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Good morning Grovers! I hope you’re well this fine Friday morning. I spent the evening at the FWA Dinner… and had the pleasure of listening to Robin do us all proud with a fine speech after his award. Such a shame I can barely remember any of it, but the jist of it for me was this…

‘I’ll always be a Gunner’

He seems to be the first Arsenal player for years who has listened to players of old when they say there is no other club like us. He said Bobby Pires says even now he feels like a Gunner. That is something special from a French guy with no affiliation to Arsenal from youth. He didn’t sound like a man on the way out. He was hugely complimentary of his team mates and he was massively proud to be listed among players like Adams, Theirry and Vieira with the captains armband.

There was a very touching moment when Fabrice Muamba stood up to a standing ovation. Robin got out of his seat and gave him a big man hug. He also paid tribute to his strength of character in the chat after. All very nice. I can’t tell you how well Robin came across. The whole room said the same.

He also said the Everton goal was his favourite and that if he ever has time to read the blogs… he normally stops here first.

I was too smashed in the to go and sing him a song I’d jotted down on my napkin. So I can’t take total credit when he signs. I have no steer on what Robin is going to do this summer, just a gut feel. I know how a player on the way out talks about the club…  I’m hoping we finish third and he has a Thierry moment and decides to give us one more year. Come on Robin, you know it’s the right thing to do!

Arsene Wenger had been talking up German players. He thinks they are similar in mentality to the English. I totally agree. I’m just a but surprised it’s taken him so long to start raiding the German market. Surely there have been bargains to be had there for years? Most of them speak English as well. That said, Germans tend to come with same premium as English players… they also like to stay close to home. It’s not often a German player bypasses Bayern Munich on the way out of the country.

Wenger seemed pretty pleased about the signing of Lukas.

‘That’s what we like, and he can score goals as well. How many times have we been accused this season of being too reliant on Robin van Persie? He can score goals and provide, and he is the class that we want’

There doesn’t seem to be a hint of ‘replacement’ in the way he’s talking about the German front man. I think he’ll play out wide on the left. I sat next to German reporter Raphael Honigstein last night and he thought the same, though he did temper my expectations of pace… he’s not on a par with Gareth Bale. Still fast though and a far better finisher.

Finally, a great story for our African friends… Arsenal are travelling to Nigeria to play their first ever friendly! Congratulations, I’m sure the atmosphere will be incredible. If it’s not… no more friendlies for you guys.

Post over. Have a great Friday. Maybe drop a terrible joke in the comments.

P.S. A big thanks to David from Arsenal Addict for sorting me out with a ticket last night. (Twitter @ArsenalAddict)

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Lurch i think we all know who has the better business acumen, the more money, the more power, the more ambition. I don’t see what Kroenke brings to the table compared to Usmanov.
    He runs a few baseball teams/soccer/football teams (badly), Usmanov has controlling and large stakes in dozens of multi-million or in some cases multi-billion pound MNC’s. As soon as he gets on the board he’ll eat the wig for breakfast. He’s waited eight years, i think his wait is almost over.

  2. SDE

    Lurch Le Rouge
    can’t see 2 billionaires cohabiting a board of a high profile club and the club surviving the relationship well.its gotta be one or the other.

    Exactly,that’s why Usmanov once he is on board,will force change..

    But the idea of Dein representing him on the board..I find a bit uneasy..Surely would it not bring up a conflict of interest..Given Dein’s relationship with Wenger & his son being agent to a significant number of players at the club?

    That being the case,how hard/easy would it be for Usmanov to get rid of Wenger,with David Dein on the BoD?
    Unless wenger does the honourable things & resigns.

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    my take is Usmanov would maintain status quo with the technical department. Hes on record for acknowledging the premise that AFC is a successful business so its unlikely he’d come in all guns blazing.

    That said, I think it’ll be some years before R&W get a real sniff. KSE will hold sway and bank on FFP to regulate the market and look for longterm capital gain from bundling broadband distribution through Apple and the like. If we see FFP regulations being flouted by the dirty arabs and co we might see an early KSE withdrawal but I don’t realistically see KSE selling up until the clubs worth over £1.5bn. The risk in outlay wouldn’t justify selling it beforehand really.

    so its very unlikely DD returns in any capacity, unfortunately.

  4. Goon from BD

    Fuck you, Wenger. Talking shit again. Why is it so difficult? tell them they aren’t wanted and the agents would find them a club. Sell Princess JD, party boy Vela,fraud Arseshavin,No Zlatan or Balotelli Bendtner,useless Squid,Clownmunia, pointless Park,shit-ugly-gutless cunny Chamakh,Lanshit, Spud cunt Diaby and also the useless kids who won’t make it. Loan Ryo,Coq,Frim and we have enough space for three more players. Jeez its a fucking miracle that we are third.

  5. SDE

    Cesc Appeal

    I feel taking a long term perspective on this, that Usmanov being invited onto the board,once he reaches the 30% landmark will only be the start of a very long protracted battle b/w the BoD..

    The BoD seem hell bent on protecting&consolidating their positions & the money flow into the club..
    Usmanov,represents change & a direct threat to this money flow to the old guard..

    Whilst this is ongoing,Wenger with his loyal fanbase,will continue to see through the old guards blueprint&his own agenda..

    The footballing side,will take a hit,as the BoD will continue to see the P&L as the be all & end all of the clubs ambitions..

    The footballing side,of signing quality players& challenging for trophies will at best be seen as an afterthought..
    In fact,it’s not even a consideration..think “training academy”.

    A quality signing here,or there would not be due to showing the world that we are ambitious,but more so to placate the fans..
    It would a PR war,with Wenger as the face of Arsenal & all that he has done,given his loyal fan base,wheeled out to offer sound bites & offer a multitude of reasons why he’s unable/unwilling to sign players of proven quality..

    I see us,going the same way as Liverpool over the next few years the way things are going..

    Both @boardroom level & on the pitch…
    It’s not a pretty picture by all accounts..

  6. SDE

    Lurch Le Rouge

    I agree with your last post about Usmanov unlikely to come in all guns blazing..

    So in short,a long protracted affair at BoD level,as I alluded to in my last post to Cesc Appeal

    With wenger still at the helm,unless he resigns..

    I just see us going backwards..

    If you chart our level of progression over the past 4 years,let alone the past 7 years..It makes for grim reading..

    I think we will be Liverpool mark II,in the making..

    As a given- wenger will never change..
    The ‘ole addage “An old dog will not learn new tricks..!!”, springs to mind..

  7. Lurch LeRouge


    you’re getting way ahead of yourself, there’s no entitlement to R&W for a position on the board if and when they reach the magical 30% figure. That was debunked months ago.

    Someone needs to explain what benefit there is to KSE in inviting R&W to the table.

  8. SDE

    Lurch Le Rouge
    you’re getting way ahead of yourself, there’s no entitlement to R&W for a position on the board if and when they reach the magical 30% figure. That was debunked months ago.Someone needs to explain what benefit there is to KSE in inviting R&W to the table.


    Ok,I should have done my due diligence on that one..
    I was led to believe,that it was 30% stake he needed,to be invited onto the board..

    That not being the case,then yeah why would Kroenke invite him onto the board either way..

    That said,only a fantasy offer by Usmanov that touches the sides of Kroenke’ figures for Kroenke to even consider selling..
    Might just awaken him from his slumber to consider inviting him for talks.
    But given Kroenke’s track record,it seems he’s in for the long run..Just getting his ROI over a long haul& passing his portfolio to his children..

    Still the long-term picture looks grim

  9. Lurch LeRouge

    the 30% figure represented a threshold whereby if an investor reached this point and there was no other majority shareholder over 50% then this Investor would be required to make an offer for the remaining shares at the highest paid price (they paid) in the previous 12 months.

    When KSE acquired DF’s shares that mandate became void under agreement with the rest of the board, but it also became void due to the fact that at 65% KSE is a majority shareholder. Bade will try and argue against this citing corporate law, but ignore him cause he’s wrong as this is a footballing technicality and not ubiquitous in acquisitions & mergers.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Podolski will stop us being so reliant on RVP’ Arsene Wenger. Yeah, because you’re going to sell him!
    Stan is the worse thing that’s ever happened to Arsenal. Take a look at NFL, NBA, NHL big grotesque clubs making hundred of millions of pounds a year, intertwined with the entertainment industry making fortunes for their boards, most of whom are filled with banks execs (J.P Morgan etc). This is what Stan has planned for our club, invite banking brains onto the board that want to capitalise on Arsenal as PLC not FC.
    They don’t watch soccer….how could he ever claim he knew how to take the club forward. It’s not in their national psyche, they don’t have the passion Europeans/South Americans have for it

  11. Lurch LeRouge

    you touched on the real issue, its about the family portfolio. The GTWC’s son is heir to the Walmart fortune. When Jnr comes out from the shadow of his old man, it could get interesting, unfortunately he’s as thick as they come and has been shunted from pillar to post inside KSE’s sporting franchises hoping something would stick. No, it doesn’t look good.

  12. SDE

    Lurch Le Rouge

    Thanks for clearing that up..
    Makes sense..
    That said, cannot understand why a footballing technicality somewhat supercedes a corporate law technicality..

    Football,seems to be a law unto itself in general..
    Either way..good stuff..Much appreciated

  13. kwik fit

    Guys you taking about takeovers and the law in relation to same.
    No need cos The russian’s money will superceed any protocol required by the Comapnies Act’s. The big boy will show the yank the colour of his money and the rest will be history.

  14. SDE

    Cesc Appeal
    Stan is the worse thing that’s ever happened to Arsenal. Take a look at NFL, NBA, NHL big grotesque clubs making hundred of millions of pounds a year, intertwined with the entertainment industry making fortunes for their boards, most of whom are filled with banks execs (J.P Morgan etc). This is what Stan has planned for our club, invite banking brains onto the board that want to capitalise on Arsenal as PLC not FC.


    Given that PHW was from a banking dynasty, aren’t they just continuing with form..

    Maybe for PHW & rest of the BoD,it’s about their type..
    & better the devil you know& all that..

  15. Lurch LeRouge

    I think you’ll find there are plenty of technicalities only relevant to football clubs.

    can you imagine a ‘fit and proper person’s test’ being acceptable practice anywhere else?

    Don’t think the Waltons enjoy as much influence as Getty in an age where superwealth was relatively new outside royal lineage, but yeah he’ll be cashed up.

  16. SDE

    Lurch Le Rouge

    So what do you think is the way forward for Arsenal,in terms of us being rightful challenger’s to the likes of the Man City’s,Real Madrid’s,Barcelona’s& Chelsea’s,etc,etc..?

    Given the current malaise with the old guard of the BoD& Wenger?

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Here’s the thing FFP will never come into effect, not really. The amount of money Etihad, Qatar airways, the oil families, the Russians give FIFA there’s not a chance Sepp will stop the guys who pay his wages from having their toys. Arsenal are waiting for a day that will never arrive

  18. BacaryisGod

    Pedro-sorry, but I think that there is nothing in Van Persie’s interview that speaks of him being more likely to stay. If anything, I read it differently.

    I also remember him saying that Nasri and Clichy will always be gunners, so if anything is going to scare the living hell out of me, it is Van Persie saying ‘I will always be a gunner’ (essentially in spirit if not in person).

    Very frustrated to hear Wenger talk about existing players as new signings. It’s nothing new, but doesn’t he realize that we’re always getting a couple of players lost for most if not all of the season (Rosicky, Diaby, Vermaelen, Ramsey, Van Persie etc in seasons past). If he says he playing coming back from injury is like a new signing, then he should also announce that losing a player for a season is like a new sale to another club.

    Either way, everybody knows where we need more competition and a quality upgrade for next season (Back-up keeper, quality tall/physical striker to add variety, experienced right-back to cover for Sagna and arguably competition/support for Song in the DM position as Coquelin matures.)

    I thought RVP’s comments were diplomatic but certainly not a sign of intent to stay. Of course, he’s going to say he’s pleased Podolski’s at the club. But the reasons for him leaving are very compelling:

    1) Fresh challenge
    2) Better chance of trophies either abroad (eg. Real Madrid) or domestically (eg. Man City)
    3) A significantly higher wage packet for his final major contract.

    For all the talk of wanting to keep his family settled in London, his family might be the main reason for taking the bumper increase in pay. We all know he has enough money as it is, but wealthy players are still thinking 30-40 years down the line and knowing that their usual source of income won’t be there for much longer. Lifestyles need to be maintained after the golden years have ended, and he might say he’s doing what’s best for his family, career and ambition. A compelling argument, unfortunately.

    Finally, we may be without Champions League football next season. I’m certain we’ll be in the Top 4 but that still might not be enough.

  19. Lurch LeRouge

    i dont claim to have an answer, although I sure we all agree investment is required, the figure in my head is around £200m needs to be pumped in over 2 seasons, in wages and acquisitions to overhaul the spaniards, I think we could probably do it for less to win the league and a cup.

    The club has a bit of an identity crisis, new stadium, corporate masthead, owner… so I see negatives with jettisoning our manager on some levels but positives on others so I’ll sway with the patterns in results and the results around us.

    we need silverware massively, its not just about bragging rights its about creating history at the grove because it can’t become a fortress without it.

  20. SDE

    Kwik Fit

    Guys you taking about takeovers and the law in relation to same.
    No need cos The russian’s money will superceed any protocol required by the Comapnies Act’s. The big boy will show the yank the colour of his money and the rest will be history.

    If only it were that simply..

    With many actors in the play with vested interests..
    & with the main player(Kroenke) with a long vested interested in the club for his own designs,that’s not short of a bob of two..

    I’m presuming that the BoD’s thinking,were that they were taking a long-term view,simply only safe-guarding their own interests,with a guy like Kroenke..

    Whose track record reeked of minimum investment, long term strategy & ROI, that would safeguard their money pot & their heirs for the forseeable future-being the chorus line they could all sing along too..

    Us fans,are a mere dot on the map…
    Trophies a mere afterthought..

    Players,just mere pawns in the satisfy the lust of the fans..

  21. Ice

    Word was that Wenger was due to exit at the end of this month with MVB and Dennis in to shake the tree but the Yankee has now gone soft and agreed to Wenger staying put for the rest of his contract….

    We are fucked till the Yank sells

    Look forward to Song and a succession of Song clones for the next 2 years

    THE Arsenal is on freeze frame for the next 2 years

    However Poldi will be a major player for years to come….

    BTW Gambon ergo Mug

  22. Lurch LeRouge

    I think you’re holding onto another myth regarding the ‘old guard’

    they’re figureheads, little more. Some are involved in delivering the Queensland rd project and the ongoing practical affairs of the PLC, but they really don’t effect the values on the pitch. That is all AW, and arguably IG – although I suspect IG has been marginalised a bit after last summers fiasco, others will differ – mines just a hunch.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    there are two scenarios with RVP, he stays but doesn’t sign a new contract, therefore walking on a free to some club getting huge wages in place of a transfer fee. Or he’ll be sold this summer, if he has a great Euro’s Gazidis and Kroenke wont be able to resist selling him at an inflated price

  24. kwik fit


    But it is that simply.
    Money will change everything.
    The big boy will move when he feels the time is right. People will be bought and the Yank will sell up.
    Therefore, If the Russian want’s the club he will get the club in his own time-frame.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    lurch i cant see him staying. He’s 28-29, he wants to win things who can blame him. Nasri may well wit the premiership having moved 9 months ago, i wouldnt hold it against him if he left fhor Real/Barca/City/United/Chelsea

  26. kwik fit

    I think if we got say 40m for him and reinvested that full 40m in 2/3 players we would be better off. The odds of RVP playing as he did this season over the next 3 seasons are odds against.

    The problem is will Wenger reinvest? Of course he fuckin won’t…. therefore I hope he stays.

  27. SDE

    Lurch Le Rouge

    Fair enough…
    You wil sway with results & all that..

    But surely, given wengers’ track record over the past 7 years..surely that change is imminent..?

    Shall we continue with wenger at the helm& have the identity of being a shop window club..i.e.”a training academy”.

    Or take the leap& make the change as ambitious businesses do & make a statement of intent..

    With a new stadium,corporate masthead,etc…etc..
    That maybe with a new manager-say a Pepe,that the appointment will enhance the things that you mentioned..redress the identity crisis..

    Laporta under Rijjkard@ Barca managed to do that!!
    Why are we any different?

    A new identity with ambition-& not consolidation

    And at least on the sporting field,elevate us,above& beyond where we are currently..

    For example,new markets that will open up to us..i.e Latin Markets..

    Merchandise Sales,in different markets..

    Syndicated TV new markets..

    Just to name a few…

    All organisations undergo various changes in their business cycle..Some for consolidation,others for progression..

    Surely the whole of point of moving to the emirates,was we were told as fans to compete with the giants..

    All I see,is an identity of consolidation@best.
    Which compared to our years at Highbury pales into significance..

    I personally believe looking at results around us& results we produce,will not see us achieving those heights of the first 7 years of wenger,let alone the heights we achieved under GG & Chapman..

    Time for a change from top too bottom!!

  28. Lurch LeRouge

    he wont leave for city, chelsea, united or barca imho.

    so its RM or nothing and they’ve just won the league, are they gonna pay £30m for a 28 year old? because I doubt we accept anything less.

  29. Lurch LeRouge


    there are plenty more variables than your polemics for each question, its 3am with me and thats a longer conversation than i care for right now. so another time.

  30. kwik fit

    If I had 40m To spent on any striker in Europe would I go for a 28/29 injury prone, one good season player?…..mmmmmm let me see….. Nah

  31. Cowleygooner

    King Kenny goes to church.

    ‘forgive me father for I have sinned’

    ‘come forth my child’ says the priest.

    ‘Fourth! Fuck me we’ll be lucky to finish tenth?’

  32. Cowleygooner

    What’s the difference between Jam & Marmalade?

    You can’t Marmalade your dick up a birds arse!!!

  33. SDE

    Kwik Fit
    But it is that simply.
    Money will change everything.
    The big boy will move when he feels the time is right. People will be bought and the Yank will sell up.
    Therefore, If the Russian want’s the club he will get the club in his own time-frame


    Fine,but it’s how soon that change will come?
    And where will be,if & when the change(s) come..?

    It’s looks bad from the outside looking in..

  34. Cowleygooner

    I should have put my Facebook message as ‘ I’ve just blown the engine on my 1999 XR3i,

    Rather than ‘I just fucked a 13yr old escort!’

    The wife’s kicked me out and the police have seized my laptop!

  35. kwik fit


    Agreed it’s frustrating alright. As Lurch said he may bide his time until the uncertainty of FFP becomes a little less clouded.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Van Perise is literally the clubs last on-pitch asset. Unless Jack Wilshere and Oxo have belting season next year and ramp up their prices for being young and English. So Gazidis has exhausted his resources in that regard. he got greedy selling Fabregas and Nasri in the same year. It’s more their style to sell one, drag the other one through a season and then sell them.
    The price range goes from £40 million for RVP to….I don’t know I guess it would’ve been Jack Wilshere before his injury lay off this season. Only Kenny would pay over £15 Million for Walcott, the guy is crap, and don’t stat me. He’s shite.
    Perhaps Song, £17 Million, but the prices for our players are reflective of a mid table club (RVP aside).
    Look at Spurs, can get big money for Modric and Bale.
    Chelsea have numerous big players.
    United would get huge money for Rooney and Vidic. Fair whack for Nani as well, Valenica, Young. Pulled off the biggest transfer in football history, CR7.
    They’ve shredded our club and expectations. Most of us don’t expect much done this summer and that’s their doing. Throw us a £10 Million German striker and we’re all clapping like happy seals

  37. Cowleygooner

    Roy Hodgson has selected his first England team :

    Few ward
    Who’d well
    Caw wick
    Caw will

  38. SDE

    Cesc Appeal

    Only Kenny would pay over £15 Million for Walcott, the guy is crap, and don’t stat me. He’s shite.


    That line in your post had me in stitches..True line,but funny about the”don’t stat me!!

    We can just wait Cesc Appeal for the next few years,for any meaningful change in our current situtaion..

    Sit tight..’cos it’s going to be a whiteknuckle rollercaster ride..for sure for sometime..

  39. CP

    Sounds like there is a lot of consensus about the irritation of AW and the board once again putting up lame excuses for not being pro-active and getting good players in early. Given this blog and others have found out how much money we do have in the bank – the excuses are now getting even more pathetic! What makes it worse is that they will probably stick to the 25 man squad line for a while – really got to unravel it for the load of tripe it is.

    I mean we need to make as much noise about how ridiculous, illogical and unacceptable a transfer policy this is. It is crying out for someone to raise and lead on this. Geoff and Pedro over to you, can you bang the drum on this one?

  40. HP

    Frimpong is a complete idiot and a horrible player as well, he thinks he is some hardman when he is an utter joke we should sell him as quick as possible we have le coq who is a thousand times better anyway

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Type Frimpong into Google the first suggestion is Frimpong Twitter.
    This si what we’re talking about, young players are Arsenal are overpaid, over hyped and over relied upon before their time. They think they’re stars before they’ve achieved anything.

  42. arsenal1886-2006

    RE: Frimpong, we have seen it before.
    Bentley, JET, Bendtner, Frimpong, Randall and Jack to some extent.
    Too much money, too little brain.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    arsenal 1886, tbf its not their fault. Someone at the club should oversee this, For example at United the youth players only wear black boots, are on comparably tiny wages and can’t do anything flashy or ostentatious. Like JET buying a a £100 000 mercedes writing it off and buying another

  44. arsenal1886-2006

    Cesc appeal.
    I understand what you are saying but they also have to show some initiative, some of them act like they have made it after playing a couple of games in the carling cup.
    Wenger is the main culprit though, he has allowed this to happen on his watch, they mirror his arrogance and bad attitude. When they see him refusing a handshake and arguing with the 4th official constantly then monkey do as monkey see.

  45. Zacharse

    Sell RvP??????????
    I’m sorry thats part of bad joke friday no? Idiots!

    Spout some more nonsense about the execs and leave the actual players out of your gibberish.

  46. fanboy

    Maybe its just me but I don’t see much wrong in putting up a picture of some dead folk. He might be a football ‘star’ but fuck he is still an 18 year old.

  47. Zacharse

    Oh yeah and surely we’ll hire pep to replace wenger. We’ll buy hazard who plays on the left like Poldi, Stan has completely ruined the club, and Benayoun meetesacker and arteta were bad purxhases we should have just bought hazard because the little midget will be SOOO GOOD IN THE EPL. And we should have bought cisse and started him over rvp.
    Did i get that right Gambong et al?

  48. zeus

    “We have had to compromise on the sporting side, because we had a rational, methodical approach to our pre-season,” the Frenchman told reporters on Friday. “We have sacrificed some of that to go on tour.

    Its not like going to Austria ever helped us get close to winning the league in the past 6 years so sod it.

  49. goondawg

    Frimpong is really an idiot. I can’t help but blame Wenger for mollycoddling the youths and giving them extravagantly high wages setting down this path of lavish luxuries, letting them walk around the club, whilst ploughing it’s good name through the mud. We really have become a joke of a club. Club greats would roll in their grave to see some of the donkeys that contaminate the Emirates.

    Frimpong, whilst admiring his tenacity and strenghth, has nothing else tbf, and still hasn’t proved anything unlike Le Coq say. He will be a future player, where his stupidity coupled with his temperament will end us costing numerous game when he is red carded IMO. His first start for the Arsenal ended in him getting sent off if I recall.

  50. arsenal1886-2006

    “We have had to compromise on the sporting side”

    WTF, we are a sports club, or we were a sports club until your fucking failed project. Jeez, you couldn’t make it up.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Zacharse Hazard plays all the way across the front. I destroyed your first point, therefore the rest of your argument is clearly invalid and doesn’t even warrant reading. Good day sir

  52. Thorough

    ZachArse. Pls first sell your roof, then piece out the bricks and blocks. You wont expect your house to crumble, will you? Or let’s go this way: you sell your soul first, then you empty yourself of your blood. I bet you’ll still expect to be living? Is Wenger so beautiful he has so many asslickers? Thought humans are permitted to use their brains rightly now? That’s if your brain isn’t underfoot I guess. Get over Wenger: he was our greatest fortune, but now he is our greatest misfortune. And this latter leopard’s spots, obviously will know no bleaching.

  53. Caribkid

    FFP will only serve to help the existing clubs which already have infrastructure in place such as Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern, The Milans, Juventus, Manu, City, Chelsea and yes, thank god, Arsenal.

    There are many loopholes which can be exploited if you have a rich owner who cares about winning, like Chelsea, City, Barca and Real Madrid. City showed that when relatives of Sheik Manshour came up with a 10 year, 100 mill endorsement which is shady, but falls within the boundaries of FFP.

    Kroenke certainly won’t be doing anything similar so we will have to live within our means and will be one of the little, big ones. FFP will ensure that the days of small clubs getting to the EPL and becoming giants over time are GONE. As usual, the rich will get richer and the poor, poorer.

    BTW, Wenger getting twice the salary of Sir Alex is beyond belief in terms of salary being equivalent to achievement. Wonder if that’s why we pay so much to our dross players whom we can’t trade now.

    BTW, 30% of the stock holdings entitles the owner of such stock to all detailed financials. Knowledge is power.

  54. HP

    FFP won’t do us good,we will continue to lose money and really can’t see us qualify for the CL next year as RVP will leave with maybe a few others so our revenue dramatically drops anyway and we cannot spend on players

  55. Zacharse

    Hazard please lets buy hazard!!! Lets also buy falcao definitely, hell get TONS of playing time oh yeah we’ll buy goetze and schweine! That was my fav yet, the people on here who thought schweinsteiger was for sale to us.
    Lets also find a winger who plays on the left to play w poldi and hazard and we can just overload the left! And when arshavin comes back we can put him on the left too, or maybe we should play him on the right since HE CAN PLAY ANY POSITION or so it says in my footie videogame

  56. Jamal

    your talking shit now, How the fuck can you still defend wenger and say we dont need players like hazard?

  57. goondawg

    City pulling out all stops to get their man, whilst Wenger twiddles his thumbs dreaming of a midfield dynamite trio of Diaby, Denilson and Ramsey.. Arteta injured and our linked drop in form, just goes to show how weak we have realy become in the middle of the park. From invinibles era to cesc wonderland (hailed best mid in epl by some pundits) to this crap. We have really stepped off the mark. O but its not wenger’s fault we simultaneously sold our best two midfielders and failed to replace. Surely not the manager’s.

  58. goondawg

    .It’s newly promoted, not in a relegation scrap, nothing to play for – Norwich city, yet it is ridiculous at the levels of anxiety we are all facing!

    Really hope we see more of the Ox tomorrow

  59. charlieboy

    goondawg your a twat, frimpong might of been sent off in his 1st game but he was th ebest player on the pitch at the time, and we know Denilson wont play for us ever again, you look for shit to spout you bell end

  60. zacharse

    I’m sorry



    have I defended Wenger. that’s the problem with you all, you simply assume I’m defending him by talking shit about the lack of reality in this comment section. It seems less like you are talking about a team in reality and more about a videogame with team selections and transfer hopes. I thinkpersonally agreed with what El Tel said yesterday that no matter what Wenger does, he’s been screwing up for so long that he’s already polarised everyone and he needs to step down.
    I do think that that process needs to be thought out a lot more than most of you are willing to imagine. Bringing in Pep is simply a videogame solution not a reality-based one if simply for the fact that Pep will not be coaching next year anyway

  61. The Poldi Prince

    If we were offered 40m for RVP, sentimentality aside, you’d be mad not to bite their hand off.

    Of course, it would only be beneficial if we had a new board and a new manager with a new group of backroom staff.

    That, plus the necessary clear out, would give us 140 million to play with, and at least, 7-8 squad places.

    It’s all academic though, because we all know noone at arsenal has the balls to do what’s right.

  62. SDE

    Poldi Prince

    How goes it?

    How to spend £140 million?
    Or how to save £140 million..with wenger’s wage debacle?

  63. SDE

    Has anyone seen a the gruesome pic on Frimpong’s twitter account…with a guy’s brains spewing out..

    I’m sorry this guy-Frimpong has a few screws missing….

    Why would you post such a thing on your twitter account..?

    These are the quality signings we have at our club…

    Geez…’ve certainly lost the plot indeed..

  64. DNA

    “We have bought Lukas Podolski and our next step is to bring Jack Wilshere back and Abou Diaby back. Then, if you look at our squad, I don’t feel we are behind anybody else.”

    Seems like Weneger will stop at Podolski?
    I can’t figure why Wenger still mentions Diaby with all his glass-like body. Maybe waiting for Diaby to perform like RVP? not every day you can do that.

  65. Lurch LeRouge


    The conversation you want to have about identity is a really tough one.

    At the moment it looks like it takes about 3 seasons for a club to change course. Citeh are in their third season of aggressive finance, the Chavs took around the same time, JM took 2 years to turn RM around, Pardew’s done it in one but let’s see how he fares now the rest of league reads his style and reacts next year.

    Giving AW the boot won’t yield silverware next season, unlikely it would the year after either. Pepe’s a great manager, motivator and disciplinarian – for me he’s te best thing about Barca – a team I generally detest. But I don’t see Pepe making us 25% more competitive in his first season without significant investment. So I come to the conclusion isn’t it wiser to impose some pressure we have on the manager we have before starting fresh? Especially as the shifting sands of FFP are impacting on the types of investment benefactors are making.

    I just don’t think it’s necessarily as clear cut as we’d like to think. Throwing money at a very complicated situation can backfire. Look at the mistakes Citeh have made, do you really fancy their brand message?

  66. Bade


    Many valid points you made their, BUT there are few differences we should take note of

    Arsene had now 7 years to turn at least 2-3 good teams and he didn’t, so questioning his ability to do it again is valid

    Even JM managed in his first season with Real to snap the Copa Del Rey off Barca’s grip. I think he won trophy in each one in his last 9 managerial seasons

    As for the FFP, as much as I doubt they’ll ever be imposed properly, even if they do, we all should remember that the motto of those rules is the ability of the club to spend inside their own revenue and not over it (60% I think), so for me that says we need our club to be successful already because only success will enlarge our return in such a way we can spend more. And in order to successful we need to win trophies, and in order to do that we need to spend money on players more than on wages, something we don’t do

    I’m not big aficionado of spending 40-50m on one player, but you have to say that a club that wants to compete in high levels should have higher spending ceilings than our record 15m on a player.

    Times have changed, and it’s time we realise the difference between excessive and unnecessary spending, and investment. We don’t invest enough in strengthening the squad, but we do spend too many on the existing squad in terms of wage. Which for me as bad as over spending on players ….

  67. OPG

    City just agreed a new £120m kit deal aswell..

    Zacharse rant doesn’t make sense he blows things out of proportion like this:
    “Lets also find a winger who plays on the left to play w poldi and hazard and we can just overload the left! And when arshavin comes back we can put him on the left too or maybe we should play him on the right since HE CAN PLAY ANY POSITION or so it says in my footie videogame ”

    The squad could do with better depth, flexibility and less deadwood in truth..
    I wish top4 was already guaranteed had enough of this season but with the late season stumble and Chelsea in the CL final it’s more complicated than usual, when anyone would be happy enough with 4th at the end of the day.

  68. Bade

    As much as I oppose Arsene and want hip to pay for his stupid mistakes, you’d find me and other “Doomers” standing behind him fully, the minute he’s making the right calls. But all of them, not half of, or 10% as he always likes to do

    The thing is I don’t believe he’s able to do it anymore ….

  69. Lurch LeRouge


    I’m enjoying the squad right now, the individuals are coming to the fore, for me this feels like we’re finally gelling and fulfilling the right technical requirements.
    Defensively we’re progressing, I suspect Gambon will swoop in and remind me that we’ve leaked the most goals in AW’s tenure but its undeniable that we suffered an injury blight like no other. No recognised FB’s for 1/3 of the season is no laughing matter, yes I concede the managers a massive prat for not having the requisite cover but sometimes shit happens. Ok it seems to happen consistently with us, injuries etc… but I feel there is a shift in the squads sustainability.

    If, and a big if here, we manage to keep the first squad relatively intact through the summer with a couple of additions to cover for injury and bolster for rotational purposes, I do think we can challenge next season. I also suspect changing manager would unsettle this progress and I think it’d be at least another season before we look likely to challenge again so relatively counterproductive in the short term.

  70. Geoff Wood

    Lurch in the old days that’s what we had a reserve squad for. Trouble is our reserves are full of kids unable to step up, which is the fault of the manager.

    Every season since Wenger has been here except 2004 we have had injuries, it can’t be bad luck. It’s a combination of playing kids too young and overplaying.

    Our back up full backs this season were a full back from the Turkish league that no one had heard of and a kid that played 8 times for Charlton.

    You can hardly put that down to bad luck.

    That’s why he should buy Vertonghen, then we’ll have cover at left back or defensive midfield, it’s called options, something this manager never thinks about.

    Then when it goes tits up he blames luck, sorry, not good enough.

    Finally how many players have we had that have been out for whole seasons? More than any other club that’s for sure. And still have and paying them shedloads.

  71. Bade

    I share you the same sentiment Lurch

    The problem is the big IF

    And mind you, this big IF was our same situation for the last few years, and it ended up with miff

    But let’s hope your hunch is bang on the money this season

    Me think no, but of course I’ll be happy and cheering up to be found wrong

  72. Lurch LeRouge

    Geoff, I’m not blaming luck,

    “yes I concede the managers a massive prat for not having the requisite cover but sometimes shit happens. Ok it seems to happen consistently with us, injuries etc… but I feel there is a shift in the squads sustainability.”

    the burden of responsibility lies firmly at the managers feet, ergo I pretty much agree with your stance up to the point where sacking AW would marshall a new era of success, thats all i’m saying really.

  73. Lurch LeRouge


    the hunch comes about through the acquisition and subsequent performance of Arteta, Yoss, Mert (to a point), Santos (to a point), effectively players that rely on substance over style, another IF, but if we continue in this vein I think success can be had. There are plenty of 2nd tier near world class players looking for a platform to impress that in the right squad can pay dividends.

    We’ve seen it before and I’ll stick my neck out and suggest we may yet see it again.

    Hopefully project ‘young boy’ is kaput.

  74. Geoff Wood

    Got that right, if we get three points I guarantee the others will wobble and leave us needing only a point.

  75. HP

    gnarleygeorge9, sorry but norwich are going to win 3-1

    what did I tell you guys? useless choking wankers? I don’t even want tottenham or NC to lose tomm we deserve 5th place

    This is pat rice’s last game after 40+ years, they know its so important in the season’s context yet they are playing so casually having no respect for a team that plays good football and is off the back of 3 straight defeats, they obviously don’t want another

    scez clanger but for the 2nd goal where was our midfield? atrocious wenger please get the fuck out