Steve Bould confirmed by Arsenal | Kagawa for £7million? Really? | M’Vila denial…

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Happy Friday to you all! A quick post from me today because the b*sta*ds at work are taking advantage of me being in early…

First up. Steve Bould is our new assistant coach. Well I never…

Arsene Wenger is pleased to have nabbed his man and had this to say on the appointment.

“His qualities are that he has experience of the top-level game, he has managed here, he knows our football philosophy and therefore there will be a continuity,” he said.

“He has also chosen after his playing career to coach here at the Club and we always want to give an advantage to people who know how we work, how we want to coach.

“A very good coach is the most important thing, no matter where you played.”

Very promising stuff.

There was more though…

“He was one who always gave me his honest feelings, and when I made different decisions he was completely behind me. That is a privilege when you are in my position. I am convinced it will not be a complete separation. I am convinced until the last day of his life he will be at the Emirates.”

Am I sensing a bit of grooming for the big job going on here? That method worked with Liverpool for all those years. Why not Arsenal? I’m looking forward to seeing how a more modern approach to preparation will affect the side. I’m looking forward to seeing how a more motivated man affects the defence.

I mean really, this job is absolutely made for Bould to succeed in. It’s not like he’s taking over a steady ship. Pat Rice undoubtedly went stale in the last few years. Bould will be taking over a defence that has declined steadily over the last 7 years each season. I mean honestly, how can he not improve on a goals conceded tally of possibly plus 47? He basically has a blank slate to work with. I’m excited about this move and I think Arsene is as well.

On the player front, rumour has it that we’re looking at Kagawa for £7million. He’d be a snip at that price. He’s not the player I’ve heard we’re looking at, but he certainly feels far more realistic. He’s managed 35 games this year with 16 goals and 9 assists. He’s banging them in for fun. He’s technically gifted and I’m sure he’d suit our side and the pace of the Premier League. I’d be surprised if we were the only ones in for him at that price… we’ll see!

Wenger said he’s not talking to M’Vila at the moment and we’re not close to signings anyone. That might be true, but believe me, we’re active in the transfer market. I guess Wenger wants to ensure there are no mistakes at the weekend because players heads are fearing for their futures. He is interested in the Frenchman, whether we’ll get him is a totally different question though! I’m sure we’ll watch this one drag out over the summer in slow and painful fashion.

The West Brom game is our last game of the season, I’ll give you a preview tomorrow. Needless to say, I think we’re going to beat them. The sun is going to be out, the players will hopefully be motivated and we’ll take that third spot.

Have a great day!

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  1. kwik fit

    All right guy’s on monday we will have the end of season awards for you grovers and pessimists.
    Who thinks that Pedro has gone all mainstream?
    Who thinks’s we should demand our Pedro back?
    Who thinks that if this continues Geoff should take over?

  2. SDE

    Gunner 2301
    Great link. I floated this theory last year when the Mata deal fell through and it goes like this.Arsenal throw names out there in the media for players they want us to think they are pursuing and may have been scouting for some time, either for season ticket renewal or some other reason.They then enter into negotiations to perpetuate the charade often taking it to latter stages in negotiation never having the intention to conclude the deal. Prior to conclusion they do something to allow them to break the deal down. Last season there was the money for Mata for his 17mill buyout clause not being paid on time to conclude the deal that expired and when the price went up we still wanted to pay the 17mill thus scuppering the deal. At that point Chelsea stepped in and just paid the new price of 23mill.Alvarez was another one that they dillied and dallied with initially saying he was free then he cost 12mill then allowing Inter to step in before walking away. Now we hear the same thing happening with Vertonghen and possibly M’Vila.At first you think it’s incompetence but of late every transfer window has these stories eminating from them. It’s any wonder that any Club wants to deal with us at all. Last season we fuck over Lille in order to get Park for what reason I don’t know. It’s all making the Club look bad and damaging our reputation around the World.

    To be honest Gunner2301, I’ve long suspected this..
    I think it’s more for season ticket renewals..
    Either way,it’s bad form..Eventually some clubs will refuse to do business with arsenal.It leaves a sour taste in one’s month with certain club owners..

    More so,at some point wenger will get shafted in the market,by one unscrupulous owner tired of arsenal’s dubious ways..

    The fan’s will soon wake-up to the machinations of the club on the transfer market..

    I can bet you,this same crap will continue throughout the new season & we will be right back where we started..

    If it’s not apparent to some fans out there,it soon will be..
    What I can say with certainty is that Gazidis,Wenger&PHW hold the fans in contempt..

    When you have PHW,calling fans mindless idiots,for daring to question wenger’s continued role as a manager..
    & wenger saying he doesn’t listen to fans who have not spent 5 mins in the game..

    It really sums up their attitude to the paying customer..
    But,it’s ok,becauseone day it will all blow up in their faces..

    Remember the boy who cried wolf too many times…
    Once the fans turn,it will be hard to get them back..

    What’s the story behind wenger screwing Lille over Park?
    I’m in the dark about that one?Could you please elaborate.

  3. kwik fit


    To me it seems that all akb’s are what 15 to 20. Pretty naive and have never known Arsenal before the star trek god. I think that Sunday is a pivotal day. Not just St Tottering and all that but it’s deeper than that.
    Real non akb’s understand .

  4. goonerboy

    Wenger shows no signs of modifying his approach or system to changed circumstances. Whatever he brings to the club in terms of knowledge, player preparation and experience is now outweighed by his utter refusal to modify a failed playing style. We do not achieve a balance between defence and attack-and the players we have run out of steam every year because we never have proper squad replacements.-every fucking year.
    Finishing 5th is the most likely outcome on Sunday-in the light of our recent form and the form of our rivals.
    Every year we have this transfer pantomime- every year since Wenger arrived-No money for transfers is a familiar situation at Arsenal-and its no surprise given the large number out on loan who we can’t offload-or those who are complete duds like Almunia Park and Chamakh that we can’t give away. Its a shocking state of affairs-a legacy of failure-players who Wenger has brought or backed and who are simply not good enough.
    We need a complete break from this crap-we need a complete management/coaching overhaul..

  5. Jeff

    Every day, the utter futility of everything Wenger says and does draws us further into the gloom and the situation palpable to all but the most short-sighted of supporters and observers is revealed in glorious Technicolor for all to see if you dare to look.
    This coming season has all the signs of the previous 8 staring back at us. There will not be any radical changes. It is nothing more than a mirage, smoke and mirrors accompanied by a silver tongue spouting sweet nothings into our ear. After all, why fix what in their eyes isn’t broken. What right have we to crave the EPL or CL titles? All the clubs beneath us don’t. In fact most are happy just to stay up and fight another year.

    Once we lived in a manor with servants and footmen, then we moved into a mansion and over the years, as we downgraded slowly under the very noses of the thousands who pay the highest price to attend in hopeful servitude only to see a side that doesn’t mind losing, and by all accounts, is in full acceptance of it. We now find ourselves in a residential semi having squandered millions on countless underperforming, semiskilled and unmotivated players that nobody needs or wants. We have lain to waste so much, gained so little and are now having to endure the painful truth with each passing year as the degradation continues in a downward spiral.

    A quiet coup has taken place at Arsenal of which most fans are in blissfully ignorant. We seem to be edging towards a new paradigm in which trophies and titles play little or no role. The club’s success is measured by its monetary endeavours and the final bank balance. Players are mere investment stock to be bought low and sold high. As the portfolio grows we are forced to sell the best ones in order to service the losses incurred by the worst ones.

    The crazy wage structure is merely a business model. If you have a player whom you know to have little or no skill, you pay him high wages, play him week in week out in order to artificially raise his profile and value. Then you sit and wait until someone is stupid enough to offer you a silly price. It is a ploy, a conjuring trick for which only the most stupid will fall. Replacing a player worth 35m with another worth the same does not serve that model. That is why we never buy anyone higher than 10 or 15 million, tops.

    The new stadium was all part of the same drive to increase revenue with no intention of ever ploughing the money into players that could win you trophies. The idea of winning titles and trophies has been dead and buried at Arsenal for a while now and most people are too stupid or blind to see it. That is why Wenger carries on because he is following a plan of which his bosses not only approve but actively encourage.

    I can say with almost undulating certainty that this new paradigm will continue for sometime yet and it will not be overturned until not only Wenger but all the infestation is removed and the club is fully cleansed before a new team is able to move in and restore the meaning and purpose of what a great club Arsenal once was.

  6. OPG

    I see they’re lowering expectations already after last summer’s shambles I guess it’s better than giving false hope, although saying the transfer market is going to be quiet is wishful thinking even with a big international tournament coming up.

    After all even after last season’s collapse the spin was that 4th was still a big achievement he even bemoaned ‘we were close’ , if he thinks after this season there is little need to improve the squad then he is mad.
    Meanwhile Fergie has plans to compete with City next season..
    Diaby is like a new signing, super quality, it’s a quiet market etc don’t want to hear it, I can’t wait for the summer and Euro 2012.

  7. SUGA3

    ‘I agree completely that, defensively, we were poor against Norwich. Maybe we were focused too much on winning the game and forgot that to win the game you need to defend as well. But Norwich played well too.’

    fuck me, one would think that a man boasting decades in management, thousands of substitutions and all that shit should be able to instill the very basics of the game into the players’ minds?

    a man paid 7 large ones per annum?


    and by the way, I am really surprised by the way Pedro is shooting down the critics and pretending that everything is fine and that we are ‘progressing’ , when every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that it’s a load of bollocks, taking into the account that we would be slugging it out with Liverpool to finish in the top 10, if it was not for RvP who happened to stay fit the whole season for once!

    ‘For me both teams, Arsenal and Tottenham, have not been capable to do [the job completely] this season.’

    not sure where should I even begin with this, what an idiot…

  8. SUGA3

    while I am at it: the problem is that when the subordinates see that the head honcho is not accountable in any way, shape or form, it will naturally subconsciously stick in their minds and they will automatically start giving a fuck a little bit less…

    trouble is that the ‘little bit’ is easily worth something like 10 points per season or more and as such is the very difference between being the genuine contenders and also rans, like Sp*ds…


    The problem is “le senile” has been given free run for so long by the money men that he now believes that he is always right and no one should question himm. Hmm sound a bit like a guy in germany a few years back , can’t quite remember his name.

  10. SUGA3


    I drew the Hitler comparison on here more than once, the truth is that if it was not for Hitler being so self-obsessed and paranoid, we would probably all be speaking German!