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Sometimes I think the club takes time out to create content off the back of what I write. I took the website to task a couple of days ago, yesterday they announced themselves as sports website of the year. They came out top after 87,000 votes were cast. So basically, the X Factor of website awards. Well done to the Arsenal web team. Know this though… John Terry was named father of the year in 2009. The people know nothing. Nor do the muppets who keep telling me it’s a modern site.

Anyway, onto football news. Arsene has had a pop at Barcelona. He basically called them a normal team without Messi.

‘He has won absolutely everything he can at club level, and beaten all the numbers. Could he be the same player somewhere else?

‘I believe that Barca suits him well, they have lots of possession, so they can keep the ball while he finds a good position to be a threat. So not exactly the same player.

‘But, I reverse it, would Barca be the same without Messi? Certainly not, they quickly would become much more normal.’


If Barcelona didn’t have Messi, the last thing they’d be is a normal team. Would they be as good? No. Would they be normal? Of course not. They’d still be exceptional. I’ve never seen a team in the flesh knock the ball around as fast as they do. Having the best striker in the world undoubtedly makes you stronger, but they’re an extremely talented unit with or without him.

Talking about the club, the boss has made positive noises around his ambition for the winter transfer window.

‘This winter we will work very hard because we have some funds available. It could happen that we buy two players, but I cannot reveal the names.’

‘A loan [for Henry] is still a possibility, but we will still try to strengthen for the long term.’

Excellent news if it’s true. By the sounds of it, he has names ear marked. Hopefully a central midfielder to replace Diaby and a striker to compliment Giroud. The talk is around Huntelaar. The Dutchman’s deal elapses in the summer, so Schalke either sell now or lose the player for nothing in 6 months. We won’t have him for the Champions League, but we will have some extra fire power for the 2 cups and the league.

News of Zaha coming to us shows no sign of abating. He’s exactly the sort of player we’d be interested in. Young, expensive and untested. Trouble is, it doesn’t matter how good he looks right now, he won’t make an immediate impact and he’ll probably take a couple of years to come good. We need someone who is ready, experienced and top quality.

Give me Fellaini all day… perfect right? Perfect and obvious. So a no go.

There’s a story running about Arsenal negotiating clauses in player contracts for finishing outside the top four. I’d be surprised if any player tolerated a deal like that. Relegation clauses, maybe. Top four clauses? Not a chance. Why would anyone sign up to a clause that essentially you could end up having very little control over. Players don’t play on performance related contracts and I highly doubt they’d be willing to take a massive risk on a Champions League clause. If someone asked me to take a clause like that, I’d be far more likely to insist I was sold if it’s that much of  a problem. Players want certainty with their money. That clause doesn’t give certainty.

Right, not much else to talk about today… so I’ll leave it at that!

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  1. Arsenal1886-2006

    Fellaini won’t leave Everton mid way through the season, at least not while they are in contention for a CL place, he will stay loyal to Moyes.
    Cavani has set his sights on Napoli winning the italian league and will not leave until the end of the season.

    Seems strange that some on here still believe we are a club that will attract better players than we already have, I thought the selling of Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, Rvp and others would have shown you the light, obviously not.

  2. gambon


    Wrong on all counts.

    Man City signed world class, truely world class players when they werent in the CL and had never been in the CL.

    We could sign both of them players. Would we have to pay over the odds? Maybe, certainly £30m and £20m for Cavani & Fellaini respectively.

    Would we have to pay big salaries? Yep.

    However that is modern football, and also the reason we WONT sign anyone whos name isnt precisely Thierry Henry.

    But dont think we couldnt get them.

  3. TitsMcgee

    Without a doubt the players that Wenger are talking about bringing in are Huntelaar and Zaha. No doubt whatsoever. One decent signing(one that won’t be on the field the same time as Giroud) and a KID who will be buried on the bench for 4-5 years.

    How does this dramaatically improve our situation?

    Arsenal is Wenger’s little toy right now. The swipe at Barcelona shows his utter disdain for the big clubs and their money-spending ways.

    The man has lost it.

  4. Keyser

    He won’t be better, he’ll be more consistent, Van Persie’s 29-30, he’s not going to adapt like he did over the years with us, as his legs won’t let him, and both him and Rooney are the two standout players by such a distance that it’s going to be hard to get them to compliment each other without someone making sacrifices. United’s problem is midfield, both Rooney and Van Persie end up dropping deeper all over the place looking for the ball.

    If we’d bought Cavani rather than Giroud it’d be something else, right now without sorting the midfield it’d be a bit of a waste.

  5. Arsenal1886-2006


    “Man City signed world class, truely world class players when they werent in the CL and had never been in the CL.”

    Man City were seen as a team on the rise not the decline.

    “We could sign both of them players. Would we have to pay over the odds? Maybe, certainly £30m and £20m for Cavani & Fellaini respectively.”

    Do you believe wenger will start to splash his and stans retirement cash? seriously though do you ever see wenger spending £50 million less wages in January? no way.

    “Would we have to pay big salaries? Yep.”
    That one made me split my sides, can you imagine wenger paying salaries close to his?

    I used to think you were a God but you are starting to sound like an AKB. 😉

  6. TitsMcgee

    Didn’t Cavani just renew his contract with Napoli for some ridiculous amount of money?

    I’d LOVE HIM at Arsenal(if we signed 2-3 other QUALITY,ESTABLISHED players) but there is NO WAY IN HELL we are going to spend the ridiculous amoun of money it’s going to take for them t part with him.

    What’s the most we’ve ever spent on bringing somebody in? Far far from what Cavani costs.

    He’s an option that SHOULD be brought in if we were being run by guys who cared about winning.

  7. gambon


    Youre misunderstanding my point.

    Of course we wont sign Cavani, as i said it will be Henry, and no-one else.

    My point is we COULD. You were trying to imply these guys wouldnt join us.

    As you say Man City were an exciting project, well Arsenal, if we started fulfilling our potential would be ridiculously exciting.

  8. Leedsgunner

    After seeing Wenger persist with Ramsey this season, I’m convinced that it doesn’t matter who we sign in the transfer window – Wenger believes his own worth, his own greatness so much that they would regress under his coaching. For some unknown reason he continually persists in players outside their natural position. (Arshavin and Ramsey are two examples of this.) Due to his success with Henry, he has deluded himself into thinking he has the talent to do this again and again.

    Even Ramsey played in his strongest position and used sensibly would be a half decent player rather than the falling over, sideways passing pony that he has become. Great coaches make good players world class. Wenger is the anti-coach, he makes good players look ordinary and great players see this — no wonder they want away?!?

  9. Matchy

    Barca has a systematic way of playing. This system allows players with normal abilities to gel together and play better as a TEAM. of course messi is the star. Look at how many goals he scored in that team in last four years.

    It’s not only that he scores but when he scores. He scored important goal at important time of the game. That is he changed the game at certain point.

    If you take messi out barca will not be what they are. Definitely. Whether they ate NORMAL. I don’t know but definitely they will not win as often and consistently as they do, did etc

    And why is we get saying NOW WE HAVE FUNDS AVAILBLE ????

    Why did Gadzis had to negotiate for ADVANCE PAYMENT from the commercial deal with emirates ??

    If funds were AVAILBLE to wenger why negotiate for advance payment ???

  10. Arsenal1886-2006


    I understand your point that we could if we wanted to but this current Arsenal setup makes us look so unattractive to any potential transfer target.
    We are seen as a fading light in europe and in this country, our ability to attract is diminishing season by season.
    We are like a fading and ageing supermodel who had big tits, a tight bum and lovely long legs, but age has taken it’s toll and now the tits hang around the stomach and the arse has sunk to cover the long legs.

    We have been so poorly managed when it come to investment that it verges on the criminal. We are the Woolworths of English football.

  11. SpanishDave

    Wengers comments about players coming in is spin to dampen tomorrows protest. Huntelar and Henry two ageing strikers just what we need !!!!!! He certainly has lost his marbles

  12. Johnty79

    Gambon you talk a lot of sense. The 2008 season when when wenger lost the plot. If he kept diarra we would have won the league that year. That was a good team that only needed a few additions. In January 2010 we were linked with samba for 9m., but wenger declined. We would have won the league in 2010 & 2011 I’m sure.

    What you must also remember is wenger has made crazy decisions his whole arsenal career. 1999 we only had two strikers. Bergkamp and Anelka. If he had of signed Kano that summer I believe we would have treble. But that season we only had vieria, petit and garde in centre mid. Very weak squad. All wengers fault. The only seasons wenger has had a good squad was 2000-2003. We had for top strikers but had flexibility as wiltord could play on the right, ljungberg could play left or right and parlour right or centre mid. Toure broke onto the scene in 2002 and played left back,right back and played the best left midfield game I have ever seen in a 4.1 away win at Leeds utd. He ran the game. Wenger turning him into a centre half was a massive mistake that weekened our squad as a whole.

    But the summer of 2004 Yaya played two practice games and by all accounts was man of the match in both. Wenger chose not to sign him. For that he can never be forgiven.

  13. bazza

    1886 “We are like a fading and ageing supermodel who had big tits, a tight bum and lovely long legs, but age has taken it’s toll and now the tits hang around the stomach and the arse has sunk to cover the long legs.”

    Your description of a super model more closely resembles a whore. Supermodels hardly have tits therefore unlikely to sag in later life.

    I would suggest you need to think of a different analogy that doesn’t reflect your misogynistic view of women.

  14. Cesc Appeal



    Many of us have said ti all along.

    Having £210 Million in the bank of one of his teams that constantly generates profit is good for his portfolio.

    It wouldn’t surprise to find he borrows against Arsenal or the capital we have in our bank.

    It’s all very suspicious.

    Why would Gazidis and Wenger sit around getting the flack they do…unless Stan sets out what he wants and then says they’ll get hugely disproportionate wages to their skills and achievement (non existent).

    We NEED them all out now, just Wenger won’t change anything, we need Gazidis gone and Kroenke gone

  15. Johnty79

    if I was zaha, there is know I would join the sinking ship at arsenal. Look what has happened to Walcott and the ox at arsenal. The ox was very direct and a great impact player but wenger has took this away., a similar thing has happen to Ramsay. At Cardiff they said he would be the next gerrard a box to box player. Wenger is more than happy for him to pass the ball five yards and never do anything spectacular.

    Gambon, I’m afraid if we win tmw the planned march just won’t happen. That’s the problems with arsenal fans a few victorys and hey forget the real problems. When wenger destroyed the English core at arsenal and failed to replace it this is when the club started to go wrong.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    ‘You don’t know what you’re doing’ chants ‘Spend some Fucking money’ chants ‘Ivan Gazidis what the fuck do you do?’ chants ‘we want Kroenke out’ chants at the Emirates will bring about change.

    Strengthens Usmanov’s hand weakens the cowboys.

    Black scarfs, banners the works, marches…that’s the only thing I can see bringing about change.

    There are a whole heap of ‘Wenger’s children’ out there who will still go to the Emirates regardless of where we finish and pay through the nose and still swallow his shit and call it chocolate ice cream.

  17. SDE

    It seems the club,spends & devotes a large amount of time to signing,rewarding crap/dross players..& committing unnecessary resources to indulge in the acts of spin & counterspin..

    So as to consolidate their respective position’s..

    Someone earlier mentioned,that the club is run incompetently,not stupidly..

    I ask myself what’s the difference…?

    When as a so-called top club,your 1st objective is competing on the pitch,as best as you can with the available resources at your disposal..

    Not hemorrhaging money year-on-year,on absolute dross,an ever increasing bulging wage bill& then proclaim this is the best squad ever. & then talk about financial prudence & sustainability in the same sentence..

    Whilst paying a CEO a £600k bonus,for delivering a profit,by selling 2 players,thus weakening the squad.
    Not trying to enhance it ,in order to win something notably,or compete to the best of our ability,as one example..

    We don’t even attempt to do that..

    i think incompetence & stupidity hits the bullseye..In attempting to explain,the powers that be that run the & manage the club..

  18. SDE

    It seems the club,spends & devotes a large amount of time to signing,rewarding crap/dross players
    & committing unnecessary resources to indulge in the acts of spin & counterspin..

    So as to consolidate their respective position’s..

    Someone earlier mentioned,that the club is run incompetently,not stupidly..

    I ask myself what’s the difference…?

    When as a so-called top club,your 1st objective is competing on the pitch,as best as you can with the available resources at your disposal..

    Not hemorrhaging money year-on-year,on absolute dross,an ever increasing bulging wage bill& then proclaim this is the best squad ever. & then talk about financial prudence & sustainability in the same sentence..

    Whilst paying a CEO a £600k bonus,for delivering a profit,by selling 2 players,thus weakening the squad.
    Not trying to enhance it ,in order to win something notably,or compete to the best of our ability,as one example..

    We don’t even attempt to do that..

    i think incompetence & stupidity hits the bullseye..In attempting to explain,the powers that be that run the & manage the club..

  19. mystic

    Gambon, point is no matter how things are turning, there is still a huge AKB following out there – almost every Arsenal blog (not every one) still think AW is doing a good job.

    As much as we would like to believe things are going to change, there are other clubs in even more dire straights that will get more attention, thoughts on the following comment:
    “many of us feel the club is run in a shambolic way”
    (not a Arsenal fan, but a Chelsea season ticket holder – I am afraid there is more media news in that story than at Arsenal).

    I suspect the media will find more to say about Harry at QPR than Arsene at Arsenal, simple reason being that the PR machine is unfortunately better at silencing things.

  20. DUIFG

    Compared to the usual quality of signings we get hunt would be up there, again though its a signing which will probably just keep our heads above water CL wise. Would still need a good 60 mil spent to get us near a title shot. as for Zaha think Pedro has it spot on, guy with outrageous potential but is he likely to be able to perform week in week out from the off like you need if you are going to challenge. NO.

  21. legal translation

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  22. Dan Ahern

    Nasri’s Mouth – I see what you’re saying and agree “journalists” do that sort of shit all the time, but that’s not quite what’s being reported.
    The news is that they’re trying to put the clauses into the new contracts the club are doing at the moment (Sagna, Theo, Ox, etc.).

  23. AC Gooner

    My knowledge of Zaha is extremely limited but after perusal of a few you tube videos (yeah, I know, it makes me an expert) – he takes on his man and beats him often.

    We dont really have ONE player who does that. He also appears to be able to cross and shoot.

    AA has done it a few times this year but he only plays 5 mins every three games. Ox likewise. Theo can only run past a high line, never takes on a defender.

    Maybe Zaha is something for the future but a winger is not really what we need.

    We need a replacement for Ramsey. A big strong reliable skilled player like Fellaini (or a fit Diaby dare I say).

    Then you play Podolski and Giroud up front. With Santi and Theo on the wings. And you forbid TV from charging up.

    Huntelaar as a replacement for Chamakh works for me. Let him and Giroud fight it out.

  24. Dan Ahern

    Comment of the day:

    “ukdude7 November 30, 2012 10:10:24

    Barca without Messi. So basically the Spain national team? Yeah they’re very average.”

  25. mystic

    Johnty79 no idea how Yaya was in the other match you mention, but the game at Barnet he was nothing special.

    In hindsight AW should have signed him (though I think Gambon once said there was a passport issue), but to be honest at the time…..

  26. gambon


    No Wenger has said that a few times. but its absolute bullshit. I remember once Yaya was linked with us when at Barca, and made it clear that Wenger didnt want him, not anyhthing to do with work permits.

    He said this a few years back:

    “”To be honest I probably wasn’t ready to come to England back then. I was young, I had very little experience of football and I don’t blame Arsenal for the decision they made.”

  27. gambon

    “”To be honest I probably wasn’t ready to come to England back then. I was young, I had very little experience of football and I don’t blame Arsenal for the decision they made.”

    Yaya 2 years back

    Clearly Wenger just didnt want him, contrary to what the senile twat says.

  28. Arsenal1886-2006


    Laetitia Casta, Elle McPherson, Helena Christensen, Lara Stone, Ashley Smith, Enikő Michalik, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Sveynpol, Crystal Renn, Edita Vilkeviciute, Daisy Lowe, Sabrina Nait, Adriana Lima, Christie Brinkley, Karolina Kurkova, Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and so on, all girls with lovely boobies, Heeheeeheeehee!!!!!

  29. Arsenal1886-2006


    Adriana Lima, Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson, Laetitia Casta, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolina Kurkova, Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova are just some of the fuller figure beauties.

    You have obviously never wanked off with a Victorias Secret mag.

  30. follow the money

    I agree with a lot of what’s been said today here. We’ll never know for certain probably, but it certainly seems as though with the always playing players out of position, the refusal or unwillingness to sign even one or two expensive players, the refusal to pay Cesc etc what they deserve, and the refusal to buy a few inexpensive pieces to get us over the line (this in particular infuriates me) all seem to suggest a manager who is totally committed to a project of proving he is the greatest manager in football history by winning on the cheap. Why else would a manager neglect the obvious frailties of his team? Why persist with Almunia, unless you think keepers are unimportant? We haven’t had a great keeper since Dein left, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find that Dein pushed Wenger into buying Jens and Seaman.

  31. Bade

    Gambon accuses Arsene of mental illness, while he’s having some serious breakdown himself

    signing Cavani & Fellaini



    We’re talking Stan, Ivan & Arsene here, no fucking chance mate

    Just blow that bubble already ……. Cavani & Fellaini he said…. Hahahahaha

  32. Bade

    Indeed Pedro

    If it’s two players, midfielder & striker are the most needed right now

    Not that we don’t need another defender & backup GK, but in the order of priorities we should have


  33. Lee Pace


    Both our performances you couldn’t fault our desire, our commitment. In both situations especially at Villa I would say you thought there was a goal in there but even after Everton I think you have to give credit to the team. After Champions League game to go twice away from home not to lose, that is positive, not to win is negative but in both games there was the opportunity to win the game but we lacked a little bit of fluency in the final third to take advantage of what we elaborate well in the middle of the park and don’t finish well in the final third at the moment so we need to add that to our game.

  34. sam

    in my opinion we don’t need a striker. we need a winger affelay/zaha to help beat defenders and cross to giroud/podolski.
    wenger and gazidis won’t spend on cavani and fellaini even if we are about to be relegated. i think we have to settle for cheaper options and still we can be told the usual in january, diaby is like a new signing and will be stronger this time, yeah right!
    replacement for song could be no other than leroy fer i am sure fc twente could do business for 10 millions, a strong tackler who can also cover in defence. forget fellaini, unless usmanov takes over in december and sacks wenger before the next window.

  35. sam

    i think we have strikers that can be our match winners even if we are playing bad. crosses were awful, forget freekicks under wenger all freekick specialists we sign turns to shit. welcome to wengerworld cazorla, even andre santos hasn’t scored one since we signed him, i wonder if wenger bothered with set pieces in training.
    you can play badly sometimes but we have to have a match winning formula, sagna crosses to giroud were all bad/awful, none came off

  36. Jeff

    When there is absolutely nothing you can say in defence of any performance (regardless of whose fault it is) the manager has to come up with something because that is part of the job. The post match interview is really more of a custom than anything else and I’m sure managers would probably prefer to just get in a car and get the hell out of there after a loss.

    As it happens, most of our games have been losses or draws so Arsene has been finding it increasingly difficult to explain. He can’t exactly say “Yep it’s my fault, I’m a complete imbecile, I don’t know what I’m doing and it’s a miracle I’m still in this job”. No instead you’ll get something like, “We showed good spirit, err, overall we were a little bit tired and we will focus on the next game”.

    Nothing of what he (or any other manager for that) says after a match is worth anything. It’s what they do that matters like buying the right players, paying them the right wage, picking the team, the formation and the substitutions. On the evidence of the last eight years, Wenger has shown that he is incapable or unwilling to effectively discharge those vital duties and it has brought us to this juncture.

  37. mystic

    Gambon, don’t know why I thought it was you who mentioned the passport – sorry to have associated you with the remark.

    As I said in hindsight Wenger should have signed Yaya, but to be honest he really didn’t look anything special back then so it probably is one of the few decisions that I wouldn’t criticise the twat for.

  38. scott q

    Sorry pedro pal but the arsenal website is actually quite good have you actually seen most of the other epl websites out there this websit is put together better and more colourful and i’m pretty sure they would have a bigger budget!!The other websites look comical at least the arsenal website look professional and well put together.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal win sports website of 2012! hahaha, Pedro they just shit all over your last post….chuckled when I read that

  40. Dan Ahern seems to feature better content than other teams’ sites (despite the same, boringly positive story lines every day). The main gripe is with its old, cluttered layout. From a design standpoint it’s antiquated, and the mobile version could use a lot of work.

  41. lamia

    Isn’t it ironic that in a year when the league is so poor, United have never been weaker, Chavs are rebuilding but will take time, City after last seasons heroics are still to get going, we find ourselves struggling. WBA, with a new manager, are THIRD for christsakes. A few astute signings, not breaking the bank, and with RVP, we would be running away with this league. The Wenger apologists make me sick.

  42. IL Capo

    Ah Gambon Avator bell end Webmaster doppelgänger leave it out…..this blog is dead cos of this avator thing and other made ups….let the real fans go to a real fans blog now…lost opportunity webby masters you fucked up a good money spinning site mugs! BTW there will always be an ARSENAL!

  43. Cesc Appeal

    I’m loving how even on the news sites now anti-board and anti-wenger stuff is getting ‘green arrowed’ where it would normally have been ‘red arrowed’ without question…people are wising up to this bull now.

    Hope the march goes well tomorrow for the BSM boys

  44. Cesc Appeal


    He was diplomatic though I think.

    There’s enough Arsenal fans who still sniff Arsene’s gusset, if he had blamed Wenger instantly they would become hostile toward the BSM. He cleverly sort of made Wenger a figure of sympathy and ridicule, the board’s stooge, someone we should retire as a favour.


  45. Johnty79

    Good luck on the march tmw. Only thing kelvin didnt do was have a go at wenger which is a shame. His 7 m a year keeps him quite happy with out the need to win trophies.

  46. Jeff

    Yes. Kelvin had to be diplomatic because a “Wenger Out” proclamation would have instantly put him and the march into the small insignificant bracket. But of course we know exactly what this is about and it isn’t just the board although of course they are to blame for wrong action or inaction.

    The truth is that as far as Wenger goes it is not possible to simply plead that he’s under orders. As I’ve said before, any manager whose worth anything gives the board an ultimatum and says either let me buy who I want at whatever price or I’m off. But Wenger won’t do that. You can move heaven and earth but you can’t move his principles and those principles didn’t just appear when Kroenke turned up and the current board was set up. Kroenke or the board do not select the players. They aren’t responsible for selecting which players to buy; Wenger is.

    He takes full credit for finding the odd cheap and classy player but hides behind the board when it comes to taking responsibility for the huge number of unusable players that are paid upwards of 40k+ per week to do absolutely nothing. Any fan who has half a brain will see all this and not just brush it under the carpet because it would mean criticising their messiah. Wenger cannot have it both ways. My motto is either do what is necessary to make us competitive again or leave it for someone else. Carrying on as we are is just utter madness and smacks of greed and corruption.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    Start moderate, being closer to the centre attracts the most followers, they don’t want to be the BNP of Arsenal, so out there that everyone looks at them like they are simply vicious moaners – attacking Wenger at this point is a massive no no.

  48. Dan Ahern

    lamia – Yeah, totally. Wenger HAS to know we’d be in great position if we had RvP. (Which also means United WOULDN’T have them; we might even be on top of them!)

    But no, we have to do things ‘our way’.

  49. Stan Donkey


    Not sure it was that clever, he seemed relatively supportive of Wenger but he didn’t want the purpose of the march to descend into an anti Wenger demo… because it’s not.

  50. salparadisenyc

    I still don’t recognize Van Persie in the United gear.
    Rumor has it were in for a ‘goal scorer’ in the upcoming window,
    fuck me its really embarrassing.
    Nothing like working someone through their bumpy patches to finally get them up and firing on all cylinders only to sell them to an arch rival without remotely utilizing their prime years. Gazidas / Wenger’s next brilliant plan – lets sell Obama to China the “free” world can use the money.

  51. Dan Ahern

    I’m gonna start using that in real life.

    Go over to a friend’s house, drink their beers and throw them on the floor when I’m done. “What’d you do that for??”
    “Footballing reasons.”

    Be at work, tell the boss I’m leaving for lunch and I’m not coming back in today. Why?
    “Footballing reasons.”

    Run up on a car stopped at a red light, open the door and throw the driver to the curb. Drive off yelling,
    “Footballing reasons!”

  52. zeus

    Arsenal1886-2006November 30, 2012 15:58:38
    Bazza.Adriana Lima, Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson, Laetitia Casta, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolina Kurkova, Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova are just some of the fuller figure beauties.You have obviously never wanked off with a Victorias Secret mag.

    Since when does Adriana Lima count as ‘full figured?’ You must like the anorexic look.

    ………… for the Arsenal, I can’t be arsed.

  53. Stan Donkey

    we know “footballing reasons” is to hide the embarrassment of “Robin wanted to play for Utd because, he knew, that once he had tried to tell me how to do my job, that I would continue to run this club into the ground like the stubborn fool i am, just to spite him.”

  54. Dan Ahern

    footballing reasons n. pl. — Remark used in place of a real answer to express baselessness of your actions and communicate that you are a first-class cunt.

  55. Dan Ahern

    Or would that be more accurately an interjection? Whatever. I’d figure out the correct grammatical classification, but, you know. Footballing reasons.

  56. goonerboy

    Anyone who believes that this Arsenal regime have big money to spend on players hasn’t been watching carefully enough.
    Arsenal had a 30m hole in their finances that was plugged in the past 2 years by the sale of capital assets and by the sale of players. and will be fixed by the Emirates deal.
    Wenger has stated in 2009 and again this year that players have to be sold each year.-then he tries to argue that they all wanted to go and he wanted them to stay-as if.
    Eventually, Arsenal aim to make their transfer business self-financing-but it isn’t yet.
    Even if it was ,Wenger who has never spent more than 16.9 m on anyone would not spend the money-except on buying more kids and cheap French.

    Wenger is an apparently intelligent, erudite frenchman when talking about any subject other than his own decision making as a football manager.
    He has hidden his own poor judgement behind the lack of transparency in the club’s finances for far too long.

    Wenger treats the fan base like we are all idiots I can understand why-some (the AKB) are idiots-who believe every piece of bullshit and spin he tells them without question. The drivel written on the heavily censored untold site is simply staggering in the extent of self delusion.
    We are fighting for 4th? Look again.
    We are now a mid table side with a mid table squad, porous defence and spluttering attack and we are about to be weakened again with the loss of Sagna and Walcott-we are a team on the way down not up.

    This protest is just the start-it may take as long as 2 seasons-but this lot will go-Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke. and the rest of this anachronistic Board.

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    right now i could not care if we win or lose tomorrow… wenger has drained all emotions or love i have for the club, am i alone.?

  58. Cesc Appeal


    Not alone.

    I don’t care.

    Though I begrudge Kroenke/Wenger/Gazidis having any kind of success to ‘vindicate’ in their opinion their shitty operating practices

  59. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    arsene can track who he wants when he leaves my club, i was there before him and will be there after him….

    arsene he is not sick but hes not well….

  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    cesc… the other night for the first time in 40 years i did not know the score untill the following morning, could not give a damn… wenger is like a leech who has drained me of my blood and fuel for my love of the club i have loved and supported when he was in austria failing to be a footall star. may cant come quick enough for me to judge him….again.

  61. Gunner2301


    “We are the Woolworths of English football.”

    Class that’s the truest analogy I’ve heard in the longest time. 😆

  62. Gunner2301


    “ seems to feature better content than other teams”

    That’s because they have Johann “Am I a footballer or media presenter?” Djourou as part of their marketing team.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    Gotta be the best paid TV presenter on Earth

    £55 000 to just crop up every week with ‘we’ll do better, we’ll come good’

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Arsenal are like glasvegas…. in 2008 we could have been big now we are dropped and playing small venues… like the emorates,,…. correct mistake spelling read it…

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    oh oh wenger your not a hero…..
    remeber time time when u raised trophies above shoulder how you thought u would be here till your older….

  66. Gunner2301

    Those who think what is going on is incompetence think again. This might look like incompetence on the surface, which is the same excuse Gazidis gave. Why? Because he knew if he could present himself as an incompetent fool the fans would be more forgiving.

    Make no mistake what is going on at Arsenal is a plan, our strategy carefully cultivated by the 3 in charge all equally culpable.

    1. Move to the Emirates was a plan carefully dressed with a lie that we were doing it to compete.

    2. Project youth was a plan and was always on the back burner since Wenger left Monaco waiting for him to dust it off at an opportune moment and the move to the Emirates gave him an excuse to indulge himself.

    3. Selling our best players is a plan. Project youth was never meant to produce a mature team but to breed a team full of assets that had to be sold to keep Project youth in existence as the next wave were groomed.

    4. Over paying youth was a plan as Arsene knew that 9 times out of 10 a young player will take money over anything else Ramsey and Ox are a case in point.

    5. Having a wage ceiling was a plan which would ensure players would move on for more money once they knew they were worth more making the asset stripping job easy for Wenger and co. it also ensures space is freed up for the next youth.

    6. Throwing youth in early with the risk of destabilising the team while they learned was a calculated plan which is necessary I Project youth and assett selling is to be a success.

    7. Selling your best players is a plan, which allows you to tread water relieve the pressure and make space for the next asset.

    8. Pricing the fans out us a plan which the club knew they would embark on because we were good enough for Highbury but not for the Emirates, proof is he change in demographics if the attendees.

    9. The high wage bill is a plan because it keeps players on message and they tow the party line. It is all geared toward having a team of Arsene arse kissers which will inevitably be the dross go know they have literally found a winning lottery ticket year after year. It also means Arsene can be lazy not bother to scout players because he doesn’t intend to buy much, and if worst comes to the worst he can always rush out last minute.

    What is going on at Arsenal is a planned conspiracy between Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke. Each one gets what they want from the deal. Wenget full control and no pressure. Gazidis paid well for doing nothing. Kroenke hands off asset that will increase in value.

    RVP, Cesc, Nasri etc understood this especially Nasri who said he could have stayed taken the money and acted like Djourou.

    The conspiracy will only fail if

    1. There are no more assets to sell

    2. Other revenue decreases

    Wenger and the club are taking care of number 1. We have to take care of number 2 in order to get our Arsenal back.

    Good luck to the protestors tomorrow. It’s in your hands.


  67. Cesc Appeal


    Oh they’re not stupid.

    They know the ride HAS to end at some point.

    I think we have Usmanov to thank for that, had he taken the £400 Million offer and sold up Kroenke would have over 90% of the club and it really would be all over, no matter how unhappy we are.

    As it stand we’ve got someone with about 20 times the financial muscle Le Wig has and will hoover up shares that become available.

    They are devious, sly and cunning – a intelligence’s fucked up ASBO cousin.

  68. sam


    arsenal problem is not financial at all, its merely arsene wenger’s arrogance and stubborness.
    he could easily buy 3 or 4 players we need by getting rid of players we don’t need and saving massive amount on wage bill. its not even their high salary coz he could cancel their contracts and they will be happy to negotiate with new clubs without fee involved. this also messing up their career if they don’t make it here they could go to smaller teams, some don’t even train for us anymore why are they still registered as arsenal players? denilson, bendtner, park, galindo,squillaci, djourou, chamakha wellington etc…….
    yes we can get rid of 12 players and balance the book to buy players who can make immediate impact. bendtner is an interesting case, we don’t want anymore and he doesn’t wanna come back either but we still paying his salary. thats a joke! he’s running down his contract and will end up going for free why not get rid of him now? now denilson, brazilian club don’t pay fee to european club for a player, let alone the one who don’t want. guess what? we are paying denilson never’s salary till he walks on free transfer.
    now you said wenger is very intelligent man, please take that back….
    how much have we wasted on deadwood for the past 6-7 years?

  69. Cesc Appeal


    We cannot lay the blame squarely at Wenger’s door.

    I’ve believed for a while that his exuberant wages are compensation for him having to handle what the board lay on him.

    I’ll make clear I judge him as much as Gazidis, Hill Wood and Kroenke – through silence he’s just as much to blame.

    I think he does believe his own BS as well and enjoys the praise and ego stroking he gets off the snake charmer, media and the cowboy.

    But it’s all turning against him now, two years straight there have been marches at the Emirates and this is scheduled to dwarf last years.

    We need Alisher Usmanov to get in, as soon as he’s in on that board he’ll take over

  70. OhtobeaGooner

    “Barca were normal under Rjikaard before Messi came into his own. And then they became great. So yes, Wenger is right… a way.” – Ghost

    Are you alright? The Barca that was the best team in the world under Rijkaard? The one that had the best player in the world at the time Ronaldhino? The Barca that played the best football in the world at the time? That is ‘normal’?

  71. sam

    and yes he sold van persie for fotballing reasons, this is how he sees it.
    he gave up on winning the league longtime ago so he sold van persie to his old mate so he can win it against mancini and other younger guy like di matteo the then chelsea manager.
    fergie called him a tough negotiator, what?
    we fans see it different as we want to win but arsene the unsackable is laughing all the way to the bank.

  72. Cloggs

    Ayup, Wenger won’t leave and the board will never sack him.
    As long as attendance won’t drop dramatically there won’t be any significant change.
    BSM march outside the ground is nice but like Pedro said, “taking greed out of football is like shouting let’s take fat out of MacDonalds before you walk in to order a meal”. It doesn’t get ugly outside, and any anti wonga banner inside will get you ejected from the ground in a split second unless you could organise the support an entire block. Which is very difficult because of post highbury (re)seating and a substantial part of them is made up with middle class day trippers, AKB-ers, and tourists) and the fans you probably could mobilize aren’t simply there because they already voted with their feet or are too wide-spreaded.