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It’s another one of those boring weekends where we don’t have a game. This is semi final time and today we can look forward to Liverpool taking a spanking off Everton and tomorrow we can look forward to a long hard fought 120minute battle of Spurs and Chelsea. I have no idea who I want to win that game, needless to say, I want it to be high octane, littered with niggly injuries… and emotionally draining.

Arsenal news is a touch on the skinny side today. Wenger has been talking quite extensively around the prospect of video assistant in the Premier League and around the globe as a whole. He made this very compelling point…

‘Video will help the referees, not question their authority. It will give them more credit, more authority and [produce] fewer mistakes.’

I totally agree. No one ever factors in the time wasted when players argue with officials after a decision is given. Knock all that on the head by showing the stadium that Wayne Rooney has dived again. Or that the ball hasn’t crossed the line. It’s incredible that rugby has been hugely under funded compared to football, yet they seem to surpass it in every way when it comes to trailblazing technology.

Fans moan that it’s all part of the game and it all evens itself up in the end. That’s the biggest load of throwaway nonsense I’ve ever heard. If it all evens itself up in an unfair manner, why don’t we even it up in a fair way instead. I get no satisfaction from losing a game because a member of the opposition has cheated to win. It doesn’t add to the drama, it’s just depressing that I’ve paid £60 to be conned out of win. Life is better when it’s accurate.

There was also talk around Jack Wilshere and his slow progress. For me, there is no point in bringing him back now. It’ll take him a while to regain fitness, then it’ll take him a while to find his sharpness, then he’ll go away with the England squad this summer… get totally lambasted when he doesn’t score a hatrick in every game… and he’ll come back a shell of a player.

Let’s write off his season. I’d rather have a full season of him at the top of his game on every level next year.

Wenger is talking about transfers again.

“What has not changed at all is our policy that we will be as ambitious as ever and spend the money we have available, if possible in an intelligent and wise way,”

“We have always spent money because we are ambitious for top-class players and if you look at the history of our last 15 years, we have always had top-class players. Sol Campbell is one of them.”

He’s also moving away from the Manchester City money excuse as well.

“It does not mean you cannot win the title, there are two basic trophies for me that are the sign of the quality of a team; they are the Premier League and the Champions League.”

You can take the above two comments however you like. For my own sanity, I’m going to take the fact he’s said ‘we’ll spend the money we have available’ as a huge positive. Last year was a mitigated failiure. Wenger deluded himself into thinking that one of Cesc or Nasri would stay. He was burned big time and took it far too personally. This year, bar the Robin situation, he doesn’t have worries like that.

He’s right about City as well. You don’t need to spend £140million a summer to win the league. It’s a massive bonus, but you have to assume the person spending that money knows what they’re doing. If we go out this summer and spend intelligently (Podolski, Vertonghen, M’Vila and Giroud) and sell with style (all the dross), then there is no reason we can’t make up the gap.

Anyway, we could talk over the summer prospects all day, but until we see some concrete evidence of seasons learnings, there’s little point in trying to read into anything.

There’s a photo going around that proves Robin was talking to a Manchester City official. I haven’t seen it, I don’t care to comment on it either. Does anyone seriously think Robin would be personally talking wages and next season right now? No way. Robin, we love you. You’d never let us down like that.

I don’t know whether this little snippet is mainstream, but I was told so long ago, it shouldn’t be a problem to share… but the Johann Djourou contract that he signed recently had nothing to do with Arsenal. He had an option to extend for 2 years built into his deal, he obviously took the club up on that offer. I’m not sure why you’d give certain players that option if I’m honest? But there you go… if that’s already public domain, then excuse me for regurgitating it like an exclusive. It was an exclusive when I heard it. So screw you.

Right, that’s all you’re getting today. Enjoy the cup semi final and keep it massively real.

P.S. I’m taking part in a Google hang out today for the Sabotage Times. You can access it here (Google Hangout) from 1800. I’ll mostly be digging out Liverpool.


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  1. Mayank

    Didn’t read the rest of your post but

    “So does Wenger to the tune of a basic £7.5million a year,not taking into account bonuses,i.e. performance related bonus(for finishing”

    The figure that was made up on LG was 7m and that included the bonuses.

    Every other source has put his annual wages b/w 5 and 6m.

  2. Bade


    Stop defending Arsene

    Chamakh never was the star Arsene made him, it was conning, Arsene wasn’t willing to pay 8m’ for him. Do you believe a top quality player can’t make the team wants him to pay 8m’?

    Squillaci? a player at the end of his career, after a serious injury

    Gervinho? clearly you never saw him play before. He was always bad and I opposed his deal since day one. I always said he’s the Ade of the flanks, will score once in a while a wonder goal, but will miss 9 out of 10 sitters he’s got

    You didn’t need to scout him to know so, enough to watch 2-3 games and you’ll get the message

  3. Bade


    As a completion to mine 17:53

    Do you truly believe a team that NEVER EVER paid 20m’ on one player is an ambitious team to win trophies?

    Blimey, we sold Cesc for 35m’, Nasri for 25m’, Ade for 25m’ and that’s only from the last couple of seasons

    Now if we sell 25-35m worth players and then recruit with 10-15m’ replacements, how on earth can we be ambitious?

  4. Geoff

    Sixtay no, we pay his salary, we are an EPL team, just like the Chavs, but all our loanees go to lesser teams, teams that would never be able to afford the wages we pay them.

    Outside of Sunderland and Bolton, all our loan players are in shit league or bust clubs like Rangers.

  5. Geoff

    Mayank, yes we have it at around £7mil including bonus.

    If he spent his transfer fund it would be closer to £4mil something.

    Hence he doesn’t spend any money, he is only out for himself.

  6. Mayank

    Chamakh had good stats in France but if 6months meant a difference of 8-10m he was never worth that. I agree.

    Squillaci was bought as backup, wasn’t too fussed by his signing.

    Gervinho had the most assists in France. You were against signing him? Because he wasn’t the finished product? He was bought to replace Nasri.

    Lets compare the two. Nasri, 36 games, 5 goals, 9 assists. Gervinho, 31 games, 4 goals, 8assists. Both have exactly the same games to contribution ratio. Not a bad replacement.

  7. SDE

    Mayank I-suggest you read the rest of my earlier post..

    So does Wenger to the tune of a basic £7.5million a year,not taking into account bonuses,i.e. performance related bonus(for finishing his slice of the transfer proceeds we generate every year,in addition to the Queensland Property deals that generates £30 million a year.A conservative estimate of Wengers earning over the 7 year period covering our trophy barren spell puts his wealth to date on average at about £60 million..I’m sure he too could chip in along with Sol,to add quality and value for money in terms of signings.The cheek of the mean,and he calls himself a socialist!!Socialist my posterior..More a pseudo-socialist,with the philosophy of do as I say,not as I do!!He really does take the proverbial you know what sometimes!!

  8. Mayank


    That we’ve never paid above a certain limit shows us more about the money available than our ambitions.

    In the last seven years we’ve made a CL final and s/f and been in the running for the PL at least 3 times.

    How can you say that’s not ambitious. Not rewarding yes. But we must have some ambitions to even get to those positions where we could lose in the end.

  9. Geoff

    Mayank because in the last 7 years we’ve never looked like we could win anything, we couldn’t even beat Birmingham for fucks sake, there’s our ambition.

    SDE I can’t fault any of that. Except the total amount.

    For the record, he only earns £7mil in total, silly really it’s semantics, but it’s £7mil, he ONLY earns £7mil!

  10. Mayank

    Geoff, I’ve been reading the blog for a fair bit, don’t lie, even you got excited a few times over the last few seasons when we were in contention. If we never looked like winning to you, were you just humouring us? That’s pretty mean.

  11. Geoff

    In all the years I have been an Arsenal fan I have never disliked a manager, except Wenger.

    What I hate is the condescending way he talks to the fans, his massive ego, his self opinionating, his constant lying, his bad business deals and the way he disses the traditions of an English football team.

    Finally, they way he thinks Arsenal is his own personal property. Who the fuck was he before David Dein brought him here?

    And George Graham got kicked out for a dodgy deal, how ironic.

  12. Geoff

    Mayank of course I did, and still do, it’s because I’m an Arsenal fan, not an Arsene fan.

    That’s like saying I hope we lose a war because I don’t like the Prime Minister.

  13. SDE

    Yes Geoff,but £7million over 7 barren trophy years..That’s total of £49 million approx £50 million..In any other line of industry,he would be fired,for delivering meodicre results,given his huge salary..

    Can you imagine fergie taking that kind of money over a 7 year period & not delivering a trophy of some sort in a 7 year period..Or even Martin O’neil when he was at Celtic not delivering a trophy over 7 years,whilst being handsomely rewarded..Quite frankly he is taking the piss

  14. Geoff

    SDE if he had any pride he would give it back, he is taking money off the fans and producing nothing.

    He is a very greedy self obsessed man, with no shame.

  15. SDE

    I agree Geoff..

    His time has come and gone..There are many young managers with the desire,and wherewithal,to take Arsenal too the next level.To inject,commitment,desire,tenacity,a never say die attitude and a footballing philosophy if not akin to Guardiola’s,then at least an integration of Ferguson’s and Gurdiola’s ideals.I can list a few managers that can take Arsenal to the next level..Joachim Low,Pepe Gurdiola,Frank Rikjaard..Ancelotti,Vincete Del Bosque,Van Basten.Managing Arsenal does not begin and end with Wenger..
    He has become a law unto himself,accountable and answerable to no-one but himself..In any line of business,there are checks and balances,and accountability,in the main to at least the stakeholders..The stakeholders in this case being the fans..He treats them with contempt and swats them like flies,if they dare to even raise a voice,or ask pertinent questions..This is not socialism in Wengers crazy utopian world,even in its diluted form..there is no platform for the fans as such to bring Wenger to account..The AST meetings,is just a cosmetic edifice,there to make the fans feel that they have a voice,and that their opinions count.In reality it accounts for didley squat..
    If it truly did,there would have been changes,albeit evolutionary changes..What wenger is indeed asking for is a coup d’etat to take place..As he himself countered he will leave at his own time of choosing,and should that time come,he will anoint his successor..while all Rome is burning,and the people are revolting,Wenger will cling to the last vestiges of power..The ship is in terminal decline,and Wenger along with the geriatric board have their snouts in the trough milking all the fans for every last penny,whilst continuing to spout the usual platitudes towards the end of the season,that they will be active in the market and to watch this space.Only to backtrack on earlier pronouncements of making marquee signings,once season tickets have been renewed,and the money locked in, to countenance that no signings will be evident,as this squad is as strong as before..
    The classic line from “Wengerism- I’m senile speak” to this day that resonates with me is 2008-when Wenger famously declared that he will be going to the “Euros 2008 with a big fat chequebook and make some big,super signings”..Only to return and sign Mikel Silvestre on a free from Man Utd..Classic Wenger..Roll forward four years,the status quo has not changed one iota..In the period since then..we needed a goalkeeper,he flaffed around about the wages of Shay Given..He dilly dallied with Mark Schwarzer over a couple of million..His final resolution,to bring Lehmann out of retirement..We needed a centre half,his resolution to recall Sol Campbell out of 3-5 month sabbatical from football,after his disastrous fallout from the pseudo-owners at Notts County.This season we needed a striker,his resolution to recall his golden child “Thierry Henry for month or so on a loan stint!!…Queue roll of eyes..sigh!!

  16. Geoff

    All this bollocks about Robin meeting a Manc, so what? He can’t go anywhere anyway, he has a contract, in 18 months time he won’t be that good anyway, let him see it out, we hold all the cards.

    Oh wait a minute, I just remembered, our manager is Arsene Wenger, he probably let him go for less than he’s worth.

  17. Mayank

    Not hoped that we would win, Geoff, believed that we would. You did and now you’re trying to take it back, to support your point that we’ve never looked like winning anything for 7 years. Unless of course the posts were just for our benefit.

  18. Geoff

    I think Mayank you are getting hope and expected mixed up, I have bemoaned his lack of activity since he got shot of Gilberto.

  19. Geoff

    Also why has Wenger not be made to account for the disaster that is Park.

    He hasn’t played him yet he doesn’t have to explain how he can sign a player for £2.5mil plus the big salary and never give him a game.

    3nil up at Wolves and yet he still risks Robin.

    He never mentions that fuck up in his press conferences though does he? His is very selective.

  20. kwik fit

    This summer things may finally be different. The AKB’s have thinned out somewhat and for the first time Le Boss experienced some good old fashioned booing on his hallow turf. I think that the penny may have finally dropped and some ‘quality’ may finally be arriving namely;


    And I almost forgot Wilshire and Diaby will be ‘like new signings’

  21. Rohan

    Apparently there are calls in Holland to make Robin the focal point of the Holland NT at the Euros.

    Not fucking Sneijder who apparently only passed to Robin 6 times in the whole WC

  22. Dan Ahern

    Hey all.
    Just want to weigh in on an important issue:
    Budweiser is shit. It’s garbage beer made with rice for filler because they’re too cheap to use 100% hops and barley. Most Americans think it sucks too.
    We apologize for letting it creep into the FA Cup. Don’t buy that shit.

  23. Rohan

    sorry 3 times on average per game. 17 passes in 3 games. That’s a fucking disgrace.

    If Holland could sort themselves out, I reckon they have as good a chance as anyone. Spain lack a bit of pure firepower up front given Villa’s absence and Torres’ decline. Llorente is there but he’s no the answer.

    The dark horses for me are France.

  24. Gunner2301


    Fabragas you can’t count as he wanted to go home and nobody would begrudge him that. We didn’t have to sell him so cheaply though obviously we’re loaded. He had a long contract and Barca would have still wanted him in a few years time so it was more a personal favour we did him which I don’t think we should be doing not when it’s the fans money that sustains the Club.

    Why are we pre-occupied with players leaving? If we were a Club that was looking to replace a player who was leaving with a better or equivalent one that would not be a problem. It’s because you and I both know that a top player leaving means he won’t be replaced with like for like quality. That can only be a failing of the Club and point to their lack of ambition nothing else.

    The wage structure we have doesn’t come as a result of the Flamini issue. It comes from Wengers pre-occupation with trying to attract and develop youth and win the major prices with the youth he has developed. So foolishly he pays over the odds for youth players who may or may not work out. He pays them massive wages in comparison with their counterparts again not knowing whether or not they will work out. He gives them playing time in the first team when they shouldn’t really be playing. He perseveres with them forever and a day when he really should have given up a long time ago. He rewards them further with huge contracts hoping they will support and perpetuate his false dream. All he’s doing is buying loyalty which only lasts until players start seriously thinking about being winners and realise Arsenes pipe dream isn’t going to deliver that for them.

    If you really think Bendtner as a 3rd choice striker is worth 52k when Wellbeck is on 20 or 25k then sorry you must be an AKB. Djourou as 4/5th choice worth 50k? I don’t think so. Denilson worth 50k? Nope Vela who barely broke into the team? Nope. Ramsey who’s proved nothing worth 50k? Nope and he would have never have got that at United as the Wellbeck case shows so what would Ramsey have done? Left and gone to Barca?

    The club have allowed themselves to be shafted by no name players by tying themselves to stupid contracts for players who can’t deliver. The sole purpose of this is to massage Wengers ego to make him feel more god-like because there is no other benefit. Same as his I can do what I want statements about letting players leave for nothing? What an Arse.

    And Sixtay please stop thinking we are shopping in the same supermarket as Barca, Chelsea, Madrid because look through our squad and show me a player of that calibre

    This good enough for you?

  25. Mayank


    Wenger said ‘I really like him (Hazard) and, for several reasons.
    It’s his creative power, his ability to mis-align the opponent, his vision of the game and his consummate skill to address the last pass which make him a very interesting player.

    ‘You should know that each season, it is imperative to show a profit of between fifteen and twenty million pounds. I would add that the purpose of a coach is to always buy at a price he sees fit.’

    Where does he say we don’t have money? Did you just google ‘Wenger needs funds’. Looks like it.

  26. Mayank

    Comparing the seasons RvP and Sneijder, if Holland have to bench Sneijder to make RvP effective, they should. Robben’s no better either tbh. Hardly remember him passing to RvP either.

  27. SDE

    Mayank–Gotta say,you are a pedantic so,so & so…
    I’m assuming you’re a Wenger disciple…?If so..I see his managed to brainwash you..Misguided maybe..Deluded must definitely..

  28. Mayank

    SDE, not pedantic really, just amused at how everyone agreed upon 7m and you decided to go a bit higher.

    I’ll tell you a secret, everyone used to agree on 6m and slowly but surely it was raised to 7. Seeing your 7.5 I was just wary that people would decide it’s time to raise it again and we’d end up at 8m. That’s all.

  29. Dan Ahern

    Rohan – I’m in NEW England. Boston now. (And while I’m at it we’d like to apologize for the whole revolution thing. But you guys were being real dicks. Anyway it worked out in the long run. I mean, look at Canada. Right?)

    Are you in the US too?

  30. Ice

    Look Arsene earns 8 million a year and 7 million of that is paid off shore, he’s a smart switched on dude, all Armani suits and expensive French cologne, and he knows more about this game than most of you dudes can muster from coat tailing the glory years of the invincibles

    The club is at tipping point…..he may well go at the end of the season with a dutchie combo of MVB and DB the preferred option …respect the fella for what he has done…yup he is a lying fucker at times like most of us …but cut him some slack…would you rather have an illiterate Chav like Redknob at our club? Nooooo!

    We know some things……

    Song is CACK!

    Ramsey is probably lame after THAT tackle

    Walcott is TOO nice to be a top line pro

    But relax even this mediocre Arsenal side will finish 3rd in the best (no way) league in Europe

    Enjoy watching the quality of AFCs football for the remainder of the season

    Stop your moaning

    Stop your stupid surmises about potential transfer targets

    And JUST enjoy the GAME

    BTW Gambon is a BELL END!

  31. Dan Ahern

    Ice, what’s wrong with transfer speculation?

    Let’s play 3 in ONLY, 50m limit.
    1.) Poldi – bid 12m
    2.) Giroud 11m release clause
    3.) M’Vila – bid 22m
    5m saved to contribute to RvP renegotiated wages.
    0m saved to contribute to Theo renegotiated wages.


  32. SDE

    ICE-You have a point about Redknapp..but nonetheless Wenger has starting behaving like your illiterate friend Redknapp..Becoming less transparent,or put bluntly lying habitually on a year-on year basis,whilst hoarding a huge cash pile from us pesky proletariats.In fact he is worse than Redknapp..At least with Arry,you know what you’re getting..Under Wenger,he purports to be a socialist with his wonderful ideals..When in actual fact,he is capitalist charlatan..

  33. Bade


    I never rated Gervinho, even when he had 2 good seasons in the French league

    I just happened to watch him enough times to recognize how shocking he is when it comes to end product. He might had many assists, but in front of goal he always was shocking

    And those were only few examples of the way Arsene runs his transfer business. Bad way really, sportingly

  34. Ice

    Mate this ain’t the Arsenal way…

    Poldi is in the onion

    Everything else is pure conjecture….

    Arsene goes left field

    Expect new centre half and back up left back and secondary striker

    And centre midfielder if Arsene can admit to himself that Song is not fit for purpose…unlikely!

    BTW Spurs will beat Chavs tmrow so long as Ledley lame King don’t play

  35. SDE

    Also funny how we find mental strength around this time of the season.More so this season..Go on a winning streak of 7 matches..Suddenly we are one or two signings from challenging for top honours..blah..blah..Funny how we play with the handbrake off,and have mental strength when we are ceremoniously dumped out of all competitions,with the pressure off..One thing this team mental strength..bottle…Whose to blame for that..Wenger..!!
    Fergie’s current team is probably one of the worst man utd teams..But why are they where there are now..?Fact is mental strength has a significant role to play in the mancs sitting on top of the prem league.

  36. Bade

    And please don’t take that bait of “we have no money”

    Go to, go to financial reports, then you’ll realise we made NET PROFIT every year since 2004

    Not to mention, Arsene said several times we have the money to spend, he was just looking for “quality”

    And by the way we weren’t a richer club back then when we brought Bergkamp, were we?

    Almost always top players earn their salary and cost back to the club. Torres case apart, by the time being

    Even Beckham was profitable for Real, even Ronaldo upped Real shirts sales by 100m in a space of months and paid back actually his staggering price tag

  37. Bade

    So in other parts of Europe

    Dortmund held themselves well to beat Shalke04 away 2-1, while Bayern bottled it at home against Mainz, so 8 points clear in top of the Bundesliga, 3 games to go ….. so it’s sealed more or less

  38. zeus

    Its gonna be Podolski +1.

    No Hazard, Kagawa or M’vila.

    Idk who the ‘+1′ is gonna be. Maybe one other if Flappy goes out the door with Almunia.

  39. Bade

    Ronaldo with great header made it 2-1 to Real

    It would be interesting to see how Barca reacts away to Levante (where our gem Wellington used to play… 😆 ) if Real kept their lead

  40. Gunner2301


    All the talk about Hazard is season ticket talk just like Benzema, Goetze, MVila and Mata were last season. Strange how we’re linked to so many top players but end with average and other peoples cast offs. Weird.

  41. Bade

    Ronaldo with 41 La Liga goals already

    Fuck me what a player

    And to think he should’ve been ours had Arsene not dithered back then

    Never mind Zeus

  42. zeus


    Have they equalised? Stopped watching.

    Messi is on 39 now, and he can equal Brazilian Ronaldo’s record of scoring in 10 consecutive games tonight.

    2 phenoms, Ronaldo distinctly second best though.

  43. Dan Ahern

    Remember when CR was just a super-skilled-but-selfish winger? Credit SAF for helping to make him an amazing footballer. It was a cool transformation to watch.

  44. Gunner2301


    Wenger calculates each year what the minimum is that he can do to stay in touch. That’s why we still can’t trouble a shit United team and why he says we need to see where we finish before he knows what he’ll do regarding transfers. Any manager worth his salt would already know, but he obviously doesn’t still because it;’s not based on team performance it’s based on how much our top 4 position is under threat. It’s shocking how calculating he is in the name of saving a few mill. It wouldn’t be bad but the money he’s wasted over the years is even more of a crime.

  45. SDE

    Gunner 2301

    I agree with you wholeheartdly re:-your comment on wenger being a conniving,calculating harridan..
    What he saves in tranfer spend,the@@**>>? you know what pockets for himself.

    For wenger it is not about the quality,but about lining his pockets..the value for money malarky he harks on about,is really about maximising his take home pay….

    Wenger no longer thinks like a manager,or a coach,but more like a board of director,saving the club money,so he can pocket the treasure trove along with the other geriatrics on the board at the end of the season..It ‘s basically a cabal of directors laughing all the way to the bank at the fans mighty expense.I’m surprised fans,more so the AKB’s who cannot see the wood for the trees.. have not picked this up-to-date..but hey what do I know!!

  46. SDE

    You can’t be all things to all men..You can’t be chasing trophies on one front,negotiating players contract on another,be in charge of player’s valuation,be the chief accountant,the architect of the stadium,the dietician,the psychologist and still think you can challenge for trophies,along with the likes of barca,man utd,real..The man is living in cloud cuckoo land.

    It’s amazing..the man holds court on most subjects in life,from socialism, european politics,to globalisation..
    But the one subject/area where he is handsomely rewarded for,he can’t seem to find the answers for over 7 years now,in ending our barren spell for such a protracted period..But has answers for all and sundry,like video technology,fixture congestion..He’s a joker and a half..

  47. kwik fit


    Who will provide the fertilization ?

    Who has what it takes to inject the necessary momentum and consistency?

    Is arsene too sterile these days to do the job?

    Some many questions so little time.

  48. follow the money

    Oh that is such crap. God I hate Barca, Liga is so bent it’s unreal. Shame a player like Messi has to play with such crap. Not a big fan of Real but the way Barca dive and cry and swarm the ref is so sickening

  49. SDE

    Yeah Bade ,I forgot that one!!Voice on platinum
    He’s more than a control freak,he’s a dictator to put it politely..

    Habitual Lies from Monsieur Wenger(it now appears the he derives some sick,twisted pleasure from misleading fans every season.i.e leading us on a goose chase,or a merry go-round..usually signs of a demented sociopath) & Spin from the puppet Dr Love- Gazidis(who seems to be cojoined with/or a siasmese twin of Monsieur twisted Wenger..the old addage 2 birds of a feather flock together seems rather apt in their case),will only eventually lead to open revolt..There are tensions simmering beneath the surface,and eventually the dam will break..

  50. Stu

    Why the fuck are ye watching Barca? What a bunch of cheating pricks they are, i dont know how anyone can stand to watch their one sided games.

    Anyway, is it just me or does it seem like CLichy has more assists for city than he ever got for us?

  51. Stu

    None of those 3 would play AM for us so we would essentually be buying competition for the win potitions. We NEED a creative MIDFIELDER and a striker in the forward positions. Playmaker doesnt automatically mean midfielder.

  52. nicko

    Sagna – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    Song – Wilshere/Arteta
    Walcott – Kagawa/Rosicky – Podolski
    Van Persie

  53. sinjin88

    say what you will about luis suarez, but the boy is relentless. will do EVERYTHING to win a trophy (I suspect fergie hates him coz they’re similar in that respect). sadly, arsenal’s current squad doesn’t have quality.

  54. Bade

    As for the 2nd FA cup semi final, I hope it will end up 1-0 to either side, after hard 120 , minutes and 10 penalties to each side

    Missing 9 and 10 penalties would be great to ruin what left of their confidence after a congested 120 minutes