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Welcome to a wet and windy Thursday. I hope your trip into work was as disgusting as mine.

Right, first up today we might as well talk about stuff that isn’t relevant to Arsenal. Jose Mourinho took Madrid to their first league title in a whole usurping Barcelona in his second season at the club. An incredible achievement you have to say. Barcelona were never going to be able to maintain dominance forever, but for Jose to take Madrid to such a massive points total deserves nothing but respect.

Cesc Fabragas may have won 3 trophies already this season, but it is amusing to see him miss out on the two that really matter. Cesc, I hate to say it mate, but it seems like you are the destroyer of great teams. You came into the Arsenal Invincidble side and it all went tits up from there for us… then you join the greatest club side the world has ever seen and you balls up there as well. What are we going to do with you Cesc?

Mourinho has now proved himself in 4 leagues. Now, whilst I can’t imagine Arsenal ever calling on such a manager, there are certain things we can take away from what he does with his clubs. Firstly, he hasn’t always had super huge budgets. Arsenal fans constantly talk about the miracle of Arsene Wenger and his transfer surplus. Sure, it is a miracle. He out performs nearly all managers on transfer spend if you take out wages. He’s done it consistently and on it’s own, taking out the fact that football is mainly about trophies, you’d have to applaud him.

However, what Mourinho does at every club is spend any budget he’s given. You know, like most people in business do. He correlates spending money with winning trophies. He’s pretty good at spending as well. He’s brought through great players at every club he’s been to, he places great importance on experienced players, getting the most out of them and he’s incredibly well prepared. Arsenal might not ever use him as their manager, he’s a nightmare and he sours the reputation of most clubs he goes to… but there are certainly lessons to be learned from the way he operates. He is a modern manager using modern techniques that have worked in 4 separate countries.

Next up. Newcastle. Did you see that Cisse goal? DID YOU SEE THAT CISSE GOAL? Jump on it here.

Now, I’m not always one to agree with Geoff when he states our scouts should have picked up on X, Y and Z. We can’t have all the best players in the world and we can’t snap up every young superstar. However, what the hell were our scouts doing missing out on this guy? He is a Wenger signing of old. Tall, athletic, great technique for a bargain price. How were we not alerted to his availability. I mean, it’s not like there wasn’t a requirement in January is it? It’s the same with Ba. Surely he represented the better option when stacked up next to Park. He was a free as well! Alan Pardew deserves nothing but applause for what he’s done with Newcaslte this year. Manager of the year. An incredible turnaround.

If anything shone through last night, it was that Chelsea are not going to beat Bayern Munich. It’ll take an absolute masterclass for that team of decimated cloggers to win through. But, they are Chelsea and nicking the 4th place in for next years Champions League finishing 8th is exactly the type of thing you could see happening.

Onto our striking situation.

As far as I’m concerned. We should be shipping off Park Chu-Young to whoever will take them. Free up those squad numbers. If we’re having trouble, let them go for nothing. Newcastle did with Joey Barton. We should with those two.

Now, how should our striking options look next season? Well, I don’t think Podolski is coming in to play up front. I think he’ll come in on the left. That leaves two striking spots open. Wenger has already fluttered his lashes at Giroud. 24 goals, 8 assists and a style of football that looks well suited to Arsenal and well suited the the Prem. So, we nab him for £15million and that is striker place 2 taken care of.

Striking position number 3? Well guys, I’m giving it to Joel Campbell. He’s fast, he has a lot of skill, he can play wide if he needs to and he can finish. If we can get a work permit, he’s moving into the first team. His goal record this year has been impressive. He’s mainly been second choice but out of his 16 starts, he’s returned 2 assists and 9 goals. Pretty good if you ask me. He reminds me of Nic Anelka, without the sulking.

Striking position number 4 goes to Mr Afobe. Sagna said he’s the most exciting prospect at the club at the moment. If he’s saying that, then I’m on board with him being given more of a role next year. He can play in the Carling Cup and go out on loan to a Prem club at Christmas if opportuinty is low. He’s tall, strong he offers us a bit of English grit. It’d be great for Arsene to pull through and English striker and from the rumblings, this could be the man.

Amazing that in 15 years we haven’t even come close!

Then finally, the first place goes to Robin. Why? Because he’s going to stay with us. Rumour has it he’ll stay on and do one next year on a free. I don’t see why he has to do that. He’s already forfeited £4million this year by staying. He should sign a new 4 year deal with us with his signing on fee spread over those years. If he wants to leave next year, we’ll have an agreement in place that we’ll sell him. He wins with more money. We win with a fee. They call that win win…

By the way, I sorted out the montage I’m going to give Robin tonight. Is it too much? Do you think he’ll like it?

I also sorted him out a mixtape… I’ve been to Amsterdam, I know their tastes in music aren’t the best, so bear with me on this one. I know he’ll like it. Click the mixtape to open it in Spotify.

Or listen to it right here…

Right, that’s it for today. Follow my tweets live from the Football Writers Awards this evening… I’ll be instagramming Sam Allardyce smashing through dessert for sure and I’ll be rustling around for all the gossip.

Off the record? There’s no such thing when you’re not a professional…

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Have a great day!

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  1. Goon from BD

    Di maria is fucking awesome. He was Madrids best attacking player in the first half of the season but then got injured and had trouble with his wages or something so lost form. Absolutely top class potential this guy. Ganso is injury prone, Ricky Alvarez is an attacking midfielder but he isn’t all that. Ben Arfa is inconsistent. Would love Robben at Arsenal but his injury record is awful while he would be very expensive. I think we could do better spending that amount on someone like Lavezzi.

    Affelay,Belhanda would come to Arsenal if we want them and Martinez would if we are willing to spend.

    Lavezzi and Kagawa, PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sly nija gunner


    Is it the same reason we sold Cesc and Nasri without a decent replacement. Reason why we have to loose 8-2 before panic-buying? You make sense to an extent but that doesn’t fully explain our decline. i think it has more to do with ambition? The management is more interested in profits than success on the pitch.

  3. truegooner

    Who’s familiar with Williton the Brazilian @ Shakhtar Donesk he is top class & would run amok with RVP & Podloski – come on Wenger he wld be wtihin your budget!

  4. Yippee Kai Yay

    ffs, chaps on the sky website there are season stats; link obviously goes into moderation (quite rightly so tbf).

    HIghlights include:

    Category Player/Team Total
    Top Shooter Robin van Persie (Arsenal) 119
    Top Passer Mikel Arteta (Everton/Arsenal) 2298
    Top Tackler Scott Parker (Tottenham) 106
    Most Dribbles & Runs Victor Moses (Wigan) 227
    Most Crosses Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland) 243
    Most Offsides Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham) 49
    Most Fouls Grant Holt (Norwich) 77
    Team with most fouls Everton 413
    Team with most shots Chelsea 448

    Goalkeepers Team Saves Saves/shots
    Hennessey Wolves 160 69%
    Vorm Swansea 121 74%
    Ruddy Norwich 115 70%
    Al-Habsi Wigan 108 65%
    Friedel Tottenham 103 73%

    Tacklers Team Tackles Success rate
    Parker Tottenham 106 71%
    Cabaye Newcastle 102 71%
    Dembélé Fulham 100 77%
    Figueroa Wigan 93 68%
    Fellaini Everton 91 84%

    Passers Team Passes Accuracy
    Arteta Everton/Arsenal 2298 91%
    Williams Swansea 2256 85%
    Yaya Touré Man City 2118 90%
    Modric Tottenham 2108 88%
    Rangel Swansea 2018 84%

    Goes to show how important Arteta has become, and how impotent song is defensively.

  5. Jeff

    The factors that have contributed to our decline are many. The most notable among them are:

    1. The indiscriminate but less than average wage structure that leaves little room for real talent to want to come in.

    2. Insistence on nurturing players from young which hasn’t really brought us any real benefit.

    3. Never paying more than about 15m for any player and that is if we really are stuck and desperate.

    4. Consistently awarding non-performers with more chances however badly they play.

    5. The owners taking a back seat and letting Wenger run the entire show.

    6. Too much reliance on what Wenger says.

    7. I would say insufficient investment in new players but I’m not sure Wenger would buy them even if he had an endless supply of money. It’s just not his way. While he indulges himself in deluded policies of fake grandeur, we the fans face another year of agonising over whether we want the club to do so badly as to cause Wenger to go or support it come what may and let the torture continue.

    8. Too many class players leaving without being replaced like for like.

    9. Always taking 3rd or 4th as “job done” and considering that to be a trophy.

    10. Never having to account for any of his mistakes because he knows he doesn’t have to; i.e. too much power.

    11. Wenger having God status not only among majority of fans but management and owners top to bottom.

    If you find yourself in a position where the above is true of any leader or any organisation, you can be assured of one thing (as history always shows); a collapse of either those in charge or the thing that they are in charge of. Hopefully it will be the former rather than the latter.

  6. andy

    ähm tackle stats are a little bit problematic in my view. you can see some pretty average teamplayers are in there as – of course – they have to tackle a lot more than the “better” teams with more possession. don´t believe everything you read or take it into perspective

  7. Huib

    So it seems that Vertonghen is on his way to the Spurs.
    In this Dutch interview Van der Vaart says that the deal is almost done.

    Personally I don’t feel sorry. I’ve been following Vertongen closely this season and he will fail in the Premier League. Just look for example at the goals against Ajax in the CL that Amauri scored. Vertongen is not able to deal with these kind of strikers.

  8. DaleDaGooner

    Best case scenario and common sense scenario is hold on to RvP, with Poldi in, Gervinho for half a season and Walcott, Giroud will not be bought, Chamakh and Park may be replaced by another unknown quantity….

    I’d think Suarez may be onthe cards but won’t happen.

  9. arsenal1886-2006

    Nice one mate, I would like to add something there.
    “5. The owners taking a back seat and letting Wenger run the entire show”.

    I believe the owners are terrified of a backlash from the AKB’s and fans in general if they did replace him and the new man failed, even just the thought of releasing him early from his contract is enough to scare them. He is almost fireproof around the Emirates and the best thing to do from the owners perspective is to let him see out his contract.
    The Arsenal board is pretty spineless when it comes to Wenger and when you read some of the other blogs you can see why. He has an enormous power base and a loyal, verging on fanatical fanbase.

  10. truegooner

    The racist wil b Barca bound far too good for Liverpool must be M Suarez – Williton is a much more worthy buy

  11. arsenal1886-2006

    sensible old chap May 3, 2012 19:22:04
    who the fuck is williton?

    Sounds like a pornstar with a big ol schlong…

  12. BacaryisGod

    As one of the more optimistic posters on here, why do I have this overwhelming sense of foreboding about the last two games of the season? Is it because I’m convinced that Spurs will roll over Villa and Fulham and we’ll fail to get maximum points from Norwich and West Brom? Probably. I’m not even concerned about Newcastle as I don’t think they can beat Man City. Chelsea have a 40% chance of beating Bayern Munich and knowing their luck in the Champions League I can see them scraping a win.

    It all comes back down to our lack of goalscoring options. If RVP is off-form, we have no obvious options and so we’ll be dependent on a moment of inspiration (maybe Vermaelen or Koscielny from a set-piece) or Gervinho finding a seam through the middle with a diagonal run.

    Regardless, the loss of Arteta has lead to a really poor run of form where we should have been safe by now after our earlier great streak.

    Right now, our odds of even a Top 4 finish are high, but our odds of making the Champions League are no better than 50-50. If we fail to make it, then Arsene will have to take responsibility for not investing in a true goalscoring option off the bench to be put on ahead of Chamakh, Park and even Oxlade-Chamberlain.

  13. Alex James

    Agree with Jeff. Wenger has too much power. I have supported the club since the dark days of George Swindon and Billy Wright, when Spurs, Man U and Wolves (I know!) were supreme. But at least the team put in a proper shift and played their hearts out. I’m afraid that this lot of overpaid mediocraty can only be relied upon to say that they feel as bad about things as we do and the rest of the tripe. Where does the fault lie – Wenger of course! What’s the betting that Podolski will be the one big signing and he will be asked to play as an overlapping wingback.? I have had enough of Wenger blaming refs, pitches and skulduggery to cover up his lack of invention. How can a great club like ours have ended up with only one person (plus Arteta) who can shoot straight? What a joke!

  14. SUGA3


    but will that be a surprise?

    seriously, there is no way one can leave potentially fatal flaws unaddressed and get away with it all the time, no?

    what is more, Wenger has actually been increasing the risk level by weakening the team every season, I hope everything pans out all right and he gets his ears clipped for doing that and then he is told to spend the money or piss off…

  15. kwik fit

    I really feel that Wenger should put Le coq in the Middle on Saturday . He need’s to ‘shake it up a bit’ to bring back a little bit of life and confidence to his side. Maybe also give the Ox a run out. We need life and cool head’s to carry this thing trough .
    The player’s could learn from our cool collected manager who never looses his nerve no matter how much pressure he is under.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    I hear a lot of rumours from people i work with in the City that Usmanov is most certainly getting on the board this summer. A good mate of mine is friends with a football agent, not a big time one deals in the Southampton sort of section but he said in February Arsenal are going through significant ‘managerial’ changes at the moment. I don’t think he meant Wenger so the two rumblings add up to Usmanov getting more clout (and so he should).
    Might be utter horse shit (as per) but it does add up. It’d be a great thing to get Usmanov who’ll no doubt appoint Dein as his Gazidis to sit on the board and the two ‘teams’ will counteract eachother. Gazidis will want to sell, sell, sell and go for profit whereas Dein/Usmanov want on pitch success at any cost.
    You should find a happy medium!

  17. kwik fit

    Usmanov once he get’s on the board will make all the right moves ( little perks etc) to gain control and take the yank out by making him an offer he can’t refuse. This could happen over the coming month’s. After he gain’s control we can only hope that he loosen’s the purse string’s and put’s the necessary pressure on le boss .

  18. BOOZY


    “It was a goal I had and now it’s been achieved. I have now won the leagues I wanted; that of my own country and the three most important in Europe. I have no ambition of winning a different championship. There is no other league that motivates me.

    yeah except winning the english league and champions league for arsenal.

    i tell you guys, maureen or pep secretly want to manage arsenal, but they are waiting for arsenal to make the move.

  19. BOOZY

    The first thing usmanov would do if he owns arsenal. would be sacking wenger – but i think wenger would resign immediately, if usmanov takes over.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Once Usmanov is on the board it’s game over for Kroenke. The guy is one of the richest most powerful men on earth! Right now legality is standing in his way (even that will yield) once he’s on the board that goes out the window. He gets boardroom rights.
    That’s what needs to happen, I’m not convinced by the Podolski signing, I for one will need a lot more convincing than a £10.9 Million signing that Wenger has changed and learnt his lesson.

  21. Bazza

    Pedro I think your love montage to RvP has worked, as he says he’s looking forward to playing alongside Podolski next season.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Boozy, yeah but right now it’s quite difficult. But this is a guy who has just grabbed hold of 50% of MegaFon after a protracted battle involving billions of dollars. MegaFon is like Russia’s Vodafone or O2, I think he can handle the toupee wearer

  23. Jeff

    We appear to have two types of owner when it comes to football clubs. The first type is the one that actually knows a thing or two about the game itself and has enough interest or passion to turn up at matches. I would say that of the top clubs who are owned by big names, ours (for some strange reason) is the only one who is of the second type. In other words he just wants a nice return for his investment and doesn’t really care how it is achieved.

    As such he doesn’t need to make an appearance, doesn’t have to understand the game and will not do anything to please the fans if there is no profit in it. So far as the owner is concerned, Arsenal have a tick all the boxes he’s bothered about.

    Anyone with half a brain knows that you don’t buy a football club to make your next billion. It is about glory, prestige and notoriety and that is exactly what makes other rich owners throw away millions upon millions trying to get the right set of players, the right sort of manager and the right sort of general staff that will give you that. Not so at Arsenal.

    We have been stagnating for 7 years now and the only bit of pride we can muster these days is that we can go so far and also turn a small but tidy profit; unlike most other clubs and that includes even some of Europe’s best.

    No I’m afraid Kroenke got completely the wrong end of the stick when he decided to buy Arsenal. He thought it was just another sports business with good potential to make money and on that front he wasn’t wrong. As for the fans and supporters (i.e. the paying customers), their interests, which seems be secondary to the overall purpose of owning the club, is winning trophies. We now know that it doesn’t really matter whether AFC wins trophies or not. All that matters is the bank balance. So it is safe to conclude that unless and until there is a change of ownership or attitude in the owners over how the club is run, neither will there be a change in our fortunes.

  24. Pat

    “If you ask the likes of Robert Pires how he feels, what he feels like he will say ‘I feel like a Gunner’ – and whatever happens with me I will always be a Gunner.”

    I find that last bit of the quote telling.

  25. David

    Arsene Wenger is Never GOING TO CHANGE!!

    Get the Man out of MY CLUB! PLEASE!!!!

    Now we are in a position where the second part of our signings will be to take care of the players who are injured and to get them back for the start of next season.

    “I think of course about Jack Wilshere, and about Abou Diaby. Per Mertesacker I think will be ready at the start of next season. Then, if you look at our squad, we have quite a big one and before we buy again we have to look at how many players we will have”

  26. Isaac

    Arsenal is Usmanov’s ticket to fame outside Russia. If he does get control we will be a force again. one can only hope!

  27. Pollux

    I still feel our LB position can be further strengthen. Santos is more like a LM to me. His positioning while defending sucks big time. Gibbs is seriously just average. He could not even get into the very poor England team (note: Pearce would want an unfit Wilshere,)

    What I’m really trying to say is there is definitely room for Ventonghen to join us. This Ajax captain would have easily command $15mil asking price if not of his contract situation.

    Wenger pls ensure that he is playing for us next season!

  28. Jeff

    A lot of people here are pinning their hopes on Usmanov riding to the rescue but I myself can’t really see how it can happen. There is obviously a sizeable degree of friction between Kroenke and Usmanov (given how the club was bought and Usmanov kept out in the cold) so I don’t think Usmanov is going to just roll over and pay way over the odds for shares just to get control.

    I feel it is more a case of playing the waiting game (and it could take a while depending on how soon Wenger will implode) and then of course once the real agenda becomes an issue (i.e. shares start taking a nose dive), then they will come to Usmanov cap in hand.

    The problem is the club needs so many changes that it amounts to a complete overhaul. Wenger has turned it into a family business running it like a father figure whose decisions and management no one dares to question because he has in effect become a cult figure. But we know one thing that will bring change and that is a financial collapse. Until that happens and as I said it could take a while, there will be no takeovers and no injection of large amounts of cash.

    AFC has become a family business which is just ticking over and it has large unsustainable overheads such as the huge undeserved wage bill and crazy contracts being handed out to his most “loyal but inept followers” such as Djourou and the most useless recent signing of all; Park. There are many others and we all know who they are.

    In order to clean out the rubbish, you have to break these contracts and sell the players at knockdown prices just so you can free up the wages. Once we’ve got rid of around something like 15 or more such players, that will show intent and even if we’re not in the champions league, players from other clubs will want to come to us because they know there is a chance they might win something and also receive the kind of remuneration that they deserve. If we can scout talented up and coming players as well, that is also fine.

    The current system at AFC has crippled the club. We don’t have fresh investment and the one or two world class players we have aren’t enough to win anything. Players like van Persie, and I like to think they do it out of loyalty to Arsenal and the fans rather than the manager, put a brave face on it and I’m sure they are torn between self and club. They can see what is wrong but can’t do much about it.

    So the upshot of all that is we have to wait. How long I don’t know but it can’t be much longer. Something will give and no amount of loyalty to Wenger will protect the status quo because it will be unsustainable. I feel we are currently running on fumes and it is just a matter time before the only power, even greater than Wenger, will come to the rescue and that is a financial meltdown.

  29. SUGA3

    IMHO, if Usmanov is allowed on board, it is the end of the road for Kroenke, there is a 12 month clause preventing him from selling the shares, once it lapses, we can sit back and enjoy the fireworks…

    all Kroenke’s posturing was aimed at keeping the share price at high level, he must know that Super Ali will have him for breakfast…

  30. Kwik fit

    “We wanted at least one target to be sorted out early. Now we are in a position where the second part of our signings will be to take care of the players who are injured and to get them back for the start of next season.

    “I think of course about Jack Wilshere, and about Abou Diaby. Then, if you look at our squad, we have quite a big one and before we buy again we have to look at how many players we will have.”

    It was always going to prove a challenge this summer to whittle the squad down and that hasn’t changed. And while some may choose to look on these comments in a negative way, the reality is that this Arsenal squad is large and does need something of a culling.

    Wenger has started already to dampen our enthusiasm !

  31. SUGA3

    he should be tin tacked just for the fact of thinking about Diaby fucking freeloading cunt…

    and there was me thinking that he has finally seen the light, but this bit goes to prove otherwise!

    fuck me, I would last longer on the pitch than that lanky twat and I am a fat bastard pushing 34 😆

  32. Jeff

    Kwik, you’re right. He is managing our expectations because he knows that for all the talk, rumour and transfer gossip; we don’t have much room to manoeuvre. We can’t afford to add any more to the wage bill unless we take some players off it and that isn’t likely to happen either. You know what a hoarder Wenger is when it comes to useless players. The players that leave do so because they choose to go and sometimes at a great personal backlash from the fans.

    I don’t blame Nasri or Fabregas for leaving. Why would they waste their career on a club that’s lost its way and is happy to just tick along with our very own newly created trophy called 3rd or 4th. Most players would not be happy with that. They want to lift something up and tour the city in a bus at the end of the season. Third or fourth is no longer good enough and even that will be in danger next year as we see increasingly other clubs challenging for those positions with inspired signings.

    This setup that we have now will not be able to compete next year. I consider it as something of a miracle that we were able to do so as well as we did this year. Suppose van Persie did not have the run of form that propelled us up the table? We would be languishing somewhere mid table now and Wenger would probably be preparing his resignation letter. As it is, fortune has smiled on us and van Persie has (single handed I would say) pulled us away from the abyss. That won’t happen again.

    I feel sure that this coming season will be the absolute last chance. If we win nothing again, we might well see Wenger go.

  33. SUGA3


    nah, I think Wenger should be told to ship a few of his babies and assemble the squad no later than by the end of June or pen the resignation…

    hoarding is typical for elderly, senile and a bit mental individuals, do we really want someone like that running a multi-million business?

    he really is becoming an embarrassment with his pressers and the touchline behaviour, and don’t even get me started on team selections, tactics, motivation, etc.

    you know what? fuck this, he should be sacked on the last day of the season!

  34. Jeff

    Suga, it’s frustration all round. Team selection, tactics, signings, wage bill. But it didn’t happen overnight. It has taken years and years of bad management (and I mean at all levels – not just Wenger) to bring it to this juncture. Obviously it will take some time to put right if the work begins now. But that drive to put it right hasn’t started and probably won’t start under Wenger.

    The fan base is still living in the past. They still think it’s just misfortune, player disloyalty and financial disadvantage that’s doing us in. In other words they are always looking to blame external factors when it is as plain as day that most of our problems are as a result of internal mismanagement and a series of flop signings not to mention the “I am right and you are all wrong” attitude by Wenger. How many more times will the results prove him wrong before the inevitable happens?

  35. SUGA3


    here on LG, we have been pointing out the gross mismanagement of the club in many aspects and on all levels pretty much for what, 4 years?

    if it is so blindingly obvious for people who have no access to books and all that shit, it begs the question, how idiotic are those who do and have a say!

    ever since Dein left, this club has been run by a bunch of amateurs, not sure if you saw this DD video:

    but if you didn’t, watch it and tell me if the club has not reverted to the pre-Dein era to an extent, obviously, you can’t reduce the size of the business, but it’s all about the mentality!

  36. Jeff

    Suga, that was very interesting. No I hadn’t seen that before but it’s very telling isn’t it. How do you motivate a 20 year old millionaire? Wenger doesn’t have that in him; not any more anyway. But yes we have suffered a certain degree of regression and it’s not the sort of thing you can remedy with a couple of new signings. The rot is much deeper.

  37. SUGA3


    quite honestly, I don’t think he had it in the first place, if you think about it: Wenger’s success was down to having a squad of experienced players with already instilled work ethic…

    the latter is something you are either born with, or learn it, and you will never learn it if your boss pays you stupid money, gives you payrises, praises you and comes up with excuses for your failures no matter what…

  38. bayo

    7 years have been sad, have complained over thesame thing over and over again. It is time to weight things not because u are not a true fan but if u keep doing thesame thing over and over again, it is called insanity. I cant keep wasting my life (arsenal takes an average of 3 hrs weekly) multiply that over a period of years, you would see the amount of time wasted on something unprofitable.

    Finally, no one should complain about any of the players. It is the MANAGERS fault to bring in useless players. Anyways like they say a manager creates create a team after his own image.