Arsenal target Yann M’Vila is a slapper | What would you say to make Van Persie stay?

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Welcome to Wednesday everyone. Fresh off the back of the signing of Podolski, rumours hit the newsfeeds that next on our list was Ajax defender Jan Vertonghen. As far as I could see, there was no basis for that rumour. It just seemed like people trying to make  a name for themselves on Twitter fueling the fire. Still, you’d have to say, if 3 years worth of rumours should equate to anything… it should be a damn transfer. It’s got to the point now where I don’t even care if his any good… I just feel he deserves a move.

Our other target, Yann M’Vila spent the night in the cells the other day. He assaulted a 17 year old at his home because he was betrayed. It’s rumoured he lent the lad his phone only to find out an hour later he’d updated his Facebook status with the following…

Yann M’Vila: likes boys…

This didn’t go down well with the fiercely heterosexual defensive mifielder and it ended in a good firm dry slap. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. I’m sure that it won’t stop us going in for him. Adebayor faced questions for slapping his girlfriend when he was at Arsenal… at least this was a bloke.

A lot of our summer transfer strategy is going to be dictated by our final resting place when it comes to this season. Norwich at the weekend needs to be a thumping win.

1) Because it’s the last home game of the season.

2) Because we need three points desperaetley

The Roy Hodgson England move is fantastic on many levels. Firstly, it means that Spurs shocker of a second half of the year wasn’t worth it even for Harry. His lack of loyalty has cost Spurs top four… if all goes to plan. The second great thing about this Hodgson move is that WBA have nothing to fight for and I’m pretty sure they’ll be taking the game with Arsenal very casually. Well, that’s what I’m hoping.

Congratulations to Hodgson though. If Arsene Wenger had capitualted in the same manner as Harry from a position of prominence, we’d all be calling for his head (luck for us, Wenger’s season was the other way round)… and we’d certainly be questioning his credentials as the England manager. Harry couldn’t stop the rot when it mattered. He’s been shown up as nothing more than a motivator and a terrible tactician. Is Hodgson the answer to England’s problems? No. But he’s managed the world over, he’s had some great runs with some poor teams on some low budgets and I’m sure he’ll probably work out better than Harry would. At least on the scandal front.

… and thank f*ck it wasn’t that muppet Pearce taking over the role. I just saw him arguing with a Burton cashier on Oxford Street.

‘Sorry Mr Pearce, you can’t take a suit back we’ve seen you wear 62 times on TV over the last 3 months’

He was fuming. At least he can go back to not combing his hair… and being a racist.

I managed to snare tickets to the Football Writers Awards on Thursday night. Robin Van Persie will obviously be there, so I’ll be making a beeline for him… I’ll make him sign up. I’d appreciate your ideas in the comments section on how. I was thinking about a poem or a mixtape or something. Then I thought I could bribe him with the female guest I’m taking… but that’s all a bit Roman. Anyway… ideas in the comments.

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I’ve stretched this post out long enough… see you on the section below.

P.S. I’ve been sent a song by @BillBone85 that he wants to get going for the last home game.

To the tune of “Thierry Henry”
In 2002, they laughed, we cried,
When Wenger said we’d have an unbeaten side
Two years on, the record was done
38 played, without losing one.
The greatest side you’ve ever seen,
Arsene Wenger’s invincible team.


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  1. El Tel

    Fucking Hell,

    Isnt this what football is all about. Competition time. If we get third then fantastic, if not then you fucking lot can have a field day to make you happy.

    Firstly I agree that we should dump Mr Wenger, however I dont want to see my beloved Arsenal hurting for this to have to happen.

    Now whats all this Cisse this and Cisse that bollocks. Yes He is on fire at the moment but it doesnt mean He would play like this for us. Maybe RVP the PLayer of the year and Leagues top scorer is the reason we didnt go for Cisse. Its a second striker we are after not a first striker as Robin is that man.

    Do you all think this Cisse chap was going to sign for us to get the odd game on the wing for the odd 15 minutes here or there.

    Before you start Podolski will play in the Arshavin role therefore He wont be our first choice striker as He will be in a different position.

    If Giroud is mentioned as a signing thhen start worrying as He is not young and I doubt He will want to sit on our bench. If He comes then RVP will be going.

    If Cisse is worth £50 million pounds then RVP is worth £100 million. Get real Guys we cant have ALL the best strikers and we cant have every player who happens to be firing hot.

    I didnt remember seeing anyone on here saying sign this Fella but you all want him to come now He has been banging them in for the Bar codes. I do seem to remember a few wanting Ba the other week when He was the main man for them.

    Gammon saying Pardew is better than Wenger says it all really, what a Manc supporting prick this tosser is.

    I dont usually insult anyone but everything He writes is about HIM and not the Arsenal. Who gives a fuck if He gets something right or not. What effect does any shit He writes have to do with Arsenal.

    Like it or not we have to be positive otherwise we will never be happy. If the Players screw up the last two games then have your fun and write more bollocks and slit your wrists and slag off our team. It gets you nowhere.

    Before anyone writes again about our ticket prices being the highest etc etc at least fucking pay for one first before moaning. If you do go and pay then you have a damn right to moan but most of you Guys never fucking go so shut the fuck up and play your silly football Manager games on your computers.

    We are not as cash rich as the Chavs or Citeh at the moment although the potential is there either by winning and progressing or letting Usmanov in.

    We should imo though be battling with the Mancsum as their Players are not much better than ours if at all and we are way behind them. I must add that without the Mancs weekly penalty or playing a weakened team or against ten men they have proved in recent weeks to be no better than us.

    Lets get behind the team for this weekend and the next and hope they do the business for us. Lets not put so much negative into it before a ball is kicked. If we do fuck up then I will be right behind you all in moaning and bitching and wanting change.

    To summarise. For me personally I would like to see us get third place and replace Wenger as early as possible no matter what as Wenger has the whole of the UK on his case just for being French.

    Lets also hope our next Manager whoever it may be is good enough to take us further than we have ever been before, because to better what we have done in the past we desperately need the CL trophy and the Premier league again.

    Remember going an whole season unbeaten is almost impossible to beat unless it is done with more wins and more points. Nobody will do this for a very long time to come.

    Up the Arsenal.

  2. El Tel

    Just read that Podolski hasnt met Wenger yet. Read into that what you will. Its unusual for Arsenal to sign a player with no contact at all from Wenger and He hasnt been to the Club.

    Is there an hidden agenda to this.

    Did an incoming Manager ask for him, did the board go behind Wengers back to sign him or did Wenger just tell Gazidis to buy him and get on with it.

    I do find this one very odd.

    All will be revealed in the near future.

  3. Bade

    Real took from the “best ever team” 1 Copa Del Rey and now 1 La Liga

    Without Pep, you can bank on Real and Jose retaining the title next season

    Oh, and that means Arsenal are fucked as the add-ons on the Cesc deal won’t come, so basically he’s going to bring us less than 30m pounds ….. Fucking genius deal we had there eh?

  4. zacharse

    Hey El Tel

    Koz or Kompany?

    Me personally, since I’m a fan of the arsenal, and also because I see heart on his sleeve more than anyone on the pitch, equal to verm & rvp I take Koz. I predict him to score 6+ goals next year and should verm & koz stay fit for the majority of the season, for the arsenals defense to be quicker and smarter and just as tough as anyone elses

  5. El Tel

    RVP apart Kosser has been our best player this year. Let down by the over rated TV imo. TV will do better playing as a defender first instead of getting caught out of position so often.

    The BFG and Kosser for CB pairing for me as they are more disciplied. TV can play in front of them as an old fashioned sweeper if Wenger is willing to give it a try.

    TV and Arteta instead Song as DMs. Let Song go further forward as He could be good if we are under pressure as He can drop deeper too. With pace and power up front and more work ethic from the forwards we could be strong next season.

    Would like to see more wingers getting involved in more matches and even Chamakh attack might be getting on to some crosses if He gets a run of games.

    Love RVP but dont think we would be relegated if He wasnt playing. I just belive other players would be getting more involved and a bit more hard work chasing around up front would make a massive difference.

    Fucking hate that pikey Rooney but He works so hard it makes up for his inefficiencies.

  6. El Tel


    I have been commenting on Le Grove for years but I read more than comment the past season and a bit as I get the prick ache of moaners who just play FM games and believe we can have whoever we want.

    This guy Gammon pisses me off with his Fergie love in and the Manc loving shit.

    I hate them more than any other as I dont respect cheating and see them getting favours EVERY match.

    If Sir fucking Govan Gob was such a gentleman why didnt he ban that diving cunt Young instead of saying I had a word with him. We then had that total knob head Neville get away with saying he dived a number of times when playing for them and justified how this was ok. The same cunt who put us down week after week when he was playing. Using the southern softie bollocks as their Mantra.

    Where was the union rep cunt Neville when Eduardo got called a diver. Oh yeh He probably started a campaign against us.

    I read untold Arsenal a lot these days too and they show many interesting stats that back up what many many Gooners think about cheating in football.

    Wenger always gets called a moaner too when he calls for technology and fresh ideas. Some on here went into one the other day quoting tradition and bollocks.

    Well Rugby, Cricket and Tennis all have a longer history than Football and they changed for the better.

    It balances up at the end of the season is the most ridiculous thing ever said as it is just not true. With the Refs dont decide matches comment running it a close second.

    Of course the Refs make a difference. The tight match where you get a dodgy penalty or free kick the offside that should or shouldnt have been and much worse the influencing a certain teams chances by slowing the flow of a match as Wigan did the other week. Of course Wenger git cunted on here for telling it straight, as He did the Milan pitch which Pep also complained about.

    The reason I want Wenger to go is because He cant possibly win. If He sits there he gets called a cunt who doesnt care if He rants and raves He gets called a sour loser cunt who has lost the plot. My reason though is because He is French and the racist cunts in this country will NEVER accept him.

    Getting back to changing the rules, I would like to see players who get a red card punished against us not to benefit whoever their team plays next.

    I dont have stats but checknout how many Manc matches have been played where their opposition has a suspended player. ( Refs influence again).

    I can think of Scott Parker for one. He gets sent off very late in the game against us then misses the ( You guessed it) Mancs match.

    Last season I saw Vidic punch the ball away from RVPs head, a sending off all day long. What happened. The Ref played on with no punishment, No Penalty No sending off.

    Next game the bloke scores the goal which won them the title. You couldnt make this shit up.

    Football is bent, get used to it until Sky and the Media are truly exposed and we all get to play on a level playing field.
    thats why Wengers latest rant is for a panel to over rule the Refs as this way they will not be able to cheat and hide behindntheir crazy decisions to help their beloved Manc cunts win the league with a piss poor team.

    They were not always the biggest team in the world, Sky helped them to this level as Liverpool were the kiddies back in the old days.

    Bring on technology.

    Got to go bed Guys as I work nights and the trolls are waking up.

    Take care all of you. I share your pain and just to let you know I have missed on average 2 games per season for the past 18 years and not many more in the ten years before that.

    Come on you Gunners.

    Keep believing Pedders and Geoff.

    Until the fat art squawks.

  7. Geoff Wood

    As I see it, we can still get overtaken by Newcastle, the chavs and the spuds.

    We really need to win both our last two games to make sure or we could end up 6th.

    Think about that!

  8. stonroy

    one change to that poem, it’s “ARSENALS invincible team” not Wengers. I’m sick and tired of everyone making him bigger than the club.

  9. SUGA3

    oh well, we will get to see what this team is made of, eh?

    both Norwich and WBA will come to play, not park the bus, both have fuck all to play for, so it is all about us…

    if we can’t beat them both when the need arises, we don’t deserve to be in CL, plain and simple!

  10. SUGA3

    and oh, El Tel, finishing out of the CL places will not make us happy, as we will definitely lose RvP and won’t be able to attract the players of required quality if that happens!

  11. Maciek


    Even if we qualify to the CL, we won’t sign an y quality players, aside from Podolski.

    Fergie and even Harry will sign quality and as usual we will sign some unknown, French, average at best players.

    As long as Wenger is in charge nothing will change. I even tend to think that he is wasting our money lately. Gervinio, Santos, Mertesacker, to name a few. They didn’t have an impact. And he has wasted money on dross players (Fabianski, Denilson, Chamakh, Park, Diaby, Djourou,Walcott).

    We should give at least 50 milion to spend, but to a world class manager and sadly Wenger isn’t a top manager.

    A tak poza tym, jak leci kumplu? Pozdrawiam!

  12. SUGA3


    niezle, nie narzekam, odliczam czas do mistrzostw, na ktore przyjezdzam z dzika banda :)

    IMO, we will have a bit of movement in the transfer window, I will be happy with M’Villa and Vertonghen on top of Podolski, would jizz my pants if we got Hazard, but it’s just a pipe dream…

  13. SUGA3

    qualifying for CL is pivotal, we cannot hope for any change otherwise…

    problem is that the only player keeping us at the top is RvP, take him away and we are in the bottom half of the table!

  14. Bade

    Mr Wood 2

    I’d agree with you, bar the Chavs thing

    They’re 5 points arrear of us, with 2 games left

    We won’t get 1 point out of two games

  15. SUGA3


    1 point out of 2 games can still see us finishing below Chavs if they improve their GD by mere 4 goals as it is, 3 or less if you consider that for us to get just 1 point we would have to draw one and lose one by at least a goal…

  16. Pedro

    Glad to see you’re backing Hoilett… I’ve been told we’re really serious about him and he didn’t move in Jan to get to Arsenal.

    People just don’t like him because he’s playing at Blackburn