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Good morning Grovers. As you are probably all aware, Fabrice Muamba collapsed during the Spurs / Bolton game yesterday and is currently fighting for his life in hospital. From what I’ve read, it sounds like he’s stable now, which is great news. It was fantastic to hear that fans from both fans put rivalries aside to chant him off the pitch. Some things are bigger than football.

In sport, it’s always quite shocking when you hear a young man who has trained everyday collapses for no obvious reason whilst at the peak of health. We’ve seen it before. Let’s just hope it’s something he can come back from. Everyone associated with Le Grove is gunning for you.

I’d normally try and chisel a blog post out of nothing on a day like today. I’m not really feeling that, so we’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with some more positive news around Fabrice and a normal blog post for you.

Have a great day, enjoy the sun and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Bade

    We all share our thought and prayers for you, Fabrice

    We hope you get well soon son, we really do

    There are moments where football should be put aside, this is one of those

    Wish you a complete recovery

  2. fanboy

    “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have” – Fabrice Muamba

    I hope he is ok

  3. Ricky

    Wish the lad all the best…

    It’s always strange to see this sort of thing happen to a young fit athlete who probably looks after he’s body better then most.

    Hope he recovers fully.

  4. thenry

    all the gooners are rooting for u fab
    all the best wishes for you and your family from the arsenal family.

  5. Doublegooner

    My heart jolted when I heard what happened. But for the grace of God.

    The defib saved his life. He more than likely has ‘sudden death syndrome’.(HCM).

    I have the condition & have lost 2 family members from it, one also playing football.

    I wish him all the best & desperately hope he pulls through.

  6. kc

    my mum switched off the tv when it happened and went off to pray,,,,,,,,,,God please make it for us,we lov football and we lov fabrice

  7. Don

    It takes a tragedy to bring everyone together.Why?

    At the end of the day football is just a sport. Yesterday proved that

  8. Barndoor Bendtner

    Shocking news. Fabrice is obviously a gentleman that has struggled through adversity to make a good life for himself. I pray he will succeed again.

    @pollux. You are a knob.

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    “In sport, it’s always quite shocking when you hear a young man who has trained everyday collapses for no obvious reason whilst at the peak of health. We’ve seen it before. Let’s just hope it’s something he can come back from”.


    It would have been worse for those in 1914 reading about 60,000 young men at the peak of their health dying for no reason, as they were odered over the top of the trenches by some British Colonel.

  10. Pedro

    Gnarley, this is a football blog. In footballing terms, it’s a horrible story. I am aware that worse things have and do happen.

  11. Mike

    Medical staff from both sides were working one the pitch to try and save him. Like with the fans, it’s great to see everyone putting aside rivalries when something bigger is at stake!

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    Fair point Pedro. I hope he makes a full recovery & gets back to doing what he does best. Sounds like a good many Gooners have the ut most respect for him. He’ll be ok, from all accounts.

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    Its mothers day in Blighty isn’t it, so Gooners should spare a thought for Mrs Muamba coz she would be doing it tough.

  14. Guvnor

    Speechless!! Well written Pedro. Very fitting in these trying times. Well done to the Spurs medics, players and fans for all their efforts in helping Fabrice. Well done to all the Grovers up in here for the kind words for Fabrice. Our thoughts are with him and his family that he may find strength to recover fully and be back with us soon.

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    “2 brits on the podium at the Aussie Grandprix…”. & 50,000 brits moving here per annum 😆

    Whats wrong with their own country?

  16. gambon

    Thats funny cos it seems 60% of bar men in London are Aussies. Cant wait to get away from that shit hole.

    Crocodile Dundee was a legend though.

  17. FreddiesRedCock

    Best wishes to Fabrice & his family, nevermind getting back into football, he’ll need looking after and plenty of support beyond the game.

    @ gnarley

    Because they aint got a hosepipe ban in fucking March!

  18. Tosca

    This is a reminder that our lives can change in a second literally and that we have no control over this.makes you think there must be a greater purpose to life than what seems.

  19. gnarleygeorge9


    You must have read that, coz the amount of time you spend on here abusing people, I doubt whether you’d have time to frequent many bars 😆

    And as for Lurch le Lost in Cyber Space. Go home you whinging pom!

  20. Geoff

    Gnarley, it is our country, our Queen is the head of state and our flag flies over it, not to mention most people can trace their roots back to it, I know you would like it to be Asian or Greek, but it’s not, it British!

    Well I’ll concede the Aboriginal folk may have first dibs.

  21. Deejaycee17

    Let’s hope what’s happened to Fabrice makes players think twice about rolling round on the floor feigning injuries in the future?!
    This type of cheating is not only ruining our game but also endangering lives by making medical staff dubious of the validity of the injury!! Any delay on incidents like yesterday’s, no matter how small could be critical….so players prone to the theatrics we saw from Drogba last week need to be made aware of this and cut it out!!!
    Get well soon Fabrice xxx

  22. Gunner2301

    Afternoon Grovers. DeeJay you make a very valid point. But I can see they will be back to their usual behaviour before too long. Hopefully Fabrice makes a speedy recovery.


    May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your Family in this difficult moment.
    Fabrice you are always in our prayers

  24. goondawg

    Wishing Muamba a full and speedy recovery. End of the day football, is just that, a game and it is sad to see such events happen.. It reminds you when you see Madrid players wearing Abidal shirts and spurs fan singing Muamba’s that you can put aside your differences and be joined in unison.

  25. goondawg

    Moving past this tragedy to another, wolves defence are embarrassing atm, did we really fail to beat this team? United tearing them a new one with consummate ease. And this is a team with such a shoddy midfield that got repeatedly shown up in europe. How embarrassing for the EPL. Wholesale changes need to be made from the grassroots onwards. United breathing down on City’s gpal difference as well. It’s going to be tough, but I believe we will beat city thus possibly gifting united the league. Mark my words!

  26. arsenal1886-2006

    A big up to the St.Johns Ambulance volunteers as well. It would be great to have a weekend dedicated to raising money at the football grounds for these dedicated and caring volunteers. From what I understand they were on hand to help and console distraught and shocked supporters as well as aiding in the treatment of Fabrice.
    They are the unsung heroes at football matches.

  27. gambon

    How we could do with our own Hernandez.

    The difference between UTD & us is Fergie always wants effective players at both ends of the pitch, we always go for style over substance.

    Summed up perfectly by the way we always ‘outplay’ UTD and always get beaten by them.

  28. Geoff

    Guys, what happened to Fabrice Muamba is indeed tragic, but please put illness into perspective, people all over the place are ill all the time, because it happens to a footballer just brings it to the fore.

    My weekly golfing buddy just had his stomach removed to cancer, that was also tragic, maybe we should always feel a little compassion to our fellow human beings.

    Not just when something goes wrong.

  29. kc

    jan Vertoghen scored..snap him up and sell Gibbs….united winning the title will be embarrasing because we are vitually better than them had wenger did what he supposed to had done….hope the chavs draws with sity

  30. kc

    i applauds the effort of the medics team from both party…….reckon fabrice would had given up had the event happened down here in my country…hope our government officials were watching……best wishes fabrice

  31. frenchie


    well said. it is tragic to see any human life stricken by some disease, unless it is dale. my condolences to your golf buddy, my wife’s father is battling prostate cancer and has about 2 months left. that too, is tragic.

  32. iffy the goon

    Get well soon fabrice. This sort of thing does put things in perspective. Health is wealth and we’re really blessed for the health that we have

  33. BacaryisGod

    Geoff-point taken but there is something profoundly shocking about seeing someone a young man fight for their life in front of 35,000 people along with millions watching at home.

    You have to give credit to the Spurs fans, particularly as Muamba was a gooner fan and former player. In fact, there was next to no booing of him and Ryo during the game also.

  34. BacaryisGod

    By the way, I’m loving that Chelsea and Liverpool keep winning. Let that fixture list pile-up. The Di Matteo bubble is a coincidence and will surely burst soon enough.

  35. Geoff

    Bacary I hear you, if it had been my call he still would have been an Arsenal player!

    I just hope he isn’t brain damaged, one thing is for sure though, I doubt he’ll play again, shame, good honest lad.

    You would think with all the technology these days that his problem could have been picked up earlier.

  36. Gunner2301


    That’s the scary thing about this. You would think they would monitor players vitals organs routinely. So this comes as more of a shock. Maybe they;ll start doing it after this. Considering a players value and that the Clubs have their own medical staff this is the last thing you expect to happen.

  37. incesc

    good to see stoke living up to their reputation with huth stamping on suarez off the ball today.

    a top level athlete hardly accidently stamps on someone when the ball is miles away…

  38. Geoff

    Gunner 2301 more importance is put on what they earn and club finances than long term health unfortunately.

    It wasn’t that long ago that they used to give them a cortisone injection and send them out, years later they would be crippled.

    Maybe this will be a wake up call for the clubs. There is more to life than money, the fans at the game yesterday should show them that, there was genuine concern.

    And they were spuds for goodness sake.

    Though as I said earlier, you have to be careful not to blow this out of proportion, add up the games over the years and there are few instances like this one.

    It really is a rarity. Than goodness.

  39. tomb

    very sad story! Get well soon! Fabrice is a fabulous player. I wander why he got a heart attack? He is fit ,strong and young. Not one of the players or people who would normally get a heart attack.

  40. zeus

    Your Scouting report…

    Eden Hazardjust scored. Thats 12 goalsnow. He’s being used in an AM capacity. Being played centrally.

  41. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Shockiningly sad news best wishes pull through fab….also fair play to all at the ground who conducted themselves very well.

  42. Josip Skoblar

    I’m watching the Lille game. Hazard scored and has been outstanding so far. It’s silly to compare him with Nasri. He’s the new Pires!

  43. zeus


    Even the commentator has said Hazard has expressed an apprehension to go to a team that he won’t get much playing time in.

    Real Madrid? Nuri Sahin.
    Man City? Samir Nasri.

    And I could name more, fro both teams.

  44. Sadam Mahessar


    there is daylight between Nasri and Hazard

    Hazard can easily play on left in a 4-2-3-1 for City with Milner Silva Hazard and at Madrid, they would probably be selling Di Maria and Kaka in the summer, he can cement a starting berth pretty easily imo.

  45. zeus


    You’ve lost it. Sell Di Maria?! Mou LOVES him. And Kaka has fallen quite a bit, but I don’t see them selling him to be honest. He’s only just back from injury and starting to play regularly. He’s playing now, and from the tests he seems to be having a good game.

    Di Maria goes nowhere for sure though. As for Nasri, he gets a say in where he wants to go, and it will probably be PSG, though that ridiculous talent pool over there (Pastore and the rest) would just relegate him to the bench again anyway.

  46. gambon

    Check out the difference between Redknapp & Wenger.

    Redknapp is telling Levy to spend megabucks to sign Hazard.

    Spurs, City & UTD will all bid £30m for him. We will probbly bid £12m, then when they turn it down we will come back with £12m again, then pull out completely.

    If he improves in the next 3 years as he has in the last 3, by the age of 24 he will be in the top 5 players in the world.

  47. zeus


    Lets hope that the fear of no playing time, plus our style steers him our way. Either way, we are gonna have to bid above 20m for sure.

  48. gambon


    Im not even sure its about the money. It has been made perfectly clear that Wenger can spend by pretty much everyone at Arsenal.

    He just wants players he can take the credit for.

    Hazard, by the summer, will be twice French player of the year, and already very well known. Wenger would much rather just bring in a complete unknown then tell the world he “made” him.

    Signing Eisfield shows how obsessed he is with that.

    Hopefully the same people/person that forced him to sign Arteta/Merte will do the same.

  49. Sadam Mahessar

    You can warrant a starting a place at Madrid if you are good enough, despite of your age, Khedira, Ozil, Di Maria have shown that since they joined the club.

    Remember how the whole world was of the thought that Ozil would not be a regular starter at Madrid, he is too young and probably should have joined United, Arsenal, Liverpool for regular playing time instead but look at him, now he is one of the first names on the team sheet since he has joined them.

  50. Sadam Mahessar

    I agree with what Gambon said, Vertonghen has made it very clear he wants to join us, lets sign him up and having two Belgians, 90 minutes every week, Wengers French connections, ( him supposedly being an AFC fan) might just persuade him to join us.

    The problem is, will Wenger spend?

  51. gambon


    I think Lille will still want him. Hes not got a look in with us, but what does that mean.

    I would take Nuri Sahin in a heartbeat, and he hasnt played at all for Madrid.

  52. Sadam Mahessar


    If Hazard goes to Madrid, Sahin and Di Maria from Madrid will be sweet.

    I am already dreaming maybe, night Grovers. Hopefully tomorrow wont be as dead on here as the last two days have been

  53. Rohan

    Sahin’s a good shout. Although can’t help but think he’ll clash with Wilshere. Can’t see that happening.

    gambon, can you see Hazard playing centrally for us?

  54. gambon


    Dont know. I think he would play wide right initially. I do remember seeing wenger saying that he thinks he will be a central AM though.

    Either way theres never been a better time for us to join the big spenders. Hes experienced yet has a lot of years ahead of him, and most importantly he is getting better every year.

  55. zeus


    Hazard was playing centrally today. The commentator made the point that the past few weeks has seen him being used in a central position.

    The YouTube vids of him didn’t show me that he could pick a pass consistently but he did it with ease today.

    If jack is more box to box, this guy can def. inherit the fab role behind RVP.

    Seems like he has been trying to add other facets to his game apart from just dribbling, passing, freekick taking and defending was on show as the commentator pointed out. He also said that the Lille coach has made those comments about Hazard’s improved overall game as well.

  56. DaleDaGooner

    I’m still down from what happened to Fabrice…this happens a lot in sports, I’m hopeful, Fabrice is afighter, I fear for the aftermath of this though.

    frenchie….you need to grow the fuck up, wtf is up in your life?

  57. KingbobbyJ

    Fabrice still wishing you the best…Arsenal just needs three world class players, two backup players and we’ll rule Europe next season as long as the dross are shipped out…All dis has to be done b4 d Euros begin…Is it possible? We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed