Robin, please leave, you have my blessing, oh and take Wenger with you.

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So Pedro, who went yesterday is so distraught he asked me to do the post match report. He so stuck by Wenger, believed all his lies about strengthening and renewed, sucker.

Well there will be no match report, I am using this post to ask Wenger to sod right off and take Kroenke and his highly paid management team with him. 

Man City just got £150mil for a kit deal with Nike, what did we do? £50mil for 8 years with the same company, we are shite at sponsorship deals too aren’t we???

Anyone who still supports that mob isn’t really an Arsenal fan, they are Arsene fans, and that my friends is all a bit weird.

Ok Robin, I loved you from the minute you signed, and you showed you had fight early on when you got sent off against Southampton.

I must admit there were times when I said we should let you go, and given the years we didn’t have a spare decent striker, I stand by that.

This season however you have been the greatest striker we have had since Bergkamp, Wright and Henry.

You must has been fuming yesterday, you got the record, your are double player of the year, go now and fulfil your career, you won’t under the nutty professor.

My advice, go and find a club that’s ambitious, has a manager who wants to win and understands tactics and see out your career with a trophy or two, you deserve better than this hapless nut that runs our team and his delusional player selection. Good luck.

Arsene, you have no pride and no conscience, to take the money that we throw at you and produce nothing other than highly paid kids that no one else ever wants is nothing short of scandalous. Under you we would have won nothing for at least 8 seasons.

Thats Ok when you pay what Spurs do to watch a game, but when you pay what we do, it’s taking the mick. You should be ashamed of yourself. To have the wage bill this club does, to have the support that this club has and to win Jack shite is appalling and if you had a hair on your derriér then you would leave us and let us get someone in that will start winning trophies again.

Oh and try not to let the door hit your arse on the way out, not quite frankly that I care.

When you arrived and inherited the best back five the EPL had ever seen plus Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp and David Platt you got lucky, you spent money and for the first 7 years you were successful, then with the only ever unbeaten team in football you inexplicably broke them up and became obsessed with youth.

7 barren seasons later you still persist with conning the fans and spending bugger all, I would love to know how much you have trousered in that time, my guess is £50mil?

You should be ashamed, but you’re not, anymore than Peter Hill-Wood is, who once said ‘We don’t want your sort’ (or similar) to Stan Kroenke and then welcomed him with open arms. Then Kroenke dumped Dein and so did you, and that said it all about team Arsenal and its principals.

I’m a businessman so I understand buying shares and how to make money, but someone needs to tell me why Kroenke bought so many Arsenal shares, he doesn’t support Arsenal, most people I know think he’s a complete man of no consequence and the only way he’d make money is if he sold them to Usmanov.

At this moment in time all he seems to be doing is seriously pissing off the fans. So Stan, why are you bothering? There really are easier and quicker ways to make money.

Time to bring in Usmanov, not for his money, but for his ambition. I am backing him and a new manager. I almost got an interview with him, I may try that again.

We are now banking on a spud screw up and that won’t happen, failing that a Newcastle draw but that will only get us 4th, and then we have to hope that the chavs lose.

Too many intangibles Wenger, but if we don’t qualify, you’ll find an excuse and draw another fat salary next year.

There will be the muppet sites that will say we were refused two nailed on penalties, well so were they and they should have been 4-1 up before we equalised so we were lucky.

Wenger complained about the fact we didn’t get a penalty but said nothing about the one they should have had, then he said we weren’t switched on, weren’t switched on? With 2 game left and third place as stake? My goodness!

Song was his usual average self and even gave them an assist, Gervihno showed once again that you really haven’t got a clue in the transfer market, he isn’t even as good as Eboue, and he was crap, and as for Ramsey…

You said we were defensively poor, well that’s because we have a crap defence, we’ve lost more games and let in more goals than we ever have, but for reasons known only to yourself you can’t seem to address it.

You have a chance to bring in an assistant to challenge you, it seems however all you want is one to blow smoke up your arse, very healthy!

All you seem to be interested in is buying kids, buying average and selling our best players.

Well think about all the poor sods you have mugged off for the worlds most expensive season tickets whilst taking out a big fat salary for yourself and your very average highly paid team.

You won’t though, why? Because you have no pride and certainly no conscience.

Please do the right thing and leave, leave before you drag us down even further.

Before I’m asked if I could do a better job at running Arsenal than Gazidas and the board, you bet I could, if they worked for me they would have been out on their arses last season, completely hopeless the lot of them.

Finally for anyone out there that thinks I’m repeating myself, I am, but this time with knobs on, if you don’t like it, don’t comment, in fact stand in the corner with your hands on your head, just like the management of Arsenal Football Club should.

I’m sure we will qualify for Champions League but if we didn’t, Wenger would keep his job. Why?

Because this club rewards crap players with big salaries and a has  been manager with what he wants, go to our ground and its like a sycophantic shrine to Arsene Wenger, appalling, it’s time to change all that, its time for the fans to fight back, suggestions please.

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It’s time to get our Arsenal back. Enough is enough.

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  1. El Tel

    Laters Gnarley, I am offski too soon.


    Good chatting today Pal. I like Coyle but detest Bolton as they are Mancunsters play thing and that duck arsed prick Davies plays for them .

  2. SDE

    Cesc Appeal
    You’re probably right about coyle being a good number2..

    I reckon mcleish is finished in the premiership that’s for sure..He’ll be lucky to get a job in the championship..
    There’s only so much fergie can do to help him get a job in the prem..

  3. El Tel


    It changed a lot by then Mate. They built the boxes on top of the open clock end and turned the indoor pitch into a sports centre.

    I bet you loved being part of the Club back then.

    I started Stewarding in 1994 as I wanted to be part of the Club. I enjoyed working there back then but things have changed over the times and now I work as a Steward for the money and because I wouldnt be able to afford going to see the team with my two Sons.

    My Boys are in their twenties now and I have been to just an hanful of games with them.

    My Dad bless Him took His threenBoys and any friends to Highbury for years. We paid to go in the Schoolboys and He met us at a door inside the ground where we joined him on the NorthBank.

    Special days indeed.

  4. SDE

    El Tel
    Yeah likewise El Tel great talking with you…..
    Coyle comes across as a likeable guy?But does he cut it?hmm..Jury is still out for me on him..

    I take it,you detest all things northern..More so anything mancs,or Lancashire associated?

    How comes you’re not a fan of Davies..?

  5. SDE

    El Tel

    Yeah I enjoyed being a part of the club back then..There was a special affinity with the club..Now it reeks of capitalism on a massive scale..
    You would bump into the players & have a chat without the snobbery & crap nowadays..

    I feel no real special connection with the club,or the stadium now.The disconnection b/w club & fans is ever more apparent..

    I’m sure you have witnessed the change over the years..

    Which were your best years& under which manager?

  6. El Tel

    I hate Northerners for footballing reasons only. Check out the History of the game and you will see why I go on about Referees. The game is run from the North Mate. Most Refs are from Lancashire and they are still little Englanders at heart.

    The Chavs have had a better team than the Mancsum since Muareen was there but they have won the titles. They have friends all over the League and I can tell you nobody kicks them or plays to their strenghts against them.

    They call us Southern softies even though we feed them as the Capital is where most of this Countrys wealth is at and they spit in our faces.

    My real reason for wanting Wenger out is because He is French. Its not a racist thing but because most Englishman see the French as an enemy we have no chance with Him as our Manager.

    Funny thing is the fucking Jocks hate us more than we hate the French but everyone kissing that pisshead cunt Fergies arse.

    I do believe the the League is bent and has been for many many years as there is fuck all up North other than Football. Go on holiday and you will see most of them northern pricks wearing football shirts. How fucking little Britain is that.

    IMO they have won the last three titles on the strength of David Gill running the FA. He got elected in when they had won nothing for two years and our David Dein was ousted. George Graham got busted for fraud yet Fergie is the King of fraud and His whole family are in on the bungs.

    They get favours from everyone. Cantona kung Fu kicks a fan and gets a ban. Should have been a lifetime ban. Ferdinand gets a small ban for failing a drug test. Why did they not get investigated when He left the training facility. That is their responsibility to make sure He is there for testing.

    They knew He was a junkie and let Him slip away. The League let THEM off the hook. Why no points deduction?

    Their second top scorer last season or was it the one before was OGs followed I am guessing here by Pens.

    Rooney would be nowhere near RVPs goal tally if it were not for the Pens He has had. Wenger mentioned this by the way on Saturday without naming names.

    They are an average team who are even today still in with a shout of the League table. Citeh were over the Hill and far away until the Penalies were dished out for fun the oppositionplayers were sent off and they were hacking opponents to the floor in the area without a penalty being given.

    I do think we are better than them but we get fucked over by all and sundry for being a London team with a French Manager.

    I hate Kevin Davies because He is typical of English football a poor Mans Rooney. Elbows and arses shoving and pulling. Thats His game. They are failed Rugby players IMO and thats my reason for England to never get near a World Cup Final ever again.

    You have to fight to win a football match but its not a war. Referees abroad dont allow elbows and shoving and kicking an opponent. Therefore we must adapt as a Nation. We wont adapt as the Fans think we have the best League in the World and kicking an opponent is the best part for them.

    Talk again soon and I will try keeping it shorter.

    Gnight Mate

  7. El Tel

    I loved the GG era most but also enjoyed the 71 side as they were proper disciplined and very under rated. I loved Liam Brady as a player and a great Man He was too.

    Funny thing is we sold out the 71 team and sold probably our best player until DB10 came along in Liam.

    Liam also proved himself with Juve and at Sampdoria at a time when British based players usually failed.

    My greatest moment was 89 Anfield. I wasnt there but that was a very special game which can never be repeated.

    One of my favourite matches I attended was the SuperMac hat trick versus Newcastle. The Newcastle fans still idolise SuperMac today and they clapped him as if He was still with them.

    Charlie George in 71 was also a classic and the first match I ever saw on Colour TV.

    To many great memories to mention even great ones with Wenger.

    What about you Pal?

  8. SDE

    El Tel

    Interesting post..Never really thought about this North/South divide w.r.t. the refereeing thing..
    Certainly left me with food for thought..
    Hopefully chat later..

  9. SDE

    El Tel

    Watching us win the championship at anfield..

    Alan smith scoring the winning goal against parma in 1994 to win the UEFA cup winners cup..

  10. mjgooner

    Guys, its Official on that the “shit” kit is our kit for next season……………….

  11. SalparadiseNYC

    I beg to differ on the “shit” kit; it’s kind of badass.
    I see winners in that kit.

  12. Byo

    @El Tel/SDE
    So it’s a crime to be a yank now? Remember, the yanks saved you from the Germans way back when.
    You know my comments are always true. All they ever ask is for your kind to put everything in life in proper perspective. Is that too much to suggest without getting cussed out?

  13. AA23

    You cunts didn’t even get involved in WWII, until 1942 and the only reason you cowards stepped up then is because the Japs smashed pearl harbour to bits.
    you were keeping well out of it until then.
    Check your history you yank Fuckhead

  14. zeus

    The sleeves should be white. It’s almost sancrosanct for me.

    That said, I thought it was black like a manc scum kit, but it’s blue so much better than I initially thought.

    They link the blue to the Herbert chapman years, but whatever. I may buy it.

  15. zeus


    It wasn’t fear. It’s well documented that the states was supplying both sides with all sort of artillery.

    It’s no wonder while everyone else’s economy was going to hell, America’s was doing well.

    Capitalism at its best. No involvement till our interests are at stake. That’s always been the American mantra.

  16. AA23

    and for the record, we used Americans as cannon fodder to get the real soldiers and genuine allies (Polish, Australians, Dutch, Canadians, Russians)onto the mainland.
    saved us from the Germans?
    you were busy sucking Hitlers cock for the real scary years of the War.

  17. mjgooner

    Season Club Finish
    2003-04 Ajax 1st – Eredivisie
    2004-05 Juventus 1st – Serie A
    2005-06 Juventus 1st – Serie A
    2006-07 Inter 1st – Serie A
    2007-08 Inter 1st – Serie A
    2008-09 Inter 1st – Serie A
    2009-10 Barcelona 1st – La Liga
    2010-11 Milan 1st – Serie A

    Thats Ibrahimovic’s LEAGUE trophy haul in the last 8 years……….while our trophy cabinet has been empty. SMH

  18. Stephen Pearce

    I agree with everything you say. The deffense is a disgrace that WEnger simply can not fix…its not in his dna. We all know that no amount of European technical central defenders are going cope with the Crouch, Hoult, Zilic, Zamora type. Facts are we have lost to Fulham, QPR, Swansea, Blackburn, Wigan and conceeded 8 at ManU this season…how is this progress????? Stan mind you is happy enough, we have made him another season of profits richer!

  19. zeus


    He had little to do with barca’s win.

    Not sure what ur trying to say with the stat exactly, seems little or no correlation, but in the end we’ve failed to win shit which I think is ur point.

  20. El Tel


    More like bye O. I never said anything about Yanks. Please show me a comment anywhere that I have.

    I am a frequent visitor to the USA and always enjoy visiting there.

    Fucking apologise or just fuck off.

    Also you prick why bring the war into it?

    SDE got it right about you I see. I tried to support your view but you accuse Me of slagging off Yanks.

    Wanting Kronke out isnt slagging off Yanks Pal, and my reference to the BOD is more about ridding our Club of the Hillwoods than Kroenke.

    How can I slag Kroenke when I know nothingmabout Him.

    Maybe thats the problem all Arsenal fans have. We know nothing about our owner.

  21. El Tel

    Off to sleep now Gnarley. Hope you are ok Mate. I bet you still have decent weather.

    Its pony over here Mate.

    Lets hope we see some sun for at least a couple of weeks.

  22. mjgooner


    Re – the Ibrahimovic stats, just think of RVP.

    RVP has been with us for 8 trophyless seasons and Ibra has won a league title every year for the same amount of time, (even if he had little to do with the wins according to you)……….

    If you were RVP, with your talent & current form, wouldnt you rather be in a team where you would win something (even if you had little to do with the wins)

    I am just pointing out how frustrating it must be for our top players (past & present) seeing their careers go down the toilet with nothing to show for it and ZERO chance of winning anything in the near future. That’s why I would never begrudge Nasri or Cesc, to me they did the right thing for their respective careers and RVP should STRONGLY consider the same (if he hasnt already)

  23. Geoff

    Well the new kit is not as bad as I feared, the shorts and socks are Ok but blue collars, fuck me, it looks like they spent 10 minutes designing that.

    Time to renegotiate with Puma, they do nice stuff, I buy a lot of Puma golf gear.

    And before anyone says anything about Spurs, I had a pair of Puma King Pele boots when I was a kid, and Puma Shilton’s when I was an adult, long before they did spud shirts.

  24. Geoff

    Our defence is rubbish, sign Vertonghen. We need a midfielder that can put his foot on the ball so we need to find a Cesc replacement. Maybe M’Vila and push Jack forward but sell Song and bring in some money.

    We need a winger to open up defences, Gervinho isn’t it, Hazard is, buy him.

    We need a new forward to share the burden up front, our scouts aren’t good enough to unearth a Cisse so go for one out there that can score goals.

    Who I don’t know but trawling the French league for bargains isn’t the answer, look at Chamakh and park, disasters, maybe give Afobe a crack.

    We need someone though.

  25. Pollux

    This year kit is one of the best but football wise, among one of the worse. It will be interesting to read Wenger pre-match comments. I would love to hear what shite he has to say.

  26. Pollux

    Wenger has already hinted big time when he discussed about Vertonghen and said “….BUT he is a center back defender” With that statement, I am dead sure he is not eyeing for reinforcement in defence. Certainly believed he might promote that CB guy who we loaned out to Ranger and Miguel as backup to replace the useless Squllaci. Dont think he will give up easily on Gibbs and Jenkinson.

    As for Midfield, dead sure he wont move Song unless Song wants out.
    Likely drosses to be moved would be AA23, Samba Den. We definitely have room for 1 more midfield slot. I pray we get in fighter M Vila.

    Upfront, Morrocan dickhead wont be moved. Pretty sure about that as no one can afford his wage. Park will move as he wants out and Bendtler will be moved. We should have space for 1-2 new strikers which I reckon will be filled by Afobe and JC.

    This season has not ended but if im going to make a prediction for next season, it will be again 3rd-6th position in EPL

  27. Chris

    Your Comment Here

    Thanks for your great post Geoff. I so wish I had written that piece as it covers almost all my feelings about our current situation….. on and off the park!

    Good for you detailing it all for all the other supporters like me who are sick and tired of the lies, the excuses and all the smoke and mirrors.

    I first started going to Highbury in 1948 and we were already a great Club! Before Wenger was even born and allowed to run it as his personal plaything. In those days, too, we were the most respected Club in Britain. In those days Kroenke & Co wouldn’t have been allowed near the place!!

    I don’t know how things were ever allowed to reach this current state but I do know that things will never change until “we” make “them” change. Arsenal FC belongs to us all – it isn’t theirs!

  28. Geoff

    Chris glad to have you on board, a supporter like you feels the same pain as I do, it’s a shame some of these ‘Arsene’ fans don’t feel the same way about our great club.

  29. Doublegooner

    Morning Grovers:

    I dont feel elated after yesterday’s results. It’s going to be a very long week, culminating in an IBS atmosphere next sunday.

    I was given info last night that really does suggest our clubs biggest problem is Kronke.

    Also seems there really is a major power struggle going on.

    I’ll be at West Brom next week.

    Is there time to spread the word to the travelling fans to make it known ..


  30. gooner-pak

    good post geoff read today.
    was to depressed yesterday to further boil my blood on this incompetent management.
    and apart from chip thing song is absolutely waste of space

  31. Rob The Goon

    what a f**king post Geoff

    I’ve become so disconnected with this Arsenal team this year. Im finding it difficult to lift myself for a game because it always seems to end with disappointment.

    I waste too much time and energy on a team who quite frankly don’t give a shit. I mean why would you give a shit when you’re earning 60k + per week.

    People may be thinking why am I complaining, spurs drew. It’s not about that,

    why do we always rely on other teams to get a result!

    This arsenal team want other people to control their destiny, you saw that in the carling cup final and were seeing it now.

    Bottom line, This team can not handle pressure, as soon as the pressure is off watch this team perform like Barcelona.

    Arsene it’s time for you to leave…NOW!

  32. SQ17

    I dont care anymore if we finish 3rd 4th 5th…
    I will always remember this season as the worst start under Wanka’
    Worst team.. Losing 8-2 to the scum 4-0 to the italian scum
    Pretty please Wanka’ Jog On And Take The British Denilson With you

  33. SQ17

    Can’t believe that site untold
    Those sheep will always make Referee Review Article after we lose or draw
    Pretty much sums up the Arsene FC supporter and it’s prophet

  34. SQ17

    Sad to even say it but Robin do deserve better than this

    Fat Nasri And Clichy will win title :(

    Robin you deserve better
    I’m a fan of yours even through out your injuries :(

  35. passionandpride

    well, i cannot afford to get counted among the AKBs …….

    Wenger OUT, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Chris

    Your Comment Here

    Thanks Geoff….and Rob the Goon is on the money, too. Maybe we’ve got a crap Owner, a crap CEO, a crap Manager and far too many crap players BUT is it really too much to ask them all to try? If so, fire ’em. If not then you motivate them Wenger – that’s what you get your obscene salary for!

    Or have I, like you, completely lost the plot?

    CL next year or not this season was actually crap, too.
    So, just don’t try to con us come August with “Almunia, Squillaci, Denilson, Bendtner,, Arsharvin are, in effect, all new signings – you’ve been to that well far too often already!