Ryodinho is the talk of Bolton | Harry Redknapp riled | Podolski talks up Lazio

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The black stuff

Happy St Patrick’s day to one and all. It’s a day where Irish people have another excuse to get lashed up and it’s a day where English people pretend they have Irish ancestry as an excuse to get lashed up. Sadly there’s no football for Arsenal this weekend as we’re not in the FA Cup. That means plenty of rest and relaxation for the boys whilst our rivals go into games against weaker opposition. Why is that important? Well, it means Chelsea and Spurs should both win, which adds another game into their fixture list.

I’m not saying I’m happy about not competing for a trophy again. It’s a very sad situation, but after hearing all the horror predictions of us missing out on top 4, I’m willing to take it on the chin this season. The league is our focus for the rest of the season and I’m quietly confident we can make something happen there.

Wenger is on the main site this morning saying there’s no easy run in. I’d beg to differ, Spurs have an easy run in. Chelsea do not. However, I totally accept that we’re going to see points dropped by both teams over the next few months. There are some exciting games coming up at home, not least the one we’re playing against City. That’ll really tell us how far we are away from them in terms of quality. The result might also go a long way to helping Robin make up his mind about his future.

Harry Redknapp looks like a man who is about to implode. He’s under immense pressure at the moment and the cracks are starting to show. He spent a portion of his press conference talking about our keeper…

‘I’m a big fan of his, he is a fantastic goalkeeper and he could end up being one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League but he does come out with some stuff doesn’t he?’

He certainly does come out with some stuff Harry… but he’s got you riled, which I suppose was kind of the point. Harry claimed the players don’t read the papers. Errr, Harry, the players read the papers, read the blogs and they’re so egotistical, they’ll even wade into radio chat shows if they’re getting too much grief. Players are absolutely aware of what’s going on around them. As dim as most of them are, I’m pretty sure they’ve mostly got a grasp on reading and writing unlike their manager!

The Spurs game today is against Bolton which gives us all a unique opportunity to see how good Ryo Miyachi is. He’s been earning rave reviews in the North West. He’s creating chances, scoring goals and making assists. He’s invigorated a flagging Bolton side and he’s showing some real character. The Bolton fans are over the moon about his impact and Arsenal fans should also be excited about him. Whether he’s ready for a full season with us is up for debate… for me, he’s doing the right thing playing at Bolton at the moment. Owen Coyle has worked wonders on young players recently… Daniel Sturridge and Jack Wilshere two of the most promising talents to emerge from Bolton as superstars. There’s a great article on him from the Telegraph…Gretar Steinsson had this to say on him.

“In training we have big, strong physical players and he just gets on with it. He has real ability, he is so fast and he will definitely be one of the big players.

“All the Arsenal players have been raving about him and I know why.”

I mentioned back in October that he was top draw in training and the coaching staff were excited about his potential. I can only assume we sent him out on loan to toughen him up. A great move.

In other news, Podolski is now talking about moving to Lazio. An odd club to consider moving to what with their tolerance for all colours, creeds and ideologies. When stories like that start creeping out, you have to assume we’ve gone in and offered him £14k a week and a flat share with Johann Djourrou. Come on Arsenal, give him what he wants and don’t drag out his move until August 31st.

That’s pretty much I have for you today. Enjoy your day, make sure you bust out your finest Irish accent if you’re non-Irish… all, day, long. If you’re Irish, don’t let England beating you in the Rugby ruin your day!

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Have a good one wherever you are!

P.S. I know this is off topic, but it’s amusing all the same because it’s the sort of thing you’d expect from Jermaine Pennant. The below video is the most viral video of all time. It’s for a great cause. It highlights the atrocities Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony has been inflicting on his people. The video is a powerful watch.

So is the story about what happened to him last night. Al Fresco masturbation during video launch week is something I always recommend my clients don’t do.

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  1. Kwik fit

    I’m so happy to hear the news that Fabrice is now stable. I hope he has a speedy recovery and is able to return to footy ASAP.


    It’s a crazy crazy world. I started watching the KONY UTube vid but got dis-interested 10 mins in so switched it off. In that vid they talk about child soldiers, routine killings (by children), slavery (of children) and yet I can switch off.

    I see that a EPL player has collapsed on the pitch and keep the news on until I find out what has happened.

    Something isn’t right here.

  3. Gunner2301

    Hopefully there’s no lasting damage and he comes out of it ok. He’d stopped breathing for a while so it would be a miracle if it hasn’t damaged him.

    Joppa dont worry about it Fabrice is happening in real time the Kony stuff was years ago as I understand it. They just want to highlight it so they can bring him to justice.

  4. Bade

    I hope he won’t suffer any brain damage, or any damage at all

    Out thought with you Fabrice

    Top Gooner

    Wish you a complete recovery

  5. Samir

    “Fabrice Muamba Update
    Posted on: Sat 17 Mar 2012

    Bolton Wanderers can confirm that Fabrice Muamba has been admitted to the Heart Attack Centre at the London Chest Hospital where he is currently in a critically ill condition in intensive care.

    No further information will be issued at this stage.

    The club has requested the media to respect his family’s privacy at this time.”

  6. SharkeySure

    “Channel 4 say he’s Ok, I always liked him and believed he would have made a top holding midfielder, Wenger only gave him one game though”

    He is/was at deaths door and you still manage to form anti Arsene propaganda out if it. Why…??

  7. SharkeySure

    Please Geoff, today of all days, just give it a rest on the anti Arsene stuff, but most of all don’t use Muamba’s name to do it.

  8. Daniel Moran

    KONY is a scam/well made viral video scam. You’re paying $$ for a cause that is basically paying the salary and travel expenses for their masturbating frontman.

    You are better off paying for research into ‘nodding'(sp) disease, that currently harms children there, with no cure, no known cause, and no money to find out about it.

    Read this, or one of many other articles that de-construct what the video says it’s about and the reality of Kony and Uganda:


    Also, hope Fabrice is ok.

  9. Pat

    It would be a miracle if theres no brain damage. Neurons start getting damaged after 10 seconds without oxygen

  10. SharkeySure

    DS – I usually stay away but occasionally I come here to check out the mood, but with no intention to join in by posting. Then I read something like that and I simply cannot let it pass.

    Pedro always accused me of ‘trying to be the best fan’ back in the old days, but I’ve met him a couple of times now and we actually get along OK, not that we shouldn’t.

    Its obviously him that lets me back on, by unblocking me !! Lol

    I reckon Geoff thinks I’m Song’s dad or family member

  11. Dan Ahern

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before. Crazy. Webb did the right thing, walking away from a silly game when somebody’s life was in danger.

    Besides that, most horrific thing I’ve seen was Ramsey’s leg break. Just shocking. I was shook up even. But they did resume the game after a while; it’s not quite the same level as somebody going down and stopping breathing, is it?

    Anybody else ever witnessed something like that before?

  12. Doublegooner

    Hi Grovers,

    Muamba has touched a nerve with me. He alsmost certain has hypertropic cardiomyopathy aka ‘sudden death’. I was diagnosed last year after two immediate family fatalities. I now have an a defibrilator in my chest. His survival would have been down to the quick application of the defib upon sudden cardiac arrest.

    As others have already pointed out, I just pray if he survives there is no brain damage.

  13. Doublegooner


    If he survives, he’ll never be able to do any high impact or strenuous sports or activies. The condition is congenial & affectsthe thickness of the heart’s wall. There are different variants of he condition, some more extreme than others.

    I’ve been very lucky on a couple of ccasions when I collapsed but did not die although medics were called. once you have a defibrilator inserted the survival from cardiac arrest is massively increased.

    You may remember Foe & Terry Yorath’s son both died from it. once youre lucky enough to be diagnosed then youre very lucky, as I am !

  14. Zorr0

    About 5 seasons ago I played for a team over near Mitcham, we won the title and one of our star players was a guy called Steve who was built like a brick shithouse and was our midfield enforcer basically.

    I joined another team the following season as it was more local and about halfway through in the January we were on our way home from a game when we got a call from one of the fellas we played with. He told us that basically Steve had collapsed in the middle of a game, was taken to hospital as soon as they could but had died. He was about 30 and like I say, strong as an ox.
    We were gutted and his funeral was really hard, seeing a young guy taken in his prime. I think his girlfriend was pregnant too!

    I pray that Fabrice makes as full a recovery as possible now.

  15. Dylan

    We————-ll, Im English with an Irish father and today is REALLY my Birthday. So no need for the pretence!

  16. zeus

    Scariest thing to behold. The antinio puerta one was probably even more shocking given u actually saw his collapse while he was playing for Sevilla. Remember Cesc scoring and running to get a kit with Puerta’s name on the back from the bench.

    Unfortunately he died. Prayers that Muamba come through.

  17. Geoff

    Thanks Joppa!

    Sharked, I was stating a fact, every time I stuck up for the player I got slated, if you want to say something, say something to the people that slated me, including yourself.

    People like you make me sick, you slag off a player, then something happens and you act like your his best mate, I hope you can sleep at night you hypocritical dwarf.

    As far as Pedro letting you on, I’m not Pedro so fuck off back under the rock you crawled out from.