zaha say then?

    A lot of people are taking the piss & to be fair we deserve it.
    Perhaps the shame & ridicule will be enough to make AW go & AKB’s wake up, though the AKB’s can go as well as far as i’m concerned.

  44. Cesc Appeal


    Have a look on twitter.

    He tagged Wrighty in something as well saying ‘sorry’…as in sorry Arsenal are so bad.

  45. TOLI83

    Haha @ Gambon. Rosicky does look like he needs a good feed. And some man pills.

    Has anyone noticed how Wenger talks about other teams more than he does Arsenal. It won’t be long before he’s ripping into city and having a pop at Chelsea for not making through with all of their millions and millions etc etc …. Zzzz

  46. TOLI83

    He said he’s never watching Arsenal again or something along that line . To my knowledge he’s a fan though and like us he’s pissed off, not just saying it for the sake of it…

    All this twitter nonsense with him and frimpong and many others makes them looks like mugs to be honest. Let their football do the talking .

  47. bergkamp63

    It doesn’t help when Wengheimer’s keep playing players out of position either,

    Podolski would be better as a left sided CF in a 4-4-2 not stuck out on the fucking wing where he can’t score.

    Ramsey would be better rubbing Diaby’s legs in the treatment room instead of being out in the cold on the pitch !!

  48. Ric

    Kushagra IndiaDecember 5, 2012 18:05:03
    At a big club/team Podolski has never succeeded as a striker hasn’t got the attributes, too late to develop them .

    Yeah I said more or less exactly that the day we signed him.

  49. Ric

    Kushagra IndiaDecember 5, 2012 18:05:03

    I don’t know if any of you ever saw him play for Bayern or Køln (Cologne).

  50. Kushagra India

    Pod more suited to counter-attacking teams a flat track bully sometimes that’s about it imo , has lost his place in the German national team as well.
    Reus can be as good as anyone out there

  51. Cesc Appeal

    It’s wrong I know because for Arsene to lose Arsenal have to lose…but i literally don’t want him to win another game.

    i want him to have nothing but his ridiculous, self obsessed rants when confronted by the media.

    Just reading through them what a deluded, bitter, stubborn, angry angry man. You can almost see the indignation in his eyes.

    That stupid Voldemort smile he does as if ‘oh how quaint, the little people think they can question me. My intelligence is so above their understanding, my goals so noble their pathetic little minds can scarcely comprehend – I’ll just smile and be rude.’

  52. Alex James

    Oh good, I can at last post.Pedro there is still a problem with the facebook banner. Last night showed just how poor some of the more ‘expensive’ signings are. Also, no matter who pays in defence or goal, there is an error awaiting, to undo the good work that occasionally happens at the other end. I can’t determine whether the corner was a just decision but to hear Wenger talk a goal came straightaway, whereas the defence had ample time to clear the ball. I wake upevery day thinking I am back in the 60s with this lot. We were awful then and every match reminds me of this dsrk perios

  53. Ric

    Relieable sauceDecember 5, 2012 18:38:44

    Ian was the man that brought me to Arsenal, saw him on tv once when I was seven, the next day when a kid in my class asked wich team I support I proudly answered Arsenal.

  54. Ric

    See thats the thing, when you see that vid, the first thing that springs to mind is that you see so much of Ian Wright in Henry when he was at his prime.

    It kind of makes you think of what could have been, had we not sold off all the Invincibles and had them help train the next generation instead.

    If Ramsey and Wilshire had Pires, Vieira and Petit to guide them and so on…

    It boggles the mind.

  55. El Tel

    Pele and the Brazilians of that time are still the best ever. They took football to what you see with the best teams of today.

    Maradona and Messi are equal for me. Imagine both of them in the same team. WOW!!!

    Ajax and Cruyff were magnificent and Georgie Best before him made British football sexy.

    AC Milan were magnificent with the Dutch masters playing for them and probably the original Galacticos.

    I have read and saw some footage of the great Puskas/De Stefano RM side and heard my Grandad tell me great stories of the 30s Arsenal and the wonderful Alex James, the war stopped us from becomingnthe biggest Club ever.

    The best England team I have ever seen was the 1970 team who went to Brazil and got beat because Gordon Banks got ill. I was a little young to remember the 66 side but the fact we played at home is maybe the reason I prefer the 1970 team.

    My best ever Arsenal players

    1 DB10 ( no contest, ask Henry and Wrighty)
    2. TH 14 ( lets hope he doesn’t rin it with another comeback)
    3. Chippy Brady
    4. Vieira/Pires/Rocastle/Cesc.
    5. Big Tone/Frankie Mc and Charlie Nicholas.

  56. Inter YourGran

    Evening Groovers,

    What is up? What’s the CL scores?!…

    Are we all still having a whinge up about Wenger & Tuesday? Give it a rest already…

    SDE, what is the point of digging out previous post excerts from Pedro and slagging him off on his own blog? We all talk shit sometimes, even shit someones fed us, have a laugh etc. But, but dear oh dear… That’s a disrespect, blood! 😆

    Gambon, you should know better. The Daddy doesn’t lick arse, honestly! Stick to dishing out hidings 😉

  57. Bade

    So all welcome our new signing, Thierry Henry

    I mean, Arsene, seriously, now you’re starting to ruin our legend’s legacy? After you totally abolished your own?

  58. BOOZY

    young lad on barca’s- deulofeu, MASSIVE PLAYER.

    We could buy him with a buy back for barca.

    Then there is tello and thiago.
    especially thiago who would be massive for us.

    I’m sure if pep takes over at arsenal, that would be his first move.

  59. mystic

    ‘Aaron Ramsey chested it down into the path of the Giannis Maniatis who didn’t need a second invite to slip the ball past Chezzer. Another error by a Aaron Ramsey’

    Sorry what do you mean? thought it was a superb cushioned chest down – what? you mean the guy he chested it too was on the opposition? Bollocks!!

    Oh well never mind, he must be good after all Arsene keeps playing him and only a half witted moron would play someone who was shit – what? Ramsey is shit? But that means Wenger is a ……………

    Come on all you AKBs defend the gaffer, after all surely defeats to Swansea and Olympiacos are acceptable? Surely looking fucking tepid is acceptable? Surely meekly giving up a lead for the umpteenth time this season is acceptable?

    What a fucking joke


  60. Thorough

    Ric. Even if Ramsey trained with Pele, Messi, Maradona and that striker in Shaolin socccer, he’ll still ne SHIT. Its like teaching Shaqeel to do figure skating.

  61. kwik fit

    So it appears that our only class player from last night , one tomas rosicky, had a tight hamstring. That’s why he was pulled off by Wenger at half time.
    Wenger doesn’t need any excuse to give someone a quick hamshank.

  62. El Tel

    Poor old Tomas, he had to run around for 45 minutes. We may see him again in 2013.

    Good player but as useful as to Arsenal as me most of the time.

  63. Ric

    JeffDecember 5, 2012 20:15:17
    Ric,The club is littered with losers. Pride is now the new trophy.

    I’d like to see Mr. Fox say that shit with a straigth face to his own kids.

    ThoroughDecember 5, 2012 20:50:48
    Ric. Even if Ramsey trained

    Touche, I stand corrected…

  64. Lee Pace

    Quite bizarre how shit we are yet we’re through and Chelsea and Man City are out. Imagine if we were in the group of death.

    We are delaying the inevitable lol.

  65. AC Gooner


    Completely agree. Watching Song play for Barca with the discipline of monk baffles the mind.

    That is what coaching and playing in an environment where players take things seriously will do for you.

    Grandad Wenger only cares about getting SMSs from his players when he sells them to big teams.

  66. Ric

    We should be happy if we get Barca, statistically we’re bound to beat them eventually. And honestly speaking ask yourselves is there a team out there less afraid of us? Or that will take to the task more lightly? I for one doubt it.

  67. Arsene's Nurse

    AC Gooner December 5, 2012 22:25:16


    Completely agree. Watching Song play for Barca with the discipline of monk baffles the mind.
    It just goes to show how Wenger didn’t coach Song properly or have the cahoonas to drop him if he didn’t play the way he wanted him to because he didn’t have a replacement.

    Wenger is a poor man-manager.

    I think that bad man-management is the reason for a lot of our problems. Cesc said he learnt nothing tactically from Wenger and was left in a completely free role – no direction on tactics, opposition or position, it was simply left up to Cesc.

    I think one of the reasons why Wenger isn’t more animated and instructional towards the players during a game is that he just throws them on and expects an edict from training to be carried out. When those instructions don’t work he simply flaps and blames everyone else.

    There is little positional discipline. Bould instilled it at the start of the season, he said that they had been working on position and shape all pre-season and clean sheets were the result – something to build from.

    If you look at the other days Le Grove post; the day after the Swansea defeat, you’ll see a photo of the position before the Swansea 1st goal. I could write an entire post as to why that position at that moment was poor – positional discipline and player awareness of the situation was non-existent. That should be second nature to any player.

    The frailties and errors are there to see now. More gifted and experienced players cover up this coaching deficiency because through talent and practise they will be positionally aware.

  68. pliget

    How very erudite you are AA23. What with that and the reams of evidence you produce I am almost convinced Wenger is what, was it? oh yes, the greatest manager of the decade. How good would he be if he actually won, or even challenged for something?

  69. Jeff

    Given where we are and how we have been performing recently, will January be relevant even? If we are so far down the table after the next 5 games, the best we can hope for is to get up to about 7th or 8th. What a prospect?