Arsenal to swap Chamakh for Ljajic... hmmm? | Sack the board! | Joel Campbell + Ryo run down

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This off season, though only about a week in, is the equivalent to squeezing the juice out of a sun dried tomato. All has gone silent in the world of transfers. Both on the outgoing and on the incoming. This doesn't bode well for the sanity of a lot of Gooner's. We've been here so many times before. All wanting a summer of action, being told that patience is the key, waiting until August 31st when we're all slapped in the face with a big sun dried tomato of reality.

I understand the frustration. Believe me.

However, this whole sack the board, bring in Usmanov, hang Hill-wood from the rafters really is a pointless exercise in nonsense. Who do people really think the board consist of? Do people, in there heart of hearts, truly believe Hill-wood has any say in how the club is run? Absolutely not. The only two people on the board are Ivan and Stan Kroenke. Stan is the owner. He runs the show. To expect him to hand over his shareholding in the the club to Usmanov because we want signings is ridiculous. He's in it for the long haul... and there's nothing we can do to change that. He's even gearing his son up for  the long term takeover!

There are two articles on the subject this morning. One from Goonertalk on Peter-Hill-wood and one from Angry of Islington which I this is far closer to the truth. Either way, this change fans are pushing for is only going to happen by way of change of mindset with the current set up. Stan isn't going to give up his holding. The best we can hope for is an opposing voice on the board. Can you see one billionaire inviting another onto his board? I can't...

In other news. Of which there is none. Let's talk about Fernando Torres. He's upset at the way Chelsea have handled him this season. He's outraged he was dropped from the Champions League final starting line up. He's likely gearing up for a move out of the club. Now, should the worst happen (You know... the R to the MC thing...), would it not be worth a punt on a player who was at one time, one of the most feared marksmen in the world? Does that talent disappear? Do you suddenly lose world class status? Not in my opinion. He still has a huge amount to offer the game. He's Premiership proven and if anyone can get the most out of a player lacking in confidence... it's Arsene Wenger (I'm thinking the Thierry days here... not the Rambo ones... forgive my insistence on using history as gauge for this point).

On the Robin Van Persie situation. Juventus have pulled out of the race to sign him. After seeing that, my Sunday League team Hornminster United also withdrew their bid. It felt like we had a chance if Juve were in for him, but now they've seen the light... so have we. What a bunch of jokers they are...

I read another interesting article by a Bolton fan about Ryo Miyachi. You can check the Marble Halls run down here.

'He came here as a relative unknown but Bolton fans were hopeful that he could live up to the hype. Unfortunately, he didn’t.'

Not the best opening line to a player review. This is why we shouldn't get too excited about young players. Ripping it up in Holland is totally different to ripping it up in the Premier League. Does that mean he's a duffer? Of course not. What it means is that he isn't good enough for our first team yet. He should be given another loan next season to build his game up. He has plenty of skill, he has plenty of pace... he just needs to rough it with a team like Swansea or Norwich for a year. Learn what hard work is all about. Learn what it's like not to train at the finest facilities on the planet. Develop as a person outside the luxury of North London. We simply can't afford a season banging our seats in frustration at a player who isn't ready.

It'll be interesting to see what the manager does with Joel Campbell. He's been having fun over in Lorient. When I was in Paris a few months ago, the Lorient fan I met told me that they were more impressed with Giles Sunu. However, we're talking about Campbell. Now, from what I've seen, he actually looks like the sort of player who can do something in the Premier League. He'll be 20 by the time the season starts, he's fast, he has skill through the middle and out wide and he's performed at an international tournament. From an Arsenal point of view, he reminds me of Nik Anelka. However, his style on the ball reminds me a little of Eto'o when he was at Mallorca back in the day. I think he's a genuine talent, so it'll be interesting to see what he's going to be able to do when brought back over. We've had a bit of a duff run with strikers... I'm hoping Afobe or Campbell can buck that trend.

Another story doing the rounds yesterday was a swap deal between Chamakh and Adem Ljajic. Now, if someone comes up to you in the pub and offers to swap your sun dried tomato for a far fresher one. What would you say? Does this guy have a thing for sun dried tomatoes I've had in my pocket? Or is there something hideously wrong with the fresh tomato he wants to exchange with me. I'm going with the latter. How bad does this Ljajic have to be that Fiorentina are willing to take Chamakh in exchange? I'm not into this deal. I don't trust it. We hardly ever do swap deals anyway. So I'm guessing it's probably nonsense.

So there we have it... plenty to chew over. Including my sundried tomato.

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Have a good one!

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  1. JJ

    SUGA - I completely agree with you and Wenger's formation fixation. He says that he look at the players and then picks the formation. What utter bollocks that is. I read in Arsenal Mag a few years back that he has every Arsenal team down to the under-ages playing 4-3-3. Trying to change the formation now is like trying to stear the Titanic.

  2. Jeff

    Keyser, if I read your underlying argument correctly, you seem to be saying that Wenger has in his history a set of players bought cheaply and made into superstars; e.g. Henry, Fabregas, Van Persie. No one here is disputing that. No one here is trying to take that away from AW. But that particular path to success is no longer open. The scales have been tipped and heads have been turned.

    The main argument that drives most people on this forum to demand a change in management is the 7 years of failure to win anything. Many people have pointed out a great many issues that in their opinion have contributed to this.

    However, by far, the biggest excuse from any self-respecting Wenger apologist is the arrival of billionaires and the inordinate sums being made available; thus giving certain clubs a huge financial advantage over their competitors.

    The charge is this. Why have Arsenal management failed to redress the imbalance? Is it that we simply cannot? That we are incapable? What would you say it was?

  3. johnty

    what is wrong with you people. Benni and rosicky playing next season are you made? Out of the current squad only the following are good enough.

    sagna koiseny vermalen
    wilshere arteta song
    OX RVP Walcott

    We need a left back ASAP we have the two worst in the whole league. name me a worst left back. You cant.

  4. Keyser

    JJ - It's not confusing at all, watch Zenit's games, it's a lesser league is that up for discussion ? So he's going to find it easier anyway, but he was one player who pretty much had a free role they didn't say fill a position, they worked him out wide, let him cross over and change back.

    They could afford to do that, he was one of the best players in the league, in the Premiership you can't.

    At that age ? You've said it yourself now, at that age other players have developed more to their game, they know not to play risky balls in your own half or give possesion away cheaply, Arshavin just couldn't it's like he only thought about the quick counter attack, or now we've got possesion lets go forward.

    Against Blackburn twice in our own half rather than control it think and pass to another player, he tried two first time balls, both misplaced that ended up in us conceding. Slowly his confidence went and so did Wenger's faith in him.

  5. Goon from BD

    Suga- he lost enthusiasm because all his life he was the star player for his hometown club in his comfort zone. no one else speaks russian at Arsenal as well. He is a one dimensional player and having been past his highest physical level(arrived from Russia at 27!) in a much modern,quick league with better players he just got found out. If a player has too similar patern of play and can't sustain the physical level....he becomes ineffective..... when opponents find it out specially. The exact same thing happened to Milos Krasic at Juventus.

  6. SUGA3

    we will have to agree to disagree on the AA issue, there is quite a number of players Wenger just did not know how to use...

  7. JJ

    Keyser - Using your logic, AA should have played CB, if asked, and loved it.

    I believe that AA's missed passes near the end were due to a combination of the following:
    - fewer passing options than when in the middle;
    - lack of pace to get out of tight angles on the sideline;
    - significant onus on him to be the creative drive - riskier passes taken;
    - stamina issues with running the sidelines all game;
    - lack of confidence from not performing to his usual high standards;
    - frustration from constantly being played out of position with no end in sight.

  8. Keyser

    "we will have to agree to disagree on the AA issue, there is quite a number of players Wenger just did not know how to use…"

    The question is how many were playing at a higher level then was expected of them at Arsenal, that should be a gauge. If Wenger took Aguero and he failed to produce that'd be one thing, not what happened

  9. JJ

    Keyser - Your argument on AA is the he was not up to the PL, right?

    My argument is that he could have made an impact if played in the correct position.

    I am ok agreeing to disagree. No blood, no foul.

  10. Keyser

    JJ - Don't get silly, go back and watch his performances, he wasn't a traditional winger hugging the touchlines, how many of our players are like that ?!

    He got to move into the middle, cross over and sit back if he wanted letting others overlap.

    "I believe that AA’s missed passes near the end were due to a combination of the following:
    - fewer passing options than when in the middle;
    - lack of pace to get out of tight angles on the sideline;
    - significant onus on him to be the creative drive – riskier passes taken;
    - stamina issues with running the sidelines all game;
    - lack of confidence from not performing to his usual high standards;
    - frustration from constantly being played out of position with no end in sight."

    Mate he was misplacing 5 yard passes, or over-hitting balls to players when under no pressure.

    Think about your points above, I agree that they contributed, but at what point do you stop making concessions for 1 player over the team ? Surely if he was that good, he could've worked around some of those problems himself ?!

  11. Goon from BD

    SUGA- Fair enough mate. I don't disagree with the part of Wenger not using some of the players properly but most of the time he has. The problem has been not ivesting enough and properly in getting a good, strong, balanced squad and also not trying to win the smaller tournaments to create a winning mentality and bond the team. He needs to relax and share some responsibility by freshening up the coaching staff with young coaches who can connect with young players. Stick to coaching and make a list of the players he wants then let others deal with. Not getting my hopes up however because the main problem is at the top with people not pressuring him to win. They don't pressure him and only ask him to get CL money,he just gets players who can qualify for the CL and doesn't put pressure on them to win a we haven't won anything.

  12. Keyser

    "Your argument on AA is the he was not up to the PL, right?"

    Physically he's declined rather than improved ? So the longer he stays the more you have to do to accomodate him right ?!

    If everytime we play him you have to:

    - Give him enough passing options.

    - Make sure his lack of pace isn't exposed in tight angles out wide.

    - Make sure there's more creativity, so he doesn't have to play risky passes.

    - Let him conserve his stamina.

    - Make sure you don't let his confidence drop.

    - Also constantly ask him where he wants to play.

    Then at what point do you say 'fuck that, he must be pretty shit'

  13. Keyser

    Jeff - Was just pointing out that because Wenger bought cheap and some turned out to be superstars it doesn't make the others not valuable in their own rights.

    Also that in todays game I'd say it's almost the opposite, Premiership spending's increased but the level seems to have dropped ?!

    That's all really, hopefully it'll return to normal in the future.

  14. Rhyle

    Been catching up with SSN this evening...great interview with a bloke whose name escapes me...former GB table tennis olympian...who was talking about excellence in management and training. Catch that if you can.

    More importantly...WE DO NOT HAVE THE MOST EXPENSIVE SEASON TICKET ON A PER GAME BASIS....guess who does? I'll give you a clue...they look like shit, smell like shit and play like shit...

  15. Goon from BD

    He is not very tactically flexible mind you and gets players who suit the style he wants. But if he only invested more in the squad and played to win in smaller tournaments.... we wouldn't be even need to talk about such things. Bdw, I suspect that this "beautiful football" idea had a financial motive as well.

  16. SUGA3

    probably a bit of hyperbole, this, but asking AA to play wide is like asking DB10 to do the same...

    would it work? would it fuck!

  17. SDE

    "at what point do you stop making concessions for 1 player over the team ? Surely if he was that good, he could’ve worked around some of those problems himself ?!"

    And at what point do you stop making concessions for 1 manager over the team..

    Surely if he was that good,he would have worked around some of the problems listed below..?

    -flexibility with tactics & formations
    -defence drills(cornerstone of most successful teams)
    -change of attitude-(instilling a winning mentality)
    -fitness regime(less injuries&stamina issues)
    -video analysis of other teams..
    -overhaul of current scouting network
    -overhaul of wage structure(introducing a meritocratic system,& removal of the egalitarian structure)
    -rethink of the current transfer policy..
    -playing square pegs in square holes(not square pegs in round holes)
    -ending our 7 year trophy drought

    Question is has he addressed any of the above issues,over a 7 year period?

  18. Bade


    Despite piling part of the blame on Arshavin himself, obviously I agree with you on that, I don't agree he didn't make defensive effort. At least not in the first season and a half

    I think people remember his last years, which was a downward, and there where I think Arsene mismanaged him and we lost him totally after he collapsed mentally and turn to a player with no desire and passion towards the club

  19. Keyser

    "probably a bit of hyperbole," heh

    When Bergkamp lost his legs, he adapted, it's something Arshavin's got to do, maybe he's learn't something back at Zenit and can improve next year, he's got the summer aswell.

  20. Keyser

    When you're scoring goals and assisting at one end you don't have to make the effort to get back, Arshavin's problem is he stopped doing that regularly aswell. Wenger probably gave him more time to turn it around then he should've.

  21. SUGA3


    you are missing the point: Bergy would be much less effective if asked to play out wide at any point of his career...

    wide players are just different from central ones, that's why CBs are poor fullbacks, strikers are shit wingers and vice versa ;)

  22. SDE

    "I think people remember his last years, which was a downward, and there where I think Arsene mismanaged him and we lost him totally after he collapsed mentally and turn to a player with no desire and passion towards the club"

    And part of one's remit as a manager is too motivate the player & get the passion back for the player..

    I recall a certain CR7 post WC2006(rooney sending off) was public enemy no 1 in this country& CR7 wanted out...Made it clear that he did not want to come back..

    A certain fergie,coaxed him back,put his arms around him& the rest as the say is history...

  23. Jeff

    Keyser, in the final analysis we have to ask ourselves one fundamental question. Are we happy with what has been achieved over the last 7 years? If the answer to that question is no, we are bound to ask what has gone wrong, why and what can be done about it?

    If on the other hand the answer to that question is yes, the argument dissolves, for it would be like disputing which colour is the best. All inclinations driven by emotive considerations never end with a satisfactory conclusion.

    We all have our limits. Your line in the sand is drawn much further away from mine and most people’s on this forum; that really is all that one can say.

  24. Goon from BD

    Lets clear this one last time. Arshavin is an inside forward who is best used in the space between the right back and the right central defender while Denis Bergkamp was a shadow striker who best operated in the space vacant between the central defence and midfield. Its totally different. We don't have wingers, neither do we play with one and Arshavin played in his best position for Arsenal.

  25. Gunner2301

    I believe Arshavin had a number of issues. One was being played wide when he prefers to be played centrally or allowed to roam. The second was his inability to motivate himself. The third is a failure of the manager to motivate him.

    This ties in with his failure with Russia which he himself said left him depressed, which seemed to take him an age to come to terms with, so again problems motivating himself.

    When he arrived it was a different story, he was a livewire and fully motivated gradually after you're played out of position and not to your best attributes it begins to wear a bit. We saw this with his failure to track back and seemingly couldn't care less attitude resulting in wayward passing and losing posession easily.

    My theory of Wenger working better with self motivated players than with those who struggle to motivate themselves may have some merit as we heard of him losing the dressing room and the players attitudes at times have been awful and complacency is common. Time and time again Wenger has told us the players were up for it but the resulting display said otherwise.

    So I believe Arshavins problems were that he wasn't played in his favoured role and once he lost motivation (due to this, adapting to new environment, Russia dipping out) Wenger couldn't get him motivated because that's not what he;'s good at.

  26. Bade


    Gerv isn't tracking back that superbly, to say the least. Yossi in the one

    As for AA, I would like to note that his last season's stats were better than most of or players, Robin aside and maybe Theo. He had 12 goals and 18 assists in a season dubbed as failure for him.

    Arsene mismanaged him badly and there he totally capitulated and had this shocker of a year

    By the way I do remember him making some very nice tackles round our box and in it, then I remember how Arsene humiliated him by bringing him as sub in the last minute for the sake of time wasting. You don't do that to a player you want to build confidence for.

  27. Caribkid

    Fact is that Wenger is not even making the best of use of what money he has at his disposal. We are paying way over the top for mediocre players who have no emotional investment in Arsenal and are willing to reap the rewards of their inflated wages and exotic lifestyle without showing uo on game day.

    Newcastle and Everton are prime examples of what a smart coach can do with limited financial resources. Wenger doesn't even have that acumen. Our wage bill is 15M higher than Bayern and over 60M higher than Dortmund and Newcastle. Go figure.

    The notion that we can't find a suitable replacement for Arsene is utterly ridiculous when there are so many managers out there who have totally outperformed Wenger based upon their resources.

    Unfortunately, things will not change in the near future unless we we get fan rebellion. Boycott the games, stop buying merchandise, screw Arsenal Player and hit them in the only place where it hurts, in the pockets.

    Personally, I have stopped buying merchandise, unsubscribed from Arsenal Player and not spending my hard earned money to fly into London and watch them at the Emirates.

    Disclaimer: Loving Arsenal and London as I do, I'll certainly come across the pond again to enjoy the delights of Tollington's and away games at Fulham, West Ham, QPRr, etc.

  28. SUGA3

    once again, I have to disagree, but can't be arsed to go through the litany of managerial errors on Wenger's part with regards to this particular player, that would be repetitive as fuck...

    fucking hell, how genuinely boring has this club become? oh, the irony :lol:

  29. SDE


    "We all have our limits. Your line in the sand is drawn much further away from mine and most people’s on this forum; that really is all that one can say."


    It really is like someone trying to have an intellectual discussion about two boxers in a ring...
    You can clearly see two boxers pummeling the living daylights out of each other in the ring..

    But a certain individual will have you believe that what you are witnessing is a clash of particles,amalgamated into one great giant tornado..You see it is quantum physics,not the physical act of two boxers taking lumps out of each other..

    That is what you get,when trying to talk with keyser on matters that are pretty much black&white..
    Some theoretical&ideological tripe that gives one a migraine..

    That said where's the paracetamol!!

  30. SDE

    SDERed Nose is the best in the game in motivating players and getting 120% out of their potential

    Since Wenger& Fergie are best pals now..Why can't Wenger pick Fergie's brains for motivational guidance?

    As I've said all along,Wenger is his own worst enemy!!

  31. Keyser

    Bade - He had an excellant season the year before but struggled this year because Wenger mis-managed him, heh.

    The confidence thing is pretty poor really, the reason he was seen as poor at times last year was because he'd either score or go a whole game hitting shots way over the bar. Against Leeds from 10 yards out he literally hit one shot out of the stadium, even Bendtner I doubt's managed that.

    This year even if you feel Arshavin wasn't given the best possible oppurtunity you couldn't really blame Wenger for that, he can't keep holding his hand through poor patches of form, especially when this year his stats 2 goals and 4 assists in 26 games.

    On top of that we've had a shedload of defensive injuries, Santos/ Arshavin could have been the fattest left wing in the country.

  32. SDE

    See what I mean...?
    Read the post in it's entirety...Instead of looking to pick meaningless arguments...

    You're the kind of being,that would start an argument in an empty room...!!

  33. Keyser

    "You’re the kind of being,that would start an argument in an empty room…!!"

    Does it have a window ?

  34. Gunner2301


    There was a link posted yesterday about our wage and Bayerns and it was either 14 or 15 difference. I believe it was Swiss Ramble article and you know he knows his shit.

  35. Alex James

    The record books will shw that Almunia actually captained Arsenal. Hope they don't decide to put statues of our captains outside the ground. This is one of my big issues with Wenger. By what yardstick did he think that Almunia deserved to be our first choice keeper for so may years? Hilarious if it were not true. He really was hopeless in the round. OK, he wasn't a bad shotstopper, but did some mad things at crucial times, like running out of his area like a Thunderkat berserker (my son's words). Like so many other fa
    vourites of Wenger, it would seem that he was played just to spite those who said he was no good.

  36. SDE


    This question will probably set the cat amongst the pigeons..

    Who do you think has been greater overall in terms of contribution,goals,trophies,european stage,etc,etc..!!..All things considered..

    Drogba vs TH14?

  37. Keyser

    "I believe it was Swiss Ramble article and you know he knows his shit."

    Yeah, but like you know people don't always quite understand it.

  38. paul mc daid

    Regarding Al the Clown,John Lukic once went a whole season conceding 28 goals,his reward,GG bought David Seaman because he was the best goalkeeper in the land,that was when we had management in place that knew what winning and competing was all about.

  39. Gunner2301


    That's simple TH14 and I'm sure any footballer who has played in the PL will say the same as well as most impartial fans. His impact in the PL is way beyond that of Drogba and that's before we even get onto the accolades, where I believe if you compare Drogbas Chelsea career and TH Arsenal career both of similar periods then Drogba will have more but across the piece TH has to have more individual awards plus by virtue of Nationality will have more achievements on the national stage than Drogba ever could have. Lastly I can't ever see a statue of Drogba being erected outside Stamford Bridge.

  40. SDE

    Paul McDaid

    Regarding Al the Clown,John Lukic once went a whole season conceding 28 goals,his reward,GG bought David Seaman because he was the best goalkeeper in the land,that was when we had management in place that knew what winning and competing was all about.

    Very true...!!

  41. Gunner2301


    I just look for the headline figures, but if you skim the rest he does string it together well so I don't doubt it's got good basis behind it, plus it seems like he has a database of facts or has been doing it forever and I haven't come across anyone else as deep on football finances.

  42. Keyser


    "An element of rebuilding may have been necessary following van Gaal’s departure, but it is nothing new under the sun for Bayern. Over the last three seasons, their net spend of just under €100 million is about twice as much as the other Bundesliga clubs put together, bringing to mind the expression, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

  43. Gunner2301


    There's another article where Swiss Ramble calculates our wage bill for 2011/12 to be 140mill.

  44. Gunner2301

    He also said in a comparison between our model and Bayerns that they were similar and that the main difference is Bayern spend what they have making very little profit while we hoard money basically.

  45. Keyser

    "There’s another article where Swiss Ramble calculates our wage bill for 2011/12 to be 140mill"

    Yeah, for this year, you're not comparing it to Bayern's wagebill from last year are you, they'll probably get bonuses for reaching the final this year aswell. Plus last year Bayern struggled to finish 3rd and had to go through the play off round.

  46. Stevethebrightongooner

    Re Bouldys Left Testicle @ 10.07

    Nice youtube vid ... Heard about him before, but never seen a vid until now.

    Similar to Thierry in his prime there I reckon.

    Sign him up Mr Wenger

  47. Gunner2301

    I think the direct comparison was on last years but there is a 5.something % increase to our wages (could be built in increase) which is where he probably got the 140mill. Still the wages are likely to be comparable (plus they had a stadium to pay off like us) however look at their team compared to ours and it's clear we have got the distribution wrong.

  48. SDE


    I'm going out on a limb here..
    Up until saturday,I would have said undoubtedly TH14..
    Drogba winning the CL,has made me rethink what could have been in the 2006 CL final the missed opportunities by TH14.

    I don't know,what with chelski winning the CL recently& their trophy haul of 10 trophies over an 8 year period,is making me have a rethink of what could have been for us guys,if we could have cut the rope with wenger in 2008...

    My only gripe with TH14,would have been the sexy goals he tried to score in some of the european games..The Valencia match being one..Drawing 0-0@ home..
    When he could have been more clinically in front of goal,instead of trying to round the keeper&score a sexy goal(which the keeper -Canizares saved)..Thus making it difficult for Valencia in the return leg@the mestalla..

    Subsequently that missed opportunity @highbury was our undoing..
    With Carew punishing us..scoring 2 goals (2-1)
    I believed that year was our year for the CL.

    The penalty debacle against everton(with pires&th14).

    Such indulgences by wenger sacrificing the winning ugly mantra for the beautiful football quite literally putting me off watching Arsenal..

    When I see someone like Drogba,more direct,more clinical,more ruthless in front of goal..

    I start to step-back in time & wonder if only we were that more ruthlessly efficient when it mattered most!!

  49. Keyser

    We've had this conversation, don't really see the point, yes we could change our wage structure, but beyond that what are you looking for there ?!

  50. Keyser

    On the wagebill Bayern's was higher last year, I suppose we've finished 3rd and our desperation in the summer could've mean't an increase, offset against whatever we saved in loans, but then Bayern finished 3rd last year, don't think they got too far in the Champions League, compared to this year they finished 2nd and got to the final.

  51. Gunner2301

    Me? I'm not looking for anything. You asked about a link to the difference in wage bill. All I did was indicate that Swiss Ramble had done articles on it.

  52. Gunner2301


    I see your point. But take away the CL euphoria and Drogba doesn't come close. I believe Drogba wanted more credit when TH was around as he did merit it but TH wouldn't have provided all those wonderful goals had he been more direct. You could probably count Drogbas memorable goals on one hand and thats the difference. Finesse v Brawn, Class v Efficiency.

    Take nothing away from Drogba for his achievements and apart from all the diving shit he's been a great professional but not in the same class as Henry.

  53. Keyser

    "however look at their team compared to ours and it’s clear we have got the distribution wrong."

  54. Keith English

    So it would seem that we are in for another off season of no action in the transfer market, which probably means more dust collecting in the trophy cabinet next year. However I wouldn't say no to Torres showing up in red next year....chances.....NONE!

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Roman Abromavich gives Chelsea green light to bid for Hazard, Hulk, Falcao and's not fair

    Same article, Arsenal will look at Free Salomon Kalou, Hoilett whilst trying to slash £23 Million off their wage bill

  56. Rhyle

    If reports are to be believed and you want the BEST example of what typifies Arsenal since the stadium move (and a little before if we're being honest..):

    Instead of the exciting, talented Yann M'Vila we'll now be going for the cheaper, less talented, less exciting Etienne Capoue...

    Following Arsenal during the close season is like watching a balloon slowly're expecting an explosion at the start but it never comes and then goes on until it's just like watching a huge wet fart.

  57. Burny

    A cheeky swap with Dortmund - Bendy for Kagawa, Djourou to Juve, Denilson to Crawley Town, the Squid and Chamakh back to France.....nice; we can but dream.

  58. James Gunner

    Now it seems Wenger is going for cheaper holding md from France.We know what happened when he got Squillaci.If the same thing,happened,it will show the gunners aint going to go for quality. So dont be surprised RVP leaves. I beleiev the German guy was signed as a backup for this scenario.
    I believe changes are necessary for next season ,not least tactics.If Wenger can challenge despite a modest outlay in the tm,all will be forgotten and forgiven.Howevevr if there is a repeat of this season thru another defensive collapse,it will show the Fn has not learnt his lesson.Then he shd pay the price.

  59. chozzer

    Pluralisation police here.
    Please stop pluralising words by putting apostrophe s on the end.
    The plural of Gooner is Gooners, not Gooner's.

  60. Jeff

    If all the clear out articles turn out to be true (e.g. Djourou, Squilacci, Bendner, Park among others) I am willing to start believing again but we must by implication sign some worthy defenders and a keeper. It would at the very least indicate that we mean business this year because we are going to need some serious talent on our side given that our competitors are set to arm themselves to the teeth.

    Oh and one more thing. Hopefully, and this is with 50 fingers crossed, Wenger will let Bould have a bit of influence in teaching the boys "HOW TO DEFEND".

  61. Moray

    Lurch, that will be the velvet glove of hope touching you down there...much better than the old crone's claw we have been used to in recent years...and Jeremy Beadle's digits last summer.

  62. Dennisdamenace

    Seven players released by Arsenal yesterday, which included Almunia and Gavin Hoyte....

    Jesus! Just how long do we hold onto these fucking losers?

    Equally, how do you 'release' a player who is actually out of contract?

  63. Dennisdamenace

    Unfortunately that seven doesn't even scratch the fucking surface....

    A well managed club my arse, a club totally abused by Wenger's ego project.

  64. Dennisdamenace

    Rhyle - Of course mate.

    The accumulation of such a staggering body of exorbitantly rewarded average players AND junior players is going to take major surgery to make our wage bill competitive with our rivals.

    But, like you said, it's a start.

  65. Rhyle

    Another reason to love the Goo Goo Dolls...from Mike Malinin:

    "I don't know much about English football but Arsenal has a cool name."

    Not much, but good enough for me...

  66. Gunner2301


    Those are the ones who's contracts have come to an end there'll still be others we'llbe trying to sell so expect more to go. If Djourou goes as well that to me would represent significant moves to change

  67. Dennisdamenace

    G2301 - Those seven were really a given.

    Just relieved that Hoyte was finally given up on, and Almunia slipped out of the 'back door' after making himself a fortune off of he back of my money.

    The real challenges are to come.

    The off-loading of rubbish like Djourou, Squillaci, Park, Diaby, Chamahk et al, and the (hopeful) improvement in quality in their replacements.

    None of these fuckers above contribute anything to us.

  68. Dennisdamenace

    Add to those above, the players who should be learning their trade out on loan at a lesser club before crucifying our first team with under par, inept performances . Players like Ramsey, Oxo etc.

    These their are the numerous, faceless contracted players that have hung around for years and are nowhere near the first team. Wenger & Co need to be more ruthless and realistic with this particularly large group of players.

  69. Moray

    I'm not sure why we are still behaving like a West Ham anyway. Is our club really just about developing young players and shifting them on for a profit? We are one of the richest clubs in the world for fuck sake! It's like Richard Branson shopping at Lidl.

    If you ignore what caused this problem in the first place, and the amount of Arsenal money filling Almunia and Chamakh's hairdressers' pockets, the fact we are being aggressive in this area does seem to show a change of tack. With the full reservation of (7 years') experience, it does suggest something good might be on its way. If only someone could ask Wenger not to get involved in the negotiations as he keeps fucking things up, by all accounts.

    I think the high water mark will be if we manage to shift Djourou on 50k per week.

    By the way, who is responsible for all these deals? Must be someone.

  70. dennisdamenace

    D10 - I think Jaskalinen is about to about to sign a new deal with Bolton.

    I don't know how the land lies with Given though.

    Green is either free, or is not renewing with WH, and is looking at his options. Apparently he no longer wants to stay at WH.