Its all very tight, but if Arsenal win all 3 games we’ll finish 3rd

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It’s as simple as that, win them and we can’t be caught, unless Newcastle trounce Chelsea and City 10 nil apiece!

It’s great that it’s in our hands but with Stoke and West Brom away and Norwich at home, we could lose all three! However, I think we’ll get third.

So what happened yesterday? No damage was what happened, I thought it was even, but there were a few problems, Walcott is now out for the rest of the season, although some of you may think that will help us.

We get Bennayoun back which is exactly what we were missing yesterday, Song looked back to his old self, he looks like he wants to be somewhere else to me, still Coquelin is back and maybe we can use him in these tricky three games remaining.

I’m not going to do a match report because there was nothing in that game I can think of that was memorable. Ok I’ll try, Kozzer hit the bar with a superb header, Robin could have had a hat rick but Theo, next time you pull a hamstring kick the ball into touch, you did what Mertesacker did!

Wenger’s excuse was they played with three DM’s and were practising for the Barca match, perhaps you should have done something tactical then Arsene. Oh well never mind, we didn’t lose.

I did watch the QPR game though and even with 10 men you could see they had enough to see off a overrated spud team, quite amusing, but the best was the last, and watching Cesc and his band of short low centre of gravity mates get pipped by Maureen’s divers was poetic justice and Karma rolled into one. Enjoy your runners up medal Cesc.

We are after a young (21 year old) African named Acharaf Laazar, apparently the new Gareth Bale, well lets just hope he doesn’t look like him!

We have a week in between each game now, maybe we need to warm Jack up as we seem to really need a player like him for the run in. I thought Oxo had a stinker yesterday and although I think  Gervinho is hopeless, at least he had a go, so we have that to hope for in the next three games.

Gervinho back to his very best!

I said a few weeks back that the reason we got to third was because the others were falling apart, I didn’t reckon on Newcastle though, but they have a very tough run in so its still up to us.

I’m not sure we will get the players we need if we don’t qualify, but then again if we do, I’m not sure he’ll think we need them!

There’s something to think about this fine Sunday, who do we need and who will he go for? If the new Gareth Bale is true, then he’s learned nothing from project youth, lets hope that’s just another silly rumour!

If our scouts were any good we should have bought the old one in the first place.

Have a great day Grovers, the final countdown begins and its in our own hands.

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  1. kwik fit

    Seems to be a city love in tonight.

    SDE you say that they have owners with ambition,who want trophies.And are not afraid to spend. Their owners are oil barons who have a licence to print money. There is no way silent stan can compete with the barons.
    Having said that he is a tight bastard and will not to spent anyway. If we don’t spend this summer (40/50m) and keep RVP then we will continue to go nowhere.

  2. patthegooner

    We hold the cards!!!! Ha Ha

    As if, like we did with Cesc.

    Unless we can generate an auction for them, we will let them go on the cheap.

    We might get an auction for Vela, but if anything Bendtners value has gone down and Arshavin is past his best.

    Either way lets have a sportsman bet on it. I reckon the three will go for closer to 10m than 20m

  3. SDE


    Do you think the RVP transfer saga will be dragged out all summer? We have that to look forward to.

    When in god know’s how long,has wenger ever concluded a deal early…?Unless he’s raiding some club’s youth academy for 15 year olds..He ties them up early..

    This deal will run& run…Remember the world cup 2010 with cesc,& he shafted cesc that year..Told him to go to the world cup & focus on the tournament..That cesc should trust him(wenger),in terms of leaving everything to him.He will do what is best for cesc..And in the end ties him up to an extended contract..I thought that was hilarious at the time…Proclaiming cesc can fulfill his dreams at arsenal,in winning trophies!
    Wenger shafts his captain!

    He’ll try to shaft RVP too..along with the fans!
    Telling us,”what does it say if we sell RVP,that we are not a big/ambitious club”..And then a week later,RVP is gone to a barca,man city,or something!
    This will run & run..But you know at some point,wenger will contrive to royally screw this up..

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Robin van Persie saga will drag on all summer, Wenger will use it to deflect attention away from his complete lack of activity.
    Transfer windows are boring and heart breaking as an Arsenal supporter….we should all know this by now

  5. gambon

    OK PTG its a bet.

    We do hold the cards.

    There will be multiple clubs interested in all 3.

    We should be looking at 6m each.

  6. Bade

    Agree with Gambon

    Even if they’re not a top clubs ask, they will attract many mid tables

    20m for the three isn’t a wet dream, it’s reality

  7. kwik fit


    Thinking off some of the policies and decision’s that wenger has made over the past few year’s make’s me physically sick.
    Therefore I prefer to to talk my feelings for manc’s off all colour’s with particular attention to le petite fuchar.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    You can almost see the conversation.
    Arsene Wenger’s office.
    RVP: ‘Hey boss I’m happy with the wages on offer here and I love life at Arsenal. But before i pack off the the Euros I want to know when I get back you’re going to have signed some stars to put around me next year.’
    Le Senile: ‘But robin you must remember we were missing our midfield king all season really….Abou Diaby. And I think now Chamakh and Park are ready to show their exceptional mental qualiddddddddddddddy. A midfield of Ramsey and Denilson with Song will mean you get qualidddddddddy service all season’
    RVP: ‘Yeah boss. Don’t hold a locker space for me.’

  9. Keyser

    I think Vela might get another go, unless he’s completely given up on the Premiership, maybe sell him cheap with a sell on clause, if he hits good goals coring form a few year on he could go for a fair bit of money to one of the higher placed teams in La Liga.

  10. SDE

    arsenal nose best
    “wenger could do with a bit of that ultra treatment”

    I reckon,us guys should all club together & hire the ultras..Would be a good cultural exchange experience, to see at first glance, an up close and personal moment-how the ultras give new meaning to effective change/ getting the job done….
    I’m sure a large section of the arsenal poster boys for project youth,would pee there pants..And possibly have an epiphany of sorts..And wenger,I’m sure would re-evaluate his position at Arsenal..
    If only hey..

    I’m in a silly mood today..

  11. Bade


    $ity is way below us in the titles all time race

    Mancs ahead of us and marching up, so I’m glad if they were stopped

    Mind you with Arsene we can never win the league again, so it’s essential they don’t win more trophies in the coming 2 years and this season

  12. Keyser

    On Nasri, he was up there with the Welsh Messi last year for 6 months, no mean feat, and then Citeh are supposedly offering him 170k a week and his form drops, don’t really hate players who leave, more indifference, doesn’t mean I’m going to cream myself at what could have been either.

  13. SDE

    Guys do you think,or don’t you think Wenger mislead Cesc,prior to Cesc going to World Cup 2010?

    Remember when he told cesc to trust him,he will do whats best for cesc,for him just to focus on the tournament,blah,blah…

  14. kwik fit

    Vermaelen: “I have no intention of leaving this club. I feel at home in London & I feel that I’ve become a real Gunner. ‘

    These are the type of player’s that we want at our club.

  15. Ricky

    [Upon being asked if he had received the apology that Sir Alex had announced he had sent to Wenger]

    “No. Perhaps he sent it by horse.”

  16. gambon

    I agree Kwik

    But it means nothing, Wenger is likely scouring Europe to find the next 18 year old ivorian CB so that he can sell Vermaelen and start on a new project.

  17. Ricky

    From the horses mouth himself…… & not the one fergie sent as a messenger. Lol

    “Gerard is an open-minded and passionate man. I am the opposite: stubborn and stupid. But sometimes stupid behaviour makes you win.”

  18. kwik fit

    The only thing that is getting me trough to the end of the season is the thought that Wenger has learn’t his lesson and will buy the quality that is needed to get us winning titles again. I did not want to envisage any other possibility and my blinders are firmly secured.

  19. Doublegooner

    Wenger is a ditherer.

    He ran with his youth experiment for many years that he’s stuck in a failed time warp.

  20. Ricky

    Lol gambon!

    That checkbook that bounces like a basketball..

    Remember when he said he was taking he’s checkbook to the world cup & bought gilberto for 4m?

    What a cheapskate! Lol

  21. SDE

    “Lol, I wonder if wenger is “taking his chequebook” to the Euros this summer?”

    And he will probably comeback from the Euros with a silvestre type player on a free transfer..Who knows maybe a wes brown-freebie this time..

  22. SDE

    Guys do you think,or don’t you think Wenger mislead Cesc,prior to Cesc going to World Cup 2010?

    Remember when he told cesc to trust him,he will do what’s best for cesc,for him just to focus on the tournament,blah,blah…

    I just need to clear this up!!

  23. Doublegooner

    TV is the Man. Like DB he’ll never give us a moments worry every summer.

    Me & my mate came up with what we thought was a proper song for him after he joined us.

    To the Who’s Pinball Wizard..

    ‘Ever since I was a young boy I watched The Arsenal
    From Shite Hart Lane to Anfield I must have seen them all
    But I ain’t seen no one like him since Adams Kicked a ball
    It’s Tommy Vermaelen….

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    this arsenal team scares me…it offers nothing…… like a easter egg hollow on the inside….
    at least we will have bartley next term,,,, remember the english are coming,,, arsene wenger 2008…

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    bit ott,,,fella on a average player…. when he can defend as well as he attacks ,,, then we have a player…

  26. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Just for you gambon! 😀

    Arsene Wenger is tracking £7million-rated Montpellier defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa.

    Arsenal boss Wenger is a big admirer of the 22-year-old centre-back, who was born in the Central African Republic but moved to France as a youngster.

  27. SDE

    “if we finish turd how bad is the prem this year…..”

    Quite bad,as far as I am concerned,more so from third place down!!
    Look at how many games we’ve lost so far this season(10) and goals conceded 43….Similarly go down to Liverpool..with them only winning 5 games at Home& them losing 12 games in total..From 3rd Position-7th Position,teams on “average are losing 10 games”..Chelsea have lost 8..shocking by their standards
    One way of looking at is,either the gap b/w us and the teams below,has become smaller&smaller,as a result of the teams catching up and strengthing..

    Or we’ve just regressed beyond recognition,and can now lump ourselves in the category of a mid-tabling team,sitting side by side with the fulham’s,everton’s& the fulham’s..I suspect its the latter.
    That’s what happens when you dumb-down your squad!!

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    sde… superb reply sir……+we are in a poorly run league…. mayebe its time we wnt back to 2 points for aq win,,,, liverpool, man they are in free fall

  29. patthegooner

    Congratulations RVP

    Well Deserved, without you we would have been seriously fucked this season. No such thing as a one man team, but by god you were as close as it gets this year

  30. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    hahaha Bade!

    Saw that and couldn’t resist posting it! :-)

    gambon’s just had an epileptic fit and can’t type at the moment! :-)

    Reminded me of something he said a while back! Just another one of those stupid, ‘Arsenal interested in..’ stories..

  31. follow the money

    I’m with kwik fit–our only hope is that Wenger has learned his lesson and will buy what we need this summer. The Podolski thing seems to suggest maybe he has, however he has used the Euros as an excuse to dither before and complain about prices so I’m preparing myself for that possibility as well. Wenger may have kept us in the CL for a long time but one of the problems facing him is that Arsenal are becoming boring and stale under him–every season pretty much the same, finishing in the same position, etc. That can only stand for so long and fans will revolt at the lack of ambition to go the extra mile and try and win something. We are close to there already

  32. Dan Ahern

    Here’s a worry I have:
    Wenger knows as well as anyone that a good Euro performance can significantly inflate a player’s value. So he’ll probably wait to sell some players (Bendtner and Arshavin, hopefully Djourou… maybe Theo?) until after.
    Which is fine, except he’s always complaining that we need to sell before we buy. And those first two are our best shot of getting decent coin. We can’t afford to stall out again.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Cheers King Kenny for giving Wenger the perfect excuse not to buy. ‘You see that buying ‘big’ does not always mean success. We will look for immense qualiddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddy in our purchases but the price does not always mean that.’
    Translated, LMFAO you lot, you’re getting sweet FA!!! But Stan’s getting a new yacht

  34. Robert

    Hahaha some awesome comments today.

    Spurs are so shit. We have improved our league position compared to last year purely because of the demise and mismanagement of our competitors. Worst team in many years has improved our standing. Does not make sense. Haha

    A squad that could win us something would be:

    Sagna- tv- kos- baines
    Arteta- wilshere
    Hazard- RVP- podolski

    Mertesacker- song- Gibbs- santos- Ba- rosicky- Theo- bendtner- coq


  35. Robert

    Gervinho is ok as a sub, and a good reserve option. Should really be playing no more than cup games and 15-20 premier league games.

    Forgot to add vertonghen to the list, but would be just as happy to have a solid LB in baines. Another free kick option would be great too.

    I would also try get Torres for 15mill. When they get beaten by barca, no CL will mean they are keen to trim the squad. He would be cut price and I think he’d dominate in our system.

  36. Robert

    And forgot to mention a reserve keeper. Maybe mannone is ready to come back, but I’d give him a year as a premier league keeper then bring him back.

    An experienced ‘home grown’ option would be good too.

    Neglected to mention djourou and jenkinson. I’d try loan them both out to premier league clubs. Ideally both would be playing for a QPR or Wigan or something. JD with a short term loan as our

  37. Robert

    So in summary:

    Ba (8mill)
    Hazard (35 mill)
    Poldi (11)
    M’vila (15)
    Baines (5)
    Vertongen (9)

    Arshavin (8)
    Vela (6)
    Cham (5)
    Park (5)
    Almunia, squid and all the rubbish kids (total 5 mill)


    It is a lot of moves, but well worth it I think.