Great news, were getting M’Vila, or Martinez or Biglia or Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Ok so we may not be able to buy M’Vila because he will be too expensive at £22 million, so we will go after Martinez, only he has a buy out clause of £32 mil so we’ll go for Biglia who will cost a lot less.

We’ll keep Song though and with the addition of Podolski we’ll keep Robin as Wenger will persuade him to stay, I know that because he said so in his press conference. I also know he said all that last year but this year he has had persuasion lessons, so it will be different.

Last week he said the RVP situation will be sorted out before the Euros, but Robin wants to wait to see if Wenger buys some decent players, you know what Robin, don’t we all! I don’t blame you one bit.

I don’t believe we’ll sign anyone like we need, I’m not convinced with Podolski and I believe we’ll be bargain basement buying in the French leagues once again.

I would like to think that Wenger has learned his lesson, but history tells me different. We’ll find out in a few weeks though, believe me, I would love to be wrong!

Today now becomes the biggest game of the season, beat Stoke and we more or less slam the door on the chasing pack for 3rd, but beating Stoke is a big ask as we couldn’t beat QPR or Wigan recently, but we did draw with Chelsea and we did beat Newcastle so I’m confident when it comes to a really must win game, then we will win it.

Don’t forget the players, they will all want ECL football next season so they will be like terriers as well, Stoke can win nothing.

Diaby is sick again, we really need to tell him to go and sit in someone else’s infirmary because for me, he is now taking the proverbial, I don’t care how good he can be, he has zip pride when it comes to being ill.

Jesus in the old days players had an injection and got on with it.

The only way we’ll beat Stoke today is if we fly at them, use our pace and shut down their every move, keep our eye on the long throw and tell Song to stay in his own half.

I would have been delighted with a Pep swap, that won’t happen though, and he reminds me a bit of Kevin Keegan, works for 4 years then wants a rest, if only people in football worked in the real world, that would get a shock wouldn’t they? Baby’s!

Pat Rice will be off this year, we need to get someone in that isn’t a Wenger fan but actually understands defending and I don’t mean Steve Bould, I like Steve but not sure he would offer anymore than Pat Rice, I would like someone to argue with Wenger, maybe Martin Keown.

Anyway, if you are going to Stoke, wrap up and enjoy, if you aren’t enjoy anyway, I fancy us to win as without Champions League football, the board may reconsider Wenger’s power base as money to them is what life is all about.

I’m going 3nil to us.

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  1. AA23

    its punishment enough living in that third world shithole.
    look around at your house….
    now think what they live like in stoke.
    You are Bill Gates compared to that shit.

  2. arsenal1886-2006


    Pulis is a typical old school English manager, that is why England produces poor tactical teams at the international level. Hopefully with the new breed of younger managers DiMatteo, Martinez, Rodgers, Coyle, Lambert and some of the Championship managers now playing football on the floor we may see a shift in the attitude to the game to a more continental approach while keeping some of our attributes.

  3. AA23

    Pulis is rumoured to earn 1.5 million
    why doesn’t the welsh cunt Just but the whole city of stoke?
    what would he do with the other 1.49 million though?
    That’s a lot of baseball caps.

  4. arsenal1886-2006

    Love this one.

    Everybody is an unemployed miner in Stoke.


    It’s hard not to have strong feelings about Stoke: like hate, dismay, disgust…
    There ARE some normal people there. They are the 1% that have five fingers instead of six.”

  5. arsenal1886-2006

    A steep rise in diabetes in Stoke has been blamed on inbreeding and a lack of new population mobility.
    Are you from staffordshire? have you noticed any differences at school, work or in public places? were your parents related in some form or other?

  6. arsenal1886-2006

    To the tune of The Addams Family.

    Your mother is your sister, your father is your brother, your daughter is your lover, the Stokie family.

  7. AA23

    lets go you fat fucking Idiot
    you know you cant last 10 minutes with me.
    I fucking dare you to try
    “Shank” me
    I’ll fucking ruin you.

  8. arsenal1886-2006

    Fuck sake Gambon. I reckon Wenger reads LeGrove and is thinking to himself “Fuck you Gambon, I will stay to make your life a fucking misery”.

    It’s your fault he is still here.

  9. gambon

    Just heard a rumour that AA23 wears his fat mums tights.

    And licks her arsehole.

    She is a proper fat cunt.

    If you happen to have a delorean i would go back and end AA23 at a young age, or maybe leave him to grow as he still has the same IQ.

  10. AA23

    what the fuck are you talking about? “Cus”
    are you 12?
    “man dem get slashed?”
    you’ve been watching “Phoneshop”

    my mum is a fat mess though in fairness

    fuck me
    At least Ethan used to put his fists up.
    you feeling weak because Bade isn’t here to kiss your arse?

  11. AA23

    clapham is a bit too far for a fat bastard like me to come to, even though my driver is up for it.
    why don’t we just do it right here on Le Grove.
    you spend plenty of time here don’t you fatty? 22 hours a day.
    tell me about my mum’s fat tights again.
    That is some funny shit
    I don’t even think this is the real Gambon.
    just not cutting it tonight.
    if you are the real Gambon answer this…
    Does your “fiance” still Reek of Haddock?

    of course he does!

  12. goonerboy

    Re refs influencing the outcome of games.

    Yeah, in some games decisions by the ref may not have been a major factor- and this season we have been capable of losing games without the help of the ref-but
    If you are trying to argue that decisions by refs are not a factor-well there is some evidence to the contrary when it comes to Arsenal.

    Take a look at the Debateable Decision website which as far as I know is not an AKB site.
    What you see is Stoke at the top of this season’s league-with 26 decisions in their favour and us at the bottom with 6 in our favour-and importantly 17 against-and thats before yesterday’s game.

    So there have been 23 EPL decisions made this season by refs which have influenced the outcome of games we have played in-and almost 3 to one against us.
    In tight tough games like Stoke away, where we rarely do well these decisions can be crucial.

  13. AA23

    Gnarley is even making a fucking twat of you.
    “24 hours a day” on here.
    where you at “cus”
    come slash dem mans!
    you fucking Idiot

  14. AA23

    raises the fists
    gently kisses the index finger as (s)he waves it to the crowd.
    (s)he needs to relax and enjoy this resounding victory…

    …now where are her* fat mums tights…….?


  15. gnarleygeorge9

    24% unemployment in Spain.

    20% of them are La Liga followers, other 4% are the hangers on in their Royal Family.

  16. AA23

    its “”
    mail me anytime. we can meet up if you like, love to put s name to that face.
    I’m in Finchly every day.

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    I don’t reckon many gooners knew this fact but the Stoke managers name is Latin & has been shorterned so as to be assimilated to the UK . His full name is Tony Pulis his Dickis, which translates to be actually Tony Wanker.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Mind u, there seemed to be a fair few of his extended family cheering his team on in the 1-1 draw with Arsenal. Apparently its the most number of Wankers that have gotten together @ the one time. Only in Stoke hey 😆

  19. gnarleygeorge9

    Ok off out now. Good 2 see u AA23.

    Gambon reckoned he was bigger than Jesus. Not sure about that, but AA23 just crucified the smart arse.

  20. goonerboy

    Stoke fans hate Wenger almost (but not quite) as much as Geoff and his mate Gambon. They only think he is a wanker.
    Sorry for pointing this out-it must make me an AKB. An AKB who believes Wenger is way past his sell by date.

  21. OPG

    Shocking that Stoke have the least goals in the league even less than Wolves, they had 46 last season. At least we have the likes of Reading and Southampton coming up who I”ve heard play good football aswell only thing is if West Ham win the playoffs ..

  22. Geoff

    For a manager to say that he’s not sure if Chamakh is going sums up how out of touch with the fans he is and how low his football knowledge has dropped.

    He should fuck off and take his shit average players with him.

  23. Bade

    Well said Geoff

    Not to mention those worrying hints he’s dropping lately about the “surprise” lack of movement in the summer transfer window in Europe

    Worrying signs that we will see much less than we need and expect. Probably one major signing, that’s far from enough, and maybe two if we fail to secure Robin

  24. Doublegooner

    Stoke playing us is like their cup final. Thats because Wenger turned us into a team of wimps.

    Their team, manager & fans are vile inbred cunts.

    Song to ‘he’s 5’4″
    Your best player’s a towel
    Your best player’s a towel

  25. patthegooner

    where is the new post????

    Good post earlier Geoff, Wenger’s words on Chamakh staying are astonishing. I am quite sure he is probably on about 70k a week if not more given that he was signed on a bowman and for what? He is an awful player with an awful attitude and he is clearly just going along for the ride pocketing a tiny fortune in the process.

    Every time Arsene starts to win back respect and faith from me, he loses even more with comments like that and the one about minimal transfer activity in the Summer. Why is he always waiting to see what others do? We are cash rich, fuck the others and lets just sort ourselves out and start signing players. Chelsea are already doing it with Marko Marin so why can’t we?

    I can see a groundhog summer once again.


  26. patthegooner

    And maybe Arsene should be a bit more honest about why it will be a quiet transfer summer.

    After all how do you sell average players when they all have ridiculous £££ per week contracts. No wonder you can’t shift them, nobody else will pay them that, they all have inflated egos and won’t leave for less money.

    Hence why we have the likes of Bendtner, Squilacci, Djourou, Denilson, Vela, Almunia, Fabianski, Manonne, Diaby, Chamakh, Park, etc etc either out on loan or wasting a valuable squad number in the 25 limit. Poor Poor management and he and the board are getting away with it.

  27. jack

    why are people surprised at the Wenger’s comment. ? how long will it take for the fans to waken up?

    I think most Arsenal fans are happy with cl spot and believe this season is a success. Therein lies the problem.

    As was said before, the fans are swayed by short term results, and the bad start to third is a great achievement to the sheep that follow us.

    That is why some on here are hypocrites. They want Arsene out, but want cl spot , which means he will stay. Cl spot means fuck all to the ordinary fan. That is why the lesser of two evils, no CL may quicken the exit of the french clown.

  28. wenker-wanger

    i was pleased with the wenger-bashing on MOTD. I DONT KNOW WHY LINEKAR chose to lnk wigans fine display with the antiocs of wenger…it didnt make sense at all….however any reference to that senile tantrum-posturing joke in a disparaging light is good for me.
    We are on a mission to get third place…BIG DEAL….and it should be remembered by any AKB in particular that without RVP we would be mid-table or lower. So what if he leaves ?…….we will therefore be a mid-table team…even with podolski (ho is better than park and chamakh) but not as effective as rvp.
    Wenger the tosser OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!