Magic man Song adds another assist | Arsenal move clear of Spurs and Chelsea

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The clocks have gone forward, spring is absolutely here and what a day for a game of football yesterday was. By English standards, the heat was blistering, which as we all know, suits the Arsenal boys perfectly. The prematch didn’t exactly start well, Koscielny picked up some sort of illness (injury?) , so we lined up with JD instead. He’s a bit of a calamity at times, but at least he lined up as a centre back.

Within minutes, it was actually JD who was rolling around on the floor with a head injury. He wasn’t moving from what we could see, so we did fear the worst, especially with Jenkinson as the only potential centre back on the bench. He picked himself up and carried on.

Arsenal had most of the early possession, however, it was Villa who had the better of the chances with Albrighton taking advantage of some slack Kieran Gibbs tracking. Lucky for us his shooting boots were back in Birmingham.

Arsenal were working the ball around the pitch quite nicely, the best move before we scored came when Sagna worked his way down the wing, he played the ball into Robin who laid it off to Theo for a snap shot that was too close to Given.

It wasn’t going to take something that spectacular to open up Villa. Gervinho picked up a roving Gibbs as he was making a play for the box, he controlled the ball, struck his shot low and reasnobly hard at the near post, Given misjudged and the ball slipped under him to give us our first!

How easy was that? Very my friends…

It wasn’t all one way traffic, Stephen Ireland found himself in our box, he cut back to Heskey who flew his shot wide of the post. Albrighton again made a pacey run for our goal, Gibbs was nowhere to be seen, but Gervinho was and showed off his pace with a superb bit of back tracking!

The next goal came from another bit of Alex Song wizardry. He played one of his now trademark chipped through balls into the path of Theo Walcott. He trapped it, moved into space and placed his shot under the keeper. So much technique in that goal. An absolute masterclass. Alex Song really is starting to frighten me with all these assists!

Arteta also took time out to remind us that in a distant career elsewhere, he could shoot. He let off a bullet from outside the area but Shay Given had it in him to tip it over the bar!

The final moment of the half worth mentioning came when Alex Song played Robin into the box, the Dutchman lost his balance and fell, the ball came loose, he rose to his feet, gently swept the ball to his good foot and shot in one movement… sadly a Villa player flew back to clear the shot.

Robin is on fire. An absolute class apart!

The second half was a bit more of a tame affair. We were two up, we didn’t need to commit bodies forward and really, we needed to make sure we didn’t over exert ourselves to the point of injury. Villa were offering up nothing, we needed to realise that and keep the mistakes to a premium.

I have to say, I can barely remember anything of note in the second half? Villa made it through on goal late on but Chesney saved with his legs. I thought Chamberlain was fouled inside the box but the ref decided otherwise. Oh… and Alex Song was brutally chopped down in the last minute from the type of challenge that is typical of players working under Mcliesh. That’s why when I typed his name into my address bar this morning, I enjoyed the top suggested search result.

Anyway, the resultant freekick that looked to be about 35 yards out was smashed into the top corner by Arteta! What a way to finish a very efficient day at the office.

7 wins on the bounce… this is all starting to shape up rather nicely!


What can we conclude from a win like yesterday? Well, there are a few things for me. Firstly, I don’t take too much notice of the opposition. You can only beat who the league put in front of you and that Villa side went two up against us in the cup. What you can take note of is the difference in confidence of the team at the moment.

Theo Walcott, since the fans gave him a bit of stick at the ground, has become a different beast. I can’t work out what has been the bigger driver for him in the second half of the season. Is it the realisation that he actually had to start performing if he wanted a new gold plated deal? Was it the emergence of Chamberlain? Or has he had this summers England exploits in his head? Or has the return of Sagna made his life that little bit easier? It’s probably a combination of the lot. He’s added variety to his game, he’s far more clinical in front of goal and he’s decisive wherever he is on the pitch. His goal yesterday was superb. I’m not sure the Theo of last year could have scored that.

I think experience has been a major driving factor in the resurgence of the squad. In seasons past, we’ve tended to fall apart in the business end of the year. Not so this year. We’ve capitalised on some great form and we’ve kept it going. Alex Song, Thomas Vermaelen, Thomas Rosicky, Mikael Arteta, Bacary Sagna and Robin Van Persie are all mid twenties and up. They’re all in form and they’re all totally focused on Arsenal. Could we say the same last year? Certainly not for two of our star players

I think the other major factor is time. The players have started to work out how to play with each other. The impact of losing your two best players is always going to be massive. We had to work out a whole new way of playing and that finally seems to be clicking. More players are taking responsibility to create. More players are hungry to land themselves on the score sheet and over all, there is total belief that they can win any game against any team.

It’s the perfect storm at this point in the season.

A few people have asked if I’ve changed my opinion on the manager. Well, first things first, I’m over the moon about the turnaround. I’ve said all season we can make top four, which it seems like we’re on course to do now. My opinion of the manager has always been around learning from his mistakes. If we make top 3 this season, will he reflect on last years errors and make the changes he needs to early on… or will this year be vindication for him to continue as is. If we have another summer like last  year, we’ll have another similar season. If Wenger keeps hold of Robin, bakes in 2-3 world class players into the mix and makes a real go of it next year… I’d be more than happy for him to see out his forever contract.

The big difference for me this year is Robin. The captain has been vocal with the manager about the lack of experience around the squad before. Wenger knows if he has a chance of winning the league over the next three years, he’ll need a player like Robin in the squad. Robin will know that a Wenger promise on super quality players doesn’t always stack up. I’m guessing he’s asked the club to show him ambition if he’s to sign on. Hopefully, that’ll be the tipping point for Arsene and a policy change.

However, lets take this one step at a time. There are still 8 games left. A lot can happen in that time. It’s looking good though. We’re 3 points ahead of Spurs, we’re 8 ahead of Chelsea and 16 ahead of Liverpool. Yep, 16. King Kenny. What a manager.

Next up is QPR on Saturday, they’re without Cisse, which is bad news for them, they’re also without any form players, which is even worse news. We need to beat one of Chelsea or City at home… if we can do that, I think top 3 is ours. It’s tense though… who would have thought 3rd Place Trophy could be so much fun?

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  1. Samir

    Seems like Newcastle have stolen our song!

    He scores when he wants…
    He scores when he wants…
    Papis Cisse, he scores when he wants!

  2. African Gooner

    Podolski,Mvila and any worldclass GOAL-SCORING AM who can play behind RvP wil do 4 me. Stephane Sessegnon is 1 AM we cud get without breaking the bank,he is used to the EPL,he scores goals(currently has 8),has a lot of assists(7) and he speaks French,Perfect Wenger signing.

  3. Rutu

    I would be happy with Poldi, Suarez and Holtby. Watched a few games of Schalke and this kid Holtby is everywhere Gets away from markers , good at both feet and not afraid to have a crack from distance..scored some screamers for them this season with either foot.
    Maybe future replacement for Rosicky?

  4. telarse

    I was quite staggered by the amazing composure Theo showed when he went on to score after controlling the ball so beautifully – I’m sure he was as shocked as the rest of us but he went on and scored!!!

    The words “exception” and “rule” spring to mind – as they do when considering Alex “Chippy” Song’s assists.

    We can only beat what’s in front of us so I hope there continue’s to be shite in front of us in the run-in and we get the 3rd sphincter relaxing goal a bit earlier in future games!

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Watching FC Köln v Borussia Dortmund, Poldi is frustrated, hope he just signs over now and ready for next season with us. He’s doing his best. Kagawa is worth a look! Would love if we got him, if Götze isn’t available! He’s scoring at will! And creating…just scored as I typed!

  6. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Rutu, no way to Suarez, he’s rotten, you think he would help when our backs are to the wall? no, he would bitch and moan like Arshvin and nasri etc, we need fighters with quality, not bitches with quality!

  7. Tunde

    Not Luiz Suarez d cunt but Matias Suarez i like the look of d guy he can dribble,run and his finishing is top notch.Prefer him to Pod IMHO i dont care if he has 100caps for Germany think hes better than him.

  8. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Pedro, yes!! suarez the non scorer of almost great goals!!! Keep him away from Arsenal please!!!

  9. follow the money

    Right on great post. Hopefully you are right about Wenger learning from his mistakes and hopefully that’s what the Podolski business is about. If the manager had gotten business done early last year maybe we would still have Nasri–Cesc was always gone no matter what. Because Nasri basically said the same thing last year that Robin is saying now. I’m really getting a kick out of being proved wrong about my prediction of seventh place

  10. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Jooooooppi, im pretty sure that 3 or 4 weeks ago, a lot of grovers would have taken Suarez, (not me i’ll add!!) 😉 BTW where is Gambon?? is he really not going to post today!! That has to be a first!! tired of looking like a mug I guess!! 🙂

  11. andy

    Why are you guys so in love with german players? Goetze, holtby, gomez? I would prefer players from belgium like vertonghen as the nationalteam is not that good and he would be rested after tournaments – one of the reasons giggs is still as good as he is – every summer 5-8 weeks rest is immense

  12. NineJimmyRimmers

    I think he already has reflected. Older heads like Rosicky, Mertesacker, Arteta & Santos mixed in amongst the starlets. Rosicky’s fitness has been almost as important as RVPs. Third place finish equals no qualifier equals earlier and better buys. Fingers crossed!

  13. Rohan

    Suarez? Please no. I don’t want us to sell our soul to the devil.
    Not going to start for us and hence not going to be ready to play second fiddle to Sir Percy of Islington.

    Players like Podolski who are slightly more versatile are a better bet. Matias Suarez is more likely.

    I’m not too fussed about our forward options if RvP can maintain fitness. With Ryo, Ox, Theo, Gerv, Podolski , our wide options are in the main fulfilled.

    The mos important acquisition we can make this summer is that of a CAM. Goetze and I’ll be over the moon. What a player that lad is.

    Another utility player like Vertonghen and we’re set really especially with Jack back.

    It is very telling that if the league had started 7 games later, we’d be top as of now. If we get third, there’s no reason why we can’t get our business done early. Another reason why I’m pleased we’ve snapped up Podolski so early. His stock will rise after the Euros possibly.

    I feel we’ve the best base we’ve had in ages to mount a serious challenge. All we need is for Arsene and Arsenal not to fuck this summer up and get the quality we need.

  14. Pedro

    Joppa, he’s not good enough for us because he’s a brand damaging racist.

    No more needs to be said about him. He’s a major factor in Liverpools disgraceful season.

  15. arsenal1886-2006

    The 2 main points for me about yesterdays result was.
    1. RVP failed to score yet we still scored 3 times.
    2. Theo looked pretty good and tried a few tricks and took his goal really well, it was a top piece of control and composure to finish. I think the emergence of the OX has given him a kick up the arse and he will no longer feel certain of a place in the starting line up.

    4 top signings in the summer 1 keeper, 2 midfielders and a striker and we are looking better. A keeper and striker would be top of my list as the midfield is not too shabby when all are fit.


    LOL Pedro, comparing Suarez and Chamakh.

    Suarez is a world class player.

    Also Suarez may well walk away with 2 trophies this season. That said Liverpool will not be happy being considered a cup team, if Arsenal won two trophies could the same be said for our ambition?

    Arsenal may well go on to finish 3rd only to be dumped out in the last 16 in the CL next season.

    2 trophies or last 16 of CL? It’s easy to say CL at the moment because Arsenal are on a great run.

    Need I say anything about fans worrying about image rights rather than just how good the footballer is.

  17. iffy the goon

    juve 2 nil up vs inter.

    inter’s form been in the toilet all season long. Wonder what sneijder’s next move is

  18. Rohan

    Suarez is not world class. He’s pretty good.

    He’s also a massive cunt and wouldn’t really want him connected with us.

  19. jnyc

    I have been saying we will be stocked full on wingers,ox, gerv, ryo and if podolski comes( when hes not used at striker) i still prefer to sell walcott to fund a Great CAM, but if he re signs rvp more likely to stay. Clearly he likes theo and theo has been serving him well. Song also MUST be kept. I have been posting about his vision and touch assists all season , finally hes getting recognition here. , and trust me, we would be close to or behind chelsea without his contributions. But still ahead of liverpool haha. We hopefully getting podolski and one or two more quality players. If we are lucky! I do like vertonghen for versatility, but doubt if we will pay so much for that. I will trust the bosses choice for CAM. I hope its someone we have heard of who is old enough to drive. That will satisfy rvp.


    Of course he is world class. Didn’t Uraguay make the semi’s of the last world cup?

    His finishing, ball control and positioning make him world class.

    Argue all you want about image rights but you cannot tell me he isn’t a world class player who would score plenty for Arsenal, because you’d be wrong to.

  21. RobinVanPerfect

    Podolski would be a good signing because he has the ability to play wide on the left as part of a 3 man front line. We’re going to find it hard (impossible) to find a world class striker who is willing to sit on the bench behind Robin.

    Podolski has the versatility to play out on the left the majority of the time, as part of a rotation, instated of gervinho, and then when RVP needs a rest step into the spearhead of the arrow. We really need that as well because RVP was been massively over played this season, I’m not going to be able to find any stats on this but I’d be willing to bet he’s been 1 of the most played strikers in the Prem this year. If he can manage that 2 seasons in a row and continue to perform as he has I would love it but I’d be amazed

  22. Goon from BD

    Oh no to Mario Gomez. Some Bayern fans say it would be a wet dream to sign Van Persie and sell Gomez at a good price. He is useless unless he is scoring so he can’t be a regular starter and is too expensive to sit on the bench(I know people get irritated with this sort of talk but I personally think It would better if we spent some really serious money on a few special players who would start- an attacking midfielder or an inside forward and a defensive midfielder. Obviously if RvP leaves we should fucking break the bank to get Cavani :D.

    Some have mentioned Kagawa today….I’d be fucking delighted if we sign him. He is a very special player. Absolutely perfect for the position behind RvP. He is one of the very best no.10s in the world. Scores plenty because of his fabulous touch and movement.

    Also Lurch Le Legend and some have praised Rosicky. I am absolutely not surprised(yes a bit surprised with his defensive work and winning headers in the exact same area- we are training moves???). I have said lots of times he should be starting ahead of Ramsey in that position. He has looked good everytime he has come on or started this season. He looks to have lost some weight and been fit for some time so looks very sharp and confident. And obviously starting in his best position helps. He was/is such a special special talent. Injuries,fitness and Wenger’s obsession with creating inside forwards/wingers out of attacking midfielders fucked him.(Arshavin doesn’t include in this because he played for Zenit as an inside forward most of the time in their golden period if Jonathan Wilson is to be believed). Sadly he is a bit old now and won’t be able to perform like a magician week in week out.

    I was rather impressed with Theo too. His touches were fantastic the whole game and movement was fantastic. He played intelligently. That goal was class. I am gonna stop moaning about him but he has to atleast play with some consistency in his overall game like yesterday even if he doesn’t score/assist. Aston Villa defending was garbage though except for Collins.

    RvP needs a rest. He looks fucked and rusty. There are important games coming up so give him a break.

    Another thing is we seem to be doing some defensive and offensive work in training. The pressing will take time to perfect because its a team thing and everyone has to be consistent. Rosicky winning headers in the exact same area and theres a pattern of our attacks. Wenger using some tactics as well…like using Song higher up the pitch to press the central midfielder so that they can’t get a grip on the game. The only problem is that Song doesn’t have the same stamina the whole game(like in the Milan game in the first half he did really well but him and the entire team got tired).

    If only we use our resources well to create a better squad I believe we can challenge. Not saying we are gonna win but at least show desire we want to. Thats all I ask from Wenger and the board. Our target for next season should be……
    -Use the transfer windows to sell the useless cunts and bring in some class. Keeping the best players will be most important.
    -Win the Fa Cup and maybe the Carling cup too.
    -Go as far as we can in the CL
    -Challenge for the title. I don’t expect us to win this time it but to finish as high as possible we must try to win it. I don’t expect an almost new team to win the league straight away but if we assemble a good team…..through natural progress we will surely can win the title and challenge for the CL.


  23. andy

    We wont get suarez (not the racist) many teams are already in for him who are desperately needing a first striker not a benchsitter (like we need if rvp resigns) like chelsea, lpool
    Podolski can play 4-4-2 together with rvp or 4-3-3 as forward and winger AND -most important- he is able to play as AM – he plays behind a striker at koln for example
    I cant see further action this summer … Maybe some longterm targets like goetze, hazard, mvila if they want to join but otherwise maybe 2 14 years old hyper talents from myanmar

  24. jnyc

    Positives for next season: (if we can re sign rvp and hold on to third)
    jack returning
    BF german returning
    sagna santos gibbs back
    ramsey to be super sub in many positions EXCEPT CAM. I think he can be our secret weapon if used in this way.
    ox, ryo working their way in. they have a chance to be the two most exciting players in england.
    if we hold onto our guys, and add just a couple GOOD players ( we do have the cash for this ) we will be in very nice shape.
    tricky part is , must be done early enough to show rvp and convince him to stay. His re signing would make us more desirable to potential additions of quality.
    we must not mess this up

  25. Goon from BD

    JOPAAA- If I am not wrong…. Suarez has the worst shot conversion rate in the league and probably one of the worst in Europe??? Great player but I think he is mentally ill.

  26. Pedro

    Joppa… also, it’s not even a valid question. Champions League is what we need, not the FA Cup or League Cup.

    We would end up in a world of shit if we miss out on the CL this year. We could end up in the wilderness for years to come. All for two trophies.

    Give me a cup double and top 4 and then we’re talking.

  27. Pedro

    His finishing? Have you spoken to any Liverpool fans recently? His finishing is shocking!

    He’s a good player, has plenty of potential, but he’s not world class and he’s certainly never going to be fit to wear the colours of Arsenal… or any other English club I’d suspect.

    You can’t sign up a racist unless you’re an Italian club.



    NOBMAG is Gambon backwards.

    Pedro, regardless of whether he is a racist or not he is a world class player. When Liverpool signed him I can remember many on here asking why we were not in for him

    As for Arsenal being in the wilderness, well maybe, maybe not. With the current players and form I would say I am happy with top 4 and wouldn’t swap what we have for what Liverpool have. But if you would of asked me 6 weeks ago I would have prob said two trophies would be fantastic.

    I like what KK has tried to do at Liverpool even if he has got it wrong.

  29. Kushagra India

    Suarez is world class will score plenty if he played ina a team like ours, but his high maintenance and cuntish havior makes him not suitable for The Arsenal….. Imo he can be as good as anybody if he leaves Klanfield..

  30. luke

    next year will be interesting to say the least especially considering the progress of ryo, coqualin (how ever its spelt) and of coarse the ox. will ryo be in an arsenal shirt next year or should we send him on loan again to get another year in a hard working english team? he is by far the best attacking option bolton have right now and if not a loan back to them im sure there will be a line up of clubs wanting to take him for a year. i dont think he will step into the starting line up next year but do we have the playing time available for him to continue his rise at the same rate? or do we risk disgruntling him with constant moving around? there is no doubt he will be a star but i do think a lot of this will come down to how wenger manages him and his signings. we all saw the expectation and the fall of alliadiere (arsenal the team bloggers hate writing about). i do see ox getting into the starting line up next year or at leased getting a solid run as he really is the real deal not only talent wise but physically as well.
    with the club ‘claiming’ they are going to sign quality and the podolski deal apparently done and the call for a new CAM with names such as gotze (wishful thinking), hazard (there is more chance of me being bitten by a radioactive spider), even today kaka lol.
    there is no doubt we need talent but wenger really does need to be careful with what signing he makes or he runs the chance of wasting what looks like what could be one of the best teams this fine club has produced (who knows maybe they will be better then the invincibles). the signings should be no younger then 26-28 but shouldn’t be stop gaps as they are a waist of time loans etc. if the german scoring machine comes that would be the perfect example of the signings we need. forget hazard etc etc we do not need to wait another year for a talent that isnt much better then some of the talents we have now to adapt to our style and the league. we need a player that we should of signed a long time ago (and it does ache me to say it because we had countless opportunity) like van der vaart or robben. someone who is a respected ready made player who can step aside when the time is right for the youngsters who have (hopefully by then) earnt the right to wear the colours of red and white. all hazard (especially) and gotze will give us is more waiting for a title (shit man im not picky right now id take a league cup for gods sake. just as long as its not the god damn emirates cup).

  31. andy

    Vandervaart? You are talking about a guy playing for the yids who never made a secret of hating us … Robben is more injuryprone than diaby … I would love to see pedro and geoff writing about BFFs in our treatmentroom 😉