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Our new Trophy

So all those people that were convinced we had signed Podolski may have been wrong. Arsenal did their usual bit where you weren’t sure and thought Wenger was playing it cool, well I believed the stories were made up by our ‘make up a renewal story’ department, and news of him wanting to go to Lazio seem to back that up.

I hope you weren’t suckered.

Other news is that Vertonghen wants to play for us. That’s great, I hope it’s true and I hope we nail him to a wall before he changes his mind, he is just what we need.

All we now need is for the chavs and spuds to start losing, I think they will, City want to win the league so they will smash the chavs, the spuds may have the easier run in but we lost to an awful lot of the lower in league teams, so I see no reason why they won’t now, especially after their last few games, losing 3 on the spin is hard to come back from, we know all about that don’t we?

Hazard will not be coming to Arsenal, he costs too much and is already a star so Wenger can’t take the credit for him.

Arsene, spending £8mil on a 16 year old (Theo) and waiting 7 years for him to get better is no different to paying £30million on an already proven 21 year old now. Oh except we don’t have to wait 7 years, the costs are still the same.

I know, that’s too obvious isn’t it!

For those out there that say we have to get behind this team, I know, I am always behind this team, I support Arsenal. However there comes a time when someone in the club needs to point out a few obvious things and as no one dares to stand up to the manager, I have to and until he changes things or his ruinous policies, then I most certainly will.

Next up Everton, tough game but Liverpool beat them, and we beat Liverpool, providing we play with the same pace and commitment, I can’t see anyone beating us in the run in, third place beckons and it’s the first time all season I have felt this confident, don’t forget, although 4th spot isn’t a trophy, 3rd most definitely is!

Have a great day Grovers, the sun has got his hat on!

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  1. Pedro

    Geoff, the Germans can announce a deal is in place just like I said earlier. It can’t be ratified until June.

    Theo wasn’t purchased as a striker… I doubt he’ll ever play through the middle. He’s not good enough there. He is good enough, at times, as a winger… and are you sure he was playing as a centre forward at Southampton? I’m pretty sure he played wide there as well.

  2. Geoff

    Staggering why we bought him then really wasn’t it?

    Then I said that about Park and Chamakh. Perhaps I’m too smart for my own good.

    If the Germans can announce it, then why don’t Arsenal?

    Load of bollocks if you ask me.

  3. Geoff

    Anyway I guess you Googled where Theo was playing otherwise I would have had that cut and pasted.

    Fuck I hate being right about everything. Especially when I just use my own memory…

  4. Dan Ahern

    “…he is doing weights and he will clearly develop into a broad-chested player…”


    Maybe he should’ve been played centrally, but we always had somebody there who was just much better all around. I mean, when he came in Henry was there and then Adebayor was brought in too. And RvP was already there (if injured frequently…). Hard to see a 16, 17, 18 year old playing over those much more attuned to playing central striker already. His impact was at a wide position, and that’s where he’s been ever since.

  5. zacharse

    hahaha, if podolski goes to Lazio i will laugh my fucking ass off, not because of arsenal disappointment, but because it is a RIDICULOUS move

  6. Kc

    We do not need another defender. Our problems this season were due to injuries rather than lack of defenders. Podolski will be here, plus either of hazard or groetze. If we were to buy another player then M’villa or a youngster

  7. Geoff

    Dan he doesn’t have impact now on the wing!

    If we had bought him as a £12million winger to have a punt on then it was the dumbest most wasteful move in the history of football.

    So pay £12mil for a forward, stick him out wide, give him two massive pay rises and wait 7 years.

    Yeah, very financially astute Wenger.

    How long do we have to wait for Djourou, Bendtner, Denilson, Park and Chamakh then?

    I have to go again because I have sand and cement being delivered.

  8. WengersSweeties

    I have to say, after what happen last summer with Nasri and Cesc and how Wenger conned us! I hold little hope of a Podolski deal.

    Maybe Arsenal have looked into him knowing Van Persie may not stay.

    I can see Man City offerring big money to Arsenal for Van Persie this summer. Trouble is, our club is weak and they would accept £35millon for him.

    Then maybe Podolski would come in.


    Fans shouldn’t forget, just because of a few heroic performances the lack of ambition there is at our club and the management. We are run like a money making business and we stopped showing ambition years ago!!

  9. kc

    i will never play theo at the middle…i will rather stuck Afobe there instead of someone who had proved to the world albeit wenger and Geoff that he is not a footballer

  10. Pedro

    Geoff… Wenger might not have won many trophies recently, but if he’s one thing, it’s financially astute. That’s caught up with him this year with the silly contracts he’s given out… but we’re still top 4 every year, we normally turn a profit and he has a pretty good knack of signing unknowns and flogging them on for big money.

    If he sold Theo now, he’d get more than he paid for him and for all his ineffectiveness this year… he has better stats than Mata and Modric and he’s not far off Gareth Bale. So he does have an impact on the wing… especially when he plays with Sagna.

  11. Dan Ahern

    Geoff – not trying to argue while you’re away, but I wanted to leave a reply:

    A.) He DOES have an impact on the wing. But most the time, he’s infuriatingly asleep instead. I’m sorry but I honestly blame the player for this. He doesn’t have a high level of footballing intelligence (apologies, Theo.. I just don’t see it) and he disappears too often.

    B.) I never said it was fiscally astute! I mean, I think you’re right that he should be given chances to play through the middle. But my point was that he wasn’t capable of beating anybody to that position. (Glaring exception: Chamakh. But again, Theo was our best RW still, and Chamakh can’t play anywhere else.) So we have Wenger to blame a little, but it’s also not Wenger’s fault that Henry/RvP/Ade are just way better strikers. So there was almost always a better central option, and simultaneously no better wing option than Theo.

  12. Dan Ahern

    And, quick corollary to point A: just because I don’t think Theo has much football intelligence doesn’t mean I think he’s a bad player. He has world-beating speed and if you play him through, he will beat defenders to the ball and often create a chance. He’s legitimately dangerous. But he would be on a different level entirely if he read the game better. And he’d be way more consistent!

  13. DaleDaGooner

    Don’t know what the fuss is about Podolski, He’s not going to Lazio…..best bet for him is Arsenal, why announce now? When have we ever announce signing a player early?

    On Theo, how can he play through the middle? Is he going to dislodge RvP, Adebayor, Eduardo, Bendtner? He is lucky we are playing 4-3-3 (where 3 or 2 strikers get to play0 Best thing for him..if David Villa can play on the wing and score, why not Theo? He’s better coming from the outter attacking position, and it’s not like he wasn’t inter-changing\rotating with RvP…he’s had a few one v one as a lone striker….give the “Theo as pointman a rest” can’t happen now.

    On Park, I still think people are just myopic in this view, dude hasn’t been given chances, he’s not going to suddenly be the greatest strike option playing behind RvP, and the highly favored Chamakh, he obviously is a poacher and best bet is to tweak the formation every now and then, accommodate Park and RvP (RvP can handle playing in the hole)

    Only problem i see here is Wenger as usual.

  14. Dan Ahern

    And now I must react to a gambon post:

    gambonMarch 19, 2012 09:57:18
    Why are we after Holtby? He is too similar to Jack.Hazard is much more what we need.

    Surely you’re joking, gam. I’d want any player that’s similar to Jack! That is not a problem in my book.
    Of course, I’d prefer to have Hazard as well, but why should we drop interest in Holtby for that?

  15. Pollux

    Podolski likely to be Mata-Ed. Another cock and bull story to pull in the season ticket sales. Wenger out!

  16. jnyc

    Great posts today, especially adi and henry14. This is how i see it, i would love to get vertonghen, but only clubs like real and city can afford to pay for backups of such quality. We would never do it. But i would make the case that his versatility makes him worth it. But spuds need him much more, and others as well. Gotze agent says he isnt going anywhere. So we need a cam. Give me marvin martin or eriksen or can valbuena play in the middle? We need someone better than ramsey to share time with or start ahead of rosicky. Ramsey just kills our attack. He should be holding and resting arteta.
    i love the comparison of podolski and bellamy. I also think bellamy is under rated and under used. Love his attacking aggression.
    and if song isnt re signed, we need a great replacement. Can vertonghen play there all the time, he sure scores alot from cb. Much cheaper than mvilla.

  17. fanboy

    Lies all lies, I won’t believe anything until I see them running around the field in our colours.
    Tbh, I wouldn’t put it past the club to upload a photoshopped picture of some guy holding his arsenal jersey on the website.

    As for Walcott, its as simple as this: you take a guy who is learning to be a striker and force him to play as a winger. Then he ends up as a crap winger as its not his normal position and he is also rusty as a center as he has been developed there (at least that’s how it is in fanboy logic)

  18. fanboy

    Your Comment HereLies all lies, I won’t believe anything until I see them running around the field in our colours.
    Tbh, I wouldn’t put it past the club to upload a photoshopped picture of some guy holding his arsenal jersey on the website.

    As for Walcott, its as simple as this: you take a guy who is learning to be a striker and force him to play as a winger. Then he ends up as a crap winger as its not his normal position and he is also rusty as a center as he has been developed there (at least that’s how it is in fanboy logic)

  19. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    han on heart i would take walcott over gervino , who has been a major disapointment, wallcott , not a big fan but when he can he can turn things around, just need consistency.. he is nearly there…

    gervino on the other hand would swap him and chamkah for , a decent french play in france league!

  20. Bergkamp63

    I think the point Geoff was making with Theo is that with the £12m he cost + wages over the last 7 years his total cost to Arsenal would be in the region of around £22m so far and what do we have for that kind of money ?

    You could go out and buy Mario Gotze or similar quality for that ?

    Is it really worth taking punts on so many players this way ? look at how many are crap compared to how many who turn out to be legends ? is that financially astute ? I think not !!

  21. Gunner2301

    Geoff great post. I seem to be getting to the site later and later these days. I think it’s called work 😆

    Anyway on the Walcott debate. It says 4 goals in 21 games for Southampton? Not great if he’s playing striker I’d expect that from a winger or Bendtner or maybe even Chamakh. Anyway what those stats don’t tell you is how much slower the Championship is to the Premiership also Southampton I assume play totally different to us and probably played to his strengths whereas we shouldn’t be, he’s not that great.

    I think if he was supposed to be a striker we should have loaned him out. Not sure why we didn’t but we should have done. We should also have known given that he can’t dribble that he would struggle on the wing. Even after a couple of seasons Wenger should have understood that he wasn’t developing the skills to get past a defender and try him elsewhere or sell him on.

    We shouldn’t leave the situation where I feel we are now that we have invested so much in him we have no choice but to forge ahead. That isn’t very good man management and can have an affect on the prospect of the whole team. I would be bold and sell, but we won’t and Walcott won’t be playing CF anytime soon unless he leaves.

  22. Gunner2301


    Loyalty only works when one party doesn’t think the other party is taking the piss out of them. I think Wenger has got to the point where he had genuine loyalty. He’s now moved into the phase of loyalty abuse which has made him reckless to the point that he doesn’t think he has to listen to anyone else or that anyone else knows anything apart from him, proof being the mad Summer rush (which I don’t attribute to Wenger).

    There will be fans that love to be abused by him on a regular basis (AKBs) and think nothing of it. But there are a lot of fans who see where this will lead and the backlog of shit players we can’t sell on high wages is just a part of it. So yes we should be loyal and I believe we have been but also that loyalty should end when the person you’re being loyal to is using that loyalty to further their own agenda and not act in the interest of the playing side of the Club. (I made a distinction there because what Wenger is doing is benefitting the financial side of the Club but those two sides do not sit alongside each other comfortably).

  23. Goonerfied85


    Good way of putting it.

    I like to see what people think really.

    I agree us fans have been very patient for longer than we should have.

    I have always said Wenger should have stepped down two years ago but I’m sure you get AKB’s in your ear as much as I do.

    People’s blindness amazes me sometimes.

    One good thing generally is that Muamba is showing signs of improvement.

  24. ritesh

    There is a difference between paying cash and EMI.

    Arsenal buys on EMI because we dont have a sugar daddy.

  25. kc

    azed…..welcome boss….im from south east……most lagosian don’t uaually have time for network…oh to be a gooner

  26. Bade


    Pedro’s playing the debate game

    Do you really believe the things you said, about Arsene and Theo?

    I doubt you believe it

    And as for Financially astute, why not mention the Cesc deal? Fucking peach, oh or the extensions for Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Djourou, Almunia, Squillaci ….Oh what a great deals there, what a great return, sporting wise, mmmm I’m sure we’ll make a hell of a profit over each and every one of those

    Fuck me, only a genius would extend Djourou’s contract and give him a pay raise

    Only Arsene can sanction contract extensions and pay raises that are so out of touch, that we can’t off load those parasites, and we even need to fund their loans partially …..

  27. JJ

    Everton fielded a weakened team against Liverpool in advance of their FA Cup game… and we were outclassed for most of the Liverpool game. We can’t use the “we beat them and they beat them” logic here. Everton is going to be a very tough game, especially away from home. I’d be happy with a point, ecstactic with a win.

  28. Bade

    I don’t remember really whether Theo was brought as a striker or a winger, but one thing I can assure you, winger he is not

    He’s not a great crosser, not a great dribbler, he has a great shot from the box or the edges of it (the pattern of goals he had against the Spuds are very repetitive throughout his career), he’s pacey like hell, and he can pass through balls, he can always beat his defender to the ball

    For me that’s a better striker than a winger

  29. Hasaucha

    Very shameful that some of you are making excuses for Theo..An eighteen year old kid looks adept in the left wing,right wing and in the central midfield whereas a player with 200+ games looks shite in the position he’s been playing for six years…

    Coquelin,Miquel all impress when played out of position but our Theo can’t despite playing in a position which is actually his own.

    BTW,what’s your explanation for theo’s countless one on one misses in central positions and the fact that he is one of the poorest finishers in the league?

  30. Matchy

    What’s this half twit saying wenger is financially inept ? Then what happened to all the other 99 percent of the clubs that made losses buying players and struggles to stay in the epl let alone win things.

    Walcott is not good enough to play through the middle. I don’t give shit if he played through the middle in his mommys tummy before he came to arsenal.

    He is not intelligent enough and not strong enough and not tall enough.

    The guy struggles to put a cross in On the wing. It’s sagna who carries him. And van Persie makes him look good!!

    So if the club announces poolski early then they did so to encourage membership renewal. If the club doesn’t announce then wenger a liar! Get a life.

    Walcott cost $9 million

    So did OX and is he a good buy or a crap buy ?

    Torres just scored two goals after two decades. He cost $50 million. Is he a good buy or crap buy ?

    You never get everything right 100 percent. You are 100 percent in HINDSIGHT.

  31. Bergkamp63

    I think Everton away will be a very hard game for us also,

    I am a bit of a Fellaini fan and half wished we had purchased him over Arteta.

    a draw would be acceptable on Wednesday as they are no pushover at home.

  32. R,S.P.C.Arsenal

    maybe this summer the club can sort out its shirt numeringh, we know they can as robin went from 11 to ten..

    1 sczc
    2 sagna
    3, gibbs
    4 Song
    5 tv
    6 kolinscky
    7 jack
    8 atrtta
    9 ox
    10 rvp
    11 theo.

  33. Hasaucha

    Fellaini is a top player,someone who can serve as the steel in the midfield which we have desperately missed after paddy/gilberto..But he’ll be expensive – everton paid a lot of money for a very unproved fellaini and now that he’s one of their better player,perhaps won’t let him leave for cheap..

    Pedro – why aren’t external links made to open in a new window? You should implement that ASAP…

  34. kc

    gF85 and Big Dave……. Thanks for the update…i appreciate…..my mum still suffering from the shock…..prays that he get better

  35. Geoff

    Bergkamp63, one of the few people that actually understands real finance, take a bow mate, few other grasped that nettle.

    Wenger financially astute? Give me a fucking break.

    1) Selling Cesc with 3 years left on a contract 25% less than he was worth.

    2) Chamakh on a free? Bollocks, what about his massive salary and signing on bonus, not to mention his agent.

    3) Swapping Ashley Cole for £5mil and Gallas

    4) Letting Flamini go on a free

    5) Selling Diarra for £5mil 3 months before Harry got £20mil

    6) Buying Park for £2,5mil for two years and giving him 18 minutes.

    Not to mention the salaries he pays Denilson and Bendtner and he can’t even give them away.

    The fact we have players like Squillaci, Almunia and Diaby who get paid masses but never play.

    I could go on for hours, but I think anyone with a reasonable IQ will get the gist of how financially astute Wenger is.

  36. gambon

    Dan Ahern

    We just dont need another JW, which is what Holtby would be.

    Look at our midfielders as a group. We need someone that can make it happen at each end of the pitch.

    Someone who is athletic & defensive, and someone who controls the game in their half and racks up assits.

    Think a Cesc & a Gilberto.

    Holtby is neither, he is an all round CM much like JW, Ramsey, Arteta.

    I like him, and he is a typically Wenger signing, another footballer that looks good & stylich but completely fails to address our weaknesses.

  37. Gunner2301


    You’re making us sound like market traders “turn a profit” “flogging on for big money ”

    We are first and foremost a football Club so to me the team should be invested in regularly to keep us challenging. Wenger is investing just to do enough to qualify for CL money, that’s something entirely different.

    Since when have financial matters been the purview of fans? Since Wenger started being a tight arse, otherwise we wouldn’t be discussing it. The Club is run for profit not to make us the best of to challenge the best, that’s the sad thing.

  38. Keyser

    “Since when have financial matters been the purview of fans? Since Wenger started being a tight arse, otherwise we wouldn’t be discussing it.”

    Come on be fair, it’s been a consideration since almost the time SKY turned up, and definetly even more prominent when Abramovich did.

  39. incesc

    anyone remember when madrid bought ronaldo and kaka and the old spanish fans on tv were grumbing about it and saying they should have spent money on spanish players instead.


  40. incesc


    6) Buying Park for £2,5mil for two years and giving him 18 minutes.

    make that 4.5 mil now, there was a clause in his contract which just put his fee up by 2 mil according to Jamie sanderson from young guns blog.

    we’ll have to bring him on as a sub against chelsea and citeh to try and rack up thos shirt sales even more now theres no more games with united lined up

  41. Pedro

    Geoff, you could do a list like that for all top class managers. Overall, he does well financially.

    If he wasn’t financially astute in the main… he’d have been off long ago. I’m not saying his prudence is right… but as managers go, he’s hardly the worst. He can still sniff out a bargain… the problem is he won’t got the extra mile for top quality and he holds onto the dross for too long.

  42. Keyser

    incesc – Who posted it up ? All it takes is one little troll on twitter or is there some sort of standard people have to go by.

  43. Keyser

    Heh, Geoff and Pedro doing the old Bad Cop/ ‘Why the fuck are you letting him out with any sort of weapon at all’ Cop routine.

  44. Pedro

    Gunner2301, I’m not saying his strategy is right… but financially, having a manager who gets you in the Champions League on minimal outlay is pretty good.

    His job is trophies and he’s doing a poor job there… but we can’t rip him a part totally. Everyone has spent all year kissing Harry’s arse and now it’s falling apart and the worst Arsenal team under Wenger might make 3rd.

    We wan’t to be winning the league, or at least acting like we want to make a go of it… we haven’t… but there are shades of grey here. For every Diarra mistake, you have an Adebayor or a David Bentley.

  45. Dan Ahern

    gambon – I like him too, all the more depth for us. I for one am getting tired of our non-rotating squad. To me, Ramsey is Arteta’s understudy, and Holtby would be JW’s. Of course they’re interchangeable to a degree, but ideally you have multiple capable players suited to each position. Holtby seems a smart, incisive passer. He’d be an asset.
    That said, I agree. We don’t just need him. We need a DM. And a LB too. I’m interested to see if we do lock up Vertonghen. I wonder if he or Vermaelen could play DM effectively. We’re probably better off with a player that specializes in that though.

  46. scott quiller

    Vertonghen might w.ant to come to arsenal,and i personally would love to see him in a gooner shirt but how often has wenger bought a player linked with us for so long and bought him.(hate to put a downer on it but i suppose i just have. would be pleased to bo totally wrong)plus he has been saying for a while now we have plenty in that posistion, unless maybe we get rid of squid heres hoping!

  47. Gunner2301


    I don’t expect Wenger to do the right things 100% of the time, but I do expect him to correct his errors and not sweep them under the carpet hoping we forget just so he doesnt lose face.

    I don’t expect him to go after over 30s unwanted players from other teams who have been proven to be consistently shit over many many years.

    I don’t expect him to get rid of 4 PL experienced CBs and bring in 2 without PL. experience in the same window.

    I don’t expect him to reward mediocrity and after failing to get rid of overpaid players because they are overpaid, continue to overpay average players high wages.

    Wengers not perfect. it’s the way he makes the same mistakes demonstrating that hes not learning that pisses me off.


  48. DaleDaGooner

    C’mon, give Wenger some credit, everytime you bring up the Cesc deal, I will bring up the Nasr\Adebayor\Anelka\Toure deals…he got more than you’d expect for those guys

    I agree with Pedro on this, the guy is financially astute…even traders on Wall street don’t get it correct everytime, go ahead, ask AIG, Citi, Lehman Brothers and co.

    Chamakh on a free, rather than the 15m asked in January? With the returns? Nothing is free, but we didn’t cough up 35m or 50m for him.

    Ashley Cole is a cunt, end of, you can’t blame that on Wenger, Dein did the deal, and Gallas was seen as a class player at the time, nothing wrong with that.

    You gonna blame Flamini on him? Player ran down his contract, after one very good season.

    How much did Chavs pay for Diarra, how much did we get him for, so Harry got one right before fucking Portsmouth, West Ham and Southampton in the hole.

    Park deal is still on going, he may yet feature, 2.5 is peanuts compared to Fergie buying Bebe for 7m

  49. DaleDaGooner

    2301, judging by your constant Wenger ramblings, surely events on March 17TH means little to you….Give the Wenger bashing a rest, enjoy life, Arsenal will be fine, Wenger or no Wenger

  50. Phil

    Not sure about the rest of you , but according to an email I received I will be first in the queue for club level tickets if all the current don’t renew. But I will need to move fast!
    So Pod signed, I buy?

  51. Blazer

    I don’t see Hazard fit into Arsenal team, he is overpriced and already focusing on money moves, he could not be a reliable asset for any team. Geotze, I am not convincing he worth the price tag circling around his name. I would rather take proven rising players like: Denbele, Se Senior or Hoilet for decent price and create a stable squad. There is no question we need a striker, if Podolsky is coming for sure he will fill in the gap, if not get a proven finisher. Another big hole we need to fill in is the golly, our current golly is awful with zero reliability, and so Wenger should replace him quickly and let him learn the game by watching as a sub. An additional Center back who could also play on the right flank is a must; we could not afford to go back to our desperate days of relying on Djourou and Skelachy to defend our goal.

  52. Weedz

    Quote `For those out there that say we have to get behind this team, I know, I am always behind this team, I support Arsenal.`

    I don`t agree with this statement.
    You, most definitely, are not behind the club I am a fan of.

    You are behind your own self- gratification and your silly column.
    You are a `I want this and I want that.` individual. The demanding type.
    You are a `I know better than Arsene Wenger and everyone else at Arsenal fc.
    You are a `I know what`s best for Arsenal` individual.
    You bask in negativity and your agenda is totally self- motivated.
    You can believe what you want. At the end of the day, what you say or what I say makes no difference.
    The person who is a charge at Arsenal remains the best option that our club could and does have. History will prove me right.
    You are a glory-hunter.

  53. Ice


    Del Peiro’s only 42 years old !

    Seriously Lavazzi de Napoli is THE player

    On his way to Espana I reckon…

    BTW Gambon is a KNOBEND…

  54. Ice

    Poldi is in the onion as they say……

    That’s all for next season with a back up keeper after flapper is bombed

    BTW Gambon = jockey ala knob


  55. jude

    Lay off d wenger bashing! Yes he can b pretty infuriating (No impact sub on d bench against cheating Ac Milan @ d Emirate) but this particular set of players hv got balls, they have d innate desire and will to win!!! Let’s support the team fully! D Fans @ D Emirates have been absolutely fantastic!!!!! Gooners 4 Life!!!!!

    Walcott plays better when he doesn’t have to think! When he plays wit his instincts, he’s wonderful! He missed a few one on one’s wit d goalkeeper at his mercy but its a head thing wit him!!! Felt he was d Man of the match against Newcastle

  56. Ice

    Apologies for dissin Gaybong when he’s not on here

    Respect for his empirical knowledge on all things arsenal and football in general

    Plus his love of stats and naval fluff stuff

    Fucking arsehole……

  57. gambon

    I see Ice has managed to borrow his crackhead mums laptop long enough to try and call out the mighty one aka the prophet aka the leader of the gambonistas.

    Ice, back to school soon mate, try not to worry, im sure the abuse wont last much longer.

    Hows vegas?????


  58. Jimmy Mac

    Your logic of Theo costing in 7 years what Hazard costs now kind of makes no sense. I mean it sounds good, don’t get me wrong, and if I was brainless I wouldn’t see how silly it sounds. If Theo with his fee and 7 years wages costs 30mil wouldn’t Hazard after 7 years be close to double/triple that- if not more due to the fact that we’ed supposedly pay 30mil for him so in essense he’d feel like his wage would be worthy of a 30mil player. If the point was to say the cost is the same then sorry you are dead wrong there.

  59. Gunner2301


    Really? You believe profiting from players annually or buying players with a view to profit, how much we have in the P & L account? has been general discussion since Sky came along? I’d not heard about the TPA until about 3 years ago. I think we as Arsenal fans (in the round) have evolved into lay accountants due to the way the Club is run. Just like we have two factions of fans. I don’t hear fans of other Clubs putting an emphasis on these things or carrying on in this way. This is a path we’ve been led down by those who run the Club.

  60. Gunner2301


    Come on. You only have to look at the wage structure and wage bill, which Wenger has control of. We have 1 star player but our wage bill is not that far of Uniteds where Ferdinand has been getting over 120k for about 5 years, Rooney is on 200k, Berbatov will be on 100k, Giggs will be on at least 100k, Scholes the same.

    So how much must we be paying most of those who don’t even play to get our wage bill so high. It is so blatantly obvious that there is something massively wrong there. Wenger has totally fucked up.

    For a man who is supposed to be highly intelligent with high qualifications, It is embarrasing and foolish to find ourselves in this position where we can’t even give players away that’s how shit and overpaid they are.

    The worst thing of all is that he hasn’t learned. Djourou new contract, Rosicky new contract. We should have been looking to clear these people off the wage bill so we can start again but no. Looks like Wenger is just carrying on in his own merry way and piling the shit up for the next manager. He has not intention of sorting out his own mess.

  61. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – You don’t think money hasn’t ever been a concern ? That finding players for value or brining through youth hasn’t been something people talk about ?!

    Honestly I can understand us not having won anything for 7 years pissing fans off but it’s like they’ve been turned into complete loons aswell.

    Wenger should get the blame for that dunno how much but if he’d gone the extra mile and tried to get the trophyless monkey off our back he’d have saved himself and fans a lot of needless self-flaggelation.

    It’s like saying United’s wagebill is not far off ours, what was it last year ?!

  62. Keyser

    “I don’t hear fans of other Clubs putting an emphasis on these things or carrying on in this way.”

    Or this, you haven’t heard anyone discuss these sorts of topics ? It’s almost like you’re ignoring the nature of football today, and especially since Abramovich took over.

  63. Gunner2301


    I don’t care about the money side. That;s not why I became a fan and I doubt that’s why most players started playing. My view is that profit should be marginal so as long as we’re not making a loss I don’t care.

    What I believe is wrong with the Club is that football is secondary now. Of course they have to give the appearance of trying for the fans but the real game is what goes on in the boardroom and the accounts. Everything else is an inconvenience. The fans, the fixures. Players are just a commodity and our manager is a trader.

    What kind of Judas must Wenger and Gazidis be to say that they make stars they don’t buy them. What they forgot to add was that they also sell them off for big profit which they then don’t re-invest into the team. That’s the reality. So while we all jump and shout about the accounts and how bulging they are and every other Club are in financial dire straits, just think that every penny in the account is them robbing you.

    So what they are basically telling us is that the only players that will get a testimonial are the shit ones (Djourou in 2 years time) anybody worth selling will be sold and a top player will never see out their career at the Club.

    For those who think Wenger has changed or will change think again. The change would need to be so drastic Wenger could not live with himself he would have to be schizophrenic to make such an about turn on his way of doing things. We may well get Podolski but moreso just in case RVP has an injury. Chamakh will go Park will be promised more playing time and stay.

    Forget about Hazard and Goetze, Hazard will go to a Club with ambition. It’s ironic because Hazard is the type of player we should be buying if trading is our game but we’re even too tight for that. Why do you think Rosicky got a new contract and it was probably for 2 years at least. So he’s our CAM, with support from AOC and Ramsey when he plays.

    If Song leaves and I don’t think he will. We will offer him silly money to keep him, but if he did go we would probably bring in a stop gap player until Le Coq was ready which will probably be in a seasons time. Frimpong will go out on loan again when he recovers.

    CB forget it. Vertonghen we should really have got (for his versatility) instead of Mertesacker but we didn’t and we are where we are but we won’t buy him because the numbers say we don;t need him. Squillaci will go Bartley or Miquel will fill in and Djourou got a new contract so he’s not going anywhere. The CB have had a season of injury. Why would Wenger bring in more CBs when he hasn’t seen what those that he has can do. It doesn’t make sense. No major change there.

    Oh we’ll also get the usual sprinkling of kids.

    The only think that will make a difference to the above is how much RVP is prepared to push for quality, but I don’t think he can push too far given that it is in Wengers and the Clubs interest to sell him despite what they’re saying in the media.

    We need to be realistic. How many times are we going to allow the Club (that fucker Hill-Wood) Wenger and all the others sell us the same old story. It’s like the same door to door salesman selling you some worthless shit and you keep letting him in. Wake up people.


  64. Gunner2301


    I’m not you’re usual fan. I don;t really care how long it is since we won a trophy. It’s not about trophies with me you see, it’s more fundamental. Many fans don’t care about that stuff but that’s what I care about more than trophies because it makes us who we are as a Club. If you think winning trophies is the only thing that defines us as a Club, I feel sorry for you mate.

  65. Gunner2301


    So what you’re saying is that every Club actively works to divide their own fans like ours does?

  66. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Don’t feel sorry for me, don’t get what sort of fan you are then.

    Even if you think you’re being shortchanged, or maybe you should explian what your problem is, how can you ignore the nature of football today, it’s not like Arsenal is going against the grain here, apart from trying to be prudent in comparison to certain teams.

    If you’re upset because we’re not spending enough of the money we have you have to consider the sort of marketplace we have to compete in.

  67. Keyser

    “So what you’re saying is that every Club actively works to divide their own fans like ours does?”

    Heh, what does that mean ? You think Arsenal have purposely decided to segregate fans ?!

  68. Keyser

    fuck it, what was United’s wagebill last year ? I thought the difference was something like 20-30 million, and that seems like enough to have the dross and pay star players to.

    If you were exaggerating for effect fine, but that just diminishes every point you make.

  69. Gunner2301

    I believe the segregation of the fans has been orchestrated by the Club. Why else would Wenger and the board give conflicting messages? Keep the fans confused keep them under control. If we don’t know what the situation is there will always be those who err on the side of the manager and give him the benefit of the doubt. After all he has earned some good will hasn’t he?

    What you should consider is that the Club are fully aware of the division but choose not to address it. Why? Because it serves their agenda not to.

    Why would I be exaggerating? our wage bill is projected to be 140mill next season. Swiss Ramble is a good read if you want to know the detail http://swissramble.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Arsenal the point isn’t that we shouldn’t have a high wage bill the point is the types of players that we are paying high wages when Wenger doesn’t even trust anyone in a 53 man squad outside of say 20 players. WTF is that about? Why do we need to be paying so many if we are just rotating through 20 or so players?

    There is massive wastage in the wage bill. Ours should be closer to Spuds ask yourself why it isn’t.

  70. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Your first paragrpah alludes to you having made up your mind.

    Why would they give conflicting messages maybe because they are in conflict over that specific topic ? How can everything be a conspiracy perpeetrated by Wenger.

    I’m going on last years figures, even then they probably fluctuate from one year to the next, last year United spent 20-30 million more than us, how do you know this years projected wagebill for Man United isn’t increased either ?!

    “There is massive wastage in the wage bill. Ours should be closer to Spuds ask yourself why it isn’t.”

    Also this, should it be closer ? Maybe, but then all clubs should, why isn’t it ? That should be fairly obvious, we play the Champions League reguarly, they don’t.

    Look at all of your points, it’s bordering on irrational, 53 man squad ? Who does that include exactly and how does it compare to other teams ?!

    ffs, we went all the way down to Yennari and Miquel as fullbacks this year.

  71. Gunner2301


    Quoted from Swiss Ramble

    “In terms of how much money is now available, the noises coming out of the club are a little contradictory. After last summer, Gazidis said, “We deliberately kept some powder dry… There are funds available to invest in a significant way in January and next summer.” He was backed up by the owner, Stan Kroenke, who defended Arsenal’s lack of spending thus, “It wasn’t because the money wasn’t there. We have the money.” However, Wenger said last week that it was not true that he had £50 million available, as estimated by many analysts including the AST and yours truly.”

    Coz I’m making this shit up aren’t I? You choose to believe what you want to believe and turn a blind eye to the rest.

  72. Gunner2301


    March the 17th meant so much to you, you forgot to make a post 😯 you waited till “March 19, 2012 06:51:17″ to jump on the bandwagon? What were you waiting to see if the story was a flier? Or was it paralysis through shock? Grow the fuck up!

  73. Gunner2301


    I’m a fan and a person who doesn’t like being lied to. If you can explain that one to me and why you personally don’t see a problem with this that would be great.

    PS. I don’t go to matches anymore on principle. My sacrifice, but I feel better for it.

  74. Keyser

    “Coz I’m making this shit up aren’t I? You choose to believe what you want to believe and turn a blind eye to the rest.”

    See, this is it, what are you on about. I’m wondering why you’re soo sure they’re in this together to segregate fans, when how about it’s simply that they are in somewhat of a conflict.

  75. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – You do understand that’s how the world works though right ? When you’re dealing with that much money, that wherever you find profit and wealth you’ll find greed and so on, the thing is I’m not blind to it, football’s like that almost as a whole right now.

  76. follow the money

    like scott quiller I have doubts about the Podolski thing. When was the last time Wenger signed someone that we 9or the media) were talking about? I can’t remember once. He seems to take great delight in signing players we have either a) never heard of or b) that come as a complete surprise.

  77. Keyser

    The Podolski things funny, in that we’ve apparently wrapped up the deal and now lost out in between transfer windows, I suppose it’s something to talk about, but I’m guessing most of the media blurb about him is generated through his own agents seeing what’s out there.

    Podolski didn’t make it at Bayern and now is a big fish at a small club with a reputation to rebuild if he wants to hit the elite clubs again, So it’s a buy Wenger would make.