Exclusive (seriously exclusive & candid) Bacary Sagna interview

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So today’s post has been taken care of by Bacary Sagna. He is an ambassador for the Charity Grassroot Soccer. They use the power of football to teach kids to make the right decisions in life. I met Nik Haigh, the European Director of the charity in Covent Garden a few months ago and I loved the concept of using the positive message of football to help create an AIDS free generation.

The fact that this Charity has Bobby Pires and Alex Song gives it even more appeal. They’re not a big flashy organisation but they are passionate about what they do. All three of the Arsenal players are desperate to do whatever they can to promote the cause and they all do it for free… something I know first hand can’t be said of other ambassadors.

Anyway, do check out the links and share this article around. It’s a very candid interview and I want to say a bit thanks to Nik Haigh for making this happen.

Enjoy! (Bear in mind, these questions were sent before the Spurs game!)

You’re back in the team and playing well again. How confident are you about Arsenal making top four this season?

I am feeling confident. We had a slow start to the season. The players were just as frustrated as the fans. But, with hard work we turned things around. Playing together on a regular basis has helped a lot.

Who are the key players who make the team work well?

Robin Van Persie is a strong leader. He has had a really big impact on the team this season on and off the pitch. He is a role model for everyone. Thomas Vermaelen is a warrior. He demonstrates through his actions that if in life if you want something you have to fight every day for it. Just look at the run he made to score the winner against Newcastle.

Do you think we have a chance of overturning Spurs?

Yes, done!

The defense has come under heavy criticism this year. What is the club working on in training to rectify the problems?

We work on training every day. We progress day by day, game by game. We want to be the best. To be the best you must improve every day. After every game I replay in my mind certain moments. I try to learn from my mistakes.

Who is the best player you’ve ever trained with and why?

Fabregas: he was just born to play football. He is so talented; his ability to pass the ball is second to none.

Out of the Arsenal greats, who is you favorite former Arsenal player?

Robert Pirès: not because he is French and not because he is a Grassroot Soccer Ambassador! I love his creativity. He is also very determined. Due to an injury he didn’t go to World Cup 2002, and that year he won Player of the Season at the PFA awards. It was a tough moment but he came back from it. He didn’t give up. His actions inspired me this season to make my return.

How was it to have Thierry Henry back at the club for his brief stint?

“Magic”. It was a Christmas gift to Arsenal. Everyone learned a lot from him. Right from the first game he inspired everyone.

You’re widely regarded as the best right back in the league. Outside Arsenal players, which defender do you admire the most and why?

Rio Ferdinand: he is a very smart player, very clever in how he positions himself on the pitch. You have to be clever to play at such a high level consistently over many years.

Which part of your game do you work on the hardest?

Defense: I am a defender so I have to defend first. I always want to play the perfect game. That way I can help to put the team in a place to win.

Who is you biggest supporter?

My dad has always been a big supporter. He and I speak after every match. We have been doing this since I was a boy. Back then I was a striker. Even in matches where I scored three goals he would tell me what I did wrong and how I could improve. I was not looking forward to talking with him after the Wigan match! When I was a kid I almost stopped playing soccer. I started to get distracted by things my friends were doing. My dad helped me to stay focused.

You’re an ambassador to Grassroot Soccer. What attracted you to the project?

I lost someone close to me. It focused my mind and made me want to give back – I realize how important projects like Grassroot Soccer are. You always hear about charities, but not often do you feel a personal connection to one. I’ve been to Africa lots since I was a kid. I have seen many kids and people suffering. I want to show my support for them. I want them to know that we share things in common. I went to school too and I am still learning like them. We are on the same team, the Grassroot Soccer team.

Were you attracted because the charity uses soccer?

It was not just about soccer. Although I like that soccer is part of the solution. It was because Grassroot Soccer works. They have respected supporters, such as the Gates Foundation. And they partners with schools, hospitals and local leaders. I always look to associate with people I respect. I very much respect the people who run Grassroot Soccer. One of the founders is Methembe Ndlovu. I have spent some time with him. He played on the Zimbabwe National team. He has now dedicated his life to helping children in his country as the director of Grassroot Soccer Zimbabwe.

Methembe Ndlovu, Grassroot Soccer Founder with Sagna

What is your role for the Charity?

I am an Ambassador for Grassroot Soccer. I do as much as I can. I am no different from anyone else involved in the charity. I attend board meetings and give my feedback on how the charity can improve. It is like a team, we are always trying to get better and provide the youth participants with the best support possible. I am very proud to be part of Grassroot Soccer.

How can we help?

You can all help by raising awareness for Grassroot Soccer through twitter and your social networks. You can give money to support our work: www.grassrootsoccer.org. You can also play sport – Grassroot Soccer is all about encouraging young people to be active and make healthy, responsible decisions on and off the pitch.

With Eboue now at Galatasaray, who is the funniest person in the dressing room?

Alex Song: he is very easygoing and funny. He is always smiling and having fun with the players. But, when the game starts he is focused and works so hard. He covers a lot of ground. He is also an Ambassador for Grassroot Soccer.

Which players do you socialize with most often?

Kieran Gibbs: we are both young and we get on very well. We train a lot together and have got to know each other better through that.

Johan Djourou: he is from Switzerland and speaks French. He was the first one who chatted with me and supported me when I first arrived at Arsenal – I had very little English when I first arrived.

Which youth team player excites you the most?

Benik-Afobe. He reminds me of Drogba. He is very strong.

Which team do you enjoy playing against the most?

I love playing against Spurs at home: the stadium is on fire, people dancing and singing. For players it’s like magic.

What do you like about playing in England?

The fans are so passionate. I love that. And I love how they stay true to their home clubs. You often see three generations of one family all supporting a club together.

Who is going to win this summer’s European Championship?

Spain will be a tough opponent. So will Germany. And of course we on the French National team will do everything we can to win – we need to express ourselves on the pitch.

What is something fans might not know about you?

I love to play chess. I started playing when I was a kid in school. It is very relaxing.

Many thanks to the people at Grassroot Soccer for providing this interview. If you could do your bit and share this article out on your social platforms, that would be marvellous.

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  1. Sleek

    Odemwingie isn’t Arsenal quality? Because he’s African? Have you ever watched him play? Chamakh and Park are I believe. He’s way better than the likes of Walcott, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park Chu Noooo, Arshavin, Bendtner. Should I go on?

  2. Azed

    Well i for one aint impressed with the Podolski signing cos i don’t think he’ll make it.
    Oh by the way hope it ain’t Au Revoir RVP?

  3. gambon


    He’s much better than Walcott or Gervinho, so it cant be a bad thing.

    If he’s RVPs replacement I will personally throw Wenger over Beachy Head.

  4. goondawg

    eedsgunner – It’s not even about appearing suitable to Hazard with our playing style anymore.. Man city if they beat utd, are on hand to win a title and qualify for champions league with a host of world class players and can offer the highest wage packages available, Man utd also with a rich history, they are still living every bit of it, whilst we literally are history, and they are not struggling to make top 4 like we may be doing. Our next two games are of vital importance and must-wins. But if I was Hazard, I would laugh at our mocking low wages offer and would not be crazy enough to contemplate a club in decline. Would anyone in their right mind pick content with 4th Arsenal over these other giants?

  5. Sleek

    Azed you don’t think he’ll make it or you don’t want him to make it? He’s a fucking German international! He’s already made it.

  6. Azed

    I know he is wayyyyyyyy better than those you mentioned but do you trust Wenger to admit after one season that Park and Gervinho are chaffs?
    Going by recent history, when Wenger signs a player of Podolski’s calibre, its usually to replace a better player not a poor one.
    Last player Wenger bought that was better than the incumbent was Sagna(Eboue)

  7. gambon

    Hazard is 10x the player Aaron Ramsey is, hence he deserves to earn 10x more, but he doesnt even want that much.

    He is also 10x the player Rosicky/Diaby/Benayoun is.

    Thats why he wants big money.

    A&N obviously prefers to watch average players cos he finds it easier to cope with their salaries (Not that it should matter in the slightest to a fan)

  8. albo

    Great news about Podolski. Now its official we can all pretend it was the world’s worst kept secret, but I think its fair to say you can’t be certain til it’s official.

    Fingers crossed he’s more an AA replacement than a possible cover if RvP goes…

  9. gambon

    Oh, just for Keyser lets update the Hazard vs Theo comparison.


    Goals 17
    Assists 14


    Goals 8
    Assists 11


  10. Bouldy's Left Testicle

    We actually HAVE signed a CAM in Holtby. And Suarez, who can play in every position in attack.

    Add Podolski to that and then pray negotiations with Rennes pans out like we hope. Real Madrid are out, I’ve learnt, so we really iz in a strong position on this one!

    And I think the interest reported in Vertonghen and Mbiwa is very much true(!)

    I’m actually excited about this summer.

    gosh, jolly oh.

  11. SDE

    Hazard is a whore and whores earn their money at whore houses (Man City)


    And we @Arsenal(pimps/traffickers),do a rip-roaring trade with the the whorehouses(Man City)..Selling them our talents for a nice juicy price..

  12. Azed

    Sleek April 30, 2012 14:05:21

    Azed you don’t think he’ll make it or you don’t want him to make it? He’s a fucking German international! He’s already made it.
    I don’t think he would cut it in the EPL..
    FFS Park is south korea’s captain, Gervinho is an Ivory coast international, Walnutt is an England international.

  13. Arse&Nose©

    I’ve watched whole Lille games objectively. It is safe to say Hazard is often the best player on the pitch , even though his involvement is in flashes. However I don’t rate him as some footballing demi-god.

  14. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    News just in: Arsenal.com has been illegally hacked into today claiming a new signing. We are in the process of updating the site back to its previous state. Please bear with us…

  15. kapslock

    Podolski good signing. Don’t think it’s intended to be an RVP replacement, rather a signing that may sweeten RVP to sign on. Objective is obviously to get 3rd place wrapped up, sign some players and get RVP’s signature before Euros. Lot of work still to be done.

  16. SDE

    Arsenal Toujours
    And English football is not corrupt? News just to hand … Harry Redknapp not even interviewed for the England job … I wonder why?

    Why would you contemplate interviewing a bloke,like Harry,in the first place..?Give the baggage he carries..

    Anyway,why would you even begin to interview a guy,who apparently can’t read,or write & wants £7 million..

    Would you interview such a guy & pay him a ridiculous fee-of £ 7 million-given he can’t read & write..& has won bugger all in 30 years of management(bar 1 FA Cup)..

    If you would,then I would say you’re the corrupt one,or just not switched on!!

  17. gambon

    Imagine having these 2 teams:













  18. SDE

    2 teams look great,but 2 problems..
    The presence of song & wenger..Omission of these two & you’re talking!!

  19. Keyser

    Did you factor the 10X there, of the 2X for playing in what you think’s a shit league.

    Plus what do you think of Citeh’s interest there gammy.

  20. kapslock

    For £45 million we could have a front 3 of Podolski-RVP-Hazard. That alone would scare any team in the world including the likes of Madrid/Barca. Unfortunately, our manager is a cheap cunt and will sacrifice the signing the likes of Hazard and go sign someon from the French Ligue 2 a la Park Chu. Fucking wanker

  21. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    The board are getting clever in their old age. Sign someone early, quicker/higher return on season ticket holders renewals…

  22. Keyser

    Yeah, ICE said recently I think that Hazard was willing to take a paycut and force a move to Arsenal last year, but Wenger went for Gervais.

  23. Leedsgunner

    We need proven players. Granted that will usually mean older players but notnecessarily. For me Yann M’vila will be a huge statement of intent for us because from the glimpse I’ve seen of him playing for France he is becoming a talisman for their national side. The whole Hazard saga is a farce from beginning to finish and IMO can be placed beside the C. Ronaldo as a catastrophic missed opportunity for our club.

  24. Eyeball Paul

    Great news about Poldolski.

    Hopefully Wenger has learnt from last year’s shambles, and wil get some more quality signings done early.

    I hope Robin does delay signing up until the end of the summer transfer window. This will at least put some pressure on Wenger.

  25. Ben Donnelly

    For fucks sake we sign a 1 in 2 German international, a 26 year old with experience and a hammer of a left foot and it’s moan moan moan.
    Even if rvp does go at least we will have started to put some fire power in place and if he doesn’t I expect defences might quake a little more than when they see onion head lining up.
    Gambin If wenger took you to a whore house and bought you a blowy you’d still be unhappy. We all feel like arsenal suck a bit at the moment but it ain’t all bad

  26. BOOZY

    its funny that some of the same fans who criticize other fans for blaming wenger for not signing experienced players, are now the ones rejoicing the most for this podolski deal( Not on this blog )

    AKBism is an illness, that affects the brain.

  27. Leedsgunner

    Pedro to be fair to Geoff he was only reacting to years of psychological abuse meted out by the AFC board and AW come every transfer window/ season ticket renewal season. Can a leopard change his spots… Albeit a French one?

  28. Gunner2301


    Are you arse licking to get on there? :) It looks they hand selected a load of positive tweets. I hate that if their going to post tweets take them in their natural form the good with the bad. That’s no slight on you unless your an AKB?

  29. Bade


    I’d advise you to wait until the summer’s off

    Podolski alone would be nothing, even if we keep Robin

    This squad needs a serious makeover, let’s hope it’s done the right way

    Otherwise, you’ll be facing a hell on here, and Twatter …..

  30. Bush Gooner

    After the Podolski deal I think, IMO, we can achieve the following goals IF we bring in the right players.

    Podolski = 3rd place
    Podolski & Vertonghen = 3rd & CC
    Podolski, Vertonghen & M’villa = 2nd place, CC and FA Cup
    Podolski, Vertonghen, Mvilla & Hazzard = FA Cup, EPL & CL (Play reserves for CC games)

  31. RodneyK

    @Pedro Great post. Enjoyed reading Sagna’s interview. I had no idea he was a striker in a previous life. If we had a player in every position with his level of commitment and endeavour, we’d be challenging for trophies every season! You may have to clarify which came first though; the interview or the game against Spurs.
    As far as our remaining games are concerned, Wenger and the team know what to do – get 6 points and we stay third, regardless of whether or not Chelsea, Newcastle and Spurs slip up. Arsene’s weak mentality has infected many of the fans (like gazzap) who’s shamelessly hoping our rivals slip up when we know exactly what to do.

  32. Herkules

    Surely there’s a bookmaker somewhere in London who will give me odds on Podolski being injured at the EUROs…… perhaps 4/1?

  33. Leedsgunner

    Is Odemwingle available now on the cheap since Hodgson’s on his way to the Euros? I rate him as a proven Premiership player… Would be a useful option to bring on when we are chasing for the win… Better than Chamakh like the other match against Stoke for goodness sake!!!

  34. Al

    Wow how nice is it to have a signing already confirmed for the following season….real competition for places and hopefully the end of Walcott being a guarenteed starter.

  35. SDE

    The sticking point for the FA,in considering whether to interview Harry,was his huge financial demands..

    Harry intimated through sources,that he had 2 women in his life,whose lifestyle he had to maintain to a high level..Maintain them in a way,that both females had become accustomed to..

    The FA asked the source-“Who are these two women..”?

    The source replied”Well,firstly his missus-the wife & rosie-the dog!”

  36. Khalid Mahmood

    Odemwingle – I’d go for him IF we can’t get Matias Suarez or Giroud

    Someone earlier said we’r getting Holtby? I haven’t seen no links or anything about this all season

    Its obvious we need a AM because Rosicky gets tired after 70mins and he’s on the wrong side of 30 and Ramsey is not up to it. We need an AM who can run at players with pace and the player who will come to us if we offer £20m is BenArfa…..some of his goals this season have been immense!!!!

  37. Gee

    Gambon i would normally agree with most of what you have to say but the city ass licking baffles me. Sticking up for balotelli the man who has never heard of jack wilshire and tried to end sagna’s career, not to mention the rest, and by the way the story about the homeless man turned out to be false. Sticking up for nasri ? Wouldn’t know were to start there. And yes all teams do tap up but city along with barca take the piss. Arsenal are a successful club, we expect to win trophies as we have a tradition of winning. City don’t, ya’d think their support would be more grateful. 7 years without a trophy and watch wenger slowly destroy our club and we still fill the emirates most weeks

  38. Leedsgunner

    One way to guarantee RvP’s signature for the next little while — get his recommendation on who he would like at the club and build the team around him… Why not? Is it too simplistic way to looking at this. Clearly he’s holding out to see who the club brings in before he signs. Just a thought.

  39. Rob The Goon

    Top post today!

    And bloody hell…we have actually signed Podolski…wow!

    Has the penny finally dropped for Arsene???

  40. Rob The Goon

    And are there any silver members here?

    recieved an email from Arsenal to renew and prices have gone up….again!!

  41. SDE

    “Arsenal are a successful club, we expect to win trophies as we have a tradition of winning.”

    Correction..Arsenal were a successful club..!!

  42. SDE

    “Arsenal are a successful club, we expect to win trophies as we have a tradition of winning.”

    Correction again..”We had a tradition of winning”

  43. Rob The Goon

    I know the FA are a shambles but they made the right choice by picking Woy Hodgson…good luck to him

    Harry for the sack!

  44. SDE

    Lurch Le Rouge
    £11m for Poldi is a cracking deal.

    Would he still be a cracking deal if RVP left?
    And our other striker(s) left was Chamakh & Park?.

  45. Lurch LeRouge


    Sorry I personally don’t see the point in constructing cliched negative scenarios like that. it hasn’t happened, so what are you striving to achieve exactly? a point thats already been made 3000 times over the past 4 years?

    if what your suggesting comes to pass I’ll be happy to moan about it, until then its pointless constructing these vignettes just so you can claim ‘I told you so’, because its all been said before.

  46. BOOZY

    i’ve been doing some you tube on podolski. and he could be a great signing..
    i dont know how wenger is going to use him though.

  47. Bade


    Arsene always said he does his business early on or late on

    Let’s hope the Podolski one has another few to follow, otherwise it has no effect

  48. WengersSweeties


    I really don’t think Van Persie is going anywhere, I think we have to believe that and he even said he wants to sign on so I don’t have the worries I did with Cesc…

    Pleased Podolski has been signed early and we can concentrate on others now…

  49. Bade


    Lurch cracked you with a massive backhand there

    It’s a cracking deal, regardless what with pan out with Robin

    He shouldn’t be Robin replacement for sure, even the hard core AKBs won’t argue about it. But this has nothing to do with it being great deal by itself.

  50. Bade


    Reading your posts is always a bit of English lessons for me, which is great (confluence always springs to mind)

    Keep up son ….

  51. Rob The Goon



    I really hope Podolski isn’t the only signing, hopefully a few more will come in before the Euro’s…

  52. gambon

    I think/hope Wenger wants to play with 2 strikers in the front 3, and one out to in attacking mid/playmaker type.

    Therefore it would make sense to sign someone that can do on the left what Walcott is supposed to do on the right.

    We look tighter and better in position when Benayoun plays instead of Gerboue on the left.

    If thats the case I would like to see us sign a right sided playmaker & a striker to back up RVP. Hazard & Ba would be my top choices, but i think Wenger likes Giroud.

    Then our options would look like:

    Left – Podolski & Benayoun
    Right – Walcott & Hazard
    Centre – RVP & Giroud

    That would mean we have 2 proper CFs, 2 wide options that are strikers and can make a 4-4-2 with RVP when chasing a game, and 2 AMs that are deployed wide.

  53. @K_Swiss147

    Podolski is a fast, powerful striker who can also play on the left wing. His pace makes him a threat to play in crosses, but he is most naturally at home in the centre, where his cannon of a left foot and lethal finishing can best be showcased. He failed at Bayern when he was younger, and it is quite clear that he needs motivation and emotional investment to succeed: it was his love for his hometown of Koln that made him a massive success. But with his side struggling and his age only increasing, the 26-year-old had little choice but to move. Arsenal are a good fit for him, and he could be a great success there. And for Arsene Wenger, the move is perfect: the trainer gains just what he has been looking for in a versatile attacker who can serve as a reliable secondary scorer alongside Robin van Persie

  54. Lurch LeRouge

    Im glad you started including Yossi in our ‘long term’ future Gambon.

    He’s really setting a standard for professionalism in the squad, give me triers like that 8 days of the week over precocious talent.

  55. Bergkamp63

    Podolski, Nice start but don’t start getting a bonar just yet. Let’s see what the next 4 or 5 signings are before blowing our load.

    It could be smart timing to get fans to renew again and by all accounts, they have put the prices up yet again !!

    Coincidence ?

  56. gambon


    I dont think this is a wenger signing, its got Gazidis all over it.

    Wenger had transfers taken out of his hands after the farce last summer.

  57. Lurch LeRouge


    Podolski not a Wenger signing?

    any other clues?

    I mean with Shava theres a case to be made about his lack of stamina and AW’s Euro comments and Gadzidis wanting to make a name for himself but that powerplay seems to have been settled during the season. IG has had nothing to say all season really, he’s kind of dropped off the radar. If you compare this time last season he was all over the press…

    you might be right but think we’d need more evidence than the farce of last summer.

  58. Eyeball Paul

    Rob The Goon April 30, 2012 16:13:37

    And are there any silver members here?

    recieved an email from Arsenal to renew and prices have gone up….again!!

    Yes, I had an e-mail 3 days ago. It doesn’t say how much it is though. I will renew anyway, as it’s back to square one otherwise.

  59. SDE

    Lurch Le Rouge
    if what your suggesting comes to pass I’ll be happy to moan about it, until then its pointless constructing these vignettes just so you can claim ‘I told you so’, because its all been said before.

    I asked a question,any other rational person would ask,given wenger’s track record..

    The whole point of raising such a question/scenario was for this signing to be taking in context..

    If you re-read the question..?

    Either way,my point was let’s see at the end of the transfer dealing window,whether vast improvements have been made in the transfer window.If so then in line with what you said..£11m for Poldoski would be a cracking deal

    As far as I’m concerned one swallow,does not make a summer..

    Trust me,it would not be claiming according to you “I-told you so..”,come 31st Aug 2012,if it turns out that the Poldoski deal was the only noteworthy signing..
    Far from it…I would just pity the individuals that continue to give wenger the benefit of the doubt,every season…,every transfer window..
    It would appear,that history would have taught some of us nothing..

  60. SDE

    Lurch Le Rouge

    And anyway,if a zoomaster comes along & chucks me a banana to keep me quiet..I might in the beginning jump up & down like a demented crazed monkey..

    But after sometime,I’m afraid he’s gonna have to chuck me something more than just a banana,not only to keep me quiet,but garner my interest at the very least…

    Let’s just hope poldoski,isn’t the banana wenger is chucking to the monkey’s out there!!

  61. @K_Swiss147

    I think they’re just trying to boost season tickets renewal. Scammers! When they hit the target, Wenger shuts up shop, then wiggles his nose at you on camera and tell you how ‘difficult’ it is to get ‘quality’ players at the right price…!

  62. Tiger

    Amazing news!!! A couple years ago I remember thinking to myself that we need a few germans on the squad— tough tenacious and talented players… I wanted Podolski, Bastian, Lahm, and Per

    Weve got two of those 4 and I’m ecstatic… Now we just need to win 2 more games to complete a decent season (had higher hopes but FFS it hasnt been an easy season by any means)

    Cmon Gooners

  63. Lurch LeRouge


    it was a statement veiled as a question sure, but I don’t see the ‘rational’ quota in it.

    It was a typically glass half empty rhetorical question. It answered itself by simple virtue of it tone, so you weren’t really asking me anything at all but making a statement to the effect of cynical scenario that I can’t be arsed getting dragged into, i’m already bored writing this much if I’m honest.

    no offence but I’d rather celebrate the fact that we’ve got a great new player in the squad than use it as the proverbial albatross to stone Wenger with.

  64. Bergkamp63

    Just been looking at lpod’s stats as at 15th April,

    He has been scoring 1 in 4 overall (compared to TH14’s 1 in 2), which was also his % when he was at BM so not too bad but not prolific.

    His International form seems to have gone off the boil a little:

    7 in 16 2008
    6 in 9 2009
    5 in 14 2010
    1 in 12 2011

    his League form is pretty good though over the last 2 seasons and particularly this season:
    13 in 32 2010/11
    18 in 28 2011/12

    Lets see how he does in the EPL.

  65. Rob The Goon

    I do agree that the announcement of the Podolski deal seems well timed…but i’ll renew regardless of whether we sign someone else or not

  66. Geoff

    Pedro, I think I always said we haven’t signed him and I will believe it when I see it.

    Even a blind Squirrel occasionally gets an Acorn.

    Signing him is a start, signing him and losing RVP would be a disaster.

    Signing him, Hazard, M’Vila, Vertonghen as well will make us world class.

    Oh and selling Park, Squillaci, Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh and Gervinho as well as all the young players that will never make it will make me believe in this manager again.

    Then and only then would I offer you an apology, Pedro!

  67. SDE

    Lurch Le Rouge
    Fair enough,but my ire is no longer directed at wenger,if you’ve followed my posts over the past few days..
    & I was not attempting to get involved in some verbal diarrohea spat about the poldoski signing..

    So,if my question irked you somewhat..

    I could phrase it another way,so as not to gatecrash your party..

    With the poldoski signing & Pepe & Usmanov coming in as manager & owner respectively..Could we realistically challenge for the title(s) next season?

    Yeah,then I would have something to spazz over & be in glorious heaven..

  68. Arse&Nose©

    Gambons hypothesis:

    If it is positive news around the club it is positive in-spite of Wenger. If there is negative news around the club it is always Wenger’s fault.

  69. SDE

    And you are stuck in the cage,feasting on the monkey droppings!!

    Cos’ you’re easy to please & will take anything to be your zoomaster’s-pet..

  70. BillikenGooner

    I like getting a new player who has known quality.

    I will be more excited when I start hearing about certain players going away though.

  71. gambon

    Heard from an inside source that in the 1998, 2002 & 2004 seasons Wenger wasnt allowed in the dressing room, David Dein did all the team talks.

    Ditto on the training ground.

    100% fact.

  72. Lurch LeRouge

    Irked? I couldn’t be cooler if my sack was sat in a bucket of ice, so nothing’s been gatecrashed SDE, this is what we do here.

    Alas I’m not up to speed with your posts, if im not posting it means im not here. I don’t sit around reading comments and not engaging, that would be a bit weird no? akin to voyeurism. All I can do is respond to the text put in front of me, as for verbal diarrhea? some might argue your well skilled in the art, but like most things it comes down to perspective doesn’t it.

    as for superAli? nothing I’d like more than the fat oligarch to swoop down from on high…


    pepe superAli and Poldi?

    yup we’d compete for titles.

  73. Keyser

    STD – Why are any of us in a cage ?

    I’ve got just got myself a couple of Strawberry Jam doughnuts from Greggs.

    Want one ?!

  74. SDE

    After being fed a succession of rotten banana’s- I think a few more eclairs..would be needed to get my attention..

    Put it this way..a bloke continuously cheats on his missus..
    And he continuously offers a raft of excuses,ranging from he was drunk,to being under work pressure,to mid-life crisis..etc,etc.

    I hardly thing taking your missus for a 4-course meal at Nando’s,is hardly going to to cut it with her..

    Maybo Nobu’s,followed by a romantic trip to the seychelles.A diamond ring from Tiffany’s& a prized merc on the driveway,might just get you back into her favourite books again..

  75. Bergkamp63

    I wan’t City to win and a thriller to watch but got a sneaky feeling it’s going to be an anti climax with all the build up.

    I can see this being a tight edgy affair ?

  76. Geoff

    Excellent Pedro!

    What most ambitious teams spend on players and I’m not saying it’s write, then I think what Podolski cost, I’m excited, but not over the top.

    Hazard last year would have cost €20mil, so rather than spending that we spend €11mil on Gervinho, frankly more often than not, you get what you pay for.

  77. BOOZY

    wenger gives a list of players he would like.

    gazidis handles the deals

    if arsenal system worked like this we would have been winning titles long ago.

    i dont know why a coach should be allowed to determined the right price for a player.

  78. SDE

    I’ve got just got myself a couple of Strawberry Jam doughnuts from Greggs.Want one ?!

    Unfortunately I don’t do low-grade Greggs stuff keyser..
    Not my standard really..that’s why you’re so easy to please..

    I get my doughnuts from Waitrose..You should try it..qood qualideee stuff..

  79. Geoff

    Kush Harry is bent a tax dodger, a liar (all my opinion) and the last thing we need heading up England.

    Leave him fucking up the spuds like he did Pompey.

    The fact the masses hold him in high esteem say all that broken about Britain.

  80. Lurch LeRouge


    Carrion Comfort, Dan Simmonds.

    as for Hodgson, he’s a good coach – he’s doesn’t put fear into his opponents though and I don’t think he’ll have broad enough shoulders when the doubters get on his back, as they certainly will. Lacks the singular force of will required to be a top manager I think.

    I do think we (the lions) have a pretty good squad though so I’m condident of quarter finals, semi’s at the most.

    Germany’s my bet.

  81. Keyser

    Kushagra India – thought they’d only asked him ?!

    He’s a good manager, if for once the players can check their ego’s at the door, I’ll despise them a little less and we can give the tournament a proper go devoid of the off the pitch drama.

    If not I can see Hodgson or the FA being bullied into getting rid of him or choosing someone else.

    Good thing about Redknapp is if someone else has messed up he’d blame them.

  82. SDE


    Don’t understand why people would pay all those millions for a guy,that can’t read,or write & hasn’t won anything in 30 years..bar 1 FA CUp..Defies logic really..

    & leaves clubs in financial straitjackets upon leaving..

  83. Keyser

    STD – Most of the supermarket bakery ones run out early on or rely on raspberry for their filling, raspberry ffs.

    Waitrose is a bit far for a doughnut.

    Anyone else vouch for the quality of Gregg’s doughnut’s over Waitrose ?!

  84. kwik fit

    So the FA have dropped another clanger (remember Brian clough) and gone for the easy option. Not a ball between them. A little like the board at Arsenal.

  85. SDE

    STD – Most of the supermarket bakery ones run out early on or rely on raspberry for their filling, raspberry ffs.Waitrose is a bit far for a dough

    Depends where you live..Keyser..

    Maybe for you keyser, as you are a nocturnal creature,whose habitat is far away in some countryside..

    I suppose you pick up the gregg doughnut scraps that litter the country lanes,being thrown out of car windows as they drive by..

  86. Lurch LeRouge

    speaking of the tax dodger, its fascinating watching him self immolate, while the scummers circle ready to tear the flesh from his withered bones.

    fucking love it if John Cross and co started rumours to the effect we were bidding on Bale and Modric.

    Can’t wait for the DVD

  87. BOOZY

    i think what england needs is a young fresh manager like paul lambert, brendan rodgers or even owen coyle – with these old folks, you’ll see no change in the set-up and style of play.

  88. SDE

    kwik fit
    So the FA have dropped another clanger (remember Brian clough) and gone for the easy option. Not a ball between them. A little like the board at Arsenal.

    I don’t think they dropped a clanger..
    In fact Harry made it easy for them..
    The england job,is more than just a coaching role..It’s also a management role,where you are an ambassador representing the nation,or country..
    And if a potential manager,came out & said,he can’t read,can’t write & does not know how to work a computer..

    What are you supposed to do ,as an Employer..?
    Hire him?

    If Capello,came out with that nonsense,I’m sorry the press would have had a field day& laughed him out of the country..He would lose credibility from this side of the pond anyway..

    And we haven’t even got to the footballing qualities with Redknapp..

  89. Gooby

    gambon you’re living in dreams, ba and hazard? no way we’ve already go podolski, maybe hazard but not all 3.

    i believe the forehead isn’t going to dumped after a season

  90. kwik fit


    Roy reminds me of Steve (don’t toss my hair) McLaren. I don’t think he will have the full support or respect of the players . Rosey Redknapp has both and would have provided the England team with something different. With Roy it’s going to be the same old…..

  91. arsenal1886-2006

    Fergie to clinch the title tonight. City have to win, whereas a draw should be enough for Manu.
    Experience will tell.

  92. BOOZY

    As much as i dislike united, you sense that games like these, are games where you see them playing without handbrakes.

    i hope the quality of city wins the day.

    its important that both de jong and yaya starts.