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Good morning Grovers. Today is a very important day in our summer. Robin Van Persie sits down with Ivan, Big Dick Law (perhaps we can't do football naming conventions for our directors) and his agent. Darren Dein will obviously be there... like a shark detects blood in the sea, Darren Dein can sniff out a massive pay day from 32,301 miles away. He'll be there, hiding in the bushes or the briefcase of Ivan Gazidis.

One thing that warms me about this meeting today is that Kees Vos also represents Thomas Vermaelen. He signed up to a new deal with us without any hassle. I guess the main difference there is firstly Thomas was coming back from a rotten injury and secondly, he's relatively young in comparison to Robin Van Persie. The way I see it is there are three options today...

1. Robin agrees that he'll not sign on this summer, instead taking a free transfer next summer

Pros: He'll get a monster pay deal next summer. The pros for us is that players in the last year of their deal tend to have better fitness records. Well, according to someone who told me that in the pub. Nigel Phillips from the AST  I think? Apparently they ran a study for this in America. If I could be arsed to dig it out, I promise you I would.

Cons: He's lost out on £4million this year if you think his value is £160k a week. £7.1mill if you think he's worth what Carlos Tevez is worth. If he takes a free next year, he'll have lost out on £14.2mill. Is he going to get that in a signing on fee? I doubt it. What about if he gets injured next year? He'll have lost out on the biggest pay deal of his career.

2. Robin agrees a massive deal with us and signs on for the next 4 years of his career.

Pros: He earns less than he's get at City but he'd go down as a legend of this club forever.

Cons: He might not win a trophy for his whole career. His talent surely merits a trophy.

3. Robin agrees an extension based on a few things. 1) We sign players that make us competitive 2) He's paid a staggered loyalty bonus that goes up every year 3) He can leave if we're not matching his ambition

Pros: He gets paid what he's worth. He can leave when he wants. He gives himself a great chance of winning a trophy if we match his ambition.

Cons: He might not get the mega pay deal he would at City. But if it's not all about money. That shouldn't be a problem.

The meeting takes place at 10:30 at his house. Let's see how persuasive Ivan and Richard are. I'm neither confident nor despondent about this situation. Robin's comments don't really fuss me...

 'You never know but Arsenal is a massive club. Whatever happens, I'll always love this club.'

He's hardly going to come out and say he'll definitely stay. He'd know Ivan would be round with his Tesco Value contract if he did... he's playing it cool. Anyway, enough on that... onto other news, which is obviously in abundance now the season is over!

Podolski has been making positive noises in the press. He's been talking about where he's going to play next season...

'In Cologne, I played as a centre forward and also as a playmaker'

'In the national team I play wide on the left. I honestly don't mind where I play, as long as it's in a forward position.'

Sounds like he doesn't really care too much for which side he plays. I think he'll play wide left. If he's playing centre forward next season, you'll know it's because we failed in our negotiations with Robin. If we do keep the Dutchman, it does leave us with quite a bit of competition in the wide areas. We'll have Ryo, Theo, Gervinho, Chamberlain and Podolski... I like competition. We certainly need it at the club after some very complacent end of season performances.

Finally, The Daily Mail reckon Junior Hoilett is attracting interest from Arsenal, Spurs and Bayern Munich. I'm not really sure you can ever take anything too serioulsy that paper publishes because they will publish anything to maintain their record of being the biggest online newspaper site in the world. However, I was told way back in January that he'd not taken a move to Spurs during the winter window to get one to Arsenal this summer. We'll see. Things change by the minute in the world of transfers, so you'd imagine those plans could be quite wildly different right now.

I suppose a lot depends on what Theo does with his contract. It's been another average season from the man who promised so much. He still doesn't have the pitch presence or consistency to merit anywhere near £100k a week. Still, you can't expect him to sign on for anything less than a payrise... the folly of Arsene and his monster contracts.

There's loads of web talk about the great tackle Gibbs made last minute against West Brom. It's a bit OTT to call it the £30mill tackle. Like West Brom are incredible finishers. The thing that makes me laugh about it all is that the reason he had to make a last ditch tackle like that was because he was out of position. Gallas made a career out of that! As did Kolo Toure come to think of it...

Anyway, let's just be pleased he made it and we finished third.

There are a lot of rumours going around about Vertonghen agreeing a deal with Arsenal then being shot down on personal terms. That's not what happened. We've not bid for him. His wage demands would not sit well in our dressing room apparently and we'll have known what they were before we went to the effort of sending a fax to Ajax. Surprising that a player of his calibre is considering Spurs when a club like United are looking for centre backs.

Finally, I've knocked together a poll for you. Enjoy.

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  1. doyin

    I Cant just possibly bear the thought of coming on here DAILY all summer and still not see any changes..It's going to be heart-breaking.
    IS wENGER really deluded or he's insane??...First of all..how can he buy a FINISH boy from league 1 for next to nothing to be your second choice right back on the basis of being an arsenal fan??

    The board are also as deluded as wenger is..what a group of cunts. Why have they refused to spend money and attract the best players in the world?..They have turned our great club(at least it was for a couple of years) purely into a business model which is not totally wrong but not at the detriment of winning trophies!!

    WENGER should not dream of renewing his contract or i will personally tell his wife of his fling with Abou Diaby (if she doesn't know already)

  2. gambon


    That sounds like Bullshit.

    He is an outstanding player, and as much as I hate this particular angle.....great for commercial reasons.

  3. gats

    Keyser you obtuse cunt. Your myopic vision knows no bounds.

    are you really trying to compares man tuds records agasint ours?? really? Yes so they lost the lead. Guess what you obtuse cunt, they are challenging for trophys year in year out, and so they lost a lead for the first time in how many years?? Ferguson will get them back to challenging again, unlike wenger whos happy for 4th, and is happy for bench warmers at arsenal to pick up 40-60k a week for doing fuuck all.

  4. fanboy

    sorry does anyone know if/how much we got for naming the stadium after emirates?
    And any news on rvp contract negotiations?

  5. Keyser

    gambon - It's not ridic at all.

    You of all people should realise that, I can understand the pride in your team, but this is pathetic now.

    The points side is misleading and you know it. If you don't then go look back on that 07-08 season.

  6. Gunner2301


    The striking thing about your list is that the majority are earning less than what the Arsenal first team are being paid. So you've also lowered the wage bill. Maybe you should email that list to Arsene and get him to make you chief scout.

  7. Mayank

    Also, if instead of 89 points Utd and City had tied on say 83 points(enough to win the title the previous year) Utd would've been chokers but since they did it on a points total that's enough to win the league most times, they're not.

  8. fanboy


    Hello everyone, been having trouble logging in all day so had to make do with a little bit of voyeurism.

    No offence to anyone but erm... Keyser, half the time I have no idea what point you are trying to make. I have to reread you posts sometimes trying to see how it relates to the discussion at hand.

    Anyways, does anyone have any info on the RVP saga? Did he have to set the dogs on the negotiators?

  9. Cesc Appeal

    A guy says 'Arsene Wenger' then straight after someone says 'Ferguson' so I dont get the point

  10. gambon


    So are you suggesting that any team that throws away a lead in the second half of the season has "choked"?

    What if you top the table after the first game, but dont win the league, have you "choked"?

  11. Trickygooner

    Abeeola 18.06,
    Spot on fella. Wenger out and the shit board out. IG is a joke.
    On the Pedders poll. Yids for cpl. Chavs for europa.
    Maybe I'm still dreaming of Afc to be the first from London.
    Ha ha. Dream on.

  12. Keyser

    gats - "Guess what you obtuse cunt, they are challenging for trophys year in year out,"

    The remnants of Cesc Appeal's last Prostate exam make more sense than you.

    Challenging ? Where's you ambtion STD will be over littering your pubes with microscopis mollusc soon.

  13. frenchie


    on twatter it is going around that klopp whispered in kagawa's ear: "shame wenger wasnt here watching." check @AlexFortyNine 's TL a few hours past.

  14. demon


    sturridge has so much potential, need i remind he was a menace against us at the bridge!

    hes in the last year of his contract we could snatch him for 10 million.

    but knowing wenger he will undoubtedly go for kalou.......mark my words!!!!!

  15. incesc

    i was just copying and pasting from twitter, dont shoot the messenger

    its why i started it with "wheres G star?"

    hopefully we are in the mix for him

  16. frenchie


    @AlexFortyNine twatted that klopp leaned into kagawa and whispered on tv "shame wenger wasnt watching" a few hours past on his tl

    the rumour gets bigger by the hour.

  17. Mayank


    Of course I'm not saying that. But it's not like this is about comparing two scenarios where one team had 10 to go and the other 3. Both had the finishing line in sight. Utd knew that they needed to go into the City match with a 4 point lead at least. With an 8 point lead they basically could afford to drop 4 points before CIty.

    Similarly we could afford to drop only 2 points before the Chelsea game.

    Neither managed the task at hand. Both had relatively 'easy' matches followed by a top of the table clash. Both fucked it up.

    To paint the picture any other way is petty.

  18. frenchie


    i think i need a new pc. fucking refresh doubled up that comment.

    at any rate, not shooting the messenger. i think there is smoke, but everyone as of now screams united is where the fire burns.

    wenger will find a way to ruin our chances.

  19. SDE

    heres the Kagawa clip isolated with subtitles, someone does say “ask Wenger” then they all laugh
    any German speakers to confirm this?

    I thought you said you can speak 6 languages?
    Oh were you b/s?

  20. SDE

    sdesturridge has so much potential, need i remind he was a menace against us at the bridge!hes in the last year of his contract we could snatch him for 10 million.but knowing wenger he will undoubtedly go for kalou…….mark my words!!!!!

    Maybe against us..But have you seen him over the course of the season..

    He's a selfish player...Really selfish...Shoots from anyone..
    I'd rather stay with walcott,than get sturridge..

    In the big games,he's dropped..'cos he can't be trusted..
    He shoots from the corner flag,from 40 yards,from about anyone on the pitch..It's all about him!!Horrible player...
    He think's he's better than he actually is..
    Trust me,he would be trouble!!& definitely not worth £10 million..Wouldn't buy him for £1 million..plus he wants £100k p/w....no..no..no!!

  21. Gunner2301

    I;ve checked the video again and at 17:55 somebody says what sounds like "Arsene Wenger was there", however I believe the accent is pretty flat and whoever it was could have said "Arsene Wenger wants him" (Arsene Wenger Wollt Er) which would sound similar to Arsene Wenger was there if said in a flat German accent.

  22. SDE


    I did not ask you anything...
    Think you must be imagining things mate!!

    & I know where you are going with this,trying to attract my attention!!Just to let you know...I'm here!!

  23. Leedsgunner

    I'm hoping against hope that you are right... I will hope RvP uses these negotiations to give AW's proverbials a few good twists (a la Vinnie Jones) and force his hand to bring in some class players as a condition of his signing on. As such, as someone has already said on here, if he's smart he won't sign on the dotted line until the other players have been brought in. Yes, I know it is no better than blackmail but I have to tell you that the "scales have fallen from eyes" this season and AW maybe the manager of our club -- but the only thing he is really good at managing these days is his ego and his bank balance.

    AW playbook.
    1. Play 4 - 3 - 3 regardless of your available personnel or the weakness of the opposition.

    2. Replace energetic attacking player with lethargic player (even when there are perfectly suitable attacking options on the bench like the Ox) on 67 minutes, not a minute less not a minute more.

    3. Collect paycheck, regardless of result on the pitch, league table, or cup runs. Trophy cabinet? Emptier the better. My reflection on the glass should be reward enough for the club. The bottom line is what really counts. I should know, I have economics degree.

    4. Ensure that every season has at least £20M profit that goes to the Board. Why? How dare you ask? You would not understand economics like me?! Under no circumstances should this money be re-invested in the squad by bringing world beaters, proven battle hardened talents who might actually win something. Where's the fun in that? After all, I develop superstars not buy them. Besides if I bought them, what would happen to poor waifs and strays like Denilson and Diaby? Who would look after their children? Oh, they don't have children? What about their girlfriends then? After all I too want to make poverty history.

    4. Fans. Who are they? Oh you mean those poor souls that live in their poxy little houses and cheer for us. Well, who cares about them? What do they know? I have 35 years coaching experience...

  24. demon


    sturridge is a better player than walcott will ever be.

    hes scored 13 goals and has 7 assits this season whilst rotating.

    walcott has 11 goals and 13 assists while playing 7 more matches than him. sturidges appearances are 12 starts and 16 as a substittute while walcott is an undeniable first teamer.

    at the end of the day walcott is there to score goals, we play a 433 meaning hes in between being a winger and a striker, the same as sturidge. strikers are selfish bastards are they not???? im sure th14 was a selfish bastard as is van persie so whats your point.

    again 10 million for sturridge is a steal! better than bloody gervinho

  25. Futsal-Futbol

    Looking forward to the possible changes to the team next season already however there is a possibility of things continuing how they have done the past 5-6 years. This year has been the worst as an Arsenal fan HOPE is all we have left.

    Lets Hope Robin signs
    Lets Hope we get M'villa

  26. Gunner2301


    The way he talks and looking at his actions I'm sure he's got multiple personality disorder. The two things just don't add up. How can he talk about being Invincible and put out trash like he has done? Baffling.

  27. Gunner2301

    Joppa that's true credit to him and the invincibles team. It's just the rest of it that sounds like insanity.

    So we could be after Kagawa. That would be a step in the right direction for the madman.


    Anything will be a step in the right direction. Personally if he came good and we were competitive it would be fantastic and fitting of a great manager. I don't want to see him remembered for the wrong reasons.

    If Pedro is right and he buys what's needed and looks to take the club forward then all well and good. I would be more than happy to hold my hands up and say well done.

    Thing is though he hasn't really shown any signs of doing that.

  29. Leedsgunner


    The credit he built up with the Invincibles team has long dried up with most people. Him molesting that historical trophy like it means something just proves what we already know. He was great once. Now he's just that trophy. A piece of history. To me that trophy is just more salt in the wound for the past 7 empty years.


  30. Gunner2301

    He;d have to have a Summer of a lifetime and bring in top quality to strengthen the weak areas and it would be enough to prevent me from protesting and give him till his contract expires. But I don't see that he has that in him. I'll be happy to be proven wrong.

  31. SDE


    Stats can be misleading..Yeah whilst sturridge's stats might seem remarkable to you..Honestly from my end..I've seen him play..& I don't like him...

    In fact I did used to like the guy,before this season..Thought he had potential & all that...
    But over the course of this season,I've drastically changed my mind...
    He's immature from a playing perspective...lacks game intelligence..
    He still has a lot of growing up to do...As in knowing when to pass to a team mate who is in a better position...

    As I said,sturridge will shoot from a frigging corner flag..
    from what I've seen..
    In short his game intelligence is no better than walcotts...His end product leaves a lot to be desired..

    & as for his stats..?As a stand alone..his stats might look impressive from the outset...Taken in context..means nothing..
    I'll give you an example...

    Peter Crouch's stats for England on paper looks impressive...world class...22 goals from 42 England Appearances

    Based on those stats alone you would be picking Crouch for every international game..

    Closer inspection@ the stats & his overall game at close hand paints an entirely different picture..

    Over half of his 22 goals came in friendlies..

    In fact 11 of his goals came in friendlies against france,hungary,greece,egypt..
    & the remainder of his goals against countries such as Trinidad & Tobago,Andorra,Estonia,Belarus..

    Now would you say that Crouch is world class after digging a little deeper?

    As I said before..even if you offered me £1 million for Sturridge with his stats..would not touch him,more so with his wage demands of £100k p/w..

    I'd rather stick with walcott,or take kalou..!!

  32. Gunner2301


    I agree you can't live on your past glories forever and he should have been able to build another team like that by now, but he couldn't be any further from that team of invincibles than he is right now and he doesn't even realise it that's the scary thing.

  33. LJB

    HA HA,those window lickers on ACLF have sent a petition to Arsenal calling for Stewart Robson to be removed from Arsenal player because his matchday commentary is "too negative" and he is critical of the tactics and the players. Honestly you couldn't make this shit up.What hope have we got when we've got fans who think Wenger is a genius and say they don't want the club to spend money. Next season we have got to stop talking and start protesting.Big statements need to be made that reach the States and embarass Kroenke;as long as he is the majority shareholder,Wenger will remain as manager.Next summer he will be offered a new 3 yr deal irrespective of how the season pans out;thats the reality of Arsenal in 2012. The glory days departed this part of town long ago.AFC RIP.

  34. SDE

    Guiseppe Rossi

    Wasn't he at Man Utd before..And fergie flogged him to villareal..

    Dunno showed glimpses sometime back..but have not seen enough of him lately to form an overall opinion..

  35. GUNNER786



  36. Leedsgunner


    If he doesn't realise it he is a simple a fool to be pitied.
    I think he does realise it, but he simply does not care. That's really scary.

    I love this club but we have to be honest and say that if Fulop hadn't been chanelling the spirit of Almunia on Sunday we would have been in fourth. That;'s the truth. We all know it. It's disgusting to see Wenger crowing about how his squad deserved 3rd after all they've put us through. A man with an ounce of conscience and humility would come and say we were not good enough. Wenger? Nahh, we are going to have a quiet summer because his squad, the squad that lost 8-2 at OT, lost 4-0 to AC Milan is close to the Invincibles. Deluded. This squad is not good enough to wipe the Invincibles' collective arse never mind --- emulate them.

  37. demon


    sturridge isnt crouch is he. crouchy is an incredible exception to the stat rule as is denilson.

    stats some times tell the truth, just go look at the stats when comparing ronaldo and messi.

    in 5 years time we will still be here and walcott wont have progressed and sturridge will be ripping up the league!!!

  38. SDE


    I'm just saying stats should be taken in context..
    And I wasn't comparing crouch to sturridge..

    I was just merely highlighting that when people stat me I'm not impressed by people simply using that as a stand-alone indicator to measure a player's ability..

    Anyway back to sturridge...I think sturridge is that kind of player that polarises fans..

    You either like him,or you don't..
    And I'm afraid I don't...

    I don't doubt that he will be ripping up the league in 5 years time..He certainly has the potential..

    But I think his level of development&maturity compared to say that of a TH14,a Torres, RVP,or a Drogba,will be a very late one...

    I think he has the same game intelligence as walcott..
    & walcott is regressing it seems after 200+games..

    Having potential is one thing,realising it is another...

    Rivaldo was a selfish player..probably one of the most selfish players I've ever seen..But he had end product,delivered consistently & at times did look to involve his teamates..
    Similarly Ronaldo is a selfish player..but brings many qualities to the table..& does it consistently..

    Sturridge is 1D& selfish beyond belief..Lacks game intelligence..In fact he was better last year than this year...

    Again I would rather stick with walcott,or take kalou!!

  39. zeus

    AA23May 15, 2012 22:28:05
    thats bollocks mate.
    Kagawa and his agent are in my front room getting involved in skyrim

    Thought that was funny, until I took an arrow to the knee.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Hummels would be an epic signing for us.

    But only after we got rid of Wenger and got a tactically astute manager in. Perhaps Hummels can bring Klopp over with him.

    I'd take five out of the BvB team, Kagawa, Gotze, Hummels, Lewandowski and Jurgen Klopp as manager. Just throw £70 Million at them then sit down!

  41. Cesc Appeal

    If there is a feeding frenzy on BvB Mats Hummels is a must and realistic buy for us! Him and a on form Vermaelen would be an excellent CB pairing

  42. Stu

    haha 70m? You think thats enough? United are rumoured to be after Kagawa, Hummels and Lewandowski for 60m. 10m extra for 2 of their best players and manager? Bundesliga is cheap but not that cheap

  43. Stu

    Vermaelen is on terrible form and has been injured for the last 2 years (not all of it obviously). Koscielny has probably outperformed him this season.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Stu we could throw Bendtner and Denilson int here as well, £70 Million Bendtner, Denilson and Djourou would be fair i feel??

    Not saying in a million years i see it happening but if i was in charge at Arsenal I'd give it a punt, worse they would say is no.

    Then go for them one at time, Gotze and Hummels priorities for us!

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Stu, i said Verm because Hummels is an out and out Vidic destroyer type, Verm's nice football could be a nice balance....but it'd be nice to finally have a defensive selection crisis ey???

  46. Stu

    Isnt Bendtners contract up? He has a choice of clubs (whoever bids for him) and theres no guarentee that the other 2 would agree to go whereever suits arsenal best either.

    Obviously ideally we would get hummels but with Verm, Koscielny and Mertesacker all wanting to start, splashing big on a CB doesnt make much sense.

    It doesnt matter who we buy for the back. With Wenger in charge it will always remain "high line, press the ball from the back and go forward whenever you like"

  47. BacaryisGod

    Group A

    Poland; Chezzer, Fabianski
    Russia: Arshavin
    Czech: Rosicky
    Greece: None

    Group B

    Netherlands: Van Persie
    Denmark: Bendtner
    Germany: Mertesacker, Podolski
    Portugal: None

    Group C
    Spain: None
    Italy: None
    Republic of Ireland: None
    Croatia: None

    Group D
    Ukraine: None
    Sweden: None
    France: Koscielny
    England: Walcott, Oxlade (maybe) Gibbs (longshot)

    Although Diaby and Sagna are injured it certainly puts to bed that we're too French-centric a team any more.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Oh man, Vertonghen looks set to join Spurs.

    So most fans on here agreed that Hazard, Vertonghen and M'Vila would be excellent business for most of the season.

    Hazard to Manchester City/United is basically fixed on.

    Vertonghen has been shown round White Hart Lane.

    Wenger has said we are not interested or pursuing M'Vila.

    So 2/3 are definietly gone with the third looking as likely as Wenger spending £20 Million or more on a player.

    What a disgrace that man, Kroenke, Gazidis and the board are

  49. AA23

    Vertonghen is pony
    Ajax fans couldn't give a fuck about him going. I'd swap him for that useless cunt Vermaelen but he's no Koscielny

  50. goonerboy


    No, No No (isn't that what you do when you disagree with someone)-Senna is too old at 35 what the hell is the point?
    Dont refer to Walcott having regressed as some kind of statement of fact- its your opinion only.

    About Walcott-hes just as quick, far stronger less injury prone evidenced by playing 46 times this season-8 more than last season, and his crossing has improved- 13 assists is not to be ignored as being irrelevant in addition to his 11 goals.-but he's a guy whose main attribute speed, needs a bit of space-it don't work for him when we play slow easy balls across the middle and allow a defensive team to pull everyone back- and have no one to pass the ball-he needs through balls. He may not be the world beater that he was once hyped up to be-but he's well worth the 9m we paid for him-and he is experienced but still only 23. Regressed? Not as much as our midfield has without Cesc and Nasri.
    No, but his confidence is frustratingly inconsistent at times with the result that he goes from being badly error prone to brilliance in an instant.
    Given you think Walcott has regressed-how much would you expect us to get for him in the market? 5m? No he would go for 4 times that.
    We have a shed load of genuine duds in this squad who we could do with losing-but Walcott ain't one of them.

  51. SUGA3

    just think about it:

    2 left footers, little and large in Vermaelen & Vertonghen

    2 right footers, little and large in Koscielny & Mertesacker

    talk about possibilities combinations wise!

  52. SDE


    Demon-I’m just saying stats should be taken in context..

    And I wasn’t comparing crouch to sturridge..I was just merely highlighting that when people stat me I’m not impressed by people simply using that as a stand-alone indicator to measure a player’s ability..

    Anyway back to sturridge…I think sturridge is that kind of player that polarises fans..You either like him,or you don’t..
    And I’m afraid I don’t…I don’t doubt that he will be ripping up the league in 5 years time..

    He certainly has the potential..But I think his level of development&maturity compared to say that of a TH14,a Torres, RVP,or a Drogba,will be a very late one…I think he has the same game intelligence as walcott..

    & walcott is regressing it seems after 200+games..

    Having potential is one thing,realising it is another…

    Rivaldo was a selfish player..probably one of the most selfish players I’ve ever seen..But he had end product,delivered consistently & at times did look to involve his teamates..

    Similarly Ronaldo is a selfish player..but brings many qualities to the table..& does it consistently..

    Sturridge is 1D& selfish beyond belief..Lacks game intelligence..In fact he was better last year than this year…

    Again I would rather stick with walcott,or take kalou!!


    Fair enough..Valid points..I don't disagree in your analysis about walcott..

    But I was asked by Demon given a choice b/w walcott & sturridge..?
    & I said I would choose walcott ...As you said it's all a matter of opinion..

    My post to Demon is above..

  53. gnarleygeorge9

    Who is this dick head called Na$ri? Is he the little fat kid that followed the camel train to Middle-Eastlands?

    Oh yeah I remember him now ;) Now I've forgotten him.

  54. fanboy

    May 15, 2012 23:54:15

    Group D
    Ukraine: None
    Sweden: None
    France: Koscielny
    England: Walcott, Oxlade (maybe)
    Gibbs (longshot)

    It seemed odd we only had one french representative and I tried to think of the rest. Sagna; bad timing for his injury, squidy; I burst into laughter, then diaby; I actually pissed myself laughing

  55. gats

    I dont know if anyones heard. But Wilshere is having another operation on his knee. Anyone that even thought Wilsheres problem was minor is living in cloud fairy land. Wilshere hasnt played for a year, is having another and needs more rehabilitation, so PEDRO so much for its just a foot problem hey, and its nothing seriuos. Are you living in clo fairy land? Wenger is relying on wilshere and Diaby to be TWO new signings for us next year, and you dont think this a problem?

    How anyone can say wilsheres injury are not a cause for concern at his age, and along with Diabys absolutely abysmal record, only bettered by micheal owens and we have to rely on them next year???

    Wenger has been covering up wilsheres injurys all season, this guy knows wilsheres injury has been major. His going to rely on somone tha wont have played any football for over a year, and another player that has played something like 50 games in 4 years.