Laurent exonerated | Wenger at it again: 2 Arsenal signings, Diaby is coming back…

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Happy Saturday everyone. It’s a bit of quiet day on the newsfeeds so not an awful lot to report on.

Key issues to deal with are that the back page headline in The Sun yesterday which said something like…

‘The moment we lost belief in the manager’

… From Laurent Koscielny. Well, it was kind of detached from the content of the interview. It almost felt like The Sun had written a irrelevant headline to shift more papers. Very naughty. Anyway, Arsenal went to the unusual lengths to publish the original Phillipe Auclair version on the homepage yesterday… which as it goes was a pretty stellar read. This bit was interesting.

‘Here at Arsenal, we’ve got one session per day, which lasts one hour and a half; and during this hour and a half, you don’t stop. Everything’s done so that you’re at your maximum, from the warm-up to the end of the session. So, at the beginning, it was tough for me, I could feel I was really stretching my engine… all the more so that, at Lorient, [manager] Christian Gourcuff tended not to call on me for the first two days of the week’

Just fuelling what I’ve told you for years about the way we train. We’re quite unique in the sense that we max out our players every session. Other clubs tend to do what Gourcuff did… tailor training around the players. That’s not Arsene’s way and that’s why we’ve tended to suffer with injuries. GPS seems to have helped calm that urge to blast players (or at least flag when they’re red zoning) and reduce some of those injuries, but I doubt it’s changed the way Wenger does things wholesale.

In other news, Arsene is up to his usual tricks again…

‘Our job will be focused on inside [matters] now we have Podolski. That means to get Jack Wilshere and Abou Diaby back in a healthy situation and then I believe we have quite a big squad. It will be [our intention] to trim a little bit and if possible add one or two players.’

Trim a little? Bring in one or two? Get Abou Diaby back to fitness?

Arsene, if that’s truly what you think needs to happen to turn us into a title winning team, you really are deluded. We’ve made 3rd this year because everyone else has messed up. The only thing we’ve had to smile about in the last 6 weeks was the City game which was dampened by losing dropping points either side of the game. We’ve spluttered over the finish line (if we make third that is), the players have been complacent and arrogant.. and the manager is saying we need minimal changes over the summer?

I just hope he’s saying those things to get a reaction from the players on Sunday. I mean, to be pulling the Diaby fitness card for the 5th season running is a sure sign you’re not learning your lessons.How many points exactly do we need to finish behind the winners of the league before he looks at the team and say…

‘Fu*k me, this is poor’

I mean 19 points off the lead is pretty bad. It’s the formula one equivalent of being lapped. That is not a two change issue. City will bolster this summer, United will do the same…  yet Arsene will be the only manager in the league who would consider going at it again with the same group of players who let us down this year? That really would be amazing. I’d challenge anyone on either side of the Wenger fence to condone a two player in summer.

Thierry Henry had a goal nicked off him by the dubious goals panel. That knocks him down to 228, a bit of a shame… perhaps we get him back again next season to avenge that Blackburn goal? Isn’t it amazing that the dubious goals panel are soooo busy it takes them until now to make a decision. What a joke. How long does it take to see who landed the goal? What, 12 minutes? Inefficiency at every level in football is painful to watch.

Team news for tomorrow looks slightly worrying. The keeper has messed up his shoulder so might be a doubt. This happened last year. We had to play Almunia. He had a disaster when he came out and shoved Squillaci in a horrendous error. Fabianski is not a good keeper. Him playing tomorrow would worry me. We also have no Sagna. Another big loss but at least the man coming in is pretty good. Coquelin can’t defend as well as Sagna but he’s better going forward. The rest of the team will look pretty standard. It’s all about which attitude turns up… hopefully they all know I have some bets on for 3rd place… and the good attitude shows up for the full 90 minutes.

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Time will tell. Enjoy your Saturday and the sun that goes with it! (Not the paper)

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah summer 2010 apparently if you believe the hearsay Cesc asked for the targets they were pursuing and when Wenger told him he handed in a transfer request.

    Xabi Alonso would have got Cesc to stay, I remember him begging for us to sign Xabi. And Reina.

    RVP did the same with Van Der Vaart when he went on the move from Madrid. And he went for £8 Million!! £4 Million less than we paid for Theo fucking-shitting Walcott!

    It’s amazing the players we’ve passed up because we have shit on massive salaries that Wenger has to justify and prove he was right.

  2. arsenal1886-2006

    Alex Ferguson big game tomorrow, title decider maybe, goes to Germany to scout future players.
    Asinine Wenger talks glowingly about the Europa league.

    Not too difficult to tell which one is the more ambitious manager.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    And then remember Cesc had an ‘injury plagued’ ‘attitude plagued’ 10-11 season before leaving well under value to Barcelona in Summer 2011. Yet another total cock up by Wenger and Gazidis.

    I remember vividly Stan getting majority control and the headlines being ‘Stan’s first priority is to get Fabregas to stay and he’s going to offer a whopping £130 000 a week basic.’

    Well he failed miserably in his first week of ‘ownership’ then…nice mirror for the following 10 months really!

  4. Cesc Appeal

    arsenal1886 he’s just laying the ground work for his overpaid babies in case they fuck up again. So he can say ‘its ok, Europa league is good enough’ when Ramsey is crying into his juice box in the changing room ‘but boss will my salary have to go down to £20k a week??’
    ‘Don’t be silly Aaron, in fact I think we can bump you up another 10!’
    ‘Oh Arsene, you’re the best!’

  5. Gunner2301

    I think Fabregas did get the money. From what I understand he was on about 100k then the captaincy adds another 20k plus he had a signing on fee spread over his gontract was probably on about 150k but it wasn’t about money in the end and it was either Wenger made us title challengers to keep him or he wanted to go back home to win something there.

    If RVP can win over Wenger he will have succeeded where Viera, Henry and Fabregas failed before him because they were all sold. It doesn’t bode well. Wenger will add a couple of average players and will signal for RVP to leave. Unless his wife can keep him here of course.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Gunner2301, to be honest i wouldn’t want him to stay if that’s the case. He’s an amazing footballer and a really nice bloke and deserves success. I say go to Man City or Barca or wherever and get it.
    The AKB’s will no doubt boo him as a traitor or a sell out but he goes with my blessing for one. Same as Cesc, and even Nasri. Why the hell should they stay here and rot in mediocrity?

  7. arsenal1886-2006

    Cesc Appeal.

    Fergie still has that fire and passion, he will be livid if they fail to win anything this season. I bet the players are crapping their pants just thinking about it.
    Meanwhile at Arsenal, Asinine no longer has it. The passion, the drive and the hunger for success has gone. This is down to his failure to emulate Fergie and his Babes, he desperately wanted to be Fergies equal. His ego and bitterness at his failure has eaten him up and spat out the good side. All that is left is a bitter and twisted shell of the man we all knew and adored.

  8. Gunner2301


    I agree i bear no malice toward them. It’s not always about money even though the Club would like everyone to think that’s what it’s about. They did well to carry on playing for as long as they did knowing that they were playing for a manager with no ambition and they were likely never to win anything under him. It must have been really difficult to keep motivated.

    Maybe that was part of the problem with some of the players. Like Koscielny said they lost belief. I still don’t think they’ve got it back because nothings changed really. They cannot look around them at other managers and believe Wenger has is sussed out.

    Its probably more the case that they are trapped and know he won’t be leaving under any circumstance so they either leave themselves or get on with the job, and that’s what it seems like with this team nothing more.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Gunner2301, agree totally. No way do they have their belief back. Arteta, RVP and other teams total fuck ups have been our saving grace.
    Perhaps thats why we keep these useless players like Ramsey, Djourou, Diaby, Squillaci, Almunia etc because they are all on massive wages and they know they have Wenger to thank. Any other manager would tell them that theyre shit and have no place at the club.

  10. Gunner2301

    Cesc exactly. They keep Wenger in his job praising him every two minutes. That’s probably why he keeps Djourou chief cheerleader. I wonder if he’ll keep him another 2 years so he gets his testimonial he deserves it all the interviews he gives.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    I pray to God by then we’ll have Usmanov in charge and someone like Klopp as manager Gunner2301. Otherwise its a bleak Americana future for AFC

  12. Gunner2301

    Something will happen it has to. There will be people in better positions than us to influence things who don’t agree with what Wenger is doing. We just have to wait and see.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    agreed, thats the worse part whatever we do its fruitless, no one is going to listen to us really. But Usmanov has serious power and has done this type of takeover a dozen times before. He’ll get it done…I hope

  14. Gun_1

    To be fair to Wenger, i don’t think there are many managers in the world that would have got us 3rd this season.

    I think it’s an amazing achievement considering the very average squad we have right now…which is partly his fault.

  15. Phil

    Wenger, the club , continually seek validation from the players statements about how great Wenger is.
    Either his ego is so fragile he needs propping up, or those people are reminding those of us who want Wenger out, that he is going nowhere

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Gun-1 there aren’t many managers in the world who would’ve gone into the season with the squad Wenger ‘assembled’

  17. Gunner2301

    He won’t answer because he can’t answer. With Wenger being the most powerful manager in World football, I’m intrigued to hear his response.

  18. incesc

    Cesc AppealMay 13, 2012 00:31:56
    Gun-1 there aren’t many managers in the world who would’ve gone into the season with the squad Wenger ‘assembled’

    haha as if

    99% of managers would kill to work with rvp

  19. incesc

    Gunner2301May 13, 2012 00:15:54
    Cesc exactly. They keep Wenger in his job praising him every two minutes. That’s probably why he keeps Djourou chief cheerleader.

    come on, lets keep le grove on the map

    saying djourou our 4th choice cb is out chief cheerleader makes you look like a retard.

  20. Gun_1

    No…they can afford to gamble on players with huge price tags.

    We can’t…we never have…ans we never probably will.

  21. Gunner2301


    So why can we pay 12 mill for Walcott and Chamberlain when we dont know if they will make it is that not a gamble and wouldn’t that money be more widely spent on a ready made player? If we’re not into gambling why gamble?

  22. Gunner2301

    Oh I missed the retard comment. So what would you describe someone as who spends most of his time on spouting off about OGL and how great his life is instead of learning the profession he’s being paid for. I suppose you’ll be contributing to his testimonial will you?

  23. incesc

    GUN 1

    wenger has not in anyway got the best out of rvp

    robin has been isolated and had no back up all season

    its testamant to how good the guy is that he has been arsenals only striker for a whole season.

    its mind blowing that we have had one forward all season, it wouldnt happen anywhere else

  24. Gun_1

    Because it’s not as big a risk. The youngsters are scouted and watched loads of times.

    Wenger has proven ability in improving players, especially young ones, so a profit iss almost guaranteed if we ever sell them on.

    And the amounts we paid are less than you suggest.

  25. Gun_1

    We don’t have one forward, we just have one that is in great form, whilst the others have been poor.

    We do need more striking options and that has been addressed.

  26. incesc


    so you think djourou doesnt train he justs does interviews on

    i didnt realise, what a cunt.

    does he bunk off training just to do these interviews on the official website?

    come on, aim you anger more sensibly

  27. Gunner2301


    Watched loads of times like Chamakh you mean or even as Silvestre was. I could go on. So your sole ambition in football is to watch your players come good and sell them on?

    Wenger has proven ability in improving young players? Which ones?

    Jack already had talent
    So did Cesc
    Cole was already established
    Walcott has barely improved in 6 years and 200 games
    Denilson needed 200 games for Wenger to discover he wasn’t good enough and it was fan power that got rid of him.
    Bendtner Yes Arsene gave him an ego but no talent to match. He wanted as far away from Wenger as possible so did Cesc in the end so desparate was he he paid his own fee to get out

    Who else do you have up your sleeve? How many came through our youth academy that wasn’t stolen from elsewhere. Oh you mean Jack Wilshire 1 in how long 16 years.

    I await your response.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    incesc what about the rest of our squad, Arsene should be licking Robin’s arse and calling it ice cream because he’s the only thing that had stopped Wenger being utterly humiliated this season because of his abysmal summer 2011.
    But im tired of arguing this, if you think he’s done well, or Gun 1 does, great. i don’t i think hes done and needs to be fired, and Kroenke needs to sell to Usmanov. Thats, my standpoint.

  29. incesc

    at the end of the day we are all arsenal fans

    we all want a new manager that goes without saying

    but there are positive sides to our club wenger is responsible for the good and the bad. He bought arteta and rvp and he managed ramsey badly and he has managed our shit defence and bought gervinho.

    if like gunner2301 you think arsenal are completely hopeless your in the wrong game.

  30. Gunner2301


    Dont bother with them. If they want to deny the truth about Arsene being a “great” developer of youth amounting to Jack Wilshire alone who is naturally talented anyway and would succeed in spite of Wenger then that’s up to them. The facts are the facts. Buying young players and throwing them in at the deep end isn’t developing youth. How can you claim to develop youth when you don’t use tactics FFS. What are they learning? Oh yeah “Just go out and play your game” great development there then.

  31. incesc

    comments like this:

    “Jack already had talent
    So did Cesc
    Cole was already established
    Walcott has barely improved in 6 years and 200 games”

    are insane

  32. Gun_1

    Whether they have great talent or not…Wenger will improve players of any age….the list is endless….from Tony Adams, Veiera, Henry, Cesc,RVP to your Hlebs and, Flaminis of this world.

    He improves nearly every player that works under him. Arshavin is the only exception i can think of.

  33. Gunner2301


    How can Arsenal be completely useless if they are currently 3rd? Wenger has no ambition, is tactically inept. He has mismanaged the finances massively. I know we could be doing better. There are players out there we should be looking at but we are not, why? Because we have a manager who is more concerned about the value of the Euro, What problems other clubs might be in financially and how the World economy is doing.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    in cesc, the one about walcott barely improving is totally on the money. Walcott is not a very good footballer, take away his pace and he’d be league 1 at best, no technical ability

  35. Gunner2301

    Really? So you’re saying that Jack is the player he is solely because of Wenger? Cesc also?

    Tell me at what age was Cesc playing in the first team?

  36. Gunner2301


    What you actually said was

    “Wenger has proven ability in improving players, especially young ones, so a profit iss almost guaranteed if we ever sell them on.”

    So I’m asking you about the “young ones” gave you the facts and all you can say is that I’m insane? What kind of argument is that? Going by my list he has failed more than he has succeeded. Not forgetting all those he gave contracts to but released when they reached 21.

    I’m still waiting for you to respond to your

    “profit iss almost guaranteed if we ever sell them on”

    So you believe the only purpose in bringing on young players is so we can sell them on for a profit. So you want us by that definition to be a selling club? A conveyor belt of talent for the bigger more ambitious clubs to come and pick from?

  37. Gun_1

    Adams was a much better footballer under Wenger than he ever was before.

    Even his physique changed from slightly overweight into a V shaped torso .

    By the end of his career he was a massive threat going forward, something he was hardly ever allowed to do before.

    Wenger improved Adams no end and its just a shame he had him so late in his career.

  38. Gunner2301


    “wenger hasnt mismaged our finances!”

    Are you on something? or should I more specifically say he has mismanaged the wage bill is that better?

  39. incesc


    solely because of wenger of course not

    did he make cesc a better player? of course he did

    he took him on as a 16 year old and put him in our team and made him the focus and helped create the player of a generation

    he didnt give him a team to make him excel ,and he failed cesc massively, but thats my point, you just hate wenger exclusively.

  40. Gun_1

    …and please feel free to point out where i called you insane?

    I think you are getting confused in the seething wreck you appear to be.

  41. Gunner2301


    Let the man speak for himself

    physiology and psychology was improved not tactics or training and George was better at that as much as it burns you to read Adams poo pooing Wenger as a coach. “But he’s a lovely man”

    I reckon the psychology part has fallen away as he stands there like the Emperor with no clothes because his teams are now mentally weak, lose concentration and don’t appear motivated. That”s what happens when you have a loser mentality your players soon follow suit.

  42. Gunner2301

    Ok sorry it was incesc who called me insane. Why for 1 am I not calm and for 2 do I appear as a seething wreck? I haven’t even used caps lock.

    I’m still waiting for the list of youth players that Arsene developed by the way. your comment not mine. You can add Gibbs to the list who can’t defend if you want. You can see he’s an Arsene player even though he was stolen that’s a starting place. You got anymore in 16 years?

  43. Gun_1

    Adams judgement on what makes a good football manager should not be taken too seriously for obvious reasons.

    No surprise to see Steve Bould in as No 2 and not Adams.

  44. incesc


    wenger invicibles, entirely created by him bar dennis

    or grahams best team. the double or the cup winners cup

    honest answer

    which team did you prefer?

  45. Gunner2301


    And you don’t think Arsene spited him because of what he said in the article? If Adams was kissing his arse like Djourou he’d be in the job now.

  46. Gunner2301


    I have my own theory and Adams statement supports what I think. So we don’t need to say anything more on that. Graham is the better coach. Deal with it.

  47. Gunner2301


    Adams judgement was good enough to be captain though, but he can’t recognise a good manager when he sees one or differentiate which is better even though he’s served under both? Really?

  48. Gun_1

    I can’t be clearer than this….

    He has improved nearly EVERY player he has worked with…regardless of age.

    I’m just saying that buying youngsters and improving them is just less of a gamble in the current economic climate.

    And don’t forget that there are many ex Arsenal players plying their trade at other clubs in the Premiership now. Just because they were not good enough for us does not mean they did not improve under Wenger’s guidance.

  49. Gunner2301


    I’ve just given you a list.

    Denilson I saw his first matches when he came here was playing Carling Cup playing in the Cesc role. He was a better player then than the player we sent out on loan. Shall we go on?

  50. incesc

    i guess my reasons for hating wenger are becuase he used to be awesome, and made teams out of power and pace with the best striker the premiership has ever seen.

    the guy we have now is a pale imitation of the old wenger.

    i loved graham, i loved adams and wrighty but what wenger did in his heyday smashed grahams team out of the water

    do you really honestly think graham was better? when wiltord scored the winner at old trafford? when pires chipped the villa keeper, when bergkamp did that turn vs newcastle?

    all that is a right off, wenger is just a cunt?

  51. Gunner2301


    You cited the invincibles team and even before that when he brought in players like Anelka, Petit, Viera why would he have quality players then but be happy to have average players now? He’s not stupid if we as lay people can see it surely he can’t miss it. The only reason would be if the emphasis had changed so before it was about winning and winning ruthlessly competing with your rivals now it’s not about that, it’s about the Clubs finances, selling flats and developing the Emirates into an entertainment venue. The football doesn’t really matter anymore and you can see that in the players he buys and the team he builds.

  52. Jon smilers

    Why are people hating wenger. Im a die hard man u fan but arsene wenger is arguably one of the greatest managers in football at present, probs behind fergie and couple others.
    With the resources available and the requirements of arsenals board to not just net spend small but actually make money in transfers over the last 15 years….and still challenge titles/keep pinnacle champions league football. Honestly i dont think fergie could have done that.
    look at the values he has bought these star players….anelka, viera, henry, fabregas and even van persie…….then look at what he sold them for. every team finds duds, but only the best managers find superstars in between. with arsenals board of financial soundness, he must sell. very few would manage what he has done!

  53. no handbrake

    Maybe to some a very controversial blog from myself. And I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of abuse. But I’m ready for what ever you may bring to my blog. I’m really not wanting an argument, I just want for maybe some of the guys that come on here to explain.

    Arsenal Football Club will never let me down and I’m proud to be a Gooner and a season ticket holder. But it seems on the other side of the fence there are fans who are not so proud. So why is that the case? Is it because of the lack of silverware or just the fact you cant stand the manager? Yesterday made me think to myself I really need to write this blog and ask questions. Yesterday I was called blind because I stay loyal to Arsene Wenger and cant see where he is destroying our club. Now for me, common ground can no longer be on a statement like that. We as Wenger supporters have to understand their points of view.

    Now am I a total nut job but here is some of the negative feedback from over the weekend. 1) Arsene Wenger has never been a great manager. 2) Bacary Sagna is a useless full back and Santos should play in his position. 3) Our team has one good player Robin Van Persie. 4) We don’t have even one good defender at this club. 5) It is Arsenal’s divine right to win all the time.

    So in my honest opinion and I’m trying to watch my mouth. How the hell can we have a serious talk on this site and meet common ground?! It cant be done. I’m so intrigued in what the modern day Arsenal fan really expects from this team. And please don’t come on here and say silverware. Arsenal have always won silver with or without Wenger. But most of all with the professor. I hear this constant abuse towards our players and manager about starvation on silver. Where are all the haters on the site going when we win a game? THEY ALL KNOW they don’t come on here when we seal a good victory. They can’t argue because its true. When we lose, the mindless attacks on me or players or Wenger supporters is not the Arsenal way. It never has been and in my eyes is a disgrace. They say they are not fickle, then how comes the abuse only with a loss. Also someone came on here at the weekend and said Arsenal will be 8th next season. They said we are a team going backwards. Well how comes we could be 3rd on Sunday after being twelve points behind one of the best Spurs teams in years. Nothing seems good enough for some people.

    But maybe I am wrong and should look at myself. Am I going mad and these haters are right in their views? But it seems to me we live in a world u fantasy, now in football. Sure to god Mary BLOODY Poppins will be signed up by Man City or Chelsea. Its all gone crazy in the sport and it is making some fans jealous. For me without question the modern day Arsenal fan expects too much. I will know I don’t get the vile abuse myself on these comments. And maybe I stand alone. But I’ll take whatever the hater wants to say on the chin. I respect a view and will accept that I could be wrong. But it seems at times a view towards a player or a great manager can be hard to swallow. It’s the way the view comes toward me or us.

    They say the club is going backwards. How? Podolski has signed, Van Persie was in the new kit and we have great young players like Oxlade and Jack ready to go. We have a good young keeper who seems to be having a proper chance of making it. It’s not just about the abuse to Wenger but Arsenal Football Club as a whole. Have any of you seen paper articles and other team’s websites of late. It for me is a huge eye opener. We are now being voted as the Premiership’s worst fans. We are being slaughtered by other fans on the way we treat our manager and players. It’s not me making this up Gooners, it’s a bloody fact. Its so embarrassing at times. Every away game I go to most fans admire what Wenger has done for this club. And most clubs would love to be in our position. Pep Guardiola and Alex Ferguson have both come to the defence of Arsenal football club and the manager. Even Gary Neville of all people supports the Arsenal way and targets the fan base loyalty. In my years of supporting this great club I have never seen such vile attacks towards our own. At times when I read the comments my stomach turns and I feel much anger. What is really going on with our fans today and their approach?

    As I said yesterday Arsenal have never let me down but I feel that fans, at times are letting the club down. I now have got to the stage where I laugh and slowly it seems to make me crazy mad. And like myself even when you go to the games week in week out they attack by saying, “Does that make u a better fan?” No it does not, but when you abuse the players in a way of disgrace and vile names, it then does. I know fans that have been going to see the Arsenal for years. They can’t believe the way our fans have become of late. And it only seems to have happened since our silverware stopped. They don’t take in to account that we have been in the top four on a regular basis and playing regular Champions League football. We are still one of the most feared clubs in the world today. No one likes to play Arsenal and in our so called rough period, we are still a feared team. Then hats off to Wenger.

    Saying we are going backwards is ludicrous in every sense. And when the fans that do appreciate Wenger make a stand, the hater becomes more vile toward a Arsenal brother. Yes recruitment is needed but we are not a million miles away like some say. Please look hard at my feedback from some fans. Read the comments about Sagna and others. How many people came on here and slated Laurent Koscielny and said “get him sold”? Lucky we never did because this season he has been outstanding. How many people came on here and said “sell Robin Van Persie”? Lucky again we did not listen to the impatient gooner. But again the classic line of a nasty view will come across. Someone came on here a while back and moaned about Robin van Persie. HOW THE FXXK CAN WE MOAN AT HIM?!

    In my opinion if some of the fans that come on here had their way, we wouldn’t have a football club anymore. But the most important thing I would like to get across to the people that disagree is – I don’t challenge other’s views and comments towards the tactics of the manager. I come on here to challenge the ridiculous and nasty comments like the list above. It now seems Arsenal fans are getting targeted by many now (and to be honest I thought this would happen). Yes there is a divide at Arsenal. But there is a section of so called followers that are making us look bad. I don’t lie, I sit at Arsenal home and Away. I don’t see any off these fans that come on here and make the jibes.

    I’m telling you every game Arsenal win I hear the voices of fans that are grateful singing THERES ONLY ONE ARSENE WENGER. But haters will come on here with their argument of nothing. Its more of an attack and if you don’t like it, get off. I’m not saying everything he does is great. At times I question the man. But people that come on here and say he is destroying our club, or Aaron Ramsey is shit, or Bacary Sagna cant defend, what kind of statement is that? How can you talk to a fan like that without getting angry at them? It’s nothing less than Malicious! Everyone has an opinion but some are just a joke.

    Paul Merson on Sky Sports was asked, “would it now be time for Wenger to walk?” (You Tube it) He replied, “that would just put Arsenal more in the shit”. Merson like some challenges Wenger and his ways. But when push comes to shove and he was asked, should Wenger leave, his reply was no. And the same goes to Ian Wright and many other people who know the game. So why cant our own fans support the manager and the players? Even Tomas Rosicky was ready for the scrap heap and now look at him. Not rubbish, not ok, not good, he’s a great player.

    So all I would like to say now to every fan that comes on here – Arsenal football club has never let me down. I love everything about this fantastic club and I admire our greatest ever manager. Wenger will leave and a new manager will come in one day. And lets see what will happen to this poor guy. But in life, it seems most people don’t care about the history of what you have done. It just seems that we throw them onto the rubbish pile if we cant win. Coming close is no longer enough, its just about winning everything. Most loyal Arsenal fans that come on here will understand my next comment. But I don’t expect the others will at all. And their view will be nasty. Arsenal football club is so much more than about winning. It might sound crazy to the one track minded gooner. But to me it’s a wonderful view. Arsenal football club are without a doubt one of the most consistent clubs in top flight football. Seven years is nothing in football. And when you play in the greatest league in the world and have a consistent team like we do. That tells me I support one of the greatest teams every to grace the planet.

    As fans we have had it all here. Great players and managers and a wonderful stadium. Maybe not for most off you on here. But truth is I feel spoilt in what I have seen since Wenger came to this club. Have Arsenal really let you down? Or can some of us take a long hard look and say we are now letting the club down? I have no comment on the board at Arsenal as I believe the problem lies very much there. But as a team and a manager we are knocking on the door and the abuse amazes me. Give me your view please guys. Please don’t be too aggressive towards me. But just explain to me how comments like the above can be used. And fans like me don’t or cant get angry with you. For a club in so called turmoil don’t some of you guys think being 3rd and using those comments is silly? I’m not happy being 3rd but we gave it a go. Arsenal give it a go every year. We all want to win. But look at what this club has had over the years. And read the comments of abuse hard. I’d be ashamed of myself to put myself in this category of Arsenal fans. Gooners thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Your view is always welcome. But please just answer my question. Explain to myself why the vulgar attacks only come across when we lose. ARSENAL FOOTBALL WILL NEVER LET ME DOWN.

    by John Collard
    This i took from justarsenal. Can anyone tell what is this fella on about? I think this is pure propaganda . If you go on to read Hitlers speeches they were quite similar i mean in context not literaly. Thats why there is so many akbs, thdy just got hooked on these statements.

    **Do you want to write about Arsenal? S

  54. Gnr 4 life

    Gents, when we post comments we need facts, it’s always wengers fault that we haven’t bought in big name players isn’t it.
    Name me 1 manager who could have kept a team playing CL football for 15 seasons, on the budget he’s given??? No one SAF himself would have no chance. Wenger doesn’t have 40 mill to spend on a player, yes financially we couldn’t be better, but it’s impossible to compete with city, chesea, man u when it comes to wages, 130k Cesc was on, Tevez 250k pw, Adebayor wants 150k from 5pud2 to stay, ain’t happening, Modric and Bale don’t get that, give the prof some credit for fk sakes, sometimes sticking with players isn’t as bad ad u think, Rvp would have been sold by any other club if he was constantly injured and under performing, who fkn happy he stayed now!! Yes we do need to get rid of some, 2 or 3 quality signings in mid and def we will be competing!!

  55. Swedish Gun

    no handbrake

    . 1) Arsene Wenger has never been a great manager. 2) Bacary Sagna is a useless full back and Santos should play in his position. 3) Our team has one good player Robin Van Persie. 4) We don’t have even one good defender at this club. 5) It is Arsenal’s divine right to win all the time.


    I dont think i have ever read any of your 5 statements here.

    I challenge you to copy and paste any of the above opinions.

  56. Gnr 4 life

    Swedish Gun, stay in Sweden if that’s where you’re from, you should support 1 of your locals, it’s your divine right!!
    Can you provide examples of your 5 ridiculous quotes then we can talk

  57. Gnr 4 life

    No Handbrake, thank god there are still supporters out there like yourself, 7 yrs is not a long time in football at all, considering how competitive the epl has become, half these pratts wouldn’t know where to get a ticket to a game, look at what we’ve done in 7 yrs instead of us being trophyless, we been competive, we,be played CL football every year, we’be beaten arguably the best team on the planet, let’s enjoy the years to come, get behind our boys, and stand up for your club, its in our blood!!!

  58. mjgooner

    No Handbrake

    Nobody says Arsenal has the divine right to silverware each season, even during Wenger’s 1st seven years we weren’t doing the treble every year but fans weren’t calling for his head.

    Why is that? Simple he made an effort to win every competition he was involved in, he didn’t have a squad that was full of mainly dross & young inexperienced “talents”, he never said injured players are like new signings, he never said 3rd is a trophy or his more recent statement professing his love for the Europa League.

    Well let me tell you what we expect? A manager that will use the resources at his disposal to challenge for every competition we are in, a team that gives its all to ensure victory. Did it ever occur to you that Wenger saying 4th is a trophy at the beginning of the season is enough motivation for his squad not to give the extra 5-10% required to get a result?

    Thats all we ask for, a team capable of challenging for the top prize not a team fighting ONLY to achieve 4th to ensure Champions League money. I dont think that is too much to ask of a club of our status.

  59. mjgooner

    No handbrake

    “For a club in so called turmoil don’t some of you guys think being 3rd and using those comments is silly? I’m not happy being 3rd but we gave it a go. Arsenal give it a go every year.”
    I disagree, we never gave it a go and we dont every year. At the beginning of this season, Wenger was satisfied with his squad before the 8-2 thumping by the Mancs………….that is not the attitude of a manager that wants a go at the league title, only one that is aiming for 4th will have Gibbs as his sole LB going into a season(knowing his injury record)

    I hope you can understand our grouse with the Boss, we need him to at least TRY

  60. mjgooner

    No Handbrake – Sorry mate, just finished reading you post and realized that you just “copied & pasted” someone else comment.

  61. Bade


    The problem with measuring Arsene, is you have to see the whole picture.

    He’s won us 3 titles and 4 FA cups in 16 years now.

    GG’s ratio much better.

    As for GG vs Arsene, let me tell you one thing.

    For me nothing beats that 89′ Anfield. Not even an invincible season. Or a famous double.

  62. Bade

    On the up side, today is the last day of the season

    Let’s win our last game in style, and put this miserable season out of it’s misery

  63. Jeff

    I think the single biggest factor that infuriates people with regard to Wenger is the constant lies or excuses. If Wenger was the sort of manager that gave the impression that football and trophies were number one priority we would all be a good deal more generous in our estimation of him but that simply isn’t the case and there is plenty of evidence (just read this forum every day) to back it up.

    So this is where we part company with AKBs because their priorities seem to lie elsewhere. They think loyalty to Wenger is above the loyalty to Arsenal and that really is the bottom line. It’s ludicrous.

  64. HP

    Our club is in turmoil

    We won’t get CL next year, no good player will join and this cycle of cheap buying will only continue

    We’ll be lucky if we finish top 6 next year

  65. SUGA3

    it is really funny how these most ardent AKBs feel the need to defend their idol to the last drop of blood, I guess fanatism knows no reason…

    yes, it will but be an achievement to get third with this squad, but let us not forget that we have not won a single game without Arteta, who was panic-bought after that dicking by Yoonited without even carrying out a medical, same with Yossi, who has been one of our better players this season!

  66. El Tel

    The person who wrote the long winded comment about loyalty said that all the fans home and away were right behind the Manager. Well I have been to all but three home games this season and although I have heard the fans getting noisier and behind e team I have also heard more booing than ever before.

    I am Arsenal through and Through and hate the Manc lovers who write on this site, they are imposters to me who really should go onto Manc loving sites to tell the world how wonderful their Manager is.

    Becuase they are winning titles and are better than us at the momnet doesnt mean I want to read cock sucking comments on them on an Arsenal forum.

    We should be doing our best to support our Club for better or for worse, we should tell it how we feel if not happy with any part of the Club but one thing that long post did get right was that this Club are hated by every other. Ecause we really are the best there is. We are the best football Club bar none and we should be happy about that. We are consistently playing in hte top league for decades, we have set new standards many times over and our history is very long.

    Of course Real Madrid and Barca , the Milan teams and Liverfool and Mancs have a European history which we envy but we could have had all this before them if it were not for the war. We were trailblazers before wartime and playing in Europe before these competitions were developed.

    I was one of those who beleive Bacary Sagna is over rated but then I compare him to our FBs of my era who never got beaten to the bye line so easily or were left in no mans land.

    I also criticise RVP, not because I think he is rubbish but the complete opposite. he has awesome technique and scoring ability but imo he doesnt work hard enough. I never see defenders worrying about him like I used to see with TH 14 ian Wright and DB10. These were great great players to where I expect Robin to be with a little more hard work.

    It is not always the defence which lets this team down and as Wengers first signing of the new season is a striker I think you can see he thinks the same. Our forwards are ok going for goals but next to useless when defending. Barcas success is that they defend from the strikers, they win the ball back asap. They dont stop up front when they have lost possession.

    In the big games where we have won this is exactly how we did it, we saw the forwards and midfield chasing down every ball and winning it back early. This is what we need today, if we defend from the front we will beat WBA. Thats taling nothing away from the Albion just fact. If we are lacklustre up front and they ball watch when we lose possession then we will struggle to beat anyone.

    The defence have to hold shape and the midfield have to support the FBs when they overlap. If TV5 can be disciplined and the forwards put in a shift then we have a great chance of winning.

    My tactic would be to ask the strikers to run ragged for 50 minutes then replace ALL of them with three fresh strikers, this would of course be hoping there are no injuries of course.

    Play two half matches with fresh legs up front and cause maximum damage.

    I really hope we can win as this is important for our pre season opportunities to buy the players we believe the Club have targeted.

    Come on you Reds.

  67. Gun_1

    It’s ok to have a pop at the AKBs…but what about the Anti Wenger brigade that predict every season that we will finish 6th, 10th or worse. The doom and gloom is unreal.

    And every season they are proved wrong…every season without fail.

  68. Gun_1

    We dine at the top table only because of Arsene Wenger.

    Spurs settle for the crumbs that fall…but we feast at the top table….year in year out.

  69. HP

    Like I said we are finishing below spurs and it will be the start of a power shift

    spurs will reinvest the money they get from CL to bring in good players

    we will use no CL as an excuse not to buy any players and continue to play ramsey and djourou

  70. Gun_1

    power shift…rofl

    It will never ever happen…unless the club start listening to ‘fans’ like you.

    Thankfully they don’t and never will.

    And bad luck again, but we will finish 3rd this season….however much that grates you.

  71. Phil

    Scrapping for third is not my definition of being at the top table.
    Challenging for the title is what it is all about. And we seem less likely each year now
    And it is ‘despite’, not ‘because of Wenger’

  72. HP

    Gun_1 May 13, 2012 10:13:07

    power shift…rofl

    It will never ever happen…unless the club start listening to ‘fans’ like you.

    Thankfully they don’t and never will.

    And bad luck again, but we will finish 3rd this season….however much that grates you.

    Just don’t cry when your lord wenger fails again today, oh wait he can never fail.

  73. SG Gooner

    In my opinion, I think it boils down to 3 reasons why there are some section of fans who are getting really angry and are calling for Wenger’s head.

    1) Arsenal goes for it every year. In the past 7 years, we’ve always been in the mix (to a certain extent), where at some point of the season we actually stand a chance at winning the league, or catching up to a position where we could be running to win it. This emotional roller coaster gets tiring after 7 years (when compared to just a string of losses and draws, with the occasional win). If the club was to be a mediocre mid table club, I do not think the Gooners would react with such emotions. (Look at Newcastle for example, all their fans are extremely proud of how well they’ve done, and thats because they’ve simply been underperforming in the last few years so their expectations were lower). So basically my point is that it hurts because we’re always in a position where we can expect for silverware, but have to deal with disappointment late on in the season.

    2) Growth of blogs and the internet – news is now spread almost ‘real time’ by the internet. I myself head over to blogs and news sites almost multiple times a day to check what the latest breaking news is. This ‘real time’ news allows us Gooners, to feel more connected to the club. However, this connectedness also leads to frustration as sometimes we as fans cannot see how a particular decision or comment can be useful to the current situation. We feel that because we spend hours a day, reading up on the Arsenal that we know as much as the Arsenal coaching team and board does about every aspect of the club. This leads to the attitude of today’s ‘I know better’ Gooners. (This is of my opinion as I also support a new local club in Singapore, whereby there is not much news available online, and when I do go to matches, there are SO many aspects of the team that I am not familiar with and so a lot of the time, I just trust the coach.)

    3. Thirdly, the rise of football managers, championship manager, or fifa, leads regular fans to believe that they have specialized knowledge of building and running a team. This I feel degrades what Wenger does because most of these fans would have played the simulations and win titles with the teams they build (I do not really know anyone who plays FM with the ultimate aim of finishing at least 8th every season. It is a game so I’m going with the assumption that ultimately, whatever club it is that you choose in the team, you would want the team to win the ultimate honors.). Therefore they have this inflated views on what can be done to win silverware. And once they have this idea on what Arsenal’s winning formula should be, and they notice that Wenger is not headed towards their preferred strategy, they take their frustrations to Anti-Wenger sites such as Le-Grove.

    This is what I think and I’m sure there is A LOT of incorrect assumptions written down here. But I really do believe that this must apply to at least some of the whiny Gooners.

  74. Jon smilers

    Why are people hating wenger. Im a die hard man u fan but arsene wenger is arguably one of the greatest managers in football at present, probs behind fergie and couple others.
    With the resources available and the requirements of arsenals board to not just net spend small but actually make money in transfers over the last 15 years….and still challenge titles/keep pinnacle champions league football. Honestly i dont think fergie could have done that.
    look at the values he has bought these star players….anelka, viera, henry, fabregas and even van persie…….then look at what he sold them for. every team finds duds, but only the best managers find superstars in between. with arsenals board of financial soundness, he must sell. very few would manage what he has done….and is still doing!

  75. olat

    Shame on this man he would never learn,same old useless and erratic players next season he would never win jack,until been relieved or sacked.

  76. Gnr4Life

    HP Still there champ, looking for ya, cant find ya anywhere, guess we’ll wait for your words of wisdom next season hey,
    On your bike son.

  77. Bazza Alexander

    Now we’re at the end of the season, I thought it might be time to pick the outstanding team from Arsenal’s squad. So here we go:


    Jenkinson Squillaci Mertesacker Djourou

    Diaby Denilson Arshavin

    Ju-Young Park Chamakh


    Watch out Man City!!!

  78. whatsmyname?

    Hilarious! I read this comments section from the start, all the Wenger-hating ‘fans’ were moaning and groaning until we finished 3rd then they shut up haha! Why can’t we just shut up, stick together and get behind the team?