Arsenal take the spoils and third place as Spurs and Chelsea drop points

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I’m not sure what’s happening. It’s like all the pain and suffering we went through early season has been recognised by the footballing gods and now they’re offering us an olive branch. Once again Arsenal took three points. Yet again, those three points were made to look all the more glamorous against the back drop of some fantastic dropped points from our nearest and dearest.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Liverpool lost, Spurs were lucky to only drop two points against Stoke and Chelsea had a 1-0 nailed on victory over turned late on with a City flourish and a superb run and finish from Samir Nasri. We’re third in the league people and now it’s ours to lose. An absolutely incredible turn around in the space of a month.

I was out last night, so I didn’t catch the match as it was happening… so no in depth report from me, however, I can summarise the game for you.

The opening 15 minutes were pretty frenetic from an Arsenal perspective. Aaron Ramsey managed to find himself in front of goal twice but couldn’t deliver the finish. My request of an early goal yesterday was met when Robin Van Persie curled a corner into the box, Vermaelen made a tremendous leap over Fellaini and buried his header in the bottom corner. One up after 8 minutes and we were playing well!

Our game tailed off after that. The most contentious moment of the match came when Alex Song duffed the ball out of defence, Everton gained possession, Drenthe was slipped through and buried his shot past Chesney… the lino adjudged him to be offside. Upon video inspection, he was wrong. We’d dodged a bullet. In fairness, I’m pretty sure if he was onside, Chesney would have made more of an effort to save his shot.

Down the other end, Rosicky lashed a shot at Tim Howard, but the American was equal to it and parried it away.

In the second half, Everton actually made an effort to test out keeper, the first was a header straight at Chesney from Fellaini.

Down the other end, Alex Song floated a ball into the box to Gibbs, he knocked the ball back across goal with his head for Robin whose snap shot hit the base of the post! So close… so very unlucky! What a goal that would have been!

Baines capitalised on a Sagna slip in our half, he whipped a low cross into Fellaini but the Belgian could only skew his shot wide. This was nervy stuff!

The last chance of the game fell to us, Gervinho raced down the wing, cut the ball back to Robin who smashed over with a misbalanced shot. No goals to Robin, I think it’s time to reconsider that contract we’re putting together for him.

The whistle blew for full time… Arsenal took their SIXTH successive win and third place in the process. This was a massive three points and a huge, huge win!


It’s difficult to have much of a conclusion when you haven’t caught the whole game. What I would say from what I’ve seen is that the team spirit actually looks fantastic at the moment. The defence, though prone to the odd wobble, has really looked settled over the last few weeks and the whole squad has shown superb belief when it would have been easier to lay down and die. Something we were certainly guilty of last season. The turning point can be tracked back to the Spurs game. Over turning a two goal deficit against your in form rivals has absolutely reinvigorated the club and we haven’t looked back since.

There’s no new injury news to worry about, big name players are starting to show the sort of form needed to justify our wage bill and we’re chalking off the fixtures at a rate of knots. Our next two games are at home against Villa then QPR. Those are must have 3 pointers. After that, we’ll have our toughest game of the run against Manchester City. They’re just starting to show form, but as witnessed earlier in the season, they struggle at times playing against teams who can pass the ball at pace. Napoli showed us that. When we last played City, our form was shocking. This time around, at home, with the fans out in full force… I see no reason we can’t get a result.

I just hope whoever gave the order to allow fans to stand in the ground continues to do so… the Emirates has been rocking recently and I think the players are enjoying that.

The next month or so is going to be tense, there’s going to be ups and downs… but I have huge confidence we can make the top four and I’m starting to get a bit of a buzz for a top three position. After the start we had, I’d be pleased with that. It’s still not good enough that a club of our stature is failing to compete for trophies, but at least at the bare minimum, we should be able to maintain our position in the Champions League. That’s hugely important for our summer. It’ll be even better if we can nab 3rd and avoid the qualification route. That’ll also take away any excuses Wenger might have around not signing players.

Have a great day and enjoy the bragging rights we have over Spurs, regardless of how temporary it might be!

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  1. Mayank

    Arteta used to be pretty good at running at defenders with the ball. Something Ramsey is mortally afraid of. Really the only reason I’m not on the Diaby is a cunt bandwagon is because he’s our only MF player who can dribble.

  2. JJ

    Sorry Boozy – what qualities are you referring to about Ramsey? The fact that he can not complete one forward pass or the fact that he has no positional awareness? He is nothing like Scholes. That comparison was bordeline ridiculous.

  3. JJ

    For the record, I still think Ramsey is one for the future but there are some aspects of his game that needs a lot of attention.

    For expample, compare what RvP and Rosicky (and what Cesc used to do) as they received the ball with back to goal. These players are aware of what is behind them and will flick the ball to one side so that they can get their head up and look upfield. In contrast, Ramsey (like Bendy used to, and Chammy now does) simply passes it backwards towards our own goal. The opposition know this and then press our defenders anticipating the backpass. This puts our backline under a lot of pressure. Pressure that should be relieved when they finally get the ball to our midfield.

  4. JJ

    Diaby has to have one of the poorest fitness records I have ever seen. The boy will break a toe putting on his bedroom slippers! The only thing that makes me want to keep the faith with him is watching what RvP has done given a year of fitness. Sure, Diaby has never shown what RvP showed before he was injured but imagine if Diaby did an RvP next season! That has to be why Wenger has persisted with him…

  5. Mayank

    Suga3, I guess I’m just one muscle injury(proper one, not a getting back/ring rust type) from writing him off completely. The thing is RvP’s and Rosicky’s reward this season has made me a lot more patient regarding crocks.

    Could be but right now Wilshere is more like the Xavi type. Great at holding the ball and his position in very tight spaces but won’t actively look to take on players like Iniesta does. That’s why I think we should buy an AM.

  6. SUGA3


    Rosicky was just a patient for a prolonged period of time, then he was pretty much fit all the time, but just a bit shit, and RvP has ten times the talent Dudaby has and even during his worst period he was capable of staying fit for the time in excess of 18 minutes…

    and the whole sad violin music bollocks about him being a victim of a hatchet man is just that, bollocks, as it happened what, 6 years ago?

    and it’s not like he is getting the same injury all the time is it? he is just brittle, not quite cut to be a pro athlete, simple as…

  7. Mayank

    While I can somewhat agree with the essence of what you’re saying I don’t agree with the anti-victimisation attitude. There’s no way for us to know that that one injury hasn’t had a knock on effect. Not until you’re a medical doctor with access to his records can you even begin to opine on that.

    Also, Diaby has shown great talent whenever he’s put something of a run together. Just like RvP used to prior to this season. And I was saying he’s not a crock for 1 year before this season because he hadn’t had a muscle injury in ages. I don’t really buy the fragile thing. Impact injuries will happen.

    In Diaby’s case though he’s had a mixture of muscle and impact injuries. So don’t really know where I stand. Wouldn’t be too bothered if we sold him to get a CAM though.

  8. iffy the goon

    showed some mental strength at the office today. Might have scored a brace or an own goal but i’ll only find out after the replays.

  9. Sadam Mahessar

    The transfer talk about Vert, Suarez, Holtsby and Prinz is pretty damn serious isnt it?

    Probably Wenger actually has very different targets set for next season, go out with a bang or win and show why he is still the right man for the business.

  10. Alisher Usmanov'ed

    How nice that Le Grove as come out and given Arsene the credit he deserves!?


    Not sure who is more reactionary – Le Grove or Piers Morgan.

  11. follow the money

    If we ever needed proof that something has changed at Arsenal it’s that we aren’t leaking headed goals like mad and we are actually scoring a good number as well. How long have some of us been waiting for that? Years……

  12. Mark gooner

    Sagna Vermaelen Kocielny Santos
    M’Villa Wilshere Goetze
    Oxo RvP Podolski

    With a the following players making up the squad
    Mertesacker Gibbs Ramsey Diaby Walcott Song Coquelin Rosicky Arteta Gervinho Miyaichi and a new back up striker

    That starting 11 would be best in league by far

  13. zeus


    M’vila, Podolski and Goetze in one window. After we’ve got the legend in the making Eisfled (who was suppose to be a summer buy)………………….highly unlikely.

  14. incesc

    haha zeus

    and remember last year when we wanted alvarez and as soon as inter came in we lost

    or mata, then chelsea came in

    we aint getting gotze, they could negotiate it

  15. kc

    i dont wanna see diaby again this season coz if he plays,he will score an own goal or get red carded to make sure his sp*** team overtake us…….fucking loser,,,,,think he will be shitting on his pants now

  16. Sadam Mahessar

    I don’t think we or anyone else will sign Gotze for a few years, Dortmund are doing considerably well, can win Bundesliga this season, plus Gotze has guaranteed CL football for next season as well. There is also a small matter of him playing for his hometown club and the German players prefer playing at home if their side is doing well in Bundesliga and getting CL football regularly.

  17. RobinVanPerfect

    Earlier in the season my mate mentioned Diaby and I said “oh shit. I forgot that guy played for us” <—- True story

    I'd give him 1 more chance

    More just for humour than anything, I love his 20 minute cameo sub that gets subbed appearances

  18. JJ

    Gambon – I agree with you. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping for a miracle. I wouldn’t shed a tear if we sold him.

    Btw – Can someone please explain to me the DJ substitution last night? Was Wenger trying to throw the game?

  19. leon

    from alot of comments i have read people are making out ramsey is shit player i think he is very good player i just think suits to play 443 i ramsey arteter song as very hard working players.i think what people forget is how both manu and chelsea both dominated the prem niether one of these were great passing teams and look at the success both teams have had the problem is wenger is obseesed getting this team to great passing team in instead of match winning team because thats all that matters winning as far getting champoins legue spot goes wenger the main but if fans ever want see prem or chapoins legue comming to arsenal cat see happening with wenger in charge.

  20. incesc

    ramsey is just a young guy learning his trade in a team under tremedous pressure

    he was part of the team that dragged us out of relegation,you cant take that away from him

    you could argue ramsey has put in more of a shift this year the the ox

    rosicky has hit the form of his life, ramsey if fit could do the same.

    but, is he the man to take us to the championship next year? obviously not

  21. RobinVanPerfect

    Ramsey isn’t shit he’s just struggled to recapture some of the form he showed before his injury and has been regularly played out of position this season like so many players under Wenger. Arshavin, Bendtner (though watching him at sunderland he would be shit anywhere, can’t believe I used to think he’d pull through) Eboue, some would argue Walcott and Nasri. Not to mention Almunia who used to wash the team bus before Wenger’s bright idea.

    He played Thierry out of position and has been trying the same stunt ever since.

  22. Lurch LeRouge

    if thats the full extent of the future we’re fucked.

    I don’t see the problem of heaping pressure on a young player to perform, its called tough love.

    If your kid was shit at school would you stand by and tolerate it because s/he’s ‘the future’ or would you stick your oar in and make some waves?

  23. gambon

    “Ramsey isn’t shit he’s just struggled to recapture some of the form he showed before his injury ”


    Everytime an Arsenal player is injured they suddenly were great before their injury.

    See Eduardo, Ramsey, Diaby for confirmation.

  24. Sadam Mahessar


    Eduardo was doing considerably well before his injury, you can’t and you shouldn’t take that away from him. Diaby has never shown his skills on the pitch, its all been in Wengers press conferences so far, so i would agree with you on the Diaby and Ramsey part but not dudu.

  25. gambon


    Its a myth that Eduardo was so great before his injury.

    He was an average striker, pretty good finisher, but an embarrassing replacement for Henry.

    He scored 4 goals in 17 league games pre injury, hardly setting the world alight.

  26. alan b'stard M P

    OK we need to win today and not bugger it up. We require ” shitty ” to drop points a few times till the end of the season and we gotta keep winning. Mathematically 2nd place is possible, admittedly unlikley