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Nasri taught him that...

Happy Monday one and all. The clocks going forward an hour was exactly what I needed after a weekend of extreme boozing. Still, there is plenty to be joyous about in the world of Arsenal at the moment. Even stronger hints about Podolski have emerged from the club over the weekend. Wenger has again gone on record talking about the German front man.

“Nothing is done. No, he has not had a medical,”

“I don’t master the timing [of any announcement] because that does not just rely on us. It could happen soon, it could happen later, I don’t know.

“It is always a concern [that someone else could come in for him]. The speed in which you do things is important, but at the end of the day it is always the player who makes the decision.

“It is about how much they want to join you.”

I’m always concerned when Arsene brings up the conversation around desire. He could mean three things here.

1) Lukas is waiting to see where we finish before he commits

2) Lukas is waiting on Chelsea to see if they’ll come in with a mega bucks deal for him

3) Lukas is waiting to see if they’ll offer him more than £25k a week

I hope it’s not number three. Arteta joined us on a lower pay deal than he had at Everton. We could have scuppered that move over a lack of ambition with salary when it comes to a top player. That said, his desire and mental belief was strong. So he came along. Smashed it. Now he’s contender for player of the year if we’re banning Robin from the award.

I think we’ll land the German. He’ll look around the league and see that if any team is in need of a versatile front man with pace and power, it’s us and QPR. If we make third, he doesn’t even have to worry about pre-qualification. Also, you have to love the fact that his team were totally spanked by Dortmund last night in a thrilling 6-1 defeat. Apparently the star man for Dortmund was Kagawa… a player we’ve previously been linked with who seems to look the business. He’s scored 12 goals and bagged 6 assists this season, he’s Japanese and he’s top quality… though there have been question marks over his ability to stay fit. I’d be surprised if Wenger hasn’t been scouting him on some level.

A grotty bit of news also popped up on the main website. A 29 year old man was arrested on suspicion of racially abusing Tiote at the Newcastle game. Honestly… really? Arsenal fans? In the multi cultural metropolis of North London? Surely not racist remarks? Mind you, I’ve experienced first hand some of the muppetry that can go on amongst some sections of the support… so maybe not that shocking. I’m guessing if he’s been flagged, it’s because someone near him has grassed him up. Good. There’s not place for that type of nonsense at Arsenal.

Mr Gibbs has been talking about the renewed belief at the club and our ability to see out games.

“We just have this belief at the minute that we are not going to lose a game. We were down against Spurs and Newcastle but we don’t give up now. We have a resilience now that we are not going to lose games. We need to keep that.

I think the resilience of first 11 has never been in doubt this season, the trouble is, we’ve rarely been able to field a stable 11. Now we’ve slipped into a bit of a groove with the back 5 we’ve started to build out results.  At the moment, with very few injuries we have a very strong team and some great options from the bench. All we need to do is sprinkle the squad with a bit of magic in the summer and bring in a few high caliber squad players and we’re away.

Wenger seems determined not to get carried away with the form we’ve been showing. I’ve been personally determined to get massively carried away for a similar reason. Wenger doesn’t want fans to be disappointed if we drop a place. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to sing when we’re winning in case we drop a place. He also took time out for the second day running to highlight another error he made in January.

‘We had a blip in January, just after Christmas… but if you look at the circumstances of the blip it was down to the fact we had no full backs’

Well, kind of… we did know that we didn’t have full backs before the transfer window opened and there were short term options available on both the right and the left but we didn’t move for them. Luckily, we hopefully won’t have to revisit that as being the turning point in a terrible season. I think we’ll certainly be able to look back at it and wonder if we’d be challenging at the top of the league had we made a bold move at that point. Fulham and Swansea should have been wins and with a stronger side, could we have taken points from United? It’s all ifs and buts…

Finally, Kenny Dalglish reckons he’d swap two cups for 4th place. Kenny, don’t talk nonsense. Here are a few post ninties realities for you.

1) Buying any English talent that moves is not going to make you a contender

2) If a player says something racist to another player, it’s not wise to mock up tee shirts celebrating that player

3) The Champions League is worth £45million a year. It’s the reason players join your club. It’s what makes you appealing to sponsors. It’s the life blood of any top side. Like it or lump it, it’s the pinnacle of football these days. The FA Cup is worth £1.8million, the Carling Cup is worth £1million.  Your overlords certainly won’t agree with you over valuation of the Cups.

Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to win some trophies but not at the expense of the clubs future. Give me an FA Cup and 4th… fine. But I’m not taking Champions League wilderness for 5 years for the sake of a cup. That really is the extent of missing out for us. It’s doubtful we’d be able to self sustain our way out of that potential mess. It’ll be interesting to see how Chelsea deal with it. When will Abramovich get bored of pumping money into a club no one cares about? When, as billionaire, do you start questioning what the hell you’re doing making muppets like John Terry rich beyond comprehension?

Soon hopefully… pull the plug Roman… I’ll buy you a beer if you do, then we’ll laugh, oh how we’ll laugh.

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The below video is how I see the conversation panning out after I meet with him.

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    LOL Andy, First, try 7th.

    Pedro, you talk about signing players in the summer but surely given the way Arsenal are run quite a few have to be shipped out first to free up the wages?

    I would be far happier about transfer news of dross leaving. Do you have any leads on that? E.g. Squll, Den, Almunia etc. Bendtner is coming into a little form, why not just keep him as back up attacker?


    The sun shines, Arsenal win and everyone stops commenting!

    Surely it’s better to be winning than losing? I’m a much more relaxed person these days now Arsenal are on form.


    Two trophies or CL?

    It just shows how money rules the game totally that we are now conditioned to think 2nd,3rd or 4th is a trophy. It’s crazy really.

    So the fans get a season ticket increase for CL football even though we have no real chance of winning it. The money is mostly re-invested in dross but because the standard in the EPL has gone down we keep getting away with it.

    I agree now that CL football is more important than the FA & League Cup but don’t neccassarily think it’s a good thing or value to the fans.


    Bade, I’m up early today. Boy has day off school and it looks as if I am about to be schooled in the art of MW3. How the hell do you play it online without getting shot in the first 3 seconds?

  5. hitman49

    you dont even go there mate for a start.
    thats how..just instruct and say i wouldnt have done that.
    as that really wynds them up


    Hitman…..done the first 6 days of technical lessons. I now have 2 months to give 12 x 1 hour lessons to my club. Done the Safe Guarding Children course, just got to do my refresher for First Aid then go back in May for a weekend of more technical before taking final assessment in June.

    Not overly confident mind you. There isn’t much support outside the course to know if you are teaching the right things. Also I don’t agree with some of what is being taught i.e. ball has to be played to furthest man forward unmarked – really don’t understand this approach. (Don’t think it did me any favours with the tutor).

  7. Kavit Patel

    Definitely rather be Arsenal finishing 3rd and trophy less than liverpool with the carling cup and finishing 7th/8th/9th/10th/11th (all those positions are possible for liverpool to end up in).

    Not that I find it acceptable for a club of our stature, but given how this season started…its essential that we achieve the bare minimum.

    Liverpool have been total shite since they lost out on Champions League footy, we don’t want to risk going down that path

  8. TT

    “ball has to be played to furthest man forward unmarked – really don’t understand this approach. (Don’t think it did me any favours with the tutor).”
    Joppaaaaaaaa that’s called hoofing the ball;) A La Lioverpool,Stoke etc etc


    Not sure why Liverpool have been so poor of late. It stems from the loss to us when to be fair they played us off the park but somehow managed to lose.

    Whatever the reason I feel they are largely responsible for our good run of form. We dodged many bullets that day, and as a result gained confidence and kicked on.

  10. adi

    Just got me thinking:
    Consider if we had won the ties against bolton(0-0), wolves(1-1, henessey went crazy), fulham(2-1), swansea and the early season game against blackburn, we’d be top of the table. Really puts this season into perspective. I do think we have a good squad, add podolski, ryo, another backup striker, bartley/a cb and a mid and we’re good to go for next season.
    Oh, and about the podolski deal, Koln have no one in charge at the moment, so they might not be able to sanction the deal till a director is appointed.
    Also, reportedly the wages offered are 100k a wekk. Certainly not 25k.

    As for the point about adding a lb in january, the only feasible option was taiwo, and ryo tore him apart a few days back.

  11. Kavit Patel

    As much as I hate to see Manchester United win the league for the 20th time, it would be absolutely hilarious to see Nasri end up as trophy less as Arsenal will this season.

    Suck on that Sammy

  12. hitman49

    best thing is dont argue dissagree yeah course but do it the way to get your pass,
    then change the way you do it..i did i told them straigh all the time this is how you want it done but i will not be doing it that way.
    which they hated but had to pass me .
    ha ha always prove your point though then blow smoke up their arsess.
    i asked them to show me how to kick a ball……..they never had a clue what to say as they always presume you and the student know how to .
    mate out buy the pool now been out on the horse this morning going into the office a little later


    TT that is part of the philosophy for the FA Level 2 Coaching award. Consider that the next step up is UEFA Level 3 and you have to worry about what is being taught.

    I said what about the Barca way playing it from the back to which I was told.

    “Barca would still knock it to the furthest player forward who is unmarked”

    What a crock of shite. We have to get out kids comfortable on the ball. It’s so competitive here the kids don’t get a chance to enjoy, learn.

  14. Josip Skoblar

    “Buying any English talent that moves is not going to make you a contender”.

    “English” Dalglish may be buying, but “talent” certainly not!

  15. Pacman

    Alot of fans want Vertongen, I just can’t see it happening.. He aint no left back, and Mertesacker, Vermaelen , Kos and Vertongen would mean to much bench time for for a quality centerback.

    Song plays allmost every game for us soo no opening there either, Frimpong and LeCoq as back up.

    Would trade Mertasacker for Vertongen, but that aint happening.

    Aint realistic is it?

  16. adi

    That’s 5 players, 3 already at the club(backup st= afobe/campbell). I seriously doubt wenger’s gonna sign vertonghen. Gibbs is putting together a run of games, i think being first choice helps. Santos is a brilliant backup left-back. Sagna, Jenkinson, Yennaris are good enough at rb (Jenkinson is not the best in the world, i know, but he didn’t do too much wrong in any game after the manure mauling).
    Vertonghen wouldn’t want to be 3rd/4th choice. Djourou can be 5th choice(or if he can regain some form, 4th choice), bartley can come in.
    Ryo looks quite a player. He’s growing in confidence every week. He’s ridiculously quick, has great crossing ability, apparently can finish and is not muscled off that easily now. Afobe is a real propect as well, good enough to be 3rd choice imo.
    That leaves a mid and podolski (also a keeper, but i’d prefer mannone. He’s kept 8 clean sheets at hull in 11 games).


    I like what KK tried to do with Liverpool. If he gets two trophies then I think you have to say the season for them has been successful.

    What is with all the Liverpool knocking? I would love to see Wenger invest in quality English players.

  18. Kavit Patel

    I think the only reason he’s keeping Djourou is to fulfil the home grown rule.

    He’s OK for 4th/5th choice CB

    1. Verm
    2. Kos
    3. Mert
    4. Djourou/ Verthongen (if signed)
    5. Djourou/Miquel/Bartley

  19. Bade


    I totally disagree about the valuation of the CL to winning two trophies

    It’s not only the direct money that speaks loud here, it’s the trademark

    Are we a club that wins trophies or we’re a club that makes profit out of participating in the CL every year with no real chance to win or even to go on to the higher levels of that competitions?

    As for the financial side, I do agree we’ll find life very hard without the CL money, but it’s also down to bad management more than the need of the CL money

    We pay many millions of pounds to a dross of underachievers, we even pay vast money for reasonable players, comparing other teams. We have a sick wage structure that damage us in all fronts really, it has nothing to do with us making the CL or not

    Had we been in a healthy normal wage structure, living out of a CL of a year or two wouldn’t be that damaging, as it might be those days

  20. Pacman

    If we where going to do something at left back i would like to see Baines. But Wenger wount do that bcoz that would be the end off Gibbs or Santos.

  21. Kavit Patel

    Agree with Joppa, I don’t really care too much who’s coming in as long as

    1. Almunia
    2. Squillaci
    3. Denilson(he doesn’t want to be here so piss off)
    4. Chamakh
    5. Park
    6. Nik B (he doesn’t want to be here so piss off)
    7. Vela (he doesn’t want to be here so piss off)

    are shipped out


    We should have got both Baines and Cahill last summer along with Parker. Would have cost no more than £20M or the outlay on Mert & Arteta, Now I like Arteta but would have preferred Baines, Cahill and Parker.

  23. Pacman

    I like what KK tried to do with Liverpool. If he gets two trophies then I think you have to say the season for them has been successful. What is with all the Liverpool knocking? I would love to see Wenger invest in quality English players.
    I would not say Downing is quality, Henderson i would not trade for Ramsey. Carrol don’t even get me started there

  24. Bade

    As for Arsene I think he’s just being cautious

    Rest assured, when we finish 3rd, or even 4th, he will be praising the side and himself as if we won the Quadruple, which of course will reflect our summer buys, or should I say, no buys

    Arsene always said he’s doing his business very early on, or very late on

    And you can tell by our purchases in the last few windows

    He brought Kozzer, Gerv and Ox early on
    He brought AA23 and the panic buys in the last day (and minutes) of the transfer window

    So if we’re landing Podolski early, don’t expect any others coming in after him…. well, maybe, only maybe, if we fail to persuade Robin to sign then he will bring in another late addition

    But of course I hope to be found wrong about it


    See Pedro, it’s not all about signing players. A lot of us just want to know who is leaving? Cut the dross, slash the wage bill then look at buying.

    See it’s rubbing off on all fans. We don’t want more average players, we want quality. How can the dross be good for the club? What do they bring?


    PACMAN…I agree. I didn’t say Downing and Henderson were quality, I just said I liked the idea KK had and went for. It hasn’t worked out but I would still like Wenger to buy English where possible.

  27. Bade

    Of course, as many already stated, it’s no less important who’s leaving that who’s coming, professionally and financially wise

  28. Pacman

    Pretty happy we got The Ox.
    The English at Arsenal are young and look real prospects nowdays me thinks.

    The Ox

    All already good enuff to be in an (quality)squad

  29. El Tel

    Merge seeker might not be everyone’s cup of tea but He is an Arsenal man ad although He is slow He is position ally very good. A great organizer and a future leader.

    The bloke is still reasonably young He has vast experience playing for Germany and will be important in helping Podolski settle in London.

    Since when have Belgium ever done anything in International football?

    Give me a German international any day of the week.

    Leave BFG alone.

  30. finestcuts

    It’s good to be finally in a Champions League spot AND above Tottenham. A few months ago our North London neighbours kept telling us to mind the gap, and even had t-shirts printed in which they posed in with great pride. This was meant to be Tottenham’s season, their chance to finally put to rest those demons of Arsenal finishing above them every season.
    But they fucked up. Big time. Now we can sneer at those imbeciles who wore those shirts with the contempt they deserve.

    It should also serve as a reminder to us. We’ve got to keep up this tempo, the season isn’t over and we’ve got to win a few more battles to finish in this position. If we’re lucky we’ll win all our games. And who says Man City or Manyoo can’t have a blip.

    Overall we have a first class first team, but we really need to strengthen. We know the Euros might be the cause of a few players out of action,so having too many quality options is a must. Get Bendtner, Almunia and the rest we hardly/don’t use off the payroll, use our guaranteed Champions League status as a major attraction and build on this solid base of a team.

  31. kc

    If Wenger
    had gone for Baines, Cahill
    and Parker we would have
    been far stronger this
    season and possibly
    challenging would we not?

    In as much that they were panic buys….it will not add anything

  32. Pacman


    Would have loved Baines over Santos this summer.
    Cahill over Mertesacker anyday
    Parker, Song, Arteta would have done us good when we see how this season have played out, no doubt

  33. adi

    Let’s try for an all-homegrown 11

    Is it just me or are those 11’s growing stronger year-by-year

  34. Bade

    And people should take it easy on here

    There are still 24 points to play for, we have a much harder run in than the Spuds, so anything could happen

    Just like no one believe a month and half ago we can be 3rd today, things might turn around the other side again

    I think we’re still too reliant on Robin’s fitness …..

  35. Cygan's Left Foot

    “A 29 year old man was arrested on suspicion of racially abusing Tiote at the Newcastle game. Honestly… really? Arsenal fans? In the multi cultural metropolis of North London? Surely not racist remarks? Mind you, I’ve experienced first hand some of the muppetry that can go on amongst some sections of the support… so maybe not that shocking. I’m guessing if he’s been flagged, it’s because someone near him has grassed him up. Good. There’s not place for that type of nonsense at Arsenal.”

    That is big of you with all the racist comment on your page LOL.

  36. Pedro

    Joppa, you might like what Kenny has done, but it hasn’t worked. He’s unlikely to win the FA Cup, so all he’ll have to show for the season is a massive outlay on a Cup Birmingham won last year.

    Champions League is what it’s all about… signing English players is only a good idea if they’re any good.

    Liverpool have a had a shocker of a season… and I’m knocking them because it’s hilarious.

  37. Pacman

    It was double the price for Cahill at the time, I think he was first choice.. But Wenger freaked out when he had to pay the few extra mill


    I agree Bade. Not sure if you watched Chelsea v Spurs but for me Spurs were far superior. I expect Spurs to go on a good run from now until end of the season. They have a nice run in.

    As long as we keep our form though we can beat anyone so should be close for third.

    I don’t expect us to drop out of top 4.

  39. Pacman

    Liverpool have a had a shocker of a season… and I’m knocking them because it’s hilarious.

    Well said Pedro!

    The Pool suporters where on a high after they won the cup and played us of the park a few weeks ago. I was getting some stick there. and now look at them:) lovely

  40. adi

    What’s with all the BFG bashing. He’s a proper gooner, has around 80 caps for germany (and still gets in ahead of howedes, tasci), organises the defence and brings a sense of calm.
    What else do you want? Don’t go by the media, he isn’t really that slow in the straight line


    Pedro, I don’t really care for what Liverpool are doing. I can only judge on what I have seen of them which isn’t a great deal. I watched them murder us and lose but that’s about it. We have them to thank for the confidence we now have.

    For the biggest under achievers this season are Man City. Look at their outlay and their return – could be nothing.

  42. Kavit Patel

    I read that since October 23rd.

    Manchester United 51 points
    Manchester City 51 points
    Arsenal 51 points.

    The blip in the start of the season and the 3-4 game blip in December Jan are what is preventing us from being closer to the 1st/2nd.

    12 points off top….if we beat Blackburn, Fulham, Swansea we would be 3 points behind city today.

  43. goonerDNA

    I watched arsenal play chelsea in 1973 last night I never realised how good bob wilson was and how shit the bridge was from the pitch to a tiny stadium what a shithole

  44. OnDGooner

    JOPPAAAAAAAA March 26, 2012

    Don’t you have anything better to do mate? Well you must fit the bill that says; ‘eat, drink and sleep football!! Well done mate!!

  45. vale

    The podolski deal has not gone through coz cologne does not have a chairman/a sporting director at the moment so Arsenal f.c have no one they can strike the deal with,personal terms have however been agreed with the player.The other factor is that Lazio have also entered the race to sign the player and being 3rd in the serie A and likely to qualify for champions league podolski is attracted to them.But fingers crossed lads hope he joins us.

  46. Pacman

    Kavel Patel

    It’s buts and iffs isnt it?

    If earlier seasons are anything to go by, we would crumble the next games then with our hopes high

  47. Pollux

    Who doesn’t wants a bigger pay package? If arsenal finishes 3rd and Chelsea 4th And chelsea came in with a bigger pay package, I would be very surprised if podolski is not mata-Ed.

  48. Pollux

    For fuck sake, if we didn’t sign at least one of the names we are link to in this coming summer, wenger should serious fuck off.

  49. goondawg

    Wenger thinks Podolski wil fire Arsenal to a title league next year along with a fit and healthy squad, maybe perhaps a few signings in the “quality bracket”.. Pray it’s Ox quality and not Chamakh quality!

    Wenger is delusional if he is banking on the squad to stay fit throughout a whole season, which is why we should definitely buy Vertonghen. Cheap as chips, has announced his desire to join, and is versatile in all the defensive areas. He is quality as well! Best replacement for Squillaci! Competition breeds less complacency cos everyone is vying for the 1st team sheet spots.

    So this summer we will be shot of hopefully Almunia, Fabianski (?), Squillaci, Bendtner, Vela, Denilson, Chamakh …

    We should buy a back-up experienced keeper, Vertonghen, Podolski, and one more class attacking player. I want Hazard to join, he said so ages ago he was interested in Arsenal, but day by day it is becoming ever so unlikely. The whole top 5 + loserpool of the EPL, plus a host of clubs abroad are battling for his signature on a contract. Interesting to see if Wenger bumbles another season of transfer opportunities, or if he grabs the bull by its horns and send a message of intent and warning to our rivals. Goetze, I’ve given up on because he seems like the jack wilshere of Dortmund, and we will be hard pressed to prise him away this season, if he has stated his willingness to stay on for a year at least. I wouldn’t mind a shot at kagawa though!

  50. Matchy

    i watched the bolton match and this boy ryo impresses me everytime! he is getting better and better every match.

    the most important thing i like about him is he is fast and he last.

    the guy bascially played right back, right wing. midfield. goes back into the backline and gets the ball. unlike this walcot guy who never come back.

    and he is not even a right winger, he is a left winger.

    And ryo can cross the ball. he takes corners for bolton.

    Why the heck is walcott not taking corners for the team? They guy i a midget and when was the last time he ever scored a goal from corners? when was the last time he ever scored from his head …???????

    Van persie takes the corners for the team and he is taller and stronger then walcott. So whats the deal there? i dont get it.

    Kagawa is immensely intelligent player. And he makes things happens on the pitch. Dortmund got him for 300,00k from Japan.

  51. goondawg

    Walcotts crosses will be too much hit or miss, he doesn’t have the technical ability like RVP to pick out our cbs with “fantastic leap”

  52. Geoff

    Ha, ha I read some of the comments about where we would be if this and if that.

    You know what? We’re not, if my sister had bollocks, she’d be my brother, you know what? She’s not.

    I’m resting my case. We aren’t because our manager refused to buy what we needed and replace what we lost, if some of you start believing some of the comments on here, he’ll buy no one again and we’ll win nothing… …again.

  53. puppyguts

    everyday i hear the same crap online about who we should buy etc.

    our starting line up is quality and doesn’t need any strengthening, don’t be greedy c&*ts

    our back 5 are unbeaten together this season ffs, our midfield is the most dynamic in the league imo even with jack out , theo is riding high in the assist league and we can rotate ox and gerv on the other side, plus we hav the best cf in the league.

    i agree we need a back up for rvp but tht is about it.

    p.s JOPPA stop sucking off parker he is way over rat

  54. Josip Skoblar

    goonerDNA March 26, 2012 10:28:19

    I saw Bob Wilson play at Highbury so many times. He’s still to date the best goalkeeper I’ve seen for Arsenal. With him, no eccentricities or acrobatics,but a sound, solid keeper, hard to beat. I like the bloke too. 1973: you could buy a ticket a the gate for 15p then. Those were the days…

  55. Arselove

    PuppyGuts…am sure u want arepeat of this season….as much as I am excited about our past few games….I would like to see real quality added to the team….rthat will contend for the title from day 1….its fans like u who have NSS(near success sydrome) that makes us a laughing stock

  56. Azed

    our starting line up is quality and doesn’t need any strengthening, don’t be greedy c&*ts
    Are you serious???

  57. goonerDNA

    Josip, bob wilson better than seamen? And where the fuck did pat rice play he reminded me of Sagna up and down the whole game with a touch of skill too those sheds made me laugh tho and the amount of backpasses and bob rolling the ball out only to pick it up again.


    Is it true that Gambon has been banned from here for 8 weeks because of his racist attacks on DaleDaGooner and Keyser?

    Next Pedro will be telling us Gambon isn’t a world class commenter!

  59. kc

    Is it true that Gambon has
    been banned from here for 8
    weeks because of his racist
    attacks on DaleDaGooner
    and Keyser?


  60. Josip Skoblar

    Hard to say. I’m obviously biased. Wilson is a bloke I used to watch as a young lad so I have more vivid memories of that time. Wilson was very resilient and devoted to the club. As I said, nothing spectacular about him but a sound keeper. He was voted AFC player of the year in our famous 1971 season. Not bad, eh? I also remember we used to mock his strange middle name – Primerose it is!!! (it must be his mother’s name or something).
    Pat Rice was RB. He captained our side. He was such a legend. It pains me to read that for some today he’s just a yes man. On the pitch, he was a lion!
    One thing I don’t miss from that time: the backpasses and the goalie retaining the ball for ever!

  61. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Joppaaaaaaaaaaa, Baines is no way head and shoulders above Gibbs, or Santos for that matter, what you been smokin Bruv??

  62. Goon in 60 Seconds

    plus Song or Arte over Parker any day thanks!!! And I am sure Gambon has gone in to exile due to the 7 wins in a row. He wants Wenger out so bad that he wants arsenal to fuck up.

  63. Bush Gooner

    The team needed a good run of wins to get that solidity and confidence back. And over the past few games it looks like that we have. Song looked like he didn’t care and his overall play was shocking but 4 assists in 7 games is good going from him.

    I am not getting excited about the league position were in right now as it all could change in 2 games then we find ourselves back in the midst battling for 4th.

  64. Geoff

    No, Gambon most definitely hasn’t been banned, as for Keyser, he’s white, trailer trash and fat as fuck so there can’t have been any racist attacks there.


    How the fck after watching games in the EPL this season can anyone say Baines isn’t miles ahead of Gibbs, Santos. Fck me it only took Santos 2 mins to fck up at the weekend. He is terrible defensively.

    Parker is a better DEFENSIVE mid than Song.

  66. goonerboy

    Good comments from Bade- agree totally–we’ve done well recently and ridden our luck and being out of the cups helped- but we have some hard games ahead- Stoke away is one. Delusion of fans and over- confidence of the manager and the team are our biggest weaknesses. Games are only easy in the EPL if your mentality is right- phasers set to kill not stun.
    For all our welcome recent improvement- the context is not a great one-we are doing well at the moment in a battle for 3rd place-wow- is that all we aspire to?

  67. Leedsgunner

    I think Rene Adler is available for a free at the end of this season. He is 27 still young for a goal keeper but with plenty of top level experience to boot both at club and international level. Plus as a German I think he would Help Per and Lukas settle quickly (were he to sign) so that they could hit the ground running. Sczc will be a top keeper but he has no competition and when that happens complacency is the result (Arshavin). Look what the emergence of Oxo has done to Theo… Kicked him up a gear!

  68. atid

    There is only one thing i hate more than a racist and that is a bloody grass. whilst we are stamping one distgusting element from arsenal lets all try to stamp out the other too.

  69. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Joppaaaaaa, Santos was mercurial for us before the injury, he came in to a fast paced game half way through after 3 months out and he mis placed a pass, and looked rusty, no surprise there. Gibbs has a LOT more ability on the ball than Baines and is getting a lot better defensively. Plus Santos was fine defensively in his matches prior to the injury, ie he needed time to adjust to the prem, just as baines would if he moved from an inferior league.

    And as for parker over ARTETA!!! ARE YOU MENTAL SON!?!?!?!??! Arteta could potentially be our player of the season, he has transformed this arsenal side, way more than parker ever could( plus he is a spud, so wash out your mouth son). The ONLY point i could agree on is MAYBE Cahill for Merte, but merte is our 3rd choice anyway, so it doesnt really matter, plus merte is perfect for when teams like stoke play the long ball over and over and over again.! Mate if you are going to bash our players , at least talk sense.

    Oh and parker may be better defensively than song, but that is why the song arteta partnership is ROCK. because they are both attack/defense, and song does a lot of defensive work, try watching next time!! any time sagna bobms up, it is always song who is there covering, any team in Europe would take song , the same could not be said for parker. AND we developed song, he cost us 1 million! BE PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. atid

    If u look at the players that we have out on loan many of them could replace some of the players we all want out. for example mannone could replace fabianski
    bartley could replace squillaci
    lansbury could replace benayoun
    ryo could replace arshavin
    The place that wenger needs.to really address is back up striker which with podolski as no.2 anyone of park chamakh bendtner vela .campbell afobe could.be.no.3


    Pedro was Parker not the player of the year last season? Or was it Song or Arteta – you tell me. I like Song and Arteta but they are not better defensively than Parker.

    Goon I have seen enough of Santos to worry about him defensively. Baines is a quality English left back.

  72. Pedro

    Joppa, I get you… so Parker is the best player in the league?

    Don’t you remember him being at the heart of pretty much everything that went wrong when his side were spanked 5-2 by us?

    Scott Parker isn’t as good as Arteta… not by a long shot. He never has been.

  73. goondawg

    We will definitely get a better outlook on current team quality after we face stern tests against City, chelsea and Stoke. But I am still of the view, our team needs strengthening despite our run of superb form. Podolski and LJWs return alone won’t cut it. Reason we are doing well coincides with less fixture congestion cos we bombed out early in the competitions. Find it funny how Loserpool seem fairly certain of landing the FA cup, I hope they crash and burn at the final.

  74. Pedro

    Joppa, Santos is a very good player… he was integral to us going forward before he got injured, he’s technically sound and he’s getting better defensively. Arteta, again, has all the passion Parker has but is far better on the ball, has better control and he can pass.

  75. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Joppaaaaaa, if you remember before the santos injury, we were all saying that his postioning was sorting itself out. Also his lack of fitness was hindering him getting back quickly, but that also was sorting itself before the injury. Santos is a very exciting player who brings flair skill and passion to our team and given time to adjust would have been fine defensively. YOu dont play for Brazil that many times and not be able to defend. He as simply adjusting to a faster league, and a smaller diet by the looks of things. Gibbs is the future \england left back with out doubt (fitness dependent)

    ANd yes parker was the football writers player of the season, he works hard and is dogged, that is true enough, which is enough reason for a load of english journos to give the award to an English man.
    I think parker has quality, but compared to what we have he is not up there, technically speaking he is miles behind arteta and song.

  76. puppyguts

    the bottom line with parker is that he doesn’t have the technical ability to cut it in our midfield, so in the context of our squad parker doesn’t really hold much value wen compared to arteta or song, on top of that parkers stats aren’t especially impressive

  77. Radio Raheem

    I think Wenger might have to play Wilshere in that ‘left mid tucked-in’ position he has been experimenting with Ramsey in the last two matches.

    Sad to say this but Rosicky might make way for Diabylicious

  78. gooner

    i’ll nitpick here, but actually QPR does have a striker with pace and power. Djibril Cisse. He just isnt any good

  79. Bush Gooner

    Radio Raheem
    March 26, 2012 15:23:20

    I think Wenger might have to play Wilshere in that ‘left mid tucked-in’ position he has been experimenting with Ramsey in the last two matches.Sad to say this but Rosicky might make way for Diabylicious
    Diaby will play second fiddle to Rosicky right now. If anything, the DM will be a battle between Song and Diaby. Agree with Jack playing an inside left role as his range of passing and vision is excellent..

  80. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Radio, Wenger loves Abu yes, but he REALLY LOVES Sicknote, “as a man and a footballer”. There is no chance that in the form he is in Rosicky will lose his place to diaby, absolutely NO chance. What rosicky is doing, is basically paying off the faith that arsene has shown in him. you dont think Wenger would let that kind of “i told you so ” moment pass by do you ?/ 😉

  81. Radio Raheem

    Bush G,

    That’s the thing isn’t it? Diaby and Rosicky bring different things to the table and I’ll like to see them play together. With Song contributing more assists could it be that Arteta loses out?

    The only ‘consolation’ is that it’ll be a minor miracle if Diaby stayed fit for longer than 3 matches in a row so Wenger might not need to make that decision.

    A fit in form Diaby starts everytime IMO!

  82. Radio Raheem

    To be fair Goon in 60s you could Wenger shares a similar love for Diaby…they are all his babies…I mean he calls all of them ‘boys’

  83. puppyguts

    Any1 know how arshavin is doing out on loan>? i read in an interview that he wants to come bk and play for us, he went on to say that hes family is settled in london etc… don’t forget he did shell out 15 m for this guy

  84. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Radio gaga, agree, but Rozzer’s form is unbeleivable at the moment, I cant recall diaby ever looking that dynamic. I just cant see anyone replacing Sicky when he is playing this good. He is the best Am in england right now. He is playing the footy ball of his life, but what is even more shocking is his PACE!! it has come back, and then some!!!

  85. andy

    ok guys lovely talk about parker 😛
    you try to compare different styles of football – parker would not be able to play in our midfield because we need midfielder capable of doing something special and attacking most of the time … even if that means we have to worry all time for a counter attack BUT we have guys in midfield capable of playing the last pass, making nice runs (for example song against dortmund) and shooting ability – parker is a good player if he has a player like modric or fabregas in front of him – if its not essential to play a part of your attacking -> so he can make 5 runs every 90 minutes and get 3 goals and 2 assists every season -> he plays a little bit like vermaelen doesn´t he? most of the time in our own half, some runs, some shots, some nice balls but defending is priority
    song is wanted all over europe … ok guys stay realistic … song is a kind of midfielder not many teams are able to cope with as he is not THAT good defensively but maybe the strongest defensive midfielder in europe – he can play in formations and styles like barca, real, maybe bayern but never ever would he be able to play in italy or at any team NEEDING defensive midfielder for defensive reasons 😛 in short form: he is capable of playing in a team possessing 65+ of the ball in more or less every game
    in my opinion we lacked attitude FROM the bench … our first 11 is able to compete on the top but after 2 or 3 injuries (which happens to every team) or 5-6 (which we have more or less every year) we are not able to compete for 5 – 10 games … it will be essential for us to be able to back up an injury to robin, but I feel we are quiet good talented AND with the right attitude on the bench for next year (in case we don´t sell anybody) – GK is needed but the rest

    sagna / jenkinson (he´s a gooner, he wants to win for arsenal, perfect replacement for a guy like sagna who´s not injuryprone and will play more or less every game)
    verm/kos // merte/djourou – merte has the right attitude, djourou is not that bad most of you think but if you are played out of position it won´t work, as CB nr4 he´s good
    santos / gibbs – gibbs has the right attitude to come from the bench if needed
    song/arteta/coqu/frimpong – the only person I am not sure about in case of benching him is song but the other 3 have the right attitude for coming in as a sub
    jack/rosicky/ramsey/ox – everyone of those are committed in any case
    theo/gerv/ox/ryo – the only guy I am not sure about is theo but he will play anyway
    rvp / pod – I dont think lukas will be happy to sit on the bench and if we are to pay him 100k he will play for sure so it´s not a question about attitude as a sub for those 2

    ryo is superb, he will be unbelievable next year believe me … you may not forget he´s playing for bolton, he doesn´t get good balls, he simply works for the team and more or less every good opportunity is due to good work by his own … he will be a real weapon in combination with song, arteta, jack, rosicky or whoever plays

  86. Radio Raheem

    Lol Lurch, not quite 442 and not quite 433 ‘cos Rosicky isn’t that advanced like Bergkamp and you get Theo making these inside forward runs from the right and Ramsey tucking in from the left in the space between our central 3 and RvP…a complete mish mash I tell ya…but we are winning so who cares eh!