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Sometimes, as an average fan of football club, you wonder to yourself… what are the players thinking?

Whenever they come out in the press, they’re pretty quiet about their wants and needs when it comes to the squad. You rarely get a straight answer. It’s all rather boring. That’s why Sagna and his radio interview last night was absolutely fantastic to hear. He’s just like us. He wants new signings, he recognises the weaknesses and that gives me hope!

It sounds like after his interview with us, he’s been reading a bit of his favourite Arsenal blog (Le Grove, he told me).

“We want more players to come to the team. Lukas Podolski has arrived already and he is a German international and a quality player.”

“M’Vila can make a great impact. I’m not sure about his English but it took me time to learn. But I think he would suit us as well. Arsenal is a French-speaking team and it will help him settle.”

Now, you’d have to imagine that playing in the same national squad would mean they have a relationship of sorts. I can’t believe he’s saying these things without an inclination of what’s going on behind the scenes. But he’s right, a player of M’Vila’s quality is exactly what the team needs. Someone who actually wants to protect the back four. Someone with agression and pace.

He also touched on the nightmare scenario we have every season…

“If we had not had so many injuries then I think we would have gone closer to winning trophies this season.”

Now, I know there are plenty of people who every year cite a bout of injuries as the reason we haven’t won a trophy. Now, at the start of every season, I write something along the lines of…

‘It’s not injuries that kill your season, generally speaking, it’s not having a squad that can cope that is the problem’

Sure enough, that’s what happened again last  year. We had one striker all year. Luckily we dodged a bullet in the sense that he was on fire. That said, when he was clearly tired and we were chasing games, we had no alternative to bring on. Robin tailed off towards the end of last year. He was physically and mentally exhausted. Who wouldn’t be after the year he’s had. In defence, we didn’t really have any proper options with our full backs. Kieran Gibbs and Jenkinson are a long way off being the right standard for Arsenal and Santos seems to have fitness issues. So when the injuries start coming in, we really were in trouble.

This summer, we need firstly create space in the set-up. Players that should be easy to shift on are Carlos Vela, Nik Bendtner, Park (because I don’t believe he’s on a massive wage) and possibly Chamakh. I think the Moroccan is getting to the point where if he doesn’t play again next year, he’ll not be able to get a contract the year after. £75k a week looks nice now… not when you’ve got to take £15k the next time around. Nik B and Carlos V just want to play. Threaten them with reserve football next  year and they’ll go. Park is Korean, they have a tremendous work ethic, I can’t imagine his nation will be too proud of him if he opts for the bench again. Those 4 players should bring in at least £15mill and give the boss £250k a week in wages to work with.

The problem players are going to be Denilson because I can’t really see any team that would take him on. He’s not particularly talented in any position and his attitude is questionable. Squillaci is too old to leave a massive deal. I’d pay him off. Why wait? JD could be a problem as well. Given game time, he could easily slip into another top 8 team. Is he a wage collector or a professional footballer? I hope he has some love for the game if the club want to move him on. Fabianski is another one who might be trouble to move on. That said, at least he has potential.

If we can make an impact on that list. We can go out and sign 3-4 quality players. Giroud, M’Vila, Kagawa and a back up keeper. Throw in someone like Hoilett and a decent back up centre back. Well, we’re in a very strong position come the new year. We’re in a position where there’s competition all over the park. Jack will be coming back into the fold. Chamberlain will get more chance to show his talent off. We’ll have a fit Arteta, we’ll have a fit Mertesacker and hopefully we’ll have a returning Sagna. We’ll also have the right blend of youth and experience.

On the Robin Van Persie front. I don’t have any inside track, what I was told is pretty much what you all know on the situation. Everyone is in the dark at the club, I don’t even think the player has a clue what he wants to do. So there’s still hope. I personally can’t see who’d buy him. He’s a great player who has proved he can bang goals in over one season. How anyone could justify the fee and salary that is being talked about is lost on me. Stay Robin… sign on and become a legend!

Interesting that Jan Vertonghen reckons Spurs are his first choice. He’s their first choice because Arsenal’s interest in him is luke warm at best. He’s blaming the Ajax asking price for a hold up in the move, it’s salary though and I guess it’s linked. He wants a big salary which he won’t get if Ajax want a big fee. Catch 22…

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Right, I’m off to give myself the almightyist of British sun tans. Have a great day, I’ll see you in the comments… from the mobile site obviously.

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  1. Rhyle

    D’you know what I’ve had enough of already this summer? Too many sources, not enough sauces. Gonna tuck in to some Lamb and mint sauce, bitches…

  2. Thorough

    Why isn’t this posting Sirs? Saying Gibbs is a bad defender is like saying Song is a bad defensive midfielder. The truth is this, with the license Wenger gives these boys they cant but look bad at their primary work. Song, the most improved player as a defensive midfielder in EPL, gets to be called Maradona by Wenger and now he looks shit because he cant focus on what he does best. I have seen Gibbs defend once when it was of utmost importance, our last game of the season against West Brom. And am not talking about his block which I cant find enough words to describe, but in those minutes, he put his head where boots were dangling, he defended like his life depended on it. If Wenger limits these guys to their primary role (which is the same as saying banishing weaklings like Ramsey so that these boys wont need to overlap to compensate for their mates with shortfalls) we will be amazed at how good some of them are. Let no one have to carry someone else’s burden, buy a team of 20 tested players and you’ll see class ooze out of people like Gibbs and Song. And Santos, as opposed to what most people think I think he is also okay as a left back (and I also think he can never be a great winger because the fat one lacks the most basic ingredients of wingers -speed). If our team remains the way it is due to Satan and Mr. Bean’s frugality, I wont even hesitate to make Santos playmaker ahead of Ramsey. The fat one is full of guiles, shots and guts, why waste him in defense.

  3. Rhyle

    Out of those two it’d be jacket…but I’ve got me some fancy new potatoes which I’m currently smothering in butter. SMOTHERING. In BUTTER. Awesome. Though the wife is looking at me as though I’m about to have a coronary…but what a way to go…

  4. Rhyle

    Good player but not for me, Kwik…busy, some end product but not enough. Let ‘im have a couple of years to come one and then bring him in if he’s fulfilling his potential. At the moment I’ve had enough of “might be world class one day” and want more “world class now”.

  5. kwik fit

    @jamiegoldenstar and @Lulblin

    Check these two out on twitter. It’s hilarious. They make out that each other knows what deals are going down and they are involved in the deals somehow.
    Each believes what the other says. Absolutely priceless.

    That goal was a Long time comin!! 1/0

  6. zeus

    Switzerland (4-4-1-1): Benaglio; Lichtsteiner, Von Bergen, Senderos, Zeigler; Mehmedi, Inler, Fernandes, Barnetta; Xhaka, Derdiyok

    Germany (4-1-4-1): Ter Stegen; Howedes, Mertesacker, Hummels, Schmelzer; Khedira; Schurrle, Gotze, Ozil, Podolski; Klose

  7. Rhyle

    Apparently NB£52k has told his faaasands of suitors that he’ll wait until after Euro2012 to make his decision. Crawley Town have already walked away…There’s an interesting anonymous agent article which talks about a club walking away from a “lazy player who’s not worth it” recently…can’t help but think that that’s Sunderland and NB…

    Huddersfield v Sheff Utd’s gone to pens by the by…

  8. Dan Ahern

    I was a fan of Santos too (well still am). He has a nice composure about him that makes it look like he’s unconcerned, but I appreciate it. Gibbs I liked more and more after initially hating him, but I realize I’m just grasping at something to be positive about.

    The sad fact is, probably our most solid back line is Sagna-Mert-Koz-Verm. (I mean, he goes forward with impunity, might as well at least be a fullback, right? In any case, he’s more reliable at that whole defense thing.)

    If you’re keeping score at home, that leaves our bench options as Johan “Press agent” Djourou, Carl “Look ma, all hands” Jenkinson, Kieran “Fast is a skill” Gibbs and Andre “More wing, less back” Santos.

    We definitely could use Vertonghen. We could use a RB even more.

  9. Rhyle

    Steve Simonsen sends his over the bar…HUDDERSFIELD PROMOTED…magic…

    Do you remember when we were heavily linked with SS?

  10. Lurch LeRouge


  11. mjgooner

    We definitely kept the wrong Swiss (Djourou vs Senderos),
    Bought the wrong Mexican (Vela vs Chicharito )
    Also got the wrong Asain in Park
    Brought over the wrong young German (Einsfeld vs Goetze)
    Even Mertesacker is looking like the wrong experienced German compared to Hummels
    Cant wait for Ventonghen to go to Spurs for us to find we got the wrong Belgian too.

  12. mjgooner

    This German defence is fucking wosre than Arsenal’s………….five goals conceded to the Swiss

  13. SDE


    “Where are all the AKBs when I’m home and ready for a battle?”

    I can volunteer to be an AKB…
    But only for 1 hour,or so…should be fun..


  14. Bade

    Lurch’s back Lurch’s back!

    Robin’s goal was a fucking peach Samir

    Another chipped ball he chipped on the keeper’s right hand side with a sweet gentle volley

  15. SDE


    “Israel are just the same SDEKings of friendlies, sore losers in big games and tournaments”

    I thought the Israelis had mental strength..I guess I’m mistaken…

    Don’t insult our OGL..He is the best thing that ever happened to Arsenal…

    Who else can make us qualify for top4 in 14 years,leave us in a good financial position,with kids coming through..
    Secure us a top 3 finish this year,on limited resources..

    Just a couple of signings,just another season..we will be there..Just watch,just wait you doomers!!

    Hail Caesar..!Hail Wenger Caesar!!

    For others out there,I’m taking the mick about wenger!!

    What happened to Tal Ben Haim?(the guy that played for chelsea,portsmouth&man city)

  16. iffy the goon

    ” During the team’s terrible run of form towards the end of the season, players privately complained about fatigue, a lack of tactics and match preparation. The suspicion was that Redknapp had mentally switched off, thinking he would be getting a call from the Football Association about becoming the next Three Lions manager. “

  17. SDE

    iffy the goon

    Redknapp,pure & simple is a crap manager to put it politely..
    He is punching well above his weight..

    His biggest issue all along,is not having access to the cash till & not being able to leave a financial trail of destruction behind him..(recall bournemouth,west ham,portsmouth).

    I always knew the partnership b/w levy & ‘arry would be a fraught one..Given how meticulous levy is when it comes to spending..

    Tactically ‘Arry is weak..When facing big teams&top class managers,he comes unstuck..

    In 30 years of management,only 1 FA Cup& 1 CL campaign to showcase,is a major tragedy for such a so-called top manager..

  18. Bade

    Amazing stat

    Holland just lost at home to Bulgaria in a friendly 1-2

    The last time that happened (1988) Holland won the Euro!

    So I’m going for Holland

  19. Bade



    They might have mental strength, but not sporting wise seemingly

    As for Ben Haim I guess he’s on a serious downward, not that lately he enjoyed any success

  20. kwik fit

    Philipe Auclaire claims Arsenal has made a late bid accepted for Hazard , and has joined the hunt for him. I bet you Wenger is praying right now that Hazard doesn’t agree to join us. 32m better in the bank of Arsenal.


    Kwik Fit
    Its probably a relative of our seile old goat pretending to be Au Clair,
    Or maybe it was “i , Le Clair ” from Allo Allo.
    I just cant see Mr ego going to buy a player for that money, although i wish he would

  22. post rocky dave

    Johnson, Gerrard, Henderson, Kelly, Carroll, Downing in the England picture. They must be a top, top team this Liverpool.

  23. Samir

    Yes SDE it was!!

    And what a ball by Sneijder for the RVP ball…Why don’t we stick a bid in for him? I know his wages are high but he’s quality!

  24. Jeff

    Agreed, Andriy Yarmolenko looks like the business. If this goes through and we manage to convince van Persie to stay, we will have a strike force to die for and a bench to scare the hair off the lesser clubs whom without exception now all fancy their chances against us home or away.

  25. arsfriend

    In regards to Ju Young Park’s contractual agreement with the selling club (As Monaco), Arsenal is liable for additional cash payment to Monaco if the player featured more games this season. Venger opted not to use him unless its critical on some games. Now Venger can’t blame the player for his performance. But had the player was one of a game changer type you know he will be up there with RVP…

  26. Evan

    Would Andriy Yarmolenko really make RVP want to stay at Arsenal? His Ukrainian compatriots didn’t exactly light up the premiership (Rebrov, Shevchenko)

    Sounds like another youtube scouting mission.

  27. Jeff

    Well, you could link effectiveness of players in the EPL with the country they’re from but I don’t see the logic in that. The player simply looks very good at his job and on the assumption that he doesn’t suddenly get a lobotomy on arrival, he should do well. It is all speculation though so not to be taken too seriously I’d imagine.

  28. Jeff

    Don’t know how true this is but the Sunday Mirror is reporting that:
    Robin van Persie has told Arsenal that no amount of money can keep him – if the club cannot convince him they can win trophies.

    If that is true, our van the man is basically on the side of the club and fans (not management). One in the eye for the bean counters.

  29. Dream10

    Anybody believe that we have too many left footers in our first XI?
    – Gibbs/Santos
    – Wilshere
    – Podolski
    – RVP/possibly Giroud

    That is 5/11

  30. Evan

    I’d like to think RVP has said, sign some quality, i genuinely don’t think RVP is a c**t like the Nas. If Wenger strengthens the spine i have no issues with him singing the next Vieira from Birmingham.

    I’d be happy with M’Vila, Poldolski and Dempsey (goalie and some RB) My wild card signing would be Ben Arfa, he would be Gervinho,Walcott with an end product.

  31. Rhys Jaggar

    Best bet guess on what RVP is doing:

    1. He’s told his agent: ‘my first choice is staying with Arsenal if they make proper signings. So we give them a chance to do that. But if they don’t, I have to bite the bullet. I’m not signing another contract until they make those signings and if they don’t do it by this date, we open the gates to others. If they’ve got half way there, we tell them that I’ll do one more season out of loyalty but I’m not signing a new contract until they complete the signing job.’
    2. His agent has spoken quietly to potential suitors and explained this. The date set will be one which is fair both to Arsenal and potential suitors. Arsenal to show they have balls. His suitors to allow them time to do the other deals they will have to do as a result of him signing.
    3. The date isn’t before June 30th so RVP can focus solely on the Euros.
    4. The cut-off in terms of even staying one more year will be clear in RVP’s mind, as he doesn’t want to spite himself by reducing his value from it’s currently high stock by having a mediocre season in a side Wenger deliberately tries to limit his input to as a punishment for not signing a new contract.

    That would be my take on it.

    He’s giving Arsenal every chance as a reward for the loyalty they showed him through injuries. But when it comes right down to it, he wants to win some trophies before he finishes, so it will be somewhere else if Arsenal decide that that’s not important enough in the next 4 years.