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It's all they had in Trophy World.

Welcome to Wednesday. Turns out Robin is having his meeting today. Whoops. My theory about his contract came a day early. The problem with that is now I don’t really have anything to talk about today. Which is irritating to say the least.

Well, as it’s the end of the season, in traditional Le Grove fashion, it’s time to start testing the water for Le Champ and Le Chump of the season. Our annual awards celebrating the best and worst of the season that has just past.

Today, we’ll be talking about Le Champ because the weather is sunny and I want you to think about all the good things that went on last season. It’s important that you realise this is just the nomination stages. I’ll be taking your thoughts to a panel of experts before deciding on the final line up. So your suggestions for Le Champ need to come in today…

Here are some ideas. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a player of Arsenal, it doesn’t have to be a player at all.

Robin Van Persie

I thought I’d get the ball rolling with a real curve ball of a suggestion. I’m just thinking he scored quite a few goals this season. He was the captain. He was pretty much 80% of the reason we qualified in the third place this year.

Mikel Arteta

Signed on deadline day at the last minute, the Spaniard came with high hopes. He didn’t replace Cesc, but added a steely discipline to our midfield. He sacrificed a bit of his game going forward to ensure that our midfield was stable (and sadly, not exactly spectacular). Our win ratio without him speaks volumes for the impact he has as a player and a personality in the starting 11. He single handedly demonstrated what we’ve been saying on here for years… experience is often more important than talent.

The Medical Team

It’s a miracle that the staff kept Robin healthy all season. That’s the first time he’s ever managed that. A lot of praise has to be given to the way they’ve managed his fitness. The fitness of the squad overall has been pretty good in comparison to seasons past. Alex Song was fit all year, Vermaelen was fine once he returned, Koscielny played most of the games and Ramsey was fit most of the time. It was also impressive that Yossi and Arteta in the main stayed fit… two players who have struggled with injury most of their careers. Most of the full back issues we had around January were of our own making… Kieran Gibbs is a fitness disaster, Santos was taken to Greece for a worthless game and Sagna had a broken bone.

Martin Fulop

We play golf together. He’s not very good but the man loves to gamble. He owed me a pretty serious backlog of unpaid bets. I didn’t directly approach him, but I hinted.

‘Martin, you know I do this blog thing on the side about Arsenal right?’

‘Yes boss’

‘Well, let’s just say my readers would be pretty over the moon if we beat you on Saturday. If they’re pleased, I’m pleased… and forgetful. You know what I’m saying Martin?’

‘Yes boss’

‘Martin… do you know what I f*cking mean?’

‘Yes boss’

Job done.

I wish it hadn’t been quite so obvious he was doing me a favour, but what can you do? The lad isn’t the sharpest tool in the box…

Fabio Capello

Spurs were flying… they were having the greatest half season of all time. Winning games, pulling away from Arsenal, talking about taking the title. Then Fabio Capello gave himself his marching orders after the FA took JT’s captaincy away without consulting him. Harry was the media’s choice for the role. He couldn’t contain his excitment, he refused to deny he wanted the job… the Spurs players showed that they weren’t fazed by the speculation by destroying Newcastle… then going on an incredible run of loses and dropped points… culminating in conceding a 10 point lead to their nearest and dearest rivals… namely, us.

Hilarious. Fabio, your stubborn disregard to the ramifications of having a racist pig of a man as your captain have worked wonders for Arsenal. For that, all I can do is salute you in a totally inappropriate way… a way that you’d like.

So there we have it… that isn’t the list… that’s the suggested list. You can add yours through the day and I’ll have a rummage through later tonight and work out which suggestions I can add into the mixer.

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Have a great day Grovers. If you see Robin at a Petrol station, give him a hug and tell him you love him. Buy him a whisper gold as well… it’s off season now… treat him.

P.S. We’ll be taking on guest posts on in the summer. If you’ve got something to say, it’s well written and interesting. We’d be happy to take a look at it. Anything on the finances, potential transfer targets that are a little bit curve ball… or something on the history of the club will be welcome.

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  1. arsenal1886-2006

    Robin’s Choco Leg.

    Ray Houghton talking about modern football and how the new owners
    are destroying the game. He said about Arsenal, “They think success is finishing fourth, well it’s not. They are not winners they are losers, the only winners are Man City.”
    Get in there Ray.

  2. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    DDG – The Terry saga, It’s embarrassing on a whole other level. We have a team of full of scumbags & the manager has bottled it, by playing safe and when we get knocked out he can be the next one to bang on about the new generation and wheel of the wilsheres, cleverlys, jones, oxlade-chamberlains, smallings etc… I grow bored of seeing arsenal and england summers, on what seems like, constant re-runs.

    Ferdinand’s omission is a weird one, but Roy did say he’d talk to both players before naming his squad and I think Ferdinand wasn’t having any of it.

    I’d take Lampard still.. Shown enough this season and his class, experience and ability to follow tactics will be needed because england are not going to see an awful lot of the ball in most of the games they play.

  3. Hitman

    I wouldnt laugh too much at Liverpool.

    Liverpool – 22 years and counting.
    Arsenal – 8 years and counting already.

    With his Diaby is’ like a new signing’ and quiet summer transfer policy, we wont win it next year. Then and were are into double figures.

    I fear without change at the top – not just Wenger -we will do a Liverpool.

  4. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    arsenal1886 – In this country a top 4 place is an acheivment (even though I disagree), even Moyes said that can be looked upon as success in this country. Only 1 team can win the title and by his estimations everyone else has been shit. The CL shouldn’t be belittled as entry into allows you to attract the top players, but our efforts to win the thing we’ve been in for 15 years straight with the funds we generate from it should be questioned.

  5. incesc

    arsenal1886-2006May 16, 2012 19:14:28
    talksport is worth a listen.

    making a late play for chump of the year there? :)

  6. Hitman

    My Le Champs – a joint nomination – Anton Ferdinand and his buddy John Terry.

    For starting a chain of events which did more to change the fortunes of our season than anything Wenger could have engineered.

    Remember – we were 6th and 13 pts off the pace going nowhere, when Ferdinand comment about adultery, followed by racist comment allegedly, led to Fabio strop, followed by ridiculous FA decision , followed by media Harry love in, followed by Spuds decline allowing us to sneek 3rd despite 10 defeats and conceding 49 goals.

    Well done guys. AFC fans are truly grateful.

  7. incesc

    haha RCLS, maybe i always was G Star 😯

    we’ve had a deal accepted for kagawa but he met fergie and is now deciding.

    looks like a nice guy, no one would meet that nutcase and then chose to work with him would they?

  8. SDE

    Robin’s Choco Leg Special

    SDE – I’d take Lennon, Adam Johnson, Matt Jarvis, Jerome Thomas, Scott Sinclair, Victor Moses, Joe Cole, Nathan Dyer, Jamie Mackie, Matthew Etherington & Leon Osman before Downingand Crouch, Holt, Sturridge, Ameobi & risk Bent before Carroll…


    For a start you can exclude Victor Moses…

    He is representing Nigeria…

    Let’s not go there with Crouch…trust me!!

    As much as I like J.Cole..I think over the past tournament(s)Joe Cole has probably only showcased his talents twice…

    Anyway we can talk about potential talents ahead of Caroll& Downing(who is shite..I agree)

    But let’s not get ahead of us just yet..

    Let’s look at the golden generation..The supposed cream of the crop…What did they ever achieve over a 10 year period before you start talking about the Dyer’s,Sinclair’s,Etherington,Osman et al..

    Let’s see our Golden Generation–

    The finest collection of english players since well 1966…


    World Cup
    1998 Round 16- 9th Place
    2002 Quarter-Final- 6th Place
    2006 Quarter-Final- 7th Place
    2010 Round 16 13th Place


    2000 Group Stage- 11th Place
    2004 Quarter-Final- 5th Place
    2008 Failed to qualify..

    And you think with the likes of Osman,Etherington,Sinclair & co..that they will be able to surpass the achievements of the golden generation…?

    As individuals,you can pick out some talents in your list..

    Lennon,Sinclair,AJohnson,…for starters..
    But when you put them into an England team..Do you think they will flourish…?

    Whatever you say,there is a shortage of “World Class English Talents”..& the golden generation proved that..
    Unable to transfer their so-called world class skills onto the world class stage over a 10 -14year period.

    Good players yes,but not world class players!!

  9. Hitman

    RCLS – credit where credits due.
    If Spuds hadnt had their dip , we wouldnt have had St Totts day this year.

    Bizarrely Terry and Anton played their part.

  10. telarse

    Whoever gets the Liverpool job should sell us Suarez and Reindeer to free up funds so they can recruit for their Mickey mouse cup ambitions next season.

    Suarez would help convince RvP to stay, in which case RvP should drop behind Suarez, or he could replace RvP.

    Still need an AM, Gaycuff would do me, (as an AM I mean!!) and an experienced DM, De Jong or Mascherano.

    If we can have Torres in front of RvP instead of Suarez that’ll do.

    I don’t watch any johnny foreigner leagues but believe EPL experience usually trumps them, especially when Arsene shops in the bargain baskets.

    I imagine Suarez or Torres would cost £25m-£30m if they have to be sold but I believe their worth £40 each and would produce in our team.
    RvP – who is as good as Feo in beating defenders!, scored loadsagoals just by timing of runs and positioning (and ok finishing – when he wanted to score!!)

    If we had a good finisher who could actually take on and beat one or two or three defenders with skill and/or speed he’d score loadsagoals – more if he could take a free too!

  11. telarse

    incesc May 16, 2012 19:45:27

    the french are saying we’ve reached a deal for mvilla


    What? All of them?

  12. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    incesc – where are you getting all this info? Trawling twitter timelines is not an illness, it’s an addiction 😆

    That Kagawa shit yesterday made me laugh.. “someone said Arsene Wenger OMG OMG OMG…..YES!!!!” ….. only to be crushed by “You can hear someone say Ferguson right after” …..

    Silly season has come early this year as spring didn’t come at all and summers not due for another couple of months..

    In regards to Kagawa, if we can match United’s wage offer we have a decent chance. Wenger speaks both Japanese & German, Miyaichi is here and another fellow country kid will help him settle in, plus we have colney and it’s grim up north whichever wau you want to look at it…

    Julien Laurens seemed pretty certain M’Vila was a done deal pending CL qualification, but did refuse to answer any questions regarding M’Vila after his talksport interview. He has a pretty good track record but the fact M’Vila hasn’t made the French squad poses more questions than it gives answers…

    Basically, it’s another kid who’s not the finished article and alarm bells are beginning to ring. He’s well sort after though by some big teams so i think haggling over the potential fee (don’t we always) may play a factor as the reported 22m euros (17.7m sterling) now looks to be a little on the astronomical side… If we can get him for 13-15 we’ll be in there…

  13. arsenal1886-2006

    Chump of the year…… Normally I would agree about talksport but tonight has been good. I like Ray Houghton, he speaks a lot of sense and is a good pundit. Tonights first hour has been about the perception of the fourth place being success and American owners.
    He is actually sounding like a Grover, he is saying what we think and say.
    I am recording it so I will post onto youtube at some time, well worth a listen.

  14. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    SDE – what country has world class players in every position? None…. The better teams with work ethic usually win the big games in knock out & tournament football, that’s why germany are always there or there abouts…

    Spain are pretty spectacular now but this will be the last tournament they have a chance of winning in their current cycle.

  15. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    How can roy hodgson claim ferdinand has been left out because of footballing reasons.. If i look at that Ferdinand is due to announce his retirement from international football, otherwise how do you explain downing and carroll’s inclusions? They certainly aren’t in there for footballing reasons…

  16. Caribkid

    Worthy of consideration for Le Champ of the Year should go to AVB (Andres Vilas Boas).

    Without him, Chelsea would not have gone down the path of self destruction for 2/3 of the season and probably would have finished above us in the points table. They would also probably have taken points off us and we would be in 5th place.

  17. telarse

    Last summer I suggested, not entirely in jest, that a spine with Shawcross and Barton would improve us.

    In retrospect I think it probably would have!

    So, I don’t really mind signing cunts!
    Apart from the odd frustated RvP lunge we’re completely cuntless!

    One of my biggest gripes about our fairies is they’re too nice when a colleage gets fouled – especially when there’s a penalty shout!
    We’re a pushover for referees.

    I digress… anywho… now that Suarez has got past the racism thing (Kenny and LFC certainly came out of that a lot worse than Suarez IMO) and he’s pretty much past the diving thing (thanks to Ashley) I think a new home would do him and us a power of good.

    P.S. I’ve watched the Suarez/Evra incidents over and over on You Tube and in Suarez’ defence Evra does appear black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No offence Dale!

  18. SDE


    Politics…Simple Politics..With Ferdinand being the fall guy..

    To be fair,I’ve been pretty indifferent to ferdinand over the years..

    But given this JT debacle..I actually feel sorry for him…
    I reckon,the rift b/w JT & Rio,goes far deeper…

    Even beyond the captaincy debacle under Capello…

    The Anton case,was probably the last straw that broke the camel’s back for Rio…!!
    & he’s made out to be the bad guy in this…

    Something is fundamentally wrong with JT…

    Funny thing is Joey Barton,makes JT look refined&polished in comparison!!!

  19. Rhyle Adcock

    Just heard a rude little whisper from a pal of mine…sorry but it’s a friend of a friend thing…who’s heard tell of Montolivo on a free this summer? Our sort of player at our sort of price…

  20. Cesc Appeal

    in 5 years he’ll be 28, are you saying we have to wait 5 years for him to be any good?? And in that time we have to give him £100 000 a week?
    in 10 years he’ll be 33, come on incesc

    sell him to liverpool, buy a couple of wingers who can play football

  21. Arse&Nose©

    Reading between the lines Ferdinand was asked if he could play with Terry, he said no f*king chance and they agreed that he wouldn’t come.

    If it is true it is a disgusting state of affairs that a guy suffers for having his brother racially abused. The cps and FA are a fucking disgrace, everyone has passed the buck on this issue and dragged it out so far that the anti-racism message has been diluted.

  22. Keyser

    SDE – No mate, it’s one thing to look at us singularly, it’s another to band us in with Liverpool owners sacking King Kenneth.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    Why is no one ever after Theo Walcott in the summer?

    We cave to anyone who wants our players, it;s just the ones we need to get rid of no one actually wants!

    And now with Kenny Dalglish gone I can’t think of any clubs that would want Walcott

  24. G787

    Le champ Benayoun, great commitment/attitue when needed.
    Le chump has to be Harry openly ready to dump Spurs.

  25. G STAR


    RVP has signed a new contract – 4 year deal worth 130k + 5 million sign on fee

    Arsenal have agreed a deal with Rennes for M’Vila

    Arsenal have agreed a deal with Borussia Dortmund for Kagawa (Players Choice Now)

  26. arsenal1886-2006

    Keyser May 16, 2012 20:50:55

    Ha was talking about football in general, mainly it was about owners wanting CL money and the fans wanting trophies. He says that football is no longer about winning trophies but is all about money. Bang on the money for me.

    Here is a youtube link to the audio that i put up earlier.


    I will edit and put up tonights show later tonight or tomorrow, I thought it was passionate from Houghton.

  27. G STAR



    RVP has signed a new contract – 4 year deal worth 130k + 5 million sign on fee

    Arsenal have agreed a deal with Rennes for M’Vila

    Arsenal have agreed a deal with Borussia Dortmund for Kagawa (Players Choice Now)

  28. Josip Skoblar

    Lavezzi to PSG.
    Belhanda wants to stay put.
    M’Vila said today that he wanted to join Arsenal.
    Blanc and M’Vila don’t get along. It’s an old story apparently!

  29. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Gstar, seeing as you were kind enough to give us that info, could you be kind enough also to tell us where you obtained it from?, :)

  30. G STAR

    Arsène Wenger said: “It’s fantastic news that Robin van Persie has committed his long term future to Arsenal Football Club, we’re all delighted. Robin is a hugely gifted player and has the talent and goalscoring ability to win matches at the very top level. We have already seen many times what Robin is capable of on a football pitch, but at only 28, there is still much more to come from him. Robin has the potential to become a true Arsenal great.”

    Robin van Persie added: “I’m so happy to have signed a new long term contract. I’ve been at the Club for eight years now and there really is a great feeling here at Arsenal. We have a top class manager, a squad full of superb young players, a world class stadium and brilliant supporters. Arsenal Football Club has a very bright future and I want to be part of it.

  31. BIG AL

    Don’t get excited everyone and take it with a pinch of salt, but G star has taken it from from the football rumours site….Why do so call fellow gooners like winding your fellow supporter, the team we all supposed to love with a load of plaff…

  32. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    G Star – all you’ve done is changed robin’s age and how long he’s been at the club for and taken that from the last contract extension.. You really are a melt in the government cheese on toast variety…

  33. Keyser

    “He says that football is no longer about winning trophies but is all about money. Bang on the money for me.”

    Yeah, but it’s been like that for yonks, dunno about further back, but definetly since SKY took over, look at United in 99-00 going to the Club World Cup rather than competing in the FA Cup.

    You can;t sit there and say the American owners at Liverpool are all about money when you look directly at what Dalgleish has achieved, they sold Torres and let him spend every penny of it and then some, backed him completely they haven’t censor him even when he’s done silly things all you can do is look at where they go from here.

    If they bring in a new manager and back him again with money, can you really blame them ?!

    The money over trophies thing isn’t anything new at all, the FA should be doing something about it, but guess what they’re making shitloads as are the Premiership.

  34. G STAR

    Ice is a prick, i aint him

    ASK PEDRO he can confirm what i said is true !!!!!!!!!!!!


    Big Name From France – M’Vila
    An Exciting Attacking Player – Kagawa Hopefully

  35. Keyser

    For what it’s worth, maybe Kenneth was a short term solution after Hodgson went and they thought we’ll give him another year and see how he goes, he must’ve at least had a chance to explain his future plans for the club in the meeting they had.

  36. Goon in 60 Seconds

    G Star, if you are right, we are in for a SPANKINGLY good season next year!!
    if not, we could be fighting it out for the Handbrake Cup with Spuds again!!

  37. frenchie

    even pedro agrees with g-star:

    Le Grove ‏@LeGrove
    @honigstein Don’t be like that… He signed a deal. We all know this…

    about 3 minutes ago.

  38. kay

    @Goon in 60 Seconds – Well i am from India and its 2AM 17th..
    Fuck wanker wouldn’t allow me to even dream in bed??? 😉

    Apparantly poldi s interview..

    But I have joined to win titles and trophies – that is my target. I’m confident and I will do my very best to be successful with Arsenal.

    poor poldi.. even he is cheated by wanker!!!!

  39. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Keyser – Dalglish probably didn’y say much. I can imagine a lot of the talking would have been done by the men in suits.

    The expectations and promise were top 4 based on investment. He was given that and when Comolli lost his job you had a feeling Dalglish was seeing out the season…

    Given the poor league finish and in spite of the cup runs, the owners must know Liverpool being mentioned as a cup team would be an insult. Would you really then, knowing everyone in front and around will improve and after this seasons showing, give Dalglish another mini fortune to spend on players?

    Nah, neither did I…

  40. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Get a grip Kay!!, don’t disrespect the Mighty Arsene, He has done more for ths club than any other, way more than your tiny brain could comprehend, call him wanker again to me and i’ll fucking hex you!!

  41. Hitman

    G Star – Has Messi also mentioned his desire to play at the Emirates as well by any chance?

    Thats 3 transfer windows of signings, or thats just bull.

  42. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    As I said earlier, anything mentioned in regards to VP’s contract situation today can be written off as bullshit….

    End of the week, murmurings will appear and if it’s early i expect good news. If it’s quiet and speculation is rife you can only but assume he’s told the board he wants to go and they are locked away devising a strategy to break it to the fan base…

    The simple fact is this, If we lose Van Persie the whole arsenal community will be distraught. It’s another season, anoter captain, the best player, being sold and replaced with an internal or cheaper alternative and means we’re futher away then ever. There is a danger of us being seen as the crem de la crem feeder club.

    It’s a bit sad and I really do hope the meeting has persuaded Van Persie that we’re going to be back competing for the big trophies and I hope Van Persie’s convinced Arsene that we need to change our transfer dynamic and tactical set-up a smudge to truly achieve that…

  43. SDE


    If you’ve noticed over the past couple of months..
    Rio has been uncharacteristically quiet…
    He’s become disillusioned with international football & their respective campaigns..

    He even said as much,that this whole “Kick Racism Out campaign”,now looks like it was just a gimmick,or a joke…

    Anyway the whole point is football,especially the EPL has sold its soul…No longer are values important…

    You can literally,beat,cheat,kick,lie your way to untold riches in our so-called beautiful game..

    You have a bunch of owners who preach about prudence & sustainability..& proceed to tell fans that trophies will come soon,but charge you astronomical ticket prices,whilst rewarding themselves with huge pay rises in a double-dip recession…

    “Screw the poor fans..they are mugs!!!”-you can almost hear them saying..

    A proper & fitness test,designed to screen out undesirable owners.But allows,owners with dubious backgrounds to pump huge amounts of money into the game,so long as the palms of the men in suits,behind the scenes are greased..

    Some owners,come with a health warning..i..e A track-record of human rights violations in their countries,of embezzlement,laundering,bankruptcy

    But yet our wonderful game,turns a blind eye & buries it’s head in the sand..

    Clubs going into administration,or collapsing..The local communities losing their livelihoods..

    Then on the pitch,you have players snorting the ‘ole colombian marching powder,disappearing off the football scene for a while..Not fulfilling their true potential..
    Then are suddenly back in the England squad….

    Whilst the FA continue to tell us that it has a zero-tolerance policy to substance abuse& they have robust measures in place- that is the most stringent in the world of sport!!! Yeah right…

    Managers caught up in bung scandals..A practice so widespread in the game..That despite all the evidence available..only 1 manager in 16 years has been found guilty….Yeah…The beautiful game wants us to believe it’s house is well & truly in order…

    A manager who claims,not to be able to read, or write..in short a self-confessed illiterate,or a pathological liar,or both is suddenly feted as the saviour of our national game!!

    Oh Geez…,what a poster boy for the beautiful game!!

    Then on the pitch….
    A team of philanders,thugs,predators,mercenaries,blackmailers are some of the examples of players held up as paragons of virtue by the beautiful game!!

    A captain who was charged with affray..Literally beating a guy to a pulp,for refusing to play his favourite CD,but gets acquitted because he is a celebrated footballer..
    He is Mr Captain Fantastic..He’s one of ours!!Our hero!!

    A guy that elbows a player,kicks another & headbutts another..goes on to twitter to tell the world that “god loves a trier” & “fuck it who cares,QPR are up & that’s all that matters”,whilst his employers sit down & deliberate what course of action to take with the player…

    Bet your bottom dollar,they will be another club,to snap him up,without any compunction,or hesitation

    Try that stuff in your workplace…elbowing,kicking,headbutting a fellow colleague&I think you’ll be hauled off to a police cell,before you can even begin to hit twitter & implicate yourself further..
    Me thinks your career would be over & you would be facing a length sentence behind bars…

    And now the JT affair….JT the accused gets to go the Euro’s,
    while Rio-not even implicated in the scandal,is the one that pays the price..Omission from the squad & hence the Euros..

    The beautiful game-hey!!!

    How stomach-churning & vomit-inducing the reality of it is!!

  44. Goon in 60 Seconds

    KAY Wenger is An Arsenal Legend and more avant garde than miles davis and Bela Bartok combined, wash your mouth out son, dont disrespect arsene, if you do you are disrespecting the MAJORITY of gooners!!

  45. Keyser

    RCLS – You read what Dalgleish did after Hillsborough and sentiment does takeover, football should be about the sport, about trophies, about the people and you begin to understand why that no matter what Imbecilic thing Terry does next the Chelsea fans will still support him.

    Then you have to wake up, that’s life, the more popular football gets the more money becomes a factor, if it helps Kenneth won’t go hungry, he’ll have been paid a decent wage, he’ll always be a Liverpool Legend and now Neville’s gone to the England job he can take his pundit seat.

    You’ll Never Walk.. Alone.. Alone.. Alone.

    ..Unless you’re black or a bit dark skinned..

  46. Goon in 60 Seconds

    BTW KAY, I need some personal artifacts from you so I can hex you, something of the head, something of the thread, something of the dead, and something err .. red

  47. kay

    Goon.. Arsene has screwed up Arsenal FC.. its been happening year after year in circles and its there for all to see.. and i am not disrespecting the gooners.. Arsenal comes first NOT Arsene..

  48. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Punditry is already too Liverpool heavy.. Hansen, Lawrenson, Dalglish’s daughter, Thompson. But, it sometimes is fun seeing their faces like smacked arses & reading reporting like victor meldrew on meth nigh on every weekend. Another 1 added to the mix wouldn’t hurt.

  49. incesc


    22m euros for Mvilla is a lot isnt it!

    i hope they are just more worried about getting the right men in early this year then haggling all summer and ruining the next season before it starts…

  50. Goon in 60 Seconds

    kayMay 16, 2012 21:49:52
    Goon.. Arsene has screwed up Arsenal FC………………..

    your ignorance is there for all to see, your stupidity knows no bounds, you are disrespecting the greatest manager that we have ever had, time will teach cretins like you what he has really done, when all these big spending teams like city and chelsea’s owners get tired of losing money, and the economics of footy have changed for good, only then will short sighted people like you finally understand ” screwed up AFC?!?!?” what a joke of a comment!!

  51. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Klopp’s not going to go in there (liverpool) with Dortmund double winners and in the champions league. Chelsea might have a slim one given their financial clout, but Dortmund are no Porto and i expect Di Matteo to get it with Guadiola, Mourinho, Hiddink, Rafa & Van Gaal being rank outsiders.

    Dortmund were made to look like novices in the CL last time out and I expect he and a core group would like another crack at it seeing Bayern are in the final.

  52. kay

    well you may be happy sitting pretty with the 3rd place trophy.. I am not..

    the greatest manager saying this squad is capable of emulating/equaling the invincible s is a slap in the face of whoever says squillachi/ramsey/denilson/chamakh/djourou is/are shit..

    its been discussed a lot.. take a break and give me break..
    i am off to sleep really..

  53. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    “Meeting took place today with RVP,Wenger, Kees Vos & Gazidis. No decisions made. Darren Dein not present”

    Sounds great to me. Darren not there (probably out and about whoring VP) & only the people present would know if any final decisions were made and if they weren’t promises probably were… Hopefully not by Arsene 😆

    As i said earlier @ 21:39:25

  54. Goon in 60 Seconds

    mate i could pull out 5 united players who are as “shit” as those you have listed. I think we need to spend, but tto disrespect wenger like you just did is just ignoring the facts. Look at today, everyone n here saying Kenny is a great manager shouldnt have been sacked. He spent 100 mill and finished 8th!!! beieve me if wenger had done that he wouldnt have needed to be sacked, he would have walked himself, through sheer embarasment!! Wenger can do no right in some eyes, saying he has screwed up this club is plain and simple STUPIDITY!! he made mistakes but “screwed up AFC?” NEVER

  55. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Robin and after reading your last few comments the DOOm meter now reads 8.9 doombars per dumbass

  56. Gary T

    Insect or Lice or whatever your name is, stop fucking about you know nothing cunt ox!

    It’s far too early for any shit to be rubber stamped so shortly after Podolski, all efforts are on RVP right now end of. As if our lot could possibly juggle more than one set of contract negotiations at any given time, ppfffft.

  57. kay

    Red Nose doesn’t come and brag about all those stupid mistakes he made.. he comes again and tells his squad is not good enough and strengthens the team year after year.. its all about winning..
    Arsene does comes and shows middle finger to all nevermind the fans by ignoring many facts such as 49 goals conceded and still thinks this squad is as good as the Invincibles..
    if me ignoring the facts is stupidity then arsene ignoring the facts is also stupidity.. for which i called him a wanker..
    Its like embarrassing the invincibles which has been voted as the team of the epl for the past 20 yrs..
    You may think the invincibles is down to arsene..
    I think its down to the talent and desire of the players of that squad..
    Its my opinion and i stand by it..
    when rvp leaves there will be no TOP class player left to sell at Arsenal and thats what is called screwing mate.. and this season was all down to RVP for heaven sake..

  58. Goon in 60 Seconds

    playdough? wow ! haven’t thought about that stuff since play school, guess it makes sense that you would be referring to it then Robin!

  59. HP

    John Henry is interest in winning trophies and knew that liverpool did not do well despite reaching the FA cup final and winning the CC

    Stan Kroenke doesn’t give 2 shits, we have a sugar daddy who is incredibly cheap

    when RVP leaves and we are mid table will he force wenger’s hand or force wenger to get lost? or give him a large transfer kitty? of course not

  60. Goon in 60 Seconds

    No top class players when Robin leaves?!?!/ are you sure?? Sagnas top class, Song is top class, Jack is, Kozzer is getting there as oxo,. W have a lot of potential world class players that we have developped. If Wenger had spent 100’s of millions and still ended up with no talent like kenny then that would be bad form, but he hasnt, our record transfer is16 mil, and we have still stayed in touh with the big boys, that is not luck, that is because we have a great coach, get wenger to spend, and we would win everythng n sight!! Ths summer has “different” writen all over it

  61. kay

    Let us see if it happens…

    Its been us seeing for the past 8 years..

    Okies Enough Tit for tat .. Good night I am off..

  62. Goon in 60 Seconds

    No top class players when Robin leaves?!?!/ are you sure?? Sagnas top class, Song is top class, Jack is, Kozzer is getting there as oxo,. W have a lot of potential world class players that we have developped. If Wenger had spent 100’s of millions and still ended up with no talent like kenny then that would be bad form, but he hasnt, our record transfer is16 mil, and we have still stayed in touh with the big boys, that is not luck, that is because we have a great coach, get wenger to spend, and we would win everythng n sight!! Ths summer has “different” written all over it

  63. Gunner2301

    Goon in 60

    Wage bill

    Lack of ambition i.e. 4th is a trophy has screwed up the mentality of most of the players.

    Squad quality.

    I could go on but that’s enough of a conundrum for you to explain for now. I don’t have all night.

  64. HP

    No top class players when Robin leaves?!?!/ are you sure?? Sagnas top class, Song is top class, Jack is, Kozzer is getting there as oxo,. W have a lot of potential world class players that we have developped. If Wenger had spent 100′s of millions and still ended up with no talent like kenny then that would be bad form, but he hasnt, our record transfer is16 mil, and we have still stayed in touh with the big boys, that is not luck, that is because we have a great coach, get wenger to spend, and we would win everythng n sight!! Ths summer has “different” writen all over it


    song top class lmao

    sagna is good not great

    jack is the next diaby

    ox is too raw

    Wenger has had funds over 30m for the past 6-7 transfer windows and refuses to spend it on players we could have had a class squad already

    “our record transfer is16 mil, and we have still stayed in touh with the big boys”

    Thats nothing to be proud of, we have had the resources it means wenger has not moved on with the times and 19 points adrift is not in touch with the big boys FFS

    get wenger to spend? why? firstly he never will, secondly he is awful at transfers for every ‘gem’ he unearths he brings in 5 duds

  65. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    SPNYC – Yeah, but every once in a blue moon you hit that spot, or in this case, star. Actually G Star, you don’t hit anything ever. You’re about as useful as a disabled eunuch in a women’s prison..

  66. Gunner2301

    Oh you can add to that

    Making us a selling club and Citys bitch

    Rewarding mediocrity and failure

    Tarting the captaincy around like a cheap whore

    Lying to the fans – constantly

    Tarnishing the reputation of the club with his sore loser mentality

    I could go on but I’m feeling sleepy.

  67. Gunner2301

    I’m waiting for Mancini to send Wenger a thank you card for helping them overtake us and helping them win the title.

  68. HP

    Robin’s Choco Leg SpecialMay 16, 2012 22:38:19
    HP – Turn the doom down a touch you’re ruining my high

    not doom mate,truth, thanks to wenger we have happily accepted mediocrity. We are celebrating 3rd which ok after the start and all the drama was a good place to finish it still does not excuse dropping 17 points against promoted/relegation sides or not doing the double over the bottom 5

    We are 3rd because of 1 man-RVP, not wenger. When he goes who will get the goals?

    As fans we need to be ruthless and question why the club has not won anything in 8 years, all I see is our dumbass fans singing one arsene wenger every match which makes me think we are probably the most gullible fanbase in the world. You think barca would keep pep or utd fergie or real mourinho if they didn’t win anything for 3-4 years? each of these men would have quit out of shame and love for the clubs

    then we have arsene ‘we are not far from the title’ wenger

    give me a break about doom and gloom, its called the truth at arsenal these days

  69. Gunner2301


    He probably thought the image was synonymous with the lack of fight shown by the team over the season.

  70. Goon in 60 Seconds

    HP”song top class lmao sagna is good not great jack is the next diaby ox is too raw”

    Sagna is World class mate, often touted as the best RB in europe, Song is heavilly admired all over europe for his skill and assists and valued on here at over 25 mil, Jack is the best footballer this country has produced since Gazza, OX is RAw yes , but world class also, comine those lot with the new signings plus Ryo and the old faithful, then we have a fucking world class team. Get Mvila and keep song and our midfield ill be beast like as long as jack comes back.

    Only spending 16 mil and continually finishing above teams who have spend way more is something to be massively proud of, if you understod football and economics then you would get that.

    “get wenger to spend? why? firstly he never will, secondly he is awful at transfers for every ‘gem’ he unearths he brings in 5 duds” tat statement is basically a crass lie, if you really believe that then you are completely mental.. I cant even be bothered to reason such retardation………………………………….

    yes our wage bill is high, but our net transfer spend is insanely low. Not everything wenger has tried has worked, but atleast he has had the courage of his convictions, where so many would have given in to demands to spend spend spend, and as we know (kenny) that doesnt always get you the honey from the pot..
    It’s no secret that our wage structure is a bit socialist but nger knew that IF we didnt spend large amounts on players then we attract the best YOUnG talent then we would have to pay them big, and yes, wengers eutopian way has resulted in over equality and some worse players getting too much. but the fact remains we have spent fuck all on players and still remained competitive. When we beat city at the Ems this season we battered them footballing wise. We just need consistency and a bigger squad quality wise. Look at the team Dortmund who everyone is raving about, we gave them a footballing lesson and that was amidst huge negativity surrounding our club. The signs are there that this summer we wil be doing our business in a better way, but the facts are that Wenger expected at least Nasri and clichy to be here this year, last summer was a disaster that i am sure we will only understand a few years down the line when the dust has settled more.
    The fact is Arsena have dared to be different and for that I am proud, hat remains to be seen is wheather RVP will force the issue of spending , i personally think he will and that Wenger will want to go out on a bang in his last two years , he knows he wont last another season like this one. And if he does spend big, even on one or two players, the mentalilty that has been instilled in the players ( by circumstance not wenger) will be lifted, and i think we will win everything in sight next year playing our usual stylish way. Many people said our style was dead after cesc left, but at points this season we played with way more fluency than we did last year, and ended up with more points i believe.

  71. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    HP – you see that. It didn’t require a response, but you did and not with a sentence but a rant aimed at no-one where the jist is “not doom, the truth (which was hilarious so i read on), celebrating 3rd, no double over bottom 5 (like any1 else did), 3rd, Vp, wenger, 8years, dumbass fans, gullible fans, barca, united, mourinho, doom & gloom, truth”…

    You are a certified doomer when you cannot have a rational debate with points and instead resort to obscene rants about the manager, current playing staff, trophyless seasons etc etc etc. which are often boring and all the usual same bullox involves 95% of the tidbits posted above depending on the length. Then you have the cheek to us use the term “truth” to palm it off as having some substance… Seriously? :roll:

  72. Gunner2301

    “but our net transfer spend is insanely low” – Backs up my lack of ambition statement

    “but atleast he has had the courage of his convictions,” – By doing the same things wrong season after season when everyone else can see it but him.

    “It’s no secret that our wage structure is a bit socialist” – Not only that but it’s driving out the best players whilst nurturing the hangers on and undeserving.

    “IF we didnt spend large amounts on players then we attract the best YOUnG talent then we would have to pay them big” – This is flawed logic tell me anywhere else Ramsey could go in the World and get paid 40-50k pw at his age with his experience?

    “we have spent fuck all on players and still remained competitive.” – 19 points of the leaders is not competitive. That wouldn’t even look good in Formula 1. We are competing with the likes of Newcastle who were a Championship side not so long ago. Also Spuds who have a 1/3rd less wage bill than us. So if we are competing with these teams now we need to do it with a similar wage bill otherwise we are under achieving.

    “We just need consistency and a bigger squad quality wise.” – How do you hope to get a quality squad without paying for quality players? You’re advocating not spending.

    “Look at the team Dortmund who everyone is raving about, we gave them a footballing lesson” – You’re missing the point about Dortmund judge them in their own league for a minute and ask yourself if Wenger has achieved the same given the resources of Bayern in comparison and beaten them in successive years and won the league in successive years. Also compare the teams the way they play and above all how they defend – Wenger would love to be able to do what Klopp has done. Klopp is the real deal when it comes to youth development, playing an attacking brand of football without compromising the defence. Wenger has produced who exactly In 16 years?

    “The signs are there that this summer we wil be doing our business in a better way” – You don’t know that until the window closes, many of us thought that last season but Wenger was sure he didn’t need re-inforcements.

    “last summer was a disaster that i am sure we will only understand a few years down the line when the dust has settled more.” – What’s there to understand? Wenger said we didn’t need to add to the team, he also said Nasri and Cesc weren’t leaving. He was wrong on both counts, got battered by Man U, the fans got on his back and he ran out and panic bought forgetting to ensure injury prone Benayoun and Arteta had medicals, now if you need a signal of panic buying that is surely it.

    “i personally think he will and that Wenger will want to go out on a bang in his last two years” – Why? If you’re defending his performance so far why does he need to do anything about it? You’re contradicting yourself.

    “the mentalilty that has been instilled in the players ( by circumstance not wenger) will be lifted” – So where has that mentality stemmed from if not from Wenger? Teams are built in the managers image if the team is mentally weak, complacent and couldn’t give a fuck that reflects the mentality and attitude of the manager. Ask SAF I’m sure we know what his teams stand for and are built in his image.

    “i think we will win everything in sight next year playing our usual stylish way. Many people said our style was dead after cesc left” – Who have you been watching? We haven’t played good football since the Hleb Flamini Cesc days. Our midfield has been poor and makeshift looking ever since. We don’t play beautiful football anymore it’s a fallacy, you’re living of past glory like Wengers past glories.

    It’s not the amount of points we accumulate but where we are in comparison to those above us that allows us to measure whether we are competing or not

    11/12 70pts – 19 points behind
    10/11 68pts – 12 points behind
    09/10 75pts – 11 points behind
    08/09 72pts – 18 points behind

    So how you can try to sell this season as success when we were 19 points off the leaders this time and 12 points off the season before.

  73. follow the money

    I’ll believe any big signings when I see it. When was the last time we got a good player when there was anyone else involved with the bidding? Very rarely. Mata, Ronaldo, Smalling, the list is endless of players we lost out on because even mid table EPL clubs pay more than we do. Get rid of some of the dross and use that money for the wages of 4-5 world class players. Then we can compete for titles

  74. Gunner2301


    Newcastle have shown in a couple of windows what was available and our scouting network is supposed to be extensive. But a wide network is only of any use if you’re actually looking and not using the money you have available to bump up the contracts for players who have achieved nothing and don’t deserve it.

  75. Gunner2301


    Just watching it on channel 5 I’m mistified never understood the game. Don’t think it helps with all the American slang, means nothing. The easiest way to lose money is to give it to me at least I’d appreciate it :)

  76. Rhyle Adcock


    I know there’s plenty that we know that’d back it up…there is no substance to this “article” in the Mirror. Don’t let bullshitters like John Cross (who’s renowned for it) get you down.

    No quotes, no grounding…hints at Juve still being interested even though we know differently by now…(widely reported that they’ve pulled out as they’re not interested in getting into a bidding war they have no hope of winning)…

    Stick to Le Grove and Twitter for your rumours…much less bullshit…

  77. goondawg

    Goalkeepers: Hugo Lloris (Olympique Lyon), Steve Mandanda (Olympique Marseille), Cedric Carrasso (Girondins Bordeaux).
    Defenders: Gael Clichy (Manchester City), Patrice Evra (Manchester United), Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal), Philippe Mexes (AC Milan), Adil Rami (Valencia), Mathieu Debuchy (Lille), Anthony Reveillere (Olympique Lyon), Mapou Yanga Mbiwa (Montpellier).
    Midfielders: Yohan Cabaye (Newcastle United), Florent Malouda (Chelsea), Samir Nasri (Manchester City), Alou Diarra (Olympique Marseille), Yann Mvila (Stade Rennes), Yoann Gourcuff (Olympique Lyon), Marvin Martin (Sochaux), Blaise Matuidi (Paris St Germain).
    Forwards: Hatem Ben Arfa (Newcastle United), Karim Benzema (Real Madrid), Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich), Olivier Giroud (Montpellier), Jeremy Menez (Paris St Germain), Loic Remy (Olympique Marseille), Mathieu Valbuena (Olympique Marseille).

    Loving this team… Who said Mvila hasnt been called up?

  78. incesc

    i Know Adcock

    its just cos tim payton linked it.

    John cross is a liar its part of his job.

    but with robin and the other players you knew would leave, its the hope that fucks you.

  79. Goon in 60 Seconds


    that article is just a rehash of what has been written a million times before, expected better of you!!

  80. SUGA3

    ‘Robin, my dear boy, get me a bottle of wine from the cellar, would you?’

    *slams the door shut, turns the key and rubs his hands with glee*


  81. SUGA3

    yes, I am an Arsenal fan, can’t be bothered to explain for the umpteenth time what the difference between that and being an Arsene fan is…

    besides, come to think of it,it is good (if true) that RvP is playing hard ball with these planks to ensure that the team is sufficiently strong for the next season, if he succeeds, he will cement his legendary status…

  82. gnarleygeorge9

    Lets be honest here. Who is afraid of Man City? In an average season we dumped on them, & lost by a fluke goal @ Middle-Eastlands. Utd is dads army & the chavs are too. That just leaves Spuds 😆 😆 😆

  83. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Gnarley… I’m surprised at you! 😀

    That just leaves the Spuds!!! Watch them implode! No cash in the bag.. They only have a few million in loose change. They’ve been a selling club this year. The vultures will come a calling in July to cherry-pick their few good players…. And ‘Arry’s twitch will just get worse until the ref sends him to the stands for excessive twitching in the technical area! 😉

  84. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Oh and Liverpools new manager will spunk the 30m available on Chamakh and a stress therapist for the Liverpool Chief Finance Officer.. and plunge into mid-table obscurity..

    So let’s see.. that leaves Fulham, Norwich, QPR, Swansea… No competition there lad! Didn’t we knock the shit out of all of them this season! 😀