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Morning Grovers, no messing around today. There’s no news, so instead, this post will be about the ‘Not Robin Awards’. It’s basically our player of the year outside the most obvious candidate to win it.


The Spaniard came in on deadline day on a slightly lower deal than he was on. He’s generally played just in front of Alex Song. He’s has a great year. He’s lead superb, he’s accountable and he’s become the tough battle hardened midfielder we’ve needed for two years. The beauty of Arteta? He’s technically brilliant as well.

Alex Song

He’s really stood up and allowed himself to be counted this year. Sure he can be sloppy in at, but at the same time, he can be decisive and dish out a game winning ball. As a defensive midfielder, he’s probably the most creative in Europe. With Wenger rumoured to be looking for a more stable DM one wonders what the coach has planned for him next year?


I liked him last year, he was a bit rough round the edges but you could see he was a talent, a year on, he’s in most peoples team of the  year. He’s the second fastest player in the side behind Theo, he reads the game really well and he compliments whoever he plays with in defence. He’s far better on the ground than he is in the air but that will come with time. He’s the perfect age for a centre back and for me, he’s going to be an integral part of this Arsenal side for years to come.

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  1. goondawg

    Is Ricardo Montelivo available on a free transfer this summer??
    Just read that…
    The 27-year-old Italian international was watched by Arsene Wenger’s assistant Boro Primorac in the Viola’s recent game with Genoa and the midfielder would come on a Bosman if signed.
    That’s a Wenger signing if anything. Loves a freebie

  2. Dan Ahern

    Josip – No, I’m with you. I’m calling out WengerSweeties’ incredible lack of thought process.

    I do think AW will buy, and try to buy everybody early this time. I think Wenger can be very stubborn, sentimental, and his wage policy is basically retarded. But he’s not stupid–not by a long shot. He absolutely knows he has to get business done. He also knows dawdling fucked him last summer. He also knows values of players go way up on the back of WC and Euro performances. He also knows RvP is wanted by every top club, and is basically waiting to see who we buy to aide his decision. That’s a lot of things to know–too many too ignore.

    All those things point to him making deals as soon as he can.
    I’m not saying he’s going to flip the squad over before the summer even starts, but he will be active buying and selling earlier rather than later. The main obstacles are him overcoming his love of haggling, last-minute deals, and getting the prices he made up in his head. As I see it, his ability to overcome those obstacles will determine how much buying and selling he actually does. But he will do it.

  3. incesc

    does anyone remember the statistic on out 3pm kick off games

    are we unbeaten or have we won every game for a long long time

    qpr is a hard game away.

  4. Rohan

    I would love, absolutely love Montolivo but with Arteta I don’t really see the point. Brilliant squad addition though.

  5. Dan Ahern

    Rohan – exactly, brilliant squad addition. Arteta’s played damn near every minute. It’d be nice to have the depth without sacrificing quality. And actually, he could play Song’s position at times, too. Arteta and Montolivo behind Wilshere? Hello, goals.

  6. Rohan

    I’ve always like Montolivo and been calling for him on here for a few years now. Very classy player. Great long-range strike on him also and great passing range.

    I just can’t see where Arsene’s going if we get him, and one of M’Vila/Vertonghen. That’s in addition to the likes of Arteta, Jack, Ramsey and Coquelin.
    He’s the player many hoped would emulate Pirlo. Aquilani failed.

    You based Stateside , Dan?

  7. Rohan

    It feels like we’re going back to the good ol’ days of a defensive(ish) midfield and most of the creativity coming from the wings with a goal machine up front.

    I don’t think we’re going to get a pure central attacking midfielder in the sense then. Which is a very interesting development.

    Bit like Petit + Vieira feeding the likes of Bergkamp, Ljungberg and Henry/Anelka!

  8. Rohan

    In that vein, how great would someone like Hazard would be!

    If we get in Podolski, Hazard, Montolivo and M’Vila/Vertonghen, we’d have the best squad in the Prem and arguably the best first 11 also!

  9. incesc

    i see wilshere taking up that am role rohan

    wenger played him further back last season, where he learned a lot but out of our midfild options the first three are

    song arteta


    then you have pold, rvp, theo and gerv up top.

    its a hard one, you still have ramsey and the ox to fit in, and possible mvilla to swap with song.

    its always good to have too many players with our record, but then arshavin suffered loads without match practice, chamakh too.

  10. Rohan

    The problem with that midfield is that it lacks some pace. I guess the Ox could play there tho.

    If you could have 3 realistic signings, what would they be?

    Hazard doesn’t count.

  11. incesc

    of course if you buy hazard and hes as good as people say you put him in and let them fight it out.

    in 2 years time tho wilshere and ox will be our midfield and englands too, if injuries dont fuck it.

    pold is probably going to play on the wings, and theo a gerv wont leave

    its hard to work it out, but then again its a cut throat game.

  12. Rohan

    Realistically, Arteta only has a season or two left in him before he’s gradual phased out.

    Ramsey’s the one I’m worried about and where he fits in.

  13. Rohan

    Even if we get Podolski, I still want one more top class creative signing. One who can slot in both on the wing and in the middle of the park.

  14. incesc

    haha id say hazard right away.

    i guess we have a good team now that looks like its settling down.

    but ive been worried about the midfield all season

    even in this run, liverpool destroyed us, if they had a better striker than suarez we would have lost.

    but i think arteta has been amazing in a quiet way.

    3 signings…

    pold to back up rvp

    a winger better than gervinho that can score 15 goals.

    and a top left back

  15. incesc

    but that is with wilshere exploding next season in theory in the AM
    which is an ask…

    to win the league we need to get a 15 goal man on the wing or in AM to share with robin

    no sentamentality i guess

  16. Rohan

    We need our wingers to get atleast 25 goals between the two of them and atleast 20 goals from midfield.

    Another 25 from RvP and we’ll definitely challenge quite seriously for something.

    Theo has yet to have a proper breakout season. We’re still not utilizing him properly like how Cesc did. I wonder if Jack can. It’s a big ask but I’d rather not take the chance and get someone like Gourcuff who right now would be available for 10 million and wouldn’t be averse to only starting half the games.

  17. Rohan

    Why do you still want a left back?

    I’d sell Fabianski and get Jussi Jaskelainen who’s currently on the bench also.

    I just find it interesting that we’re linked with M’Vila. I’d have thought the boat had sailed.

  18. incesc

    back up keeeper is a great point

    not sure about either of our left backs.

    would the make it in the invincibles?

    its hard because for the first time in years i like our team.

    good keeper with the right personality.

    great right back. options at CB, kock has turned it round and become the first player on the team sheet.

    left back, both have it all to prove, i like them but both are a bit all over the place positionally

    midfield: song is too slow for me but has made some telling passes this year. arteta is solid, wilshere is going to be a god if he steps it up. rosicky has hit the form of his life.

    rvp best striker in the league.

    wings are questionable, but theos pace is a huge asset, gervinho wont get replaced after one year but isnt good enough for a title team

    ox, mert, ramsey on the bench.

    once you write it down, i guess wenger has to be harsh.

  19. Dan Ahern

    Rohan – sorry for the delay, but yes, I’m in the US.

    On LBs: I think this is why Vertonghen is a great target. He gives us both depth at CB and LB. For me, Santos is the starting LB. Gibbs is still promising too, but nearly as injury-prone as Diaby, so we’re not really 2-deep in the position.

    And back on Montolivo: his skill set puts him in competition with Arteta and Song, but that’s fine. (JW is clearly the most offensively capable we have right now, he’s the attacker of the MFs by default.)

    He’d be a box-to-boxer or defensive or holding MF. He can actually attack too, but JW, Rosicky, Ramsey, and maybe Holtby would be used in that capacity. (Ramsey of course hasn’t come into the creative role yet, but regardless, he’s played higher up by Wenger.)

    Therefore the MFs in his class would be Arteta, Song, Diaby, maybe M’Vila. Diaby’s crocked, Arteta is awesome buck aging, and Song needs capable partners to be good. So I reckon, if nothing else, there’s plenty of room for Montolivo in the mix. Especially since he’s versatile. He can be played both for rotation and for tactics (Your Wenger Joke Here, Just £4.99!).
    And on a free? Gotta go for it. (That said, whether he’d want to come is a completely different question!)

  20. iffy the goon

    It turns out that if you drink 3 large cups of water before sleep, after multiple beers you’ll wake up a a new man.

    Who knew aye!!!

    I’m really up for bringing the pain to sparky today

  21. Robert

    True bade.

    Has looked excellent back in the centre if defence.

    No reason not to play strongest lineup. 7 days between games is plenty of recovery time for professional athletes.

  22. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    iffy..If you drink 3 large cups of water before sleep and NO BEER you’ll wake up a new man!

    But a boring man.. 😀 DRINK ON !

    Morninnnnnn’ fellow sufferer’s

  23. goondawg

    I would say none of the games in this last run-in are going to be termed as “easy”.. Qpr are fighting a relegation battle. You don’t poke the wounded bear.. Interesting to see if Wenger picks Koscielny knowing he is one yellow away from suspension, plus has he even fully recovered?

  24. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Morning Goondawg..
    i would say play him.. We have no Cup or CL distractions now and play 1 game per week..

    We should put out or strongest team possible and try to batter every team from now on.. The spuds I feel will get back into some sort of groove and it may even come down to goal difference.

  25. goondawg

    Morning all,

    Whilst I agree putting a strong team out for all games will prove beneficial, yet costly if Kozzer picks up a yellow and misses city. I’d rather risk Djouroo against QPR than him against the might of $iteh..

    But who knows, maybe kozzer could be risked and he won’t pick up any cards, but vital three points !

    The rule says something about after 1st of April the yellow cards accumulation are scrapped off the slate!