Steve Bould is the new Arsenal assistant manager.

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I’ve had it on the superb authority that Steve Bould is our new assistant manager and Neil Banfield has been moved into a first team coaching role.

More tomorrow.

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  1. OPG

    Would they still defend like that if there was a experienced PL CB like Campbell 11 years ago?

    Not gonna happen with QPR City have won 17 drawn 1 at home QPR have lost 13 away this season, they’re fighting for their lives but no chance.
    Big game tonight between Blackburn and Wigan could make safety assured.

  2. SDE

    Kwik Fit

    Personally I want man city to win it..& to shove wenger’s statement back into his face…”that spending money is no guarantee of success”..

    I hope if man city win,some press reporter mentions wenger’s statement to his face & asks him if he still stands by that statement of his,with images of Man City lifting the EPL trophy in the background..

  3. SDE

    Not gonna happen with QPR City have won 17 drawn 1 at home QPR have lost 13 away this season, they’re fighting for their lives but no chance.
    Big game tonight between Blackburn and Wigan could make safety assured.

    I take stats with a pinch of a salt..Taken as a stand alone indicator..then it really distorts the picture..
    Taken in context..get a better picture..

    West Brom hadn’t won at liverpool for something like 45 years or something..
    Guess what happened..?West Brom won

    We hadn’t lost on a monday @ home to wigan ever -apparently..
    Guess what happened-we lost 2-1

    Yes QPR’s away form is atrocious,but Man City’s away form wasn’t that impressive either..But they somehow dug out a result yesterday@the barcodes..

    Anyway,what about if they draw &Man Utd win..Then man city are screwed..

    It’s not as clear cut,football brings up funny surprises..

    Wolves get relegated..The following week they waltz up to swansea 4-0 down,to tie the match 4-4..

    You just never know!!

  4. Jeff

    Yes absolutely. Ronnie is the man and he replaces Jimmy White as my old favourite who appeared in so many world finals and did not win any of them. Now, we have Ronnie who’s appeared in 4 and won all of them. Absolutely brilliant and he’s confirmed he’s probably not going to retire just yet. What a brilliant day.


    I cannot think of anyone else in the world of sport who is as naturally gifted as Ronnie. Could Woods, Djokovic or Taylor change to their opposite hands and win at world level? Of course not.

    Messi perhaps in his field is equivilently gifted but that is in a team sport.

  6. Gunner2301


    There was Higgins of course who could have done more in the sport had he had better control of his life. He was a legend and no doubt influenced many of the modern day players.

  7. Bade

    Ronnie is surely the most naturally gifted snooker player ever played the game

    I loved the game because of him

    It’s a pure joy to watch him play, living legend definitely, and he’s half a year younger than I ….

  8. Bade


    Higgins and Hendry both exceptional players, hard working players with precise shot, but in terms of magic, lightening up the table and the astute of the style, Ronnie is miles ahead

    I remember him making the quickest 147, about 5 minutes and something (sadly didn’t watch it live though), it was the perfect snooker frame ever been played


    Yep Gunner2301. I’ve always been a massive snooker fan. As a kid I wanted to be a pro, used to knock in maximums on my 6ft 3 table (107 max), but I could never get the experience on the full size tables.

    My fav player as a kid was Cliff Thorburn. They were happy days. Snooker though took a massive dip in the 90s when the personality went out of the game. Again you look at all the Chinese coming through and although v good they are not exactly appealing.

    Where would snooker in this country be without Ronnie?

    Most natural players:

    1. Ronnie
    2. Higgins
    3. White

    Best ever:

    1. Ronnie
    2. Hendry
    3. Davis
    4. Higgins
    5. Williams

  10. johnty

    Bould is a wenger yes man I have it on good authority. The under 18’s are defensively shocking. He won the 2009 double and had a better team the next season. We played ipswich in the fayc and all he could do before the game was talk up ipswich and how it would be an impossible job in beating them. We lost and he was to blame. Personally a I believe was a better defender than Adams but will add nothing to arsenal. Keown is a better option who tells wenger what he doesnt want to hear. The truth! Wenger out, Martinez in!

  11. Gunner2301


    I wouldn’t disagree with your list. I used to be a big snooker fan but it seemed the personality was going out of the game and after not watching for a few years there were so many players that I didn’t even know. Thorburn could wear players down though, great tactician. Remember big Bill Wirbunick think he’s dead now though. They were the only ones of note that came from Canada Oh almost forgot was it Kurt Stevens? He just seem to drop off the face of the earth.

  12. Zacharse

    Kieran Gibbs
    How can you hope to explain his presence inthe starting XI? How?????????
    The only thing i can think of is that he was born from the same interracial dolphin as theo and was part of the deal to buy him from some samoan fishermen

  13. kwik fit

    A fan ran onto the pitch at the Blackburn game and threw a season ticket at Steve Kean and this their final home game of the season.


    Kirk Stevens was a fav of mine too. He still plays on the senior tour but he suffered with a cocaine addiction.

    The thing is all these guys, Higgins, Davis, Taylor, White, Meo, Thorne etc etc made the game very popular but it meant it brought in a new breed of player who didn’t have same background. The new guys hadn’t spent most of their time in dingy snooker halls and didn’t really have a life story to tell. When they began to take over I stopped watching.

  15. kwik fit


    Higgins and White had other influences which stopped them being winners but they were the best natural players imo. Rocket’s up there with them mind.


    Bade: Alex Higgins was a one off genius of the game. Wild life style 72/82 world champion.

    Some great documentaries out there on him. The people’s champion.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Didn’t realise Hoilett was a free this summer. Should get stuck into that one. Decent player to come off the bench

  18. gats

    so basically we have another yes man to pander to wenger?

    Bould has been there long enough under wengers authoritarian leadership to know how things work, and what is expected, there will bo no change at all.

  19. Gunner2301


    I could go for Higgins in terms of natural talent. Even Ronnie seems tame compared to him, Ronnie wouldn’t try half the shit Higgins did in a match but Ronnie has the achievements to show with the skill. Difficult one.

  20. Gunner2301


    I read Higgins autobiography. Wild man indeed, he is the epitomy of self destruction and not fulfilling your potential but he was content with his lot but realised in later life that he could have done better. Outrageous talent and I’ll doubt we’ll see another like him.

  21. Jeff

    Gunner, yes Jimmy never did reach his full potential, only managing to win a handful of titles. But he was undoubtedly the fan’s favourite.

    Back to Arsenal now; here is a debate opener. Do we think that project youth is, for all intents and purposes, dead, although you would have trouble getting Wenger to admit it? The average age of the recent signings and the fact that we have won zero trophies in 8 years of “youth project”, means AW has done a U turn with his actions rather than words.

    The fact is there is nothing wrong with nurturing young talent, seeing them through the academy and then unleashing them on your opponents. But the problem is that there has been precious little in the way of real explosive talent to come out of “project youth”. I know that policy is very conducive to the “self sustaining model” but at in our case, once the big boys left or retired, we have won nothing and were left incapable of competing with the likes of Chelsea and now Man City who have both taken the brute force route of spending their way to success.

    So the question is, are we going to see a toning down of the youth project and more emphasis on mixing up your talent with established players as well as any up and coming ones? This must be the most sensible option.

    If the above does begin to slowly transpire, we might even start seeing a bit of backtracking in the silly wage structure. The only regret I have, if all this comes to pass in the seasons ahead is the 8 barren years that has caused nothing but grief and division among the fans and the fact that it need not have happened.

  22. SDE

    I tell you what this lancashire lot are just weird..
    One section of the fans are booing for the venkys out,@the other end of the ground they are booing for keane out..
    It’s a home game,a must win game,for rovers to avoid relegation..Surely they should be behind the team..

    And to think,we had problems at the emirates..

  23. gats

    there aint no naturally gifted. O sullivan probably played more frames when he was ten and probably spent hundreds more hours practicing than most of you will ever live. This guy has got his gift from his own hard dedication and work. he is not naturally gifted, if that was the case he would have won world titles without ever practicing, and just picking up a snooker cue the first time. sullivan hendry and davis have probably spent thousands and thousands of hours between them practicing and perfecting there game. Dont think because o sillivan dosnt give a fuuck some time, and that he plays fast has anything to do with talent its his own hard work, while he probably portrays that on the screen, he has probably worked harder than anyone in the background to get where is is.

  24. geekpie

    sorry to spoil the ronnie love in. but the man is a bit of a cock. always rabbiting on. he’s got a right gob on him and looks like a right sulky git. he may have “natural ability” but lets be honest he’s a twat.

    look no further than davis/hendry. exceptional professionals. something that “the rocket” will never be.

  25. SDE

    Cesc Appeal
    Didn’t realise Hoilett was a free this summer. Should get stuck into that one. Decent player to come off the bench

    Why would he come to us,if man utd,man city,cheslea..come knocking..More realistic chance of winning trophies with that lot,than with us..

    Location wise,he would not have to move far if the mancs come calling..

  26. Gunner2301

    Yeah Kirk Stevens

    Remember when Taylor first came up with the upside down glasses? How unique. His 85 Final with Davis I stayed up for. That was probably one of the most suspenseful snooker sessions I’ve ever seen.

  27. kwik fit


    ‘Ronnie wouldn’t try half the shit Higgins did in a match’

    That’s because when he was playing he was usually pissed.



    Gats, first you. I do not agree. It’s not just practice, genetics play a part as well. There has to be some natural aptitude as well. Practice alone will not do it. Now Ronnie is IMO miles more natural than any one else who has ever picked up a cue. There are things he does that no one else can. When he brings his best game no other player who has lived is on the same level as him.

    The thing he has done is this World Champs is control his emotions. With that in check his normal game is still far better than anyone else’s.

    geekpie: I agree he can come across as a bit of a twat sometimes but he allowed to be. When you are better at something than any other human being that has ever lived you can be arrogant – which I don’t necassarily think he is. You have to look at his upbringing/history.

  29. SDE

    On balance,the rovers are lacking confidence,desire,commitment & a sense of urgency..
    They are certainly not playing like a team that needs to win today,to avoid relegation..

    It’s as if they’ve resigned themselves to the fact that they are already down..

    The owners,are much too blame for rovers demise..
    Try too take the cheap option..selling their best players & replacing them with mediocre players..& suck money out of the club..

    Wenger&the BoD take note!!

  30. Gunner2301


    True, but he could still pull em off most of the time though.

    I remember one match though you could see he was totally pissed and it was affecting his game can’t remember which one it was but it was sad to see.

  31. Gunner2301


    Guess what. I had the opportunity to play 5 aside with Mickey T a few years back in Sheffield and we re-created the goal. Loooooooooool

  32. Alex James

    Couldn’t care less who is number 2. It’s the number 1 that’s the problem. Let’s rehearse the excuses he will deploy, once we lose to WBA or draw with them. Ref was bad, pitch was bumpy, opposition tackled, opposition shot at goal, concentration off etc! Before then, we shall be treated to the usual supposed pick you ups from some of the rubbish playing for us. “we know what we have to do” ” we are also hurting” Blah blah blah. Well team, if you believe this, then do something about it and batter Albion! Some hope!

  33. Gunner2301

    I think a lot of people were routing for Taylor because of the emergence of Davis who was the first of that breed who was like a machine and did nothing but practice 20 hours a day. It was like good versus evil. Never forget it though. I remember the first televised 147 by Steve Davis in 82 regardless of his style you have to respect him for what he achieved and how prolific he was.

  34. SDE

    Blackburn down then…confirmed..

    & the booing continues..for keane&the venkys..

    I wonder what happened to pedersen..he was all the rage a few seasons back..seems to have petered out..

  35. SDE

    kwik fit
    I think Snooker started to lose it’s popularity with the release of Snooker Loopy

    Wasn’t that a chas”n”dave song with the snooker fraternity..

  36. gambon

    Mvila played well against Montpellier, who have won Ligue 1.

    Over 100 touches, 86% pass completion, 4 tackles.

    Hope its true weve signed him.

  37. Gunner2301


    I would have had Pederson in the squad a few seasons ago. Maybe Blackburn going down is payback for the corner he took to himself earlier in the season???

  38. kwik fit

    Feel sorry for Steve Kean. The amount of shit he take’s every week and contonues to speak without vindictiveness unlike a certain you know who.

  39. OPG

    Wigan do it again but how tiring must it be going through it season after season? Why can’t they play like that earlier in the season?

  40. kwik fit


    He’s Ex chelsea but I haven’t seen anything about him to get excited.
    Scored a good goal last week against the geordies.

  41. Gunner2301

    You have to respect Kean. He always talks sense and holds his hands up in interviews and gives credit where it’s due. PL just a bit too much for him though, he’d be a great manager in the Championship. It doesn’t help losing players like Samba though, beginning of the end, he was massive for them. It’s going to be difficult for them to come back.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Apperently City are switching focus onto Belhanda for now, Hazard’s wage demands are putting them off!
    They must be astronomical!

  43. Marko

    Hope there’s truth in the M’Vila rumours cause buying a naturally gifted defensive midfielder would go a long way towards sorting out the defensive part of our game. Too many players going forward and a lack of dicipline seems to get us every season.

  44. SDE

    I liked di santos goal celebration last week..when they beat some team 4-0..oh yeah the barcodes

  45. gambon

    Di Santo (no s on the end) went to Chelsea at 17/18, didnt do too much and went on a few loans.

    Not a bad player buy doesnt score enough goals for a top team to be interested.

  46. SDE

    Funny thing is venkys said last year,that they aim to be in CL within 3 years,I think they meant the championship & they were ahead of schedule..
    As they achieved in 1 season not 3 seasons..HAHA


    OK, cheers. I thought he looked an interesting back up attacking option but prob not good enough for what we want.

    I am hoping that we go to a 4-4-2 type formation at WBA, Would like to see RVP get some support.

  48. SDE


    Yep fair point about keane..broad shoulders & all..
    But the venky’s left him out to dry..
    Used him as cannon fodder..
    Those venky’s are a spineless lot..
    Feel for rovers..kind of sad..

  49. Gunner2301


    unless tactics change we could well see M’vila charging up the field. if he has designs on playing further up the field Arsenal would be an ideal move for him as there is no demand to play your position. It would be a shame because he seems to be good at what he does, however without the discipline imposed on him at Rennes or the France team will he play the same way for us?

  50. Marko

    I tell ya it’ll be interesting to see where Lavezzi ends up this summer he’s been dropped the last couple games for Napoli and they’re unlikely to make champions league. I can see him and Cavani ending up in England. We should look at Lavezzi he’s super, fast and skillful.

  51. Gunner2301


    They’re a great crowd it was nice going to their stadium. Someones got to go down though. I agree Venkys hung him out to dry a lot of big talk from them but not much else.

  52. SDE


    The venky’s screwed the club up..pure&simple..
    Still don’t understand why wenger failed to make a smash ‘n’ grab for samba..probably wanted a freebie..

  53. Marko

    Nah Gunner it’s not tactics Song is box to box and capable of tackling and assisting and on the whole has had a good season he just needs to know when he should go forward and when he shouldn’t. M’Vila has like 4 goals in 100+ or something appearencesfor Rennes and when I’ve seen him play for France rearely goes forward it’s unnatural for him. He’s another Makelele

  54. Gunner2301

    Well that’s great that’s what we need I’d rather he was a replacement for Song though, he has given the ball away too much for the quality of midfield we need. The last thing I want to hear is that we’re not getting a CAM because Wenger has converted Song. I can see this on the cards.

  55. Gunner2301


    that crossed my mind, but is Cavani strong enough to play Drogbas role in the PL? An on form Torres can not sure about Cavani though. He’s a top player though.

  56. luke

    Cesc Appeal May 7, 2012 22:11:03

    Apperently City are switching focus onto Belhanda for now, Hazard’s wage demands are putting them off!
    They must be astronomical!

    Where did you hear this? Why would Man city go for belhanda when they can go for whoever they want?

  57. Goon from BD

    Gambon- Just saw the game. M’vila>>>> Class talent…..Arteta-Song rolled into one with quicker,more precise, and well weighted passing which he selects and times well. He is also much quicker,stronger and tackles really clean also has better sense of ball control……plays the game with a lot of calmness and maturity. We could get a seriously good player to make us better defending and attacking wise. We could play a 4-3-3 instead of 4-2-3-1 which I think would suit us better while making us much more solid in midfield and also have one more extra player to keep the ball higher up the pitch to attack.

    Do it Wenger

  58. Gunner2301

    Hazard must be going to Anzhi because I can’t see who else would pay his wages if City can’t afford to pay it. He’ll probably re-consider when he finds he doesn’t have any options to go anywhere else for the money he wants.

  59. SDE

    Nah Gunner it’s not tactics Song is box to box and capable of tackling and assisting and on the whole has had a good season he just needs to know when he should go forward and when he shouldn’t. M’Vila has like 4 goals in 100+ or something appearencesfor Rennes and when I’ve seen him play for France rearely goes forward it’s unnatural for him. He’s another Makelele..

    With wenger I think you will find it is lack of tactics..
    M’vila will incorporate bad habits under wenger..Fact..

    How many players in the current squad,actually hold their positions.Very few..
    As wenger actively encourages kamikaze attacking play,with no thought for discipline,or defensive..

    The fact that he neglects this key area is criminal..
    It’s a case of if you score 4,we will score 5..

    I feel the reason why wenger fails to address this issue,is more to do with the fact that this area is his achilles heel & hopes his all-out attacking displays will mask this flaw..

    So bringing in M’vila,hoping he can do a job& tighten up the holes without him being drilled/marshalled is a bit hopeful under wenger..

  60. Goon from BD

    Cavani is the real deal I think. He is physically stronger than Van Persie and very hard working. He would have a field day against EPL teams. Don’t want at an English club if it isn’t Arsenal. Hope Juve sign him if we can’t and keep RvP as I don’t want him in the EPL.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    either their huge or just too much for what he is, still an untested (really) potential superstar….City have morals….who knew

  62. Gunner2301


    We wouldn’t pay out for Cavani he’ll probably be around 30mill so only City/Chelsea would get a look in, but I’ll take your word on his capabilities I’ve seen him a few times and he looks prolific.

  63. luke

    Daily Mail, seriously? I think it is preposterous that Hazard’s wage demands are too much for Manchester city…common sense. They pay toure 200k a week. I cant see a young, french league player’s demands being too much for city. Besides, Belhanda is a completely different player than Hazard: much more of a CM/CAM then a winger. Why would Manchester City go for unproven players when they can go get anyone they want?

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Don’t know Luke have to wait and see. Hazard might be asking for £200 000 a week, for a 21 year old who’s done well at LOSC Lille. So, the Mansour guy clearly isn’t an idiot, his billions of pounds are testament to that.
    It could mean also I thought City are realising they’ve lost out to another team (Real Madrid/United/Barca/Chelsea…Spurs Lol) and have simply switched focus onto another player??

  65. luke

    you seriously think spurs will pay hazard more than city? Oh and just cuz you have a billion dollars that doesnt mean youre not an idiot…

  66. SDE

    No worries Gunner2301..
    I’m surprised so many people think a few signings & we are sorted..

    When they are deep fundamental issues at bay to contend with..

    We could sign messi & he can be banging in 6 goals..Great.
    But no use when we are leaking 7 goals at the back,with no defensive organisation,discipline,or tactics..

    For me the most important issue,is the replacement of Wenger& the BoD..,with Pepe& a new owner
    I trust with a pepe on board,quality signings will naturally follow..I mean who would not want to sign for pepe..

    Remember riccardo cavalho @chelsea..When mourinho joined real madrid & so much as glanced in cavalho’s direction..Without hessitation,cavalho slammed in a transfer request & was off in a flash..

    Why? ‘Cos he knows mourinho is a winner..His attention to detail is 2nd to none& he’ll have a higher probability of winning trophies..

    I would say,we should focus our energies on getting the right manager in.Quality players with ambition always follow quality managers with know-how..!

  67. Gunner2301


    Missed your earlier post about project youth. I think its exactly as you say it’s being quietly swept under the carpet and Wenger would never see it as a failure.

    If he could have achieved it by paying Youth wages then he would have gone down as a true great but to pay youth prospects two and
    three times what our contemporaries pay is counter productive.

    I’m all for youth but pay them according to their experience or lack of it and let them learn from experienced pros and challenge them for their place. If they are good enough then they become first choice and in that way the bar to achievement is always there.

    What Wenger was trying to do doesn’t belong in competitive sports, it breeds arrogance complacency and it shows in how the players have performed. Wenger should move into being a lifestyle guru not a football manager anymore.

  68. BacaryisGod

    The problem for Arsenal is one word-inconsistency.

    We’ve beaten the following top teams this season:

    Udinese (twice), Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan, Tottenham (5-2) and Man City

    We’ve lost to Blackburn, Olympiakos, Swansea and Wigan and drawn countless games we should have won.

    It’s clear we have the quality but not the discipline or consistency to truly compete for the title or cup trophies.

  69. Gunner2301


    Agree with your earlier Samba comment. We still need a CB like him. Maybe Wenger didn’t want him because everyone was saying we should buy him. I don’t understand the hots he had for Jagielka Distin was making him look good.

  70. Cesc Appeal

    Luke that was why there was a ‘…Spurs Lol’
    Erm, tbf most of the time having that amount of money in the cut throat Arab oil industry means you’re from a good background. Went to the best schools, best teacher blah blah besides the point.
    AA23, where did £400 000 come from??
    Like i say what’s more likely is that his head has been turned by someone else. Real could offer the same wages as City but its still a much more prestigious club.
    Who knows perhaps he’s not a complete douche and has gone somewhere he wants to go as opposed to where the $$$ is…..

  71. Cesc Appeal

    SDE i agree, even if we saw some cum in your pants window with Hazard, M’Vila, Vertonghen, Hummels etc coming in I’d still worry about them slowly rotting because Wenger doesn’t drill them. Doesn’t send them out with tactics etc
    He’s come to the end of his road I really wish he’d just step aside instead of creating a situation where people wish failure on the club and boycott it to get him and the wig out

  72. Cesc Appeal

    If this kind of spending is going to go ahead it will be after WBA when the club are sure of the £35 Million.
    Whats being touted about the paper is M’vila in.
    Vertonghen for Djourou
    Hoilett for Arshavin
    Dempsey for Bendtner/Denilson/Vela

    We need to be looking for better than Hoillet and Dempsey (rate him but…), though Hoilett on a free is great business

  73. chris_beef

    Stevie Bould, Stevie Bould,
    Stevie Stevie Bould,
    his got no hair,
    But we don’t care,
    Stevie Stevie Bould …

    Lets just hope he gives them a kick up the arse every now and then

  74. OPG

    Vertonghen? Not sure about that one he’s versatile but quite similar to the other CB’s I would prefer a PL CB although 2 decent ones already moved in Jan/Feb there are little to no options left.

    Dempsey is also a good player and proven goalscorer but he’s almost 30, not sure if he’s a ambitious signing though and might not get many games he’d be better off staying at Fulham or signing for someone like Liverpool, Newcastle or Spurs.
    Oh Heskey and Berbatov are available on a free!

  75. SUGA3

    just came back from the country of schmoke and pancake I have been told that Vertonghen is the one to make Ajax tick at the back and that we would be dumb not to sign him…

    and that came from a Feyenoord man too!

    people have their concerns about him being left footed, can’t see a problem with this, pairing PM with TV and LK with JV should do it fine!

  76. Jeff

    One of the worst things that we have suffered from in the past 8 years is the erosion of quality from the squad. When players get injured or are suspended, we must have a good alternative for the position. Right now almost none of the players on the bench fit this bill. We have been relying so heavily on our first team players and failed to rotate and rest them when necessary.

    If that changes, we could be serious contenders this year.

  77. Moray

    Jeff, this situation is exaccerbated by:

    – An unwillingness to move on players that don’t perform or suffer from long-term injuries
    – Reliance on the return of players with longstanding injuries (for instance, can we rely on Jack and Sagna for the start of next term?)
    – A proclivity towards injury in our squad

    Last season, we started the season with no real cover for Song, Sagna, VP10, Arteta…and LB osition was a clusterfuck.

  78. Jeff

    Not sure whether one forward type player (e.g. Podolski) will be enough to keep our striking options good enough if RVP has to take time off. People saw that Chamakh did a few good moves on Saturday but I don’t see him or Park as proper alternatives or additions to RVP; so one more world class striker is required. Midfield is in need of injection just so when we lose Arteta we don’t suffer like we have done because Ramsey is definitely not the answer.

    We probably need a couple of world class defenders at the back to cover Kos or Verm as Djourou or Jenkinson are not the answer. They should be 4th or 5th in the pegging order along with Ramsey and Walcott. These players should only get on as an absolute last resort.

    But I think on top of the list we absolutely need a good goal keeper with Czeczny as no. 2 and Fabianski as no 3. Sorry to say but Czeczny is till learning and however bad the defence has been, he has made significant howlers and let in far too many make me think he should be no. 2 which means we need a new no. 1.

  79. Cesc Appeal

    Geoff I like Afellay, I bet we can pick him up for a minimal fee as well, as bizarre as it sounds i bet he will be wanting to escape Barcelona

  80. Cesc Appeal

    I say that because I don’t like that Walcott is a nailed on starter game after game…for me he isn’t but for Arsene….I just don’t rate him. He’s slow of thought, his feet 9/10 are slow (when it comes to dribbling or taking it round his man) he cannot deliver at all, he has pace and can occasionally come up with a very nice finish.
    For me he’s an impact player to be brought off the bench on a 50 000-60 000 sort of salary. He is not and will never be a superstar. It’s the media that have convinced him of that not anything to do with being a prolific player.
    So we need more attacking options int he CAM/RW/LW mold for definite!

  81. Jeff

    Found this really telling interview on YouTube. It is saying exactly the same as we’ve been saying for such a long time. Judging from what they are talking about I believe this interview happened just before the first game with Tottenham. It’s interesting to look back sometimes and hear what people were saying knowing what has happened since.

  82. Cesc Appeal

    I wouldn’t mind Dempsey but as a squad buy, mose teams in our sort of ‘league’ if you like would see £8-10 Million Clint Dempsey as a squad player. Arsene wants a starter for that kind fo money. That is precisely the reason we never win anything.
    Yes a solid defence with great players that is coached well is the backbone of your team. Yes an excellent playmaker is important, a pacy tricky winger and a goal scorer.
    But if you want to look at a team’s credentials for a legaue title at the start of the season, look at their bench. If you had guys like Dempsey, Hoilett, Walcott (because we need to buy someone to replace him in the starting 11) on your bench, along with either Koscielny/Vermaelen dropping to the bench for the new CB and obviously whoever falls out of the middle to make room for M’Vila/Martinez then we immediately look a much stronger prospect.
    See if we can pick up someone like Shay Given as well for a few million to act as pressure to Schez and an experienced head in those ‘shut out’ games.
    We got an attacker, fingers crossed we’re on our way to our midfield enforcer, we need a solid CB still, and a couple of attackers (Belhanda/Hoillet/Dempsey/Afellay/Hazard(Lol)/Gotze(Lol) and then that experienced Friedel like GK.
    For me I’d get M’Vila, Vertonghen/Hummels(not likely but reminds me of Kompany and will be a huge player soon), Afellay, Belhanda, Given AND Dempsey.
    6 players in, Bendtner, Denilson, Vela, Almunia, Arshavin, Squillaci, Djourou more than covers it (squad place wise).
    Totally off the top of my head but I’d imagine it would end up costing us about £35 Million with the dross chipping away at the fees. That’s our Champo League money this year or our Fabregas money.
    That’d give you a great team and bench. We’d all prefer Hazard and Gotze instead of Afellay/Hoillet and Belhanda but we have to deal in Arsenalisms here. These are the likely type of bargain/young/steal buys.
    I’d also still throw my hat int here for Cristian Tello. I think that guy is going to be huge!

  83. Cesc Appeal

    Bergkamp 63 that John Cross guy that does the football columns said he’s lay his house on Vertonghen to Arsenal. Rating Spurs as having under a half chance of getting hims imply because Arsenal are ‘so far down the road into negotiations.’
    Remember when Spurs were ‘in talks’ with Hazard….lmao. Gotta remember Spurs are the media darlings, you’re seeing £30-40 Million players linked with Barcelona, Real, United, City….and Spurs everyday in the papers! It’s total rubbish.
    They might be trying to steal Vertonghen but they don’t have the pull.
    If they got him it will mean either we were never interested or Wenger cocked up big style!

  84. Gnr 4 life

    @ SDE why would Hoilett come to us you say, well let’s start here shall we, the same reason Ramsey chose us over united, cause Hoilett wont any game time at City, that’s what you want when your player isn’t it, develop, bench warming at city is a waste of talent, city are fav’s to land Hazard with there is no place, Chelsea wouldnt fit the bill either, new manager to come in, there be time spent developing youth, wilkshire next eng cap!!

  85. Gnr 4 life

    @ Cesc Appeal I,ve seen your posts of late , you dont have a positive thing to say about us/wenger my question to you is this, find us a manager who can keep us in the champs leag year in and out with a transfer budget like ours, get behind the boys, we won’t get the likes of hazard, Gotze etc fact but with 2 or 3 quality players proven, will make a huge difference, do u think SAF or Pep could match 15 consecutive seasons in theCL on our budget, so who exactly do you think should manage us!!! You call yourself a gooner, get behind the boys the bullshit the team and manager kop from our own supporters makes us weaker……fact

  86. Gnr 4 life

    @SDE remember when wenger joined he said if I come do does viera mmm with pires petit to follow finding Henry, Anelka, Bergkamp the list goes on, u understand that we don’t have the cash right, you say if Pepe came I think you mean Pep anyway ask yourself what kind of wages the likes of messi are on, fact is this gone are days like the invincibles where it was 1 club, Adams keown, wright etc would have died for us, support city if you want to get in a band wagon