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Yann, can Spurs finish 3rd?

Welcome to Tuesday everyone, I hope Monday was good to you.

Straight into gossip this morning because I love it and I’m pretty sure you do too. Word on the street is that we’re looking to bring in Lucas Biglia or Yann M’Vila in the summer. I reckon the first choice is the Frenchman. We reported last year that the club were still in for him right at the death, it seems that interest hasn’t died down. At 21, Yann would be a signing of intent. He’s far more aggressive than anyone we have in the team and he has the same pace and tenacity that made Flamini so good.  The reason for this move? Well, word on the street is the boss doesn’t see Song as a natural defensive midfielder (Telegraph).

With 8 assists this season, it’s hard to disagree with that thought process. He’s certainly a capable midfielder, but I don’t even think the staunchest Song fan could say he’s particularly disciplined. If he was playing next to a proper defensive midfielder, could he play that Arteta role? Then we’d play with Jack slightly more advanced? That could work. One thing I’d hate this summer is if Wenger decided we don’t need an additional creative presence because Alex Song is the answer. I’d prefer to look at him as a creative defensive midfielder / centre mid than an incredible attacking talent. Gilberto scored a bunch of goals in the season before we binned him… we didn’t stick him up front the year after!

If we secure a defensive midfielder before the Euro’s, that’ll make the rest of the summer far easier. We could pick up a couple of free transfers, sign a creator… but have the core issues settled with Podoslki and the holding role covered.

Alex Song is apparently being offered a new deal to stay at the club as well… which Geoff is over the moon about. £75k a week for 5 years… big money. It’s hard to say he doesn’t deserve it. He’s been pretty consistent this year and he’s definitely added that killer ball to his game.

Another piece of good news is that Frimpong is considering his career on Twitter. A very good idea my freind. Take a leaf out of Chezzers book. You don’t need it. It’s a massive ego thing with footballers and I personally think it’s distracting. I find it distracting and I’m paid to be on it all day.

Come onto the platform when you’re a big star, sure… but I have to say, the biggest stars, like Christiano Ronaldo have no interest in it… they get their people to do it. It’s a shame the real reason he’s leaving is because people are abusing him. Twitter reminds me of a new bar in modern suburbia. To start with, it’s all good. Nice people go there, none of the riff raff. After a while, the undesirables catch wind of it’s existence and before you know it, it’s fights o’clock and not worth the aggro.

Twitter isn’t a pleasant place these days whether Arsenal are winning or losing. That’s a sad indictment on modern society… If you’ve abused a player on Twitter, take yourself outside and have a quiet word.

Great news on Koscielny, he’s going to be fit for our next game. Brilliant stuff. We need to have him fit for the run in. Another player of the season contender outside of Robin. He’s come of age, he’s fast, measured and he leads by example. My one worry for him? He’s played solidly for two seasons now. Thomas Vermaelen was over played in his first season and he broke down for a year. I just hope he gets a big rest this summer… maybe missing out on the France squad?

Anyway, the weather is amazing outside, a great time to be unemployed eh?!

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  1. Dan Ahern


    Pretty sure this counter-argument has been made before, but, who cares if he thinks highly of himself and goes to RM in a few years? Seems to C. Ronaldo did that. United managed to win with him and without him, and for their trouble of making him into a Real-calibre player they pocketed GBP 80,000,000. Sir Alex isn’t shedding tears about it.

  2. kwik fit

    I don’t what the chav’s to go trough but it’s better for us if they do. They would play us in a barca sandwich in April. The ‘old’ legs may not take it.

  3. wellingooner

    Rest Koscielny for the QPR game. He’s one yellow away from a 2 match ban and if he gets it in that match he’ll miss the crucial one against Man City.

  4. Geoff

    Keyser, I just read your comment that you don’t think Wenger had any say in the Cole deal.

    Are you serious, he did the Gallas deal at around 11.55 deadline day, as usual he did a shit deal with a contracted player that was world class for a French troublemaker that threatened to go on strike.

    Fuck me a few years before he tried to offload Cole to Palace.

    After Cole talked to the chavs we had a ECL final, Flamini played in all the games that got us there and Cole came back from injury for the final.

    If Wenger had a business brain, he would have said to Cole, sign this 5 year contract or I’ll play Flamini in the final, he didn’t, Cole repaid him by slamming in a transfer request and Flamini got his own back by fucking off on a free the very next summer.

    That not only proves Wenger did the Cole deal, it shows what a stupid decision maker is when it comes to smart business deals.

    I could go on but you only mentioned Cole. Wenger makes all the decisions, he even has his voice on the Platinum line he’s such a controlfuckingfreak.


    This is what I am talking about:

    Benfica (Portugal) ZERO Portuguese players.

    Chelsea (England) 2 Portuguese players.

    What a complete and utter sham. It’s bullshit. Clubs should have to field players from their own country. How can you lot justify that sort of bollocks?

  6. Geoff

    I’m trying to think of any players in the world get picked for 7 years and played until they finally come good.

    No I’m stuck there, yeah I know Walcott is getting there but at least he has a bit of talent.

    Denilson had a go but I think that was only 5 years, and before you smile don’t, he may still come back.


    UEFA seriously need to sort this bollocks out. Fck freedom of movement, make teams have to field a certain amount from their own country. Force clubs to build with their own.

  8. Dan Ahern

    kwik – Serge looks a good youth player and has a sweet name. But good god, that article is called “The Arsenal youngster who could be better than Fabregas”
    Forgive my doubts, but Fab was in Arsenal’s first team already at that age, and went on to become one of the best midfielders on earth. Serge Gnarby

  9. kwik fit

    Who care’s what country the players come from. As long as they win that’s all that matter’s. Arsenal FC is supported globally. Why then should the players not be the same ?

  10. kwik fit


    Yeah I know the headline is a bit premature but he looks the part and who know’s.
    He may even be knocking around the first team next year. He played in the reserves a couple off weeks ago with many of the first team squad and by all accounts was the stand out player.

  11. Dan Ahern

    kwik – oh yeah don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for him to be awesome. Just, not about to get overly excited about it, haha.

    P.S. Bolton noooo…

  12. gambon

    Lol, who was it that was saying Arsenal fans are obsessed with kids, Azed maybe?

    Looks like hes right.

    Now 16 year old Gnabry is the saviour.

    Just like America always has a percieved enemy Arsenal fans always have a kid theyre obsessed with.

  13. arsenal1886-2006

    I wouldn’t write chavs off against Barca, and if they do go on and win the cl then we need 3rd place in the league to qualify.

  14. SuperBenik

    Pedro, your comments at 10.54, 10.55 and 11.05 are blindingly obvious to any football fan. Why are you having to explain it to Geoff..??

    Isn’t he your co author..??

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    “Finally, some foul mouthed cyberspace smart arse got caught.

    A student who mocked Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba on Twitter after he collapsed at White Hart Lane was jailed on Tuesday for inciting racial hatred.

    Liam Stacey, 21, provoked revulsion with comments made while Muamba still lay on the pitch after suffering a cardiac arrest during Bolton’s FA Cup quarter-final with Tottenham on March 17.

    Police were inundated with complaints as members of the public reported the student’s comments. Stacey, a Swansea University biology undergraduate, was quickly tracked down and arrested.

    Last week he admitted inciting racial hatred when he appeared briefly at Swansea Magistrates’ Court and on Tuesday he was jailed for 56 days at the same court.

    The first of Stacey’s messages began with “LOL (laugh out loud). **** Muamba. He’s dead!!!”

    A number of people took him to task for his views and he responded with a further string of offensive comments aimed at other Twitter users.

    Stacey was close to tears during his appearance before magistrates last week.”

    Close to tears was he, you weak prick.

    So to the geezer on here who took the piss when people lost their lives in the Queensland floods last year. Be very carefull what you say from now on sunshine 😈

  16. sam


    i am not sure about gnabry being better than fabregas but you cannot compare them on how fast they gain first team football.
    fabregas had big players to babysit him, vieira, gilberto, henry etc… and arsene used to pick players based on performance not status at the club like today. that time arsene was a winner but now he’s keeping arshavin and almunia because he loves them.
    now the quickest way to break arsenal first team door is to go out on loan to scap it out at a long ball team like bolton. it doesn’t matter how good he is, walcott, arshavin, ramsey, chamakh will be picked ahead of him. the world wasn’t going to find out how good miyaichi is if he didn’t move to bolton, if arsene didn’t get booed against man u, chamberlain will still behind sergei the merkaat.
    so serge gnabry might be good but king arsene has to love him first and fabregas was just fortunate to develop under old arsene wenger.

  17. BOOZY

    roberto di matteo is a good manager, avb would not have won this.

    dropped lampard, essien and drogba.
    brought in meireles, mikel and torres.

    if he sticks to this, they might leap frog the sp*ds.

  18. Asa

    Please let’s not forget about Sagna! He (and many with him of course) turned Arsenal around this season. His straight, and the man does not make a mistake. The team seems happy and genuine against each other and that gives us good result!

  19. sam

    oh bendtner ahead of vela!
    i am not anti wenger btw, but me fink da mad professa lost it langtyme ago.
    all is not lost he only has to change and manage this team properly. first get rid of inconsistent players he knows them well, build a winning team and it won’t cost him much because we have alot of good players. get his selection right and be ruthless like mancini, if walcott is not working his backside off sub him immediately. too loyal to players who in the end let him down ie, fab and nasri. lastly he needs to start believing in rotation system, we are in 2012 not 1996. rotation will ease our injuries and tiredness he always blames after an embarrassing defeat. van persie is now misfiring because he needs some rest. how did koscielny wake up with a dead leg?

  20. infidel


    the 6+5 rule that you love and want to happen will only mean english clubs will be reduced to european whopping boys and arsenal would only hang in the top 4 because the others teams in the EPL would also be held back by ‘english talent.’ that is if arsenal manages to keep overrated players like walcott because he’d be gone for andy carroll prices, along with wilsehre and gibbs and other english players. And they’d still get their asses kicked in europe.

    Instead of complaining about the foreign players that are making the EPL what it is, build better academies and change the football culture in england to produce intelligent, creative and technical footballers instead of dumb athletes that put in a shift and tackle.

    Would be hilarious if wenger finally leaves and an english managers takes over and returns arsenal to being an all english club, maybe tony adams? they’d be the Stoke of the champions league, until they get kicked out of it. I’d love to see that.

  21. infidel


    ” Had he given Muamba the same playing time he gave Song, we may have the next Vieira, but he didn’t. And I have said that a gazillion times too. ”

    This is hilarious. Any reason Muamba didn’t turn into the next Vieira outside Arsenal? Was he sent to play football in Norway’s third division?

  22. Geoff

    Infidel, yes, because Bolton are shit. You could put any average player in this team and he would improve, Song did.

    arsenal1886, many thanks, I’ll give it a go and let you know!

  23. Brdgunner

    I think a dm is unlikely. I expect that a forward and or a creator is all we will add. We have 4 midfielders to add in diaby, jack, frimpong and couqulin.

    Hopefully poldolski will sign and someone like willian is likely to come in.

    However, I don’t see many coming in.

    Come on the gunners

  24. iffy the goon

    So goetze signs contract extension with dortmund. Guess those people that kept talking about goetze signing can give it a rest now. He was never going to come to us. He’ll end up at madrid once he leaves germany

  25. gambon

    “iffy the goon March 28, 2012 07:45:41

    So goetze signs contract extension with dortmund. Guess those people that kept talking about goetze signing can give it a rest now. He was never going to come to us. He’ll end up at madrid once he leaves germany”

    The attitude of Arsenal fans can be disgusting at times.

    You want us to be the best team around, but you dismiss the idea of signing good players?

    Just imagine Citys owners had taken the same view.

    “Yaya Toure, oh no he wants to go to Madrid”

    “David Silva, oh no, he wants to go Barca”

    “Sergio Aguero? He has Madrid DNA, no point signing him”

    They would now have Nzonzi, Nzogbia & Darren Bent instead and be 5th still.

  26. gambon

    “We will have a complete team with addition of Vertonghen, Mvilla and Podoski”

    Still need to replace Cesc.

  27. gambon


    Good point.

    After 6years of giving kids years to get up to speed, including with Cesc, we should do it all over again.

    I cant wait until Wilshere fully replaces Cesc in 2015. Who cares if we get nowhere before then.

    Last year Wilshere played virtually every game (35 in the PL) and he got 1 goal & 3 assists. Some Cesc replacement.

  28. gambon

    Never, ever read Caught Offside, whoever runs that site is a lunatic.

    He runs about 1million articles per year, mostly Arsenal based, just linking us with anyone.

  29. goondawg

    We should let Wilshere play in the hole role as cesc did and not that deep lying midfielder role he had last year, before we make our judgement. I reckon he would excel, especially with having an in-form RVP instead of afraid to shoot chammy

  30. Ryan SA


    Be that as it may. With such poor stats, you would swear that Jack is a useless player, but that is (thankfully) not the case. His man of the match performance against Barca where he outshone Iniesta and Xavi, says a lot. We could argue whether it would take 3 years for him to fill the ‘Cesc role’. I don’t think it will take that long. That is just my opinion though.

  31. boomergooner1727

    if a 75k deal won’t silence the doubters then nothing will. 8 assist from our ‘defensive’ midfielder, considering the magnitude of some goals he created, and i can finally sit back and enjoy the kid who i said would be great one day.

    now, if he started netting a few himself or became a threat from set pieces he would solidify himself as one of the best at his position (if he already hasn’t). the addition of m’vila would allow him to immerse himself into an attacking role and provide a defensive threat (remember, he’s played center half) further up the pitch. the thought of those two and jack running the show with the likes of art, ros, rams, frim, coq (and ox?) in the wakes is reason to be excited for next season.

    its scary what only 3 classy signings would do to the healthy version of our squad. i’m also quite interested in what will happen with the wage structure when we offer robin the new contract. if we give him something between 150 and 180 would the signing of someone on 130 or 145 be a possibility? according to pwh we’re really going for it this summer; i wonder what the man’s definition of ‘go’ consist of…

  32. alan b'stard M P

    another bloody frog who qualifies for an African nation to piss off for the ACON. No thanks

    Give me Englishmen. That’s why Manure go so well

  33. jnyc

    I totally agree with your description of what songs role should be. I have been noting here all season about his vision and gorgeous long passes. But he is not the creator we need either. Podolski, a good holding(mvilla or vertonghen as all around player, )and one central attacking mid-( even if not a big name like gotze or hazard, i trust the boss to find a gem for less.) I kind of like marvin martin, and i have asked here if valbuena can play central. I would be thrilled with those three holes filled. And keeping our guys signed, and getting rid of most useless to save wages